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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer


CARSINGTON Law and Order
LA1211e Robert HAYWARD of Carsington, appeal against unlawful assembly  1673
LA687 Thomas DAUSON of Chatson ( Chaddesden ?) has been granted 1/- a week. Overseer behind by 3/-  1703/4
LA1072 Ann KNIFFTON says that after William BERISFORD and Richard WINGFIELD went to Mr WILMOTS house in Chaddesden to find sureties for their appearance at Quarter Sessions they did laugh at her and scorn and behave in a very rude manner  1755
LA173 Petition by inhabitants of Chaddesden that Sampson BLACKSHAW of that town should have a brewing licence as before. He being the "ablest of that calling". Made at the request of some that hoeth a distance from the Town who have occassion to make use of his house especially in time of harvest.  Signed by Christopher SANDERSON, Richard ROE, Robert MELLOR, Edward CARLEW, Richard CHEATELL, John WORLIE? ,William CHALNER, Thomas STABLES ?. 1654
Mary IVE Chaddesden to receive 1/- a week 1/8/2/3

LA21/2 Statement from the Inhabitants of Bowden Chapel that Elizabeth GREEN has fathered her second child upon Nicholas BRADSHAW " a man who hath a wife of his own and lives in good amity with her". Signed by Thomas ALLEN, Humphrey MARSHALL, Francis BENNET, Henry KYRKE (KIRK), Robert CROSSLEY, Anthony OLLERENSHAW, Thomas LOMAS, Richard BENNET, Thomas BRAWMALL (BRAMALL) Nicholas BROWNE, Thomas LOMAS de Houle?, Edward OLLERENSHAW, Francis GEE, Nicholas SMITH, Nicholas CRESWELL, Raphe CRESSWELL, Raphe GEE, Thomas FOXLOW, Henry LOWE, Edward RIGHT (WRIGHT), Robert CREE? Ronald? TURNER, William BARBER, Nicholas BOWDON, Thomas MELLOR, Thomas LOW, John SHEARTE (SHIRT), Thomas BARBER, E. LINGARD, Robert GIBB, Thomas GRENSMITH (GREENSMITH). n.d early? 17th C.
LA49a Francis EYRE Constable of Bowden Middlecale presents Thomas MELLOR, Thomas BOWDON and Grace his wife, Margaret BEIGHTON, Nicholas WILKENSON (WILKINSON), Katherine RIDGE, Thomas BEARD and his wife absent from Church. 1634
L49b Raphe GEE Constable of Bowden Chapel presents Thomas BAGSHAWE, Henry MELLOR, Joan wife of Robert BAGSHAWE Francis BAGSHAWE, Francis TAYLOR, George SWINDELL and wife Joan, William SMILTER, George CLARKE, Emma ALLEYN absent from Church.
Robert FOX for being a vagrant, begging. sent away to where he was born. 1634
LA33c George THORNEHILL (THORNHILL) Constable of Bowden Chapel presents as recusants Henry MELLOR of Tunstyde yeoman and Jane MELLOR his wife, George SWINDELL Elder of Chapell, husbandman, and his wife, Francis TAYLOR of Marys? Green carpenter and Mary TAYLOR his wife, George CLARK of Ridge, labourer, Robert BAGSHAWE of Hollinknowle yeoman, Arnold KIRK of Martynside yeoman. Sep 1634
