Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Thomas ADLINGTON, Coroner 1752-1773

5 Oct 1752 James WEBB Glapwell
26 Apr 1759 William LEE drowned himself at Glapwell
9 May 1759 Ruth WOODHOUSE died by poyson at Chesterfield. Inq at Staveley
23 May 1759 Rodger LUDCOCK poysoned himself at Chesterfield
24 May 1759 George OWEN killed by a fall from a horse at Whitwell
12 Jun 1759 Anne BRADLEY suspicion of murder but a natural death
30 Jul 1759 Martha DOWNS Beighton (suicide?)
12 Aug 1759 Thomas SIDDAL killed by a fall from a waggon at Killamarsh
17 Aug 1759 John HOULT killed by a fall from a horse at Wingerworth
27 Sep 1759 John SHORT killed by a fall from a horse at Duckmanton
18 Jul 1760 John WRIGHT who cut hies own throat at Shirland
11 Sep 1760 John STEVENSON killed by a cart at Wigley p.Brampton
3 Oct 1760 Samuel WHITE hanged himself at Jonagate Dronfield (Johnny Gate, nr Holmesfield ?)
20 Jul 1761 Dorothy OLDFIELD who was starved to death at Higham
16 Apr 1761 Richard HILL accidentally killed by falling into a colepit at Tybshelf (Tibshelf0
15 Jul 1761 John BOSSWELL at Hasland
27 Jul 1761 Anne BAXTER ? of Whitwell
18 Sep 1761 Benjaimin ROSE at Norton
3 Oct 1761 William MUNRO Whitwell
7 Oct 1761 Thomas BULLOCK sudden death in stock yard at Alfreton
16 Oct 1761 Edmund PEARSON drown'd at Ashover
7 Jan 1762 Thomas BADGER drown'd in Miln Goit at Rhenishaw (Renishaw)p. Eckington
10 Oct 1762 George JEBSON who dy'd an accidental death by burning his feet. South Normanton
13 Nov 1762 William BOTHAM of Chesterfield poisoned by mistake
25 Nov 1762 Thomas JACKSON Stretton killed by accidental fall
15 Dec 1762 Benjamin PARKER Norton killed by accidentally falling down a pair of cellar stairs.
Jan or Feb 15 1763 William MELLORS the Bakewell Post, Inquest at Wigley, who was starv'd to death in the storm.
26 Feb 1763 Anthony BOOT Pockridge, Brampton hanged himself
16 Mar 1763 Joseph JEBSON a child, Rowthorn burnt to death
11 Apr 1763 James RENEY a child. Answorth p.Norton burnt to death
23 Apr 1763 John WESTON Whitwell , broke his neck by a fall from a waggon.
8 May 1763 John WIDDOWSON Tupton, North Wingfield killed by a mare running a rowler over him
18 May 1763 Chesterfield female bastard. Murthered and concealed in a Well or vault at Chesterfield
14 Jun 1763 George DAVENPORT Brampton Moor killed by a fall from a horse
27 Jun 1763 Joseph BARKER Glapwell drowned in a well belonging Brabazon HALLOWES Esq.

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.