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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



Letters to Johanna Rodriguez de Sousa, Madeira.  1894-1910  V33A/1
Consent for removal of body of Mary GIBSON from Shirley to Marston on Dove  1844  V36/10
Accounts for glazing work at Marston on Dove of Daniel MYRING  1830 V36/12
Stephen SWINNERTON accounts for work done 1830  V36/13
Joseph BOTHAM account for work on church gallery  1830-1831  V36/15
Ann ROGERS receipts for salary as Sunday school teacher 1819-1833  V36/16
Robert HEATH receipts for salary as Sunday school teacher 1820-1827 V36/17
Receipts for Frances GILL and Samuel GILL teaching singing 1824-1831  V36/18
M197 Pupil teacher agreement Eleanor MOUNTNEY 1889
M197a Pupil Teacher agreement Jane BECK 1893
M1785 Notice to James ROWSON to quit his premises. 1785
M1790 Note to Justices that a house of correction will be built within a month at Matlock. Signed by Thos SALMON Constable, Rob MASON, Willm GODWARD Churchwardens, James MATHER, James SMITH Overseers of Poor. 1790
Thomas TAYLOR formerly of Matlock schoolmaster non attendance at Matlock Parish Church  1678  V29/10
Queen v Henry BOURNE  re intrusion into land at Matlock  1577  V18/38
Inquest re lands in Matlock late of John LANE  1571  V18/82
Draft declaration that Henry Walthall MILNES changed his surname to WALTHALL shortly after the death of his grandfather who died 1853 V100a2/6
Poster advertising sale of Harvey Dale Cottage, Matlock occupied by William HODSON  1873  V100a2/8
Draft deed between Martha WILDGOOSE of Macclesfield Ches widow as trustee of Frank H WILDGOOSE late of the Angel Inn Hotel Macclesfield Ches now of the Bulls Head Hotel, Point St Charles, Montreal, Canada re Hurst Estate Matlock Bank  1875  V100a2/14 
Certificate of admission of H BRITTON, ancestor of Eric BRITTON of Matlock , to the Royal Orange Assoc issued at Lanark, Scotland 1857  V40/10
Statute labour list for Matlock  1760-1  V1/25c
Q/R5/8 Overeseers of Kings Newton to provide for Thomasyn MOORE 1649
Memo that the bearer of the note is the wife of Thomas KIRKMAN of the p. of Melbourne residing at Cstle Donnington, Leics seeking relief because of illness and partial employment. 1841 R605/1
Mary WRAGG wife of Thomas WRAGG of Weston to the Overseers of Newton, seeks relief 1774 R605/2 n.b. Newton may refer to Kings Newton in p.Melbourne or it may be Newton Solney?
Lydia BISHOP Melbourne seeks relief. 1781 R605/3
Robert RYLE father of Joseph RYLE unable to maintain, seeks relief. 1741 R605/4
Inventory of Robert RYLE goods c.1741 R605/5
MEM/1 Complaint by Joseph ROSSELL of Long Eaton that a Cock stolen from barn of Mrs LANCASHIRE of Long Eaton by Thomas PARKINSON and William PERKINS is now in possession of a   -----   CLARKSON of Breedon, Leics.  1786
MEM/2 Charles DUGMORE butcher accused of stealing a smock frock by Henry BRADBURY and Richard SALT  1788
MEM/3 John PRIESTLAND late of Castle DONNINGTON,Leics. to answer charges of neglect of his family. 1842
MEM/4 John MORLEY now or late of Melbourne accused of stealing peas from the field of John CARTER. William CARTER who had care of the peas states on oath that MORLEY did so.  c 1734/5   
MEM5 Esther JOHNSON wife of Thomas JOHNSON Prisoner in House of Correction at Leicester, Mary, Martha. Order for removal from Osgathorpe, Leics to Melbourne discharged.  1821
MEM6 William PERKINS , Mary wife, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, Sarah, Charlotte, Joseph, Jacob .Order for removal from Thringstone to Melbourne 1 Mar last, discharged. 1821
MEM7 Receipt for wages received from Isaac BEMBRIDGE  for 51 weeks work . Mark of Joseph GRICE  and signature of Thomas BAMFORD. 1805
MEM8 Henry RADFORD Harborough, wandering beggar, whipped as Act direct.   to Melbourne  1786
MEM9 Examination of Hnery RADFORD, born Shepshead, Leics, where his father resided under Certificate from Market Bosworth, Leics. Hired to Samuel SMITHARD of Melbourne.  1786
MEM10 Note signed by Jo. ALSOPP to Constable of Shardlow to convey vagrant named within ( Henry RADFORD) to Melbourne  786
MIS1 Case re John KNIGHT of Melbourne and Derby Hills re Settlement 1772
MIS2 Case re Thomas BISHOP of Worthington ,Leics , apprenticed 1781 to SELBY of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. but ran away and went to work in Melbourne .
MIS3 Mary SMITH bedridden imbecile, sons Thomas and William to help with relief. 1842
MIS4 William NEWHAM property in Findern and Melbourne, settled 1782 in Findern   n.d.
MIS5 Elizabeth THOMPSON removed from Melbourne to Stanton , paupers father Thomas, settled at Stanton 30 yrs ago.  1790
V3/24 Sale notice of houses in Melbourne in occupation of Miss PARKER and William PEAT baker.  1814
Bond naming William MARRIOTT,Thomas TAYLOR, Ralph LOMAS, William MORLEY and Robert WARD whereby they Indemnify p. Melbourne in case substitutes obtained by them turn out to be married men. Re Militia. 1804    V32/54
William BUCK intention to transfer Licence of White Lion to Benjamin DEAVILLE 1843  V32/57
Inventory of Mary CARVERS goods.  18th C.  V32/58
Inventory of Samuel FOLLOWS goods 1772  V32/59
Letter signed by Charles ALLSOPP, Thomas PLOWRIGHT and John MILLS that Thomas MILNS is a sober, honest and industrious man. 18-19thC.  V32/60
