Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer


SAWLEY Law and Order
LA99 Thomas MORLEY attacked on highway.  1648

LA1099a* Thomas SALLOLL born Wetherill, Cumberland.  1759
LA1099b* Thomas SALLOLL Rogue and Vagabond from Scarcliffe to Wetherill, Cumberland.  1759
LA576 William HILL Constable of Scarcliffe presents; Ann wife of Francis JAMPSON Roman Catholic.  1698
LA598 William HILL Constable of Scarcliffe presents Anne wife of Francis JAMPSON  Papist.   Jul 1698
LA618 William KESTEVEN Constable of Scarcliffe presents Anne wife of Francis JAMPSON reputed papist. 1698/9
SCOTLAND Law and Order
LA1057 Francis SHARP born Leith, Scotland. Apprenticed to John WHATSON Leith, Scotland. Pressed to go on Man of War, then a merchant man. Blind now begging 1749 (see also Rogue and Vagabonds,  RV39)
LA1058 Barnard CARSON born Newport, Glasgow, Scotland. Father a ships carpenter, Served John INNESS. Went to Newcastle upon Tine". Pressed to go aboard Man of War. , then merchant man. Taken prisoner by Spanish privateers by which means he lost use of arm. Set free, came to Plymouth, went to London. Married, one child. Traded in fruit, went to Bristol. Tried to travel to Scotland. 1749  (see also Rogues and Vagabonds, RV37)
LA1196 Isabella HARPER born Perth, Scotland ,48, widow of Alexander HARPUR a Private soldier 31 Rgt died 6wks ago.  1788

SCROPTON Law and Order
LA1152 Ann FALKNER Foston pregnant  James COTES alleged father 1771
LA1153 Ann FAULKNER Foston , claims the father of the female bastard child born at Benjamin BLACKSHAW in Foston is John BOTTOM of Tutbury, Staffs. 1771

SHARDLOW Law and Order
LAQ10Thomas MOORE Shardlow farmer to give evidence against Thomas WHITAKER, Joseph GLOVER, Samuel WALL late of Shardlow, labourers for a felony. 1825

SHELDON Law and Order
LA410 Alice NAYLOR Sheldon 80, widow. destitute  1689
LA578 William MARPLE Constable for Sutton presents Katherine CARTER, Richard PICKERING, Robert FOX and Alice FOX his wife, Thomas GLOSSOP, Mary PEACE, Mary PICKERING Roman Catholics. May 698
LA604 William MARSH Constable of Sutton presents Kathirine CARTER, Richard PICKERING, Robert FOX and Alice FOX his wife, Thomas GLOSSOP, Mary PEACE, Mary PICKERING reputed papists  Jul 1698

SHIRLAND Law and Order
LA1131* Lidia ROBERTS born St Peters, Leeds, Yks. Moved with parents to London .Married Abraham PAGE who she lived with in Norfolk , he was already married to another woman. On his death examinant became chargeable. Employed as St Thomas Hospital as a nurse. 1767
LA1132* Lydia ROBERTS Rogue and vagabond removed Shirland to St George, London 1767
LA1105 Matthew RENSHAW states wedges stolen from a stone quarrel upon Stretton Hillside. George LEADBETER Shirland said he had recently brought them and asked RENSHAW to come and look at them. 1761
LA1106 Mary HATFIELD admits selling wedges to George LEADBETER of Shirland for six pence. 1761 
LA1117 John STRUTT Constable of Shirland says John ALEXANDER came to his house and demanded to be billeted. Pretended to belong to a Rgt of Horse. Imposed on the wife of Joshua PAGE to give him some victual, a demand made in writing.  1765
LA1118 John ALEXANDER Rogue and vagabond born Brailsford. Brother a hatter there. Being short of money went to a shop in Shirland and wrote a soldiers billet demanding lodging.  1765

