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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer


ILKESTON Law and Order
LA/170 Francis TORRAT of Ilkeston accuses Ann WAGG widow of Ilkeston, upon suspicion of being a witch..... 1650
LA39c The Consatble of Ilkeston presents Ann FULWOOD for denying selling ale without (outside) her house.
Nicholas ROBINSON for harboring men servants and children at unlawful times. 1634
LA58 Dorothy ROE of Ilkeston, stealing meat. 1638/9
LAQ1 William CLARKE Ilkeston cordwainer to keep peace with Wiliam BAKER Ilkeston cordwainer 1825
LAQ11 Jonathan ORRIDGE Ilkeston labourer to give evidence in case brought by Thomas POTTER Ilkeston Gent against Israel CHAMBERS late Ilkeston collier. 1825
LAQ14 John BAMFORD Ilkeston to keep peace with William BAKER Ilkeston 1825
KEDLESTON Law and Order
LA676 Thomas BYARD  Constable of Kedleston has nothing to report.  1702

KILLAMARSH Law and Order
LA172 Elizabeth GOOSTREE wife of Robert GOOSTREE of Killamarsh states that the leather she has in her house she found in a bush.  1650
LA600 John SMEDLEY Constable of Killamarsh presents William MOWER, Robert WILKINSON and Anne WILKINSON his wife, John WARD and Mary WARD his wife, Edw. MOWER and Rose ? MOWER his wife, Margaret MOWER reputed Papists   Jul.1698
LA601 John SMEDLEY Constable of Killamarsh presents John WARD coalminer, Ann LOLLEY widow, John MARSHALL reputed papists. May 1698 
LA616 Thomas MASHAM Constable of Killamarsh presents Robert WILCOKSON and Anne WILCOKSON his wife, John WARD and Mary WARD his wife, Edward MOWER and Rose MOWER his wife, Margaret MOWER Jan 1698/9
LA888 Robert HUDSON Constable of Killeymarsh ( Killamarsh)  presents John MARSHALL, Robert WILLCOCKSON, William WILLCOCKSON Papists  1725
LA902 Samuel CLARK Constable reports that John MARSHALL, Robert WILLCOXSON, William WILLCOXSON are reputed Papists.  1725

KIRK HALLAM Law and Order
LAQ15 Emanuel THORNALLY of Mapperley cordwainer to keep peace with William BAKER Ilkeston, cordwainer 1825
KIRK IRETON Law and Order
LA357 Elinor BEIGHTON of Kirk Ireton widow above 70 yrs, destitute  c.1683
LA1104 Mary PEGG Kirk Ireton pregnant  James BARLOW Wirksworth.  1760
LA670 Margaret HOLMES, Kirk Ireton, order allowed by Justices for Overseers of Idridgehay to pay her and her two children one shilling a week. Only been given sixpence weekly, owed now twenty six shilling.  1701
Samuel HARRISON  removal from Ireton Wood to Wirksworth  1682  1/8/1/4
Richard HOLMES  removal Kirk Ireton to Idridgehay  1682  1/8/1/4
Lawrence CROFTS Ireton Wood to receive 2/- a week relief. 1682  1/8/2/3
Richard HOLMES  removal from Kirk Ireton to Idridgehay.  1683   1/8/2/8
Richard HOLMES warrant issued for not removing from Kirk Ireton to Idridgehay  1683.    1/8/3/4

KIRK LANGLEY Law and Order
LA/24/5 Nicholas ROBERTS Constable of Kirk Langley presents Dorothy CURZON and Elizabeth CURZON absent from Church of Kirk Langley. 17th C
LA1026 Rebecca FIELDING single Samuel GALLIMORE of Ashbourne father of her child. 1740
LA657 Petition by inhabitants (not named) of Meynell Langley, p.Kirk Langley who have been charged with the Constables Office and not given notice, desire that a thirdbarrow collect levies. 1649
LA658 Petition by inhabitants of Meynell Langley " being few have to pay towards a soldier when those who have the park do not pay being no housekeepers there" Park owners :as Robert HAYWOOD, Henry BUXTON, Richard WARDE.  Meynell inhabitants Thomas FOLLY?, John PERKINS, Richard GRAVENOR, William GRAVENOR, widow HOLMES, John RIDGATE,Nicolas HARROULD. 1649

LANCASHIRE Law and Order
LA1027 Elizabeth COOKSON  " for the last ten days residing at Ashton, Lancs., from which place her husband removed about ten year ago by Certificate to Rochdale, Lancs., where he lived eight years then died.  1740
LA1029 Catherine MACKDANIEL (Surname BARKER crossed through) aged 60 ? (smudged)  born Wigan, Lancs. married Alexander MACKDALLEN (sic) Husband dead. Has sold Manchester Goods about the Country.  1740
LAQ6 Samuel HUTCHINSON collier, Coleorton Leics. to give evidence against William MORLEY, Samuel EVANS 1825
LA1177 Elizabeth WILMOT born Normanton, Lincs. hired to John ROBINSON of Ellington alias Allington, Lincs. 1780

LONGFORD Law and Order
LA/26/2 Thomas WRYGHT (WRIGHT) of Rodsley, kepeth ale wthout Licence 17th C
LA1174 Ellen BULL now married to Henry BULL of Longford, had when she was Ellen CORKER a bastard child ,called Sarah, born at Osliston, p. Sutton on the Hill and that William WRAGG lab of Etwall is the father.  1778
LA1030 Sarah COOKE  single, Hired servant to Thomas CHAMBERS All Saints, then Burley with Lady EXETER and in London and Chelsey to EYRES.  1740
LA1031 Sarah COOKE apprehended in Longford , legal Settlement Chelsea Colledge, Middx. n.d. c.1740  
LA678 Peter PRINCE Constable of Longford presents Thomas BRANDON Popish recusant. 1702
LULLINGTON Law and Order
LA1348 Richard COOPER and wife ,inhabitants of Lullington petition for their removal  17thC

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.