LA33d Francis EYRE Constable of Bowden Middlecale presents as recusants Nicholas WILKINSON of Hayfield cutler, Thomas MELLOR of Hayfield tailor, Thomas BEARD of Joe? Hole, husbandman and Margaret BEARD his wife, Katherine RIDGE wife of Robert RIDGE late of Higate? yeoman, Thomas BOWDEN of Hayfield, yeoman and Grace BOWDEN his wife, Margaret BEIGHTON widow of Hayfield, Hellen BRADBURY wife of Edmund BRADBURY labourer, Hayfield Sep 1634
LA86 Ellen LINGARD "gracewoman" (midwife ?)  ,Ann HADFIELD, Ellen LOMHOUSE state that Elizabeth JODRELL says "upon her death that Arnold KIRKE Chapell Miltneowne was the only father of her child & noe one els".  1638 
LA525 John COWPER   prisoner, petition for relief of famliy.  1695/6
LA226 Examination of Elizabeth GREEN of Combs, Bowden Chapel re father of her child.  1656
LA411 James COWLEY Chapel en le Frith ancient man, haveing a wife and a very old woman to his mother in law. 1689
LA413 George WOOLLEY Chapel Milton lett a house to Nichols COWPER, wife lame ,two children. Gave notice to Overseers of Bowden Middlecale that they remove COWPER or pay his rent, which they have yet never pformed. 1689
LA414* Nicholas COWPER Chapel en le Frith, lately removed into Bowden Middlecale by farming ten pounds of land gained a residence amongst us. by reason of vexatious and scandalous livinge hath caused himself to be ejected from his tenement. He has petitioned several townships for relief and unbeknown to Court gained 12d weekly. He can support himself. Signed by Ja. CARRINGTON, Ma. TRICKET,Laurence JOHNSON Overseer, Ralph BOWDEN Overseer, Robert CARRINGTON, Edward BENNITT, Thomas ROLLINSON, Thomas WATERHOUSE.  c.1689
LA418 John DOWNES Constable of Bowden Chapel presents Edward WHEELDON for refusing day labour on highway. Peter KENION for like neglect, Charles COLLIER for erecting a cottage in Ashborne Lane in middle of Kings highway, Francis MELLOR Lane End neglect in repairing highway, William COWPER denying to pay his Layes.  1689
LA424 John DOWNES Consatble of Bowden Middlecale presents Thomas KIRKE of Hallsteds, Hnery KIRKE of Eaves, John BOWDEN, John BOWDEN jnr, Thomas RIDGE Wash, Popish recusants, John LINGARD, Mary LINGARD, Ed LINGARD, Quakers.
James WARRINGTON late inmate and Hugh DAVENPORT for receiving John LINGARD of Bowden Head inmate.
Robert WRIGHT of Reddish greene, Charles COLLIER of Townend, Ralph BRADLEY of Carsley ? for making stone pits upon the Kings Highway on Upper End of Ashbourne Lane.  1689
LA885 Robert YATES Constable of Bowden Middlecale presents Henry KYRKE  Papist.  1723
Anne BRIDBURY lately delivered of a bastard chiild, Peter DOWNES of Tunstead father has run away. 1683  1/8/2/6

