Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Bastardy Papers

Q2/75 Mary FINNEY single, male. Samuel MAlKIN, Chesterfield grate maker. 1816
Q2/95 Ann SNAPE Eckington, pregnant John HORNER nail maker, Eckington. 1817
Q2/111 Sarah TICKHILL Eckington pregnant Thomas EBLOCK Aston WRY. labourer. 1817
Q2/210 Mary Ann CROFTS Eckington, single Isaac MOSS Macclesfield 1822
Q2/211 Sarah WEBSTER Eckington Wm ROTHERHAM Eckington 1822
Q2/258 Ann CROFTS Eckington, single, male John HARDWICK Conisborough, Yks sicklesmith. 1824
Q2/275 Elizabeth STATON Eckington, single William WHITE Eckington, stone mason. 1824
Q2/277 Elizabeth GREGORY Eckington, single Joseph STONE Mansfield fwk. Apr 1824
Q2/285 Elizabeth GREGORY Eckington, single Joseph STONE Mansfield. Jan 1824
Q2/307 Elizabeth STATON Eckington William WHITE Eckington, mason. Jan 1825
Q2/374 Ann CROOKS Eckington, single Joseph BURTON Hucknall Torkard fwk. Jan 1826
Q2/389 Ann CROOKS Eckington, single Joseph BURTON child dead. Apr 1826
Q2/479 Emma WALLER Eckington, single male 12 Jun. John KIRKBY shoe maker. 1836
EDALE Bastardy
Q2/37 Alice MARSHALL Edale pregnant Rbt HOW Bradwell 1782
Q2/268 Harriot PALMER Edlaston William BAGNALL Yeaveley. 1824
Q2/238 Harriett PALMER Edlaston and Wyaston single. William BAGNALL Yeaveley, farmers son. 1824 child dead.
Q3/188 Sarah KIRKLAND Edlaston and Wyaston John SMITH Hungry Bentley, farmers servant. 1834
Q2/157 Ann HAYWOOD Egginton, single, pregnant Charles FLETCHER, Barton under Needwood. 1821
Q2/401 Sarah BALDWIN Egginton George YENDEY(Yeardley?) Etwall wheelwright. 1827
Q3/27 Fanny COTTON Egginton widow Joseph HALLAM Aug 1823
Q3/31 Fanny COTTON Egginton Joseph HALLAM Oct 1823
Q3/90 Srah BALDWIN Egginton George YENDLEY 1827
Q3/156 Mary OAKDEN Egginton George BARNET Dec 1831
Q3/161 Mary OAKDEN Egginton George BARNET Oct 1831
ELMTON Bastardy
B1 Esther CROFTS widow, female John TURTON Brimington 1803
B2 Mary THORPE single, pregnant William WHITEHEAD yngr, Newstead, Notts. indemnifies. 1800
B3 Hannah WATKINSON Elmstown, pregnant. Edward COUPE Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1796
B4 Mary MEE pregnant Richard DOBSON Overseer of Handsworth Yks indemnifies. 1788
B5 Elizabeth THORPE big and pregnant Thomas THORPE and others, Creswell indemnify. 1784
B6 Sarah FRETWELL Elmton single. John WALKER Elmton 1778
B7 Hester WARRINGTON single. Peter WEBSTER Creswell 1774
B8 Ann FOULD pregnant. George ROE, (son of John ROE of Elmton) late of Elmton, now of Hough Car p. Wath,Yks 1765
B9 Elizabeth NORMAN, woman child. Edward ALLINSON Steetley, Whitwell. 1757 (or 1751?)
B10 Esther COGGIN Elmton, single. Robert WHEELHOUSE Walley, husbandman. 1746/7
B11 Sarah WRIGHT Elmton George WEST Creswell, farmer 1812
Q2/276 Hannah HAGUE Elmton, single William JIBB Mansfield. Oct 1824
B12 Ann SHAW female 2 Oct at Elmton, Robert GREEN Creswell, miller. 1811
Q2/292 Sarah RICHARDSON Elmton George FROWN Whitwell, labourer. Jan 1825
Q2/311 Sarah RICHARDSON Elmton single George FROWN Whitwell labourer Apr 1825
M81 Certificate indemnifying Elmton arising from Mary YATES and her bastard child. 1763
M82 Justices Order for relief of Ann WOOD for maintenance of her illegitimate child. 1836  
QS/96 Alice STONE, Elton, male. Thomas ELLIOTT, Darley labourer. 1764
1 Elizabeth LONGMAN, female Wm SEVERN Elvaston 1817
2 Mary BLACKSHAW putative father Joseph HIBBERT 1818
3 Elizabeth FORD, male Tho MOOR jnr Shardlow servant 1819
4 Elizabeth FORD, male John FORD innkeeper Elvaston 1819
5 Elizb LONGMAN Tho GRAYSON Stanton by Dale 1820
6 Promissory note by Geo MILNER re maintenance of Mercy SHERWIN an illeg. child of his wife. 1790
7 Promissory note by Joseph KIRKHAM for maintenance of Mary KIRKHAM illeg child of -------------- KIRKHAM 1790
8 Bastardy Examination of Sarah DAVILLE regaring her unborn child Joseph STALEY Ilkeston 1797
Q4/2 Jane SPENCER Elvaston, female Tho BRITTLE Borrowash 1830
Q2/151 Lucy BURN Elvaston, single James MADDOX 1818
Q2/215 Alice WILSON Elvaston single George KENT 1822
Q3/16 Elizabeth LONGDON Elvaston Henry SLACK 1822 child born.
Q3/56 Sarah MOORLEY Elvaston Thomas FORD 1824
ETWALL Bastardy
1 Lydia BERKIN John HOPE 1712
2 Mary GRACE of Etwall but now of Horsley, female, John FORD Etwall 1772
3 Elizabeth SHRIGLEY Richard BENTLEY Hulme p. Caverswall 1800
4 Elizabeth BALDWIN Joseph WOOLATT Findern 1803
5 Elizabeth BALDWIN James JELLEY Rothley 1804
6 Mary FERN David WATSON Findern 1814
Q4/3 Elizb EDWARDS Etwall, male, father Jeremiah WINSON Thulston. 1830
Q2/147 Ann CROSLEY Etwall Nathaniel VICKERS Etwall, husbandman. Mar 1818
Q2/148 Ann CROSLEY Etwall Nathaniel VICKERS Stenson. Jan 1818
Q2/158 Mary BALDWIN Etwall, single pregant. Joseph CUSWORTH, Derby, labourer. 1820
Q2/166 Ann TUNNiCLIFF Burnaston, single, pregnant. William WARREN, