Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



1 George BAGGALEY, Ann wife, four children. from Markeaton to Alfreton 1793
2 Samuel MATTHEWS, wife, two children. from Selston to Alfreton 1794
3 Edward BOSTOCK, Hannah wife. Alfreton to Newthorp 1751
4 Francis HOLMES, wife, five children. Loscoe to Alfreton 1706 some children by former husband.
5 Mary GIBS, child. Alfreton to Egmonton 1713
6 Richard LISTER, Ann, two children. Alfreton to Heanor 1695
7 Frances MEYNELL to Walton nr Chesterfield 1744
8 Lidia SMITHURST Swanwick to Codnor Park 1746
9 Alice WIGLEY to Clipstone, Notts. 1746
10 Rebecca SAXTON Swanwick to Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1748
11 John PENDLETON North Wingfield to Alfreton 1749
12 John ORTON to Leicester All Saints. 1751
13 Edward BOSTOCK, Hannah wife. to Newthorpe, Notts. 1751
14 George HALL, Hannah wife. from Longford Dbys to Alfreton 1756
15 Luke BARNHAM wife, family to Nottingham St Lukes. 1758
Luke BARNHAM ran away leaving infant dau Dorothy BURNHAM.
16 Ann NORTH to Oakerthorpe, South Wingfield 1761
17 Samuel ORRENGE (ORANGE), Sarah wife, Samuel. to Brimington 1761
19 Jonathan FARNSWORTH Anne wife. Nuneaton, Warwicks to Alfreton 1762
20 William BURTON, wife Martha, Joseph, John, Martha. to Trowell, Notts. 1764
21 Hannah BROUNT (BRUNT?) Bonsall to Alfreton 1776 (sic)
22 Amy FLETCHER Pentrich to Alfreton 1767
23 Margaret ELLIOT to South Normanton 1767 (printed)
24 Margaret ELLIOT to South Normanton 1767 (handwritten)
25 William STORER to Hucknall, Sutton in Ashfield 1767
27 Ellen HALL wife of George HALL Tissington to Alfreton 1768
28 George STREET, Mary wife, Sarah, Ruth to Belper 1772
29 John CALDER Elizabeth wife, William, John Shirland to Alfreton. 1772
30 John GREGORY, Hannah wife, Washington Dbys. (Wessington) to Alfreton 1778
31 Joseph WILSON, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Sarah. to Eagle, Lincs. 1781
32 Amey STANHAM 8 yrs, Elizabeth STANHAM 7 yrs. two of the children of William STANHAM dec and by Mary his second wife. to Newark upon Trent, Notts. 1781
33 John GREEN, Elizabeth wife. to Wirksworth 1781
35 Ann SHARPE (wife of John late of Sturston) to Ashbourne 1783
36 Thomas STREET, Ann wife, Jane aged toow. Notts. Ruddington. 1783
37 Frances PARKER wife of John PARKER now or late of Sheffield, currier. intruded into East Retford, Notts. removed to Alfreton. 1783
38 Charles FRANCIS, Mary wife Selston, Notts to Alfreton 1783
39 Mary KIRK single to Selston, Notts. 1785
40 William SINGLETON, Mary wife William, Samuel, Mary from Greenhay Lane, Swanwick to Pentrich 1785
41 Elizabeth THORNALEY single to Heanor 1786
42 William FISHER Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Mary to Wittington, Staffs. 1786
43 Joseph WALKER Belper to Alfreton 1786
44 John HARDWICK Elizabeth wife, William, John, Robert from Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1786
45 John MILES, Martha wife, Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1786
46 Joseph BURGIN, Rebecca wife, George, Joseph, Mary from Alfreton to Smalley 1787
47 William ROBINSON, Mary wife, Samuel, Ashbourne 1788
48 Sarah AULT single to Nottingham St Peters. 1788
49 Mary ROBINSON wife of William late of Alfreton, Samuel. to Ashbourne 1788
50 Ann HARPUR 10, William HARPUR 7, Elizabeth HARPUR 6, Benjamin HARPUR 4, the four children of John HARPUR musician dec. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton. 1788
51 John TAYLOR, Phoebe wife, John. to Pentrich 1790
52 Robert COUP to Clay Cross 1790
53 Grace ROWE single to Matlock 1791
54 Thomas COLLIN and Joseph KNOWLES his apprentice to Elton. 1790
55 Hannah TRUEMAN single to Selston,Notts. 1792
56 William GUST, (GUEST on reverse) Sarah wife to Letchlard Downs. Gloucs. 1792
57 Ann BENNETT widow, Elizabeth 10m. Sheffield. Yks. to Alfreton 1793
58 Ann wife of William BOWEN Private 29th Rgt Foot, George. Eton, Bucks. to Swanwick. 1793
59 William WALWIN, Mary wife, Ann, Joseph. Ashover to Alfreton. 1795
60 Hannah PLATTS, wife of Matthew PLATTS, Elizabeth 9m. Basford, Notts. to Alfreton 1795
61 Hannah LEE, widow, relict of Edmond LEE. to Bury, Lancs. 1795
62 Elizabeth SHEPPERSON single. Nottingham St Mary 1795
63 John TAYLOR, Phoebe wife. Pentrich 1795
64 Ann wife of William BOWEN Private 29th Rgt Foot. who has gone away from her and left her. Eton,Bucks to Swanwick 1796
65 Sarah RAWSON single to Codnor 13 May 1796
66 Martha STORER single, pregnant South Normanton 1796
67 Sarah RAWSON single, pregnant to Codnor 30 May 1796
68 Hannah ROBINSON Joseph 5, John 4, Catherine 3. Removed to Ripley. 1831
68a John STOPPARD to Bagthorpe, Notts. 1797
69 William BARLOW to Radford, Notts. 1798
70 Elizabeth OLIVER single Basford, Notts to Alfreton 1798
71 Betty wife of William VARDY Soldier 24 Rgt Light Dragoon, John 4. to Selston, Notts. 1798
72 Thomas COLLIN Elton 1800
73 Theophilus STORER Warsop, Notts. 1800
74 Isaac KEY collier, Elizabeth wife, Mary and Martha twins. to Staley (Staveley?) Dbys. 1801
75 Sarah SHEPPERDSON single, pregnant Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1801
77 Elizabeth AMATT pregnant, single to Wirksworth 1803
78 Hannah HALL single to Stanton by Youlgreave 1803
79 Susannah SIMPSON "wandering abroad in the open air", Maria 9, Elizabeth 13m. from City of London to "Offerton ". Alfreton. 1805
81 Samuel STORER Mary wife, Ann. Heanor to Alfreton 1805
82 Suspended order Mary STORER dated 30 Dec 1805, removed 27th Jan 1806.
83 Elizabeth LEIVERS single, pregnant Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton. 1806
84 Mary BROWN single, pregnant Denby to Alfreton 1806
85 Ann SHEARCROFT widow, Diana 5 John 3 William 1. Heanor to Alfreton 1807
86 Dolly HASLAM Ashover to Alfreton 1808
87 John RADFORD, Mary wife, Benjamin, Joseph, Francis, Frances, William, Hannah, Henry. South Normanton to Alfreton. 1808
88 Thomas RADFORD, Phoebe wife, John, William, George. Alfreton to Codnor. 1808
89 Thomas MITCHELL to Worthington, Leics. 1808
90 Sarah EATON single, pregnant Arnold, Notts. 1809
91 Jane DOOLEY single, pregnant Wingerworth 1810
92 Hannah THOMPSON single, pregnant Bilsthorpe, Notts. 1809
93 Anthony REPTON to Carsington 1810
94 Elizabeth CAULTON single, pregnant Denby to Alfreton 1811
95 Robert CHADWICK, Ann wife, Joseph. to Macclesfield, Ches. 27 May 1811
96 Suspended order Robert CHADWICK. 27 May 1811. Dead. Rest of family removed to Macclesfield, Ches. 12th April 1813
97 Mary LANGTON single, pregnant Kirkby, Notts. 1811
98 Laban TAYLOR Tipton, Staffs to Swanwick p.Offerton, (Alfreton). 1811
99 Suspended order Laban TAYLOR lameness. moved from Tipton, Staffs to Alfreton. 1812
100 Elizabeth BARKER wife of Edward BARKER late of Alfreton, ran away and left her., and her two illegitimate children by her said husband. Sarah 7 Edward 2. Alfreton to Wirksworth 1812
101 Frances BROWN, (wife of Joseph BROWN) William, Ann, Elizabeth. Matlock to Alfreton 1812
102 William BRINDLEY, Elizabeth wife, Robert, Samuel. to Alstonefield, Staffs. 1813
103 Joseph COLLIS, Elizabeth wife, William, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah to Ripley Jan.1813
104 Suspended order Joseph COLLIS removed to Ripley with family Apr 1813
105 Elizabeth CUTTS wife of Abraham CUTTS, Susannah. Mansfield, Notts to Alfreton 1813
106 James WATTS, Mary wife, Hannah to Claverton, Notts. 1813
107 Hannah BLANKLEY wife of William a person born out of England and Wales and not gaining a legal settlement therein. Her Settlement in Sutton in Ashfield. to Sutton in Ashfield Notts. 1813
108 Joseph CLAY, Elizabeth 8, Samuel 6, Ellen 2. Alfreton to Heanor 1814
109 Ann RATCLIFF (wife of John RATCLIFF who has deserted her), Thomas aged 1 yr. to Sharlstone, Yks. 1814
110 James BARNES a person confined in the peverel or gaol at Lenton, Notts. for debt, applied for relief. to Alfreton Jun. 1814
111 Suspended order, James BARNES, later discharged from imprisonment. Removed Dec. 1814
112 Joseph WRAGG a prisoner confined in Lenton, Notts. gaol for debt. Applied for relief. to Alfreton Aug 1814
113 Suspended order Joseph WRAGG, later discharged from imprisonment. Removed to Alfeton Dec 1814
114 Ellen SLACK Ashover to Alfreton. 1814
115 Thomas HOPKINSON, Sarah wife. Ashover to Alfreton 1815
116 Kezia STORER, Mary dau 1. Crich to Alfreton 1815
117 Elizabeth HENSON widow, Nottingham St Nicholas to Alfreton May 1815
118 Suspended order Elizabeth HENSON sickness removed from Nottingham St Nicholas to Alfreton Jun 1815
119 Sarah BOOT single, pregnant Heanor to Alfreton 1815
120 Elizabeth THORPE pregnant Oxton, Notts to Alfreton 1815
121 Peter PEARSON yngr., Mary wife, Sarah 1yr. Greasley, Notts to Alfreton 1st. Jan 1816
122 Suspended order Sarah PEARSON removed from Greasley, Notts. to Alfreton 18th Jan 1816
123 Ann CHADWICK Crich to Alfreton 1816
124 Edward BOWMAN, Sarah wife. Manchester to Alfreton 1816
125 John SPENCER, Martha, James. Denby to Alfreton 1816
126 William LOVEGROVE Heanor to Alfreton 1816
127 John RADFORD Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1816
128 William CAMM Chesterfield to Alfreton 1816
129 Thomas SMITH Belper to Alfreton 1816
130 Charles HENSON, Mary wife, John, Alfred, James. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton. 1816
