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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer


ALFRETON Law and Order
LA498 William LIMB re theft of his money.  1694 
LA988 Francis ALLKIN seeking ground at Swanwick Delves for cottage. 1734
LA989 Court order allowing Francis ALLKIN to build a cottage 1734
LA1145  William TURTON rogue and vagabond. Legal settlement Alfreton. Left his wife two yrs ago at Riddings. Claims he wrote twice and once sent her a guinea. Found by Officers of Alfreton at a village near Montgomery, Wales. 1770
LA1133 John GLADWIN broke into shop of Joseph GREAVES and Nathaniel RICHARDSON of Alfreton and stole shoes. 1768
LA1135 Joseph GREAVES (signs GRAVE) states someone stole a pair of shoes. John GLADDING apprentice to John COX seen coming from Thomas ADINGS hay mow at Alfreton. William STANHOPE of Alfreton went on top of hay and found a pair of shoes. 1768
LA1189 Samuel SALES of Alfreton at instigation of William DAWS and Mary SINGLETON robbed William MACHIN Somercotes, William RADFORD, Mr GREGORY, Joseph ROBINSON, Samuel STAINROD, Joseph BARLOW and Joseph DAWS.  1785
LA880 John DOWNES of Alfreton to answer charge of getting Jane CROWSHAW wife of Benajmin CROWSHAW late of Sheffield,Yks pregnant. c.1722
John TURNER of Swanwick appears in court as result of prosecution brought by Mary TURNER who is to appear at the next sessions.  1683   1/8/3/3

ALSOP EN LE DALE Law and Order
LA397 William BALL of Alsop and Eaton, came to Parwich to stay with his lame sister. Parwich inhabitants want him removed. Took up work with Raphe JOHNSON at Ballidon p.Bradbourne, though work in Alsop en le Dale.  1689 

LA1097 William RIGGLEY Constable presents Robert PARKINSON "for entertaining vaggabonds and stroulers".   1757

