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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



Declaration by Overseer of Taddington that Joseph BLOORE and family of Brushfield are not chargeable to Taddington 1819  V97/1/13
Demolition of a barn at Taddington in occupation of Richard MYCOCK and build a new one 1834  V21/66

Memoriam card for Elizabeth GREGORY of Riber  1897  V33/48

M57 Inventory of goods purchased by TickNall parish of John BRIALEY. 18th C
M59 Certificate of substitutes enrolment to seve in place of Richard DEXTER of Ticknall. 1821
Thomas MARRIOTT joiner s account of work done at Ticknall and Southwood  1846-7   V55/8
List of lace runners aged 12 and over in Ticknall  1824  V55/3
List of widows in Ticknall ,number in family  1836  V55/4
Schedule of creditors and debtors re Gilbert HUTCHINSON Ticknall and Staunton Harald Leics lime burner, miner and licenced retailer now in prison 1833 V55/9
Ticknall, 65 occupiers that do not belong to Ticknall, giving landlord, occupiers name,number in family,number of beds,parish to which they belong. 1818  VPL/Tic1
Ticknall, 110 occupiers giving landlord, occupiers name, number in family and number of beds. 1818  VPL/Tic2
SCH1 Mary BENNETT born 1870 dau of James BENNETT a pupil at Tideswell Congregational School. Left for America. After 1878.
M34 Notice for Thomas BROWNE to quit farm in Wormhill 1790
M38 Churchwardens Accounts with memo agreeing that Thomas NALL upkeep the bell and clock as long as he is Parish Clerk. 1729/30
M1 Coroners order for burial of George TURTON killed in accident at Cressbrook Mill. 1835
V48/7 Letter from Catherine ELLISON at Glossop to Mary Ann FRITH of Tideswell re death of Mary Anns father. 1820
Edith dau of Frederick and Martha FLEMER Congregational Minister born Michigan America 8 Jul 1884, baptised Tideswell Dbys Cong Church.

John ROOMS memo regarding swarming of his bees.  c.1750  V32/16
Letter from Sgt MILNE of Manchester to Messrs JOHNSON and WISE of Ashbourne on the abandonment of an order to remove Thomas SMITH and family from Manchester to Tissington  1726  V21/33
Certificate and letter to Overseers of Tissington re Thomas EYLING serving as a substitute in the Cheshire Militia for James COOPER of Bredbury. 1806  V21/36
Assignment of stock and goods by Henry HAND to son William HAND 1816  V13/10
Assignment of household furniture by William HAND snr to William HAND jnr  1843  V13/11
Letters re allowance of coal etc to Mary SPENCER 1838-1847  V13/12
Appointment of Richard HOLLAND as collector of Tithes 1808  V13/14
Thomas FLETCHER Constables assessment  1779  V13/16
Order to Parish clerk and sexton not to allow any non resident to be buried in Tissington churchyard.  V13/19
Appointment of Ellen SMITH as schoolmistress at Tissington.  1782  V14/34
Letter from Richard GOODWIN mentioning that Sarah SPENSER and her son both come and I think the lad will learn (cotton spinner) V14/16
Letter stating that "poor old Mary ENSOR ..tells me she can't sleep at night".    1824   V14/13
Letter mentioning Thomas BUXTON formerly of Tissington but now of Oyster Bay Tasmania Australia  1824  V14/14
Letter from Mr BUXTON in Tasmania to family in Tissington  1821   V14/20
Letter from Rev William ALDERSON (of Aston Yks) on way to Tissington asking that Tom MARSH or some idle villager collect his baggage from Bradbourne Mill  1828 V14/23
Examination re Thomas LOWNDES once tenant of Shaws Farm Tissington. 1871   V14/35
List of persons in Tissington receiving clothes and Bible.  1727/8  V14/33
Note mentioning Thomas DAKIN born Raynor with Moreton Bay (Australia) added in later hand.  c1851-2    V14/37a
Note with birth date of James BULL and Joseph BULL with both ages, born Cubley, with Port Adelaide (Australia) added in later hand. c1851-2  V14/37b 
Note mentioning William WOODINGS born Ashbourne, Elizabeth WOODINGS born Thorpe and James WOODINGS born 1851  with Port Adelaide (Australia added in later hand  c1851-1852  V14/37c
Application form with name of William ALLSOP born 1828 with Port Philip (Australia) added.  1851  V14/37d
Letter mentioning that John ALLSOP wife and two children, Thomas DAKIN, William WOODINGS and wife dau of James APPLEBY of Hollington End and Joseph WALKER have arrived at Deptford from Tissington en route to Australia  1852  V14/37e
Joseph WALKER has been vaccinated. 1852  V14/37f
Charles GOODWIN has been vaccinated  1852  V14/37g
Form stating "unable to meet wishes for a passage to Australia" re Charles GOODWIN  1852 V14/37h
Note listing Emma RUSHTON born Tissington aged 8, Lueaser born Tissington aged 6, William RUSHTON born Tissington aged 1, Emma BOWLER born Bury Lancs aged 7 and Harriet BOWLER born Bury Lancs aged 5 all with birth dates. V14/37i
Note stating that Jos RUSHTON has too many young children and cannot send him a form.  1851  V14/37J 
Agreement to let James ASTLE wheelwright, a shop.  1840  V40/17
Agreement to let William COX lab., a cottage. 1840  V40/18
Wanted notice for Joseph KILLINGLEY of Walton on Trent ,for murder.    1804.   V68/6
Rental of Walton on Trent  17thC  V26/2

