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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



List of persons from Alderwasley liable for Statute duty  1822-1833  V33/9

MIS50/45 Letter from David HINKLEY bro in law of Samuel HODGKINSON and his wife Ann HODGKINSON, of Kilton nr Worksop Notts, concerning death of is wife Sally HINKLEY in United States of America. 1812
MIS50/46 Letters to Ann HODGKINSON from Edmund OUTRAM mentioning war with United States of America. 1812
MIS66/11 Letter from George BANFIELD, Apollo, Pennsylvania, America to relatives in Alfreton. 1882
M85/3 Inventory and valuation of stock etc at Stonebroom in occupancy of Obadiah BOOT. 1835
R34 James ROOSE of Ashbourne, cordwainer, serving in Militia as a substitute for Richard BELLIAN, watchmaker of Alfreton. 1781 On reverse, payment received by Thomas HEMSWORTH the "Hover Sear " for Ashbourne
Sarah TAYLOR , warrant for, unmarried woman pregnant came to Alfreton without Settlement Certificate for having refused to attend a Meeting of Justices re her legal Settlement. 1829    V32/135
Hannah HALES , removed from Alfreton to Birchover/Stanton. Mistake made by pauper , the two hamlets of Birchover and Stanton having as it were one village and being divided by the causeway down the centre which was unknown to the girl. Asks the Hamlet to destroy order as it was a mistake, however if they appeal they will face costs.  1803  V32/136
William SHIPSTON late Overseer of Alfreton is in arrears to Alfreton parish of four pounds collected during his time in Office. To appear at the house of Jonathan POYNTON in Chesterfield by 10 o'clock 20 th April to answer the complaint. 1733  V32/137
Receipt by Overseer of Alfreton to Overseer of Ashbourne to 55 wks allowance pd to wife and two children of James ROUSE substitute in the Derby Militia for Richard BILLIAN watchmaker of Alfreton. On reverse received for use of Overseers of Ashbourne .signed Joseph STONYER apprentice to William WAREN Overseer. 1781  V32/138*  
John HODSON hiring agreement to serve William ORME for one year. 1737  V32/139
Hannah STANHAM Quarter Session order for removal to Kellam, Notts. Hannah a widow with two children. Appeal by Kellam, Notts.  c.1710  V32/140
Dorothy SAXON single, removal to Ripley and Pentrich  c.1710   V32/141
Dorothy SAXTON to Pentrich  1710  ( possible previous order incorrect)  V32/142
Hannah BULLOCK Settlement in Shirland, her two bastard children in Alfreton. She cannot maintain them. Alfreton to pay 2/- to Hannah to maintain them.  1721  V32/143
Hannah WATSON of Alfreton. Quarter Session order for her to receive relief. Overseer summoned to show cause why they do not pay.  1802  V32/144
Hannah STEAR, Thomas under 10, (husband John of Chaddesden) now living in Alfreton Substitute in Militia serving for Chaddesden.Chaddesden to reimburse Alfreton. 1801  V32/145 
Declaration by William WALTERS of Alfreton re Alfreton Friendly Society.  1862  V66/12
8 Discharge of p. Allestree from providing relief for Ann GREGORY and Edward her son by Leicester Q.S. 1814
V100a2/17 Conveyance by William SHIMWELL of Milwaukee, United States of America, by Henry SHIMWELL of Nechells, Birmingham. Warwickshire (William being eldest son of Humphrey SHIMWELL stone mason who died 1864 Intestate to Mary KNOWLES of Youlgreave of Moor Piece 1887
