Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Bastardy Papers

Q3/10 Elizabeth COCKAYNE Sandiacre John HOLLAND 1822 child born
Q3/14 Elizabeth BARSBEY Sandiacre Richard PHILLIPS 1822
SAWLEY Bastardy
QSOB 31 Sarah WALTERS married Phillip HARVEY farmer of Chaddesden 1763
Q4/23 Hannah DAFT Draycott, male Thomas WINFIELD Draycott, thread twister. 1831
Q4/24 Elizabeth HALLAM Draycott, female. Henry GREGORY Breaston, servant. 1831
Q4/52 Mary THEOBALD Draycott male, George WHITE Draycott bricklayer. 1833
Q4/64 Hannah DAFT Draycott William PERRIN Draycott 1833
Q4/108 Elizabeth DAFT Draycott male, Samuel MOORE Draycott cotton twister. 1834
Q2/73 Mary NEWBOLD Sawley pregnant, Tho STONE Toton, Notts. labourer. 1816
Q2/94 Elizabeth WILCOCKS single, Sawley, female John MOOR younger, Wiln and Shardlow 1817
Q2/134 Tabitha WINFIELD Sawley single, pregnant. James ALSOP Carsington, labourer. 1817
Q2/100 Sarah BROWN Hopwell Rbt WHYMAN Amberston 1817
Q2/239 Judith BLATHERWICK Sawley William BRAKEFIELD Hemington. 1824
Q2/270 Rhoda HALLAM Draycott single John DAFT Draycott joiner. 1824
Q2/447 Elizb. THORNHILL Sawley single Henry WINDLEY 1829 child born.
Q2/471 Hannah AUSTIN Long Eaton Edward TIMPERLEY Sandiacre, servant in husbandry. 1835
Q3/3 Hannah ASTLE Draycott Saml STATHAM 1822
Q3/4 Sarah HOOLEY Draycott Saml SAXTON 1822
Q3/175 Mary ROSE Sawley John CARTLIDGE Apr 1833
Q3/185 Ann SHARLOCK Risley John STARBUCK Dale Abbey servant Jun 1833
Q3/187 Mary DICKINSON Long Eaton Francis BONSALL 1833

QSOB 71 Lydia WEBSTER Job --------, Langwith 1761
B1 Hannah COOK female at Riley, of Heath Wm POULTER Grantham stone cutter. 1783
B2 Abigal WHELDON late of Mammerton, Longford single, pregnant, now of Palterton. refuses to name father. 1723/4
B4 Elizabeth BARTON Scarcliffe single, Daniel HOPEWELL Mansfield baker, John HOPEWELL Mansfield baker. 1745
B5 Hannah SPRAY bastard 7yrs maintained by John THOMPSON Collector of Taxes at Toll Bar at Glapwell. 1767 Bond to Scarcliffe.
B6 Elizabeth FRITH widow, (mother of Robert FRITH of Shirebrook, Pleasley) to maintain a child of nearly 7 yrs called Henry NEWTON son of Thomas NEWTON fwk of Nottingham St Marys. 1773
B7 Jane UNWIN The Carr Scarcliffe, single, male Wm HANDLEY yngr Carr Scarcliffe. 1776
B8 John UNWIN to maintain his niece Elizabeth alias Betty RENSHAW. 1776 (Document found in Bastardy documents)
B9 Jane ANDREW Scarcliffe, single, pregnant Wm TURNER Kneeton Notts, farmer. 1779
B10 Sarah EYRE Scarcliffe single, pregnant, Samuel KIRK Palterton, farmer. 1783
B11 Milward MARSH Palterton, single, pregnant Thomas FRITH Palterton, farmer 1788
B12 Elizb. ANDREWS Palterton Wm COUP Ryley farmer 1791
B13 Elizb FOX Scarcliffe, single, pregnant John BOLER Glapwell farmer. 1793
B14 Elizabeth MACKSFIELD Scarcliffe, single, pregnant William PICKARD Scarcliffe. 1794
B15 Vina MARRIOTT Scarcliffe, male. John GOODLAD p. Scarcliffe 1795
B16 Elizabeth FOX Scarcliffe pregnant. William GREGORY yngr Scarcliffe 1797
B17 George FLINT of Calverton Tithe Farm and Ann his wife have agreed to separate, have William, child. Bond by George to indemnify. 1798
B18 Ann PARSON Palterton, single, pregnant. William RENSHAW Brimington 1799
B19 Elizabeth FOX Scarcliffe, single pregnant. Joseph WASS Edingley, Notts innholder. 1806
B20 Ann HARDWICK Scarcliffe, single pregnant Henry MELLORS Scarcliffe 1817
B21 Mary SMITH single 14 May, male. Henry SAMPSON Bulwell, Notts. 1817
B22 Mary WEST Scarcliffe, 24 Sep. female. Thomas MANDEVILLE Cuckney, Notts. 1826
B23 Elizabeth HARDWICK Scarcliffe, 15 Oct. female. William MARSH, Scarcliffe 1826
B24 Frances EATSON single, 27 Sep. female John ADSETTS Scarcliffe 1826
B25 Mary WEST Scarcliffe, 26 Jul. female John JARVIS Scarcliffe, miller 1829
B26 Elizabeth BROAD Scarcliffe, 31 Jul. male Richard EYRE Sookham, Notts. 1829
B27 Fanny CUTTS, male 19 May. George PEARSON Bolsover 1831
B28 Elizabeth SPRAY female 129 Apr. William FEATHERSTONE Pleasley. 1834
B29 Elizabeth SPRAY William FEATHERSTONE Pleasley 1836
B30 Elizabeth SPRAY William FEATHERSTONE refuses to pay. 1826
Q2/114 Mary WEST Scarcliffe pregnant Matthew CLARKE Cuckney servant man. 1817
Q2/466 Rebecca WOOD Scarcliffe single, female 18 Mar Joseph REDDISH, Duckmanton, servant man. 1835
Q2/298 Ann AULT Scropton John LATHBURY Apr 1825
Q2/303 Ann AULT Scropton John LATHBURY Burton upon Trent blacksmith. Jan 1825