131 Samuel TRUEMAN, Hannah wife, John Arnold, Notts. to Alfreton 1816
132 John RENNER, Ann wife, Samuel, Sarah, also two children by a former wife called Mary and Martha, twins. to Batley Yks. 1816
133 Rhoda TURTON single. Melbourne to Alfreton 1816
134 Elizabeth WOOD single, pregnant Loughborough, Leics. to Alfreton 1816
135 George KIRK Ripley to Alfreton 1816
136 Ann ROBINSON single, pregnant to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1816
137 James WHEATCROFT, Hannah wife, John, Susannah, Hannah, James, Mary Duffield to Alfreton 1816
138 George ALLWOOD, Mary wife. Mary-Ann aged 2yr to Pinxton. 1816
139 Stephen LEE, Ann wife to Grassthorpe, Notts. 1817
140 Richard SELLARS South Wingfield to Alfreton 1817
141 Ann ALLDRIDGE wife of Robert now absent from her. Radford Notts. to Alfreton 1817
142 Samuel FLETCHER, Mary wife, William, Robert. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1817
143 Henry TURNER, Ann wife, John, Thomas, Rebecca, Henry, Sarah, Samuel, Mary Ann, to Bilston, Staffs. 1817
144 Mary HASLAM wife of Jeremiah HASLAM (now absent from her) Mary, Elizabeth. Melbourne to Alfreton. 1817
145 Ann GARDINER, Mary 10, Sarah 6 Thomas 2. to Warwicks. Birmingham St Martins 1817
146 Jonathan BURNHAM, Martha wife, William, Thomas, John. South Normanton to Alfreton 1817
147 Sarah RANDLES to Manchester 1817
148 John ALCOCK, Elizabeth wife, Samuel, Ann, Thomas, Kitty. Loughborough, Leics. to Swanwick 1817
149 West PEARSON, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Ann, William, German. Ashbourne to Swanwick 1817
150 Charles JONES, Sarah wife, Mary, Benjamin, Ann, John, William, Sarah to Madeley, Shropshire. 1817
151 Hannah NAILOR (NAYLOR) single, pregnant to Mansfield, Notts. 1817
152 George BLAND, Hannah wife, William, Susannah, by his former wife and Thomas, Elizabeth by his present wife. Heage to Alfreton. 1817
153 John BOWLER Heage to Alfreton 1817 on examination of Samuel BOWLER father of John.
154 George BARKER, John, Mary, George, Hannah, Millicent. to Matlock 1817
155 Ann LEEVERS Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1817
156 Joseph ASHBY, Martha wife, Derby All Saints to Alfreton. 1817
157 Mary FOSS (widow of William FOSS) Ellenor, Charlotte, Amelia to Woodborough, Notts. 1818
158 Richard SEALS Ripley to Alfreton 3 Apr 1818
159 Suspended order Richard SEALS Ripley to Alfreton removed 25 Apr. 1818
160 Elizabeth GODBER Ripley to Alfreton 6 Apr 1818 on examination of Mary GODBER mother of Elizabeth.
161 Suspended order Elizabeth GODBER Dead. 5 Jun 1818
162 Mary ROBINSON Isaac illegitimate son 10 yr. Pentrich to Alfreton 1818
163 Sarah JAQUES single, pregnant to Stapleford, Notts. 1818
164 Merril WAIN singlewoman to Nottingham St Mary Jun 1818
165 Suspended order Merril WAIN to Nottingham. Dead Aug 1818
166 William SIMPSON, Elizabeth wife, Jane, Sarah, also James ALLEN, George ALLEN two of the children of Elizabeth by Joseph ALLEN her first husband South Normanton to Alfreton. 1818
167 William HARDWICK, Ann wife, Ann, John, William. Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1818
168 Rebecca RADFORD single, pregnant to Shirland 1818
169 Martha ELLIOTT single, pregnant to South Normanton 1818
170 Alexander JOHNSON, Hannah wife, Elizabeth dau aged 27 and her illegitimate child John 2yr. Pentrich to Alfreton 1819
171 George BARNES from St Sampson, York, Yks to Alfreton 1819
172 Ann JOHNSON single, pregnant to Ault Hucknall 1819
173 William SIMPSON to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1819
174 Hannah WEST wife of Samuel WEST who has deserted her. to South Normanton 1819
175 Jane TOMLINSON single, pregnant Ripley to Alfreton 1819
176 Samuel ROWLAND Denby to Alfreton 1819 on examination of James ROWLAND
177 William SHELTON, Ann wife, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Esther, Sarah, Alice, Thomas, William. Carlton, Notts. to Swanwick 1819
178 George RATCLIFF Bottomshall, Notts. to Alfreton 1819
179 Lydia OLMES (HOLMES?) 11, illegitimate child of Betty OLMES now wife of Joseph EYRE of Barlborough 1819 on examination of Betty and Joseph EYRE.
180 Mary HASLAM and two children Melbourne to Alfreton 1819
182 Dorothy BUXTON single, pregnant South Normanton to Alfreton. 1819
183 John TEGG, Sarah wife. to Temple Normanton 10 Aug 1819
184 Suspended order John TEGG to Temple Normanton Sep 1819
185 Mary JEBSON spinster to Arnold, Notts. 1819
186 Sarah WOODHEAD single, pregnant Leicester St Margaret, Leics. to Offerton (Alfreton). 1819
187 William ENGLAND, Ann wife, Caroline Elizabeth 5m. Radford, Notts. to Alfreton 1819
188 Hannah TRUEMAN (wife of Samuel TRUEMAN now absent from her) John, William. Arnold, Notts. to Alfreton 1819
189 Sarah SNEATH single, pregnant to Ashover 1819
190 Eleanor HASLAM otherwise BRIGGS illegitimate child of Ann BRIGGS wife of Charles BRIGGS formerly Ann HASLAM spinster. Chaddesden to Alfreton. 1820
191 Mary THORPE single, pregnant to South Normanton 1820
192 Keziah STORER (wife of Gobye STORER) Mary 6yr. Crich to Alfreton. 1820
193 John GREEN, Mary wife North Wingfield to Alfreton 1820
194 William WEBSTER, Sarah wife, Sarah, Eliza, Hannah, Joseph, Catherine, Alfred. to Denby 1820
195 John ALLCOCK was removed previously in 1817 from Loughborough, Leics. to Alfreton 1820 "an idle and disorderly person"
196 Elizabeth LICETT single, pregnant to Blidworth, Notts. 1820
197 Ann LUCAS to Alrewas, Staffs. 1820
198 Robert PARKIN, Mary wife, Mary, John, and an infant not baptised. Measham to Alfreton. 1820
199 John LOWE to Tickhill, Yks 1820
200 James WHITCROFT, Sarah wife, John, Susan, Hannah, James, Mary, Betty. Ashton under Lyne, Lancs. to Alfreton. 1820
201 Hannah SMITH Stretton to Alfreton 1820
202 Joseph HARDY, Catherine wife, Hugh, Joseph, Sally to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1820
203 James PEACH, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Mariah, Joseph, Hannah, Sarah. Washington (Wessington) p.Crich to Alfreton. 1820
204 Fanny WOOD Derby St Peter to Alfreton 1821
205 Elizabeth GREEN to Quarndon, Dbys. 24 Feb 1821
206 Suspended order Elizabeth GREEN to Quarndon 24 Feb 1821 no further evidence that she was removed or had died.
207 Mary SHAWCROFT to South Normanton 1821
208 Mary SHELTON single from Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton with Alfreton-Outseats. 1821
209 Sarah GEE single, pregnant. to Eckington 1821
210 Elizabeth WRIGHT single, pregnant Heage to Alfreton 1821
211 Sarah REVELL an infant child. to Mansfield, Notts. 1821
212 Mary TAGG single, pregnant to Arnold, Notts. 1822
213 John WALKER Beeston, Notts to Alfreton 1822
214 Laurence NAYLOR, Frances wife, John, Laurence. Brackenfield to Alfreton 1822
215 Mary SHELTON single Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton with Alfreton -Outsets. 1822
216 Hannah ALLEN widow, Matthew, Samuel 7wks. to Codnor Park 1822
217 Elizabeth HOPKINSON wife of Thomas HOPKINSON John, Benjamin, Hucknall Huthwaite, Notts to Alfreton 1822
218 Daniel SLACK, Mary wife, Hannah inf. to Teversal, Notts. 1822
219 Ruth BAILEY widow of Joseph BAILEY, Jane, Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph Chesterfield to Alfreton 1822
220 Mary CRISP widow, Elizabeth, Ann, John and a female a few days old. to Tamworth, Staffs. 10 Mar.1823
221 Suspended order Mary CRISP to Tamworth removed Apr 1823
222 John ORANGE, Ann wife, Joseph 17m. to Nottingham St Mary 9 Jun 1823
223 Suspended order John ORANGE. Dead. Ann widow, rest, removed to Nottingham St Mary 16 Jun 1823
224 Sarah HANSON single, pregnant to Ilkeston 1823
225 Robert PARKIN, Mary wife, Mary, John, Jane 2 Derby St Michael to Alfreton 1824
226 Hannah HOWSLEY single to Arnold, Notts 1824
227 Stephen SHIRT, Ann wife to Chapel en le Frith. 2 Mar 1824
228 Suspended order Ann SHIRT dead. Stephen SHIRT husband removed to Chapel en le Frith. 13 Apr 1824
229 Robert WARDLE, Amy wife, Richard, Rosanna, John, Joseph, Robert, Daniel. to Thringstone, Leics. 1824
230 Charles HASLAM Ashover to Alfreton 1824
231 Elizabeth MARSHALL single to Tibshelf 1824
232 Ann BETTISON (wife of Thomas BETTISON, late of Alfreton, collier, who has been absent from her for the period of seven years last past in consequence of his being under sentence of Transportation) Sarah 12, and now pregnant. to Dirty Hucknall, Notts. 1824
233 Ann STORER single, pregnant Heanor to Alfreton 1824
234 John STORER to Belper Jun 1825
235 Suspended order John STORER to Belper removed Jul 1825
236 Ann WATTS single, pregnant. to Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1825
237 Sarah KIRK wife of John KIRK, tailor, Harriet her child. Waterbeach, Cambs to Alfreton. 1825
238 Sarah TOMLINSON single to Manchester, Lancs. 1825
239 Hannah BRYAN widow to Pentrich 1825
240 Sarah SHELTON single, pregnant Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1825
241 Mary SHELTON single Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1825
242 Harriet HENSON single, pregnant to Repton, Dbys 1825
243 Elizabeth DUDDIN single, pregnant to Chesterfield 1825
244 Isaac BENNETT butcher Martha wife, Elizabeth, Fortunatus, Eli Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1825 (in pencil "at Edens in Bellfounders Yard" )