V22/19 Disclaimer by Walter FENTEM, Waldo, Florida, orange grower, of Executorship under the Will of his father Thomas FENTEM of Eyam. 1889
Bankruptcy papers for George BINGLEY of New York, USA. 1826. 72/14
James BANKS Mercer County Penn. accounts of life in America.  1829   V21/138
Robert FARNHAM Boston America, portrait  1860  V21/108
Release of legacies (James LONGSDON Will) by William LONGSDON of Charles Town South Carolina presently residing at Longstone Dbys England 1828 V78/24
Sale agreement between George BARKER of Edensor Dbys and George BARKER jun. of Boston North America to Robert NEEDHAM of lands in Ashford in the Water, Dbys. 1807  V61/12

Letter re children of Sergeant WILLIAMSON and placing them in homes. Discharge and details of service for WILLIAMSON. 1873> V32/151
Petition of Ann ALLEN in House of Correction at Ashbourne  n.d.  V13/69
Papers re William WIBBERLEY of Ashbourne a prisoner in Derby Gaol  1791  V13/68
Letter statting that two of the AUSTIN family from Hanging Bridge have been caught fishing in Dovedale with over 60 night lines.  1830  V13/7
Examination of Samuel WRAGG of Ashbourne re taking sheep.  1835  V18/41
Examination re theft of property of John FEARN Ashbourn publican by Richard STEWART of Greenock ? 1835   V18/43
James ATKINS from Ashbourne applies for post of groom at Tissington  1830  V14/24
Report of rebel army movement in Cheshire Staffs and into Ashbourne  1745  V14/40
Report of rebel army movement from Ashbourne towards Leeks Staffs and Manchester Lancs.  1745   V14/41
Poster of list of Ashbourne paupers.  1823-1824   V14/36
V39/82 Jonathan TOMLINSON of Ashbourne allowed by his creditors to conduct business  1803
List of paupers in Ashbourne, 1820-1821  V18/33
Ashford in the Water  Land Tax  1799  VPL/Ash.
SCH1 William OLDHAM, born 1879, pupil at Lea Infant School, father Arthur of Holloway. Left for Australia. After Apr 1883.
SCH2 Ernest GIBBS born 1899parent listed as Martin GIBBS Hollins, Holloway left 1903 for Middlesborough, re-admitted 1904 when parent /guardian is William GIBBS of Hollins. Left for Canada. 1905
SCH3 Lilian ELEY born 1905 dau of John ELEY of Bracken Lane. Left for Canada. c1912
M138 Programme for Macandrew Bay W.I. New Zealand. 1934-35 (some connection possibly with Ashover)
V6/37 Quarter Sessions Certificate that Charles ALSOPP of Ashover took the Oath of Allegiance. 1723
V20/23 Lease by Hugh HOLE, Dethick yeoman to Obadiah HOLLINGWORTH of Wine Tavern. Ashover of house and land.1742
Constables sworn in Dec 11 at the time of the Luddites susp. at Ashover 3 or 4 of them having been to inspect the frames at work in this parish. Document not copiable.
Isaac TWIGGE, Jno GREGORY, Richard GREGORY, Fras SMITH, Henry TAYLOR, George BLANKSBY, George EVANS, George ALLEN, Josh JARRATT, W COLTON (COLTOR?), Isaac BRADLEY, John BARKER, Samuel KIRK, Jos WALL, Thomas WRAGG, Richard KIRK, John MARSDEN, Joseph MARSDEN, Thomas HODGKINSON, George LIMB, George MILLER, Joseph TWIGG, Jno BAMFORD, W BAMFORD, Jos STEVENSON ?, William WATERALE, William MILNS, W SLACK, Josh WATTS, John ELSE, Joh. WATTS, William WATTS. No year shown.
Article of Agreement between Inhabitants of Ashover parish as to hiring of servants. Document not copiable. 