Q2/350 Ann AULT Scropton and Foston single. John LATHBURY Burton upon Trent, blacksmith 1825
Q2/451 Arabella KERRY Scropton single Edward THORLEY Horninglow, blacksmith 1829
Q3/70 Ann AULT Scropton and Foston John LATHBURY 1825
Q4/6 Catherine NICKLINSON Shardlow widow, male, William WARD Weston upon Trent labourer. 1830
Q4/10 Anne SAXON Shardlow, male Joseph TOMLINSON Castle Donington, Leics, basket maker. 1831
Q4/34 Esther WALL Shardlow, male Wm WINFIELD Castle Donington, Leics. 1832
Q4/100 Sophia CLARKE Shardlow, male born 6 Nov 1830, James CLAYTON Shardlow, boatman. 1834
Q4/109 Mary HALL Shardlow, female Richard THOMPSON Elvaston, servant. 1834
1a Jane BROWNE single  Job TOWLE Sandiacre  1720
2 Mary CLIFFORD Wilne, male.  William WILKINSON Nottingham Notts 1755
3 Mary CLIFFORD Shardlow spinster  William WILKINSON agrees to take child  1758
4 Elizabeth HAMLET Wiln widow, male.  Robert GAMBLE Hopwell  1788
5 Mary RATCLIFFE single, male.  William EATON  Sawley waterman.  1783
6 Mary SMITH single, female.  William SHELDON Shardlow and Wiln  1789
7 Elizabeth CORBETT single  male.  Thomas WHITAKER Normanton upon Soar, Notts 1795
9 Catherine WEBB als Catura WEBB single, female born 1799.  Robert LAMBERT Manchester Lancs 1802
10 Hannah SMITH single pregnant.  John OWEN Shardlow boat builder.  1803
11 Ann WINGFIELD single female.  George WHITEHEAD Aston on Trent  1804
12 Mary SIMKIN widow female.  Joseph ROBERTS  Shardlow .1807
13 Catherine RALPH single  pregnant.  Joseph CUBLEY Shardlow  1814
14 Catherine TOPLIS single female  Thomas HUTCHINSON Belton Leics  1812
15 Martha TOMLINSON single  pregnant  Leonard RICE Ashby de la Zouch Leics.1814
16 Mary GASKILL Wilne single pregnant.  John BROWNE jnr  Long Eaton, mentions John BROWNE Elder Dale Abbey.  1815
SHIPLEY Bastardy
QSOB 23 Ann CALTON of Shipley Tho. CLIFFORD 1763
QS/101 Mabel TURNER Shirland. James BRUNT Clay Lane. 1764
B1 Sarah WILBRAHAM Jul 1833, male. William CLARKE, Chesterfield, moulder. 1834
B2 Millicent FLETCHER, male at Alfreton. Joseph THOMPSON Alfreton, bricklayer. 1833
B3 Harriet MARSDEN, male. Jonathan BEARDOW, Milltown wheelwright. 1833
B4 Emily TURNER, male. James TAYLOR, Matlock servantman 1831
B5 Mary NUTTALL of Kirkby, Notts. male. William BAILEY Kirkby, Notts fwk. 1831
B6 Ann BROOME single, male. George WILSON Inmate in the house of Hannah WILSON, Parliament Street, Nottingham, bobbin maker. 1830
B7 Elizabeth BELL, male. John BROWN Codnor, collier 1830
B8 Mary SCOTT, female. Charles SMITH, Shirland 1829
B9 Elizabeth BELL, male. John BROWN, Codnor, collier 1827
B10 Elizabeth BELL 13 Jun 1820, female. John BROWN Codnor, collier. 1827
B11 Elizabeth MAY, female. Wiliam ROBINSON, Warsop, Notts. surgeon. 1827
B12 Margaret WRIGHT, female George WHARTON of Clay Cross, blacksmith 1826
B13 Lucy RHODES, male. Thomas MOORE, Ripley, moulder. 1826
B14 Mary STEVENSON 10 Jun 1821 female, James CLARKE, Codnor. 1824
B15 Elizabeth RHODES female 1823. William Henry FLETCHER, Ripley, surgeon. 1824
B16 Sarah TURNER female, 1823. George CUPIT Stretton, collier. 1824
B17 Margaret WRIGHT, female Frederick RODGER Shirland, labourer. 1823
B18 Mary NORTH (now BEASTOW) female born 1806 at Woodthorpe, p.North Wingfield. Joseph BALL Shirland, labourer. 1811
B19 Mary NORTH (now BEASTOW) female born 1811 Woodthorpe, p.North Wingfield. Joseph BALL Shirland, lab. 1811
B20 Sarah BIRKS male, Charles WORRALL late p.Ashover 1783
B21 Mary NOLSON male, John BENNET Shirland, nailor 1768
B22 Ellen STOWE male called Wiliam. James FRANCES Swanwick collier and John FRANCES jnr. Bond. 1714
B23 Anne LEESON single, pregnant. John SHELTON Woodborough and Thomas BRIERLY Gedling, Notts. Bond.1731/2
B24 Lydia MAY single, pregnant. Abraham BAYLAY Shirland Park and John BAYLAY Padley Wood p.Morton Bond 1747/8
B25 Elizabeth GODBER single, pregnant. Robert TAYLOR Hoveringham, Notts, farmer and George HAWKSLEY Stonebroom Ironmonger and flax dresser. Bond. 1748/9
B26 Elizabeth SMITH spinster. legally settled in Edensor, pregnant. Joseph BOOTH Overseer of Edensor, Bond. 1754 Elizabeth SMITH lived as a servant in Edensor, and was there married to William STRETTON of Leicester, who was working there as a cabinet maker. William STRETTON had a wife in Leicester before he wed Elizabeth SMITH. He stayed in Edensor three months after his marriage then left her with child and ran away to London.
