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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



M600/10/a  VESTRY; details of paupers being discussed for relief.
George HODKIN  at Under, (Hundall) p. Dronfield. five of family with typhus. 
Alice BOLSOVER 70, 
Thomas WICKSALL Moore Hole, aged nr 60. wife sick.
John BETKINSON  of Gleadless, ill.
Charles HORNER ,five children, wife sick.
Dorothy COWLEY , husband in house of Correction. 
Anna PEARSON from West Handley, husband in prison. Two children
Dinah BARKER ordered to return cloth she took for her daughter
Benjamin BUTTERLY 78
Jonathan WILDSMITH 76
James LOWE 73 "able to earn on roads"
John WEBSTER Whittington  bad sight, four children
Letitia SNAPE bad character
Thomas UNWIN Chesterfield  insolent
William BARBER  deranged  
Jonathan ALLISON in Infirmary, Sheffield, Yks
Francis WHITE in gaol for debt, wife, four children.
Widow BARKER, Ford, applied for tow to spin, refused because she had offered work by Mr ALLEN.  1820-1821
Petition of Ann ALLEN in house of correction at Ashbourne n.d.  V13/69 ( A woman by the name of Ann ALLEN of Eckington was Transported in 1803)

M203 Letter to John CHAMPION about money. 1776
CL/L540 Letter from William LOVETT Angel Inn (Chesterfield ?) to Mr PERRINS of Edensor concerning bill. 1800
Edensor Land Tax  1800  VPL/Ed.

Egginton Land Tax  1782   VPL/Eg
M88 Parish agreement for the employment of John WOODHEAD and Thomas FOLDS. 1780
Elton, Militia assessment  1715   V18/94
Elvaston and Ambaston rentals  c.1741-1748  V29/78 Elvaston rental 1678, 1679  V29/74  
Bond by William MARSDEN of Grindleford Bridge wishing to put out for education his dau by Margaret SWINDELL   1740   V78/11
Agreement by freeholders of Eyam that John TORR can straight the ring fence to the commons. 1698/9  V60/47
Glebe Terrier for Eyam  nd  VPL/Ey. 17thC?

Declaration of Overseer of Fairfield that Ann NADIN of Wormhill is not chargeable to Fairfield. 1810   V97/1/8
List of persons entitled to vote in election in Fairfield, with names, place, nature of qualification property or tenant. Compiled by Edward MYCOCK Stone Bench Cottage nr Buxton c.1833-36   V76/37

Agreement between Avis GORMAN widow and John GORMAN Fenny Bentley lab. and Sir Henry FITZHERBERT for purchase of cottages.  1845   V32/6
Declaration by Margaret BUXTON of Prestbury,Ches. concerning John GORMAN lab of Fenny Bentley. 1845  V32/15
George WRIGHT notice to quit premises. 1830  V13/79
Elizabeth WATERFALL and Thomas WATERFALL notice to quit premises 1830 V13/80
John SMITH notice to quit premises. 1830  V13/81
John REDFERN notice to quit premises 1830 V13/82
Richard MOULD notice to quit premises. 1830 V13/83
William ALLSOP notice to quit premises. 1830 V13/84
Ann SALES to Thomas STUBBS and Richard WATERFALL instructing them to pay their rent to William FITZHERBERT.  1719  V13/21
Fenny Bentley rate assessment 1658  V6/47
Fenny Bentley Rental  1745-54  V6/48

Findern population/census 1811 with some occupation, some relationships, ages of children.  1811  V/CF/F/1

Enquiry if John FRAUNCES had common way in Foremark to Scadosse yeate, and whether Roger POOKER lab. late of Ticknall obstructed his way.  1565  V4/6
Agreement by John FRAUNCES of Foremark with Henry WRYGHT (WRIGHT) plumber of Etwall   1591  V4/11

Letters of Denization of Dominique Pierre DEURBROUCQ Nantes France and Regents St Middx no occupation 1835  V35/43c
Letters of Denization of Joseph Louis ROBIN Brest France and Ashbourne Dbys teacher of French.  1835  V35/43d

M154 Letters? re KNOTT family, emigration to Canada. 1922
M155 Letters re Esther WOODWARD, member of Glossop Dale Co-operative Society. 1898-9
MIS53/2 Letter from Henry WHARNELY Sexton re fees at Charlesworth Ind. 1875
V53A/2 Letter from Henry WHARNLEY sexton, Charlesworth Cong. re fees. 1875
Declaration by Overseer of Ludworth that Henry PARKER and family of Mellor are not chargeable to Ludworth 1812  V97/1/10
Declaration by Overseer of Beard,Ollerset,Thornsett and Whitle that James DEAN and family of Over Hallam are not chargeable to Beard Ollerset, Thornsett and Whitle  1812  V/97/1/11
Declaration by Overseer of Glossop that Philip BATTY and family of Hepworth,Yks. are not chargeable to Glossop 1820  V97/1/14
Examination re theft from Walter BUTTERWORTH cotton factory in Dinting by David WILSON  1835  V18/44
Examination re theft by Maria BENTLEY whilst lodging with Mary WILD of Padfield  1835  V18/45
Bill in the prosecution of Luddites, regards John DRINKWATER of Bugsworth p Glossop who had property stolen. 1814   V45/187

