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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



List of Calke 1st Troop Derbys Yeomanry  1805-1812   V55/6

M1 Town meeting concerning William TAYLOR younger, who was indicted by William FLETCHER of Calow, "who only desired to com with his horse or mare in to William FLETCHERS yard to carry David ALLISON away that lay bleeding" from gun shot wounds. Signed by Thomas ADLINGTON, John WATSON, Ralph HOLLAND (mark), Thomas HOPKINSON, William PARKER, John STUBBING, Joshua STUBBING, Roberd COX. 1756
M2 Agreement between Calow and Anthony NEEDHAM for John COES maintenance. 1758
M3 Letter from Churchwarden of Sutton in Ashfield Thomas DOVE and Overseer of Sutton in Ashfield, Notts John PRIDE that they "find it un-necessary to grant Aaron RENSHAW a Certificate to Caylow (Calow) as his father (which you have) is an indemnification sufficient for the children..,, such proceeding "would make it appear we was incapable of doing our offices". 1776
M5 Letter requesting payment for medical attendance on Joseph LOWE a pauper, by William ASKHAM of Eckington surgeon. Signed by Thomas CLARKE 1819
M6 Case between Calow and Staveley regarding Ann LOWE 23, single served Mr WIDDOWSON of Staveley. George LOWE her father had James, Ann, Hannah, George, John, Joseph, William, Elizabeth, Mary. His first wife died 1813.. c. 1821
M8 Letter to Mr BRAILSFORD of Calow informing him that Martha THOMPSON has nothing to do with Calow as long as she does not ask for relief, and although with child it cannot possibly be born a bastard. Signed by R HUTCHINSON Chesterfield 1827
M9 Order by Quarter Sessions that William SHAW of Duckmanton maintain his father George SHAW who is poor an unable to work. n.d.
M10 Letter to Calow Overseers referring to William NEWBOLD, that "the settlement is now acknowledged to be Blackwell". 1845
M11 Chesterfield Union, Calow, out of door poor list
Widow ADLINGTON Calow old age and sickness
Ann CANTRELL, Calow, old age
Jane LONGDEN, Calow, old age
Thomas POTTER and wife, Calow old age
Charlotte RODGERS, Calow old age
Thomas HANBURY, Calow lost a leg
John RODGERS, Calow sickness
Mark WINDLE, Calow sickness
Non resident poor
Jane BARBER in Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks, widow, old age
Jane HOLMES, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks widow, old age
Note that John FURNACE of Calow killed by damp buried 1719. V45/1

