Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Board of Guardians

Sawley (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839 
Thomas BALLARD 51, Hannah wife wife 53, fwk, resides Derby. Theodore 16, Jemmima 13, Mary 12, James 10, Elijah 6, Joseph 6, Rachel 1.  Workhouse offered.
Thomas MEADS 44 widow, labourer, four children. ( previous entry Dec 1838, Thomas 13 ill, Selina 10, Enoch 8, Hannah 6, James. Works on rail road.)
Sheldon (Bakewell Union)
7 Jan 1839
Mary OVERY, John BARKER 11, Thomas BARKER 9, Jos BARKER 7. Lives Tamworth,Warwicks, re-married. John is decrepid

Smalley (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
John WARWIN 72, wife 62. Labourer now ill. Six children all wed ,except James 18, labourer on rail road.
19 Jan 1839
John WARRIN 72, wife 62. now recovered. Sixpence and 8lb bread discontinued.
26 Jan 1839
Samuel BOOTH 40, wife 40, Esther 15, Elizabeth 10, Louisa 8, Harriet 5, Prudence 2y 6m, William 8 ?, reside Heanor in Basford Union, All children except Elizabeth ill of typhus fever. Paid by Basford, to be re-paid and further relief at discretion of Basford Board.
Thomas KERRY 29, wife 33, Mary 6, Eliza 5, William 2, Sarah 3m. Collier earns 13/- , now ill. Family destitute. Asks for 6/-. To receive 20 lb bread and 2/- for one week and to report.
24 Jul 1841 ( BELPER UNION)
Stephen CRESSWELL 58, wife 58. Chesterfield Board to relieve at discretion. Commenced working two weeks ago and relief discontinued. Was not able to continue and Chesterfield Board has confirmed 3/- given by Relieving Officer. ( previous entry; reside Clay Cross, collier met with accident at a Pits and disabled from working.)
Thomas KERRY 31, wife 35. application previously made on account of child having been burned, and refused. Child recovering and he asks for some Porter. States he is earning 12/- weekly, other child Mary Ann is now in service for food. Refused. ( earlier entry, Mary Ann 8, Eliza 7, William 5, Sarah 2y 6m. Collier earns 24/- . Eliza badly burned. Medical Officer ordered Port wine. To be discontinued, they can afford it.)  
Mary NOON 22 single. Ann 12 wks old illegitimate. Child died this week, mother unable to bury it. Overseers ordered a coffin and church fees, together 8/6. Allowed.
6 Mar 1852
Mary PRESTBURY Snelston, extra medical care , child birth
Charlotte WRIGHT Snelston, extra medical care, child birth 
Samuel MEAKIN Snelston, extra medical care, truss.
17 Apr 1852
Elizabeth TOMLINSON Snelston, payment to Treasurer of County Lunatic Asylum for Elizabeth, belongs Snelston.

South Wingfield (Belper Union)
5 Jan. 1839
Joseph ALLSOP 78, wife 47, Mary 20, Thomas 18, Sarah 15, George 8. Employed breaking stone earns 1/6 a week. Mary at mills. Thomas and Sarah have left hem, does not know where they are.
Sarah FRITCHLEY 60 single, ordered to Alfreton Workhouse. Relieving Officer has given her 6d and 4lb of bread before she could be taken there. Allowed.
Edward THORPE jnr. 44, wife 38 eight children. (previous entry, Cassiah 16, Sarah 12, Edward 11, Matthew 8y 6m, Robert 7, Mary 5, Moses 3, Maria 6m two of the children now ill) Edward 11, being a little poorly when in health earns 1/- a week and now seams a little. Relief refused. May go to Alfreton Workhouse. 
12 Jan 1839
Edward THORPE 44, wife 38, eight children. Wife promising to give no further trouble and returning to him. Order to Workhouse allowed.
19 Jan 1839
Samuel TAYLOR 40, wife 35, Henry 17, John 15, Mary 12, Samuel 8, Sarah 6y 6m, Elizabeth 3y 3m, William 1y 9m. He is a butcher and earns 15/- a week. Lame of an arm. Has a horse and cart which was provided for his son Henry to fetch coal with, earns 5/-. John is in service. Mary seams stockings. Asks for a donation of 10/-. Allowed.
Edward THORPE Snr 71. infirm man. Missing from his home several days, employed several persons to search for him. Found dead in a fallow field. Overseer paid 9/- for the men's time. Asks for repayment. Allowed 
Mary WALKER 31 widow. child (blot) aged 7, Mary 5, living with parents at Somercotes. Receives 12lb bread and 2/6. She had a leg amputated 2-3 years ago which has not healed and now discharges a deal. She requires more nourishing food food. Asks for an extra shilling. Allowed.
26 Jan 1839
Joseph FENTEM 76 widow, lives with married grand daughter. Is supposed to belong to Wensley in Bakewell Union. 4lb bread and 1/- and Settlement to be enquired after.
Thomas BLORE made application for payment of his time attending Thomas LEWIN stabbed at Alfreton in May 1838. Board states compensation has been covered in amount pd to Mr PEARSON.
Spondon (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839   
John HOLLINGWORTH 31, labourer, wife Eliza 36, wife ill. Sarah 11 ill in the Infirmary, Nathan 8, Mary 5, Elizabeth 2.Reside Derby
7 May 1838
John COXEN  jnr and wife Sarah, (parishioners of Spondon) Fifteen pounds allowed of Spondon Poor Rates to enable them to emigrate to Australia.