Constables account concerning prosecution of William CARTWRIGHT and John INCE for murder of William TAYLOR Constable of Melbourne.  1828  V32/61
Summons to George TIVEY for non payment of Poor rate.  1844  V32/27
William (John possible crossed out) HACKITT (or HATCHITT) alias BLUNT 36, born p. St John,Worcester,Worcs. apprenticed to Robert PARKER maternal uncle of Tinbury?,Worcs. put out by parish when Uncle taken ill to learn trade of fellmonger. torn and n.d. possibly between1815-18. V32/29   
Appointment of John BRIGGS as Surveyor 1791  V32/62
Sarah GOODE assignment of estate to George ORTON and John PEGG for settlement of debt  1798  V32/64
Joseph BIRCH letter to Overseers of Kings Newton p.Melbourne BIRCH a private soldier in Rgt of Foot, wife, and three children to receive them or face cost of Removal. Signed William WOOLLEY Derby.  1727  V32/122
Caleb WHEATLEY who lives in Melbourne has represented himself and family as being in distress, Overseers of South Normanton ask if this is so. 1778  V32/123
Mary BUCK infant belonging to your parish expired this afternoon it will be ready for internment on Wednesday. Letter from Shardlow Union. 1839  V32/124
William SMEDLEY 28, wife Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth. This man applies for relief, he does not wish to break up his house. Has received bread and a peck of potatoes. Letter from Nottingham Union to Shardlow Union, he of Melbourne.  1840   V32/125
Richard WATHALL 50 fwk admitted into Derby Union workhouse. Gained Settlement in Melbourne by apprentice to John GROCOCK for four years, later enlisted as a soldier.   V32/126
William AYRE 28, wife Mary, William. reside Mickloever, settlement Melbourne. Father Joseph AYRE had Settlement at Melbourne receiving relief from them. Letter from Burton on Trent Union.  1841  V32/127
WATHALL letter that WATHALL ( possibly Richard above) was removed from St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish St. City of London Union. 1842   V32/128
James SMEDLEY lacemaker of Basford, Settlement Melbourne. Has wife Sarah 36, ill, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Eliza, William. Letter from Basford Union. c 1842   V32/129
Daniel SMEDELY lacemaker, Ann wife 26, Henry, Charles. Settlement Melbourne, resides Basford.  c 1842  V32/130
Ann BARTON single of Woodhouses. Burton on Trent Board of Guardians do not feel justified in admitting the Settlement of her as being in Repton.  1842  V32/131
Samuel EARP 40, born Kings Newton of Oxford. Father a gardener left for America in 1822. Pauper sold crockery ware, has wife and children. Letter from Oxford Union.  1842  V32/141
Samuel EARP letter from Oxford Union that 5/- has been paid to the pauper  1842  V32/142
Stephen PARKER at Melbourne, soldier 76th Rgt on furlough from Cork, Ireland. Letter from Sgt ELLIS Cork.  1842   V32/143
Letter from William NOON of Hyson Green, Nottingham, Notts. that Quarndon is his parish gained by servitude. Son John. Letter addressed to Elizabeth.  1843   V32/145
Letter regarding death of Stephen PARKER 76th Rgt. Includes list of his clothes ( includes knapsack, cap, old top coat etc) to pay for expenses.  1843  V32/146
Letter from John COXEN Burton on Trent, Clerk to the Guardians, to Mrs WILDERS Newton Solney regarding Cornelius BRENTNALL. Apologies "your letter had been thrown aside and forgotten". The poor man must apply to Shardlow Union.  1843  V32/147
Letter from Joseph DEANS Vicar of Melbourne, states wife struck with sudden illness a few hours of life is the most we can count upon. Cornelius BRENTNALL is honest, sober and industrious. Never heard a whisper against him.  1843 V32/148
Letter from Elizabeth WILDERS re Cornelius BRENTNALL, belongs to Burnaston. He is nearly 80, has a dreadful cough. Draws a carriage with cans of barms weekly Melbourne to Burton,Staffs.  1843  V32/149
Sarah BROWN, Derby Union the relieve her husband as long as he remains ill at Derby, but wife and child at Melbourne must be relieved by us. Mr PEGG remarked that he thought we should not be dealing impartially by sending those families to the Workhouse and continuing out relief to the wife of William TIVEY. He thought they should all be sent to the house. I shall be happy to receive any remarks , which you can send by Mr NICKLINSON the butcher who goes to Melbourne Saturday. Letter from Henry DAY.  1843  V32/144
V3/24 Sale notice of houses in Melbourne in occupation of Miss PARKER and William PEAT baker.  1814
Rental in Melbourne and Kings Newton 1673-4   V26/3
MIS/73/9 Note concerning three illegitimate children of James EARLE by Elizabeth KIRKLAND 1778-1782
MIS/73/10 Note that John STAFFORD, labourer and Lucy STAFFORD spinster have been resident in Mickleover for three years. 1822
M15 Bill ? from James S WALTON surgeon to Mrs MELLAND of Monyash. 1833
Deed concerning Joseph ROYSTON late of Matlock now of Monyash and John NUTTALL of Matlock 1786 V2/42
Monyash Land Tax  1781  VPL/Mon
Monyash Militia return   1822    V34/15
Rental of land at Morley 1692  V18/80
IV2/4 Map of Thomas WEBSTERS farm at Merkiston Mill (Mercaston). 18th C.
Account re Bailiff SCROOPE at Mugginton, accused of harsh treatment and injustice on HALLOWES Estate.  1710 V7/21
Rental of HALLOWES Estate, Mugginton  1742  V7/24
Rent Roll  Mugginton  1715  V7/22
Rent Roll  Mugginton  1717  V7/23

