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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer


MACKWORTH Law and Order
LA53 John TURNER, Thomas BRETBYE otherwise Thomas AMBROSE and Richard CUNDYE all of Mackworth information about stolen peas. 1634
LA 430 William BURTON Markeaton seeks to be allowed to bury his child without further charge. 1690
LA1342 Richard BLACKWELL settled at Markeaton from Wirksworth seeking relief.  c1680 
LA573 John BEMBRIDGE Constable of Markeaton, p.Mackworth, presents; "Robert ROLSTON for keeping open fence to ye comon and other places" 1698

MAPLETON Law and Order.
  LA184 Mapleton Bridge was repaired some nyne years ago one gate by Derbyshire and the other by Staffordshire, myself being one of the Overseers of the work. Roger JACKSON  1650/1
MARCHINGTON Law and Order.
LA430 William BURTON be allowed to bury his child without delay, a small child of his aged three, playing with other children fell in Marchington brook and drowned. Petition signed by Fran. WITTERING, John ALLCOCK, John GILBERT Snr.  1690

LA561 Jonathan CARTER Constable of Marston Montgomery presents; widow BRYAN, Christian GALLIMORE, Jo: HALTON, Jo: LEECH and Dorothy LEECH his wife Popish recusants. 1698
LA677 Jo. GODRIDG Constable of Marston Montgomery presents Jo: LEECH ,Ann LEECH his wife as Popish recusants 1702

MARSTON ON DOVE Law and Order.
LA/7 Constable of Hilton complains that three ------- one Richard CROSSE (CROSS) and the other John SMITHE (SMITH) and the other John WYLSON (WILSON) and "they cannote agrye one wythe a nother". n.d. late 16th C.
LA1142 Mary ASTLE wife of Daniel ASTLE of Hatton says geese stolen ,suspect Richard BIRKIN yngr, John PRITCHET and Thomas STAFFORD all of Tutbury, Staffs.  1770
LA1143 Thomas SHEFFIELD of Hatton and his servant Thomas ELEY saw Richard BIRKIN, John PRICHOT and Thomas STAFFORD near some geese. BIRKIN jumped into river Dove and swam into Staffordshire near Tutbury Big Bridge. Found bag with three dead geese in.  1770
LA1148 John PRITCHET  taking geese property of Daniel ASTLE  1771
LA1024 John LOW servant to Robert HOLDEN Cleric Sutton on the Hill claims Mary JACKSON of Hilton has stolen a handkerchief. Mentions Ann BRADBURY servant to George EATON of Sutton on the Hill and Catherine BENNETT servant to William HICKLIN of Hilton ? ( torn)   1740
MATLOCK Law and Order
LA1053* Benjamin BARKER Matlock says that John LEWIS of Lea assaulted him and his wife. Also cursed the King. 1744
LA1126a Jacob HUGHES apprehended Matlock rogue and vagabond .Legal Settlement Ireland. 1766
LA1126b Jacob HUGHES born Germany , father a soldier . Father died when examinant six years old. Heard mother say he was born Exeter,Devon. Hired servant Clanfert, Galway. Blind thirty years, lame. 1766
Elizabeth WALKLOVE the wife of Thomas WALKLOVE of Matlock, states she lived with William WALKLOVE her father in Matlock, her husband has ran away and left her with two children. Overseers to pay her 6d weekly and William WALKLOVE to pay her 8d weekly.  1683  1/8/3/1 
Elizabeth TISSINGTON was delivered of a bastard child at Matlock, took it to Darley then ran away. Child to be handed over to Overseers of Matlock  1683   1/8/3/17