William MILNES, John TWIGG, John BASSETT, Jas. BERRISFORD, James FIDLER, William TOWNDROW, John BUNTING, John GREGORY, William EATON, Edmd HODGKINSON, John HOLMES, George MELLOR, George MATHER, Abrm BIRKS, Joseph BRADDLEY, George BLANKSBY, Roger WALL, James TURNER, George BAMFORD, Thomas WILLSON, William WRAGG, Benjamin ALLEN x, George WOOD, George HOLE, George WHITE, George ALLEN, John TOWNDROW, Joseph ALLEN, George BOLLINGTON, John TOWNDROW Maltster, George ALLEN  Hay, John BERISFORD x Stone Rows, David WATTS, William HODGKINSON, Jemima NODDER, Matthew BERRISFORD, Samuel WRAGG, Thomas GILL, Richard HOGG, Thomas LEE, William WILCOCKSON, Paul BRAILSFORD x, John GOODWIN, George ELLIS, Sarah BEARDOW, John MELLOR, Richard WILSON, Mary YOUNG, Chas. WHARTON, Sarah HOPKINSON x, David HANDBURY, John TAYLOR, William OUTRAM, Richard HOLE, Joseph CLAYTON, Thomas BERRISFORD, Laur. SHORT, William WARD x, George HARVEY, Ann SLACK, Isaac BOWN, William CAGE, Joseph HOLLINGWORTH x, George BROUGH? (torn on the first letter of surname), John HOLE x, Mary BOWN, Thomas TOWNDROW, William BAMFORD, Joseph STEVENSON, Samuell MARRIOTT, William ALLSOP, George ALLEN Stubben Edge, George WILLMOT, George WILCOCKSON, Joseph NUTTALL, Benjamin TOWNDROW, James BAMFORD, Richard GOODALL, Thomas STEVENSON, Cornelius SLINN x, Robert TOMLINSON, Henry LUDLAM, Edward EDGE, William ROBINSON, Matthew BEASTALL x, Matthew BANSALL x, Agur HOGG, William BURNHAM, Thomas NIGHTINGALE. 31 Mar 1812
Petition on behalf of Aaron MATLEY. 1786  V13/61 (Aaron MATLEY was sentenced to Transportaton 1786)
Notice to quit to Elizabeth FLINT Ashover  1777  VPL/Ash1
Notice to qiut to Frances WHARTON Ashover Hill  1785 VPL/Ash2
Notice to quit to John WILLIAMOT Milltown Ashover  1793  VPL/Ash3
Notice to quit to Job MARRIOT Ashover  1810  VPL/Ash4
Notice to quit to John ALLEN Ashover Hill  1810  VPL/Ash5
Notice to quit to Richard HOPKINSON Ashover  1808  VPL/Ash6
Agreement with various named inhabitants of Ashover to take servants for 51 weeks only  1812  V17/3
Statute labour lists for Ashover  1760   V1/24
Statute labour list for Ashover  1761     V1/25a

Agreement between Parish of Atlow and Richard DICKSON and his wife Mary DICKSON concerning a six year old bastard boy called Richard DICKSON, in which Richard and Mary agree to care for the boy. George SMITH and Thomas COXON witness.   1766  V63/13e (Parish Officers Book)
M100 Memo re Sampsons WEST Settlement 1814
M103 Indemity of Stainsby for any any costs arising from Child(ren) of Martha COOK dau of John COOK 1827
Deed naming Sarah SMITH wife of Thomas SMITH, late of Okeover now of Victoria, Australia 1872 V2/37
Village Settlement map based on Wallumbilla Queensland Australia, stamped Samuel HALL Shipping broker Curzon St Derby England advertising 40 acres and a Town Lot for five pounds payable at one pound per year.  c.1880.  V21/149a
Agreement between Alfred M MUNDY of Hobart Tasmania, George ARTHUR late of Hobart Tasmania and John MONTAGU of Hobart Tasmania re flock of sheep at Port Philip.  1837  V29/3
Letter from Charles ELEY at Allurton Australia? mentioning Sarah Ann and husband in Adelaide, Ellen Mary and husband . V73/1a
Letter from John ELEY to mother mentioning friends in England  1868  V73/1b
Letter from James C STEEL North Melbourne Victoria Australia regarding Richard OLDFIELD of Carlton, Australia lab, a former employee leaving property to Poor of Taddington Dbys. 1889  V45/200
Letter from Frederick Lord CLAY to William DRABBLE mentions The Hill Tupton Dbys, and describes a growing Melbourne Australia. Going in to partnership with Mr CARRINGTON solicitor.  1840  V92/7
M18 Account f Francis HAMILTON to George HOLMES Churchwarden for organ blowing and Lighting fires in Bakewell Church. 1829
MIS50/21 Letter from Edward BARKER in London to Hannah BARKER In Bakeell re his attendance at her Uncles funeral 1832
MIS1 Order for maintenance of Sarah PALFREYMAN, wife of Thomas PALFREYMAN while he is in Militia 1809
MIS2 Certificate of Service with Chatsworth Militia re John BURGESS. 1809
MIS3 Order for maintenance for wife and child of John HIBBARD 1809
MIS4 Certificate of Militia Service for John FENTON 1826
MIS5 Memo re conditions of hiring Frances HAMPTON of Bakewell to John ATKINS of Longnor. 1691/2
V53A/4 Letter from Margaret LEES in Bakewell to son James LEES in Saddleworth, re Queen Victoria Coronation celebrations in Bakewell 1838.