A Calver Rental with rentals for FROST FROGGATT SYKES 1831  VPL/HP7

Thomas BLORE at Knightsbridge London writing to George BESTWICK  states that the boy he bought from Carsington, Edward GREGORY, is idle and sulky. 1796    V18/77
Mortgage; Edward GERRARD of a farm at Carsington in tenure of Henry BOOTH, another same place in tenure of Thomas NADEN and a farm at Wirksworth called Gorstey Bank  1695   V18/32
Arbitration between Robert HEYWARD of Carsington and William TAYLOR Carsington miner  1668/9  V18/15
Carsington rental of land.  1582  V18/79g
Carsington survey of farms  1792  V18/83c
Carsington survey of farms 1798  V18/84a
Agreement between William HIGGETT of Carsington and John EGGINTON of Ible and Margaret his wife, dau of William. 1659  V18/96
V39/66 Mary MIDDLETON certificate stating she is a member of the Union Female Society  1818
V39/66 Robert WARD of Castleton mole catcher, agreement with parish of Hope 1803
A Castleton Rental with rentals for DEAKIN HALL SLATE WALKER  1831  VPL/HP6
MIS/73/7 Marriage certificate William HARPER to Ann ROSS on Minorca, Spain. 1779
Document stating the "Alice wife of Thomas BEARD of Bowden Middlecale did entice Margaret BEARD apprentice to George CHAPMAN to run away from her master ".. One month hard labour. 1715 V28/350
Adam FOX of Martinside appointed Overseer of Poor. 1817 M67V4
Adam FOX of Martinside, Chapel en le Frith to answer complaints by Overseers of Poor for Bowden Edge, Bradshaw Edge and Combs Edge.  1837  V97/17
A Rental for Coumbs Edge and Betfield with rentals for Henry and John KIRK  1831  VPL/HP8
List of members Charlesworth Congregational Chapel
widow NUTTALL of Broadbottom  gone to America
George COOPER of Hill Top  left for America
Isabella NUTTALL of Broadbottom, admitted 30 May 1846 , gone to America
Simeon SYKES of Bank Wood Mill admitted 29 Aug 1846, gone to America
Samuel DEWSNAP of Charlesworth admitted 31 Dec 1850, gone to America, sailed from Liverpool on the "Empire" 18 Apr 1854.
Hannah ROWBOTTOM of Simmondley admitted 5 Mar 1875, gone to America
A Rental for Chelmorton and Flagg with rental for William BAGSHAW  1831  VPL/HP9
IV1/23 Examination of a married woman, Ann MARGERESON of Chesterfield, wife of William MARGERESON, refering to Indentures mentioning James HANCOCK, Abraham OSBORNE, James MARGERESON, John MARGERESON, Samuel MARGERESON, Robert MARGERESON, Thomas MARTIN and his wife Mary MARTIN, Charlotte MARGERESON, Hannah MARGERESON, Elizabeth MARGERESON, Mary MARGERESON, "touching her knowledge of the deeds". 1837
IV1/27 Letters concerning Bernard LUCAS refusal to allow John CARTLEDGE to be tenant of Dunstan Farm, Newbold on account of behaviour. n.d.
CL/L483 Agreement by Mark HEWITT to allow Margaret BROWN two pew seats of his in Chesterfield church. 1781
V1/57 Tender from John HAYLAND for putting down a well at Tapton. 1852
V1/58 Tender from Samuel MANKNELL for putting down a well at Tapton. 1852
William DUCKMANTON and John ASHTON Constables of Chesterfield Accounts 1648/9  V3/7
Examination of Mary DAWSON Green Man Public House Chesterfield, Thomas Watson VESSEY Sheffield pawnbroker, Robert EVANS Chesterfield tailor accused of burgling DAWSON house 1835     V18/42
Depositions re Thomas and Faith WIGLEY alias DURANT regarding their marriage in the house of William LISTER of Chesterfield about 20 yrs ago.. 17th C  V18/105
Bond of Ann SPURR widow and Edward GREENWOOD of Dore to Thomas MELLOR of Dunstan and Thomas BROWNE of Newbold re any charges arising from Ann SPURR being resident in Newbold  1682  V53/41
Statute duty lists for Brimington   18th-19thC  V1/38e
Staute duty list for Newbold and Dunston 1794  V1/38g
Statute labour list for Walton  1760-1  V1/25d
Letter of William RICHARD regarding vacancy for Overseer  1831  V45/28/4
Letter of Robert BARKER regarding vacancy of Overseer     1831  V45/28/5
Pass from Dublin to Chesterfield for Joseph MAUKS and family. c.1752  on reverse the Pass is "stamped" as for a Thomas MAUKS.  V45/28/2
Printed notice from Mr THOMAS thanking everyone for help in extinguishing fire at his office.  n.d. Printed by J ROBERTS.  V45/29/9
Sale draft for The Brampton Iron works, relic from fire (see above) at Lawyer THOMAS office draft dated 1841  V45/29/10