BROOKES Thomas, Constables Accounts for Netherseal 1738   V3/68
Netherseal Churchwardens accounts  1737-1739  V3/71
WEBSTER William, Constables accounts 1728  V3/73
TROWELL John, letter re- poaching by TROWELL of Netherseal and escape into Staffs.  1740 V3/76
Bond of indemnity by Peter CAPPER of Netherseal from any claim even though CAPPER rented property more than ten pounds. Mention Richard CAPPER and John CAPPER both smiths of Rugeley Staffs.  V3/56
Letter from James DICKSON in Dunedin New Zealand to Thomas DICKSON MD of Buxton Dbys. c.1863  V8/39-40
Letter from New Zealand Dunedin, concerning death of James DICKSON.   c.1864   V8/41

Case re impounding cattle with force and arms at Newton Solney concerning George TWEY and Joseph WARD  c.1735  V4/4
Maintenance order for William ADAMS jnr an idiot, addressed to father.  1823  V49/12
Notice to quit dwelling house of Reginald TOOBY in Castle Gresley rented by Overseers of Newton Solney occupied by John MOORE  1828  V49/2
Petition by Samuel SALT to occupy poor house in Newton Solney  1831  V49/5
Petition by John SALT to occupy poor house in Newton Solney  1831 V49/6
Petition by William SHEPPARD to occupy poor house in Newton Solney  1831  V49/7
Petition by William ADAMS to occupy poor house in Newton Solney  1831  V49/8
Petition by Thomas ADAMS to occupy poor house in Newton Solney  1831  V49/9
Petition by Sarah and Ann WILSON to occupy poor house in Newton Solney, and will keep Mary DRACOTT pauper. 1831 V49/10
Writs issued by Justice of Peace to William SHEPHARD and William ADAMS to explain why tenement has not been delivered up  1831  V49/11
John ADAMS of Newton Solney labourer seeks pardon of Consatble Edward SMEDLEY for assault on SMEDLEY when attempting to stop ADAMS violence to his wife  1831  V49/14