B27 A woman great with child whose real name and place of Settlement is unknown. Jeremiah RHOADS of Linby, calls her Anne CARTWRIGHT. She has now come to the house of John STANLEY. 1755
B28 Ann TORVEY of Ainmoor, three bastard children in liberty of Washington (Wessington ) Mary, Ann, Hannah, Bond from Washington Overseers. 1757
B29 Elizabeth WIBBERD of Tibshelf, single, pregnant John MELLOR jnr of Tibshelf. 1757
B30 Jane WAINWRIGHT of Burndowood, Warsop, single, female born Warsop, and the child is now going to the parish of Shirland to live and board with Jane WAINWRIGHT of the parish of Shirland thereupon William ROLLIN late master of the said Jane WAINWRIGHT indemnifies parish of Shirland 1758
B31 Sarah RHODES of Shirland, single, female George TURNER Shirland. 1761
B32 Elizabeth GREAVES Shirland, single, male Matthew BRECKNOCK of Bulwell 1763
B33 Lydia HOKINSON Higham, single, male William LONGDEN Higham. 1765
B34 Elizabeth CLARK spinster, single Thomas MELLOR Mansfield, Notts. glazier and John FROST painter of Mansfield, Notts. indemnify. 1768
B35 Amy GODBOR Shirland, single, pregnant William HIGGINBOTTOM, Overseer of Codnor Park parish of Heanor, indemnifies. 1772
B36 Hannah SEEDS pregnant John NORTH Cordwainer Derby St Peter, indemnifies. 1774
B37 Jane SMITH single, two females. Isaac Spencer PAGE Shirland, butcher. 1786
B38 Martha CUTT Stretton p.North Wingfield, single, male James SIMNET yngr, Higham, husbandman. 1779
B39 Hannah CUPITT Shirland single pregnant John BAGGALEY yngr father. Hallfield Gate, millers 1781
B40 Ann COTES Shirland, single, male John JENKINS Supervisor in the Excise. 1781
B41 Elizabeth BELL Handsworth Yks. female born Shirland Richard DODSON, William LINDLEY, Thomas HUTCHINSON Overseers for Handsworth 1786
B42 Hannah CLARKE Shirland, single, pregnant John JOHNSON Stretton, North Wingfield, farmer. 1786
B43 Sarah HURT Brackenfield single, pregnant John CLAY Astwith, Imanuel HOBSON Brackenfield p.Morton indemnify 1789
B44 Rebecca KIRKHAM single, pregnant Joseph NEWTON, Higham, weaver. 1790
B45 Sarah COOKE single, male James HARDY Higham 1790
B46 Mary NOLSON single, male Thomas CALY, Higham, 1792
B47 Betty HASLAM female, Thomas TOWNDROW Higham, yeoman and Richard PEACH Alfreton, bricklayer indemnify. 1796
B48 Ann HILL Higham, (wife of James HILL, a soldier 12 Rgt Light Dragoons) pregnant, Francis VICKERS Mansfield, Bond 1792
B49 Elizabeth WAINWRIGHT pregnant, single Joseph DUNN Shirland, labourer. 1798
B50 Mary KEMP single, female 20 Sep last, Henry WARHURST Chesterfield, confectioner 1812
B51 Frances LANGFORD Stretton p.Shirland single, pregnant John BEIGHTON Brackenfield, husbandman. 1812
B52 Elizabeth WILFORD Shirland pregnant, William CLARKE Watnall Notts.labourer. 1812
B53 Sarah NOLSON, female Elias CALLADINE son of John CALLADINE of Heage father. 1814
B54 Sarah TURNER male, William TURNER yngr Shirland 1818
B55 Emma SMITHHURST single, child born Dec. last. Daniel HOPKINSON Shirland Delves, farmer, indemnifies. 1830
B56 Hannah WATSON Shirland, single 4 Dec, female John HOLMES yngr fwk. Jan 1799
B57 Elizabeth BELL single, 24 Apr., Shirland, male John BROWN Codnor Park, collier 1830
B58 Harriet MARSDEN Shirland, single 3 Feb, male. Jonathan BEARDOW Milltown, wheelwright. 1833
SHIRLEY Bastardy
QSOB 12 Hannah JONES alias SMITH, male, Abraham HARRISON nailer of Belper 1770
Q4/57 Elizabeth OFFELOW Shirley male Wm TAYLOR Ockbrook 18-- (1833?)