245 Jane CLARK pregnant Youlgreave to Alfreton 1805 (sic) this document is actually 1805 as it states)
246 Ann GILBERT single, pregnant Duffield to Alfreton 1825 on examination of her father William GILBERT.
247 William ENGLAND, Mary wife, Mary Ann. Kirkby, Notts to Alfreton 1825
248 Suspended order William ENGLAND removed. from Kirkby, Notts to Alfreton. 1826
249 Ann HOUSLEY single, pregnant Arnold, Notts. to Alfreton 1825
250 Mary SHELTON ingle, pregnant Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton with Alfreton-Outseats 1826
251 Stephen KEELING, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Ann. Macclesfield, Ches. to Alfreton. 1826
252 John TAYLOR, Sarah wife, Joseph, Sarah, Hannah, John. Heaton Norris, Lancs. to Alfreton. 1826
253 Martha FELKIN single Mansfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1826
254 Thomas CARTWRIGHT, Mary wife, Lucy to Halam, Notts. 1827
255 Joseph CALLADINE, Hannah wife, Elizabeth to Denby 1827
256 Elizabeth WAGSTAFF single, pregnant Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton with Alfreton-Outseats. 1827
257 Thomas SIMMS, Cicely wife, John, Ann, Leicester St Mary, Leics. to Swanwick. Apr. 1827
258 Suspended order Cicely SIMMS removed with family from Leicester St Mary to Swanwick. May 1827
259 William COTTERILL, Sarah wife to Codnor Park 1827
260 Grace KIRKHAM single, pregnant to Shirland 1827
261 William NAYLOR, Hannah wife, Charles Greasley, Notts. to Alfreton. 1827
262 Joseph WALKER, Mary wife, Mary, Alfred. Mansfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1827
263 James WOODWARD to Skegby, Notts 1827
264 Hannah VARDY William, Ann, George, John. to Selston, Notts. 1827
265 Alice WAIN single, pregnant to Limby, Notts 1827
266 Benjamin NAYLOR in Lenton, Notts prison for debt. Lenton, Notts to Alfreton Aug 1827
267 Suspended order Benjamin NAYLOR discharged from imprisonment Lenton, Notts to Alfreton Oct 1827
268 Thomas MATHER in prison for debt, Lenton Notts. to Alfreton Aug 1827
269 Suspended order Thomas MATHER discharged from imprisonment. Lenton, Notts to Alfreton Oct 1827
270 William HALL to Tibshelf 1827
271 Thomas VALLANCE, Elizabeth wife to South Wingfield 1828
272 Joseph WHITE, Phoebe wife, Jesse son 3yr. Holbrook to Alfreton 1828
273 Mary RHODES single, pregnant Shirland to Alfreton 1828
274 James HIBBERSON, Ann wife, Mary, George, Hariot, John. Matlock to Alfreton 1828
275 Edward BERRISFORD, Isabella wife Julia Tapton, Dbys to Alfreton Jul 1828
276 Suspended order Edward BERRISFORD sick removed from Tapton to Alfreton. Aug 1828
277 Ann LYCET wife of John LYCET ( now absent from her ) Sarah, Hannah, Samuel to Blidworth, Notts. 1828
278 Elizabeth EYRE single, pregnant Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1828
279 Hannah SIMPSON wife of Joseph SIMPSON (who has deserted her) Thomas, Caroline, Elizabeth, Mary to Dilhorn, Staffs. 1828
280 Mary HENSON widow, Alfred, James. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton. Dec 1828
281 Suspended order Mary HENSON sick and later dead. Alfred and James removed Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton. Mar 1828
282 William BRELSFORD staymaker Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1828
283 Joseph HAYNES to Hazzlewood, Dbys 1829
284 Joseph WILLIAMSON, Alice wife, Ann, Joseph, Mary, Eliza. to Ashley (sic) Ashby de la Zouch, Leics 1829
285 William COLBAN to Twyford, Leics. 1829
286 James BISHOP, Sarah wife, Ann, Elizabeth, James. to Kilton, Somerset. 1829
287 Thomas WILLS to Absthorpe, Northants Aug.1829
288 Suspended order Thomas WILLS to Absthorpe, Northants. Dead. Oct 1829
289 Ellen COLLEGE single Wirksworth to Alfreton 1829
290 Hannah FLETCHER single Pentrich 1829
291 Sarah TAYLOR single, pregnant to Heath 1829
292 Mary WILLIAMS single, pregnant Radford, Notts. to Alfreton. 1829
293 Harriet BERISFORD Newbold to Alfreton 1830
294 Alfred HENSON, lacemaker, Mary wife. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1830
295 Sophia BRAMLEY single, pregnant to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1830
296 Ann KERRIGAN, Marmaduke, Honor, Lucy. Derby St Alkmunds to Alfreton 1830
297 Ellen HARRISON wife of Thomas HARRISON, Ann 4m Wirksworth to Alfreton 1830
298 Jane BELL, Ann to Shirland 1830
299 Mary GREGORY widow of John GREGORY. Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1830
300 Sarah GREGORY widow of Joseph GREGORY, John. Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1830
301 Sarah HASLAM Birmingham, Warwicks. to Alfreton 1830 upon examination of Ann MASON
302 Benjamin HARPER Ashbourne to Alfreton 31 Oct no year.
303 John PENDLETON North Wingfield to Alfreton n.d.
304 John BRYAN Swanwick to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1694/5
305 Daniel BRYAN Nottingham to Alfreton 1697
306 Sarah ALVEY single to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts 1697
307 Bartholomew DOLKINS to Cawdwell (Caudwell) 1697
308 Daniel BRIAN (BRYAN), wife, child. to Sutton in Ashfield Notts. 1687/8
309 John ORME and wife to Kirkby, Notts. 1702/3
310 Christopher ORRIDGE to Pentrich 1702/3
311 Samuel MATHEWS, wife, children. Selston, Notts. to Alfreton 1704 gained as an apprentice to Robert WARMBE of Alfreton.
312 Elizabeth LEE Frances dau, to Sutton in Ashfield 1705
313 Sarah BRIDGETT family to Ilkeston 1706
314 Mary HAMBLETON single to Annesley Notts. 1709
315 Hannah STANHAM two children, (late husband Isaac STANHAM) to Ripley 1710
316 Dorothy SAXTON to Pentrich 1710
317 Hannah STANHAM two children to Shipley 1710 her husband being a hired servant there.
318 Mary FALKENBRIDGE to Newton p.Blackwell 1710
319 Hannah STANHAM two children to Heage Jul 1710 her husband born there.
320 Hannah STANHAM two children to Heage Oct 1710? Quarter Session Order.
321 Mary FEARAND inf Chesterfield to Alfreton 1710/11 FARAMS on reverse
322 Hannah STANHAM widow, two children. Alfreton to Kellam, Notts. 1711 as a hired servant two years ago.
323 Sabboth SHAW (male) to Drayton under Hales, Shropshire 1712
324 John JOHNSON infant 5, illegitimate Mothers Settlement Chesterfield. 1712/3
325 Martha DRAYCOTT to Denby 1713
326 Francis RAWSON to Selston, Notts 1715 as apprentice to John PRETT
327 James BOAR, wife. to Morton 1716
328 Robert SIMMS wife, family Heage to Alfreton 1716
329 John MELLARDS, Elizabeth wife, two children. Nottingham St Mary to Birchwood p.Alfreton. 1716
330 Thomas BLOORE to Ashford in the Water 1717 he has ran away and has left a wife and five children chargeable
331 Sarah MARTIN Ashbourne to Alfreton 1717 as a hired servant with Michael MOSS of Somercotes, 1yr.
332 Hannah STANHAM two children to Shipley 1710 Quarter Sessions Order.
333 Sarah PRATT 31 apprehended Nottingham to Alfreton 1719 "a lunatick, I have therefore omitted her punishment"
334 Benjamin HOLMS (HOLMES) summoned to appear before Magistrates re Settlement, stocking weaver. 1719/20
335 John BOOTH, wife, child. Alfreton to Nottingham St Nicholas. 1719 as a hired servant one whole year.
336 William FRANCE, (born Swanwick) wife. Served Thomas BLOWER (BLOORE) of Ashford in the Water for 7 yrs. to Ashford. 1720
337 Richard LISTER, Rose wife, John. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1720
338 John FARNSWORTH, Easter wife, one child. Codnor to Redding p.Alfreton (Riddings) 1720
339 Hannah BULLOCK, John, Martha to Higham p. Shirland 1721
340 Charles WIGLEY, Elizabeth wife, Alice. to Shirland 1721
341 Anthony SIMPSON, Sarah wife, to South Wingfield 1721
342 Thomas HEROD, Grace wife, Thomas. to Selston, Notts. 1728/9
343 John GOODALE, Sarah wife, William. to Morton 1731
344 John COX, 8yr, Elizabeth COX, 5 yr. to Sileby, Leics. 1731 on oath of Sarah HOLME mother of John and Elizabeth COX.
346 Edward DAWS wife, family Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1736
347 Anne ALLIN single to Nottingham St Mary 1736
348 Thomas CUTLER Elizabeth wife, Rebecca, Samuel, Elizabeth Codnor to Birchwood. 1736 on oath of William PRESTWIDGE
349 William STORER, Katherine wife, Thomas, Mary to Hucknall, Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1737 (been in Alfreton 22 yrs under Certificate)
350 Samuel BADGLEY to Greasley, Notts. 1737
351 John FAULCONBRIDGE, Mary wife, Michael FAWCONBRIDGE 3yr 10m Elizabeth, Samuel to Derby All Sts. 1739
352 Edward HOLMES, Sarah wife, Elizabeth COCKS their dau 15, Mount Sorrel Leics. to Alfreton 1740 on bottom of page; Edward HOLMES bound apprentice to his brother William HOLMES in Bishopgate, London. Elizabeth COX bound apprentice to her father in law Ed. HOLMES.
