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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Bastardy Papers

1 Hannah ELLIS Plealsey Hill p Mansfield pregnant, father Joseph GODLEY Pleasley Hill father lateley come into Tibshelf 1741
2 Ann ASHMORE female Rbt FLETCHERT yngr Stretton 1743
3 Mary YOUNG Riber p.Matlock Tho GREAVES Riber yeoman, indemnifies. 1745
QSOB 59 Mary LANT Tho ALSOP Biggin, Tibshelf 1761
Q2/117 Betty SHOOTER Tibshelf single, pregnant John MATHER Skegby, servant man 1817
Q2/278 Mary SHOOTER Tibshelf, child born 9 April, George DAVENPORT Kirkby, Nottm fwk. 1824
Q2/485 Jane COUP Tibshelf single, male 2 Sep. Michael ASKEW younger. 11 Mar. 1839?
B1 Ann PURSLOVE, female July in Akrin (Eakring) Notts. Child now living in Tibshelf. 1785
B2 Sarah COUP single, Dec last, female in Nottingham. Child now living at Tibshelf. 1785
B4 Phoebe MAUKES John HOLMES Millers Dale, refuses to pay maintenance. 1837
B5 Mary SHOOTER single, male. George DAVENPORT Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. 1824
B6 Elizabeth LUCAS, male, 6 March. Samuel HASLAM, Chesterfield, dyer. 1795
B7 Elizabeth PURSELOVE male, 1 March. George WATERS, Pinxton, labourer. 1799
B8 Mary MAWKS male, 24 Feb. Richard WATSON Tibshelf, collier. 1808
B9 Milicent HILL male, 29 Nov. James PARKER Tibshelf. collier. 1820
B10 Elizabeth PEMERTON (PEMBERTON) male, 5 May. John WHITE Higham, p.Shirland. labourer 1821
B11 Ann GELSTHORP male. 2 Aug. James WILSON, Park House, North Wingfield. 1823
B12 Elizabeth PEMBERTON female 1 Apr. John WILD Newton, Derbys. 1824
B13 Ann GELSTHORPE female 16 May. James WILSON, Pilsley, farmer. 1824
B14 Elizabeth MARSHALL female 10 Feb. Thomas TAYLOR Alfreton, cordwainer 1825
B15 Sarah NEEDHAM 23 Jan 1825. Thomas GREGORY Tibshelf, servantman 1826
B16 Phoebe MAUKES female 30 Sep. John HOLMES Millers Dale. (p.Tideswell ) 1828
B17 Sarah HOLE female 2 Oct 1827 William TOWNDROW Tibshelf, farmer 1828
B18 Mary FLETCHER female 12 Aug. Robert MAUKES Tibshelf, framework knitter. 1829
B19 Martha HILL male 23 Jan. William HARRISON, Staveley collier, 1834
B20 Hannah HILL female 19 Feb 1829 George FRANCIS Tibshelf, labourer. 1831
B21 Mary MOKES male 29 Jan. George ASHMORE Tibshelf, collier. 1831
B22 Sarah SHOOTER male 14 Oct. Abraham WHARMSBY Kirkby( in Ashfield) Notts. framework knitter. 1832
B23 Sarah HOLMES male 2 Feb. William SIMPKIN Tibshelf, wheelwright. 1833
B24 Ann PEMBERTON male 21 Feb. John DAVENPORT, Ault Hucknall, stockiner. 1833
B25 Hannah HILL male 12 Feb 1831. George FRANKS Tibshelf, labourer. 1833
B26 Hannah SHOOTER male 23 Jul Israel CANTRELL, Holmgate, p. North Wingfield. servantman. 1833
B27 Mary HODGKINSON male 19 Nov. John WILD Basford. twist hand. 1834
B28 Hannah ELLIS female 23 Feb. John BAMFORD Tibshelf, framework knitter. 1835
B29 Jane COUP male 2 Sep. Michael ASKEW younger, Pilsley, farmer 1839
B1 Sarah HARTOPP Ticknall Gabriel PORTER yeoman of Little... Co Derbys 1685/6 (possibly Littleover)
B2 Elizabeth a bastard chid of Hannah OKEY the dau of John OKEY. John OKEY Bond. 1716
B3 Dorothy MOOR single, pregnant, John GARRAT Barrow on Trent, son of Thomas GARRAT a wheelwright. 1744/5
B4 Catherine DUTTON Ticknall, single, female John VERNON wheelwright is father. 1746
B5 Sarah PEARSTONE pregnant William HANBURY Ingleby, farmer. 1760
B6 Elizabeth VERNON Ticknall single, pregnant. Joseph BEIGHTON Ticknall pot maker. 1782
B7 Sarah BACON p. of Foremark, desires to lie in, in Ticknall. Joseph SPURR, James DAWSON both Foremark indemnify 1775
B8 Sarah AULT, male baptised John SHERRATT George WETTON Doveridge father. 1785
B9 Mary HILL single, female William RICHDALE jnr, Ticknall, breeches maker. 1791
B10 Comfort MARRIOT single, pregnant John SMITH jnr Newbald, Leics. 1795
B11 Elizabeth TOPLIS pregnant John IVELL late of City of Chester now Derby, blacksmith. 1807
B12 Ann wife of John FREEMAN female, bastard child. John FREEMAN Normanton, John FREEMAN Ibstock bound. 1808
B13 Sarah CARTLEDGE single, George HARDY yngr. Shirland Delves. 1814
B14 Ann MASSEY single David ASHER Long Whatton, Leics farmer. 1815
B15 Ann SUTTON Ticknall single. Joseph JOHNSON Weston Underwood, p.Mugginton 1800
B16 Elizabeth HILL Ticknall pregnant James IRONMONGER Linton, (p.Church Gresley) labourer. 1818 On the reverse of this Warrant is a note extending the Warrant to Middlesex.
B17 Jane WARDLE Ticknall George FELLOWS Winshall (Winshill) Derbys. labourer. 1824
B18 Rebecca MASON Ticknall Samuel SHEAVYN Ticknall, farmers son. 1826
B19 Sarah DEXTER Ticknall William BYARD Ticknall 1827
B20 Elizabeth HICKINBOTHAM Ticknall single, male, 22 Feb. Thomas DAVIES Liquor Merchant. 1827
B21 Sarah POTTER born Desford, Leics.   Josiah ROBINSON yngr  1806
B22 Hannah VERNON male.  James BEDWORTH, Handsworth,Warwicks. 1806
B23 Susan ASTLE male  John BENNETT Coleorton, Leics.
B24 Ann WILLMORE  male,  William NEVILLE Caulk  1824
B25 Mary WILKINSON female  William HILL Ticknall 1824
B26 Elizabeth SMITH female  John BROOKS Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  1826
B27 Elizabeth HICKENBOTHAM  male  Thomas DAVIES Ashby de la Zouch, Leics 1827
B28 Ann COOK  female  Joseph BRIGGS Ticknall 1831
B29 Hannah WILKINSON male  John SMITH  QS Order.
B30 Ann SUTTON pregnant  Joseph JOHNSON Weston Underwood .(Warrant)1800
B31 Elizabeth HILL  James IRONMONGER  Linton (Warrant) also externds to Middx. 1818  
B32 Jane WARDLE  George FELLOWS Winshill  1824
B33 Rebecca MASON    Samuel SHEAVYN Ticknall 1826
B34 Sarah DEXTER  William BYARD Tcknall 1827
B35 Elizabeth HICKENBOTHAM  male  Thomas DAVIES Ashby de la Zouch 1827
Q2/1 Hannah WILKINSON Ticknall, spinster, Joseph PARKER Apr no year given (early 1700s?)
Q2/127 Elizabeth COOK Ticknall, male Edward HADDON Grendon, Warwicks. labourer. 1817
Q2/208 Eizabeth MASON Ticknall single, pregnant Edward WILD Melbourne, footman. 1822
Q2/340 Sarah ENSOR Ticknall single William ROLLINS Ticknall baker. 1825
Q3/2 Jane WARDLE Ticknall pregnant John GOSTELOWE 1822
Q3/104 Ellen BLORE Ticknall Joseph BRAMLEY Oct 1827
Q3/105 Selina MUMFORD Ticknall John COLLYER Oct 1827
Q3/136 Elizabeth BOWLEY Ticknall George WAYTE Jan 1829
Q2/9 Ann BAGSHAW single Litton female, 22 Jun. Edward WHITE Litton, husbandman. 1762
Q2/10 Ann BAGSHAW single Litton, male, 22 Jun. Edward WHITE Litton, husbandman. 1762
QSOB 35 Mary BAGSHAW, male, Wm SELLORS Eyam Woodlands miner 1763
QSOB 37 Ruth HILL, female, Henry WARHURST Tideswell 1763
QSOB 91 Kitty BRAMHALL Geo THOMPSON Tideswell 1762
Q2/321 Ann WARDLOW Tideswell, single. John HAWKESLEY Younger, Belper, nailor. 1825
Q2/407 Barbara WHEELDON Wheston single Robert WATTS Brampton, blacksmith. 1827
Q3/99 Barbara WHEELDON Wheston Robert WATTS Brampton blacksmith. Jul 1827
Q2/99 Jane BARKER Tissington, pregnant Thomas LOWNDES Wetton, Staffs. 1817
Q2/291 ElleN BOTTAM Tissington single, male, 7 Apr. Wm BOWN, late Tissington. 1825
Q2/328 Ellen BOTTOM Tissington William BOWN Tissington labourer. 1825
Q2/331 Ellen BOTHAM Tissington William BOWN Hognaston farmers servant. 1825 child born
Q2/437 Mary BRIAN Tissington single Wm GOODSON Nottingham DYER. 1829
Q2/475 Sarah TWIGGE Tissington single male 27 Apr. Thomas SMITH Tissington. 1836
Frances BOWLER single pregnant  Anthony GREATOREX Wensley yeoman  1783  V21/90a
Elizabeth COTTREL single, female.  Thomas BENNETT Sparrow Pit Chapel en le Frith. 1796  V21/90b
Hannah ALSOPP single  pregnant  Joseph HUGHS Carsington  1807  V21/90d
Joseph ROWLEY to Ipstones Staffs  1808  V21/83b
Mary BRUNT pregnant  to Ipstones Staffs 1795  V21/84a
TRUSLEY Bastardy
Q2/82 Mary MURFIN Trusley Joseph WAINWRIGHT Osliston 1817
Q2/252 Catherine EYRE Trusley and Ash single John WRIGHT Orgrave, Staffs. servant. 1824
Q4/76 Mary BOWLER Turnditch, female Thomas ASHMORE Windley labourer. 1833
Q4/78 Elizabeth Ann DAYKIN Turnditch, wife of Samuel DAYKIN late of the same place, but who as been absent from England and from herself as she believes for the space of 4 years. Male born at Derby where she was residing under a Certificate from Turnditch. Samuel CALLADINE Turnditch, butcher. 1833 "she further saith that her husband went to America and has not been heard of by her for the space of three years."

Harriet GOODWIN                Anthony LEE  1880
Mary GOODWIN                  Henry FREER 1880
Sarah MATKIN                     Philip FOULK 1879
Miriam RADFORD                Walter WAYWELL 1887
Sarah STEEPLES                 William SPENCER 1887
Sarah STEEPLES                 William SPENCER 1888
Mary Ann WARD                  Isaac WEBSTER 1891
1 Mary MOOR Upper Langwith John DARBY 1828
Q2/382 Mary MOORE Upper Langwith single. William MARCHANT Mansfield, needle maker Jul 1826
Q2/387 Mary MOORE Upper Langwith single William MARCHANT
child born. Oct 1826
Q2/234 Elizabeth GENDERS Walton upon Trent pregnant Ralph PRESS Fauld, Staffs. 1823
Q3/72 Ann EARP Walton on Trent John BELL younger 1825
Q2/300 Elizabeth THOMPSON Weston upon Trent, single Wm FREARSON Boulton, labourer. 1825
Q2/325 Mary BROWN Weston upon Trent, single William THOMPSON Aston upon Trent, boatman, Jan 1825 John ADAMS Shardlow, boatman, surety.