Q2/264 Ann SELLARS Yeaveley single Wiliam WIBBERLEY Osmaston next Ashbourne servant 1824
Q2/356 Ann SELLORS Yeaveley single Wm WIBBERLEY Osmaston next Ashbourne, servant. 1825
Q2/368 Ann DALE Shirley single William COPESTAKE Mugginton, farmers servant. 1826
Q2/380 Ann DALE Shirley single William COPESTAKE Mugginton, servant. 1826
SHOTTLE Bastardy
QSOB 33 Elizb BROMLEY, male John ROGERS Belper 1763
QSOB 73 Mary TAYLOR, (Biggin), female, Tho CALTON of Shottle (Biggin) 1762
QSOB 83 Ann CLEATOR wife of Tho CLEATOR a Soldier in Germany, male Jeremiah WINSON Shottle 1762
SMALLEY Bastardy
Q4/92 Catherine REDGATE Smalley female, born 1832 Samuel otherwise Joseph COOPER, Smalley framework knitter. 1834
Q3/163 Ann ALTON Smalley Joseph HOWETT yngr Jun 1831
QSOBEP Martha ROSE Hope Dbys  John ETCHES Derby Dbys 1825
QSOBEA Martha ROSE Hope Dbys  John ETCHES Derby Dbys 1825
SMISBY Bastardy
Q2/74 Sarah CHAPMAN Smisby pregnant, Matthew JOHNSON, Mansfield, servant. 1816
Q2//406 Mary WILTON Smisby Tho ALSEBROOK Ashby de la Zouch, labourer. 1827
SNELSTON Bastardy Warrant
2/4 Hannah FALKNER Joseph HILL Denton 1778
Q2/412 Fanny ROE Snelston, male 27 Sep., John MILWARD Longford, servant man. Oct 1827
Q2/428 Mary PRESTBURY Snelston born 7 Apr John WARIN Wootton, Staffs servant. Apr 1828
Q2/434 Mary PRESTBURY Snelston single, John WARIN Cubley farmers servant. Jan 1828
Q2/440 Elizabeth WAGSTAFF Snelston, single William DUNNING, Snelston Apr 1829

2/5 Hannah FALKNER Joseph HILL Rocester 1778
64 Mary PEACH Nathaniel HILL, snr. Culland. lab. 1761
Q2/135 Ann HARRIS Snelson,single,female Benjamin FROGGATT Cromford, cordwainer 1817
Q2/153 Harriett ROE Snelston single Matthew BERESFORD Junior, Snelston, joiner. 1818
Q2/255 Elizabeth SMITH Snelston single Chas MELBOURNE Ellaston servant. Dec 1824
Q2/266 Elizabeth SMITH Snelston, single Chas MELBORNE Ellaston, Staffs. Oct 1824
Q2/09 Mary PRESTBURY Snelston, single John COPESTAKE Milford bakers servant. 1825 child dead.
V5h/233  Dorothy STUBBS of Snelston Dbys male born Uttoxeter Staffs (Ann DURANCE and Dorothy GOODHALL present) 1781    Samuel FOWELL Cheadle Staffs 1784
V5h/234  Hannah ROWE male born Snelston Dbys   Samuel ARMISHAW Doveridge Dbys  1818
V5h/235  Ellen SMITH  single pregnant Snelston Dbys  John TWIGG p Hanbury Staffs  1768
V5h/92 Ellen ROE Snelston Dbys  William HALLOWAY yngr Denston Staffs 1783 
V5h/93 Alice TWIGG widow now residing Snelston, Dbys,   William FLACKETT late Snelston Dbys 1785
V5h/94 Margaret STUBBS Snelston Dbys , female,  William HARRIS Snelston Dbys  1788 
V5h/95 Ellen ROE Snelston Dbys,  Joseph BROUGH Snelston Dbys 1791 
V5h/96 Elizabeth SMITH Snelston Dbys,  Benjamin MILWARD Boylestone Dbys 1811
V5h/97 Sarah FOSTER wife of John FOSTER who she has not seen for 3 yrs, Snelston Dbys  male at Chesterfield House of Correction  Joseph BURROWS Hilton Dbys 1820       
V5h/79 Examination of Samuel HEAP of Snelston says that William SPRIG residing at Snelston is illeg child of Frances SPRIG 1798
Q2/456 Mary THORLEY Somersall Herbert, single Thomas TITLEY Marston Montgomery, servant. 1830
QSOB 18 Mary BALL, male. Samuel BALL 1774
QSOB 67 Rebecca MOAKS male. Tho NORWOOD Pinxton 1761
QSOB 85 Mary BALL, male. Joseph MOOR Sth Normanton 1762
B1 Hannah BALL Joseph MOORE yngr mason Original order 1769. Constable to apprehend MOORE 1775
B2 Jane BALL female Wm KNIGHT Sutton in Ashfield 1805 Warrant to apprehend KNIGHT
B3 Ann SIMPSON married, male. Wm RENSHAW 1826 Warrant to apprehend RENSHAW
B4 Hannah MOAKES single female John HOLLYMOULD 1832 Warrant to apprehend HOLLYMOULD
B5 Elizabeth MOAKS single male Geo BACON 1835 Warrant to apprehend BACON
B6 Mary BOWERING female John SLATER Blackwell 1745
B7 Hannah BALL Tibshelf indemnify 1760 "come into Sth Normanton to lye in"
B8 Elizb MARSHALL Mansfield Geo SENIOR 1764 "lying in"
B9 Mary BALL female Hugh WRIGHT Sutton in Ashfield 1766 ( son James WRIGHT 19 infant)
B10 Alice HILL Alfreton single Alfreton indemnify 1768 "came into Sth Normanton to lye in"
B11 Hannah BALL female Wm HECK 1772
B12 Hannah BALL male Joseph MOOR yngr 1776
B13 Elizabeth WEBSTER single John SAVIDGE Carleton 1782
B14 Mary BATES single James SWAIN 1799
B15 Hannah BALL Sth Normanton, female born 21 Apr last. Joseph MOORE younger, father 1769
B16 Elizabeth JEPSON Sth Normanton single. George SHARPE late of Sth Normanton father 1798
B17 Ann WILKINSON Sth Normanton single female born 18 Feb last. Charles BALL father. 1835
Q2/90 Hannah COOK South Normanton pregnant John HILL South Normanton, framework knitter. 1817
QSOB 24 Alice THORNHILL of Sth Wingfield, William WAINWRIGHT 1763
Q2/60 Elizabeth TURNER South Wingfield, single Joshua BEARDMORE New Radford, Notts (Warrant to apprehend) 1800
Q2/490 Alice STORER South Wingfield single 1 Jan 1857 female John PARKER Chesterfield beerhouse keeper. n.d. c.1857
SPONDON Bastardy
B1 Elizabeth SMITH single, female Samuel and Robert HOLBROOK Spondon. Bound. 1778
B2 Ann HARDY single, female. Peter SOWERS Spondon, Officer of Excise. 1778 (The surname may be TOWERS or FOWERS.)