Bond of Joseph CRICHLOW of Halkin, Flint, Wales to Francis ALLIN of Brighill ,Flint, Wales to deliver a legacy of Ralph RIDER to Richard INGLESANT and Sarah INGLESANT when of full age.  1709  V61/21

Agreement by inhabitants of Loxley Warwicks re hedging , cows on the green, pasturing of cattle and sheep  1662  V29/30
Rental of Geat Harborough, Warwicks 1741-1748  V29/78
Rental of Sekynton (Seckington) Warwicks 1568  V4/7

Letter from Rev J C BARKER  re death of his wife in Grenada.  1829-30  V13/132
Letter that Rev J C BARKER has re-married in Grenada  1831  V13/133
Letter from Robert ACKROYD in Barbados to Uncle Thomas ACKROYD at Mayfield Staffs.  1821  V13/134
Letter stating that planter Jacob NEUFVILLE tried to deprive William PERRIN of water on his Jamaican plantation  1784  V13/130
James BLAW appointed to Blue Mountain, Jamaica plantation to care for negroes.  1766   V13/129
Francis BOSWELL Overseer of Blue Mountain, Jamaica  1768  V13/1768
Joseph TABBERNOUR at Vere Plantation describing hurricane  1784  V13/131
William SUTHERLAND writing that Mr SHIRLEY of Petershead Estae has lost a trash house and wharf at Morant Bay to a hurricane 1785  V13/145
William DONALDSON from Spanish Town Jamaica, can thoroughly recommend Malcolm LAING to Francis PERRIN  1760 V13/139
Mathias PHILP died, Spanish Town, Jamaica, believed intestate, but Will found though may prove to be invalid.  1749/50  V13/124
John M BUTT letter describing Kingston Jamaica and country 1764 V13/140
William DUNNETT Overseer of Grange Hill Plantation, Jamaica  1760  V13/141
George FORBES Overseer of Forrest Plantation Jamaica. 1760  V13/142
James GORDON Overseer of Blue Mountain Plantation Jamaica. 1760  V13/143
Frederick LOVIBOND at Kingston ,Jamaica letter to PERRIN 1760  V13/144
Barbara SOUPER at Barbados thanks for £40 loan  1775  V13/138

Examination of John WILCOCK of Weston upon Trent, and information of Joseph CRESSWELL and Elizabeth ROSE re WILCOCK being called a roundhead and conventicle rogue.  1669  V18/8