Q2/345 Ann EARP Walton upon Trent single John BELL younger Barton under Needwood, joiner. Aug 1825
Q2/346 Ann EARP Walton upon Trent John BELL younger, Barton under Needwood, Staffs. Dec 1825 child dead.
Q2/347 Mary BROWN Weston upon Trent, single William THOMPSON May 1825
Q3/36 Elizabeth WHITING Weston upon Trent Tho PIGGIN 1823
Q3/115 Fanny PARKER Weston upon Trent George FITCHETT. Apr 1828
Q3/123 Fanny PARKER Weston upon Trent George FITCHETT Jul 1828 child born.
Q3/162 Hannah BANCROFT Weston upon Trent Robert POTTS Jun 1831
Q2/4 Mary WEBSTER single, male. John als Rbt STONY, Sheffield. 1746
Q2/251 Elizabeth RICHARDSON Whittington single William PEAT Bonsall, carpenter. 1824
QSOBEP Mary GLOSSOP Whittington Dbys   William MOSLEY Newbold Dbys 1825
QSOBEA Elizabeth RICHARDSON Whittington Dbys  William PEAT Bonsall Dbys 1825
QSOB 11 Elizabeth LINLEY, male John STARKIE Whitwell 1770
Q2/274 Sarah EPPLESTONE Whitwell Henry WOMACK Barlborough labourer. Oct 1824
Q2/280 Sarah EPPLESTONE Whitwell, single Henry WOMACK Barlborough, labourer. Apr 1824
Q2/184 Ellen PIPES Willington, single, pregnant Samuel SPENCER Willington, butcher. 1822
Q3/83 Sarah POOL Willington Joseph BURROWS 1826
Q3/130 Ann BULL Willington John DICKMAN Oct 1828
Q3/138 Matilda RYLEY Willington Wm PEGG Jan 1829
WILNE Bastardy
QS/78 Ann MOSLEY, Breaston p. Wilne, male Joseph LAKIN 1762
Q2/150 Mary HENSHAW Wilne and Shardlow, single James BLYTH. 1818
Q2/123 Judith BRADBURY Winshill Thomas COPESTAKE Burton upon Trent, joiner. 1817
QS/179 Sarah ATKIN Winshill pregnant Michael HALLAM Winshill 1822
Q3/128 Ann WARD Winshill John CROXALL Oct 1828
Q3/133 Ann WARD Winshill John CROXALL Dec 1828
WINSTER Bastardy.
B1 Jane EYRE single, pregnant Stephen HARRIS Staffs 1733/4
B2 Sarah wife of Geo BULLOCK of Stanton, has a female born at Upper Haddon in 1733, she being known as Sarah SELLORS. Child living with her at Stanton. 1739
B3 Sarah BLACKWELL single father Robert BAXTER 1736/7 servant to John BADALEY
B4 Mary HAWLEY male born 1777 Saml ALLEN Hartington 1778
B5 Mary HAWLEY pregnant Rbt HITCH sadler Winster 1779
B6 Easther HAMPSON spin. female Rbt NEWTON Derby 1718
B7 Jane HALL widow, female Tho HAMPSON Winster 1725
B8 Annis SELLORS single Geo CARDER Winster 1730
B9 Elen DEAN Winster child born Jonathan HALL Wirks. 1730
B10 Ellen SELLORS single, child born Arthur HEATHCOTE of Winster, miner 1736
B11 Sarah DEAN single pregant James CAHILL Elton lab. 1750
B12 Henry BROCKLEHURST of Alderwasley, p.Wirksworth hired Sarah HALL 7yr. from Winster. Indemnifies Winster. 1755
B14 Ellen JOHNSON single, male James JOHNSON, tailor indemnifies Winster. 1757
B15 Mary SWINDALE single, male. John ALLEN indemnifies Wensley, miner. 1759
B16 Elizabeth BENNET late of Kniveton, now of Winster, single, pregnant. Mary LUMMUS, widow of William LUMMUS a Gent of Winster and German HICKLING of Hatton p.Marston on Dove indemnify. 1760