ASHBOURNE Law and Order
LA24/4 Nicholas COAPE (COPE) Constable for Clifton and Compton presents Henry BUXTON "for misorderlie housekeepinge", Ellen GRIFFIN for brewing without Licence.17thC
LA107 Richard BENNET  has recieved no payment for poor child in his care.  1648/9
LA108 Francis FERNIHOUGH  re theft of nine pence.  1648
LA109 Robert WHEELDON of Compton, accused of stealing nine pence  as above 1648
LA779 Sara WALLIS  of Ashbourne seeking relief  1720
LA903 Francis LOMAS and Edward HIBBERT ?  Constables of Ashbourne report that   (Nicklos) Nicholas MILLNHOUSE and Ann MILLNHOUSE his wife, Ed. PEGG and his wife, William BAGNALL and his wife, Ann BURCH, Mr MORILL, Robert SHELDON  are reputed Papists.  1725
LA1021 Richard WALKER and Samuel AULTS  killing geese.  1740 
LA1054 John WALKER and Thomas LITTON Constables of Ashbourne present Ann MILLHOUSE widow, Edward PEGG and wife, Thomas MILLHOUSE, Daniel HARVEY, Richard RUDGE, Jane BRAMBLEY wife of John BRAMBLEY, Isabella MILLHOUSE, Frances PEGG as Papist or so reputed.  1744
LA1079 Henry DYER examination as to Legal Settlement 1756
LA1080 Henry DYER order for conveyance to Bishopshow, Wilts. 1756 
LA1113 Brooksbank WORRALL of Ealand, Yks. Born Halifax, Yks. Apprehended Ashbourne for robbing garden of John MILLINGTON of Hognaston. Apprenticed to Robert WHITLEY Bingley, Yks. Sent to gaol WRY for debt, judgment obtained by Mary BROOK of Greatland.  Set up business as a horse catcher. had John HALLAM as servant, Joseph HARPUR Eland, John WILLIE ,Richard JESSEY Ealand. 1763
LA1371 William CANTRELL seeks relief.  n.d
LA1079 Henry DYER rogue and vagabond, born Bishopstrow, Wilts.  1756
LA1080 Henry DYER  apprehended in Ashbourne begging. removed to Bishopstrow, Wilts. 1756
LA1041a Jeremy CANTRELL of Compton that John BASFORD came to his house to buy ale, then sold him a pot of butter, stated he got it from his brother Benjamin BASFORD. 1742
LA1041b Samuel BOWLER says a pot of butter was stolen from Mr GROVES brewhouse where Mr PARTRIDGES goods from London came. Mr PARTRIDGE, Mr BOWLER went to Compton, John BASFORD admitted he took it.  1742
LA370 Christopher BRIDDON cripple once received 12d now only get 4d. Wife cannot support both of them. c.1683
LA387 William PARKER, Elizabeth PARKER, Mary PARKER Sturston one side of Compton, recently buried parents. Poor.  1684
LA877 John LONGDEN and Job PEACOCK Constables of Ashbourne present Nickolas MILLNHOUSE and Ann his wife, Edward PEG and his wife, Ann BURCH wife of William BURCH taylor, Eales BOYLSON   Papists.  1722/3
Philip MILWARD removal Sturston to Widdington p.Bloor, Staffs. 1682   1/8/1/3
Margaret ATTLEBOROUGH to be paid 1/- weekly by Overseer of Compton  1682  1/8/1/9
William HEATH of Ashbourne to answer charges why he did  not attend church for the space of a month. To be returned in Custody without Bayle to appear at Court  c1682/3?  1/8/4/2
Hugh KEELING having been ordered to be removed from Compton to Trusley to remain in Compton until appeal. 1682/3?  1/8/4/6
ASHOVER Law and Order
LA102 Thomas HOLLINGWORTH, mason, information of Philip STUBBIN, Adam COWLISHAWE accused of stealing linen.  1648
LA626a William HIBBERD information against Richard DAKIN of Ashover for swearing oath  1651
LA626b John SPENCER testimony against Richard DAKIN of Ashover 1651
LA1253 Mary YATES of Milltown re mutton in William CANTRELL house. 1665
ASTON ON TRENT Law and Order
LA1047 Joseph SEVERN servant to Master ROLLESTON Clerk of Aston; re spoon taken by John SMITH a miller. 1748
BAKEWELL Law and Order
LA/6 List of drovers in Bakewell Township
Edward BUXTON drover
John RENSHAW badger
Job CLIFFE swaler and badger
Undated, but 1725 on reverse.
LA43a We present Anthony WRIGHT a "sturdie beggar taken in the township of Bakewell also Roger KINGE, John HARDIE, all whipped and sent awaie according to law". 1634
LA1173 William DEBANK born Sutton Scarsdale, apprenticed to John SWIFT, Chesterfield, James GENN Sheffield, Yks butcher, then lived with Uncle John DEBANK at Cromford, went to Middleton by Wirksworth with his father. Hired gamekeepr to Philip GELL and later to Nigel GRESLEY at Drakelow. Intention to have him removed from Bakewell to Stainsby,p. (Ault) Hucknall.  1778
LA423 Robert PIDCOCKE Constable of Bakewell presents Rowland EYRE and Steven EYRE Popish recusants, Richard STAFFORD and his wife, reputed anabaptists, John CLARE for a dissenter, John HEATHCOATE Snr for a grayzier, Bartholomey STALEY, a badger 1689
LA373 John PLATTS Bakewell, three score and sixteen years. Only receives sixpence ,"may have sumthinge more weekly towards kipinge us a live"  c.1683/4
John STAFFORD of Bakewell to receive 1/- until his sister placed as apprentice.  1683  1/8/2/18
Samuel NAYLOR of Bakewell  to receive 6d weekly for him and his family. 1683  1/8/2/18
Grace SWIFT to be paid two shillings weekly  1682/3?  1/8/3/2
GRACE SWYFT of Alport widow. last court order to be paid two shillings weekly, that she lived in Darley parish but lived in the parish of Bakewell.Bakewell to continue payment. John BUXTON Overseer of Youlgreave took compassion on her 24 weeks at one shilling, coals and repair of cottage. Parish of Darley refused to pay.  1682/3?  1/8/3/16