B3 Sarah WRIGHT Spondon, single, male George MELLOR 1785
B4 Elizabeth EYRE Spondon, pregnant, James HOLLAND Denby lab. 1797
B5 Mary STEVENS Spondon, single, pregnant John RIGLEY yngr West Halam. 1802
B6 Mary BRADBURY Spondon, single, female Thomas CHEVIN Hopwell, servantman. 1804
B7 Mary WATCHORN single, male at Locko John CLAYWORTH Locko, servant. 1808
B8 Elizabeth COPE single, male Joseph ASHBY Spondon framework knitter 1812
B9 Hannah STEVENS Spondon, single one male, one female Thomas WALL, Thulston, Derbys weaver. 1812
B10 Elizabeth BRIGGS Spondon, pregnant. Thomas THOMPSON yngr, Derby Hills. 1813
B11 Elizabeth LEE Spondon, single, pregnant Gabriel BRITTAIN Butterly Park, carrier. 1821
Q2/250 Jane BANCROFT Spondon single Francis FOSS Borrowash, miller. 1824
Q2/325 Sarah BURTON Spondon Francis KING Little Eaton mason. 1825
Q4/9 Hannah BANCROFT Spondon, female, William WESTON Crich, fwk. 1830
Q4/30 Maria ELSON Spondon, female Gabriel BRITTAIN younger of Butterley. 1832
Q4/33 Ann WINFIELD Spondon, female. Robert HOLMES Kegworth. 1832
Q4/43 Dorothy SIDDONS Spondon female born Derby St Peters, while residing there under Certificate from Spondon in 1821(sic), John ROOM Stanley, Victualler. 1832
Q4/84 Elizabeth ORDISH Spondon male Thomas TURNER Spondon joiner. 1833
STANLEY Bastardy
QSOB 110 Sarah NEWHAM, male. Wm CARRINGTON, Spondon 1767
Q4/15 Martha HARTSHORN Stanley, female Richard COCKRAM, Mickleover, servant. 1831
Q2/490 Hannah BARTON Stanley male 25 Dec. George POTTER Stanley, farmer Jun 1842
Q3/46 Eliza THOMPSON Stanley Charles SMITH 1824
1 Sarah Ann FIELDING single, male Daniel WHITEHEAD Castle Donington, cooper 1829
2 Mary TAFFT single late of Stanton Edward HOLLINGWORTH younger Melbourne 1783
3 Margaret GREGORY Stanton by Bridge Wm BOTHAM Weston on Trent farmer
Q2/183 Elizabeth GRANGER Stanton by Bridge Thomas BIRD Stanton by Bridge, labourer 1822
Q3/106 Jane WAKEFIELD Stanton by Bridge William GODFREY 1827
B1 Sarah LOW Robert BORROWES Bond, cordwainer 1705
B2 Mary EATON Benj SMEDLEY Risley servant, Jno SMEDLEY jnr taylor Risley. Bond. 1762
B3 Ellen BARKHAMSHIRE single Saml SMEDLEY father 1776
B4 Martha BAMFORD single Tho WINFIELD father 1777
B5 Mary BAILEY single James WATTS Chaddesden 1790
B6 Ann HOOD single Wm HICKIN boatman, Thulson 1793
B7 Sarah MEE single, male born 1803 father John CANNER of Stanley. 1805
B8 Alice PHILLIPS single Thomas WHITEHEAD Trowell 1814
B9 Alice LYNAM father Joseph HARPUR Belper 1816
B10 Sarah HUNT Joseph BROWNE Smalley 1814
B11 Catharine WINGFIELD, female. John WHITE Chellaston 1815
Q3/98 Elizabeth BARBER Stanton by Dale Wm RIDE Jun 1827
Q3/179 Mary STARBUCK Stanton by Dale Joseph WILKINSON, Little Hallam, Ilkeston, servant. Jun 1833
STANTON, p. Youlgreave, Bastardy
QSOB 8 Mary MARSDEN male Geo NUTTALL Birchover 1770
QSOB 10 Elianor MOORE, female Joseph BENNET Stapenhill 1770
Q2/77 Elizabeth WARDLE Stanton and Newhall single pregnant, John BROWN, Langley weaver. 1816
Q2/296 Mary JEFFERY Stapenhill single William HOLLIS 1825
Q2/269 Elizabeth BREALEY Stanton and Newhall single Robert STALEY Stanton and Newhall labourer. 1824
Q2/351 Mary JEFFERY Stapenhill single William HOLLIS Burton upon Trent. Jun 1825
Q2/352 Elizabeth BLACKSHAW Stapenhill single Thomas COOK Ticknall labourer. Jun 1825
Q2/334 Elizabeth BLACKSHAW Stapenhill Thomas COOK Ticknall labourer. Mar 1825
Q2/338 Mary JEFFERY Stapenhill single William HOLLIS, (son of William HOLLIS Winshill labourer,) minor Feb 1825
Q2/405 Emma CLARK Stapenhill single Samuel FALKNER Egginton, servant. Dec 1827
Q2/410 Sarah PEACE Stapenhill single John GOODWIN Burton Extra printer. Oct 1827
Q3/34 Elizabeth WARDLE Stanton and Newhall John BRASSINGTON 1823
Q3/35 Rachel WARDLE Stanton and Newhall Samuel LOWE younger. 1823
Q3/52 Elizabeth BREALEY Stanton and Newhall John STALEY 1824
Q3/68 Elizabeth BLACKSHAW Stapenhill Tho COOK 1825
QR3/55 Sarah PEACE Stapenhill Wm KITRIDGE 1824
Q3/91 Elizabeth BLACKSHAW Stapenhill Thomas COOK, who is now in custody. Jan 1827
Q3/96 Sarah PEACE Stapenhill John GODWIN Jul 1827
Q3/120 Elizabeth STREET Stanton and Newhall John HARRIS 1828
Q3/165 Mary ADAMS Stanton and Newhall Wm GENDERS 1831
QSOB 7 Hannah LEEK John COUSINS of Rotherham 1769
Q2/91 Sarah BROOKS Staveley child born 26 Dec Geo HAYS Dronfield. Feb 1817