B17 Hannah GAMBLE single, male Robert SHAW Winster miner. 1765
B18 Note; Received from Robert SHAW One pound one shilling. Signed Caleb WILLCOCK 1766
B19 Ann DAWSON single, pregnant James BEECH Winster, saddler. 1768
B20 Sarah TOMPSON single John ALSOPP Ashbourne, Gent, indemnifies. 1768
B21 Elizabeth BENNET Musden Grange, spinster, pregnant Edward DAKIN Green Fairfield p.Hope, Henry FORD Oakover, Staffs husbandmen,indemnify. 1770
B22 Hannah BATEMAN single, pregnant. Robert HITCH Winster, saddler. 1770
B23 Sarah KILLER Bonsall, single, child born at Bonsall Henry ROPER Bonsall woollcomber. 1771
B24 Mary ASHTON single, female. Benjamin ANDREW Winster miner. 1775
B25 Hannah BATEMAN, female. Robert HITCH 1775
B26 Ellen LONGDEN single, male. James YATES Stanton Hillside, p.Youlgreave. 1778
B27 Elizabeth ROBERTS single, pregnant. Josiah HALL Winster, miner. 1778
B28 Alice SHIPMAN, single, pregnant. Richard BLACKWELL Winster, miner. 1781
B29 Mary KEELING, spinster, male/ Stephen MELLAND Bakewell, surgeon and apothecary. 1791
B30 Sarah BRACE, now Sarah WALTON, female. John WALTON. 1794
B31 Esther WHIELDON, (WHEELDON) single, pregnant. George EVANS Cromford p.Wirksworth. labourer. 1795
B32 Elizabeth WHEELDON single, pregnant. William RICHARDS Monyash, labourer. 1796
B33 Elizabeth BRADLEY single, female. Nicholas BELL Stockport, Cheshire labourer. 1797
B34 Hannah BRITTLEBANK single, pregnant. William ROBINSON Belper, joiner. 1800
B35 Ann BRADLEY single, pregnant. Abraham SALT Elton 1800
B36 Hannah TURNOR single, pregnant. Thomas WILMOT Upper Hackney p. Darley miner 3 Oct 1801
B37 Hannah TURNOR single, pregnant, female. William WILMOT Upper Hackney. p.Darley. 22 Apr 1801
B38 Rebecca ROSE, female. Josiah WAGSTAFFE Winster, labourer. 1802
B39 Mary BARKER Winster, single Thomas WILMOT Ashover, miner. 1803
B40 Elizabeth LONGDEN Winster, single George ALLEN Winster, Officer of Excise 1804
B41 Hannah BOTT Winster, single Ralph BERESFORD Cromford who is under 21. 1808
B42 Ann SALT Winster, single William DAWSON Biggin by Hartington 1808
B43 Martha WILCOCK Winster, has a bastard dau Mary Ann, now pregnant again. George SWINDELL Winster, innkeeper 1812
B44 Hannah ORME Winster, widow. Thomas CADMAN Elton innkeeper 1812
B45 Sarah WRAGG Winster, single William HODGKINSON Winster son of John HODGKINSON. 1812
B46 Mary BRADLEY Winster, single male,John. Francis COOPER Ivenbrook Grange p.Wirksworth 1812
B47 Ann STONE Winster, single John KNOWLES Youlgreave miner, son of William KNOWLES. 1813
B48 Elizabeth EVANS Winster single female, Elizabeth. Joseph HIGGOTT Cromford maltster. 1814
B49 Ann BURTON Winster single, female Mary. Henry CALDWELL butcher, son of Joseph CALDWELL also of Winster butcher. 1815.