353 Godfrey KIRK, Elizabeth wife, John, Phoebe. to Kirkby, Notts. 1740/1
354 John TATAM Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth dau. to Ripley 1740/1
355 William BODLE, (BODELL?) Elizabeth wife. Thomas. to Coleorton, Leics. 1740/1
356 Elizabeth DAWES wife of Edward DAWES (a soldier in Kings Service, now late one of the Company of Welch Fusiliers) Elizabeth 4, Mathew 2. Nottingham St Mary to Reddings (Riddings) p.Alfreton. 1740/1
357 Easter (Esther ) TURNER Woodthorpe to Alfreton 1741
358 Jacob KIRK to Hucknall Torkard, Notts 1742
359 William HEYDON Mary wife to Darley in the Peak 1743/4 (Darley Dale)
360 Eliza EDDLESTONE pregnant. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1831
361 Joyce SMETHURST widow "being poor and impotent" Ashton under Lyne, Lancs. to Alfreton Mar 1831
362 Suspended order Joyce SMETHURST removed from Ashton under Lyne. Lancs. to Alfreton Jun. 1831
363 Ann ATKIN, widow, John 3yr. Nottingham St Peter to Alfreton 1831
364 Thomas THORP, Hannah wife, Ann, Mary Dronfield to Alfreton. Mar 1831
365 Suspended order Thomas THORP. Dead. 4 Jul 1831
366 Sarah SLATER single, pregnant. to Upper Cotton, Staffs. 1831
367 Dorothy IRONMONGER wife of David IRONMONGER to Abbots Bromley, Staffs. 1831 Dorothy now pregnant. Examination of William IRONMONGER
368 James COOPER, Ann wife, George, Elizabeth. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton. 1831
369 John LIMB, (Delila wife, and John, crossed through.) Temple Normanton to Alfreton. Nov.1831
370 Suspended order John LIMB. Temple Normanton to Alfreton. Dead. Dec 1831
371 Martin PLATTS, Maria 16, Isaac 12. to Mansfield, Notts 1831
372 Ann TUPMAN wife of Joseph and her four lawful children. Mary, William, Thomas, John. St Nicholas, Deptford, Kent to Alfreton. 1831
373 John SMITH to Glatton, Hunts. 1832
374 John TAYLOR Skegby, Notts. to Alfreton Mar 1832
375 Suspended order John TAYLOR Skegby, Notts. to Alfreton. Dead Apr 1832
376 Matthew WAINWRIGHT, William 11 yrs Mansfield, Notts. to Alfreton. 1832
377 Frances RICHARDSON Alfreton to Nottingham St Mary 1832
378 John MACHIN and Joseph MACHIN Woolsthorpe, Lincs to Alfreton 1832 Examination of Richard LOVITT Woolsthorpe, Lincs.
379 Mary ELSE spinster Mansfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1832
380 Charles WOOD, Elizabeth wife, Charles, Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas, John. to Castle Donington, Leics. Jul 1832
381 Suspended order Charles WOOD no further details but signed. Jul 1832
384 Mary BEASTELL (wife of George BEASTELL who is now absent from her and apart from her) Hannah, Henry. Teversal, Notts. to Alfreton. 1832
385 Hannah HOUSELY spinster, pregnant. South Normanton to Alfreton 1832
386 Ann MASKERY spinster, pregnant Alfreton to South Normanton 1832
387 Delilah LIMN widow, John 3. Bury, Lancs. to Alfreton 1833 (LIMB See 369)
388 Ruth FLETCHER, wife of Imanuel FLETCHER. to Wirksworth Mar.1833
389 Ellen HARRISON otherwise Ellen COLLEDGE Wirksworth to Alfreton. 1833
390 Suspended order Ruth FLETCHER to Wirksworth. Dead. Nov 1833
391 Eliza EDDLESTONE pregnant. Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton. 1833
392 Andrew BOND to Wensley Mar 1833
393 Suspended order, Andrew BOND to Wensley. Removed May 1833
394 Delilah LIMN (LIMB see 369) Hulme? Lancs. to Alfreton Apr 1833
395 Suspended order Delilah LIMN (LIMB See 369) Hulm, Lancs. to Alfreton Dec. 1833
396 Maria PEACH single, pregnant. Kilbourne to Alfreton 1833
397 Abraham ELLIOTT, Charity wife, Elizabeth. Radford, Notts. to Alfreton. 1833
398 Thomas ELLIOTT, Mary wife, Sarah, William, Harriett. Carlton, Notts to Alfreton. May 1833
399 Suspended order Mary ELLIOTT, Carlton, Notts. to Alfreton. Removed. Jul. 1833
400 John SIMMS John 19, Hannah 15, Robert 14, Thomas 10, Samuel 8, Edward 6. to Belper 1833
401 William ELLIS Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton 1833
402 Ann BURTON single Belper to Alfreton 1833
403 George BOTH, Ann wife, William. to Mansfield, Notts. 1833
404 Mary HOPKINSON wife of John HOPKINSON prisoner at Derby Gaol, William, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Joseph 5m. to Pilsley. 1833
405 Rebecca REECE single. pregnant Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton with Alfreton Outseats. 1833
406 Mary Ann HILLOCK single Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1833 on examination of Elizabeth WOODWARD, mother of Mary.
407 Suspended order Mary Ann HILLOCK Nottingham St Mary to Alfreton 1833 signed, no other details.
408 George SUTCLIFF, Mary wife, Ann, William, Matilda, Ripley to Alfreton 1833
409 Suspended order George SUTCLIFF Ripley to Alfreton 1833 signed, no further details.
410 Elizabeth ROBINSON single, pregnant Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. to Alfreton. 1833
411 George CALDER, wife Ellen, George, Mary Ann, Richard, Bridget, James. Manchester, Lancs. to Alfreton 1834
412 John VALLANCE Radford, Notts to Alfreton Jan 1834 on Examination of Elizabeth BLEASDALE his daughter.
413 Suspended order John VALLANCE, Radford Notts. to Alfreton. Signed, no further details. Jan. 1834
414 George BRYAN Melbourne to Alfreton 6 Feb 1834
415 Suspended order George BRYAN Melbourne to Alfreton Removed 14 Feb 1834.
416 Joseph DAVIS, Elizabeth wife, George, Ann, Benjamin. to Codnor Park. 1834
417 George BAKEWELL to Boulton Dbys. 1834
418 Suspended order George SUTCLIFF 15 Dec 1833 removed from Ripley to Alfreton. Mar 1834
419 Elizabeth WHITEMAN widow, William, also pregnant. to South Normanton 1834
420 George CALDER, Eleanor wife, George, Mary Ann, Richard, Bridget, James. Birmingham, Warwicks. to Alfreton May 1834
421 Suspended order Eleanor CALDER wife of George CALDER. Birmingham, Warwicks to Alfreton. May 1834 "this is a wandering family"
422 George WRIGHT, Mary Ann wife, John to Shirland 1834
423 Sarah MOSS spinster, pregnant to Ashover 1834
424 Hannah LICETT to Blidworth, Notts. 1834
425 James WHITCRAFT, Sarah wife Leics. St Nicholas, Leics. to Alfreton. 6 Feb 1835
426 Suspended order James WHITCRAFT lately resident Jewry Wall St. Leicester. 7 Feb 1835
428 Suspended order James WHITCRAFT Leics St Nicholas, Leics. to Alfreton removed 3 Mar 1835
429 John GREGORY, Ann wife Leek and Lowe Staffs. to Alfreton Mar 1835
430 Letter to Overseers stating John GREGORY and his wife very ill. His father served apprentice with his brother Job GREGORY, a carpenter and they worked for Edward WATERS Pie (Pye) Bridge. Need a doctor. Request assistance otherwise will have to remove from Leek to Alfreton. 7 Feb 1835
431 Letter informing Overseers of Alfreton of the intention to remove John GREGORY, Ann wife from Leek and Lowe, Staffs. to Alfreton. 4 Mar 1835
432 John HORSLEY, Sarah wife John, Samuel, George St Sepulchres, London to Alfreton 1835
434 William MOUNTENAY, Catherine 11, Jane 18m Oxton, Notts. to Alfreton with Alfreton Outseats. 1835
RM1/2 Dorothy SAXTON Alfreton to Ripley 1710
RM3/70 Catharine BERRISFORD single to Sth Wingfield 1813
RM3/123 Richard ROWLEY, Catharine wife, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Thomas. to Wombridge, Salop. 1813
RM3/181 Sarah ELLIOTT single, pregnant. to Sth Normanton 1815
RM4/4 Godfrey ANNABLE, Elizabeth wife, Sarah, Godfrey, Wm, Phineas, Ann, Mary Ann. to Horsley 1816
RM4/24 Mary HALL, single, pregnant to Nottm St Nicholas 1816
RM4/33 Benjamin JONES, Phebe wife, to Madeley Salop. 1816
RM4/47 Sarah PEACH widow, Alfreton to Pentrich 1816
RM4/92 William SIMPSON, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Eliza, John, Harriot, Henry, Frederick. 1818 Alfreton to Iderichay (Ideridgehay).p. Wirksworth
RM4/100 Hannah ALLEN (widow of Robert ALLEN) George, William, John, Ann, Mary 17wks, Alfreton to Winster 1819
RM5/7 Hannah STANNHAM and two children, husband Isaac STANNHAM dec but born Heage.   to Heage 1710
RM5/34 Mary GILES ,one child.  to Egmonton, Notts. (by service with Francis SHAW) 1713 
