Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Board of Guardians

Alderwasley (Bakewell Union)
19 Jan 1839
John SELLORS 69 widower, lodging at Tansley, stone getter. Now lame, done no work last few weeks. Has one son single, four daus. Daughters work at Darley cotton mill and earn together 23/-. Relief refused.

Aldwark (Bakewell Union)
24 Sep 1838
Martha BALL widow 65, part infirm, lives alone. She is receiving 2/6 and her rent paid. Ordered 1/- and 4lb bread and discontinue paying rent Lady Day 1839
Mary WHEELDON 74, single, alone deformed and infirm.
Mary WHEELDON 50 single has 2 illeg. children both grown up and in service
Hannah LAUNT 63 widow, she has a mangle and earns 4/- dau living with her earns 6/6 at Mill. Relief discontinued.

Alfreton (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
Thomas RADFORD 68 ,wife died last week. After her burial asked for help with funeral costs. Refused.
William TRUEMAN 76 wife 61. Funds from his Sick Club exhausted.Ordered One shilling and sixpence extra.
19 Jan 1839
Edward CLARK 60. Irishman usually employed collecting rags. Now very ill at lodging house. Relieving Officer visited him and gave food value 1/6.
William CLARK 72, wife 66. Receive 8lb bread and 1/-. Wife earns 1/- seaming stockings. She has living with her a son Samuel 33, single in receipt of a pension at 6d a day, a widowed dau, with one child and her dau Ann 31 who is deaf and dumb also earns about 6d a week by seaming. Two shillings and 8lb bread.
Joseph GOODWIN 25, wife 24, Mary 2, John 10wks. Wife taken ill suddenly. Overseer gave relief of 3/-. Overseer to be repaid.
Sarah HORSLEY, John 14, Samuel 12, George 5. Reside in London. Husband in Peckham Asylum. Asks for two pounds to pay her rent. Refused. Will be received into the Workhouse.
Ann STORER 27, two children, lately married. Discontinue relief.
Luke STORER 84, wife 66. Fwk 2/6 clear, wife 1/-. Children all married and poor. Asks for 1/- and 8lb bread. Allowed.
26 Jan 1839
Elizabeth ENDSOR 42 widow, Elizabeth 16, Rebecca 14, Daniel 12, Elizabeth 11? Frances 7, Mary 4, Emma 18m. Husband buried last week. She employed at binding shoes 1/- a week. Three girls work at lace and earn together 8/-. Daniel at coal pit 4/-. to receive 12lb bread weekly.
Joseph GOODWIN 25, wife 26, Mary 2, John 11 wks. Wife confined to bed in state of lunacy. He is a fwk, earns 7-8?- a week.
Richard SITDOWN 37, wife 39. Thomas 10, Mary 8, Richard 4, Martha 6m. Collier earns 11/- a week been ill for two weeks. 20lb bread and 1/6 a week while ill.

Alvaston (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839  
Joseph ROBINSON 26(or 20) wife Martha 28, John illegitimate 6, Eliz: 2. reside Derby. Workhouse offered
George SHERWIN 35, wife Mary. ( previous entry, reside Draycott, labourer, John 10, Martha 7, Ruth 5, George 3, William 1)

Ashford (Bakewell Union)
1 Oct 1838
John BAGGALEY 44 widower blind lives with single sister
Martha BRAY 52 single, blind, lodges with Tho SMITH she has two illeg dau, one married.
Peter BAILEY 60, Alice 49, Sarah 13, Peter 10, Tho 7, Hannah 5. Infirm, lost use of one arm, One son a soldier, dau Elizabeth grown up in service and two others grown up.
Mary BAILEY 24 lunatic but not dangerous. Lives with father.
Mary CARSON 53 widow James 9 Joseph son grown up, dau Ann.
Hannah COOK 58 single, almost blind, rheumatism, earns a shilling a week spinning wool.
Ann GILCHRIST widow 61 infirm, asthma. Son lives with her other children married
Aaron GOLDSTRAW 40 Rachael wife 36, Sarah 12, Mary 10, Elizabeth 7, Phoeby 4, Aaron 1. He is a fwk, neighbours say he is idle. is complaint is disease of the heart. Wife industrious.
Hannah HIGGIN widow 59 lame arm, son is a soldier.
Tho HAMBLETON 54, Elizabeth 55 Elizabeth 11 goes to school. Infirm ,confined to bed. dau Hannah, son James.
Ann LONGDEN widow 74 earns average 4d a week. Dau lives with her.
Catherine HOWARD 39, Geo 6, Francis 5. Husband absconded.
Sarah OLDFIELD 70 widow, Mary OLDFIELD 39 single. Mary lives with her mother, she is quite infirm from palsy. Mother infirm from old age. Extremely destitute.
Ann SELLORS 34 widow, Richard 13 app. Joseph 11, Alice 8, Edward 5.
Mary SMITH 64 widow, son Daniel and single, takes in lodgers.
Ann SMITH illeg. child Samuel 6, keeps her fathers house. childs father pays 1/-
Ruth THORPE widow 78 confined to bed, has a lodger.
Elizabeth THORPE 83 infirm Mr BRUSHFIELD pays her rent.
Sarah TAYLOR 29 widow Elizabeth 3, Wm 1.
Mirandah WHEELDON 7 is an illeg. child and living with HIS grandfather at Ashford ,the parish pay him 1/6 a week. Grandfather earns 8/- a week and another dau who earns 4/-. The childs mother is a fwk and is living at Chesterfield and finds the childs clothes. Ordered relief to be discontinued.
Saml CANE 40 Lunatic, not dangerous in Ashover Workhouse.
Ellen CANE living at Manchester
Sarah ALLCARD widow 46, living Sheffield, very ill. under medical aid. Mary dau, 16, waits on her.
Samuel TAYLOR 16 living with parents at Bakewell, supposed to be a lunatic.
25 Feb 1839
John HIBBS widower 61 fwk. appears not to be very stout. Earns 2/6 weekly. Dau. Martha, single, 26, lives with him,has illeg. child aged two.. Martha seams stockings, earns 3/- a week. Relief discontinued.
Caroline HOWARD widow 50, receives 1/6d from parish, pays her own rent 1/-, earns a little when she can get employment. Appears to be a person of eccentric habits.