Richard SAUNDERSON to be paid 6d weekly by Overseer of Bakewell  c.1682/3   1/8/4/10
Cicily WINLOE to be paid 2/4 weekly by Overseer of Bakewell  1682/3?    1/8/4/10
LAQ16 George WRIGHT Barlborough to keep peace with Robert COUPE Bolsover 1825
LA96 Henry HARRISON sacks of malt stolen.   1648/9
LA1092 Mary WATSON vagabond says her Settlement is at Barlborough. 1757 
LA906 George LIMBE Constabe reports that John BOWDEN is a reputed Papist. (nb this cover both Barlborough and Whitwell, does not state where John BOWDEN is from. ) 1725
LA1065 Francis BOWER Rector of Barlborough says that Thomas JOWALL said his maid was a whore. BOWER claims JOWALL and James ? WRIGHT are two dangerous sturdy beggars. 1752 
LA1066 James WRIGHT born Cragy ? Ireland. Came to England sixteen yrs ago, went to London, enlisted Col Thomas HOPSON Rgt. Discharged Chiboucton Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada, came to England making spoons selling hardware. Came to Barlborough with Thomas JOWALL and had some words between his companion and rectors servant. 1752
LA1067 Thomas JOWALL born Essex. Apprenticed to Robert ALLINSON Minories Goldsmith. Set out from London to Scotland. Called at Rectors house did not get anything given so went away. 1752
LA1074 Ann THOMPSON widow apprehended Barlborough. Widow of James THOMPSON late of Anwick, Cumberland.  1755
LA1092 Mary WATSON vagabond, wife of William WATSON soldier, who told her is legal Settlement was at Barlborough Two children, Ann and Elizabeth.  1757
LA596 Robert NEATBY Constable of Barlborough presents Henry BALDEN, Kathrine COZEN, John JOHNSON, Mary FEEPOUND, George GEE, Ann CORKER, Nich. LENTHALL, Samuel CHEETHAM Papists.  1698 
LA579 Robert NEATBY Constable of Barlborough presents Henry BALDEN, Katherine COSEN, Anne WILLOBY, John JOHNSON and Mary JOHNSON his wife, Mary FEEPOUND. George GEE, Mary FISHER, Anne CORKER, Nich. LENTHALL, Elizabeth BUTCHER, Samuel CHEETHAM and Mary CHEETHAM his wife.  1698
BARLOW Law and Order
LA185 Elizabeth KEY bastard child.  William ALLEN of Chesterfield, father of child.  1651
George WOODHOUSE elder, of Barlow to receive 2/- weekly relief. 1683  1/2/2/5
LA35 Ann FOSTER and Helen JOHNSON vagrant women, taking a linen cloak from the hedge of Robert HEGGE of Sinfin. 1633
LA689 John GLOVER of Barrow says that while he was away Jeremiah BUERSALL labourer and George ROBERTS of Derby came to informants house claiming to have two distresses in the names of Michael BOSTOCK and James HARRIS. They began taking goods away, when informants wife resisted she was struck by BUERSALL.  1707
LA1039 Elner HALL late servant to Roger WHARTON of Barton, Dbys. stole wheat and a hen from his barn. Elizabeth HARRISON of Ashbourne says she went into Roger WHARTON barn and took wheat and hen  1741
LA1040 Henry KENT of Hungry Bentley p. Longford says his wife told him that "by the light of the moon" she saw two women passing by her house carrying a bag. KENT found on them a hen and wheat.  1741
LA566 Robert WHARTON Constable of Barton presents Elizabeth WIDON  Popish recusant. 1698
BASLOW Law and Order
LA33a John WHITE Constable of Baslow presents as recusants Randle BROOKE of Hassop yeoman, Henry TOWNROE (TOWNROW) Hassop husbandman, Prudence EYRE wife of Thomas EYRE of Hassop. 1634
LA425 Thomas HEATON Constable of Baslow presents; Rowland EYRE of Hassop and Elizabeth EYRE hs wife, Charles BAKER and Richard HARRD ( HAROD,HEROD?) , Nicolis SHELDON Hassop and Dorothy SHELDON his wife, William HARRISON of Hassop, George TOWNEND of Hassop, Joseph HALL of Hassop, Ralph FROST of Calver and Sarah his wife, Susanna COLLIER of Calver widow, reputed Papists.
George ELLIS of Corber, reputed Quaker.
Robert JAYWITT ( JEWITT ?)  of Froggatt a reputed anabaptist.
James GREGORIE of Calver and Thomas HOLE of Corber   swalers   1689
LA572 John RAGGE Constable of Baslow presents; Charles BAKER and Catherine BAKER his wife of Hassop , Ralph FROST and Sarah FROST his wife, Susana COLLIER all of Calver, Roman Catholics.  1698
LA675 John RAGGE Constable of Baslow presents; Charles BAKER and Catherine BAKER his wife, Ralph FROST and Sarah FROST his wife, Anthony OLIVER and Ann OLIVER his wife Roman Catholics. 1702/3
LA684 John RAGGE Constable of Baslow presents; Rowland EYRE of Hassop and Elizabeth EYRE his wife, Charles BAKER and Katherine BAKER his wife, Ralph FROST and Sarah FROST his wife, Susanna COLLIER of Calver, Anthony OLIVER and Katherine OLIVER his wife of Froggatt Roman Catholics.  1703
LA699 Robert MARPLE Constable of Baslow presents; Charles BAKER and Katherine BAKER his wife, of Calver .Catholics. 1707
LA886 Chris. BOLER Constable for Balow presents Charles BAKER, Jno BLAND jnr., Thomas FROST  Papists. 1723
LA980 Robert BAKER and John BLAND being reputed Papists been absent from Church .Presentment of  William KITCHIN Constable of Baslow   1731/2
LA901 Ralphe HAGUE Constable reports Rowland Eyre Esq, Charles BAKER, Michael SHERRATT, Thomas FROST, John BALND reputed Papists. 1725
BEIGHTON Law and Order
LA84a Epiphanius SCALES information re stolen geese  1638/9
LA84c Francis OXESPRINGE  information re geese 1638/9

