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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Board of Guardians

Edensor (Bakewell Union)
18 Feb. 1839
Margaret MASON widow 70, totally infirm. Lives Mansfield, Notts. Children grown up and married.
Mary MILL(S?) widow 44 Henry 13, Mary 10, Martha 5, lives Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks. Edward her son 17 an apprentice lives with her. Has recently had a £150 legacy bequeathed her. 
Ellen SHARMAN widow 38 lives Sheffield,Yks. Has dau in service. William aged 11. Ellen very infirm,rent in arrears.
John SWINDELL 71, wife Hannah, live Rainow, nr Macclesfield,Ches. Daughter, single earns 6/-, son Charles lame in hip and in a very bad state of health.
Alice VICKERS widow 70 lives Macclesfield, Ches. with her son. Very infirm.

Eyam (Bakewell Union)
4 Mar 1839
------------  MELLOR 68 widow, partially infirm,old age. Three sons all married and poor one of whom she lives with. (Earlier entry, cross referenced by Overseer Lydia MELLOR wiodw aged 81 (sic), resides Mixon, Staffs)
Catharine GREGORY, Bessy 15, Mary 11, Ellen 8, James 6, John 5. Able bodied charwoman. Had a mangle but sold it to pay rent.
(Previous entry, six children, lives Sheffield, Yks aged 42) (Later entry, Jun 1839. Relieving officer visited pauper finds she is living in prostitution with John GREGORY Relief discontinued.)
Martha UNWIN 45 sons John and Edward maintain themselves. She remains of unsound mind. (Earlier entry Edward 12, earns 3/-, John 11, earns 2/6, Martha 9.)
John GREGORY pauper now dead. (Earlier entry, Sep.1838, aged 71 resides Killamarsh, asthmatical. Has several children, son to be proceeded against)     
Ann MOSSLEY pauper now at Eyam. Insane. Remove to Ashover Workhouse. ( Earlier entry 1838, resides at Mortonley, Yks with her brother, a married man, lab. She is of unsound mind.)
Ann MARSDEN lives with Ann MOSSLEY. Remove to Ashover Workhouse. Has coals found for her free of expense. (Earlier entry, aged 55, living at the Poor house.) 

Eyam Woodland (Bakewell Union)
25 Feb 1839
Alice WILLIS has one child, lives Glossop, works in factory. Has another child belongs Glossop. Was married but husband absconded. Overseer has ascertained that he had been previously married and found a former wife and children now living, whereby the paupers child has become illegitimate.  
Flagg (Bakewell Union)
25 Feb 1839
Joseph BERRISFORD, 70, quite infirm, lodges with Samuel MYCOCK
George DICKEN 74 partially infirm. Collects manure on the roads. Lives alone in a house belonging relative. His children married except Thomas 26, in service.
Sarah HARRISON widow 83 living with sister at Tupton. Infirm
James MYCOCK's three orphan children. Parents dead, children living with Aunt at Ashgate.
Jane MYCOCK 30 single, totally infirm from scrofula, living with sister at Goits Moss.
Rachel MYCOCK 60 widow living Manchester, Lancs. She has lost one leg. Reels cotton. Has daus. aged 20 and 17 in service, son 14. Very poor.
Francis WEBSTER 84 totally infirm. Lives at Taddington. No relation to assist.

Foolow (Bakewell Union)
7 Jan 1839
Mary DAVIES 42 able bodied, dau Rebecca 16, earns 3/- at mill, dau Hannah 18, at home, totally infirm having lost use of one side.
Susan FROGGATT widow 63, able bodied,earns sewing. Lives with son Thomas FROGGATT

Great Hucklow (Bakewell Union)
18 Feb 1839
Mary POINTON widow , husband died April 1837. Has Charlotte 8, John 6, Mary 2. Living at Chester, Ches.

Hassop (Bakewell Union)
4 Mar 1839
William PUNCHABY 77, Betty 79. Both confined to bed, he lame. she had paralytic stroke and has lain in bed ten years. Four sons, two daughters, married with families. Sons assist parents, have paid 2/- a week for a nurse for their mother for ten years.

