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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer


ECKINGTON Law and Order
LA57 Examination of Thomas BIGGS of Eckington, stealing two sheep. 1638
LAQ21 David MORTON Eckington, labourer to keep with William BATTERSBY 1824
LA187 John HOLT chapman, Edward HOLT and wife, Godfrey HODGKINSON and wife lodged in a barn of George HODGKINS in Worsop , Notts. When preparing to go to bed Henry FIRTH came in a lay down upon " a haukinge bagge of Edward HOLT wherein were a Bible, three paire of gloves one paire of sheep leather gloves, two tobacco boxes, two silver seals , eleven pairs of bond stringes". When FIRTH got up to go to Troway where he lived bagg and Commoditees were gone. 1651
LA574 George WHITE Constable of Eckington presents; John POLE and Mary POLE his wife, William HOBSON and Ellen HOBSON his wife, George HOBSON and Alice HOBSON his wife, Michael PRIEST, William WILLCOCK and Ursula  WILLCOCK his wife, Richard ELEY and Mary ELEY his wife, Christopher THORPE ans Elizabeth THORPE his wife Francis SYKES and Mary SYKES his wife, Nich. BLYTH, Richard FARWWOOD (HARWOOD?) and Ann FARWOOD ( HARWOOD?) his wife, Elizabeth wid., Anne WILCOCK, Anne ELEY wid., Susanna FAGRAIN, Ann GREEN, John SWINBIRNE, John CRANSWICK and Ralph CRANSWICK his son, Anne MONKS, George STANIFORTH, George HOOSON, and Jane HOOSON his wife, Ellen SAVIG, George SAVIDGE. Roman Catholics. 1698
LA875 Joseph BOOTH Constable of Eckington presents John POLE, Thomaas HOOSON  Papists 1722
LA890 William OSBORNE Constable of Eckington presents Thomas HOOSON, William ELLIS   Papists  1725
LA911 Edward FRITH Constable reports that Thomas HOOSON, William ELLIS are reputed Papists.  1725
LA1089 James BOOKER says one stone of hay stolen from his house at Renishaw Lane End, traced to William HUNT of Eckington who was giving it to his horses.  1757
EDENSOR Law and Order
LA97 Edward COWLEY four sacks oats stolen  1648
Martha HEAWARD of Pilsley, husband has sold all his estate without her consent where she had title of Dower to one Roger GREGORY. Husband ran away and married again. To be examined next court.Roger GREGORY to be informed.  c1682/3?  1/8/3/15
Martha HEAWARD of Pilsley to receice 6d weekly  1683   1/8/3/1
Martha HAYWOOD of Pilsley not eligible for 6d weekly being young woman able to work  1683  1/8/3/7

William ASHTON Constable of Edlaston and Wyaston presents William HURD Popish recusant. 1703/4
LA564 Jo: HOODE (WOODE?) Constable of Edlaston and Wyaston presents: William HURD and Ann HURD  his wife, Edmund HURD Popish recusants.  1698
EGGINTON Law and Order
LA/24/6 John SALTE Constable for Egginton presents Edward POOLE and his wfe absent from Church. 17thC
LA1069 John LIGO born Egginton, apprenticed to Thomas MANLOVE Scropton . Went to live with William MANLOVE Etwall. 1754
ELLASTONE Law and Order
LA45 Examination of Richard JACKSON late of Ellastone, Staffs, vagrant. Hired at Congleton, Ches by Mr TOMPSON who lived at Northampton to help him drive a drove of cattel towards Derby. Questioned as to why he came by an apron and stocking. 1634
ELMTON Law and Order
LA1075 Robert JOHNSON going from Elmton to Cresswell saw William BOOTH come out of Mr RODES wood, gun in hand ,hands bloody. 1756
LA1076 George JOHNSON and Henry WHITE on trying to apprehend William BOOTH presented a gun at him and put him in fear of his life.  1756
LA1077 Robert JOHNSON elder found a hare caught in a snare on Gilbert RODES land, then his bitch was caught.  1756
LA1078* Henry WHITE saw William BOOTH with a gun, who presented gun. BOOTH took to his heels, half a mile later before he was caught. 1756

ELTON Law and Order
LA417 Thomas FROST Constable of Elton presents Edward HADFIELD as Constable for the year ensuing.  1689

EYAM Law and Order
LA/2 George WILSON Constable of Eyam presentment.