Note written in Town Book that "Obadiah PORRITT leased for 2d (two pence) a year dwelling house below mill called Bramwells house. 1767 V41/11/25
List of persons who contributed money to a fund to provide substitutes to serve in the Militia .  1776  V76/22
Division of township of Bowden Middlecale into three divisions with names of persons who are to be moved into other areas as a result.William WARD and family of Beard, John HYDE and family of Whitle, three children of the late Thomas HALL of Beard, John COWPER and family of Phoside,Thomas BARBER of Phoside,Edward SHIRT and family of Lanehead,Thomas FERNELEY and family of Great Hamlet and David WYLD of Brownhill Great Hamlet to be moved into the division of Bugsworth Brownside and Chinley als Maynestonesfield. Ann MARRIOTT and Alice HADFIELD both of Phoside to be moved into Beard Ollerset Whitle and Thornsett, and John HYDE being in Bugsworth to be moved into the hamlet of Great Hamlet Phoside and Kinder.  1713  V76/23

R15 Series of letters concerning Nathaniel NORWOOD aged 60 -70 yrs, his wife of like age, and seeking relief quickly before Winter sets in. His father Richard NORWOOD went to live at Tutbury 36 yrs ago, under Certificate from Church Broughton.1775
Letter regarding the Examination of Ellen SHELDON 1764  V36/99
Notice by Overseers of Uttoxeter Staffs to appeal againast Church Broughton over Removal of Joseph BLOOD to Uttoxeter Staffs 1767  V36/100
Receipt re advice regarding Setlement of Joseph BLOOD  1767  V36/101
V2/118 Bankruptcy papers re Thomas DOVE of Clay Cross druggist. 1858
Conveyance by George William BROWN of Gya in Bebar, India to William MYCROFT of messuage in Clay Lane. 1861 V8/11
Surveyor of Highways accounts of Charles FOX Clay Lane 1839   V64/6
M1 Molecatchers agreement between John MOODY of Whittington and parishioners of Clowne. 1839
Signatories include;
Samuel SMITH
Rowland STONE
Martin TINKER?
George LOWDE
Richard REVILL
Willm HILL
Charels MORTON
Jonathan DEWIS
Richard NEWTON
George GOODY
Joseph WILLSON Palterton
Elizth YATES
1 Feb 1839.
MLM1 Ignatius HIDES Surveyor of Highways, Accounts 1825/6
MLM2 Richard TOMPKIN Overseer of Poor, Accounts 1772
MLM3 George ROBINSON and Ann HIDES Overseer of Poor Accounts 1797/8
MLM4 William TOMPKIN and Henry PERCY Overseers of Poor Accounts 1799
MLM5 John LOWDE Surveyor of Highways Accounts 1765
MLM6 Richard OXLEY Surveyor of Highways Accounts 1796/7
MLM7 Ignatius HIDE Surveyor of Highways Accounts 1801
MLM8 George BAKER Surveyor of Highways Accounts 1800
MLM9 Magistrates Order that Mary CLARKE is to receive a weekly payment because her husband is in the Army of the Reserve now in actual service. 1803
MLM10 Magistrates order that James THORNALLY, labourer be paid a weekly sum. Andrew DEWES Overseer being unable to show reason why he should not be paid. 1806
MLM11 Thomas PLANT Overseer of Poor Accounts 1771
MLM12 Thomas TOMPKIN Overseer of Highways Accounts 1763
MLM13 William BEARD to Susanna COUP for poultices, salve and ointment for John BARKE. 1823
MLM14 Lewis GRIFFIN Whitwell, Clerk did receive the Lords supper with Robert BROWN and Thomas GRANNAH Churchwardens of Clowne and George CHANTRY Minister of Clowne, at Clowne. 1698/9
MLM15 Solicitors Bil, refers to Mary SHAW widow and family. Doubt as to Settlement. Instructed to remove to Mansfield, Notts. 1844
MLM16 Overseer of Clowne to Overseer or Whittngton, Bill for relief of Mary HOPKINSON under order of removal. 1851
MLM17 Bill concerning Settlement of Richard BENTON removed with family from Willenhall, Stafffs under orders directed to Overseer of Alsthorp. 1808
MLM20 Bill of WALLER and DRABBLE Solrs mentioning various references to Removal and Settlement. Margaret TURNER, Thomas JEFFERSON, FREEMAN removal from Clowne to Worksop, Notts. Elizabeth ALLISON removal to Bolsover. Ann TRUEMAN removed as a vagrant to Worksop, Notts. Summons obtained by Phoebe HUNT against Mr TINKER and Joseph ALLISON Overseers for refusing to give her husband relief when in gaol. Settlement of a man named BOCKING and the woman he co-habited with. 1822
MLM21 Bill of DRABBLE and WALL mentioning Sarah WOOD removal from Eastscot (possibly Eastcote Northants, or Eastcote Warwicks,) to Clowne, Sarah WOOD Apprenticed to BOWDEN and Co Clowne, George WEBSTER, wife poor, sons compelled to maintain him. Peter SIMPSON Examination, likely Bolsover, later father admits settlement at Clowne by virtue of renting property ten pounds in value. 1826
MLM22 Joshua ALLETSON and William ALLETSON Surveyor of Highways Accounts. 1766
SCH1 Oswald CARRINGTON pupil at Codnor School. Left for America. c1880-7
SCH2 James WEST pupil, gone to Ipswich, Massachusetts America c1887
SCH3 Wallace WEST pupil,gone to Boston, Massachusetts America c1887
Codnor Park Land Tax 1802  VPL/CP
Q/R5/5 Distraint of goods of William HASLAM of Crich to support wife and four children. 1774
MIS1 Enquiry to War Office by Overseers of Crich concerning appeal by Oldham, Lancs re James BARROW Serjeant, born Oldham, joiner. Enlisted 3rd Dragoon Guards 1796 later drafted in 29th now supposed to be serving 25th Reg Dragoons. Last heard of 1816 East Indies. In 1812 in Bangalore. Supposed to be living. Reason for enquiry is that his wife has been removed, (who is married again) to Oldham the legal place of his Settlement and on account of Oldham having appealed the Justices Order. 1818 Additional notes She re-married Sam SILVESTER. James BARROW believed living 1817.
M1 Joseph HARRISON of Crich carpenter says about Candlemas 1754 he agreed with Miles BACON his brother in law to serve him for two shillings a week. Continued three yrs until he married. c 18thC
M2 James WHITE landowner of Ripley and occupier of land in Ripley refuses to pay Poor Rate of two pounds and two pence. Jonathan WOOLLEY as Overseer to take goods worth two pounds and two pence, then wait until he pays up, if not, to sell them and give surplus to James WHITE. 1830
Constables presentments of landowners in Tansley  1715  V18/92
Crich Land Tax  1832  VPL/Cr.
List of persons from Crich liable to Statute duty.  1822-1833  V33/9
Lot SIMPSON Certificate regarding emigration  1818   V45/177