Hathersage (Bakewell Union)
7 Jan 1839
Betty BARBER widow 35, lives at Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancs. Has Ann 6 and an illegitimate child aged 3. Earns 7/- a week but only employed three days. 
Ann EATON widow 72, quite infirm from old age, takes in two lodgers. Relieving Officer of Sheffield, Yks where she lives is of opinion she is a deserving case.
Charlotte WARD widow 77, resides Belper with son in law. She is of weak intellect. Desires being placed in Workhouse.
11 Mar 1839
Ann BARBER now called Elizabeth, reported to be living at Chorllton upon Medlock now in Manchester. No pay from father of illegitimate child. Pledged her furniture in rent.
Ann EATON partially infirm. (previous entry, aged 60 resides Sheffield,Yks, takes in a few lodgers)
Mary HODGKINSON 34 widow, Basty 15, Vincent 8, Mary 6, John 4, George 1 last two illegitimate. Basty earns 7/- a week, Vincent 2/- ,she earns 1/-.
Mary HOWE, Hannah 5, Robert and Mary twins aged 4. Works needle making. Mr COCKER her employer states she earns 7/- a week. Robert very ill. Parents good support. (previous entry, widow, 29 resides with brother in law).
Betty LILLYMAN, Joseph 13, earns 4/-, Mary Ann 9 earns 2/- , Betty 7, John 4, George 1. She able bodied earns 2/2. ( previous entry, widow 39 does little work, needlework)
Mary SMILTER 33 single, works needle making, lame of a hand, off weak intellect, lives in a parish house rent free.
Jane THORNHILL 75 widow, dau Betty 40, works at a factory earns 5/-. Grand dau Mary 17 works in factory earns 5/- a week    
(previous entry, resides Calver with her dau Elizabeth earns 5/6, Mary 6/- at cotton mill, ordered relief to be discontinued).
Mary WOODHOUSE, John 8 earns 2/-  allowed 8lb bread.( previous entry, aged 44 widow, Edward 15, John, Mary 5, Ann 3. ordered 18lb bread.)

Hazlewood (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
William BAINBRIDGE widower, has been removed from Bolsover. Has weak eyes. Has resided Bolsover greatest part of his life. Has two married dau living there and asks to return to Bolsover. Overseer of Bolsover gave him a good character. To receive 2/- a week at Bolsover.
26 Jan 1839
Samuel WALKER 75, wife 72 reside Codnor Park. He has inflammation of the eyes. 8lb of bread and 2/- a week allowed.

Heage (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
Harriet HEMINGRAY 23 single, Ann aged 2. Removed from Hyde, Ches. to Belper Workhouse
Mary HULLAND 21 single, pregnant. To go to Wirksworth workhouse.
Uriah QUINTIN 65 wife dead this week. Cannot afford funeral costs.
Uriah STONE 70 widower, infirm, bad foot.
5 Jan 1839
Jesse RODGERS has abandoned his children at Nottingham,Notts, and has been apprehended by the Constable there.
12 Jan 1839
Abraham RODGERS 45, wife 35, Hannah 13, Elizabeth 8, Mary 5 John 4, Abraham 2. He is a nailor earns 9/- a week , two eldest work at mills earn together 2/2 a week. Relief refused, able bodied and no illness.
Joseph HARVEY 46, wife 29, Mary 10, Ann 9, Sarah 7, Dorothy 4, Milicent 2, Joseph 1. Framework knitter earning 7/6 a week, now ill. Two eldest work at mill and together earn 3/6. To relieve at discretion and report.
19 Jan 1839
Joseph HARVEY 46, wife 29. six children. Relieving officer has given food value 4/4. He continues ill and unable to work. Wife has given a false account of children's earnings instead of being 3/6 Relieving Officer ascertains they were earning 6/9. She was reprimanded by the Chairman. 20lb bread, 2/6 a week/

Holbrrok (Belper Union)
12 Jan 1839
Ann TAYLOR 19, Susanna 2, Abraham 8m. Husband a soldier in India. Can do no work, time occupied by her family.    To go to Alfreton Workhouse.
26 Jan 1839
Henry MELLOR 40, wife 40, William 6, Thomas 3.  Wife ill. Reside Ilkeston.
Horsley (Belper Union)
19 Jan 1839 
Ann PARKER 30, single, Mary 8, William 5, Sarah 17 wks all illegitimate. Destitute. To go to Alfreton Workhouse.

Horsley Woodhouse (Belper Union)
12 Jan 1839
Ann FLETCHER 36 widow, Samuel 19, John 17, William 15, Joseph 13, Sarah 11, Charles 5, James 2. Reside Derby. Receive 4/-. Recently buried Thomas aged 7. William, Joseph and Sarah all work at silk mill earn 8/3 between them. Ann FLETCHER earns 1/6 and two days food per week. Ordered 2/6 a week in future.
19 Jan 1839
Appointment of Relieving Officer for Belper District.
Your Committee are unanimous in recommending John WESTON of Horsley Woodhouse to your notice as appearing to them the most eligible of all the candidates. He appears to your Committee to be in every respect well suited to the situation and we strongly recommend his election. Next to Mr WESTON your Committee would mention the names of WOOLLEY, STANLEY, TURNER and WRIGHT but their qualification do not appear such as to justify them in putting them on the same footing as Mr WESTON. Voted 36 for to 12 against in favour of Mr WESTON. Elected.