B50 Ann STONE Winster, female Fanny. William BATEMAN Winster, miner 1815
B51 Elizabeth HICKINGBOTHAM Winster delivered of a bastard child. Daniel HOLME Darley fwk. 1817
B52 Esther BRITTLEBANK single, Winster, pregnant Thomas CHOLERTON of Belper, son of Robert CHOLERTON, both carpenters. 1817
B53 Hannah SHELDON Winster, single Joseph BRADLEY Cromford, blacksmith 1817
B54 Ann BARKER Winster single, pregnant George HILL Fosbrooke servant man, bro to Thomas HILL yeo, of Fosbrooke Staffs. 1811
B55 Ann BOWMER Winster, female, Elizabeth. John DURDEN Winster carrier. 1819
B56 Hannah VICKERS Winster male, William. Joseph STONE Winster miner. 1819
B57 Catherine RUDIERD (RUDYARD, RUDDIARD) Winster single, pregnant. Henry NEWTON Elton 1719
B58 Mary MOORHOUSE pregnant, warrant for arrest of Caleb WILCOK rouper (roper). 1735
B59 Hannah BATEMAN pregnant Robert HITCH saddler, Winster 1770
B60 Mary HOLBROOK Winster widow. John GREGORY Winster 1770
B61 Elizabeth BARTON Winster single 12 Jan at Youlgreave, male. John MOOR Mansfield, Notts. fwk 1824
B62 Ann BUXTON Winster pregnant. John BURTON Winster hawker 1823
B64 Sarah BLACKWALL Winster, single, female Jonathan HALL lab. Winster 1729
B65 Ann STAYLEY Winster, male 23 May. William PLATTS 1796
B66 Elizabeth HOLME, Winster, female 8 Feb. William JACKSON. 1789
B67 Lydia CADMAN Winster male 18 Aug. Joseph CADMAN Elton 1815
B68 Ann STONE Winster female 31 Mar 1819 at Youlgreave. Thomas BUCKLEY Middleton by Wirksworth miner. 1823
B69 Jane HADFIELD Winster, female 8 Aug. Thomas HOWARD Staley Bridge, Cheshire blacksmith 1824
B70 Elizabeth CHADWICK Winster, male 15 Apr. Samuel MILLINGTON Belper 1825
B71 Ruth HAWLEY Winster female 1 Nov. Anthony WHEATCROFT Milford 1827
B72 Ann STONE Winster female 30 Nov. Anthony GREGORY Winster plumber and glazier. 1828
B73 Margaret WILSON pregnant, a hired servant to Richard BUXTON of Winster. Richard BUXTON his son, is the father of the child. 1715
B74 Ann STAFFORD Winster spinster Nicholas HALL Winster, miner 1724/5
B75 Elizabeth ROBERTS Winster male Overseer summoned, John TAYLOR DD Clerk, "to ask why he has refused to allow maintenance". 1778
B76 Sarah DEAN, bastardy agreement with James CAHILL, paid £5 towards maintenance. 1750
B77 Hannah GAMBLE Expenses for Examination as to her bastard child, at Derby. "illegally removed from Winster to Derby St Peters." 1765
B78 Ann STAYLEY William PLATTS Winster, labourer. 1796 Mortgages premises.
B79 Mary HOLEHOUSE grand dau of John HOLEHOUSE Winster gardener. "He is a man of property. .... and to pay 6d towards maintenance" Quarter Sessions. nd.
Q2/32 Mary LONGDEN Winster, pregnant John ABELL of Wensley. 1781
Q2/119 Elizabeth STONE Winster Adam KNOWLES Brampton wheelwright. 1817
QSOB 55 Troth SHERWIN, female. Tho SUTTON labourer of Wirksworth. 1760
V6/33 Bond of Samuel FOXLOW woolcomber of Winster, Anthony FOXLOW  father of Samuel re maintenance of Samuel's bastard child. 1788
QS/75 Lydia WAGSTAFF, Cromford, female. Joseph KNIFETON als KNISTON 1762
QSOB 29 Isabel HOLBROOKE widow, male, John OGDEN miner of Wirksworth 1763
QSOB 54 Bethia RED, male John BEARDSLEY labourer, Wirksworth 1760
QSOB 82 Elizb HOUGH John STANFORD Derby 1762
Q2/25 Elizabeth GREATOREX Wirksworth pregnant Isaac JOHNSON jnr. Duffield 1781
QSOB 106 Dorothy SPENCER of Middleton Robert WINGFIELD of Noton Steer,? Derbys. Gent. 1767
Q2/51 Phebe HAWLEY Wirksworth pregnant, John ELSE jnr Wirksworth miner. (Warrant to apprehend) 1790
Q2/97 Ann JOHNSON Alton Dbys single, pregnant William ELEY Chaddesden servant. 1817
nb This Alton maybe the one in Ashover parish, but I have placed it under Wirksworth because the Alton nr Idridgehay is closer to Chaddesden than the Ashover one. If other documents are found to support either it will be amended.
