Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Board of Guardians

Mackworth (Belper Union)
26 Jan 1839
Joseph COLBOURN 56, wife 61. Relieving Officer ordered coffin and church fees. 13/6 allowed. Wife died this week. He continues very infirm and unable to work.
Timothy DILKS 78 widower shoemaker, but now past work. Belongs to Ilkeston. Has appealed there and been refused. To receive 4lb bread and 1/6 a week.

4 Feb 1839
Richard DAWSON 67 single, asthmatical. No work
Elizabeth NALL 48 widow resides parish house. Dau. Elizabeth 18, lives with her. Sarah 15, Frances 11, James 9 of weak intellect
Jane NALL 70 widow, resides with married dau who has two children whose husband is a tailor, short of work   
Mary SHAW 81 pauper, bedridden
Mary SHAW 56 dau of Mary SHAW above, of weak intellect, unable to earn
Catherine TAFT 64 widow resides parish house. Has been allowed 6d and 4lb of bread since formation of Union.

Monyash (Bakewell Union)
4 Mar 1839
Thomas BARKER; Order to be made at Quarter Sessions for payment for illegitimate child of Thomas BARKER

Muggington (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
Hannah HOROBIN died this week
Mary RIDE 21 single, pregnant. to Alfreton Workhouse.

Ockbrook (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Mary HARRISON 28, casual relief. Deceased.

Pentrich (Belper Union)
19 Jan 1839
Thomas RADFORD 48, wife and six children. He now ill and unable to work. To receive 5/-.

Ratcliffe Notts. (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Mary BARNES 22 single, resides with parents. Pauper came home from service ill.

Ripley (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
James SIMS, wife, two children. Overseer of Ripley to be repaid 5/- advanced by him for a coffin for one of the children which had died of fever.
12 Jan 1839
George BELL 76, widower, wife died this week. Ordered coffin and Church fees. He is a fwk earns 2/6 a week. Receives 1/- a week from son. Also receives 8lb bread and 1/-. To have 4lb bread weekly.
Sarah WRIGHT 43 wife of Joseph, Phoebe 14, Sarah 12, Martha 10, Joseph 8, Horatio 6, Eliza 5, Myra 4 Mary 9m. He was committed to House of Correction I month for an assault having refused to pay 2/- for fine and costs. He is a collier, earns 20/- a week. Eldest two in service ask for 4/-. To go to Alfreton Workhouse.
26 Jan 1839
George BELL 76 widower, fwk. Earns 2/6 a week. Received 4lb bread. Bread discontinued.
Benjamin HUNT 51, wife 55, George 14, Hezekiah 12 infirm.(Previous entry, has been given extra relief because George unfit for work, hurt on hand.) Now back at work, extra relief discontinued.
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