Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Bastardy Papers

4 Abigal CUBLEY Markeaton Thomas HENNEY jnr Newton Regis, Warwicks 1800
Q4/16 Maria POTTER Mackworth, female, Wm HOULT formerly of East Bridgford now of Carconalston, Notts. (Car Colston) 1831
Q4/44 Lydia BROOKHOUSE Mackworth female Wm MADDOX Mackworth, cordwainer. 1832
Q4/48 Ann TATLOW Mackworth male John JORDAN yngr, Kedleston, servant. 1832
Q4/51 Ann POTTER Mackworth male John SPALTON, Mackworth farmers son. 1833
Q4/68 Rebecca STEVENS Mapperley male born at Smalley. Henry GRIBBY Mapperley servant. signs GREVILLE. 1833
Q2/265 Sarah WOODHOUSE Mappleton single Matthew HAWKSWORTH Mappleton labourer. Jul 1824
Q2/262 Sarah WOODHOUSE Mappleton,single Matthew HAWKSWORTH Mappleton Oct 1824 child since born.
Q2/287 Jane HAWKSWORTH Mappleton, single, female 10 Jan. Ralph BRINSLEY Ashbourne servant. 1824
Q2/185 Hannah MEAKIN Mappleton single William SIMPSON Mayfield. 1822
Q2/371 Elizabeth LOXLEY Mappleton James MILNER Derby weaver. 1826
Q2/422 Susannah MEAKIN Mappleton, single John TOMMISON Macclesfield 1827 Committed to House of Correction at Derby for not having surety.
Q2/363 Sarah NASH Marston Montgomery single William BRATBY Ashley Hay p.Wirksworth labourer. 1825
Q2/396 Elizabeth WILD Marston Montgomery single,born 19 Apr John BOTTOM Brailsford, farmers servant. 1827
Q2/398 Sarah NASH Marston Montgomery single Thomas COXON Marston Montgomery. Oct 1827
Q2/415 Sarah NASH Marston Montgomery, female born. Thomas COXON Marston Montgomery. Jul 1827
Q2/416 Sarah NASH Note that Sarah NASH is extremely ill and quite incapable of being removed. Rich. COTTON Surgeon. 1827
Q2/426 Elizabeth WEBSDALE Marston Montgomery William YEOMANS Norbury and Roston Apr 1828
Q2/430 Elizabeth WEBSDALE Marston Montgomery single Wm YEOMANS Roston, p.Norbury. Jul 1828
QSOB 13 Ruth STONE Hoon Hay Tho BEARDSMORE Tutbury husabndman 1770
QSOB 104 Elizabeth KIRK of Hatton Ralph ADDAMS butcher Church Broughton 1765
Q2/149 Jane BULL Hilton Tho PAGE Horninglow. Aug 1818
Q2/159 Margaret BENTLEY Hilton, single, pregnant. Joseph CHEW, Newcastle under Line, cabinet maker. Jan 1821
Q2/165 Margaret BENTLEY Hilton, single, pregnant. Joseph CHEW Newcastle under Line, cabinet maker Oct 1820
Q2/197 Ann BROOKS Hilton, single. Moses SALT Marston on Dove. Jan 1822
Q2/207 Mary BROOKS Hilton, Henry HARRISON younger, Rolleston, Staffs. labourer. Jan 1822
Q2/243 Mary BROOKS Hilton, single Edward SMITH Sutton on the Hill, butler. Nov 1824
Q2/245 Catherinne CALLAN Hatton single. Robt WEBSTER, Manchester, cordwainer. Nov 1824
Q2/297 Mary BROOKS Hilton Edward SMITH Apr 1825
Q2/332 Catherine CALLOM Hatton single. Ralph WEBSTER Manchester, cordwainer. 1825
Q2/348 Mary BROOKS Hilton single. Edward SMITH late Sutton on the Hill, now of Nottingham, servant. 1825
Q2/384 Sarah ROBERTS Hilton single Samuel SPENCER Etwall, blacksmith. 1826
Q2/437 Elizabeth SPENCER Hilton single Robert LOMAS Hilton blacksmith. 1829
Q2/439 Ann HALLAM Hilton single Humphrey WINTER Hilton joiner. 1829
Q2/450 Maria JACKSON Hilton single Joseph ASTLE Hilton farmers servant. 1829
Q3/58 Catherine CALLOM Hatton Robert WEBSTER 1825
Q3/59 Mary BROOKES Hilton Edward SMITH 1825
Q3/78 Sarah ROBERTS Hilton Samuel SPENCER 1826