MEASHAM Law and Order
LA1023 Daniel SHARDLEY of Measham states that iron geers (gears) sold to John WATSON of Stapenhill came from SHARDLEY father in law George NOURSE ? of Measham. 1740
LA1022 Jacob STANLEY of Ticknall states that gears found in the hands of John WATSON were stolen from his stable. John HEAP from The Lane, says he knows the gears to be those that were stole from STANLEY stable. 1740
MELBOURNE Law and Order
LAQ17 Hugh PIERCE Melbourne gardener to keep the peace with George PASS 1825
LA93 Margaret CLARK old woman, house falling down. n.d c17thC
LA383 Charles FISHER Constable of Melbourne presents William COOK yeoman, Owen MAPLES towdresser, Catherine BALL wife of Thomas BALL, John BROWN wheelwright, Edward OSBORN yeoman, John RYLEY husbandman, Mary HARVEY spinster, Mary BERRISFORD wife of John BERRISFORD the elder, Thomas GRAY ? Gent. John GOODALL shoomaker all absent from church.  1684
LA594 Joseph CANTRELL Constable for Melbourne and Newton ( Kings Newton ) presents John BUCKNALL  for turning a "scabed mare upon ye Comon whereby other mens Goods are in Danger of being infected".  1698
LA648 Dawson BERRISFORD re payment of pension.  n.d.
LA1090a John FALLOWS re Edward DUNCLIFFE stealing barley Kings Newton 1757
LA1090b Henry BARBER re Edward DUNCLIFFE stealing barley 1757
LA1373 Thomasine MORE of Kings Newton  seeks relief and house.  n.d.
LA1146 John BREAMER, Kings Newton threatened by John JOHNSON, John FISHER of Swarkestone. 1770
LA1090 John FALLOWS son of Joseph FALLOWS of Kings Newton states malt has been stolen from his masters malting house at Kings Newton belonging to William FOX and William ROBINSON. John FALLOWS hid under cloth and saw Edward DUNICLIFFE of Kings Newton fill coat and "wastcoat" pockets with barley. Henry BARBER has worked at Malt house three years ad suspects barley has been stolen, John FALLOWS a boy that helped him saw Edward DUNICLIFFE fill his pockets with barley. Henry BARBER went to DUNICLIFFE house and saw "his piggs eating barley" . He confessed and entreated a compromise as it was his first time. William FOX of Aston upon Trent to prosecute Edward DUNICLIFFE at next Quarter Sessions at Derby.  1757
Owen MAPPLES of Melbourne to be re-imbursed for repairing the Well in the township.  1683  1/83/4
Mary BIRCH of Kings Newton to receive 1/- a week relief  1682  1/8/2/1
Owen MAPPLES of Melbourne be reimbursed for repairing the Township Well  1683  1/8/3/9

MELLOR Law and Order
Henry GARSIDE yngr petitions on behalf of his father Henry GARSIDE both of Mellor that Overseers pay maintenance granted him at Quarter Sessions held at Bakewell.  1683   18//2/8
MICKLEOVER Law and Order
LAQ2 Jospeh HARLOW Mickleover to kkep peace with Thomas ORDISH Mickleover yeoman. 1825
LAQ3 Joseph HIND Mickleover to keep peace with Sarah GREGORY and Mary YEOMANS of Micklover. 1825
LAQ12 James COLLIER younger, Mickleover to keep peace with Ann MANSFIELD 1825
LA394 Ellin MELLOR of Findern, widow. asks for coals and assistance " so long as it please the Almighty to continue on this side of the grave" ( which doubtless cannot be long) .  1687
LA1102a-b Sarah COOPER pregnant.  Richard JACKSON servant to John ARDRONE Mickleover, is the father. On reverse John JACKSON (father of Richard JACKSON) of Shirley, farmer ,Thomas WOOD Shirley farmer, sureties. 1759 
LA665 Inhabitants of Mickleover to raise money to compensate George WADE whose mare was taken by Capt John VILLYERS. Signed by Edward MANLOVE, Thomas SANDERS, Nath.BARTON, Edward DEGG.  1650
Nicholas CROSLEY of Mickleover states son apprenticed as a husbandman but later as a webster. Overseers have refused to re-imburse him three pounds.  1683  1/8/3/15
MORLEY Law and Order
LA353 William GOODWYN of Morley, Dbys., wife, three children, Landlord has sold house, nowhere to live.  n.d. c1683