Examination of George WHEATCROFT of Cromford and Isaac LOMAS employee re sugar theft by Joseph TRUMAN another employee. 1835  V18/46
List of persons in Cromford liable for Statute duty  1822-1833  V33/9
M1 Agreement between the inhabitants of Cubley that the Constable shall "pay six pence a duzen: which is for every head halfpence a peece" of crowes and rooks and chatterpyes and gease.For "sparrows and all other little buirds two pence a duzen." Witnessed by John NORTH, John HALL, Ralph ANABLE his marke, Thomas GOODALL, Thomas CHRICHLY,Phillip BAKER, Thomas SMITH, John HARPER, Hnery BLOOD, Michael GOODALL, Robert BULL, George HARISON, Robert STORER, Daniel COPESTAKE, John RYLEY original date of doc is 1686/7. By 1689 amended to be void, and if any Constable pays "any thing for Crowes or any thing within mentioned hee shall bee at ye charg him selfe" Signed by Daniel PARKER
M2 Assessment for defrayying cost of new pound by order of John NORTH Constable. 1680 mentioning; Phillip BAKER, Thomas CRICHLOW, John COPE of Boylestone, John HALL shooemaker, John NORTH, William RILEY George HARRISON, John FORD, Joseph WILSON, John COPESTAKE, Robert BULL, Francis COYNEY, John BAKER, Robert BAKER, Ralph ANNABLE, Thomas BURROWES, George BOND, Henry DAKEIN Dorothy HEANE, Thomas SMITH, Wid. BEARDMORE, Wid BLOODS Farme, Thomas MARSH, Nicholas CPE, Richard ALLEN, John HALL baker, George SMITH, Hnery LEECH, TUNNICLIFFS cottage, Wid. SLATOR, Luke BALCKBEARD and John ROBERTS, John TIPPER, Wid. LAUGHTENHOUSE, Phillip WILDING, Richard BILLINGELEY, George REDGATE, Holme Farm; Michael GOODALE, John HALL baker, Nicholas COPE and John COPE, Ellen ALLEN, Harrisons Farme; Thomas CHRICHLOE, Robert BULL, Henry BLOOD, Robert STORER, Robert BAKER and John ROBERTS All names accompanied by amount assessed to pay.
Appointment of David COTTON Surveyor of Highways and John BACON and Michael STEVENS as pinders for Dale Abbey.  1849  V6/309
Dale Abbey Land Tax  1801  VPL/DA