Francis ABELL for being absent from church
John ABELL for being absent from church
Denis Foxlow ABELL for being absent from church
Thomas PADLEY and Dorothy wife, for being absent from church
Edward FERNYLEY taken as a wandering rogue. Sent to Heayfield (Hayfield) the place "of his aboad".
Richard HUNNTT? (HUNT?) a rogue, sent away as aforesaid
Thomas BRUSHFIELD Grindleford Bridge for harbouring of wandering rogues and beggars
John HALLAM of Foolow for keeping a common gaming house.
Nicholas CHAPMAN of Grindleford Bridge for brewing without Licence.
William KNOWLES for brewing without Licence
Alles REDFERNE (REDFERN) widow, for brewing without Licence
Alles WOOD widow, for brewing without Licence
John CLEDON ? for brewing without Licence
Ann ASHE widow for brewing without Licence
John NAYLOR for brewing without Licence.
Document not dated.c. first half of 17th C.
LA/25 George WILSON Constable of Eyam presents Francis ABELL for being a Popish recusant, Humphrey PADLEY of Leam husbandman and Katheryn? his wife for being absent from Church for one month last past. 17th C
LA/32 Information of Anthony REDFEARNE, Grindleford Bridge that he had a washing sive (sieve) for lead ore, stolen. Believed found outside home of Thomas CHALSWORTH ? of Bakewell.
Examination of Thomas CHALSWORTH (CHARLESWORTH?) stating his daughter Elizabeth bought a sieve from Bakewell market on a Monday. 1633
LA71 Constable of Eyam states that Frank ABELL a recusant  1639
LA365 Mary JOHNSON wife of James JOHNSON a poor woman, two children. Husband taken sick at Spondon, in a deplorable condition. c.1683 
LA408 Francis GLOVER Shepherd Flat, Eyam , aged, lost sight, wife and one child now remianing. 1689
LA408 Francis GLOVER seeks relief.  1689
LA883 John FROGGATT Constable of Eyam  presents Jno TORR jnr, John TORR snr, Robert TORR.  Papists  1723
LA900 Thomas DRABLE Constable reports John TORR, Robert TORR reputed Papists 1725
LA571 Thomas WYLD Constable of Eyam presents; Edward TAYLOR and Sarah TAYLOR his wife ,Roman Catholics. 1698
LA674 Philip SHELDON Constable of Eyam presents Edward TAYLOR and Sarah TAYLOR his wife, John TORR and Mary TORR his wife of Leam to be "Roman Catholicks". 1702
LA686 Thomas FOX Constable of Eyam presents Sarah TAYLOR of Bridge, John TORR and Mary TORR his wife of Leyme, Ann STONE wife of William STONE of Eyam to be Roman Catholics. 1703
LA694 Francis GLOVER Sheppard Flatt ,Eyam asks for two shillings weekly. Very ill sighted.  1708
Nicholas ROWSON of Grindleford Bridge to receive relief. 1683  1/8/2/18
FOREMARK Law and Order
LA1036 Ann DAKIN wife of William DAKIN of Ingleby stole soap from Sir Robert BURDETT, which she shared with Sarah WHYMAN. 1741
LA1037 William DAKIN of Ingleby says his wife brought home soap. 1741
LA1038 Samuel WHYMAN of Ingleby re soap, candles and bottles he believes his wife Sarah WHYMAN got from Sir Robert BURDETT of Foremark.  1741
LA1141 Joseph SMALLWOOD saw John SOWTER a waterman remove earthenware in a boat belonging Messrs GREAVES and Son while lying near Ingleby. Abraham CLARKE waterman stood by SOWTER as he took them.  1770
GLOSSOP Law and Order
LA/18 Ralph MELLOR of Glossop "continueth to be a man verie contentious with his neighbours refractorie and disobedient to his Majesties Laws and his Officers". Wife and son Roger MELLOR fled from him. Stayed with neighbour Mr COSTENTYNES. Signed by Thomas BOOTH Churchwarden, Glossop; Edward BOOTH Churchwarden, Glossop; Nicholas BOOTH x; Hugh GODDARD; Thomas HAGE; John MARLOW ? x
LA60 Thomas BROUGHS maid Mary BRAMALL has run away and a handkerchief is missing. Mary BRAMALL of Glossop denies she took it. 1638.