SCH1 George ADAMS born 1874 (parent/guardian,James ADAMS miner,) pupil at Whittington School.Prevoius school St Clares, North America. Admitted to Whittington School 1878.
SCH2 James LONGDEN born 1873 (parent/guardian Matttew LONGDEN) previous school in North America. Admitted to Whittington school. 1878
CL/L514 Certificate of Christopher REYNOLDS of Whittington stating he has took the Oath of Allegiance. 1723
Willington Land Tax 1782   VPL/Wil.
M25 Molecatchers Agreement between Edward MOODY and Overseers of Wingerworth. c.1827
Declaration by Overseer of Winster that Mary STONE of Wormhill is not chargeable to Winster. 1812   V97/1/9
Winster Land Tax   1779   VPL/Win
Warrant to apprehend Thomas MARSDEN of Youlgreave, ran away from wife Mary and two children, now chargeable to Winster. 1783  V34/131
Warrant to apprehend John HAWLEY for running away from wife and child  1768  V34/135
Mary HOLEHOUSE of Darley Dale applies for relief. Father in law John HOLEHOUSE refuses to support her 1787  V34/132
Mary HOLEHOUSE refused relief by Overseers of Winster  1787  V34/133
Abraham BRUNT late of Wirksworth, 18 in 1825, serving as substitute for Anthony RAINS of Winster, BRUNT now with 69th Rgt of Foot who enlisted before his term with Derbyshire Regular Rgt of Militia expired.  1826  V34/134
Thomas BROOMHEAD application to be Parish Clerk 1810  V34/32
Thomas ALLEN application to be Parish Clerk  1810  V34/33
Thomas ALLEN appointment as Parish Clerk  1811  V34/34
Bond by Winster Overseer of Poor to pay 20/-  weekly to Manchester Lunatic Asylum, Lancs. as long as Richard CADMAN of Winster is a patient there. 1788  V34/86