Q3/92 Matilda ASTLE Hilton William TURNER Jan 1827
Q3/94 Loes MUSGRAVE Hilton John WEBSTER Jan 1827
Q3/102 Mary HOOD Hatton George ASTLE ynr Oct 1827
Q3/103 Elizb. JACKSON Hilton Joseph LEADBEATER Oct 1827
Q3/109 Mary HOOD Hatton George ASTLE Dec 1827
Q3/112 Elizb. JACKSON Hilton Joseph LEADBEATER Jan 1828
Q3/117 Catherine JACKSON Hilton Samuel WADE Apr 1828
Q3/121 Catherine JACKSON Hilton Samuel WADE Jul 1828
Q3/140 Elizabeth SPENCER Hilton Robert LOMAS Jan 1829
Q3/164 Elizb. HOOSE Marston on Dove James KNIGHT 1831
Q3/169 Maria JACKSON Hilton John BRASSINGTON Apr 1832
M ATLOCK Bastardy
QSOB 74 Elizb BALL Tho HAZZELDINE Derby St Alkmunds bricklayer 1762
QSOB 80 Rebecca TAYLOR Joseph JAQUES Riber 1762
Q2/28 Grace WALKER Matlock pregnant Edward WALTON mason, Matlock. 1781
Q2/47 Mary BRADLEY Matlock pregnant, Lawrence TIPPING Matlock, miner 1782
Q2/335 Mary SHAW Matlock Charles Wellbeloved FEATHERSTONE, Derby, writing clerk 1825
Q2/394 Sarah PEARSON Matlock single William PEGG Norbury and Roston. 1827
Bakewell BOG 1840 Eliza KNOWLES affiliates her female bastard child upon Thomas BUNTING of Matlock.
MEASHAM Bastardy
Q2/154 Martha ADEY Measham, single Thomas HOGG Measham, labourer. 1818
Q3/150 Mary BUCKLEY Measham Wiliam HOUGHTON Jan 1830
Q3/157 Ruth DENNIS Measham William BROWN Dec 1831
Q3/159 Ruth DENNIS Measham William BROWN Oct 1831
Q3/160 Mary DENNIS Measham Francis HART Oct 1831
Q3/184 Ruth DENNIS Measham William BROWN Oct 1833
Q4/42 Mary wife of John BECK late Mary BAXTER, Measham, male. John BECK Old Radford, Nottm. twist hand 1832
Q4/56 Frances PYM Measham, male John BOWKER Sutton, Chester, silk handkerchief printer. 1833
Q4/28 Ann HATTON Melbourne, male Wm PEAT Melbourne 1832
Q4/29 Elizabeth COX Melbourne, male Wm PIKE? Melbourne, framework knitter. 1832
1 Sarah FORD single.  William BARESFORD Melbourne 1755
2 Elizabeth WAKEFIELD  single, female.  Joseph OLDHAM 1747
3 Hannah SMITH single  William SMITH Hemmington, Leics. 1786
4* Lidia KNIGHT single  Fran. WARD  Thringstone, Leics. 1785 on reverse; Henry KNIGHT Officer of the Peace to execute warrant.
5 Sarah CARTLICK  John STEVENSON Breaston  1727
6* Ann LAMBERT  Thomas HUTCHINGSON Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1697
7 Elizabeth ROULSTON ,single, male.  Thomas SMTIH, Horsley, Dbys.  "wood collyer".  1722
8* Mary DIXON single, female  John PALMER yngr.,Melbourne 1746
9* Elizabeth AULT single,   an inhabitant of Aston, desires to lies in at her fathers house in Melbourne  1766
10* Elizabeth HALL female.  John PALMER carrier  1767
11* Mary ASHMOLE Derby St Alkmund single,  Thomas DUNNICLIFF Melbourne 1769
12* Sarah BAILEY Ticknall, single  desires to lie in at her fathers house in Melbourne  1772
13 Elizabeth HAMSON single, Duffield now at Kings Mills, Castle Donington, Leics female.  Chiold now nursed at Kings Newton, p. Melbourne 1773
14* Sarah STEVENSON spinster.  Joseph MEAR yngr., Melbourne 1775
15* Sarah WARREN single  John STANLEY, White Hollow, Ticknall  1776
16* Mary WILKINSON single   John RADFORD yngr Melbourne 1778
17* Elizabeth WALLIS single   Joseph COX Calke  1778
18* Alice (MORLEY) the now wife of Richard MORLEY of Derby St Peter, del. before marriage of a female in Melbourne. Richard MORLEY indemnifies with Samuel TAFT Overseer of All Saints, Derby. 1778