LA105 Petition of George BOOTH  that his house has been pulled down by Thomas BOOTH, now has no where to live for wife and four children.  n.d.  17thC ?
LA264 Anthony RADCLIFFE common frequenter of alehouses, made an attack on German BUXTON at his privy parts with his foot having on a great heavy pair of boots full of nails 1665/6
LA413 George WOOLLEY of Chapel Milton p. Glossop (sic) for payment of rent arrears due to him from Nicholas COWPER 1689
LA427 William DEWSNOP (DEWSNAP?) Constable of Glossop presents; Joseph ASHTON of Simmondley, John WAGSTAFF of Glossop , gent. Thomas ROWBOTHAM of Ludworth, John MOTTRAM of Mellor, Humphrey EYRE of Mellor these are badgers, John BOOTH of Moorside, Thomas DOXON of Ludworth droviers.  1689
GRESLEY Law and Order
LAQ7 Edward EVANS to give evidence against William MORLEY 1825
LA1119 John COLE of Swadlincote says his wife told him a beggar woman called and later found clothes missing. Peter SUTTON of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. said some clothes had been found with a vagrant in custody, Mary GRIFFITH. Brown jersey, crimson gown, black silk hat, ,black quilted petticoat and are at this present time upon the back of the said Mary GRIFFITH. 1766      
LA1120 Mary GRIFFITH born Cald Bosworth, five miles from Northampton,Northants. Went to Outnall, Northants and lived with Joseph SHAW farmer, Shutlanger to Samuel SMITH farmer, Robert ELLOT, Mr PAGE of the George, Northampton,Northants. John SMITH "Woolpack" Northampton,Northants. Gained settlement there.  (See LA1119) 1766
LA1172 Catharine HOGG of Oakthorpe, stealing from Joseph LUDFORD shoemaker Oakthorpe 1775
LA1 William WAKELYN of Linton to keep peace with John KELYNG  1562
HARTINGTON Law and Order
LA42b Thomas MILWARD Constable of Hartington prsents Edward MAPLEBECK and John HARDIE wandering "I punished them according to law". 1634
LA106 Thomas NEEDHAM Constablee of Hartington, not obedient in collecting money for warrants. 1648
LA354 William WARDLE prisoner in Derby. By false evidence condemned to die. Thomas WARDLE did hear Francis NADEN my adversary and his dau Mary both acknowledge they had done wrong. Appeals for clemency, asks Overseers of Hartington to maintain his wife and two children, one of whom "born since I came into this lamentable place "  1683  
LA399 Ann WEANE, Sterndale, Hartington. Poor , 77, dau 55 has distemper 14 years. Son in service.  c.1689
LA401 Robert WARDLE p. Hartington 80 yrs old, with wife in danger of being cast away except some course be taken as to theire reliefe  c.1689
LA691 Samuel BENNETT of Biggin, p.Hartington had an order in 1694, to receive one shilling weekly and for his second son, William, to be apprenticed. Neither has been allowed by Overseer. Has wife and five small children.  1708 
LA693 Mary HAYS Hartington widow, for fifteen years Five children ,no longer able to sustain.  1708
LA1274d William SHAW of Biggin (this may refer to Biggin by Wirksworth) re Gervas WARD of Pike Hall 1694
LA1278a John FROGGATT re Thomas REDFERN sheep stealing 1695
LA1278b John RODGERS, re Thomas REDFERN stealing sheep 1695
LA1340 Thomas SUTTON seeks relief.  1656
LA1198 Alice WARDLE Hartington Upper Quarter pregnant.  James BRADLEY Chesterfield, father.  1788
Richard HALL of Dovepit p. Hartington to give evidence against Richard NADEN a felon in Derby gaol, goods seized in Staffordshire. Asks for expenses to be taken into account for travelling to Staffordshire. 1682 1/81/9