Stanton parish Youlgreave. (Bakewell Union)
25 Feb 1839
Frances GREGORY, single 28. living with widowed mother at Bollington, Ches. Ill and not likely to recover.
Mary GREGORY single 45, resides with brother in law William WHITE at Alfreton. Been in Derby Infirmary, ill and unable to follow employment.
Ann WRIGHT single 28. Has an illeg. child Mary 10m. Ann works lace.

Stapleford, Notts. (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
John BONSER 62, labourer out of work
John WHEATLEY 50.  Relieving Officer received sum of eight shillings expenses for conveying to Shardlow Union. 

Stoney Middleton (Bakewell Union)
4 Mar 1839
James SIDDALL 33, lives with Uncle in Chapel en le Frith. He is an "idiott" and incapable of earning. Father a labouring man with five children and unable to support him. Ordered to receive 2/6 a week.

Taddington (Bakewell Union)
18 Feb 1839
Sarah GLEAVES, 34 widow, resides Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks. two children by her late husband. (This was an earlier entry) . Later entry in Feb 1839 states that her husband was transported for seven years and that his time is will soon be out. she has two children both in service, she is an abandoned character and has had two bastard children since her husband was sent off.
Anthony GULLEY 6 orphan, earlier entry 1838 has him as a nurse at New Mills.
Benjamin HIBBERT now dead. Earlier entry has him aged 78 totally infirm. Living Litton and receiving 1/9d from Sick club.
Margaret KILGORE widow aged 45 has James16, Richard 12, Mary Ann decrepit, Amanna and John twins aged 7 Hannah 3, Matilda 1 and that she has been recently lying in, destitute. Earlier entry crossed referenced to this has her a widow aged 38, husband recently dead ,she living at Hulm, nr Manchester, Lancs.
Ann MAKINSON, Overseer cannot obtain any answer to his enquiries which he made by letter. Earlier entry has Ann at Glossop aged 70 widow. Has a family grown up, some married.
Noble MAYCOCK 70 wife 71 . Earlier entry, living at Stockport, Ches. partially infirm.
4 Mar 1839
Betty FARMER reported on but no decision made. To receive 1/- a week. Case referred to Mr STEVENS.
Thomas HALL, Eliza 15, Thomas 14, John 11, Louisa 6, Jane 5, William 3, Mary 14 days. Decrepid and infirm, hawks fents, earns 1/- a day. Receives 2/- from parish. Ordered 4/-.
Isaac MOSS, wife, Joseph 7, Sarah Ann 2, Mary 20, single at home earns 7/- weekly, William 18 earns 8/- weekly. Partially infirm from asthma. Earns 2/6 selling sand. Wife earns 1/- a week. Relief discontinued.

Tideswell (Bakewell Union)
18 Feb 1839
James BROCKLEY, earns five shillings a week breaking stone on the roads. Earlier entry c.1838 shows he is 81 years old and lives with a single daughter. Has one son and four daughters all married but poor.
Hannah NICHOLS gone to live with her brother in Mottram,Ches. Earlier entry has her as single, 25, with Palsy living with her widowed mother Elizabeth aged 65, also with palsy. 
7 Jan 1839
Mary EYRES widow 45, living in Manchester,Lancs.Able bodied.Has James, 17 apprentice, Mary Ann 15, Robert 12, Martha 9, Emma 6.  Relief discontinued.

Toton, Notts. (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
William HOFFORD, 39 wife Sophia 38 ,ill. Resides at Hemington, Leics. Boatman. Five children
Wensley and Snitterton (Bakewell Union)
25 Feb. 1839
Edward BLACKWELL 12, Samuel BLACKWELL 9, John BLACKWELL 4, Benjamin BLACKWELL 2. Father dead and mother remarried Benjamin WESTWOOD a file cutter and they have both absconded and is supposed are gone to live at Wolverhampton,Staffs where he is a native of. Edward and Benjamin are residing with their grandmother ( by mothers side) Samuel and John living with grandfather Edward BLACKWELL.
Hannah BOND earned doubling silk, but now out of employ. Sons Samuel 20, earns 7/-, James 18, earns 4/- and live with her. John earns 3/- and is twin to Hannah aged 13, Esther 9, William 7.  Relief discontinued. (Earlier 1838 entry, widow aged 48 lives Macclesfield, Ches.)
Betty FEARN been wed twice has several sons. Relieving officer wrote to the person who pays her the money at Macclesfield,Ches. Receives 2/- weekly from the parish the Releiving officer wrote to. (Earlier entry, 1838, widow 70, resides with son at Thornhill,Yks.) (Later entry, widow aged 75).
Joseph FENTEM widower 70. Partially infirm, resides South Wingfield with his married grand daughter.