19* Sarah STEVENSON single, female.  Joseph MEAR yngr. Melbourne 1778
20* Sarah OTTEWELL ( dau of William OTTEWELL) single.  of Horsley Woodhouse. Father indemnifies. 1779
21* Ann HARVEY single   Joseph COX Ticknall  1782
22* Jane PARKER widow,   Matthew NALL elder Derby. 1784
23* Hannah SMITH Hemington, Leics.   William SMITH Hemington ,servant 1786
24* Elizabeth WARD single   William ADCOCK Carlton, Leics.  1789
25* Sarah HALL single, Settlement at Normanton,Leics.Normanton Overseers desirous she lies in at fathers house, Melbourne. 1792
26* Ellen DYCHE single  John ORME Newhall Park  1793
27* Mary DAWSON   William STENSON, Aston on Trent  1800
28* Elizabeth SMEDLEY resides Derby St Alkmund under Certificate from Melbourne, male , born St Alkmund.  John ABBOTT yngr, Derby.  1802
29 Notes of payments by John ABBOTT re Elizabeth SMEDLEY child. 1803-1805
30* Jane PAGE Wiln p. Shardlow widow.  John WRIGHT Risley  1806
31* Margaret ADCOCK single, male.  Thomas INCE Kings Newton  1808
32* Elizabeth TIVEY single, female.  Edward BOTTOMER Leicester, Leics. 1812
33* Hannah BARTRUM single.  William MATTHEW Stanton by Bridge 1812
34* Lydia SNEAP single, male.  Thomas TIVEY Melbourne 1812
35* Sarah SMEDLEY single.  Henry RILEY yngr. Derby  1815
36* Elizabeth HATTON single, male.  Joseph WARREN Melbourne 1819
37* Ann GOODALL single  William BUCK Melbourne 1820
38* Maria EARP single   John WHITE Stanton by Bridge 1822
39* Mary TIVEY single, female  John HIGGINS Melbourne  1823
40* Anne GOODALL  single.  Reuben BOOR  Papplewick, Notts.  1828
41 Margaret BIRCH ,single, male Joseph.  Joshua MARSHALL servant to George COKE, Melbourne 1743
42 Mary DIXON single, female.  John PALMER Melbourne 1745
43 Mary TIVEY male born June.  William ELLIOTT Melbourne 1826
44 Ann WINFIELD male born Dec.  Edward TIVEY Melbourne 1828
45 Mary ROBERTS female, born Cole Orton, Leics.  John MOORE Whitwick, Leics. 1828
46 Mary SMITH female born Dec.   John NOON Melbourne 1829
47 Sarah NEALE single, male   William NEALE, Melbourne 1829
48 Ann GOODALL male.  Jonathan BARTON Melbourne 1830
49 Ann MEAR single, child born Nov.  Thomas DUNNICLIFF Melbourne  1830
50 Ann WINFIELD single, male.  Thomas GREGORY boatman, Melbourne 1831
51 Lydia BACON single, female.  Joseph MEE Castle Donington, Leics. 1831
52 Frances HOLLINGWORTH single, female  John HIGGEN Melbourne 1831
53 Ann HATTON single, male  William PEAT Melbourne 1832
54 Elizabeth COX single, male  William PITT Melbourne  1832
MELLOR Bastardy
Q2/92 Martha PICKFORD Ludworth single, pregnant, Samuel LITTLEFORD Mellor, cotton spinner. 1817
Note in Overseers book concerning Bastardy
1 Received a Bond conserning a bastard child belonging Rich TOBY 1772
Q2/14 Sarah RILEY Mickleover, single, pregnant Samuel EYRE Radbourne lab. 1780
Q4/7 Sarah BLOOD Mickleover male born Bearwardcote (hamlet in Etwall parish) Thomas PAGE Osmaston servant 1830
Q2/145 Frances PAYNE Mickleover pregnant. John HAWKSLEY Belper, nailer. 1817
Q2/453 Elizabeth POYSER Mickleover, single, male James MANSFIELD. 1830
Q2/454 Frances BARLOW Mickleover, single Joseph ALLEN 1830
Q3/9 Mary REDFERN Mickleover Thomas AULT 1822
Q3/15 Ann BAILEY Mickleover John TUNNICLIFFE 1822 child born.