Allice ROBBINSON of Sterndale p.Hartington to receive 6d a week 1682 1/8/2/2
Sarah WOOLLEY of Biggin, Heathcote Quarter of Hartington to receive 3/- a week 1682  1/8/2/2
Roger MELLOR of Sterndale to receive 6d a week 1682 1/8/2/2
Mary SWINDELL Sterndale p.Hartington to receive 9d weekly 1682  1/8/2/2
John WARDLE  Hartington Upper Quarter to receive 1/- a week 1/8/2/3
Sarah WOOLLEY of Biggin has not been paid 3/- has per court order. Ordered that John CARR Overseer of Biggin do pay 1/- weekly in arrears.  1683 1/8/2/7
John BUXTON  Overseer of Biggin re- charges he has expended on Sarah WOOLLEY 1683 1/8/2/17
Henry ELLORS of Hurdlow petition to erect a cottage. 1683  1/8/3/15
HARSHORNE Law and Order
LA1116 Abraham HARVEY request to have a cottage built at Hartshorne  1765

HATHERSAGE Law and Order
LA40 Presentment of John SEELE Constable of Hathersage 15th July. Persons absent from the Parish church for three Sabbaths past.
Francis BARLEY and Dorothy his wife, Robert BARLEY and Mildred his wife, John FOX and Ursula his daughter, John WARD and Dorothy his wife, Andrew BARKER, Matthew BARKER, John BARKER, Robert MORTON and Ann his wife, Margaret HALL widow, Elizabeth wife of Richard SKINNER, Lionel SMILTER and Dorothy his wife, Dionisa SMILTER widow, John SMILTER, Humphrey SMILTER, Thomas HODGKINSON and Elizabeth his wife, John HODGKINSON, Anthony SIDDALL and Isabel his wife, Elizabeth CHAMPNEY widow, Margaret wife of Charles CHAMPNEY, Emote wife of Thomas BASE?. Margaret SEELE spinster, Thomas WYLD (WILD) and Elizabeth his wife, Joan wife of Roger THORNELL, Helen wife of George KIRK, Elizabeth wife of Henry BROWNELL, Ann wife of John BRADWELL?, Joan wife of John BURGON, Joan CARELESS widow, Ann wife of Robert BARKER, Margaret wife of Anthony DAME, Emote FIDLER widow, Elizabeth HALL, Mary ASHTON widow, Joan wife of Daniel HYMCHE?, Emote wife of Boniface SYDALL (SIDDALL), Ann DAMME widow, Margaret THOMASSON widow, Alice wife of Hugh DAMME, Alice wife of John BUTLER, Katherine wife of Anthony WILCOCKSON, Thomas HALL and Ann his wife, Ann wife of John SKINNER Gent, Alice wife of Henry HALL, Joan wife of Adam MORTIN, William WALKDEN, Margaret ROYDES widow, Katherine PADLEY and Elizabeth her daughter, Joan HEATON, Ann RAGG (WRAGG) widow, Elizabeth EYRE widow, Dorothy wife of Francis WILCOCKSON, Elizabeth wife of George PHILLIPS, Mary EYRE, John WRIGHT and Rosamond his wife, Nicholas WHITELEY and Ann his wife, Francis WILKEN and Ann OLIVER widow. 1634
LAQ4 Henry FARNSWORTH to keep peace with Sarah YOULE. 1825
LA1138 Mary POINTON of Bamford, stealing from Mary ELLOT of Bamford  1769
LA206 Mary HUNTER of Hathersage pregnant,  Christopher BRITTLEBANK father  c.1651-3
LA426 Francis WILSON Constable of Hathersage presents; Richard SKINNER, Anne SKINNER, Lyonell SMILTER and Mary SMILTER his wife, Rodger SIDDALL and his wife, Anthony SIDDALL and his wife, William WALKDEN and his wife, John CAN?G? and his wife, John SMILTER and his wife, Ellen WILCOCKSON, Francis LITTLEWOOD and his wife, Mary HINCH, Widow FROST, Adam FURNIS and his wife, Thomas FURNIS, Alice FURNIS, Francis BINGHAM and his wife, John BINGHAM, John BARKER, Phillip BARKER, Matthew BARKER, Casander BARKER, John MORTON and his wife, Francis SMITH and his wife, George GREENE and his wife, George EYRE and his wife, Thomas EYRE, George EYRE all Popish recusants in Hathersage.