1 Alice COWLISHAW of Brimington, mother of Dorothy COWLISHAW a deaf and dumb woman and sworn to interpret for her. Saith that she (Dorothy) is with child and that John LAURENCE of Staveley Woodhouse is the father. She had connection twice, once at the well once more when she was milking. First time in John HINCH? cowhouse about four o'clock in the morning it was then dark in a great snow and very cold weather. Second time it was five o'clock. That it happened a bit after John LAURENCE was married. Child expected  Christmas.  1799
2 Mary SALES single, female.    John CUTTS Staveley tailor 1805
3 Mary FEARNES female born St Lukes day at Chesterfield.    John BINGHAM Bakewell  1805
4 Elizabeth JOHNSON female.   Thomas ANDREWS late of Southwell, Notts  1823
5 Ann PARKER  male.   Daniel DOGGLES Manchester, Lancs. fustian cutter 1826
6 Mary BARNS single, male  John BROWN Handsworth Yks.  1790
7 Sarah HOLMES pregnant.  Samuel BAMFORD Staveley  1791
8 Mary SMITHHURST, male.  John HAGUE Staveley  1795
9 Ann BROADHEAD, female.   John HURT  Staveley  1802
10 Hannah REDFEARN pregnant.  John NEWTON, Lea Field, Mansfield Woodhouse Notts 1805
11 Ann RICHARDSON  single, pregnant.  Henry PEARSON, Cold Aston  1825
12 Sarah GLOSSOP  pregnant.  John HAGUE Staveley 1825 
13 Charlotte CUTTS pregnant.   John CUTTS Staveley   1827
14 Amelia WALKER pregnant.  Aaron PLANT Staveley  1827
15 Mary SWIFT Staveley Woodthorpe, widow.  Samuel SEARSTON Bolsover son of John SEARSTON Bolsover.  1775
16 Hannah LEEK  single, pregnant.   John COUSINS Rotherham, Yks    1765
17 Elizabeth TAGG, female.  Henry SALT pays fifteen pounds to exonerate him. 1765
18 Hannah MELLOR single, male  Edward BETTERIDGE (signs BETTRIDGE) of Pinxton late Staveley 1743/4
19 Sarah COOPER single, male.  Robert MARPLES Staveley, 1735
20  A child commonly called George OWTRAM  George BABB hammerman, Staveley, Arthur WATTS Holmesfield tailor, Bond. 1664
22 Elizabeth SHELDON, Robert bastard born 27 Sep.  Robert BRIGHT yeoman Whitwell overseer ? 1709
23 Elizabeth NAYLOR single, female  Richard BINGHAM Melwood Hall, Lincs, (Notts on reverse) 1707
24 Mary HALLIFAX alias WAKEFIELD "great with child".  Nicholas HALLIFAX Staveley Forge, Bond.  1723
25 Ann JONES single, female.  William MILWARD Wingerworth  1732/3
26 Mary CURTIS Marsh Lane, Eckington, pregnant.  Hnery GREEN Cold Aston  1736/7
27 Mary CLARK ,child Elizabeth, Bolsover Woodhouse.  Sister of Bounder Samuel WING Thorp Hessley p. Rotherham, Yks. 1742
28 Margaret JARVIS  late of Brimington, spinster, pregnant.  Bond by George HEYWOOD , possible Overseer.1746/7 
29 Mary MAW spinster, female.  Joseph UFTON East Retford Notts 1754
30 Elisabeth BENNET single, male.   Joshua ANDREWS Staveley.  1764
31 Elizabeth PEARSE Staveley, single, female.  Johnathan HARRISON Inkersal, husbandman  1762
32 Elisabeth DRONFIELD single, female.  Joseph PARKER West Handley carpenter 1762
33 Anne BATES single, pregnant  Henry FRITH Handley 1762
34 Elizabeth HEWITT Hollingwood Common  female born Feb.  James BARLOW  Staveley Forge 1774
35 Mary CALOW Whitwell  single pregnant.  John PILKINGTON Whitwell farmer 1764
36 Elizabeth BACON single female  John GREENWAY Dronfield Bond. 1771
37 Maria JOHNSON Sheffield Yks single pregnant.  Godfrey ALLISON Brampton and Isaac JENKINSON Oscroft indemnify. 1771
38 Ann HOLDSWORTH Staveley widow, now the wife of George JAGGER, FEMALE of which James MARPLES Eckington carpenter, is the father 1776
39 Esther HOBSON pregnant  Walter SIKES Norton 1779
40 Sarah ALLCROFT single pregnant. John Charles WATSON Staveley mason. 1780 
41 Elizabeth WHITTLES Chesterfield single, dau of George WHITTLES of Staveley weaver., pregnant.  Samuel BOWER Organist Chesterfield, indemnifies. 1780
42 Mary TURTON single, pregnant. Legal Settlement Clowne, her father William TURTON granted Certificate from Clowne to Staveley Overseers of Clowne indemnify if child born in Staveley and legal Settlement of child is Clowne.  1781
43 Elizabeth GEE single, pregnant. Now of Staveley legal settlement Walton.  Overseers of Walton indemnify.  1782
44 Mary TURTON Staveley, single, pregnant.  Overseers of Clown indemnify.  1784
45 Hannah PATTISON dau of Robert PATTISON of Barlborough.  Overseers of Staveley indemnify   1774
46 Frances MULLINGS  Eckington, pregnant.  Overseers of Eckington indemnify.  1784
47 Elizabeth HIBBS single, female.   Edward MADIN Coal Aston.  1784  