CHELMORTON Law and Order
LA43e John THOMPSON a vagrant, punished and sent away to York where he was born  1634
LA1347 Samuel ARMFIELD of Flagg seeking relief  n.d.
LA375 Ann CHAPPELL Flagg, widow, very old 85 .   c.1683/4.
LA422 Stepen BUXTON Constable of Chelmorton presents Ralph HAMBLETON of Blackwall and Hellen HAMBLETON his dau. as dissenters, John MORRELL of Blackwall and Uriah HOUSELY of Flagg selling ale without Licence, Anthony HEATHCOTT of Buxton for driving of cattle, Richard JACKSON of Buxton ,badger.  1689

CHESHIRE Law and Order
LA1073 William CALLWOOD born Dishley, Ches. Apprenticed to Robert CALLWOOD Liverpool, Lancs. ships carpenter. Went to America, Asia, Venice. Pressed into service 14 yrs.  1755
LA62 Leonard GOODALE of Walton carpenter, accused of stealing a coverlidd and sheet. 1638
LA173 Ellen CROFT of Chesterfield, single, kept company four years with George BOLER of Brimington who all the aforesaid time promised to marry her.That he had carnal use of her body when she was servant to Francis MORE of Chesterfield at the house of William CROFTS and told her he would marry her the next day. She became pregnant. Examinant further states that two years since when George BOLER went into Scotland a troop in Capt WAYNES troop there was a piece of silver broken between this examinant and he said in testimony of a contract as this examinant conceived of Marriage and when BOLER was in Scotland he did send her letters and tokens to her.  c.1650  
LA391 John PRICE charged with stealing a horse from Mr NEVILL ordered to Derby Gaol. Thurstan RIVINGTON as one of the Constables of Chesterfiled ordered to convey PRICE to Derby. RIVINGTON refused to do so. Thomas DUTTON one of the Constables of Chesterfield to arrest RIVINGTON and bring before Thomas EYRE.  1687 
LA395 Thomas BAGSHAW Brimington, poor ,lame. Inhabitants say " he is a counterfeit".  1687
LA575 Thomas MILLNES Constable of Chesterfield presents; Charles DICKENS Roman Catholic.  1698
LA595 Thomas MILLNES Constable of Chesterfield presents Charles DIXSON Papist.  Jul 1698
LA1161 Sarah SIDDELL of Hasland pregnant. Claims Robert ADLINGTON is father. 1772
LA1163 Sarah SIDDON (sic) Hasland threatened by Robert ADLINGTON and Jonathan ADLINGTON if she did not father a child. 1772
LA1178 John CARTER High Constable states the House of Correction for Chesterfield is unfit for the safe confinement of prisoners. 1780
LA1193 John BAKER 46 Apprenticed to Peter BRYAN St Sepulchre, London, married Joice KEYS at Chesterfield,she now dec., has Elizabeth, Charles, Joice. 1786
LA1139 Elizabeth WAIN  knocked down near Spital Hill by Elias LOWE. 1761
LA1154 James SMITH apprehended Chesterfield to be removed to Whitby, Yks. 1772
LA1190 Henry GOODWIN stealing from Paul WEBSTER tanyard Chesterfield. Accomplices John HUDSON, Richard GOODWIN, William GREGORY. Hides hidden in John BROCKSOPP barn at Stretton Hall. 1785
LA1191 John HUDSON stealing hides from Paul BROCKSOPP of Chesterfield.  1785
LA1181 James HEATH Deserter 43rd Rgt Foot in House of Correction in Chesterfield saw William DAVIDSON steal four geese from Bartholomew WEBSTER of Newbold. Matthew MYCOCK of Hemsworth Yks had three geese, DAVIDSON the other. 1782
Thomas NIXSON of Chesterfield attends court having been accused by Edward CARRADINE who fails to appear. 1683 1/8/2/14
George MOWER a poor inhabitant of Calow p.Chesterfield petitions that he might erect a cottage upon waste on the west side of Calow Hall.. Granted  1683  1/8/3/6
LA182 Nicholas WORTH of Chesterfield lab ,red carsey found in his house, saith he had it of Roger KINDER late servant to William DUCKMANTON dyer of Chesterfield. Brought it of KINDER at a barn where KINDER was threshing half am ile from Chesterfield. On his way with a brother of his who lived at Wirksworth. KINDER said the cloth would make his wife a wascote. Brought it for 18d. Roger KINDER denies selling.
Ann dau of Nicholas WORTH 15 yrs old remembers her father bringing a white carsey into the house, mother sold it to widdow MANIFOLD. Father said he brought it of Roger KINDER and was to give him 18d for it within one week and payd KINDER for it, this informant being present.  1650
Note in the "Town Book" that Anthony BEALOTT to John LINGARD  Bond to bear ye County harmelss from William SPARKS and wife. Lodged in Wiliam CARRINGTON hand. n.d. V41/11/44 (This may be refering to a Settlement Bond, therefore pre 1700, however as it is not dated and gives no further evidence it may be refering to some type of misconduct).

Alice TWIST ordered to be removed from House of Correction Her 12m for her lewdness having had a bastard child served. 1682 1/8/1/5
Edward BAND   removal to Longford  1682  1/8/1/99
Alice TWIST Church Broughton to receive 6d weekly 1/8/2/2
Edward BOND appeal by Church Broughton that BOND be settled at Longford.  1683  1/8/2/16
Alice TWIST of Church Broughton to receive 1/- weekly until Overseers provide habitation for her.  1683  1/8/3/2