RM5/114 William RADFORD, Mary wife, George, Robert,Mary  to South Wingfield 1721
RM5/115 Anthony SIMPSON, Sarah wife  to South Wingfield 1721 
RM5/135 Hannah HOOSTON (HOUSTON ?) widow, Dorothy, Hannah, John, Elizabeth  to Smalley  1722
RM5/140 William RADFORD, Mary wife, George, Robert, Mary.  to South Wingfield 1722
RM5/264 Anne SAXTON  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.  1734 
RM5/336 Hannah DOBB  to Weston on Trent, Dbys  1743
RM5/404 Sarah ROGERS widow, Mary, Henry, Charles (on oath of William ENGLAND, William SEAGRAVE ) to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1752
RM5/482 John SHAW, Alice wife  to Sheffield, Yks.  1756
RM5/494 Ann GREGORY  to Pinxton  1757
RM5/605 Ann CHEETHAM widow of William CHEETHAM, William, John.  to Sowerby, Yks  1763
RM5/629 Richard GIBSON, Mary wife, Richard, William.  to Gainsborough, Lincs. 1764
RM6/206 George WOODWARD, Mary wife, Jonathan, George, Elizabeth, Jane. to Alvaston  1779
RM6/428 Bennett BROWN, John, Elizabeth, Lowindia ?, Brittania ?.   to Winster  1787
RM6/568 Martha STORER   to South Normanton.  1791
RM6/619 Mary NEWBALL alias HUNT  to Chilcote p. Clifton (Clifton Campville, Staffs ) 1793
RM7/50 George WHITE   to Ripley  1801
RM7/105 Samuel MATHER who cam to reside at Alfreton lately died leaving Elizabeth, Ann.  to Ashover 1804
RM7/402 Thomas HUDSBY, Jane wife.  to Worthington, Leics.  1814
RM7/403 Thomas HUDSBY Suspended order  to Worthington, Leics. Dead.  1815
RM7/483 Thomas BURGIN, Mary wife, Ann, Thomas, Jemima.  to Ripley  1816
RM7/573 Samuel SLATER, Jane wife, Samuel, Frances, Mary   to Tansley  1816
RM7/581 Richard TUPMAN, Rebecca wife, Mary, Thomas, Isaac and Joseph twins, Elizabeth, George, John.  to Chesterfield 1816
RM7/586* George WALKER, Ann wife, Hannah, George, Sarah, Ann, Joseph, Frances   to Brampton  1816
RM7/587 George WALKER, Suspended order    to Brampton.  1816
RM7/611 Hannah BARRETT (widow of John BARRETT) Sydonia, Aholebema. to Codnor and Loscoe  Apr. 1817
RM7/612 Sydonia BARRETT Suspended order.  Dead. to Codnor and Loscoe.  Jul. 1817 
RM7/647* James BUXTON, Mary wife, Joseph, Eliza, Mary, James.  to Codnor and Loscoe.  1817
RM7/685* Mary FOSS, Sarah, Ellenor, Charlotte, Amelia.  to Southwell, Notts  1817
RM7/686* William FOSS, Mary wife, Sarah, Ellenor, Charlotte, Amelia.  to Mansfield, Notts.  1817
RM7/1043 Samuel LANGTON, Maria wife, Mary, Charlotte, Ann.  to South Normanton.  1820
RM7/1172 Rebecca WALKER unmarried, pregnant.  to Manchester, Lancs. Sep 1823
RM7/1173 Rebecca WALKER on reverse of order of Removal, " says she belongs to Manchester by having lived with Nathaniel NAYLOR..."   "the above is not correct".     Oct 1823 
RM7/1175 Elizabeth WHARTON widow of John WHARTON, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann.  to Ashover  1823
RM7/1201* Hannah HAWSLEY  to Arnold, Notts.  1824
RM7/1247 Jane EYRE  single, pregnant.  to Ripley.  1825
RM7/1647 Elizabeth COOPER spinster, pregnant.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1832
RM7/1823a Thomas MOORE  to Arnold, Notts  1839
RM7/1991 James FIDLER, Betsy wife, Richard Brook, Elizabeth.  to Pentrich  1844
Elizabeth COX spinster  Loughborough Leics to Alfreton 1745  V40/64
Joseph WILSON, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Sarah  Alfreton to Eagle, Lincs  1781  V40/65
Sarah GREGORY widow, John.  Sutton in Ashfield Notts to Alfreton 1832  V40/66
Thomas ELLIOTT, Mary wife, Sarah, William, Harriet  Carlton Notts to Alfreton 1833  V40/67
Suspended order Mary ELLIOTT Carlton Notts to Alfreton  May 1833  V40/68
William SIMS? Ann wife, George, William, Ann, Job, Mary. Alfreton to Ripley V40/69
Suspende order Ann SIMS? Alfreton to Ripley  removed 1834  V40/70
ALLESTREE Removal from Allestree to. ........
1 John ARTINGSTALL, Elizb. wife, family to Stockport 1779
2 Elizb CHARLESWORTH, Hannah dau. to Normanton 1800
3 Elizb. WARDLE pregnant Stanton and Newhall 1816
4 Joseph WALKER, Mary, family Kedleston 1817
5 Thomas FORD, Elizb. wife. Ipstones Staffs 1818
RM2/59 John GREEN, Ann wife, Ann, ( John 18 crossed out) Sarah, James, Hannah, Elizabeth, Martha, William, Benjamin. Allestrey to Mugginton 1808
RM2/61 John KERRY Mary wife, John. 1808 Allestry to Weston on Trent
RM4/79 John GREEN, Ann wife, Samuel, Patience.. 1818 Allestree to Derby St Alkmund.
RM4/126 John FEARN Allestry (Allestree) to Horsley Woodhouse. 1819
RM5/121 Bennett BRUNT  to Duffield, (gained as servant to Sir Richard BIRMINGHAM. ) 1722
RM5/162 James BRADSHAW, Elizabeth wife. to Spondon 1724/5
RM6/586 Katherine FLETCHER,widow, Joel  to Onecote, Staffs.  1792
RM7/806* John SMITH, Ann wife, William, John, James.  to Hartington.  1817
RM7/893 Thomas FORD, Elizabeth wife, John, William, Mary.   to Ipstones, Staffs.  1818
RM7/915 George JACKSON, Sarah wife, Ann, William.  to Breadsall  1818
ALLESTREE Removal to Allestree from...........
7 Ann GADSBY pregnant Nottingham St Mary 1831
RM4/76 John HAWLEY, Jane wife, Hannah, John, Mary 1818 Alvaston to Wilne and Shardlow.
RM4/123 Charles DANIEL an infant bastard brn of the body of Hannah DANIEL, single, before her intermarriage with her present husband Joseph GREATOREX. 1819 Alvaston to Nottingham St Nicholas.
RM5/732 William BURGLAND, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, William.  Alvaston to Appleby Dbys  1768
RM6/413 Thomas LABAN  to Duffield  1786
RM6/572 George WOODWARD, Mary wife, George, Sarah, Ann, Robert.   to Elvaston.  1791
RM6/746 Hannah CARTER otherwise PYE, (wife of Thomas CARTER otherwise PYE, now run away)    to Ashley, Staffs. 1800
RM6/747 Hannah CARTER Suspended order pregnant. Removed to Aashley ,Staffs.  Jul 1800
RM7/1184 Thomas Walker AUSTIN, Hannah wife.  to Hathern, Leics.  1824
RM7/1418 George THOMPSON, Ellen wife, John.  to Cauldwell  1828
RM7/1478 Ellen WATTS widow of William WATTS, Robert.  to Sandiacre.  1829
RM7/1479 Francis WATTS, Mary wife, Henry, Elizabeth, Francis, James.  to Sandiacre 1829
RM7/1553 James RICHARDSON, Hannah wife, William, Ann.  to Kingston, Staffs.  8 Jan1830
RM7/1554 James RICHARDSON removed to Kingston, Staffs by William SHERWIN on Saturday 9 Jan 1830 
RM7/1576 Robert BATES, Martha wife, Harriott, William.  to Derby St Werburgh. 1830
APPLEBY  Removals
RM5/672 Richard GENT, Mary wife, Richard, Francis, John, James, William. (by virtue of a certificate granted to Joseph GENT father of Richard GENT) ,  to Stretton ,Dbys.  1766
RM5/690 Sarah ASTON widow of William ASTON  to Winshill, Dbys  1767
RM7/508* George FIELDING, Ann wife, Mary ,James, Elizabeth, Richard, Jane.  to Packington, Leics.  1816
RM7/1188 Mary Ann BATE 13, illegitimate dau of Sarah late wife of William WYATT  to Ashby de la Zouch,Leics. 182
RM7/1311 William SPENCER, Sarah wife, Thomas, Elizabeth.  to Upton, Leics.  1826
RM7/1541 Dorothy LUNN wife of James LUNN, (who is run away from away) , Elizabeth.   to Seales, Leics.  1830
RM7/1962 William WILKINS  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  1843
RM1/13 Elizabeth LOW, (wife of Robert LOW) Charles, Ann, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary, Richard. 1757 Ashbourne to Derby St Werburgh.
RM1/14 John OSBISTON, Mary wife, John, Lidia and Ann twins, Saml, Milicent. 1758 Hulland to Biggin.
RM1/19 Elizabeth MACKONEL Ashbourne to Clifton 1764
RM1/23 Mary LEES widow. Ashbourne to Kedleston 1765
RM1/26 William PEARSON, Lydia wife, Peter, Thomas, Mary, Lydia, Catherine, 1765 Ashbourne to Mappleton
RM1/27 Thomas PEARSON, Jane wife 1765 Ashbourne to Mappleton
RM1/28 Elizabeth TAR Clifton to Ashbourne 1765
RM1/30 John TOMLINSON, Ann wife, William, Sarah. 1765 Ashbourne to Bradley
RM1/34 George PARKER, Sarah dau, John, Richard 1766 Ashbourne to Derby St Peters.
RM1/51 Elizabeth STEVESON Ashbourne to Mappleton 1771
RM1/53 Wm GELL, Mary wife, Alice. 1772 Ashbourne to Nutton, Wolstanton, Staffs.