SHIRLEY Law and Order
LA661 George GOULD Yeaveley convicted of swearing by God and "the blood of God".  1650
Smalley Law and Order
LA176 Mary SANDERS of Gorsely, accused of taking wool of sheep of William KALADINE  (CALLADINE) of Smalley.  1650
SNELSTON Law and Order
LA/26/1 William MORTON kepeth ale without Licence 17thC
LA563 Jo: HAMSON Constable of Snelston presents; William COPER and Dorothy COPER his wife Popish recusants 1698
LA586 Roger ROW Constable of Snelston presents William COPER, Ann wife of Nic: COXEN Popish recusants 1698
LA607 John ROW ? Constable of Snelston presents Ann wife of Nicolas COXON reputed papist  1698/9
LA1123a* Hugh BARBER apprehended as rogue and vagabond. Legal settlement Pinxton  1766
LA1123b* Hugh BARBER born Brookhill p.Pinxton apprenticed in Derby, been at sea. An illegitimate child. 1766

LA1127 Thomas SMITHURST lab. of Edward HAY at his farm house in South Wingfield found John WETTON of Crich in house with a cheese in his hand. HAY lives at Crich.  1767
LA1124a* Mary BIRKIN Rogue and vagabond. South Wingfield to Horsley.  1766
LA1124b* Mary BIRKIN born Belper hired for one year at Horsley. 1766
SPONDON Law and Order
LA/16 Elizabeth CORNEBORROWE of Spondon for being an "obstinate recusant". Signed by John CARRINGTON. n.d. 17thC.
LAQ13 Zachary BLUNT Borrowash, blacksmith to keep the peace with Joseph WOOD and his wife Mary WOOD of Borrowash. 1825
LA1070 Elizabeth WINGFIELD of Spondon , went to William WALKER house, an alehouse, to fetch her husband. WALKER called her a whore and a bitch and he would keep her husband all night.  1754
LA238 Robert SOARE Spondon bond with Churchwardens of Spondon re bastard born of Elizabeth GREGORY  1660/1
LA396 Thomasin CARINGTON widow states that Mary JOHNSON has took her clothes
           Thomas SMITH servant to widow CARINGTON overtook Mary JOHNSON with stolen clothes 
           Mary JOHNSON of Rosmary Lane, Middx. came to Spondon to live with widow CARINGTON, took her clothes.  c.1687
LA393 Griffin BIRCH of Spondon. Joshua DAWSON says Griffin BIRCH spits in people faces, and rushes against them to provoke them to quarrel. Griffin BIRCH "spurred him upon the belly and privy parts". Rowland BOWES?, states that while he was in bed BIRCH stroke him behind the ear with a brass candlestick. Striked his wife when with child, cut her fingers with a sheerding hook, and also stroke at her belly ,cut her apron and cloathes through three thicknesses, by which hurt and fright she miscarried.  1687

LA1028 Ann SMITH aged 57, wife of John SMITH. She was born Wolverhampton, Staffs. Married about 10 yrs ago.   1740
LA45 Richard JACKSON late of Ellastone, Staffs, labourer, vagabond.  1634
LA1186 Thomas BENNEY examined as to theft of clothing from John MOULD of Clifton (Campville?), Staffs. property of his dau Elizabeth MOULD 1784
LA1187 Hannah STRINGER says that linen sheets had been stolen from her garden, in Hanton p.Clifton, Staffs. suspects Thomas BENNY. 1784
LA1188 Complaint by Elizabeth MOLE that washing had been stolen from her line at Clifton, Staffs. out of the garden of her father John MOLE, suspects Thomas BENNY. 1784
STANLEY Law and Order
LA363 Thomas HOWIT of Stanley, petition for a house. Has two small children. Complained to Charles KERKBY Constable but he refuses to house him "even though 3 or 4 houses stand void". c. 1683