V66/18 Bond of Indemnity between Hannah WRAGG, James WRAGG of Wirksworth and Anthony;ax MAYNARD 1791
V62/1 Bill from George MARSDEN printer of Wirksworth to J JAMES for sale posters. 1885
V18/28 Lease by Thomas GELL to Agnes BUXTON of Ible, p.Wirksworth, widow, of a mansion with three bays. 1594
Plan of farm of Benjamin GREATOREX of Callow. 1785  V18/88
Plan of farm of William CROPERS (CROPPERS?) Callow?. late 18th C V18/89a
Plan of farm of Thomas JOHNSON at Callow Farm  late 18th C  V18/89b
V6/284  Petition by residents and businessmen against Roundabout entertainment consisting of wooden horses and an organ driven by steam set up in Market Place . Signed by various parties and occupations listed for most.
Surnames listed are; ABBOTT butcher, ALLSOP, ATKINSON grocer, BLACKWELL butcher, BOWMER manufacturer ,BUDWORTH, CALDICOTT ironmonger, ELCE boot dealer, FISHER Solr, FOX draper, GAMBLE boot manufacturer, GAUDY Bank manager,  GLEESON and CO draper, HALL and SONS draper, HAWLEY pork butcher, HURDLE, LAND draper, MAINPRICE and CO wine merchant, MARSDEN, MARSH grocer, MASON chemist, MIDLAND BOOT CO boot manufacturers, MILLINGTON jeweller, OGDON and SONS butchers, PALIN, SHIELDS woollen draper, SMEDLEY confectioner, SYMONDS Solr, WRIGHT and SON.  1896
Anonymous allegation against Edward BUTLER of Ible and Newhaven  n.d.  V13/64
Additional allegations against Edward BUTLER of Ible   1790  V13/65
Award in dispute between John SLADEN of Wirksworth and Thomas SMEDLEY of Middleton by Wirksworth 1657/8  V18/16
George VICKERS, Robert SPENCER, John MATHER to keep Ralph POYSER "companie at a ground and neare of ground lying in Barly Falt Wirksworth" 1658  V18/5
Power of Attorney by Ralph DAVENPORTE late of Callow to James DAVIS of Wirksworth to surrender cottage in Greenhill to Robert MADDOCKS of Bonsall  1573  V18/27
Letter re adultery of Henry SPENCER of Wirksworth and Elizabeth SPENCER  1628  V18/29
Petition by Jacob DOXEY,John CLAYTON, Job BATEMAN and William GRATTON all in the House of Correction in Wirksworth in "danger of starving".  1813  V18/52
Lease by Philip GELL to Gervase ROSELL of two houses in St Johns Street Wirksworth  1715  V18/55
Petition of Ralph MILLNER schoolmaster of Wirksworth that the lessee of Mrs FERNES lands is not paying him.  1621  V18/60
Accounts of John ROPER to Wirksworth China factory transport of goods.  1773-4   V18/84
Surveys of farms at Callow of William CROPERS (CROPPER?) and Thomas JOHNSON.   V18/88
Survey of Benjamin GREATOREX farm Callow.   V18/89
Letter to William WILKINSON Parish clerk Wirksworth re parish register entry.  1816  V66/17
Bond from John EGGINTON of Ible to Thomas LEE of Ible  1660   V18/82
Bond from John EAYRE and Edward BULTE (BUTLER?) of Ible to answer trespass 1672/3  V18/81
Poor rate assessment for Hopton 1696   V18/85
Schedule of tenants land in Hopton, Callow, Griffe Grange and Middleton 1837  V18/65
Bond by John EYRE alias EGGINTON of Ible farmer  1680  V18/100
Tenants at Griffe  1816  V18/95
Quarter Sessions Order that Griffe Grange formerly extra parochial place be annexed to Hopton  1858  V18/94
Lease by Thomas GELL to Agnes BUXTON of Ible widow of a mansion at Ible with three bays  1594  V18/116
Callow and Ible  Ship money.  1635  V18/115
Callow and Ible assessment to raise money to build thirty warships  1677-1678  V18/113
Philip GELL Estate Ible.  1807  V18/112
Rental of land Ashleyhay 1582  V18/79a
Rental of land Middleton 1582  V18/79c
Rental of land Ible 1582  V18/79f
Rental of land Hopton 1582  V18/79j
Survey of farms Hopton  1792  V18/83d 
Callow Poor relief and Constable 1695  V18/87
Wirksworth Land Tax assessment  1705  V18/97
Wirksworth Land Tax assessment 1708  V18/98
Wirksworth wapentake, List of Horses and men for Militia   1715  V18/99
Barmoot Court re George VICKERS, Robert SPENCER, John MATHER and Ralph POYSER re ground near Barly Flat Wirksworth 1658  V18/100
List of twenty nine cottages with owners names erected on waste, Wirksworth.  c.1695  V18/101
Ible Land Tax 1815   VPL/IB
M36 Letter from George BOSSLEY to William BAGSHAWE concerning the misbehaviour of Rowland HEATHCOTE Parish Clerk to Wormhill. 1754
Letter from John TAYLOR to James SKIDMORE of Wormhill re payment for debt  1872  V100a2/5
Bill from Isaac BRIGHT watchmaker of Sheffield Yks  c.1815   V18/77
Q/R5/6 Distraint of goods of James MILNES of Youlgreave to provide support for wife Ann and four children. 1780
MIS683/1 Memo that the freeholders of Youlgreave have sold to William ROBERTS, butcher, the house of the late Roger GLADWIN in Bradford. Signed by Samuel ROBERTS, Francis STALEY, Fran. BUNTING, Richard FOXLOW, Isaac CLARKE, Saml GRYME, John NUTTALL, John STALEY, Jonathan CLARKE Overseer, William NEWHAM Church warden. 1731
MIS683/2 Memo: borrowed and received of Mr Samuel ROBERTS, 10/- which I promise to repay. Bartholomew FLOYD, Joseph BUNTING witness. 1746
MIS683/3 Memo; Wheels belonging to the town: 2 at Mary TAYLOR, 3 at Mary BEARD, 1 at Martha SMITH, 1 at Elizabeth PICKERING. (Wheels, (spinning wheels presumably) 1746
MIS683/4 Note in accounts that widow CHAPEL in Wales has been paid. 1746. Other references seem to indicate her name is Elizabeth widow of John.
MIS683/5 Elizabeth PICKERING to take TOFTS girl for three years. 1746
MIS683/6 Note that Thoams WORREL died possest of one cubbord, one seat, one iron one old form. 1751
MIS683/7 Expense of hiring horse in removing Elizabeth STEARNDALE to Grindon, Staffs. 1753.

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.