RM1/61 Sarah ALLEN, Mary ALLEN, William ALLEN all children of John and Grace
ALLEN, residing at Ashbourne under Certiciate dated 1759. Ashbourne to Kniveton. 1789
RM2/20 Sarah HIGGINSON wife of Richard 1805 Hulland Ward to Stone, Staffs.
RM2/44 Daniel GOODDALL Betty wife, Ann 1807 Hulland to Shirley
RM2/58 Ann Maria BOND (wife of William a soldier in His Majestys Service) Mary Ann, Wm, Sarah. 1808 Sturston to Clifton. On oath of Henry LAMB.
RM2/94 James HICKINBOTHAM, Mary wife, Wm. 1810 Hulland Ward to Burnaston.
RM3/103 Wm HURD, Elizabeth wife, Mary 1813 Sturston and Compton to Ferney Lee
RM3/109 Thomas KENT, Mary wife, Thomas, Mary, Phebe, Charles, Ann, Sarah. Sturston to Derby St Alkmund 1813
RM3/124 Samuel SLATER, Ann wife, Samuel, Ellin, Ann, Wm, Thomas, James, Fann. 1813 Hulland Ward to Mugginton
RM3/173 Samuel AULT, Ann wife, Thomas, Isaac, Jacob. 1815 Clifton and Compton to Ashbourne
RM3/195 Ann wife of Isaac KEELING sawyer, John, Chas, Charlotte, Maria, Wm. 1815 Yeldersley to Marston Montgomery
RM4/2 Charles ALLSOP, Sarah wife, Sarah dau, Wm, Elizabeth, Chas, John. Yeldersley to Prestwood, Staffs. May 1816
RM4/3 Suspended order Sarah ALLSOP, dau, ill Jun 1816
QS/442 Edward BRADBURY widow, Eliza 9, James 8, George 6, Henry 22m to Derby All Saints. 1829
QS/443 Ann Charlotte SHORE single pregnant, 1829 to Derby St Werburgh.
RM5/85 John LOW, Martha wife, Ellen. to Mayfield, Staffs.  Ellen removed only. "her said parents being committed to the Goal for this County for a supposed murder".  1718
RM5/88 William BENNETT, Mary wife.  Yeldersley,Painters Lane to Church Broughton.  1718
RM5/101 Abigell PRESTON (wife of Samuel PRESTON) Samuel.  Hulland to Hognaston her husbands legal Settlement.  1720
RM5/61 Thomas NEWHAM, Alice wife. Joseph.  Yeldersley and Painters Lane to Bradley  1714
RM5/131 John HILLTON (HILTON ?),Mary wife, John Sturston and east side of Compton to Derby St Peter. 1722
RM5/150 James STENSON als WALKER son of Mary STENSON als WALKER  Offcote and Underwood to Worthington, p Breedon, Leics. 1722
RM5/182 William EGGLISTON, Mary wife  Sturston to Smalley.  1726
RM5/226 Mary BLACKWELL  to Clifton  1732/3 
RM5/228 William CLARK, Sarah wife,William,John,Katharine, Sarah. to Mayfield,Staffs.1732/3
RM5/243 Dorothy ETCHES  to Yeaveley  1733
RM5/244 Lawrence COCKSON (COXON ?), Elizabeth wife, Thomas, William, Elizabeth.  to Clifton 1733
RM5/246 Thomas GRIFFIN, Mary wife, Charles, William  to Boylestone  1733
RM5/317 Robert EADES,Mary wife, child.  Sturston east side of Compton to Shatton 1742
RM5/335 Mary DEAN   Holland, (Hulland) to Dalbury.  1743
RM5/342 William RIDE, Jane wife, Thomas, Ann, Mary  to Markeaton  1743 
RM5/379 John HUNTER, Sarah wife, James, William, Samuel, Charles. Clifton to Yeaveley. May 1750
RM5/380 John HUNTER, Sarah wife, James, William, Samuel, Charles. Clifton to Draycott in the Moor, Staffs. Falsehood he was a servant with Joseph DEAN at Yeaveley.  Nov 1750
RM5/589 Olive HARLOW   to Rodsley, p. Longford  1762
RM5/647 John HEYWOOD, Ann wife.  to Calton within Blore , Staffs 1765
RM5/676 Anthony KIDDY, Hannah wife  Hulland to Shotwell (Shottle ?. p.Duffield) 1766
RM5/730 Ann WOODS  to Offcote and Underwood  1767
RM5/746 Margaret BANKS widow of late John BANKS, Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah  to p. Ellastone, Staffs. 1769 
RM6/26 William STOREY, Rebecca wife, Martha, Thomas.  to Buxton  1771
RM6/34 Joseph ALLEN, Elizabeth wife.  to Sudbury  1772
RM6/119 John HIND, Ann wife, Matthew, Elizabeth  to Tissington 1775
RM6/125 Thomas SOWTER yngr, Joyce wife, William, Phoebe, John, Thomas, Edward to Offcote and Underwood 1775
RM6/126 Thomas SOWTER, Elizabeth wife, Frances.  to Offcote and Underwood 1775
RM6/129 Elizabeth STREET wife of John STREET now in HM Gaol, James. to Darley.  1775
RM6/160 Isaac HOON, Lydia wife.  to Wirksworth.  1777
RM5/6 Elizabeth SPENCER widow of Henry SPENCER, Martha, Anne, William. to Wirksworth. 1710 
RM6/187 Abraham SMITH a lunatic,  to Mappleton  1778
RM6/211 James BENTLEY, Elizabeth wife, Mary, John.  Hulland to Bradley  1780
RM6/223 John HILL, Ellen wife, Elizabeth.  to Uttoxeter, Staffs 1780
RM6/436 Sarah GELL wife of Thomas GELL a soldier 6th Rgt Foot., Mary.  Sturston to Ilam, Staffs.  1787
RM6/498 Sarah ALLEN, Mary ALLEN, William ALLEN, (children of John ALLEN and Grace) resided under Certificate since 1759, under seals of Samuel HODGKINSON and William TIPPER Churchwarden and Overseers of Kniveton and Jo CHATTERTON and William KILLINGLEY as two credible witnesses.)    to Kniveton    1789
RM6/507 John illegitimate child of Elizabeth COXON  to Shirley.  1789 (See also Shirley Removals RM6/506)
RM6/513 Benjamin HULTON, Ruth wife, Sarah.  to Manchester, Lancs.  1789
RM6/530 Aaron ASHTON, Elizabeth wife, Kitty.  Sturston to Chapel en le Frith  1790
RM6/632 Timothy ELLABY, Hannah wife, Hannah, William, Elizabeth, Daniel.  Clifton to Leek Frith, Staffs 1794
RM6/637 Ann HOLMES, Elizabeth.  to Kniveton  1794
RM6/646 Elizabeth SMITH    to Tissington  1794
RM6/664 Ann Agnes NORTH, widow.   Clifton to Breadsall  1795
RM6/686 Rachael TAYLOR   Sturston to Clifton.  1796
RM6/719 Mary CUMMINS, John, George.  to Palterton  1799
RM6/725 William HAND, Ellen wife, William, Thomas, Daniel, John  Sturston to Stanley.  1799
RM7/19 John HARRIS, Sarah wife, Rebeccah.   Clifton to Ellastone, Staffs  1801
RM7/22 Joseph HOLLIS, Ann wife, William, Mary.  Clifton to Yeldersley.  1801
RM7/56 Ann BLORE single, pregnant to Buxton  Apr 1802
RM7/57 Ann BLORE "recovered from lying in" , to Buxton  Jun 1802
RM7/58 Ann BLORE suspended order  to Buxton   Apr 1802
RM7/77 William YEOMANS Offcote and Underwood  to Cubley 1802
RM7/104 Mary MARTIN, John.  Clifton to Wyaston  1804
RM7/290* William BUNTING, Ann wife, Mary Ann.  Sturston to Stockport, Ches. 1812
RM7/298 Sarah ELLABY single. (On examination of Sarah ATTLEBARROW mother)  Sturston to Nottingham St Peter, Notts. 1812
RM7/303 Edith FROST widow, Thomas, Sarah, Catherine.   to Sturston.  1812
RM7/347 Lucy FROGGATT single.  to Offcote and Underwood. 1813
RM7/387 Abraham ASHMORE, Mary wife, Thomas  to Litton.  1814
RM7/425 Edmund ALSOPP, Mary wife.   Offcote and Underwood,  to Hathern,Leics.  1815
RM7/437 William LAKIN  to Burton, Staffs.  1815
RM7/450 William TOMLINSON, Mary wife.   to Kniveton.  1815
RM7/459 John ATTERBURY, Mary wife.  Clifton to Sturston  1816
RM7/463 George BARKER, Sarah wife, Mary.  Clifton to Edlaston and Wyaston.  1816
RM7/486 Edward CALVERT, Mary wife.  to Stydd.  1816
RM7/538 Isaac KEELING, Ann wife, John, Charles, Charlotte, Maria, William.  Yeldersley to Wyaston.  1816
RM7/599 Robert YEOMANS, Mary wife, Rebeccah, John.  to Selston, Notts.  1816
RM7/597 Grace Eliza YATES  Clifton to Ireton Wood.  1816
RM7/607* George BARKER, Sarah wife, Mary.  Clifton to Edlaston and Wyaston  1816
RM7/620 John BERESFORD, Elizabeth wife, James, Sarah.  to Hanbury, Staffs.  1817
RM7/647 John BUXTON, Lydia wife, Hannah, Ann, John.  to Stoney Middleton 1817
RM7/680 Joseph FENTON  to Offcote and Underwood. 1817
RM7/681 Joseph FENTON  to Sturston.   1817
RM7/700 Henry GODSALL (GODSALE?) Ann wife.  Clifton to Colwich,Staffs. 1817 
RM7/716 William HAYNES, Hannah wife, Eliza, Dorothy, Thomas.  to Hazlewood 1817
RM7/721 Matthew HIND, Ann wife.  Offcote and Underwood to Ashbourne  1817
RM7/755 John LOUNDS, Hannah wife, Ann, Jessey.  to Stoke, Staffs. 1817
RM7/776 West PEARSON, Elizabeth wife, Ann, William, German.  to Swanwick  1817
RM7/802 Aaron SMEDLEY, Elizabeth wife, Hannah and Ann twins, Mary  Hulland to Rolleston, Staffs.  1817
RM7/809 William SMITH, Ann wife, Sarah, William.  to Offcote and Underwood  1817
RM7/850 Thomas WOOD, Mary wife, Joseph, John, James.  to Ellastone, Staffs.  181