BLACKWELL Law and Order
LA1128 George Bartholomew BARTLAM late of Madeley ,Shropshire, married Elizabeth CHAPMAN at Blackwell, then married Elizabeth HOOPER of Stockton, Shropshire while first wife still married 1767
LA1129 George Bartholomew BARTLAM confesses to bigamy 1767

BOLSOVER Law and Order
LA28 Examination off Richard SIDDOWNE of Glapwell, labourer concerning the taking of "corne from the barne" of Robert WOOLHOUSE (recently dec.) at Glapwell. Mentions Thomas WOOLHOUSE eldest son of Robert and John WOOLHOUSE Clerk, Executor n.d. 17th C.
LA91 John ALWOOD refuses to pay taxes etc.  1639
LA133 Petition for the removal of William ALCOCKE ,wife and children to Clowne. n.d. 17thC.
LA1025 Diana TURNER, her female bastard daughter, the father is Ambrose ARMSTRONG servant of CHARLESWORTH of Bolsover  1740
LA892 John CHARLESWORTH Constable for Bolsover and Clowne  presents Thomas STORNLY ? Papist. 1725/6
LA392 William GODLY Bolsover "destroying hares and fesants".  1687
LA577 Henry WARWICK Constable of Bolsover, presents: Anne HIDES widow, Elizabeth SHEPARD, Elizabeth TOMPKIN Roman Catholics.  1698
LA597 Henry WARWICK Constable of Bolsover presents Anne HIDS Papist 1698  
LA621 Edward SALTER Constable of Bolsover presents Anne HIDES widow, Elizabeth SHEPARD, Elizabeth TOMPKING  Roman Catholics  1698/9
BONSALL Law and Order
LA42d George BEASTALL Constable of Bonsall presents Ann SMITH for wandering. 1634
LA376 Bridghit WILLD (WILD)  Bonsall, poor widow, impodent,sight "fealeinge her". c.1683/4
LA377 Frances KIRK Bonsall, "pore" widow, very aged. c/1683/4
LA398 John RAGG lab. destitute of habitation , with his dau. whose husband and son have gone to be soldiers.  1689
Anthony ABELL of Bonsall appointed Constable, but having taken on the office of Churchwarden Thomas CHAPMAN to continue as Constable  1683 1/8/2/11
Nicholas ALLEN  and wife removed from Bonsall to Darley 1683  1/8/2/12
Ellin HILL removed from Bonsall to Atlow  1683  1/8/2/12
BOYLESTONE Law and Order
LA582 Thomas COPE Constable of Boylestone presents George HARPER brewing ale without a licence. 1698