V6/B16 Manor Court Books for Loddon Inglis. 1623-1903
V6/B16a Rental for Loddon Inglis covering 1784-1792, 1797-1833 (not every year.)

List of DIXIE tenants at Normanton by Derby 18thC  V5/34
M75 William COLDRON, Publicans Licence, New Inn, Clay Cross 1879
1V1/16 Certificate of appointment of John CLAYTON and James WILSON as Overseers of (Highways?) with list of duties. 1833 (See Surveyor of the Highways 1832)
North Wingfield Statute duty , 30 named individuals with days worked 1826  VPL/NW
Stretton, p. North Wingfield, list of 47 persons and acreage held  17thC  VPL/Str.
IV1/M1 Purchase agreement by James ADDY coal master, Norton of estate of Elizabeth Mary SMITH at Hallowes,Dronfield.
Anonymous letter to Henry G KNIGHT that "if you let Warsop mill remain in SHIPPAM family I will burn it down" 1842  V13/56
Letter to Charles SHIPPAM rejecting him as tenant of Warsop Mill Notts 1842  V13/57
Letter to Thomas SHIPPAM with terms of tenancy of Warsop Mill Notts . 1842  V13/58
Thomas SHIPPAM acceptance of tenancy of Warsop Mill Notts. 1842  V13/59

Letters of Denization of Michael MITCHELL of Eggersand Norway  and Liverpool Lancs, master mariner 1835  V35/43b

M10 Sale of farming stock and furniture sold by Mr CROSS on the premises of the late Joseph GRUNDY of Ockbrook. 1818
R23MIS statement by William HARRISON and Elizabeth his wife on condition of John HARRISON and Jane his wife. Order for maintenance. 1765.
M11 Letter to Overseers of Ockbrook re distress of Henry and Mary CLARK, William 8, and three other children aged 6, 4, and 3. Henry states that he had eight children but that four had died. Sent from Redruth, Cornwall. 1812
V48/21 Description of Joseph STONE deserter from 87th Regiment of Foot. c.1821
V48/19 Surgeons Certificate that Ann YATES is unable to go from her home. 1829
V48/20 Consent for Mrs HOWTON to build a wall alongside house in Bear Lane. 1832
Bond of William TAYLOR of Borrowash promising to leave Ockbrook and never to return again 1671  V95.2/27
William COXON and family newly arrived in Ockbrook, Bond by John and Elisha COXON of Ambaston to indemnify Ockbrook  1679  V95.2/28
Bond to indemnify Ockbrook if Thomas FOULE or family need relief, mentions William FOULE of Sandiacre. 1670  V95.2/26
Petition to Quarter Sessions by Thomas MEWETT of Borrowash for relief, ill health.  1652  V95.2/25
Bond to Indemnify Ockbrook re William ATHERLEY and family from Greasley Notts. 1712  V95.2/31
Verses re the death of Thomas BOWLER died 1807 accidentally run over by a cart at Parwich.  1807  V21/107
Letter from William FISHER at Parwich re need for Christian conversion.  1856  V21/151
Churchwardens Accounts 1713  VPL/Par1
Peak Forest Land Tax  1801  VPL/PF
M33 Petition by William BRAMLEY of Pentrich. 1647
M28 Marriage and baptism entries regarding Samuel TURTON who wed Mary ENGLISH in Ceylon 1808. c1808-1812
Appointment of John NEWTON and Samuel MEACOCKE as Assessors for Ripley  1707  V37/9
M85/10 Letter re dispute between Quarndon and Duffield over Settlement of John STONE. 1800
Rental of Richard HUSE lands in Repton and Milton  17thC  V4/5
M1 Warrant to summon Overseer BRENTNALL as to why he refuses Bethia BAGSHAW relief. 1777
M2 Thomas STATHAM of Risley, stockiner and Sarah STATHAM his wife have agreed to part. Thomas to pay his wife 1/- a week for ten years. 1769
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.