Ashleyhay (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
John BARNES 26, wife 22, Alfred 1y 9m, Has been ill some time, a little better.
12 Jan 1839
John BARNES 26, wife 22, one child. Receives relief on account of being ill. Last week relief ordered to be continued another week, he has not yet began to work and asks to receive the relief a little longer. Refused.
19 Jan 1839
John BARNES 26, wife 22 one child. Relief he had be receiving ordered to be discontinued.Appeals to Board, he is unable to work and asks for further relief. May go to Wirksworth Workhouse.
Aston On Trent (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
Ann MORETON 56 widow. has a son aged 12 unemployed. Case last week dismissed for non-attendance.

30 Mar 1850
Alice BEESON Atlow, husband belonged to Stockport, Ches, wife of John BEESON late of Smalley. Husband left her five yrs ago, now pregnant by Master. 
Baslow (Bakewell Union)
18 Feb 1839
Martha FURNISS widow 31, resides Dukinfield,Ches. Has two children aged five and four. Keeps a mangle
Sarah WALLIS widow, living Stockport,Ches. Has Francis 16, earns 5/6 a week but unsteady, Elias 13, Mary 11, Sarah 10, John 6 .Three youngest children illegitimate 

Belper (Belper Union)
5 Jan 1839
Sarah BUTLER 58 widow. Has Daniel 12. Now better.
Francis HALLSWORTH 40 wife 28. Has Edward 2 Henry 6m. Horse nail maker, has rupture. Had a boy Thomas 4 burned two weeks ago, now died.
William HATFIELD 58 wife 65 Unable to maintain themselves, ask to go into Workhouse.
Prudence HAYWORTH 41, Ann 13, Charles 12, Martha 10, Elizabeth 8, William 6, Mary 18m. She and the two eldest work at mill and asks for a nurse to look after three younger children being ill. Ordered that a person from the workhouse to take care of the children.
William SLATER 33 wife 33 Joseph 14, Samuel 11, Mary Ann 9, George 6, Sarah 5, Elizabeth 2. He works at cotton mill 11/- a week. No sickness in family relief refused.
Elizabeth WALKER 33 widow, Gervase 3 and an infant not named.
19 Jan 1839
William FOX 69 widower, employed on rail road.Ill, no work last three weeks. Says he belongs to Sandiacre but they refuse to receive him. To go to Belper Workhouse.
Joseph HALL 45, wife 47, Joseph 16, Eliza 12, John 11, Henry 10, Elias 5. He is a blacksmith, ill and unable to work last seven months. Five of the children work at mills, earns 14/3. Asks for 2/-. To receive 16lb of bread. 
Mary SIMPSON 23, and Catherine DAWES a bastard aged 2. Husband committed to House of Correction for ill beating her. Unable to support herself. To go to Alfreton Workhouse.
26 Jan 1839
William CHEETHAM 80, wife 69 . Wife ill, requires a nurse. Relieving Officer provided one and 3/-.  

Birchover (Bakewell Union)
24 Sep 1838
Ann HARDY 39 Lunatic resides with bro in law. Her husband absconded some time since.
Anthony HARDY 11, child of Ann, he is living with John SLACK, he goes to school and Slack pays his school wage.
Sarah FENTEM 60 single living with Geo WILMOTT infirm.

26 Jan 1850 
W BEIGHTON Brailsford, fractured leg.
28 Sep 1850
Ordered that SCROPE a dangerous lunatic in the Workhouse and belonging to Brailsford be sent to the Camberwell Asylum.
5 Oct 1850
A cheque was given to Benjamin PLANT for escorting a dangerous lunatic in Workhouse.
A cheque was given to Samuel FINNEY for conveying William SCROPE belonging to Brailsford to Camberwell Asylum, Surrey.
5 Jun 1852
Thomas SPENCER Brailsford, removed to Derby County Lunatic Asylum

13 Oct 1849
Mary LEE  of Manchester, Lancs. a Brassington pauper.

Breaston (Shardlow Union)
4 Feb 1839
William MORLEY 67 widow in Nottingham Workhouse, Notts.To be relieved in Shardlow Workhouse.

Breedon, Leics.
4 Feb 1839
John FAIRBROTHER 33 wife 34, resides Breedon, Leics. Settlement Staunton, Leics, lab. was employed Breedon Lime Works, then sprained his arm. Five children, Elizabeth 11, ill, William 10 weakly, Mary 7, Lydia 21m . Wife earns 1/- per week
Grace PETCHER 49 resides Bradford, Yks. Settlement Breedon, Leics. widow. Three children Sarah 12, works at mill earns 5/-, Benjamin 9, William 6. Grace asthmatical, weak.

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