BRADBOURNE Law and Order
LA42c Thomas SLACK Constable of Ballidon presents John HARDIE and Edward MAPLEBIE wandering. "I punished them according to law". 1634
LA403 Mary POTT Ballington ( Ballidon) widow, five children. Pawned and sold all that small substance which her husband left her decd of.  c.1689
BRADLEY Law and Order
LA895 George COOPER Constable ; Margaret PEGGE widow is a Popish recusant  1725
LA562 Jos: TOMLISSON, Constable of Bradley presents; Charles PEGG, Charles WHITNALL  Popish recusants.  1698

BRAILSFORD Law and Order
LAQ8 Robert MORLEY Ednaston,p. Brailsford to answer for a misdemeanour preferred against him by James PERKINS
LAQ9 James PERKINS of Hoxton, St Leonards, Shoreditch London, Agent to the London and Manchester Can Association, concerning indictment against Robert MORLEY of Ednaston, p.Brailsford butcher, for a misdemeanour. Samuel NORWOOD and Samuel RIDE also to testify. 1825
LA1091 Ralph PEDLEY snr Brailsford Common states that Roger TUNNICLIFF son in law of Ralph met with Ralph PEDLEY jnr who without any provocation threatened to destroy him. Ralph PEDLEY snr stepped in and Ralph PEDLEY jnr broke his arm with a fork.  1757
LA361 Ruth HURD of Brailsford, now in common goal at Derby.  accused "through malice of neighbours" of burning a barn, Landlord has torn her house down, no where for her child and herself when at liberty.  1683
LA366 George GOULD of Ednaston and Judith GOULD wife, a servant in Ednaston, bought timber to build a house, hindered by some in the parish. Wife recently delivered of two children both now dead. c.1683
LA656 Elizabeth CHAWNER of Brailsford says she has been treated disgraceful by William CHAWNER of Brailsford who called her a separate whore, and bad her go to FAIRFAX and SAUNDERS. That she went to Church to serve the devil.  c.1650's
BRAMPTON Law and Order
LA1108 Alice THOMAS wife of Daniel THOMAS Militia Man in Lincolnshire Militia where he now is. Suddenly taken ill and within twenty minutes gave birth to twins in Brampton. . Husbands Settlement at Nantwich, Cheshire. 1761
LA1086 Henry TRAVIS of Brampton saw William SMITH of Chesterfield force his way into Stoney Nabb House which was secured by lock and chain. Forced door with knee and hands. 1756
LA1088 William HAYS of Walton believes William SMITH and John MARPLES at some time broke into his house at Brampton and "through" goods and belongings onto the common. 1756
Lydia OGLE wife of Thomas OGLE of Cutthorpe states of George HEATHCOTE her son by a former husband, that she was afraid he would do her bodily harm. 1683  1/8/2/12
LA1273d John HODGKINSON of Brassington, re theft by Robert WILSHAW 1694
LA1273e Robert WILSHAW denies stealing wool, which he claims was brought by John PALMER 1694
LA1382 Richard LEE seeks relief for daughter and child.  n.d.
LA100 William WHIELDON re theft of coal, John WRIGHT of Brassington accused  1648/9
LA119 Order to Consatble of Brassington to deliver to John BRIDDON accounts to seehow much BRIDDON has been over assessed.  1648
LA137 Elizabeth BUCLOWE dau of widow BUCLOWE pregnant, by Rowland ALLSOP son of Robert ALLSOPP of Brassington. 1649
LA404 George WOODIWIS Brassington, wife ,three children, lead miner. Petitions for a habitation, expects to be turned out.  c.1689

BREADSALL Law and Order
LA1068 Mary WRIGHT now pregnant.  Samuel PICK of the parish of The Dale had carnal knowledge of her.  1754

BREASTON Law and Order
LA191 William PICK of Breaston charged with fathering a bastard child of Jane JOHNSON Breaston 1651

BURTON ON TRENT Staffs, Law and Order
LA651 Alice CROSS Burton on Trent, Staffs.widow suspected of having carnal knowledge with William POLE? ( or TOOLE ?) of Rosliston, Dbys. widower. "Out of consideration to two poor children did goe and live with him".  1651

  BUXTON Law and Order
LA118 Martha FROST Buxton  for stealing wool belonging to George SCOLES of Middleton, Lancs. 1649/5
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.