Q4/101 Lucy HIND Mickleover female born 1833 at Tunstall where she was residing under a suspended order of Removal to the town of Mickleover. John HARPUR, druggist, Burslem, Staffs. 1834
Q3/180 Amy TOMLINSON Mickleover John AULT Mickleover silk weaver. 1833
Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON Middleton by Wirksworth       William ORRIDGE  1887
Martha SPENCER Middleton by Wirksworth      Charles OLIVER 1878
Martha SPENCER Middleton by Wirksworth      Charles OLIVER 1881
Sarah Ann SPENCER Middleton by Wirksworth    Benjamin JEPSON  1886
Ann BARNES         Charles Franklin KNOWLES  1881
Ann FORD  Ible     John MATKIN  Kirk Ireton  1870

MORLEY Bastardy
Q4/45 Martha BAILEY Morley male Thomas BOTHAM Aston upon Trent, farmers son. 1832
Q3/51 Sarah MOON Morley, born 24 Jun. Geo SHERWIN 1824
MORTON Bastardy
Q2/11 Elizabeth FIDLER single male at Brackenfield p.Morton, Joseph ALLEN, Stretton. 1766
QSOB 49 Mary PEARSON Wm CURTIS Mansfield 1768
QSOB 109 Elizabeth FIDLER Brackenfield, male. Joseph ALLEN Stretton, farmer. 1767
Q2/397 Lucy LEE Morton single John MACHIN Blackwell labourer. 1827
QS/103 Alice WOODHOUSE, Ravensdale Park, Mugginton. Humphrey BEESTON, Ravensdale Park, Mugginton. 1765
Q3/41 Maria HITCHCOCK Mugginton Wm HALLSWORTH younger. 1824
Q3/50 Ann BOAM Mercaston Charles WEBSTER 1824
Q3/151 Eliza COOPER single, Mugginton John RADFORD 1830
Q4/11 Alice HUTCHINSON Mugginton male, William WALL Spondon. 1831
Q4/22 Ann BOOLER Mugginton male born Atlow 1826, Thomas THOMPSOM Weston Underwood. 1831
Q4/27 Charlotte RIDE Weston Underwood male, Richard SHEPHERD Sawley 1832
Q4/31 Elizb. SMITH Mercaston, Tho SMITH Ravensdale Pk. 1831
Q4/96 Eliza COOPER Mugginton male, Wm STONE Mercaston, farmers servant. 1834
List of payments to mothers bringing up Bastard children.
BAKER Mary, two children, Netherseal
BAXTER Harriet, child, Witchurch (sic)
CHAMBERLAIN Elizabeth, child Netherseal
CLEMENT Ann, child Netherseal
JONES Rebecca, child, Oakthorpe
LEEDHAM Mary, child Netherseal
LEEDHAM Sarah, child. 1824
NEWBOLD Bastardy
QSOB 5 Sarah WIDDOWSON John WATKINSON Newbold Moor, farmer. 1769
QSOB 51 Sarah FARNESWORTH John BOND, Whitemore, Burton upon Trent. 1754
Q2/46 Martha HALL Newton Solney pregnant Thomas JACKSON Newton Solney, labourer. 1782
Q2/152 Sarah CALTON Newton Solney, single George HUNT Winshill, minor. Jan 1818
Q2/367 Elizabeth SHEPHARD Newton Solney single Samuel LEADBEATER Burton Extra, glue maker 1826
Q3/40 Mary DICKEN Newton Solney William RICE 1824 Thomas RICE Repton, surety.
Q3/76 Elizabeth SHEPHARD Newton Solney Samuel LEADBEATER Jan 1826
Q3/79 Elizabeth SHEPHARD Newton Solney, single 2 Apr. Samuel LEADBEATER Apr 1826
Q3/87 Hannah SALT Newton Solney Joseph UPTON 1827
Elizabeth POUNTAIN , male child , father William EATON servant of Newton Solney.  1818  V63/8
NORBURY Bastardy
Q2/168 Ann HARRISON Roston, p. Norbury single. George FROGGATT, Roston, huckster. Apr 1822
Q2/170 Ann HARRISON Roston George FROGGATT Roston, huckster. Jul 1822
Q2/174 Jane WALKER Norbury Job WALKER Roston Jun 1822
Q2/217 Hannah HARRISON Norbury single, pregnant Thomas DRAYCOTT Oct 1823 child born since.
Q2/227 Hannah HARRISON Norbury, female. Thomas DRAYCOTT Doveridge, servant. Apr 1823
Q2/228 Hannah HARRISON Norbury Thomas DRAYCOTT Doveridge, servant in Husbandry. Jan 1823
Q2/361 Maria SHERLOCK Norbury and Roston single James OLDACRE Snelston, labourer. 1825
Q2/364 Elizabeth CLARK Norbury and Roston single. Thomas YEOMANS junior 1826
Q2/379 Maria SHERLOCK Norbury and Roston single, James OLDACRE Snelston. 1826 child born 10 wks ago, since dead.