LA/1 William WAKELYN of Linton to keep the Peace with John KELYNG? 1562

CODNOR Law and Order
LA180 Grace BRUNT of Codnor, spinster for stealing a handkerchief with money in it from John BOWMER of Derby. Confessed she lived at John MAUNSFIELD at Derby where BOWMER and others were. She gave her mother cake wrapped in a handkerchief but can't say it was BOWMERS. Her mother Alice BRUNT endeavoured to hide it from John BOWMER and John STAFFORD. Later offered 20/- to let it pass.  1650  
Ellinor CARRINGTON of Codnor to receive 1/- a week relief  1682  1/8/2/3
CRICH Law and Order
LA/24/2 William BOWLER Constable of Crich presents William MEACOCKE, Francis BUXTON, Henry BUXTON, Robert IBBERSON and Elizabeth IBBERSON his wife, Margery SMITH the wife of George SMITH absent from the Parish Church. 17th C
LA36 Edward CHEETHAM younger of Wheatcroft examination, charged by Robert WILCOCKSON of Wheatcroft of taking two handkerchief, falling band of cambric with a lase upon it, two parcells of ribbon. Edward CHEETHAM "confirmeth that he went there to play with the children but did not take any other goods other than one handkerchief one coyle and ribbon". 1633/4
LA39a Richard BEADEN or BEADEW Constable of Crich presents Robert IBBERSON and Elizabeth his wife absent from church. Jerman CHEETHAM and William LITTLEWOOD brewing ale without a licence.
Thomas SMITH for denying selling ale outside his house to his neighbours. 1634
LA1150 William ARMITAGE says that Thomas NEWTON stole wheat from his masters barn at Wessington 1771
LA1151 Thomas NEWTON stealing from Mr KENDALL barn, Lindwaylane. 1771  
LA406 Bridget CHETHAM Tansley widow, asks for money left in Ralph SOUTERS hand for the servitude of the towne, their being no pson of JOHNSONS relations that claimes it.  c.1689
Elizabeth HOPKINSON  of Crich? ,delivered of a  female bastard born.   Richard HUSSEY of Shirland father. 1682  1/8/1/2 
George WOOD of Wakebridge, p. Crich owning land next to Darley Bridge be allowed to floyter against his ground where the cut is made so by such floytering the ground on the west end of the said bridge nor the said bridge bee damnyfied and waste.  1683  1/8/3/3
CUBLEY Law and Order
LA896 Daniel COPESTAKE Constable reports that John HALL shoemaker and Joan HALL wife being Popish recusants.  1725
LA696 Thomas CHRICHLY Constable of Cubley presents John HALL and Joan HALL his wife Popish recusants.  1707
LA567 Thomas CRITCHLY Constable of Cubley presents; Jo: HALL and Joane HALL his wife Popish recusants.  1698

DALBURY Law and Order
LA64 George BRADBURY of Dalbury Lees, certificate, a soldier.  1689  
LA991 Henry MAULTON seeking land on which to erect a house.   1737
LA992 Churchwardens request to Dame Elizabeth SLEIGH seeking land for Henry MAULTON to build cottage 1737 
LA993 Elizabeth SLEIGH consent for Henry MAULTON to build cottage. 1737

DALE ABBEY Law and Order
 LA415 Joseph OSBORNE Constable Dale Abbey presents Richard NEEDHAM, Peeter WALDRON, John SPUR? William SHA as Popish recusants.  1689
LA872 William COOKE Constable of Dale Abbey presents Robert NEEDHAM Papish recusant.  1722/3