Sale of Charabanc called "The King" built by Henry WOODIWISS of Bakewell. Sold by Isaac Gaunt HOLMES of Bakewell to Samuel and Joseph BRADBURY cab proprietors of Bakewell for £50. 1905 V100a2/33
Bakewell Land Tax 1800   VPL/Bak.
Letter from John KNOX of Bakewell to Messrs TYALOR of Bakewell  "my brother David KNOX died 1872 at Bawtry.  1874  V100a2/10
Statute labour list for Bakewell  1767  V1/26
Ballidon Land Tax  1780  VPL/Bal  
Release by John AGARD trustees to Samuel NEWTON of Barbados of Manor of Kings Bromley, Armitage, Hansacre, Ridware.  1679 V29/92
Accounts of Charles and Henry BAKER builders of Barlborough re-enlarging harbour at Lybster, Caithness Scotland  1849

BARLOW Miscellany - although having its own registers from 1573 Barlow was considered a Chapelry of Staveley. However the confusion does not end there. Great Barlow is considered in older documents as part of the parish of Staveley while Little Barlow is to be found under Dronfield. Bear this in mind when checking for documentation regarding Barlow, and check both Staveley and Dronfield, and for good measure the parish of Holmesfield.
M1 Thomas COLLIER made Corporal. As this man was promoted Corporal Great Barlow has nothing to do with his family (should he have one) from the time of his promotion. The order from thence must be made upon the County Treasurer. 1794
M2 Mole catchers agreement Barlow and Edward MOODY of Langwith Notts and Richard MOODY of Moor Gate, Clareborough, Notts. 1794
M3 Mole catchers agreement Barlow and William OLIVENT and George OLIVENT both of Whittington. 1841
Baslow and District Association for the Prosecution of Felons. Fifty three signatories/mark. 1800 V5/
Barlow Militia list  1794  V38/19
Statute duty for Great Barlow  1797  V138/a
Statute duty Barlow  1820  V1/38d
Complaint by John GARDON against Hannah SMEDLEY, his apprentice ?. 1811 V22/40
Summons as to why Hannah SMEDLEY single of Baslow should not get relief. 1811 V22/40a
Fining of Thomas HARSALL for a misdemeanour. 1788 V38/22
Baslow Land Tax  c.1799-1800   VPL/Bas
BEELEY Miscellany
MIS1 Thomas NEWBOULD Molecatchers agreement. 1871
William LEES, Beeley Overseer of Poor accounts  1798-1799   VPL/Bee1.
William LEES, Beeley Chapelwardens accounts  1798-1799  VPL/Bee2.
