Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Board of Guardians

Calver (Bakewell Union)
4 Mar 1839
Hannah REEVE 78, totally infirm from old age. Luke 45, single son lives with her. He is a spinner earns 8/- .
Hannah REEVE 42, widow, Mary 8, Betty 7. Relieving Officer finds her able bodied and industrious. Works at factory.
Chellaston (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Mary BATES 52 12lb of bread to be continued
Elizabeth CHAPMAN 54 widow, weak, employed picking stones.

Chelmorton (Bakewell Union)
18 Feb 1839
Grace NEEDHAM widow 46, lives New Mills. Has William 14, Grace 12, Thomas 9, Sarah 4. States she earns 1/6 but Relieving Officer has been informed she earns considerably more.

Chilwell, Notts. (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Hannah MORLEY 49 widow, ill.

Crich (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
Francis BRIDDON 46, wife 36, belong to Brackenfield. John 16,died this week . Relieving Officer paid for coffin. ( earlier entry 1838, states children are Elizabeth 18, John 15, Sarah 12, Eliza 10 Mary 8, Hannah 6, Oscella 3. Family have typhus fever. Francis BRIDDON fwk)
Joseph JACKSON 83, wife 70 to receive an extra shilling.
12 Jan 1839
Joseph BLAND 40, wife 45, Hannah 17, Elizabeth 10, George 6, Eliza 4, Ellen 18m . he is employed in fetching coal from the pits with asses, earns 10/- a week.Hannah has a weak mind has been badly burned. Overseer found them destitute of bed linen.
Ann RADFORD 50, widow, John 17, William 13, James 9y 9m, Jane 8, Peter 2y 6m. Asks for 4lb of bread more and a bed rug. John stocking maker earns 5/-, William works on railroad earns 3/-, she earns 1/- seaming stockings, has bad health and subject to fits. Overseer promises to enquire into their earnings. 
Lucy WETTON 72 single. received 4lb of bread and 1/6 a week. She has a life interest in the small cottage she lives in. The roof was blown of in the storm last week and asks for an allowance towards repairing it. Refused. To go to Alfreton Workhouse.
Hannah WILSON 35, widow. six children under eleven,one now dead. Now lying in of twins and very ill. Overseer ordered coffin and pd fees. Midwife applies for 5/- fee .To relieve at discretion.
Curbar (Bakewell Union)
18 Feb. 1839
William CHATTERTON 60, wife 40, Kitty 13, Jane7, Robert and John twins 3. He has asthma, she near her confinement. Live at Glossop

Dale Abbey (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Matthew WHEATLEY 50 Hannah wife 50, lab. Six children, Thomas 14 ill.
Thomas WHEATLEY 24 unable to work, leg amputated.
Catherine WRIGHT 27 widow, John6, Elizabeth 3. Lives with her father Robert BERRESFORD, lab.
Derby Hills
4 Feb 1839
William WHITE 54 wife 57. Settlement Belton, Leics. Worked at Ticknall Lime Kiln, has cancer of stomach. Son Jos. 27 single lodges at home at works at Stanton has had a paralytic stroke. Enoch 15 in service, Sarah 12.

Dethick and Lea (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
Jane COTTRILL 74 widow, belongs to Darley Dale in Bakewell Union. Very ill, confined to bed. Dau. Mary usually earns 6/- weekly but is obliged to attend upon her.  Ordered to receive 2/- a week. 

Diseworth, Leics. (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
David OLIVER 20 single, blind, bill for pair of shoes.

Donnington, Leics. (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Elizabeth BEIGHTON 64 widow, deaf. Resides Donnington,Leics. Settlement Ticknall. Resides with married dau, allowance reduced.
John HUTCHINSON 14 resides Leicester, Leics. Son of Sarah HUTCHINSON a widow at Leicester Infirmary. Came to Relieving Officer Tuesday last,destitute, and sent to vagrant cell.
Samuel MURPHIN 27 allowed thirty shillings on loan to be paid back in installments.
Samuel NEWBOLD 41, wife Sarah 39. Ill and now worse, requires fire during night. Has William 11, who earns 1/6 basket making., Thomas 8, Sarah 4.

Draycott (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839 
William CHAPMAN 44, wife. labourer. dau Sarah ill.
Mark NEWTON 36 wife Mary 37 labourer out of work, wife confined in child bed. One child.
Stephen STATHAM 39 Keziah wife 30 ill. Receives 2/6 from a Club. Sarah 9, Joseph 7, Stephen 4, Enoch2. Relations poor, live in a house on the waste.
Mary THEOBALD 39 widow, earns 1/6. John 14, ill, Martha 10,Samuel 6, Sarah 6m Bill for beef 1/1 for John allowed.
Sarah WALTERS 71, widow, ill, food bill for 1/6 allowed
Sarah WHEELDON 8, resides at Weston with a married sister, husband a boatman. Orphan allowed 4/-.
Duffield (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
Ann ORME 46, single, lame.
12 Jan 1839
John DAWSON 34 widower, John 4, Emma 3, Eliza 1 .Silk stocking maker, cannot make more than 7/- a week, asks for relief of 4/- a week. Refused. Able bodied.
Eliza MILLINGTON 19 single, one child one week old. Residing with her mother at Belper. Workhouse.
19 Jan 1839
Ann RUSSELL 78 single lived in Derby now at Makeney in lodging with Mary HEATH. No means of maintaining herself. (previous entry, Dec.1838, aged 79, resided in Duffield, did not know which parish she belonged. Has since left Duffield and is now attending upon a sick person in Derby. Last week came from Derby to Duffield in a Gig to collect her relief. To be discontinued.) 
26 Jan 1839
Amelia SIMPSON widow, 62. receives 4lb bread and 1/6 a week. Two pounds a year from a charity. She does some plain sewing and asks for 6d a week more.  Refused.
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