48 Elizabeth PADDISON dau of Mark PADDISON of Staveley Woodthorpe, mason, male  George SLAGG voluntarily allowed himself to be father. Thomas SLAGG his father paid Mark PADDISON by Installments.  1787
49 Cathrine JACKSON single, Liverpool, Lancs. now of Staveley pregnant.  Richard NUTTALL Banner Cross Yks.  Edward NUTTAL of Staveley indemnify. 1787
50 Mary HARRISON single, female born May.  Robert SMITH Brinsley, Notts.  1787
52 Ann DYSON pregnant. John BEELEY and Joseph WILLCOCK both of Cuckney,Notts indemnify. 1789
53 Alice TURTON single, male. James WATTS jnr. Blackwell 1792
54 Ann GREGORY single, pregnant Isaac WEBSTER Staveley 1795
55 Elizabeth WHITE Barlborough single, pregnant. Overseers of Barlborough indemnify. 1796
56 Elizabeth CHAMBERS single, pregnant. John HOLMES yngr, Higham 1797
57 Elizabeth GRINDLOW Bolsover pregnant. Overseers of Bolsover indemnify. Wishes to have child at Staveley. 1803
58 Amy WRAGG single 14 Jul 1806, Francis. George SHELTON yngr Staveley Wood, lab. 1807
59 Sarah DYSON single, pregnant. John TAYLOR Chesterfield. Gent. 1808
60 Sarah TOWNEND single, pregnant. William BENNETT Inkersall Green 1809
61 Ann BROADHEAD spinster, female. John SAVAGE yngr, Laughten le Morthen, Yks. 1810
62 Mary PARKIN single, pregnant John HAWKSWORTH Staveley. 1811
63 Jane HURST single, pregnant. John LIMB North Wingfield 1812
64 Mary SMITH single, pregnant. John HARRISON yngr, Staveley 1812
65 Mary JARVIS otherwise SEARSTON male, 21 Jul. John THOMPSON Bark, p. Dalton, Yks. 1812
66 Barbara FREEMAN single, pregnant. Joseph TAYLOR Staveley. 1812
67 Hannah HEWITT Brimington, male. James ORWIN Brimington. 1815
68 Elizabeth WALKER single.   William TAYLOR Hollywood Common, p.Staveley  1815
69 Sarah COWPE widow, male 20 Jun.  Benjamin FURNISS yngr, Staveley  1816
70 Martha BENNETT single, male.  Benjamin RODGES Handley,  1816
71 Hannah CALOW Staveley, single female, 10 Jun.  Thomas BEE Millstone Lane, Nottingham, Notts, John CLAY Platt St. Nottingham, Notts ,butcher, indemnify.  1820
72 Memo;  Hannah MADIN dau of Thomas and Mary MADIN Staveley, male.  John HITCH indemnifies.  1727/8
73 Memo; John HITCH promises to pay Hannah MADIN 8d weekly.  1728/9
74 Memo;  Roger HADEN recently born.  Thomas BROWN Heeley, Yks Indemnifies 6d a week  1752
75 Memo; Received and Borrowed of Thomas BRAILSFORD Churchwarden of Staveley, forty Thomas HITCH.  1727
76 Sarah BOOKER single, male.  John WOOD yngr, Woodthorpe  1775
77 John HEAYES promises to maintain Sarah sister of Mary NEWBOLD my intended wife.  1768
78 Mary KEY single.  Abraham TAGG  Brampton  1739
79 Mary ALLEN  Monday 28 Sep.  female.  William FREEMAN  Staveley.  1778
80 Elizabeth BROADHEAD single, male.  Francis MARPLES, Staveley 1795
81 Ann BILLAM single, male.  George ASHWORTH Sheffield, Yks.  1796
82 Elizabeth HIBBERD, female.  John WARD, Totley  1796
83 Ann BROADHEAD, female.   John HURT, Staveley  1798
84 Mary SMITHHURST wid, male.   John HAGUE Staveley  1799
85 Dorothy COWLISHAW, female.  John LAWRENCE yngr Staveley  1800
86 Elizabeth WOODHEAD single, female.  Francis BRIGHT Staveley  1801
87 Hannah MILWARD single.  John MIDDLETON, Staveley  1801 
88 Ann BEECH single, male at Langwith  William DEAN, Staveley  1801
89 Ann BEECH single, male at Langwith  Wililam DEAN, Staveley  1801
90 Elizabeth ASH, male.   Samuel SMITH , Staveley  1802
92 Ann MIDDLETON, female born Brimington.  George CLARKE Brimington  1802
93 Martha HARRISON single.  John SUTTON Holme (Hulme?) End, Staffs. 1802
94 Ann MIDDLETON single, female.  George CLARKE  1802
95 Sarah HANCOCK at Foolow.  Benjamin FROGGATT Chapel en le Frith  1803
96 Sarah STREET single, male     John JARVIS  Staveley  1804
97 Elizabeth BROODHEAD male.  Joseph DICKENS Staveley.  1804
98 Mary MELLORS single, female.  John MIDDLETON  Staveley  1804
99 Martha HILL late Martha LITTLEWOOD female.  Sampson MOORE Staveley  1806
100 Mary SALES, female.   John CUTTS Hanston, Yks  1806
101 Hannah GEE, male.    Joseph HOPKINSON Staveley.  1806
102 Mary MIDDLETON, male.    Francis CROFTS Staveley  1807
103 Sarah FLETCHER, male.    William COOPER Staveley  1807
104 Elizabeth BROADHEAD female 9 May 1808    George MIDDLETON Staveley 1809
105 Martha BENNETT single, male 27 Dec 1808    Edward HOLT Eckington  1810
106 Ann WILKSON, female 21 Apr 1810     William NEEDHAM Eckington  1811
107 Mary WHITE single, female   John BELFIT Staveley  1811
