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John MANDER Coroner 1761-1769

John MANDER Coroner for Honor of Tutbury and Parcel of Duchy of Lancaster. 1761-1769

3 May 1761 Thomas FERN killed in Mellor by a cart going over him
3 Jun 1761 Samuel WILDGOOSE a lunatick hanged himself in Hackney Lane
3 Jul 1761 Hannah FLINT of Wensley . Murder, but on view of the body by surgeon nothing appeared to authorise a verdict of murder
16 Jul 1761 Thomas STUBBS a lunatick hanged at Fenny Bentley
30 Jul 1761 Rev Dean LANGTON killed by a fall from his horse in Dovedale
17 Sep 1761 William CARRINGTON of Ashton Clough, Glossop killed by a damp in a coal work
17 Sep 1761 Robert MASON at Ridge Top. Killed in assisting to save CARRINGTON
10 Oct 1761 Edward SHORE at Eyam. Killed by falling down rocks in Whetstone
16 Oct 1761 William LEES a boy killed at Matlock Bank by a stone stoop falling on him
3 Apr 1762 a man found dead in the highway in Mellor
15 May 1762 Elizabeth PLATTS Felo de se by poison at Baslow
1 Jun 1762 Robert LINLEY drowned when fishing in the Derwent
1 Jun 1762 Cath; ROBINSON a lunatick who killd herself by stabbing
4 Jun 1762 Edmund FERNELEY New Mills kill'd by falling down a shaft in a coal pit
8 Jun 1762 Richard MILNER at Beeley Hill Top. Killed by timber falling on him
22 Jun 1762 Joseph FLINDERS at Castleton. Killed by a cart going over him
25 Jul 1762 child drowned at Malcalf in Chapel parish.
27 Aug 1762 a man killed in a stone quarry at Nether Foxlow p. Hartington
Jan 1763 a man drowned at Matlock
6 Feb 1763 Mary HOLMES death by accidental drowning (Tideswell ?)
13 Mar 1763 Samuel JOHNSON death by bruises in falling down rocks in the night (Hartington ?)
3 Apr 1763 Ralph WALTON felo de se hanging Carsington
14 Apr 1763 Isaac TITTERTON Lunatick hang'd at Parwich
25 May 1763 Alice WHEELDON found dead in the grounds nr Chatsworth, accidental death.
25 May 1763 Ed SWINSCOE at Wensley. drowned by accident in Derwent at Darley Bridge where is a deep and dangerous hole near the sheep wash.
26 May 1763 bones and clothes of a human body found in a cave in Eyam Dale Verdict. Ignor.
10 Jun 1763 Emanuel GOLLIN natural death
2 Jul 1763 New Mills infant killed by window frame falling on her
1 Sep 1763 Jos HOLMES killed by a fall from a cart Baslow
4 Sep 1763 Mary INNOCENT accidental drowning Matlock
19 Sep 1763 Robert SPENCER cut his throat a lunatick. Ashleyhay.

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.