BELPER Miscellany
Bills of Charles BALL draper of Belper to William SMITH of Belper 1860s  V21/153
List of persons liable for Statute duty in Belper  1822-1833  V33/9
BOLSOVER Miscellany
Inventory of goods etc of Thomas HALLOWES late of Glapwell  c.1740-46  V7/14
Removal of Ann CLARKE from House of Correction ,Hull Yks to Bolsover  1818  V7/47

BONSALL Miscellany
M1 Letter of John DEANS substitution in the Militia by Joseph WORTHY, and then by Daniel BOOT. 1800
M1a Letter regarding John DEAN and his promotion in 1798 to Sergeant, he has a wife and child in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Served as substitute for Bonsall. 1800
M2 Deplorable state of Ann CROOKS at Bonsall, belonging to Belton, Leics. Overseers asking for additional relief. 1786
Schedule of distrained goods of Thomas LOXLEY of Bonsall 1729   V21/96
Award in dispute between William NEEDHAM of Bonsall and John MARPLE of Mercaston p.Mugginton  1662  V18/13
Bonsall Land Tax  1832  VPL/Bon.1
Bonsall Poll Tax  1689   VPL/Bon.2
Bonsall alloting of pews to Samuel GRATTON  1814  VPL/Bon.3
Bonsall alloting of pews to Isaac TWIGG  1814  VPL/Bon.4
Esther WRIGHT at Derby to Overseer of Bonsall asks for relief  1799  V6/65
Bonsall house rents rceipts  1760-1789  V6/62
John WOOD admitted to General Hospital Nottingham , cured by amputation  1810  V6/66
Widow HASLAM at Eckington has received no pay, supports herself making pies for neighbours 1811  V6/67
John BUNTING and family at Brimington  relief?  1811  V6/68
Hannah YOUNGE widow and son Jacob, removal from Manchester Lancs delayed due to sickness  1810  V6/69
Receipts for Bonsall poor for shoes cloathing coal  1773-1811  V6/64
Receipts Bonsall poor meat and drink  1760-1789  V6/62
Bonsall Overseers accounts  1759-1811  V6/61
M130 Sale of furniture and farming stock of John WAYNE of Bradbourne. 1805
IV2/6 Bill for work done at Gorsty Hill p.Bradbourne by John CARRINGTON. 1860
Nicholas SMITH of Ballidon "has been excommunicated for many years".  1684  V18/78
List of subscribers to support Sunday School at Bradbourne with Joseph BURTON as leader.  1820   V18/34
BRADWELL Miscellany
Indenture re George FOX of Hazlebadge re land in Bradwell  1844  V109/1
Accounts re Will of Nanny FOX sister of George FOX 1862-3  V109/2
Funeral Bill of Nanny FOX 1863  V109/3

V98/34 Thomas WEBSTER, estate plan Upper Burrows farm. 1808
Q/R5/4 Distraint of the goods of Henry GGODWIN of Brampton for the support of wife Mary, Anne 1760
QRV5/9 Overseers of Brampton to provide maintenance for Hannah STEVENSON 1795
List of inhabitants of Brampton  1806  V1/38b
Brampton Statute duty list  1820  V1/38f
Cutthorpe Statute duty list  c1808  V1/38c
Note to Mr CLARKE from Samuel LOWE and Sons Alma Pottery agreeing to carting clay by own carts as they have a deal of carting bricks to Baslow  1882  V62/15
George GRAFFTEY Missionary and Pastor, Admitted to Brassington Congregational Church 1846. Dismissed 1852. Changed his views on baptism. Emigrated to Canada, Pastor of Baptist church there. BRASCONG/1
Mary THOMPSON Dismissed from Brassington Cong, Church 1860, moved to Burton, emigrated to New Zealand. BRASCONG /2
BRMIS1  List of 109 names for Brassington and Aldwark naming head, wife, un-named, and child or children. Poll Tax 1689
Note re William ALLSOP; Declaration by Thomas FROST of Wirksworth that in Mar 1711 he saw William ALLSOP brother of John ALLSOP of Brassington in Courtai,Flanders.  1742  V102/8
Examiantion of Roger SCKYNNER and Raphe WENNESLEYE two Lancashire carriers about events in William WALTON ale house in Brassington. 1578    V18/91
Order re money owed by late William GREATRAX of Brassington ( father to John, ) due to Thomas GELL  1651   V18/26
Information from Hannah SWINDEL of Brassington re deliberate cart crash caused by James TRUEMAN Hognaston  1833   V18/39
Bretby Rental  1655  V26/1
Bubnell Land Tax 1800  VPL/Bub.
M85/9 FLINTHAM John, Hogshaw, Buxton, Hackney Carriage Licence. 1895
Buxton Statute labour list.  1731  V28/3/38
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.