George EYRE jnr and his wife, George EYRE snr, Thomas EYRE, John SIDDALL and his wife, William FIDLER and his wife, Mary BARKER widow, John BROWNELL and his wife, widow WORRALL all Popish recusants in Outseats.
William FURNIS and his wife, John TORR, Anthony WILCOCKSON, Bridgett SKINNER, Anne HAWKYARD widow, Margaret MARSDEN, John WILCOCKSON, widow SKINNER Popish recusants in Bamford and Derwent.
Thomas EYRE, Richard WORRALL, Robert GREAVES, Richard SKINNER, Lyon SMILTER, Ellen WICOCKSON, Francis SMITH all unlicenced Alehouse keepers.
Robert BROWNELL, widow BROWNELL  badgers.   1689  
LA871 George HOBSON Constable of Hathersage presents Fran.BINGHAM, Robert WALKTON, William WALKTON, Lionell SMILTER, Fran. HODGKINSON, Thomas WILCOCKSON, Thomas COOPER, Ellis FURNIS Snr, Matt. WILCOCKSON jnr., MatthTOMASSON, Matth WILCOCKSON snr, Jas? SMILTER, Thomas FURNIS, Robert HINCLE ? (HINSH ? see LA894), Ralph FROST, Fran. WILCOCKSON, Jno WILCOCKSON, Jno SIDDALL, Joseph HODGKINSON, Miles WILKIN, Joseph WILCOCKSON, Joseph FROST, Anth. COOPER, Jno, (possibly Jonathan the "o" under and not above Jn. SMITH, Jno BARKER, George LITTLEWOOD, Thomas EYRE snr, George WILKIN. Jno WALKTON, Thomas EYRE jnr, Jno BROWNHILL, Matt. WILCOCKSON Bamford, Timothy WILCOCKSON, Jno HAWERD, Jno. WILCOCKSON, Ellis FURNISS jnr, Jno WAINWRIGHT. as Papists. 1722/3
LA894 Nicolas BROWNILL Constable of Hathersage presents Frances BIGAM, William WALKDON, Joseph HODKESON,  ----  FURNESS snr, Thomas COUPER, Matthias WILLCOCKSON, Matthias TOMASON, Matthias WILLCOCKSON, John SMILTER, Anth. FROST, - llias FURNISS jnr, Thomas FURNES, Benjamin FROST, ---iner? FROST, Ralph FROST, Robert HINSH, Frances WILLCOCKSON, George WILLKEN, Thomas EYERE snr, Goorge LITTLEWOOD, Matthias IBUTSON, John WEANE, John GREENE, John SMITH, Anth COUPER, Joseph FROST, Miles WILLKEN, Joseph WILLCOCKSON, John SIDDALL, John WILLCOCKSON, John WALKDEN, Thomas EYERE jnr, John BROWNILL, Matthias WILLCOCKSON, Timothy WILLCOCKSON, John HARKARD ( HARWARD?) John BARKER, George HINSH, Robert WALKDEN, Lion SMILTER, Frances HODKESON, John WILLCOCKSON as Papist  1725/6
LA683 Henry BROWNILL Constable of Hathersage presents; John WILCOCKSON, Joseph WILCOCKSON, Ellis FERNISS, John BROWNELL and wife, George EYRE and wife, William FURNIS and wife, Thomas FURNIS and wife, Robert HINCH and wife, Barb WILCOCKSON, Thomas IBUTSON and wife, Matt: THOMASON and wife, Matt: WILCOCKSON and wife, John MORTON and wife, Thomas EYRE and wife, Martin WILKIN and wife, John BINGHAM and wife .  Catholics.  1703/4