SCH1 Oliver BLAGDEN pupil born 1904 left for Canada. 1913
Tenancy agreement between James LONGSON and Benjamin SKIDMORE. Farm in Monsal Dale.  1795  V78/14
Affidavit that William HALLOWES of Little Longstone knew William GOODWIN for 42 yrs.  1829  V78/20
Affidavit by John LONGSDON of Little Longstone that he knew William ASHTON and Valentine ASHTON brothers. 1829  V78/21
MIS50/1 Notes re baptism certificate of Thomas MELLOR 1831/2
MIS50/2 Invoice to Rev Dr LLOYD from William WALKER draper of Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1836
MIS50/3 Invoice from Edmund WALLER of Luton, Beds to G E SMITH Churchwarden for charity bonnets 1835
MIS50/4 note re lease of house by John BLOOR to John BASNET 1806
MIS50/8 Statement regarding true identity of Daniel GILLIVER and Ann BOYDELL spinster, lodging in the house of Joseph GILLIVER Castle Gresley. 1823
MIS50/9 Pledge to agree arbitration in dispute between John HIIL, John JOHNSON againnst Peter PAYNE and Joseph THOMPSON 1811
Peter PAYNE of Church Gresley, agreement for purchase of land for four pounds. 1827  V50//1/1
Peter PAYNE, receipt, for two pounds in return for 60yds of land given up by John SMITH for stables.  1815 V50/1/3
John BLOOR Accounts as Surveyor of Highways, Church Gresley. 1790-1822  V50/1/4 
M141 note that George WEBSTER wants compensation for his lime kiln which will fall in "His Graces" allotment. 1801
M142 Request for compensation by Robert SPENCER for damage to his close from road making. 1802
HAMIS1 List of 78 names of persons from Hartington NQ. Giving name, occupation, age, children under fourteen, list used for purpose of Militia.  1827
Note by Thomas BROWN stating that in 1759 he married Thomas HIGTON soldier to Margaret Connor in Dublin Ireland.  1771   V21/183
Letter that Margaret HIGTON widow of Thomas having been chargeable to Hartington Nether Quarter receiving seven pounds will return to Edward LEES Overseer seven pounds if it so happens" I enjoy a parcel of land lying in Biggin at Jane HIGTONS decease.Agrees that she and her daughter will not become chargeable to the said liberty for nine years which is yet to come.
"Direct for me at William KEY living at Castle St near the Change in Cork Ireland".  1772   V21/184
Letter to John SALT Overseer of Biggin that Margaret HIGTON is a poor woman and unable to support her child.Orders 2/- weekly also four load of turves and eight loads of coal yearly  1784.  V21/185
Letter from Margaret HICKTON in Ireland asking to be remembered to friends and stating she cannot afford to apprentice her child.  1784  V21/186 
Inhabitants of Hartington NQ state that John PETT born Biggin, wife, one child have been chargeable or several years, now separated .Pitt worked at Bakewell Cotton Mill where he was discharged and hired several times for harvest work and regularly discharged for idleness. n.d.    V21/91
Papers re Settlement of William FERN and family of Hartington Nether Quarter at Grindon, Staffs.  1722  V21/111
Note to Overseers of Biggin that William FERN jnr ,wife and four children are inhabitants of Grindon Staffs. To let him have a house until we have one at Liberty, until old May Day ensuing.  1771  V21/52
Rental for Street House Hartington for CRITCHLOW 1831  VPL/HP9
M40 Thomas YARDLEY Builder of Hartshorne, agreement for rebuilding Ticknall Church. 1841
Declaration by Overseer of the Poor for Ipsley, Warwicks that Richard CHANCE and family are not chargeable to Ipsley. 1828  V97/15
Declaration by Overseer of the Poor for Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks that Hannah TAYLOR of Hathersage is not chargeable to Ecclesall Bierlow. 1829  V97/16