Idridgehay (Belper Union)
26 Jan 1839 
Martha TAYLOR 38, widow, Esther 8, Mary 7, William 5, John 3. Reside Derby. She employed at Silk mill, weak health, 2/6 a week. Relief 4/6 a week. Pay 2/- rent.

Ireton Wood (Belper Union)
19 Jan 1839
Benjamin HUDSON 57, wife 50, Catherine 13, George 11, Thomas 8, Elizabeth 6, Reside Kirk Ireton. Labourer. Wife states he is ill, children don't earn. Five other children, two married with families, one in France, two in service. Asks for relief. Refused, out of Union.
26 Jan 1839
Benjamin HUDSON 52, wife 50 four children, reside Kirk Ireton. Wife applied they were in great distress. 24lb bread for two weeks to give them opportunity to come to reside in the Union.

Kedleston (Belper Union)
26 Jan 1839
Mary WALKER 44 widow, nine children, five live with her. Mary 17, William 10, Eliza 8, Ruth 7, Aaron 5. She is employed in Kedleston Gardens 6/- a week wages. Has done no work and still unable, sprained one "ancle". Mary does housework and earns nothing. William earns 2/6 a week. She asks for 5/-. To receive 2/- a week and 16lb bread.

Kegworth, Leics. (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Mary GARNER 36, resides East Leake, Notts, widow, not healthy. Has Eliza 12, William 10.
John GOODWIN 71, widower, lame.
Mary HEYWOOD 46, widow, not healthy. Hannah 18, Elizabeth 16 live with her. Mary 14, Ann 11, Eliza 9.
Eliza HORROBIN 21, resides Kegworth,Leics. single, lately come from service, pregnant. .To Workhouse.
Thomas ROPER 42, wife insane. Robert WOOLLEY at whose house this family now are, refuses to keep them.
William TRIGG 66 wife Mary 66, subject to fits. Applicant very lame. Has a son, single, at Zouch Mills employed on railway
Mary WHEATLEY 80, resides Hyson Green, Notts. widow. Husband Eli became a parishioner at Kegworth through servitude to Richard SUTTON ? Mary now has a bad leg.

Kilburn (Belper Union)
19 Jan 1839
Ellen HILL 68, husband has deserted her. She is usually employed in Mr HUNTERS gardens, in the Winter season there is nothing for her to do. 4lb bread and 1/-.

Kirk Langley (Belper Union)
12 Jan 1839
George MUSGROVE 31, wife 25, Harriet 3, John 1y 9m. Labourer on rail road earning 15/- a week, now ill. Receives 6/- a week from club. To go to Alfreton Workhouse.
Charles SMEDLEY 29, wife 28, Eliza 7, Mary 6, Elizabeth 2. Been ill since f middle of October. Her parents live nearby and occupy a small farm. Eldest girl in service for food and clothes. They killed a fat pig about three weeks ago and now apply for relief. To go to Alfreton Workhouse.
19 Jan 1839
Charles SMEDLEY 29, wife 28 ,three children. Ordered to go to Alfreton Workhouse, now states wife parents are not able to render much assistance, that the father is only a labourer employed on the Public roads and does not occupy a small farm as stated before. SMEDLEY is in a very precarious state of health, not likely to be able to work. Relief at discretion.
Thomas SMEDLEY 9 orphan in care of Emma RIDGARD who receives 2/3 a week .Asks for his shoes to be repaired. Relieving Officer to get them done.     
26 Jan 1839
Charles SMEDLEY 29, wife 28, three children. He being in a very precarious state of health. Relieving Officer directed to relieve at discretion. He reports from information received and personal observations he found he was receiving 6/- a week from a club, had a good pig in pickle, a good stock of coal, potatoes in the house as well as a Winters store pitted in his garden. Wife's father keeps the eldest girl and made them presents of milk and other things, he being in receipt of 12/- a week wages and having ten acres of land. Relieving Officer did not give relief and stated that SMEDLEY did not press for any. Relief refused. 

Litton (Bakewell Union)
18 Feb.1839
Henry BUFTON, 31 suffers from asthma. Is a foundling, no one to assist.
Mary HUNT partially infirm,lives at New Radford, Notts.
Sarah MARTIN 33, foundling, totally infirm and deformed.
Thomas OLDFIELD 61 wife 65, living Chesterfield, fwk, lost one eye. Hannah 19 in service.
John BAKER 60, Mary wife 62. He is totally infirm, she winds cotton 10d a week. Children all married except Thomas 19, fwk earns 4/6 a week, Samuel 17 fwk earns 3/- a week. Living in a parish house rent free.

Lockington, Leics. (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Thomas NEWBOLD, wife Mary, resides Sawley. Wife ill.

Long Eaton (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
William WRIGHT 61 lame. Settlement Lenton, Notts.

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