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John BATEMAN, Coroner from 1762

John BATEMAN seems to have been the Coroner for the Southern half of the County from 1762. Not all Coroners records survive.
There are no Inquest papers. Listed below are some of BATEMANS "visits" to view the body.The early ones carry no cause of death. They are not arranged in totally correct chronological order either.

14 Aug 1762 An Inquisition at Long Eaton on view of the body of Isaac HOOLLEY
30 Aug 1762 Mary PEACH Twyford
12 Sep 1762 John HOLBROOKE Ripley
3 Oct 1762 Daniel BORROWS Stendley (Stanley)
14 Nov 1762 John PEACE Newhall
17 Nov 1762 John HUDSON Willington
31 Dec 1762 John SHEPHERD Burrows
24 Apr 1764 for taking an Inquisition upon view of the body of Joseph HEWLAN a Prisoner for debt in the County Goal.
6 Jan 1763 Benjamin COWLISHAW Denby
8 Feb 1763 John SLATER Makeney
22 Feb 1763 John MARSHALL County Goal
1 Apr 1763 John SHERWIN Dalbury killed by a stroke of a horse.
3 Jun 1763 John HOWETT Caulk, drowned
18 Jun 1763 William KIRK Crich , killed by a fall from a horse
18 Jul 1763 John DAKYN Ravensdale Park , killed by a fall from a ladder
31 Aug 1763 Ann BEER Cropper Top, a Lunatick who drowned herself
6 Sep 1763 Mary WILKINSON Repton, an infant found drowned
25 Oct 1763 Miles BACON Crich, killed by a fall of coal upon him
2 Nov 1763 George RICHARDSON found drowned at Stapenhill
23 Nov 1763 Thomas GREATOREX Denby,killed in a coal pit.
31 May 1764 Thomas HARDY Duffield, infanf found drowned
5 Jun 1764 Elizabeth CAULDWELL Hazlewood, found drowned
16 Jun 1764 Joseph WOOLLEY Sudbury, killed by a horse
3 Jul 1764 Robert BARKER Sandiacre, found dead
10 Jul 1764 Richard ROOME Findern, drowned in River Trent
8 Aug 1764 Joseph WRIGHT Crich, infant drowned in a well
28 Sep 1764 Joseph CAULTON Horsley, killed in a coal pit
3 Nov 1764 Ellis BROWN Heanor, killed in a stone quarry
10 Nov 1764 George ENGLAND Hallam, an infant killed in a tub of wart. (wort?)
3 Nov 1764 Jos. BRUNT Smisby, cut his throat.
19 Nov 1764 John KIRK Elvaston, found dead in a field
30 Dec 1764 Charles EDENSOR ? Breaston, infant drowned in a well.
5 Jan 1765 James RADFORD Findern shot by accident
31 Jan 1765 Charles DEWYS Darley falling from a ladder
Feb 1765 John BAGGALEY Radbourne killed by a ball of lead falling on his head
27 Feb 1765 Charles ASTLE Hilton stroke of a horse
11 Mar 1765 Mary SMITH Smisby found dead, supposed to be starved to death.
1 Apr 1765 A woman Edingall found drowned
21 Jun 1765 William ADAMS Hilton infant, found dead
12 Jul 1765 Thomas MYATT killed by falling from a cart upon the grains of a fork
29 Jul 1765 William DRAPER Boulton cut his own throat
8 Sep 1765 Joseph GRUNDY Stanton killed by falling from a waggon load of barley
22 Sep 1765 John HENSHAW Weston killed by a fall from a horse
1 Mar 1766 William MELLER Belper a lunatic who hanged himself
7 Mar 1766 Edward WITHNALL Doveridge killed by a fall from a horse
29 Mar 1766 William BIDDLES Long Eaton lunatic who hanged himself
4 Apr 1766 Benjamin DIXON Repton found dead
5 Apr 1766 Elizabeth BLOW Ticknall drowned
4 Aug 1766 Jos. BROOKS Breadsall found dead
4 Aug 1766 another person same day. Alvaston killed by a post chaise
23 Aug 1766 William SALT West Broughton falling out of a cart
21 Jul 1766 Joseph MOOR Sawley drowned while he was bathing
24 Sep 1766 Edward MAWKIN Mickleover hanged himself
8 Oct 1766 Benjamin WOODWARD killed by a mast falling upon him in a boat
12 Nov 1766 Thomas OLDFIELD Toadmoor killed by a bridge falling upon him
10 Dec 1766 Thomas GOODALL in County Gaol
4 Aug 1785 William ORCHARD Foremark hanged himself
10 Aug 1785 William BAXTER Donisthorpe killed by a piece of timber falling on him
9 Sep 1785 Rebecca HODGES Aston accidental death
2 Oct 1785 Unknown male child drowned in Erewash Canal

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.