LA700 John NODDER Constable of Hathersage presents; Thomas EYRE, Martin WILKIN, Thomas EYRE shoemaker, John BARKER, Fran: and John SMITH, Matt: WILCOCKSON, Fra: WILCOCKSON, George LITTLEWOOD, John WILCOCKSON, Thomas LITTLEWOOD, Jo. BINGHAM, John LITTLEWOOD, William WALKDEN, George SMILTER, Anthony SYDDALL, Thomas WILCOCKSON, John CAMM, John MARTIN, Matt: WILCOCKSON Snr, John SMILTER, Thomas COOPER, Matt: TOMASON, Joseph HODGKINSON, Thomas HIBBERTSON, Robert FROST, William and Thomas FURNIS, Robert HINCH, Ellis FURNISS all of Hathersage, Thomas EYRE, Robert BROWNHILL, John BROWNHILL all of Outseats, Ann WILCOCKSON, Eliz: WILSON both of Bamford, Thomas MARSDEN, Joseph WILCOCKSON, Jo: WILCOCKSON  all of Derwent.  All Roman Catholics.  1707 
LA592 Francis TOMASON Constable of Hathersage presents; John WILLKSON, Joseph HAGE, Tomas MARSDEN jun. Margaret MARSTEN, Briget THORNHILL, Ellis FURNIS, Anthony WILCOCKSON, Timothy WILLCOCSON, Matthew WILLCOKSON, George WILLSON jnr, Jonathan WILLSON, John BROWNHILL, William FIDLER, George EYRE, John SIDDALL, Tomas HODGKINSON, George BROWNHILL, William FURNIS, Tomas FURNIS, John ,Philip and Matthew BARKER, Mary HINCH, Robert HINCH, Tomas IBUTSON, John BARKER, Robert FROST, Allis SHORT, Mary HUNTER, Matt. TOMASON, John HODGKINSON, Thomas COUPER, John CAM, John MORTEN, George MARSHALL, William WALKDEN, Mary SMILTER, Anthony SIDDALL, George SMILTER, Richard SKINER snr, Amy MARSHALL, Francis BINGHAM, John BINGHAM, Margret CAMM, Francis WILLCOKSON jnr., John and Matthew WILLCOKSON, Ellen HODGKINSON, Anthony WILLCOKSON, Francis LITTLEWOOD, John and Thomas SIDDALL, George EYRE, Tomas EYRE, Francis SMITH, John SMITH, George GREENE?, John SIDDALL, Martin WILLKIN, Jane COUPER.   Jul 1698
LA615 Francis TOMASON Constable of Hathersage present John WILLCOKSON, Jos. HAGE, Tomas MARSDEN jnr, Margaret MARSDEN, Briget THORNHILL, Eliz FURNIS, Anthony, Timothy and Mathew WILLCOKSON, George WILLSON jnr, Jonathan WILLSON, John BRONHILL, George EYRE, John SIDDALL, Thomas HODGKINSON, George BROWNHILL, Will FURNIS, Tomas FURNIS, John, Philip and Mathew BAKER, Mary HUNTER, Mary HINCH, Robert HINCH, Thomas IBUTSON, John BARKER, Robert FROST, Eliz: SKOT, Mathew WILLCOKSON, Barbara WILLCOKSON, Mathew TOMASON, John HODGKINSON, Tomas COUPPER, John CAM, John MORTON, George MARSHALL, William WALKDEN, Anthony SIDDALL, Mary SMILTER,George SMILTER, Richard SKINNER snr, Amy MARSHALL, Francis BINGHAM, John BINGHAM, Margaret CAM, Francis WILLCOKSON jnr, John and Thomas SIDDALL, George EYRE, Thomas EYRE, Francis SMITH, John SMITH, George GREENE, John SIDDALL, Martin WILLKIN, James COUPPER. I present a breach that the watters has made in the wall at Mithom Bridge seventeine yards long and lykewyne one pillar of the bridge is worn hollow. Jan 1698/9