Letter from Joohn MILLWARD at Snitterton, he has been unwell with a cold.  1664/5    V18/20
Jurors for case of Richard BUCKSTON and Robert SMYTH of Wensley and Thomas HARRISON of Wirksworth re trespass. 1568   V18/28
Charles BOWER of Darley Dale, his bills for bleaching cloth.  1829-1846   V14/12
Enquiry re William PIDCOCK claim of forty pounds owed by Anthony ALLEN of Wensley  1769  V7/56
Deeds re property in Toadhole betwen Gilbert SORESBY and Robert DUNN lead miner.  1736  V7/55
Promissory note of Jonathan DERBYSHIRE , re cottage at Two Dales to pay BALDWIN and DAKEYNE £87  1859  V100a2/9
Letter from James SMITH of Darley Dale to E C BAILEY at Simla India  with details of trees sent to India  1873   V100a2/12
Darely Dale Land Tax 1800  VPL/DD
Statute labour list for Darley Dale  1760-1  V1/25b

Denby Land Tax   1801  VPL/De.

Letters of Denization for Peter HANSEN formerly of Frederickshaven Zetland Denmark merchant 1835  V35/43a

M14 Bill of Richard BASSANO grocer and tea man of Derby to Thomas KIRK. 179-
V53A/3 Letter from Eliza POWELL in Derby to bro John COTTRELL in London describing Derby earthquake. 1795
V48/3 Inventory of goods and furniture in house of Raphe MASON late of Derby 1619
Letter to Florence HOPE in Derby to brother G HOPE in Dawlish Devon, refers to bro Mark HOPE, army officer who died in India 1813  V76/38
M43 Request by Overseers of Derby All Saints for payment for Eliza JOHNSON, (of Ticknall?) c 1832
DLSE27 Justices order to Overseers of Derby All Saints that William BATTIE receive 12/- a week in support of his family 1801.