Q3/173 Elizabeth FROGGATT Norbury and Roston William JONES Mar 1833
Q4/35 Eliza TABBERER Normanton, male John CARTER Normanton, farmers servant. 1832
Q4/86 Hannah TABBERER Normanton, female Francis STURGESS Elvaston servant. 1834
Q4/110 Sarah HUNT Normanton male born 13 Jul 1833 Samuel HUNT baker, Nottingham. 1835
Q3/7 Ann HUNT Normanton, 17 Jun. Wm HIND 1822
Q3/143 Hannah WAGG Normanton Wm STATHAM 1829
QSOB 6 Sarah REDISH, male Samuel GREGORY 1769
Q2/18 Martha ALLEN Stretton Wm ALLEN Ashover, swailer 1781
Q2/34 Mary BRIGHTMORE Stretton John WHITE Woolley Moor. 1782
Q2/83 Frances LINACRE Clay Lane, single, male Enoch STEVENSON, Woolley Moor 1817
Q2/233 Mary HIGGINBOTHAM Tupton single, pregnant James COOK Basford, Notts. 1823
Q2/481 Ann RADISH Stretton, female 24 Oct Thomas WILD Dronfield, labourer 1836 (There is no indication which Stretton is meant, it could refer to Stretton en le Field or some other Stretton, but I have listed it as under Nth Wingfield until further evidence if forthcoming proves otherwise)
NORTON Bastardy
QSOB 30 Hannah FOX, female. Tho WINDLE Brightside Byerley WRY husbandman 1763
Q2/104 Elizabeth PLATTS Norton pregnant Matthew BARBER Brampton labourer. 1817
Q2/115 Ann LEE Norton, pregnant Charles WHITE Baslow labourer. 1817
Q2/199 Matilda PACKARD Norton, single, pregnant John NICHOLSON Sheffield, gardener. 1822
Q2/463 Ann ASHMOORE Norton, single male 23 May William HARTLEY. 1835
QSOB 43 Sarah AINSWORTH, female David COOPER Oakthorp servant 1764
B1 Ann BAYLEY West Hallam, female. Robert CHEVYN Ockbrook, farmer. Late husband died three years ago. 1807
B2 Mary WINFIELD Samuel DAVIES Stanley, lab. 1807
B3 Mary GAMBLE 24 Nov. male. William SPENCER of Draycott. 1807
B4 Mary PHIPPS single, pregnant. Thopmas COOPER Ockbrook, farmer. 1808
B5 Ann HIGGIN wife of John HIGGIN, male born at Nottingham St Mary. 16 Nov 1807. Wakefield WHITE gardener of Nottingham 1810
B6 Moriah ELSON a child of Katherine ELSON sister of Samuel ELSON of Spondon Moor who indemnifies Ockbrook. 1702
B7 Esther BAGSHAW p. Ashbourne, single. child to be born in the house of Rachael KNIGHTON p. Ockbrook. John ROBINSON Weston Underwood farmer and Thomas ROPER of Weston Underwood, shoemaker indemnify. 1758
B8 Esther BAGSHAW Ashbourne, single, male. John ROBINSON is the father of the child. 1759
B9 Ann WILD spinster pregnant, legally settled on Risley, wishes to be brought to bed in Ockbrook. 1765
B10 Margaret SMITH single, pregnant Thomas SMITH Macclesfield Ches. husbandman, John SMITH son of Thomas SMITH aforesaid and John WARD of Derby joiner, indemnify 1771
B11 Ann FRIERSON (FREARSON) single, pregnant John HUNT Mapperley Park Hall, Kirk Hallam, labourer. 1772
B12 Ann HEMSLEY of Ockbrook, single, pregnant Mary HEMSLEY widow of Wilne indemnifies. 1772
B13 Alice SIMES pregnant, Thomas WALL Foston and John FEARN Mackley, Dbys indemnify 1778
B14 Ann WINGFIELD 19 Aug, male James BERKIN Ockbrook, labourer 1778
B15 Martha MOORLEY 11Feb, male at the house of John MOORLEY Samuel JAMES Ockbrook husbandman 1780
B16 Ann FOSTER single, 17 Oct, child named Sarah. Edward COXON Draycott, shopkeeper. 1801
B17 Mary FODEN Borrowash single, pregnant. "charged the son of William HILL miller of Borrowash".
B18 Elizabeth COLLUMBELL, female Henry SMITH Dale Abbey cordwainer 1804.