DARLEY DALE Law and Order
LA43c Robert NALL  a popish recusant for being absent from Church.  1634
LA85 Matthew BAGSHAWE petition to build a house in Darley ( does not state if this is Darley Dale or Darley Abbey.) 1639
LA364 George HALL of Windsley ( Wensley ?) aged 64 and upwards. Wife "cold palsie", child lame by working in "grooves". c.1683 
LA407 Dorothy CARELESS Darley widow, husband decd.  three young children, eldest seven, youngest a suckling child very sick.  1689
LA421 John WILD Constable of Darley presents; Dorothy TAYLOR wife of Henry TAYLOR, Francis BENTLY and Mary BENTLY his wife, Eleanor SOESBY (SORSEBY?) Dorothy TAYLOR widow , John SUPPER and Mary SUPPER his wife all Quakers, Richard MILNER Darley, John BROUNT Over Haddon ,John HEYDEN Darley badgers, David WALL baker not serving an apprenticeship according to Statute.  1689
LA521a John HOLMES  of Wensley,horse damaged 1695/6
LA521b Robert WRAGG of Wensley re John HOLMES horse 1695/6.
LA521c Godfrey WARDE Darley did not harm John HOLMES horse   1695/6
LA632 George GLADWIN petition for repayment of money paid towards Scots Army.  n.d. 
LA931a Elizabeth SHAW Wensley midwife, regarding father of Elizabeth TISSINGTON bastard child  1726
LA931b Mary TURNER of Darley regarding William MARTIN being the father of Elizabeth TISSINGTON child 1726
LA931c Hannah CLEATON of Darley regarding father of Elizabeth TiSSINGTON bastard child 1726
LA374 Frances WATSON, widow  "hath but four persons in her family not so great an object of charity as others". Signed by Thomas MOSELEY Rector of Darley, Peter BARBER, William PARKER, Thomas STATHAM, John WILDE, George BESTALL?, James HARD? (HURD?) Benjamin TWIGGE, Fras. BADSLEY, John HOGDON, John BADSLEY, Henry TAYLOR, Fras. MAY  1683/4
Robert TISSINGTON, wife and child removed from Wensley to Ashover  1683  1/8/2/6
DENBY Law and Order
LA/30 Examination of William ROLLINSON of Denbigh (Denby) "naylor" concerning two geese taken from Thomas JOHNSON cloases at Loscoe. "he took said geese. .. and carryed them to his house at Denbigh abovesaid and boyled them" 1633
LA34 Daniel HOLLANDE , nailer. stealing. 1634
LA362 Richard COX, Denby  states Overseers were to provide house, none provided so they went into a stable from the cold and rain. Thomas LANCASTER Churchwarden, Mr LOW, John WESTON, Samuel OLDKNOW broke open the door and threw his daughter out, threw his wife upon stones, "and left her upon a muckhill" . Complained of pain in her breast and bruising. Petitioner while outside the stable made a fire to keep warm, several persons threw water upon it, and terrified petitioner and wife. Wife died eighteen days later. c1683. 
Ann SNELL of Denby to receive 1/- relief weekly  1683  1/8/2/1 
Richard COX now in prison, when at liberty earned 7/- a week, asks for maintenance of his wife Ellen and four children 1683 1/8/2/9
DERBY Law and Order
Examination of Thomas BLUDWORTH (BLOODWORTH) als LACYE (LACEY) charges with stealing linen from Thomas LEVINGE of Borough of Derby Gent. Mentions Anne wife of William BLUDWORTH (father to Thomas ) Received four pennies which he "bestoweth of white bread 2d at the Smithy House in Marton (Markeaton?) 1d at Thomas WALKERS in Quorn (Quorndon?) and 1d at Richard SHEPPARDS at Kedleston Park Corner being an alehouse. Ann BLUDWORTH gave him a bag to steal some goods. 1643
LA1094 Mary KINSEY of Little Chester pregnant. says Sampson STUBBS late servant to Mr WARD of Chester* is the father  1758 (* this may be referring to Little Chester or Chester, Cheshire. It is not made clear.)
LA113 Thomas DAYNTON late of North Cerney, Gloucs.  for taking shoes of Edward WAST of Derby  1649
LA116 Edward WAST information . 1649
LA117 Henry MORRIS late of Derby  stealing shirt of Henry BRAKELEY of Horsley Park  1649/50
LA1043 John WEBSTER of Derby stole hay from Litchurch belonging to Mrs SAYWELL (SEAWELL). Seen by Joseph BURTON  1742
LA1044 Joseph LONG Ostler to Mrs SEAWELL Innholder, saw John WEBSTER take hay. WEBSTER said he would pay him a shilling if he kept quiet.  1742
LA1052 Lidia MEE of Little Eaton, Derby St Alkmund says that Samuel CHESHIRE of Derby is father of her child.  1744
William STORER, wife and five small children.  removal from Derby St Alkmund to Hilton p.Marston on Dove.  1682 1/8/1/6
Ann WRIGHT of Litchurch to receive 2/- a week   1682  1/8/2/1
Gabriel BUTLER baker of the prisoners bread to be discharged and Thomas MEE baker of Derby St Peter be admitted.  1683  1/8/2/13
Thomas MEE prison baker, bread not so wholesome as former bakers, John PIGGIN baker to join him. 1683  1/8/3/8

LA1034 John BRYARS cooper son of William BRYARS bound apprentice in St Botolph without Aldgate, London, fathers Settlement Certificate from St Botolphs to Derby St Werburgh for him, wife Jane, James, Margaret, Elizabeth. John BRYARS married to Katherine, son 6m married in London.  1740

DORE Law and Order
LA909 Henry DALTON Constable reports that Anthony SYDDERLL (SIDDALL ?) , Robert MARSHALL are reputed Papists. 1725
LA1084 Isaac REEDS of Totley bought two sheets of lead from William  ROWBOTHAM of Totley. Says ROWBOTHAM disappeared for a while, (they were about 200 yards from the cupola of Alexander BARKER and Partners) when he brought him the lead.  1756