Letters from James SHELTON and Richard HOSDON prisoners in Derby Gaol  n.d.   V13/70
Papers re Peter WEBSTER release petition 1791 V13/67
Letter re Peter WEBSTER in Derby Gaol  1791  V13/66
Petition of Matthew HOWE prisoner in Derby gaol  1785   V13/63
Matthew HOWE free pardon  1785   V13/62
Letters re petition of Aaron MATLEY tried Quarter Sessions  1786  V13/61
V48/2 Valuation of house Derby St Peter occupied by Thomas SAXELBY. 1799
Sick notes from Doctor. Mostly signed by John WRIGHT.These are small pieces of paper simply stating name and date and in the main that the person is ill. Dating from around the time of the Unions and the workhouse, maybe some of these people ended up there.
1 George SCATTERGOOD unable to work 1833 V40/36
2 George ARMSTRONG ill 1833 V40/37
3 Sophia WARD  ill 1834  V40/38
4 Mary MADDOX ill  May 1834  V40/39
5 Hannah TAYLOR ill 1834  V40/40
6 Mary MADDOX is ill Jun 1834  V40/41
7 Thomas ALLSOP is still unable to work 1834  V40/42
8 Eliza SMITH is ill  (On reverse, Josh SMITH, wife, Eliza 17, Ann 16 (or 14) John 11, George 9) 1834  V40/43
9 Mary WILKS is ill  1834  V40/44
10 Josh HARE is ill, son John HARE also ill 1834  (On reverse Joseph GREEN, wife, five children, Elizabeth 28 lives with aunt, William 26 at home.James married, Sarah 19  straw bonnet, Joseph 16.) V40/45
11 Hannah SHAW ill  1834  V40/46 
12 John JOHNSON very ill  1835  V40/47
13 John BALLINGTON  ill  1835  V40/48
14 Eliza BALLINGTON  ill 1835  V40/49
15 John WOOD  severe injury to finger  1835  V40/50
16 Mary Ann ROBINS very ill since Monday requires constant attendance of mother  1835  V40/51
17 William METTAM  ill  1835 V40/52
18 Widow WHITEHURST ill 1835  V40/53
19 William ROBINS ill  1835  V40/54
20 Widow MASON child ill and requires constant attendance of mother. Jan 1836  V40/55
21 Charles ORME  inflamed eye  1836  V40/56
22 Widow MASON  child ill and requires constant attendance of mother Feb 1836  V40/57
23 Widow WILKES confined to bed  1836 V40/58
24 James ROTHERHAM small pox  1836  V40/59
25 Joseph CASH  ill 1836  V40/60
26 Elizabeth ROTHERAM children ill with small pox  1836  V40/61
27 Josh HOLMES ill  1836  V40/62
28 Edward BOAM ill  1837  V40/63
V48/28 Petition of Benjamin FOX of Derwent who has lost his cow and is begging for money to buy another one. 1806
List of persons aged between 18-45 living within parish of Derwent, used for Militia, giving age ,occupation and some reasons for exemption.1821.  DerwentMIS1
William HOBSON Overseer of Derwent ,  Accounts  1744  VPL/Der
Dethick and Lea Land Tax 1819  VPL/D&L
Dethick and Lea Land Tax  1822 VPL/D&L
Dethick and Lea Land Tax 1826  VPL/D&L
Dethick and Lea Land Tax  1832 VPL/D&L
Constables presentments of landowners in Dethick and Lea. 1715  V18/92
Doveridge Constable Accounts of James SMITH 1715 V5/39
Appointment of Samuel ADAMS as Parish Clerk of Doveridge upon death of Thomas TURNER  1819  V41/4
Bill of John DUMOLO of Uttoxeter, Staffs. for glazing Doveridge almshouses. 1822  V41/5
Vestry nomination of George ROSE as Assistant Overseer of the Poor for Doverdige  1852  V41/10
Warrants to Samuel WAIN and Samuel REDFERN to explain reason for refusing to quit parish house.  1833  V41/36
Order for payment to Ann HILL wife of Thomas HILL serving in Militia. 1799  V41/37
Overseers of Leek, Staffs to pay wife of John HULME serving in Derby Regiment of Militia as a substitute for Henry PALMER of Doveridge 1799.   V41/38
Opinion of Mr BALGUY re Elizabeth HAWLEY Settlement.  1788   V41/40
Statement by John SHARRATT Overseer of Doveridge re Settlement of Elizabeth HAWLEY 1793  V41/41
Estimate by Samuel ADAMS for providing stocks. 1852  V41/46
Receipt by Thomas EMERY for payment for catching moles.  1806  V41/47
Richard DIX House surgeon to John KEMP Overseer of Doveridge, Sophia MORBY a poor woman of Doveridge will be discharged.  1825 ?  V41/48
Certificate from George HUTCHINSON surgeon that Robert STONE is unable to work by reason of rheumatism.  1834  V41/19