SCH1 Lavinia Rose HADFIELD born 1883 left for America. c1891 Parents Thomas and Rose HADFIELD.
Accounts re work on Thornsett roads at Low Leighton,listing workers and wages for DALE PURSGLOVE HADFIELD BENNETT TURNER HOWARD 1840 VPL/THTP
List of persons from Heage liable to Statute duty  1822-1833  V33/9
M30 Bill by John ALLEN to Jonathan WOOLLEY 1735
Jonathan WOOLLEY was Overseer of Codnor, so bill may be something to do with articles for Poor House.
M31 Assessmemt of Jospeh BODEN Surveyor of Highways for Codnor. 1738
M32 Jonathan WOOLLEY Poor rate Assessent for Codnor. 1750
SCH1 Kathleen Annie WATERFALL born 1907, dau of James WATERFALL, and pupil at Langley School, left for America. 1913?
MX2 Letter from David HUNT in New Providence, Iowa, America.
MX3 Account of murder of Francis TANTUM 1795
MX4 Letter comparing Jana River Tasmania, Australia with Derwent in Matlock, Derbyshire. (Thomas HOWITT?) c1841
MX5 Letter? from Richard HOWITT in Australia. n.d.
IV1/29 Bond between John BULLIVANT Jnr, Lieut. in East India Co. and John BULLIVANT Snr of Langley. 1789
Letter from John BATEMAN re inquisition on Nicholas BAGSHAW killed by his own bull at Hognaston  1795  V18/62
Hognaston assesment for Window, Male servants, Carts, Horses, Dogs and Hair powder .  1803  V18/105
Rental of land in Hognaston  1582  V18/79h
Survey of farms in Hognaston  1792  V18/83b
Request for relief by Jessie KEETON  n.d.  V39/69
Bill from Belper parish for making coffin for Thomas SIMS  1832  V39/70
Memo regarding Maria BUTLERS relief 1833   V39/71 
Q/R5/7 Distraint of goods of John SLACK of Bradwell p. Hope to provide support for his wife Margaret. 1791
TH/M1 Bond by John DAWSON of Tideswell mason, and Ann DAWSON widow of Buxton to inhabitants of Hope for maintenance of Sarah STAFFORD widow and mother in law of DAWSON for her life 1766
TH/M2 Agreement by John? ROBINSON, shoemaker to indemnify parish of Hope against the bringing up of Mary ELLIOT his wifes daughter. 1820.
V39/31 Notice of appeal by Bradwell over removal of Hannah ASHTON from Hope  1810
V39/32 Opinion on case of removal of John RATHMELL, Hannah wife, children from Eccleshall Bierlow Yks to Hope 1820
V39/36 Receipt by Christopher COOPER for money paid by Overseers when he took John ONION as apprentice. 1742
V39/37 Letter from MORRIS Overseer Burton upon Trent Staffs that Samuel MIDDLETON of the parish of Hope died with no friends to bury him. 1810
V39/38 Bill for attending to Henry BRITTON a lunatic  1816
V39/39 Bill for expenses in Inquest of John SWINDELS  1819
V39/40 John WINTERBOTHAM medical bill for attending a man and woman 1834
V39/41 George ASHTON bill relieving a woman taken ill at Brough  1834
V39/42 William HADFIELD bill for relieving a lunatick strayed from Scotland  1834
V39/43 Notice from James TURNBULL to Thomas ADKIN re Militia.  1798
V39/44 John GLADHILL, Joseph HADFIELD, Alexander GREAVES and John MARSDEN to serve in Militia  1820
V39/45 John BOLSOVER has provided a substitute for Militia  1831 
V39/48 List of persons who keep horses in Hope (Statute labour duty) 1806-1807
V39/50 Ambrose MARSDEN of Thornhill agreement to build bridge over River Noe 1814
V39/51 William EYRE agreement to build bridge at the Birdwash  1809
V39/52 John MARSDEN agreement to build bridge at Kill Mill  1841
V39/49 Christopher Broadbent BRADWELL, refusal to perform statute labour  1800
V39/65 Valuation of James Hall ROBINSON goods in bump mill and weaving shop  c.1825
V39/46 Hope Statute labour lists  1801-1834
V39/54 Specifications for road from above Jonathan LONGDEN'S house to Thomas GOULD'S piece called Lay Brock  1824
V39/59 List of shopkeepers who have more than seven windows 1830
V39/61 Hope parish mole catchers agreement with Robert WARD of Castleton 1803
A Rental of Thornhill and Hope Brink with rentals for DERWENT EDES KIRKE LITTLEWOOD ROWARTH SIDEBOTHAM WILSON  1831  VPL/HV2
A Rental for Shatton with rentals for LOMAS SIDEBOTHAM 1831  VPL/HV3
A Rental for Green Fairfield with rentals for HEYWARD 1831  VPL/HV4
Stoke Land Tax  1801  VPL/Stk
Hopton Land Tax   1780  VPL/Hop1
Hopton Land Tax   1813  VPL/Hop2
Hopton Land Tax    1815 VPL/Hop3

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.