RM7/884 John DAY, Mary wife, Ann, John both by a former wife. Clifton to Woolwich, Kent.  1818
RM7/906 Daniel HAND, Sarah wife.  to Heanor.  1818
RM7/939* Rachel RICHARDS, Martha, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Mary.  to Sheffield, Yks 1818
RM7/987 William HAGE, Ann wife, William, Samuel, Ann.  Sturston to Edensor  Jan 1819
RM7/988 William HAGE Suspended order. Sturston to Edensor. removed Feb 1819
RM7/991 Judith HAWORTH single, pregnant to   Derby St Alkmund  1819
RM7/992 Judith HAWORTH,  note delivered by Thomas WHITAKER to William BAILEY Overseer of Derby St Alkmund 1819
RM7/1006* John PEACH, Jane wife, George, Thomas, Elizabeth, John, William, Joseph.  Sturston to Clifton.  1819
RM7/1018 Robert BARNES, Elizabeth wife, William, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, Harriott.  Yeldersley to Ilam, Staffs. May 1820
RM7/1019 Robert BARNES Suspended order  Yeldersley to Ilam, Staffs.  Jul. 1820 
RM7/1031 Mark FAULKNER, Ann wife, Olive, Samuel, William.  to Ipstones, Staffs. 1820
RM7/1052 James Robert SPENCER   to Tissington  1820
RM7/1055 William TOMLINSON elder, Dorothy wife.  Sturston to Clifton  1820
RM7/1068 John DERBYSHIRE, Martha wife, Joseph, John, Mary, Thomas, Jane, Elizabeth.  to Kniveton 1821
RM7/1070 Thomas HAWORTH, Mary wife, Samuel.  to Derby St Alkmund.  1821
RM7/1072 John KENT, Ann wife, Charles.  Clifton and Compton to Ashbourne 1821
RM7/1213* John SANDERS, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Judith, Mary.  Sturston to Offcote and Underwood.  1824
RM7/1260* Ann SINGLETON single, pregnant.  to Stoke on Trent, Staffs.  1825
RM7/1269 Ann WETTON wife of William WETTON yngr.  to Sturston  1825
RM7/1297 Ann HULSE 7, John HULSE 3, Sarah HULSE 1 children of the late James and Sarah HULSE.  Clifton to Manchester, Lancs.  1826
RM7/1369 John WARD  to Osmaston by Derby  .Eye injury.  8 Sep 1827
RM7/1370 John WARD received pauper from John HEAP Overseer of Ashbourne. 14 Sep 1827
RM7/1376* John YEARL, Catherine wife, Mary, John.  to Barrow on Trent, Dbys  1827
RM7/1401 Hannah MIDDLETON, widow of Edward MIDDLETON, Catherine.  to Whetstone, Dbys  1828
RM7/1474 Ann THACKER single, pregnant.  Sturston to Ashbourne 1829
RM7/1498 Jane BRINDSLEY single, pregnant.  to Waterfall, Staffs 1830
RM7/1501 Margaret BULL, wife of William BULL now living, William inf.  Offcote and Underwood to Sutton on the Hill  1830
RM7/1522 John GETTLIFFE 3, son of George and Judy GETTLIFFE. On examination of Paul GETTLIFFE grandfather.  Hulland to Hognaston 1830
RM7/1557 Charles RUSHTON, Margaret wife, Mary Ann, Hannah, Charles, Samuel, William.  Sturston to Mayfield, Staffs.  1830
RM7/1591 Sarah Ann HAND wife of Daniel HAND.  Sturston to Heanor.  1831
RM7/1592 Sarah Ann HAND Suspended order.  Sturston to Heanor  1831
RM7/1599 Ann IRONMONGER, Charles an infant.  On examination of William IRONMONGER, Mary IRONMONGER, and John IRONMONGER now a soldier in 1st Rgt Gren. Guards.  Sturston to Abbots Bromley, Staffs. 1831
RM7/1619 John THACKER, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Thomas.  Offcote and Underwood to Sturston  1831
RM7/1632 Mary WILSHAW now pregnant,  widow of late John WILSHAW, Jane. Sturston to Foreign Walsall, Staffs 1831
RM7/1666 Samuel MELLOR, Elizabeth wife, Mary.  to Stoke upon Trent, Staffs. 1832
RM7/1729 Jane SHERRATT widow, George, Mary, John.  Clifton to Rocester, Staffs.  1834
RM7/1961a Francis WEBSTER, Harriet wife, Robert, John.  Sturston to Woodthorpe, Dbys.  1843
RM7/2044 Ann WHITEHEAD widow of John WHITEHEAD. On oath of Richard UTTING Master of the Workhouse, Ashbourne, Henry ELLABY Overseer, Ashbourne, George Goodwin BRITTLEBANK Ashbourne, Gent.  to Newton, Lancs.  1865
1 Edmund POTT, Anne wife one child to Bakewell 1707/8
2 Richard GEE, Elizb wife to Hassop 1711
3 Wm BARBER, Mary wife to Stirrop p. Blyth Notts 1735/6
4 Joshua HULLY, Ann wife, Francis, Saml, Joshua, Mary, removed from Little Longstone to Ashford 1735/6
5 Anthony TORR lab, removed from Great Longstone to Ashford 1767
7 Robert HEATHCOTE to Flagg 1787
8 Thomas DAKIN, Sarah wife removed from Thorp 1780
9 Mary NEWTON widow, Peggy 8 Geo 6 Sarah 4, Sophia 3, Abraham 16wks. removed from Kimberworth WRY 1790
10 Bethiah BOND removed from Monyash 1791
12 Hannah FURNESS single removed from Manchester 1791
13 Geo STONE, Ann, Catherine, Wm 7, Ellen 6, John 4, Mary 2. removed from Taddington 1820
14 Joseph THORPE wife Alice, now sick, not fit to be removed, Jebus 7, Wm 5, James 2 infant 5 days. to be removed from Manchester 1829
15 Joseph THORPE, wife Alice, Jebus 7,Wm 5, James 2, Inf, suspended order.
16 Stephen SKIDMORE yngr sick removed from Manchester 1830
17 Elizabeth BAGALEY pregnant, removed from Brimington 1830
18 Tho WILTSHIRE, wife Charlotte, Wm 4, removed from Nottm St Marys. Thomas ill, little hope of recovery. 1831
19 Jospeh THORPE, Alice wife, Jabez 9, Wm 7, James 4, Mary Ann 2 removed from Manchester 1831
20 Wm BLACKWELL, Johanna wife, Charlotte 14, Mary 12, John 10, Tho 8, Wm 6, Joseph 4, Johanna 2, Elizabeth 3 wks removed from St Andrew the Less, Cambridge 1830
21 Maria BOLSOVER to Ludworth 1831
22 Mary BRIDDON (wife of Wm now absent from her) Wm, Saml, Francis. Removed from Bulwell, Notts. 1831
23 Joseph HOROBIN, Frances wife. 1834 Removed from Mansfield
24 George GALLIGAR removed from Macclesfield 1835 Father Peter ran away 16wks before his birth. Mother died 5yrs since. Mothers Settlement was Ashford. Her parents were Ralph and Margaret FURNESS. Examination by Margaret wife of James BOLTON of Macclesfield and sister of Ellen GALLIGAR.
25 Richard KEELING prisoner in House of Correction, Wakefield, Sarah wife, David son, Sarah and David removed to Ashford 1840
26 Alice HIBBERT widow removed from Heaton Norris 1840
27 Francis COCKING removed from Macclesfield 1840 Father Joseph.
28 William COCKING removed from Macclesfield 1840
30 Alice WALKER, has illeg. son Geo, 14 days old. 1841 Removed from Salford to Ashford.
31 Sarah STEEL removed from Derby St Peters. 1841
32 Charlotte WILTSHIRE (wife of Thomas now absent) removed from Nottingham St Peters. 1842
36 William MANIFOLD, Sarah wife, Hannah 7. 1843 Removed from Macclesfield.
37 William MANIFOLD, Sarah, Hannah. 1838 Removed from Sutton.
38 Hannah COCKING single, dau of Joseph and Sarah, brothers Wm and Francis. Hurdsfield 1843 Too ill to be removed.
39 Mary Ann FROST 15 dau of late James and Margaret FROST letter from Ovrseers of Manchester. 1845
40 Ezekiel MELLOR, Elizabeth wife, John. 1843 removed Aston cum Aughton WRY to Ashford.
41 Bagshaw OLDFIELD Appeal by Overseers of Norton over removal by Ashford. 1842
42 John BESTWICK Sheen, Staffs to Ashford. Appeal by Ashford over removal. 1843
43 Ann HAGE wife of John HAGE, a prisoner in County Gaol, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Fanny. Ashford appeal over removal by Bakewell to Ashford. 1844
V22/92 Bridget AUSTIN widow from Manchester, Lancs to Ashford in the Water. 1851
RM5/310 Thomas HUGHES, Mary wife.  to Moorbrook, Leek, Staffs.  1740
RM5/574 Mary HUYWARD (HEYWARD ?)   to Hassop  1761
RM5/614 Alice PRICE widow or wife (sic) of David PRICE, Margaret  to Bakewell  1763
RM7/816 Thomas TAYLOR, Martha wife, Mary, Thomas.  to Wormhill 1817
RM7/840 Joseph WHEELDON  to Bakewell  1817
RM7/1431 Maria BOLSOVER   to Ludworth.  1829
RM7/1469 Samuel SANDERSON, Martha wife, John.  to Mansfield, Notts.  1829
RM7/1483 Elizabeth WIGLEY single, pregnant . to Bonsall   1829
RM7/1866 Bagshaw OLDFIELD  to Norton  1841
ASHOVER Removal from Ashover to...
1 Elizabeth SNEATH, single, and child Derby St Peters 1707
2 Geo WOODWARD, Jemima wife, children Tansley 1758
3 Hannah HATFIELD single Beeley 1800
SR7 Rosamond REDFEARNE removed to Cawloe parish of Wirksworth early 18th C.