Correspondence from Sheffield Parish re relief given to family of John PANCHABY. Early 1800s.   V41/12
Accounts of relief paid by Darley Abbey and Derby All Saints to members of the WAINE family 1800-1831  V41/13
Accounts of relief paid by Darley Abbey for relief paid to Thomas HUDSON and Thomas SLATERS family n.d.  V41/14
Correspondence with Wolverhampton Staffs, re relief paid to Mary BLAKEWAY  1836  V41/15
Correspondence from Basford Notts re relief to widow BICKERTON  1816-1825  V41/16
Accounts from Smalley re widow WALLEY 1826-1829  V41/17
Accounts from Repton re Robert STONE  1823  V41/18
Accounts from Belper re relief paid to Wiliam SLATER  1803  V41/20
Henry SMITH Assistant Overseer of Derby St Michael to Overseers of Doveridge that "Mary STONE has become chargeable and appears to have a Settlement with you"  n.d. V41/21
John HARDY Overseer of Draycott to Overseer of Doveridge " Sarah RICE has become chargeable and has a settlement with you" 1833  V41/22
Account from Tutbury Staffs, re relief to John BRABERY with family  1802,1832  V41/23
Account from Checkley Staffs, re relief to John BRABERY  n.d.  V41/24
Account from Stapenhill re relief to John STONE and wife  1862  V41/25
Account from Weedon, Northants, re relief to Richard TATE 1816-1817  V41/26
Account from Stafford General Lunatic Asylum Staffs. to Doveridge re Edith SHIPLEY 1829  V41/49
Warrant for apprehension of Joseph SLATER of Doveridge thought to be in Leics, left his wife and children. 1787  V41/50
Certificate that Samuel REDFEARNE is a member of Doveridge Friendly Society  1824   V41/51
Certificate that Thomas HUNT is a member of Doveridge Friendly Society  1795   V41/52
Bill re charges of Thomas REDFEARNS trial 1739   V41/39
Account of Abraham FLINT for cost of Martha AULT filiation  1828  V41/42
Appeal between Doveridge and Tamworth Staffs over Settlement of BRYAN and wife  1832  V41/43
Account of H HOMES (sic) re Settlement of widow HALL and Jane DICKEN  1833  V41/44
Case between Doveridge and Derby St Peter re Settlement of Jane DICKEN 1833  V41/45
Account of H HOLMES and William SALT for charges re Settlement and removal of Mary WARREN  1836  V41/46a
Thomas TOWNSEND and John BUXTON Overseers of Doveridge re info Richard TURNER legally settled Derby St Peter who abandoned his son Ralph in Doveridge 1731  V41/34
William SALT Overseer of Doveridge replying to Overseer of Scarborough Yks that they have no such person as Mary wife of Thomas HICKLEY in Doveridge or ever had. Letter forwarded to Dalbury.  1817  (HINCKLEY family lived at Dalbury . Mike)   V41/32
Edward KEMP and Katherine KEMP at Derby to John KEMP at Doveridge that dau Jane is unwell and cannot come over . She has been 12 yrs in Derby and never gained another Settlement. Now aged 22.  1833  V41/35
Account from Chilwell Notts of relief paid to children of Henry HATFIELD 1816  V41/28
David BASSET Overseer of Ashover to Overseer of Doveridge to pay Elizabeth HODGKINSON relief. 1826  V41/29
Letter from Oveseer of Ashover to Overseer of Doveridge "much surprised to hear of widow HODGKINSON pregnancy, we will filiate the child after she has come here."   1832  V41/30
Letter from Robert WALTON as Overseer of Wirksworth to Overseer of Doveridge " I know nothing of Joseph TOPLIS  and cannot order anything until I know how he belongs to us.  1836  V41/31
BAR223 Peter HIBBERD Barns Farm, Dronfield letter stating unable to pay rent, been ill. 1857
Currently Mike is unable to do any lookup. These records are held in Derbyshire Records Office
When asking about documents please ensure the Place/Parish under which the name is found, type of Document, (Settlement Certificate, Settlement Examination, Removal, Bastardy etc), plus the reference, name and year if shown are quoted. This will help to ensure you will get your records faster.

Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.