MORTON Law and Order
  LA662 Gervase TURNER of Brampton, sworn Constable of Morton ( where a parcel of Brampton is its member) for one year in 1645 being a "troublesome tyme by reason of the Scoth Armyes then in the Contrey" and petitioner residing in Brampton was many times constrayed from the travel, Had to sell his own goods to disburse to townships use. Fifteen pounds due to him.  1645
MUGGINTON Law and Order
LA55c Information of William PEDLY of Mugginton tailor, has seen several times Raphe NEWTON take oller wood cutt from Butterley Carr at Hulland Ward. 1634
LA55d Raphe NEWTON husbandman denies and saith he was never in Butterlie Carr "in all his lyffe", but has "now and then carried some wynde falne wood from some other plas of the said parish". 1634
LA48 Catherine wife of James CLOWES of Mercaston absent from Church 1634
LA1157 Job THICKBROOM of Newton Solney, hay stolen. Found at James BLOOR elder, of Ticknall  1772
LA1158 John BLOOR Ticknall admits stealing hay from Job THICKBROOM of Newton Solney. 1772
LA1159 James BLOOR jnr Ticknall admits stealing hay from Job THICKBROOM of Newton Solney. 1772

NORBURY Law and Order
LA897 John WOOLLEY Constable reports Thomas BAYNE, John MOULD yeoman, John BILL yeoman, John OLDACRE yeoman Popish recusants.  1725
LA1122 Bartholomew MASSEY of Roston states that hay has been taken from his father John MASSEY of Roston. Did watch Thomas BATE take thereout a quantity of hay. 1766
LA565 Thomas HURD Constable of Norbury and Roston presents; Christopher ADAMS, Nico: MILNHOUSE, Jo: MOULD, Robert BILL, Thomas COPE, Ignatius GREENSMITH, Thomas HARRISON. Popish recusants.  1698
LA679 Constable of Norbury presents Christopher ADAMS Gent., John MOULD, Robert BILL, Thomas DAKYN, John OLDACRE, Thomas COPE, Ignacious GREENSMITH for not coming to  church. 1702
LA680 Nathaniel BOTHAM Constable of Norbury presents Christopher ADAMS, John MOULD, Robert BILL, Thomas DAKYN, John OLDACRE, Thomas COPE, Ignatius GREENSMITH as Popish recusants. 1703
LA695 Jo: HAWKSWORTH Constable of Norbury presents Christopher ADAMS, Richard BILL, Jo: MOULD Popish recusants 1707

LA/28 Robert NORMAN discharged from Bastardy, having begotten Mary STUBBING with her child, which child was buried at North Wingfield 25 Apr 1632.
LA178 Robert HERNESHAW when asked what he was doing with a sack belonging Mr BARTON Minister of North Wingfield stated he HERNeSHAW had the sack for four years, he bought the wheat at Mansfield (Notts) market, can't remember it being weighed and knows not the name of the person who gave him a lift to Tibshelf. States he carried the sack on his back from Tibshelf to North Wingfield a distance of three miles. 
Anthony PARKER found wheat at HERNESHAW house, whose wife said it was wages given her husband by Bayliff LUDLAM.
Margaret BRADLEY says that Robert HERNESHAW and Rafe CUTT "went to ye stone pitt to worke, then went to Mansfield and came home a little before sunset, and noe corn with him".   1650
For "A Certaine Tresspasse and Contempt by them comitted Contrary to the forme of the Statute Intitled an Act to prvent and suppresses seditions & Conventicles " the names of which persons are hereafter mentioned. Held at Eastowe in p.North Wingfield
George HITCHINSON of Sheffield fo takeing upon him to preach and teach in & unto the said Conventicle
John FRETWELL who was present
Richard CLAYOTN for the like
John HOLMES for the like
Elizabeth HOLMES his wife for the like
Nicholas SWIFT for the like
Hannah the wife of George POYNTON for the like
Susannah FRYTH for the like
Joseph FRYTH for the like
his wife for the like
George ASHLEY snr for the like
Ralph HARTLY for the like             1683    1/8/2/15

LA879 William LINSEY Fothering Gay, Northants, took silver buckles and cravat from Thomas GILBERT Knowls Hill, Northants and shirt buttons belonging Ralph JOHNSON and took them to Ticknall, Dbys. 1721