Rowland EYRE of Lady Bower p.Hathersage erected a cottage on the waste with consent but Edmund BARBER of Dingbank, George EYRE of Mich Hill Field , Thomas EYRE of Abney and John FROGGATT of Carr Head all in Hathersage hinder him. 1683  1/8/2/6

HEAGE Law and Order
LA186 Ellen STOPPARD of Heage, single, charged with being the mother of a child 14 days old which was left upon a "shop bulke" in Derby St Alkmund in the evening ,supposed to be a bastard. Confesses she did leave the child about 8 or 9 o/clock and "did stay in a little lane not far remote so that she might hear it until she knew it was found  which was about sevin of the clock".   Says the child was born at Sawley at widow MILNES house 13 March, and baptised there by a minister of the town. A soldier called Robert JOHNSON is the father who forced her to yield to his desires.  8 Apr 1651  

HEANOR Law and Order
LA359 Elizabeth PILKINGTON ,Langley p.Heanor "husband having the ill fortune to be drawn into company of diverse lewd and wicked psons"  now in prison leaving wife and six children.   1683/4
LA369 Hugh ALLIN and Samson BOULTBEY both of Codnor p.Heanor ask that children be put out as apprentices.  c.1683
LA1149 Samuel THORPE of Loscoe and John SMALLEY of Loscoe accused of stealing ducks from John STABUCK, John RICHARDS, John GRANGER Codnor, William GREEN Denby, Mrs SEARSON Codnor, Josiah BUXTON Pentrich, Samuel HODGKINSON Loscoe, George PARKINS Denby, Elizabeth SMALLEY, William BROUGH, Jonathan STERLAND some of which were put in a pen of Richard REDFERN of Heanor 1771
HEATH Law and Order
LA78 Rodger (Roger) WALKER of Heath accused of stealing a pewter dish. 1639
LA1137 Ann MOZELEY of Heath, male bastard . Warrant for Francis WOODHOUSE Retford, Notts. 1768

LA389 Henry WORRALL . Overseers of Holmesfield ordered to pay him five shillings weekly. Desires that his children to stay with him and not taken away .  1684
LA876 Robert SIKES Constable of Holmesfield presents Thomas EYRE, John MARSHALL  Papsits   1722
LA889 Thomas HOLLEYLEY Constable of Holmesfield presents Thomas EYRE, John MARSHALL Papists 1725
LA910 Thomas HATTERSLY Constable states that Thomas EYRE and John MARSHALL are reputed Papists.  1725

HOPE Law and Order
LA/31/1 Information of George BOOTH of Grindlow, husbandman who says "William WYATT with Henry NALL did steale a jerkyn, paire of breeches and handkercher" 1633
LA/32/2 Examination of William WYATT labourer who states on Thursday night he lodged in a barn of one Robert BAGSHAWE at Grindlow in the company of Henry NALL who an hour or two before day went from this Examinant saying he would go to Sheafield. Yorkshire. 1633.