B19 Elizabeth ALLEN Borrowash, single child born this day. Elisha COXON Aston. labourer. 9 Jun 1804
B20 Hannah HITCHCOCK single, pregnant. Ann COCKAYNE Chaddesden, labourer. 1805
B21 Mary GAMBLE 24 Mar, male. William SPENCER Draycott, servant. 1807
B22 Mary WINFIELD single, pregnant. Samuel DAVIS Chaddesden. 1808
B23 Mary PHIPPS single, male. 10 Sep. Thomas COOPER Ockbrook, yeoman. 1808
B24 Jane MILWARD single, male, 25 Dec. James HIND Spondon, servant. 1812
B25 Mary PHIPPS spinster, female, 11 Dec. Thomas COOPER Ockbrook, farmer. 1813
B26 Hannah CALTON single, pregnant John RADFORD Radbourne, farmer. 1819
B27 Hannah SLATER single, pregnant William SLATER Derby, carpenter. 1823
B28 Mary NIGHTINGALE single. Thomas ROSSELL Draycott, indemnifies. c.1713
Q3/144 Elizabeth DOWMAN Ockbrook Wm BATES 1829
Q3/181 Ann MILWARD Ockbrook, born 23 Jun. William WHEATLEY 1833
Q4/59 Hannah ADAMS Ockbrook female born House of Industry in Shardlow. Henry HALLAM Derby servant 1833
Q4/67 Ann MILWARD Ockbrook male, Wm WHEATLEY Ockbrook servant 1833
Q4/80 Louisa GRATTON Ockbrook male, Joseph SAXON Borrowash, cotton hand. 1833
Q2/461 Hannah ADAMS belongs Ockbrook, single, female born 6 Jan 1833 Shardlow House of Industry. Henry HALLAM Derby servant. 1833
Bond by John DAKIN and Thomas DAKIN his father re Sarah PHIPPS child 1691  V95.2/29
QSOB44 Jane HOUSELEY of Osmaston William RATCLIFFE of Osmaston, serving man. 1764 (This is listed as Osmaston and might refer to Osmaston by Derby)
1 Sarah EVANS 3 lately come into the parish of Osmaston by Ashbourne. Thomas HARRISON to indemnify Parish, parent being a particular friend or acquaintance of Thomas Harrison 1728
2 Katherine HODGKINSON female Bond to Indemnify John BREWARD, Gilbert CROSLEY Overseers. 1740
3 Elizabeth FROGGAT male John WALLIS Osmaston 1757
4 Sarah WEBSTER Edlaston and Wyaston Joseph FROST 1770 Snelston. Joseph Frost absconded and secreted himself.
5 Sarah WEBSTER gone to live with her father Ralph WEBSTER of Osmaston by Ashbourne 1770
6 Esther BAKER indemnity by her father Richard. 1777
7 Ann FROGGATT otherwise WALLIS, male John UPTON of Hill Somersall 1812
8 Elizabeth WALLIS female born 27 Jun Saml TOMLINSON of Edlaston 1814
9 Sarah SMITH Spondon David WARD of St Werburgh prevailed upon Joseph GREATOREX to take in Sarah SMITH 1815
10 Hannah WHITTAKER pregnant Saml WHITTAKER Belper indemnifies 1815
11 Mary WALLIS Douglas STRUTT 1816
12 Mary WALLIS female Douglas STRUTT 1816
13 Elizabeth GREATOREX pregnant John PARSONS Bankers Clerk of Nottingham is the father 1824
Q2/144 Elizabeth JOHNSON, Osmaston John HARRIS younger, Snelston, labourer. 1817 (this is recorded in the records as "Osmaston" only and going simply on the proximity of Snelston it has been listed here as "by Ashbourne", it could however refer to Osmaston by Derby.)
Q2/175 Ann KENT Osmaston by Ashbourne, pregnant William FOSTER, Osmaston by Ashbourne, servant 1822
Q2/241 Sarah HODGKINSON Osmaston by Ashbourne, single, William BOND, milk seller, Littleover. 1 Dec 1824
Q2/254 Sarah HODGKINSON Osmaston by Ashbourne. William BOND, milk seller. Littleover. 24 Dec 1824
Q2/256 Betty WALLIS Osmaston by Ashbourne Edward ROE Osmaston by Ashbourne, farmers servant. 1824
Q2/273 Jane PLANT Osmaston by Ashbourne single. John BOWLER jnr Bradbourne, farmers servant. Apr 1824
Q2/302 Jane PLANT Osmaston by Ashbourne Isaac HUDSON Osmaston by Ashbourne, farmers servant. Apr 1825
Q2/315 Jane PLANT Osmaston by Ashbourne, single Isaac HUDSON, Biggin, farmers servant. Oct 1825 child dead.
Q2/319 Hannah FRANCIS Osmaston next Ashbourne, single. Charles ALLSOP Barton under Needwood, Staffs. Oct 1825 child born.
Q2/354 Jane PLANT Osmaston next Ashbourne, Isaac HUDSON, Biggin, farmers servant. 1825 male child, born 23 June.
Q2/399 Jane PLANT Osmaston next Ashbourne, male born. Benjamin PERKIN Mappleton. Apr. 1827
Q2/423 Jane PLANT Osmaston by Ashbourne Benj PERKIN Mappleton. Jan 1827
Q2/424 Sarah BAKER Osmaston next Ashbourne Robert WIBBERLEY Borough of Derby labourer. 1828
Q3/146 Elizabeth DRAPER Osmaston, born Fri. 17 Apr. Robert HOLBROOK Apr 1829 note, this is listed as only Osmaston and may refer to Osmaston by Derby (Derby St Osmund ).
List of mothers receiving payments towards bastard children.