DOVERIDGE Law and Order
LA1180 William BICKERTON of Doveridge stole wheat from Samuel EMERY barn at Doveridge.  1782
LA367 Richard SAVAGE, Henry LEES, Richard WYLD and his wife Rachel, John HEWITT all of Doveridge petition that their children be put to apprenticeship. A son of SAVAGE, two sons of LEES, a dau of Richard WYLD  a dau of his wife Rachel by a former husband and a son of HEWITT.  C.1683
DRONFIELD Law and Order
LA61 Examination of John BOARE of Dronfield that he found a silver whistle and sold it. 1638
LA905 William YOUNG Constable reports that Vincent EYRE, Ignatious WOMACKE, William STEEL are reputed Papists. 1725 
LA1341 William MORRISON seeks accommodation.  c1680
LA1353 Thomas GREENWOODE seeking repayment for parish expenses. c 1650
LA1048 Godfrey WOLSTENHOLME says he found two geese stolen from his Master Richard MILNES at Chesterfield Market. Brought one from Ann STIMSON of Great Barlow and the other a Mr WHEELDON of Chesterfield had got from STIMSON  1744 
LA891 William GERDOM Constable of Dronfield presents Vincent EYRE, Ignatius WOMACKE, William STEEL  Papists 1725/6
Thomas WARRADIN Cold Aston to receive 1/- a week. 1682  1/8/2/3
Thomas WARRADIN  of Cold Aston to receive 1/- a week relief.  1682 1/8/2/3
DUFFIELD Law and Order
LA38 John TOLL of Heage, husbandman, concerning the lewd behaviour of Jane MOSSE spinster. Says that on Dec 23 last going to seek Randle WHITTACER (WHITTAKER) of Heage, had evidence he was in a house in Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. Found Randle WHITTAKER in bed with Jane MOSSE, asked why he was in bed with her... 1633
LA55a Information of John LEVERACKE of Turnditch who met William DEACON of Bealy? (Belper?) carrying away oak wood, goods of Mr SYDNAMES. 1634
LA55b Examination of William DEACON of Bealp? labourer. Took four "peeces" of wood but threw it down of his mares back and left it "behynde him". .. 1634
LA64 Francis WEBSTER of Belper, tailor, accused of stealing three geese. 1638
LA66a  Richard GIBSON Bargate, information regarding stolen iron  1638
LA66b  William BLACKWELL Thirdborough  of Duffield re geese stolen by Francis WEBSTER of Belper 1638
LA111a Thomas SANDHURST ? charged with stealing oats off William DEACON of Belper 1649
LA111b Elizabeth DEACON wife of William DEACON info re Thomas SANDHURST? 1649
LA112a John JENNY Shottle, lab stealing oats of Gregory SADLER Shottle 1649
LA112b Gregory SADLER re John JENNY 1649 
LA112c Sampson BRAMLEY Shottle info re John JENNY 1649
LA112d William LEES of Hazlewood info re John JENNY 1649
LA112e William JOHNSON of Hazelwood re John JENNY of Shottle and theft 1649
LA371 Elizabeth CHANDLER, Belper, three small children, "she hath a longe fit of sicknesse" c.1683/4
LA372 Frances STREET, Belper widow, two children,"sold her bedding peuter and brass has a fuew cushons". c.1683/4
LA431 Thomas POYZER Morley Park p.Duffield re theft from house and confession by Joseph BROTHERS 1693
la433 Thomas WALKER of Heage re Joseph PLATHER ? ( BROTHER) of Morley Park 1693
LA496 Samuel PEATE of Hazelwood, theft. 1694
LA705 Hannah LEES states that John HEATH knelt on her and threatened to burn her. 1713
LA878 John SOWTER aged 67, Sarah wife, nine children.( belongs to Duffield ?) who was removed to Derby St Peter by Certificate now in great want and poverty , likely to perish to death.  c.1723
LA1032 John CHAPMAN apprehended in Duffield with two children begging by Robert HILLARD of Duffield. Born Trinity, York, Yks.  1740
LA1033 John CHAPMAN, Elizabeth, Mary removed as rogues and vagabonds from Duffield to Trinity, York, Yks. 1740
LA1114 Martha DRAKE of Belper saw Winifred BIRKIN in parlour of George BUXTON house and took caps from a chest of drawers 1765