108 Mary BRADLEY single, female   John WARRINGNOR Bolsover  1812
109 Mary PARKINS single, female.   John HAWKSWORTH Staveley 1811
110 Mary BRADLEY, FEMALE       John WARRINGNOR  Bolsover, John WARRINER on reverse 1812  
111 Elizabeth TAGG, female born Cutthorpe   Henry SALT Cutthorpe  1813
112 Alice BATES single, male     Ezra STANIFORTH  Troway p. Eckington  1814
113 Hannah HEWITT, male.  James ORWIN  Brimington  1817
114 Hannah HEWITT, male      James ORWIN  Brimington  1817
115 Elizabeth BELFIT, male.  Robert WOOD Staveley  1819
116 Hannah WILSON male, born Clowne.   Thomas STEEL Staveley  1819
117 Elizabeth WALKER, female.     Ellis LOWE Palterton  1819
118 Rebecca RICHARDSON, male.    John HANCOCK Eckington  1819  
119 Ann KENWORTHY, female.  George BATE  Staveley  1820
120 Elizabeth JOHNSON, female.   John WOODWARD Sutton on Trent, Notts.  1820
121 Anne CONSTADINE, single, female.   James BUCKLEY, Staveley 1820
122 Hannah WOOD, male.   George WATERHOUSE,  Staveley  1823
123 Hannah WOOD, male.   George WATERHOUSE,  Staveley  1823
124 Amelia TYALOR single, female.   Samuel GENN, Staveley  1824
125 Mary BRAMWELL, female.  Robert PLATTS Beighton  1825
126 Phoebe JARVIS, single, female.  Joseph CUTTS  Staveley.  1826
127 Milicent WALKER single, female    Aaron PLANT Staveley 1827
128 Elizabeth GLADWIN single, female   John HAGUE  Staveley  1827
129 Sarah FURNISS, male.   Thomas CAUPE (COWPE?) Hardstaft,  1828
130 Susannah GLOSSOP, male.   John HAWKSWORTH  1816
131 Ann BROADHEAD and Mary her bastard child seeking relief from Overseers of Staveley. Quarter Sessions order to Overseers to answer why she was refused. Ordered to be paid 2/6d.   1796
QSOB 21 Ann WRAGG John BARKER Ashover miller 1774
Q2/433 Ellen BATES Stretton en le Fields, female 24 Sep Wm ASTLE Branstone Staffs. labourer. 1828
Q3/37 Cecilia PRICE Stretton en le Fields Joseph BLAKSLEY 1823
Q3/45 Mary MELLORS Stretton en le Fields John WYATT 1824
QSOB 58 Elizabeth TAYLOR Saml MILNES Gent. of Ashbourne. 1761
SUDBURY Bastardy
Q2/177 Elizabeth STATHAM Sudbury, pregnant John LEESON Barton Blount, servant. Jul 1822
Q2/284 Elizabeth ELEY Sudbury, single Thomas FLEWELL Beamhurst, Staffs servant 1824
Q2/42 Mary GREEN Sutton cum Duckmanton Martin HOWE Eccleshall Bierlow. 1782
Q2/188 Hannah LOMAS Sutton on the Hill pregnant, single. William MIDLEM Marston upon Dove, farmers son. 1822
Q2/236 Sarah LOMAS Sutton on the Hill pregnant, single William HUNT younger, labourer, minor, Hilton 1823
Q2/305 Sarah PROCTOR Osliston and Thurvaston James LOCKER Derby. Jun 1825
Q2/317 Ann NEAL Sutton on the Hill Thomas LAMBERT Burton Extra millwright. 1825
Q4/1 Matilda ELEY Osliston and Thurvaston, male, Elijah COLBOURNE. Father denies the charges. 1830
Q4/37 Olive SMITH Osleston and Thurvaston, female William TURNER, Nether Thurvaston servant. 1832
Q4/104 Mary SHAW Osliston and Thurvaston, female, Chas MURFIN, Brailsford, servant. 1834
Q2/326 Ann NEAL Sutton on the Hill single. Thomas LAMBERT Burton Extra millwright. 1825
Q2/360 Hannah LOMAS Sutton on the Hill single. James KERWIN Hoon, bailiff. 1825
Q2/395 Emma LOMAS Sutton on the Hill single Thomas MANSFIELD Hoon Hay servant in husbandry, son of John. 1827 child dead.
Q2/402 Elizabeth JEFFREY Osliston and Thurvaston George CAMPION Osliston and Thurvaston, servant 1827
Q2/408 Frances PEGG Sutton on the Hill single Joseph TAYLOR Burton upon Trent, joiner. 1827
Q2/449 Millicent BULL Osleston and Thurvaston single John FOULK Boylestone, farmers servant. Jul 1829
Q3/15 Hannah LOMAS Sutton on the Hill James KERWIN 1824
Q3/23 Sarah PROCTOR Osliston and Thurvaston James LOCKER. 1825
Q3/24 Ann NEAL Sutton on the Hill Thomas LAMBERT 1825
Q3/26 Hannah LOMAS Sutton on the Hill 26 Dec last. James KERWIN 1825
Q3/46 Elizabeth JEFFRY Osliston and Thurvaston George CAMPION Dec 1826
Q3/93 Emma LOMAS Sutton on the Hill John MANSFIELD Jan 1827
Q3/95 Frances PEGG Sutton on the Hill Joseph TAYLOR Jul 1827
Q3/137 Millisent BULL Osliston and Thurvaston John FOWKE Jan 1829
Q3/142 Millicent BULL Osleston and Thurvaston John FOULK Apr 1829
Q3/167 Dorothy POTTER Osliston and Thurvaston James BULL Mar 1832
Q3/168 Olive SMITH Osliston and Thurvaston William TURNER Mar 1832
Q3/13 Mary SMITH Swarkestone John WILKINSON 1822
Q3/125 Jane JEROM Swarkestone John THOMPSON 1828
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.