MEER Amy, two children, Netherseal
CHELL Mary, child Measham
HARRISON Catherine, child, Overseal
MILLER Elizabeth, dhild, Overseal
PATRICK Mary, child, Overseal
WAINWRIGHT Elizabeth, child, Overseal
YATES Ann, child, Overseal 1824
Q3/42 Letitia KIRBY Packington Thomas WHITEHURST 1824
Thomas JOHNSON Ibstock surety.
PARWICH Bastardy
QSOB 79 Edith SHENTON John ABEL of Parwich 1762
QSOB 99 Sarah RATCLIFFE, female Philip FERNIHOUGH of Parwich, labourer 1764
Q2/224 Elizabeth TWIGG Parwich, single Ralph OAKDEN Ilam, Staffs. Oct 1823
Q2/290 Ellizabeth TWIGG Parwich, single Ralph OAKDEN Ilam, Staffs. Jan 1824
Q2/369 Elizabeth GIBBONS Parwich single Ralph BERESFORD Alstonefield labourer. 1826
Q2/378 Mary JOHNSON Parwich single Isaac HODSON Cauldon labourer, farmer. Jan 1826
Q2/381 Elizabeth GIBBONS Parwich single Ralph BERRISFORD Alstonfield, Staffs. Mar 1826
Deposition of Sarah Ann MARSH of Parwich   1849   V13/71

1 Sarah SMITH male child, Anthony HOYLE 1782
2 Martha CARTLEDGE Wm HARTLE husbandman 1784
3 Mary WINTERBOTTOM Rich GARLICK Wormhill 1812
4 Amy WARRIS Robert NORBURY Stockport 1812
5 Martha FLETCHER Rich JACKSON 1817
Q2/48 Martha MOORE, Pentrich, male John ELLIOTT Swanwick. 1782
Q2/86 Melicent WALTERS Pentrich, pregnant William ASHMORE Hucknall Torkard fwk. 1817
Q2/128 Mary CHEETHAM Pentrich Edward BEASTALL Ashover, labourer. 1817
Q2/457 Mary MERSSOLE Pleasley John TIPPING 1830
Q2/478 Hannah HIBBERT widow, male 17 Jul. Wm MEE 1835
B1 Elizabeth STOKES p. Lenton, Notts. Jeremiah SADLER Pleasley 1772
B2 William CUPIT p. Pleasley, incapable of maintaining Bastard child. Overseers of Pleasley indemnify p. of Wingfield.1777
B3 Note in Parish Accounts with sums of money to separate Overseers, that Samuel BEARDER paid to Overseers of Pleasley money to maintain a bastard child of Ann NORTHIDGE of Stoney Houghton. Witnessed by Allan HALL, Richard CLAYTON and Thomas TURNER. 1786
Q2/242 Emma TOWNDROW Quarndon single George AKERS Beeston blacksmith. 1824
Q3/17 Ellen STONE Quarndon John FOX 1823
Q4/111 Fanny FOWKE Quarndon (called Hannah in another part of document) male child born 1828, Samuel READER of Duffield, paper maker. 1836
Q3/113 Charlotte FOWKE Quardon Tho BENNETT 1828
Q3/26 Mary LOWE (or Lourde?) Radbourn Christopher SMITH 1823
REPTON Bastardy
Q2/6 Elizabeth BIRCH Repton single, female Wm STONE 1760
153 Mary RILEY male child Christopher FAIRBROTHER 1772
154 Elizb. ROBERTS John MOORCROFT Ashby 1773
B1 Hannah BULL widow, Thomas NEWBOLD 1758
B2 Elizabeth WARD Repton Joseph ORDITCH of Burton upon Trent. 1775
B3 Sarah CANT widow, Ralph ADAMS, servant to Thomas THORPE, Repton, butcher. 1778
B4 Hannah JOHNSON Repton singler, male. Daniel WHITEHEAD, of Saddleworth, Yks, now in prison. 1802
B5 Hannah FOUND Repton Joseph ASTLE journeyman to John BAMFORD Repton, blacksmith. 1777
B7 Ann CRISP, female, born May 1811 John ROBERTS, Egginton 1811
B8 Mary WILTON John BURROWS servant of Joseph WOODWARD of Southwood, farmer. 1778
Q4/14 Elizabeth CARTER Repton, male Joseph BIRCH Litchurch twist hand. 1831
Q4/46 Frances HARLOW Repton, female Thomas COPE Ticknall 1832
Q4/60 Elizabeth MILWARD Repton, female George FORD Derby St Werburgh, bricklayer 1833
Q4/93 Letitia ROBERT Repton, male Joseph JACKSON Repton miller 1834
Q4/99 Mary MORLEY Repton, female James SMITH Burton on Trent, labourer. 1834 this entry crossed through.