LA33b Francis EYRE Constable of Hope presents Robert JACKSON of Bradwell miner, Gartrude JACKSON wife of William JACKSON of Bradwell miner, Gartrude YELLOT wife of Thomas YELLOTT of Aston, husbandman, Joan WILKS of Hope widow missing from church. 1634
LA67 Presentment that John STALIE and wife of Castleton are recusants. 1639
LA360 Francis STAFFORD of Hope , wife, three children, almost famished.  c1683
LA428 Henry IBUTSON  ( IBBOTSON) Constable of Hope presents;
Martin ROBINSON of Offerton for unfortunately slaying of Samuel RADCLIFF (MARPLES crossed out)
Thomas GACOIGNE of Edale, Edward HAIGH of Thornhill and Elizabeth HAIGH his wife, Joseph HAIGH and Mary HAIGH his son and dau. John SMILTER Thornhill, Hugh FOX of Thornhill, Thomas LITTLEWOOD of Castleton, Mary MIDDLETON wife of Robert MIDDLETON of Brough, Sena SLACKE wife of Thomas SLACKE of Hope Popish recusants.
Jonathan FISHER and his wife of Bradwell, George BERLEY and his wife of Bradwell, Ann BERLEY of Hope, Josias SANDERSON of Hope. Quakers.    
William WILLIS of Hope for using the trade of a pedlar without Licence
Joseph EYRE of Thornhill, John TURNER, John SMITH ,Edmund GREAVES of Bradwell for maultsters or buyers and sellers of mault.
Edward DARWEND, James FORD of Brough, Robert DARWEND of Aston, John MIDDLETON, Edward DERNELEY, George TRICKETT and Robert DERWEND of Bradwell, Ellis HOW, Sampson WILSON, James BULLOCKE, and Matth FURNISS of Castleton for swalers or buyers and sellers of corn Thomas KYRKE  and John HADFIELD.  1689    
LA870 Nicholas HALL Constable of Hope presents Thomas WILCOCKSON is a Papist and been absent from church 1722
LA881 Nich. HALL Constable of Hope presents Thomas WILCOCKSON Papist.  1723
LA1179 Penelope BOWERS, now married, had a male bastard born 1778 at Fairfield. Warrant for the apprehension of Bradshaw GALLIARD Esq. the father.  1782
LA569 Jos: EYRE Constable of Hope presents; Ed: EYRE, Hugh FOXE, Thomas LITTLEWOOD, Sarah SLATER ? wife of Thomas SLATER?  Popish recusants.  1698
LA591 Jos: EYRE Constable of Hope presents Ed: EYRE Gent., Hugh FOXX, Thomas LITTLEWOOD, Senah wife of Thomas SLATE? Papists 1698  
LA612 Jospeh EYRE Constable of Hope presents Mr Edward EYRE, Hugh FOX, Thomas LITTLEWOOD, Senah wife of Thomas SHAW? Popish recusants 1698/9
LA672 Gervase HALLAM Constable of Hope presents Thomas LITTLEWOOD, John EYRE, Isabell EYRE, Marey EYRE, Mary wife of Rowlen MIDDLETON, Marey MIDDLETON of Brough absent from church  1702
LA682 William GREAVES, Constable of Hope presents; Thomas LITTLEWOOD, Mary MIDDLETON of Brough, Marey wife of Rollin MIDDLETON  absent from church  1703

HORSLEY Law and Order
LA98 Robert TYRPIN (TURPIN ?) information re stolen cheese , examination of Mary SANDERS 1648
LA1124 MARY BIRKIN , rogue and vagabond to be settled in Horsley.  1766
LA1140 John BARBER Stainsby House, p.Horsley says three cruppers have been missing from his stable, sold to John COCKER Kimberley, Notts.  by Thomas WILLIAMSON alias MEAKIN  of Heage. 1770
Thomas LUCKERBEE ? of Horsley Woodhouse asks for a house and shop 1682  1/8/1/9
Thomas LUCKOCKE  of Horsley states that a shop as a nailer awarded him as not been observed by Overseer. Not so. 1683 1/8/2/18

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.