Dorothy CLARK widow of Stanton by Bridge to receive 1/- weekly after being impoverished by bad oppression and injustice of Richard SHEPPARD.  1683  1/8/3/6
LA/24/3 John EATON Constable for Stanton by Dale presents Henry AVERY and Anne AVERY his wife absent from the Parish Church. 17thC
LA29d William BEARD Constable of Stanton presents Henry AVERY absent from Church. Elizabeth WALKER and Mary FAWNE for slandering the Constable. 1634
LA1071 Hannah OLDERSHAW Stanton by Dale, single, pregnant.  Edward LING Dalbury Lees servant to Rev. PILKINGTON of Stanton 1754
Humphrey GORSON once of Stanton by Dale, moved to Spondon, fell lame, has been under a surgeon in Nottingham, Notts. Sent to Stanton by Dale, became chargeable --remove to Spondon.  1683  1/8/3/2
STAPENHILL Law and Order
LAQ5 Daniel BREALEY younger Stanton and Newhall lab. to give evidence against William MORLEY Samuel EVANS, Francis EVANS, Edward EVANS 1825
LAQ18 Thomas MOSS Cauldwell farmer to give evidence against William OSBORNE for a felony. Christopher HOLDEN labourer, Ann COOK widow and John HOLDEN labourer all of Coton in the Elms p. Lullington also to give evidence. 1825
Q2/27a Charles WARREN Stapenhill to appear at Quarter Session to prefer a bill against Francis LAKIN for a felony  1817
Q2/27b Thomas MEAR Stapenhill to appear at Quarter Sessions to prefer a bill against Francis LAKIN for a felony 1817 
Q2/27c Thomas THORNEWILL Stretton to appear at Quarter Sessions against David MARTIN for a felony 1817
Q2/27d Henry WORTHINGTON younger of Stretton Staffs. lab and Henry WORTHINGTON snr of Rosliston lab. to give evidence against David MARTIN for a felony 1817
Q2/27e Joseph ATKINS Stretton, Dbys to give evidence against David MARTIN for a felony  1817
LA655 Thomas HOLLAND Caldwell  had been a soldier under Col SAUNDERS in which service petitioner "lost a mare with all his cloathes and money" at the enemies taking of Burton on Trent where he was imprisoned. He was placed by his deceased mother in a cottage in Caldwell where he was born.His older brother denies him being there. Petitions for a room for his wife and young child. c1650's
STAVELEY Law and Order
LAQ20 John MARSDEN Staveley labourer to keep peace with Jospeh BATES Staveley. 1825
LA1192 Samuel BAGSHAW, Handley,p.Staveley,says his apprentice, Amelia SWIFT has committed offences against him.  1785
LA622 John MADIN Constable of Staveley presents Henry NORMAN, John GEE, Jervase GEE reputed papists. 1698/9
William COE removal from Staveley to Brimington  1683  1/8/2/1

LA1082a John LANE apprehended Stoney Middleton, born Warsall (Walsall ?) Staffs. Had a son Thomas that has left a widow and three children.  1756
LA1082b Mary LANE widow of Thomas LANE, son of John. Says she has a son Thomas. 1756 
LA1082c John LANE, Mary LANE dau in law, Thomas her son. removed from Stoney Middleton to Warsall, (Walsall ?) Staffs. 1756
LA90 Marie RAGG  re stealing ore  1639
LA1085 Michael SCALES says he took coal from Godfrey CLARKE Esq coal pits on Duckmanton Moor. 1756
LA1087 George BRETT saw Michael SCALES stealing coal belonging to Mr CLARKE of Sutton. 1756
LA578 William MARPLE Constable of Sutton Scarsdale presents Katherine CARTER, Richard PICKERING, Robert FOX and Alice FOX his wife, Thomas GLOSSOP, Mary PEACE, Mary PICKERING. Roman Catholics.   1698
LA617 William MARSH Constable of Sutton presents Katherine CARTER, Richard PICKERING, Robert FOX and Alice FOX his wife, Thomas GLOSSOP, Mary PEACE, Mary PICKERING reputed papists  1698/9
LA/20 Raphe BANKROFT (BANCROFT) of Swarkestone for selling ale without a Licence. 17th C.
LA654 Sir John HARPUR of Swarkestone did depart from London according to a proclamation set out by his highness the Lord Protector and arrived at Swarkestone Friday 13th Jul and then and there presented himself to us in obedience to the sayd Proclomater. Sa: BOLD Minister Hamlet SMITH Constable.  1655
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.