Q2/121 Maria STONE Repton pregnant Geo HEATH Repton bricklayer. Jul 1817
Q2/126 Maria STONE Repton pregnant Geo HEATH Repton bricklayer. May 1817
Q2/141 Sarah WILKINSON Repton Luke WOODWARD Bolton (Boulton ) Derbys. lab. 1817
Q2/189 Frances HANSON Repton single, pregnant William ALLEN, Anslow, Staffs lab. 1822
Q2/272 Mary BIRD Repton George WRIGHT Caulk gardener, son of John WRIGHT. 1824
Q2/304 Ellen MEAKIN Repton, single John ATTERBURY Willington? labourer. 1825
Q2/316 Ann MADDOCK Repton, single William CRISP Repton, tailor 1825
Q2/318 Ellen MEAKIN Repton, single John ATTERBURY late of Willington, now of Stenson. Oct 1825
Q2/322 Ann MADDOCKS Repton, single. William CRISP. Thomas MEASHAM Repton, tailor, surety. Apr 1825
Q2/333 Ann MADDOCKS Repton, single. William CRISP. Thomas MEASHAM, tailor. Apr 1825
Q2/343 Hannah ROBERTS Repton, widow. William GIBSON Repton, Hostler. 1825
Q3/8 Frances HANSON Repton John ALLEN 1822 child born
Q3/28 Elizabeth MEASHAM Repton John SMITH 1823
Q3/49 Mary BIRD Repton George WAYNE 1824
Q3/61 Ellen MEAKIN Repton John ATTERBURY 1825
Q3/64 Ann MADDOCKS Repton Wiliam CRISP 1825 Thomas MEASHAM name crossed through.
Q3/77 Sarah MEAKIN Repton Thomas HINDS 1826
Q3/88 Mary WARD Repton Thomas ASTLE 1827
Q3/89 Sarah MEAKIN Repton Thomas HINDS 1827
Q3/118 Fanny ORDISH Repton Wm FALKNER 1828
Q3/127 Elizabeth CARTER Repton Rbt DOLMAN Oct 1828
Q3/132 Elizb. CARTER Repton Rbt DOLMAN yngr Jul 1828
Q3/148 Frances FOUKS Repton Geo GARRATT 1829
Q3/178 Mary MOLL Repton John PASS 1833 John PASS now in Custody for want of surety.
Q3/186 Ann PARKER Repton William ROBERTS 1833
RIPLEY Bastardy
QSOB 27 Sarah BERRESFORD Ripley Tho BRIGHTMORE Ripley labourer 1763
QSOB 28 Sarah ROWLAND, female. Godfrey MARRIOTT of Sth Normanton 1763
RISLEY Bastardy
Q4/91 Elizabeth STAFFORD Risley male born at Risley under a Certificate from Sawley. Wm GREEN Derby tailor 1834
B1 Warrant to apprehend James SHELDON als SHELTON of Wirksworth relating to bastard child of Elizabeth STEVENS 1771
B2 Warrant to apprehend George WHITE of Ambaston relating to bastard child of Ann MARRIOTT of Risley. 1810
B3 Ann WILD Risley, single, pregnant George HUDSON of Risley. 1765
B4 Ann MARRIOTT Risley, single. pregnant George WHITE Amberston 1810
B5 Elizabeth SHARLOCK Risley, single, pregnant William RATCLIFF Derby, labourer 1805
B6 Ann WINFIELD Risley, single, female Samuel STRAW Ilkeston. 1794
B7 Ann TURNER Risley, single, pregnant John GARTON (O/S?) of Chilwell, Notts indemnifies.
B8 Mary MARRIOTT late of Spondon, now of Risley single, pregnant Thomas AUSTIN Biggin, Dbys. 1789 (mentions John AUSTIN of Thulston, Samuel AUSTIN of Biggin)
B9 Catherine COOKE pregnant John ROBERTS Nottingham, Notts. dyer. 1781
B10 Elizabeth STEVENS single, pregnant. Overseers of Draycott indemnify. 1765
B11 Elizabeth CLIFFORD pregnant John LEES yngr. Ilkeston 1743
B1 Elizabeth COX female Wm JOHNSON bailiff Lullington 1826
B2 Margaret KILLINGLY female born 1823 Joseph WARD Hinkley butcher, 1826
B3 Mary CROXALL female Wm CLIFFE Stapenhill 1826
B4 Ann HOLLIS female Samuel PEARSON farmers son 1832
B5 Sarah THOMPSON female Tho ELSON Burton, Ostler 1833
B6 Ann BRITTAIN Jonathan ETTALL Batheaston, Somerset 1833
QSB7 Margaret HOLLIS single, female George RADFORD yngr, Hollington, servant in husbandry. 1823
Q3/119 Hannah HOLLIS Rosleston John BENNETT 1828

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.