RM5/30 Godfrey EGGINTON, Jane wife.  Lea to Cromford.  1713/4
RM5/79 Samuel WALKER, Martha wife, Mary.  to Darley (as servant to Hugh BOHAM) 1717/8
RM5/215 Joseph BUXTON, Marthay wife.  to Shirland.  1731
RM5/284 James MARCHANT, Elizabeth wife, William, James.   Dethick, Lea, Holloway to Wirksworth.  1736
RM5/664 Thomas BARKER, Esther wife, Frances, Elizabeth  to Shirland  1766
RM6/193 Nancy HAYWOOD wife of Richard HAYWOOD, John, Sarah.  to Newark ,Notts. 1779
RM6/212 James BOLLINGTON, Amelai wife, William, Ann.  to Matlock 1780  
RM6/260 Mary BATEMAN , Elizabeth.  to Walton.  1782
RM6/225 Joseph MARTIN, Elizabeth wife, Samuel.  Lea to Ripley.  1780  
RM6/269 Abraham ELSE, Sarah wife, William, James, David.  to Tansley  1782 
RM6/276 George LIMB, Rebecca wife.  to Cromford  1782
RM6/328 James SNEATH, Jane wife, Thomas, William, George, James, Francis, Elizabeth.  to Stretton  1783
RM6/367 Robert WALE (WALL?) Hannah wife, Stephen, Lydia, Robert, John, Mary, Paul. to Nottingham St Peter, Notts.  1784
RM6/504  Ann BOTTOM    to Edensor  1789
RM6/666 Hannah RIGGOTT widow (of William RIGGOTT late of Ashover parish), George, William .  to Heath.  1795
RM7/125 William DAWSON, John, William, Hanah, Job.  Holloway to Cromford  1805
RM7/138Elizabeth WAIN pregnant  to Alfreton  1805
RM7/471 Sarah BLACKSHAW, Aaron.  to Litton  1816
RM7/553 Christopher MUSGRAVE, Martha wife, Ann, Rebecca, Christopher, George, Thomas, Robert, Charlotte.  to Chesterfield  1816
RM7/752 Sophia LISTER  to Derby St Werburgh  1817
RM7/784 Francis ROBERTS, Mary wife, John.  to Tansley 1817
RM7/848 George WOOD, Mary wife.  to Brackenfield 1817
RM7/849 George WOOD, Mary wife. on unfilled Suspended order. to Brackenfield 1817
RM7/873 Hannah CHEETHAM wife of Charles CHEETHAM  to Brackenfield  1818
RM7/896 Mary GELLSTHORPE    to Tibshelf  1818
RM7/923 Elizabeth MARRIOTT  to Alfreton  1818
RM7/949 Mary SMITH wife of Joseph SMITH, Matthew, Leonard, Thomas, Benjamin, Sarah, Samuel.  to Dudley, Worcs.  1818
RM7/1000 Thomas LOWDE, Mary wife, Agnes, Thomas, William .  to Newstead, Notts.  1819
RM7/1001 Thomas LOUD, Mary wife, Agnes, Thomas.   to Chesterfield  1819
RM7/1015 Mary Anne WOLVIN , on examination of Anne WOLVIN mother of Mary Anne.  to Hucknall Torkard, Notts.  1819
RM7/1058 Mary WILLFORD, Elizabeth.  to Kirkby, Notts.  1820
RM7/1154 Elizabeth HIGGINBOTHAM, single, pregnant.  to Chesterfield  1823
RM7/1169 Ann TURNER otherwise BOWER, single, pregnant.  to Brampton 1823
RM7/1170 Ann TURNER otherwise BOWER Suspended order. to Brampton  1823
RM7/1171 Ann TURNER otherwise BOWER single, pregnant. to Walton.  1823
RM7/1204 Ann MARSDEN 27yrs, Joseph MARSDEN 21 yrs.  Lea to Tupton 1824
RM7/1772 John SPRAY, Alice wife, four children. Notice to Chargeability to Eastwood, Notts Overseers  from Overseers of Dethick Lea and Holloway.  1836
RM7/1773 John SPRAY, Alice wife, Elizabeth, Sarah, Harriett and Anne twins.  Dethick,Lea and Holloway to Eastwood, Notts. Aug. 1836
RM7/1774 John SPRAY  Suspended order.  Dead.  Dethick, Lean and Holloway to Eastwood, Notts.  Dec. 1836
RM7/1780 William BARBER, Hannah wife, Grace, Elizabeth, Mary.  to Bolsover 1837
RM7/1781 William BARBER  Suspended order.  to Bolsover  1837
RM7/2037 Samuel BOWER, Sarah wife, Mary, Mark, Martha, Sarah, Maria.  to Wingerworth 1847
RM2/29 Sarah GODFREY (wife of William, a soldier in Royal Artillery) Grace, John, Aston on Trent to Hathern, Leics 1806
RM3/77 Stephen BROWN, Hannah wife, Mary, Maria, Stephen, Wm, James. to Weston on Trent 1813
RM3/174 Ann BULL single, pregant to Derby All Sts. 1815
RM5/461 Richard LAMBERT, Ann wife, Ann.    to Diseworth, Leics.  1755
RM5/487 Elizabeth BACON wife of William BACON now a soldier in Col KINGSLEY Rgt. and Capt Charles GRAY Company.    to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1757 
RM5/648 Catherine HUTCHINSON  to Shepshead, Leics. 1765
RM5/678 Isaac MATHER  to Measham, Dbys.  1766 
RM5/763 William WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth wife, Edward.   Shardlow to Aston on Trent  1769 
RM6/453 Martha RICHARDSON  Shardlow to Weston on Trent, Dbys. 1787
RM6/630 Robert CHAMBERS, Ann wife, Mary.  to Castle Donnington, Leics.  1794
RM7/695 David FROGGATT, Hannah wife, Mary, John.  to Snelston  1817
RM7/790 William SCATTERGOOD, Alice wife.  to Brassington  Nov 1817
RM7/965 James WHITEHEAD, Mary wife, James, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Ann, George.  to Sawley  1818
RM7/1082 Robert SLATER  to St Peter Chalfont, Bucks.  1821
RM7/1179 William WOODWARD, Hannah wife, Selina.  to Chellaston  1823
RM7/1381 William BARBER, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Aaron, Jessy.  to Elvaston  1828
RM7/1388 Hannah FROGGATT wife of David FROGGATT to Snelston  1828
RM7/1595 Joseph HIND, Ann wife, Samuel, Isaac, Elizabeth, John.   to Holbrook  1831
ATLOW Removal
RM3/149 Matthew FEARN, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, George. 1814 to Ripley
RM3/176 George COXON to Uttoxeter 1815
AULTHUCKNALL Removal with year of Removal Order.
1 Luke PEMBERTON Mary wife 3 children to Coleorton 1741
2 Elizabeth wife of John FANTAM to Youlgreave 1758
3 Matthew BEARDOW, Ann wife to Brampton 1758
4 Rebecca SCOT from Tibshelf to Hardtoft 1760
5 Tho CLARK, Elizabeth wife, Alexander, Mary, Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth. from Sutton in Ashfield to Rowthorne 1771
6 Mary HARDWICK to Whiston Yks 1771
7 Elizabeth MARSH als MARSHALL from Nth Wingfield to Stainsby 1772
8 Elizabeth ORWIN from Bolsover to Ault Hucknall 1772
9 Wm KEETON, Mary wife, Mary 6m. to Pilsley, Nth Wing. 1773
10 Wm HALLEY, Elizabeth wife, Luke 2. to Mapperley 1773
11 Charlotte HOUSLEY otherwise BERRY an infant aged 13. (mother Martha HOUSLEY als BERRY) to Chesterfield 1774
12 Ann EATON wife of James and Peter almost 2. from Cotgrave to Haut Hucknall 1784
13 Sarah TODD single to Ashover 1788
14 Susannah CLAY to Tupton 1815
15 John TAYLOR from Heath to Haut Hucknall 1815
16 John PEMBERTON to Mansfield 1816
17 John ELLIOTT, Mary wife, Hannah, John, Elizabeth from Brackenfield to Ault Hucknall 1817
18 Mary PEMBERTON from Tibshelf 1817
19 Christopher JOHNSON, Sarah wife. from Tibshelf 1817
20 Sarah FOX (oath of Jeremiah GREATORIX) to Calow 1818
21 Sarah FOX suspended Order 1818
22 Ann JOHNSON pregnant to Half Hucknall from Alfreton 1819
23 Ann CUTTS to Pilsley 1821
24 Thomas LIMB, Mary wife. from Bolsover to Stainsby 1822
25 Ann GELSTHORPE pregnaant to Tibshelf 1823
26 Sarah PEMBERTON pregnant to Hasland 1823
27 Ann PEACOCK pregnant from Unston to Stainsby 1823
28 William MELLORS, Abigal wife, Mary, Unice. from Sth Normanton 1824
29 Mary WASS to Chesterfield 1826
30 Mary TAYLOR pregnant to Mansfield 1827
31 Ann PEMBERTON to Tibshelf 1829
32 Elizabeth PEMBERTON to Tibshelf 1832
33 John FOX, Alice wife, Wm, Joseph, John, James, from Glapwell to Ault Hucknall 1829 notice to appeal.
RM5/590 James HARDWICK, Elizabeth wife   to Norton Cuckney, Notts.  Sep 1762
RM5/591 James HARDWICK, Elizabeth wife   to Norton Cuckney, Notts.  Mar 1762
RM6/40 Hannah FELL  to Skegby, Notts.  1772
RM7/47 Mary TODD wife of John TODD a soldier, Sarah.  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1801
RM7/117 Martha BERREY, big with child.  to Sutton in Ashfield  1805
RM7/1026 Hannah CARTWRIGHT  to Temple Normanton  1820
RM7/1461 Mary PEARSE single, pregnant.  to St Albans, Worcs.  1829
RM7/1462 Mary PEARCE  single, pregnant  to Skegby,Notts.  1829
RM7/1689 Dean ALLEN, Elizabeth wife, Mary, William, Ann, Dean. to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.  1833
RM7/1898 George STAPLETON, Elizabeth wife, William.  to Eastwood, Notts.  1842
Sarah KIRKHAM appeal by Ault Hucknall against removal from Shirland. 1754  QSOBe
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.