Q2/221 Hannah RILEY of Callow single George NASH Marston Montgomery. 1823
Q2/313 Mary AUSTEN Cromford, single George BIRKS, Cromford hatter. 1825
Q2/358 Mary WALL of Uttoxeter where she resides under a Certificate from Wirksworth Thomas CHATTERTON Uttoxeter joiner. 1825
Q2/336 Mary AUSTEN Cromford single George BIRKS Cromford hatter. 1825
Q2/483 male mentioned in the annexed notice (missing) Jacob DOXEY Middleton by Wirksworth, miner 1837
Q2/492 Millicent KINDER Wirksworth single 16 Aug 1862 John GARRATT Mugginton, farm labourer. 1862
Caroline GODBEHERE Wirksworth           Herbert PALIN  1870
Sarah HALLOWS Wirksworth                  William PEARSON 1887
Annie HIGTON Wirksworth                   Charles PEARSON 1881
Caroline HODGKINSON Callow              John FORD 1881
Caroline HODGKINSON Callow              John FORD 1887
Caroline HODGKINSON Callow                  Henry MILLINGTON 1889
Mary Hannah JOHNSON Wirksworth and Buxton       George Henry LINNEL Buxton 1880
Sarah MASKREY Wirksworth      Anthony SPENCER Middleton by Wirksworth  1874
Annie MOULD Wirksworth        John JACQUES  1890
Mary MOULD Wirksworth            James FEARN Welbeck Abbey Notts. 1872
Bertha POYSER Wirksworth        William FLINT 1881
Ann SNOW Wirksworth          Samuel SMITH Alderwasley  1871
Lois TURNER Wirksworth          Thomas GREATOREX Wirksworth  1870
Kate WAIN Wirksworth          John PALIN 1886
Elizabeth WARDMAN Wirksworth    Edward SEEDS 1890
E BEMBRIDGE  Hopton    Jacob STAFFORD  1881
Hannah BRENTNALL     Joseph NORTON  1872
Frances BRINDLEY       Joseph ALLEN  1890
Jane ELSE         Edward MOULD  1875
Annie Elizabeth FARNSWORTH  Steeple House     William PHILLIPS  1888
1 Sarah ROPER, female, John BEARD 1787
2 Elizabeth STALEY Richard GARRETT 1777
3 Elizabeth WILDGOOSE pregnant Wm ALCARD Roaster, Staffs 1787
4 Dolly SMEDLEY male bastard, Benj RICHARDS Alport, reputed father. 1797
5 Millicent WRIGHT Wm KEELLING Parwich 1806
6 Ann OLDFIELD, female born 10 May James ROWLAND 1820
7 Ann OLDFIELD John KNOWLES miner 1813
8 Hannah WOOD Wm SPENDLOVE p. Crich 1818
9 Mary TOFT male Wm NORMAN miner 1818
10 Hannah GARRAT Joseph REDFERN yngr 1823
11 Elizabeth WALKER male Joseph TOMPSON 1736
12 Elizabeth WHEELDON, widow, husband died 5-6 years ago. Now pregnant. Thomas CARSON Youlgreave mason. 1775
B13 Henry BOOTH Edensor, married Sarah REDFERN who is now pregnant. William REDFERN her husband still living. Henry BOOTH to indemnify parish. 1718
14 Entry in Parish Accounts; Bond received from John WARDLE and Thomas WARDLE of Sheen, Staffs to secure town from charges of a bastard child of Mary MADDOCKS 1726
15 Entry in Parish Accounts; Bond received from Richard STAFFORD and Thomas GREAVES to save the town harmless from a bastard child of Ann STONES. 1724
Q2/113 Ellen CHARLESWORTH Youlgreave Joseph LONGDEN Rowsley, labourer. 1817
Q2/355 Hannah BOTHAM Middleton by Youlgreave single John VICKERS Caulton Lees Edensor, labourer. 1825
Q2/359 Jane HALL Youlgreave single Henry HOLMES Elton woodman 1825
Q2/452 Dinah BARK Stanton Saml WRAGG Youlgreave lab 1829
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.