Weston on Trent
4 Feb 1839
Elizabeth STEVENS 70 widow. supplied relief by Overseers of Spondon
William SIDDALL 24  illness. Died beginning last week.

Weston Underwood (Belper Union)
26 Jan 1839
John BARNES 12, lives with mother who is unable to maintain him. To go to Wirksworth Workhouse.
Winster (Bakewell Union)
25 Feb 1839
Benjamin BULLOCK 70, wife Hannah 52. tailor by trade but unable to follow his employment being infirm. She works lace 1/6 weekly. She has a dau. by a former husband who lives with them and has an illeg. child. One son grown up named Henry in service.
Timeson BUNTING  28 has Sarah 6, William 5,Mary 2. Husband absconded five weeks ago. To receive 2/- weekly and 12ib of bread. ( Later entry, husband returned, relief discontinued.)

Wirksworth (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
Thomas GALLIMORE 37, wife 36, five children ,wife and himself been ill some time. ( Previous entry 1838, George 10, Elizabeth 6, Charlotte 5? , Thomas 2y 9m , Mary 3m ) 
Dorothy MASKRY35 widow, Elizabeth 7 Francis 3m reside Derby. Husband died last week and a child 3 years old now lie dead in the house.
Joseph STAFFORD 55 wife 52 he is ill and unable to work. Reside Kniveton. Five eldest children in service.
William THOMPSON 31, wife 28 seven children. Been ill some time. ( Previous entry, have Julia 9, William 8, Eliza 6y 6m, Rebecca 5, Joseph 3y 6m, George 2, infant 3 weeks. Receives 7/- from sick club.)
12 Jan 1839
Elizabeth BUSH 76 widow, Thomas 46 shoemaker and confectioner, no children house of his own. Two daus live with her, one married with a child, husband gives her 2/6 a week, older dau. single 30, pays 2/6 for her board. The old woman earns 1/- a week sewing. Daughter pays house rent three pounds ten shillings a year. Relief refused.  
Thomas GALLIMORE 37, wife 36, five children. He has received 24lb of bread and 6/- on account of himself and wife being ill. He is better and has worked a little the last 2-3 days. To receive 24lb bread and 3/-.
Jane GRIFFIN 33 single receives 8lb bread weekly. Dumb and subject to fits. Has a sister and Aunt who state that at times she is very unruly and ask for her to be taken to the Workhouse. To go to Wirksworth Workhouse.
19 Jan 1839
Lydia ALLEN 67 widow, poorly, when in health washes two days a week for her food. Also makes oat cakes for sale. Has grand daughter living with her aged 12 who earns 2/6 a week but no house rent to pay. Asks for 1/6 a week. To receive 4lb of bread.
Sarah ALLSOP 36 single, employed at Tape Mill earns 3/6 a week. Been ill, destitute. To relieve at discretion of Overseer.
Mary COLLEDGE 28 single employed at cotton mill. Resides Cromford. Earns 5/9 a week. Has a bastard child 4y 6m and asks for 1/6 a week. To go to Workhouse.
Thomas GALLIMORE 37, wife 36, five children. He is now got to work, wife continues very ill, did receive 3/- plus 24lb bread. To receive 24lb bread.
John LONGDEN 58 widower, occupies Alms house, receives 1/11 Charity .States he does not earn above 1/- a week by working. Asks for 4lb of bread. Refused.
Dorothy MASKREY 35 widow, Elizabeth 7, Frances 1y 3m reside Derby where she buried her husband and one child a few weeks back. Received 5/- a week the last fortnight. asks for 3/6 a week forward at Derby. It was stated to the Board she had relations in Wirksworth who could find her employment binding shoes and it would be better if she removed to Wirksworth. She was told she could not continue to receive relief at Derby it being out of the Union.
Robert TAYLOR 40, wife 42, Elizabeth 14y 6m , George 9, Hannah 6, Mary 3y 6m. belong to Derby St Alkmund. He is a chair bottomer earns 5/- to 6/- a week. Wife very poorly. Elizabeth works Cromford Mill earns 3/4d. Relieving officer visited them and found them in a miserable state. gave them 2/3.. allowed. To receive 16lb of bread weekly.  
26 Jan 1839
Thomas GRIFFIN 49, wife has not lived with him the last ten years. He is a fwk, He has an abscess in one hand. Four pound of bread and 1/6 for a fortnight.

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