LA1115 Winifred BIRKIN took three caps from Charles BUXTON house at Belper and took them to her father in law Richard MILLWARD. Found there by Charles BRIGGS and Charles BUXTON.  1765  
LA1136 Thomas ALSOP assaulted under a "shower of stones and dirt " at home at Heage by William CALADINE, Joseph CALADINE, both of Heage, Moses CALADINE of Pentrich and Samuel LINAM of Heage.  1768
LA1042 Joseph SIMPSON has lived in Belper where his fathers Legal Settlement was.  1742 
LA1121 Thomas BLAND of Heage states that William WILSON produced a petition signed by several respectable men to relieve WILSON and which had on it three seals. As a result WILSON had been very plentifully relieved at and about Duffield 1766 
LA1125 William BENTHAM alias William WILSON born Gisburn, Yks. Apprenticed at Long Preston, Yks. moved to Rotherham,Yks. came to Heage.Had letter with names of Rev M GIFFARD and Mr COPE of Duffield claiming they had given him money. Apprehended by Thomas LINAM of Heage who set him at liberty for two shillings and ninepence. Retaken by David RIDGE of Heage. 1766  
LA1218 John DUFFIELD of Turnditch,re sheep stealing by Richard AWKINS of Idridgehay 1647/8 
LA1225a John MELLOR webster of Belper examination on suspicion of being a felon 1650/1
LA1225b William HALL of Belper re suspicion of being a felon. 1650/1
LA1226 Quarter Sessions order for Ellin STOPPARD and Mary STOPPARD of Heage to answer information by John SIMS 1650   
LA1235 Anne BEARDSLEY Belper accused of stealing sheep from Richard BINGS of Belper 1650/1
LA1236 Robert SUMMERS late of Duffield denies theft of sheep of Edward ALLEN of Alderwasley 1651
LA1264 John HILL of Duffield re William MORTON of Duffield stealing lamb 1693
LA1367 Hannah HARRISON of Windley Hill, seeks relief.  n.d.  
LA1374 Katherine STATHAM widow, of Hazelwood, seeking relief.  n.d.
LA1380 Mary PORTER widow, of Belper seeks relief  n.d.
LA1387 Francis HARRISON of Belper re theft of wood. 17thC?
Luke MORTON and wife   removal from Shottle and Postern to Toadmire, Heage. 1682  1/8/1/2
William SHORE and wife  removal from Shottle to Belper.  1682  1/8/1/3
Anne wife of Francis JACKSON of Belper to receive one penny a day in bread. 1682  1/8/2/1 
Sarah ALLISBROOK of Windly to receive 6d a week. 1682  1/8/2/1
Luke MORTON removed from Shottle to Heage has now returned. To be sent back to Heage upon sight. 1683  1/8/2/11
Martha JOHNSON of Belper the father of her bastard child having run away, she is to spend one year in the House of Correction for her lewdness.  1/8/2/17
Anne WHITE wife of John WHITE of Postern in 1681 received 9d weekly by reason "of her husbands hardy usage of her". Relief to continue.  1683   1/8/3/1
Mr Reginald PINDER of Duffield re levies to be made by freeholders of Windley  1683  1/8/3/5
Thomas WHEATCROFT of Duffield states he was forced by the inhabitants to maintain a child of Edward PARKER who is either dead or ran away, he being the child's Uncle. Parish to pay Thomas 8d toward maintenance. 1683  1/8/3/12
John JOHNSON late of Belper now a prisoner seeks relief for wife Sarah and children.  1683   1/8/3/12
Samson BRAMLEY of Duffield to receive 1/- a week relief.  1683  1/8/3/13
Richard REDFERNE jnr son of Richard REDFERNE snr of Duffield did beget Elizabeth BARTON of a bastard child then ran away .Richard REDFERNE snr to pay 6d weekly on behalf of his son.  1683  1/8/3/17   
Ann WHITE to receive 9d weekly from her husband John WHITE of Postern, he has the ability to do so. A refractory man, who shows contempt of court. Warrant to be issued for him to answer why he refuses to pay.   1683  1/8/3/18

DURHAM Law and Order
LA1100 Diana LONG widow of Walter LONG late a soldier. Husbands legal Settlement Stockton, Bishopric of Durham  1759

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 Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
 SE8 John ARCHER 1750.