NORTON Law and Order
LA873 John GREEN Constable of Norton presents John SMYLTER  Papist 1722
LA893 Joseph WILCOCKSON Constable of Norton  presents John SMYLTER  Papist   1725
LA908 John ARTHUR Constable reports that John SMYTHER ( or SMYLTER ?) is a reputed Papist.  1725
LA1093a* Elizabeth SALT wife of Joseph SALT, legal Settlement is Dudley, Worcs.  1757
LA1093b* Elizabeth SALT   Rogue and vagabond.  apprehended Norton to Dudley, Worcs. 1757
LA1107 Samuel CROWDER born Thronscon ? Yks. Hired to Samuel ELLIS of Norton. Married. 1761
OCKBROOK Law and Order
William TAYLOR born Ockbrook became a vagrant at Bullwicke, Northants, returned to Ockbrook. Mr TURNER Attorney, stated he had formerly been settled at Chaddesden. Since his Settlement at Chaddesden in respect of his vagrancy , he ought to be settled and provided for by Ockbrook.  1683   1/8/3/16

PACKINGTON Law and Order
LA1035a-b Richard BOLTON of Packington says he found a ring in the street. Joseph FLETCHER wife of Elizabeth FLETCHER says ring shown him by Mr CLARKE of Burton on Trent, Staffs watchmaker was his wifes. 1741 

PARWICH Law and Order
LA522 William WARD of Parwich in Derby Gaol .   1695/6

PEAK FOREST Law and Order
LA673 Humphry WILSHAW Constable of Peak Forest has nothing to report. 1702

PENTRICH Law and Order
LA355 Ann PEACH, harbourless. a poor disconsolate widow of Ripley, " sold the very cloathes of her back and gloves of her hands"  to support her lame child.  1683

PILSLEY Law and Order
Martha HAYWOOD of Pilsley according to the inhabitants of Pilsley is not eligible for 6d weekly relief as she is a young woman capable of work  1683  1/8/3/1 (note: record does not state which Pilsley (p. Bakewell or North Wingfield)  it is referring to.)

PINXTON Law and Order
LA1083* Joseph GREGORY Riddings p.Alfreton went to Robert LILLYMANS house Brookhill, Pinxton where Isabel BIRCHNAL shook the gates and said she would break them. Jasper SWINAL servant to Robert LILLYMAN Pinxton was asked by Isabel BIRCHNAL to ask his master for six guineas. He says BIRCHNAL is a drunken cage...? idle and disorderly person.  1756 (document extremely fragile)
PLEASLEY Law and Order
LA88 William BARKER Shirebrook,  re theft of peas. 1639
LA131 Cartix TURNER former Constable of Plealsey, failed to turn in accounts.  n.d. 17thC ?
LA962 Matthew HEATH to pay for upkeep of bastard child of Elizabeth COOPE of Pleasley 1731 

QUARNDON Law and Order
LA416 William WALKER Constable of Chester ( Little Chester?) Eaton, (Little Eaton?) and Quarndon presents Henry WAGSTAFF of Quarndon for "stricking? of me" 1689

RAVENSTONE Law and Order
LA1199a John BRADSHAW of Ravenstone, found money chest open and money missing, told by his apprentice that Thomas STANYARD did it. 1788
LA1199b Richard WRIGHT apprentice to John BRADSHAW regarding money stolen by Thomas STANYARD.  1788

REPTON Law and Order
LA352 Thomas ASHMORE Repton, lab. wife , five children.  Granted 2/-, John CANTRILL Overseers of Repton caused it to be brought to one shilling. Petition for relief. n.d. c. 1680
LA1134 George SWETNAM of Winshill stole wheat from Edward BATE of Repton  1768 
LA1062 Elizabeth BURCH removal from Repton to Castle Donington, Leics.  1750
Thomas ASHMORE of Repton to receive 2/- week relief. 1683  1/8/2/2 
Thomas ASHMORE wife kept a school at Repton, he not able to work. He received 2/- now cut to 1/-  relief. 1683   1/8/2/12
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.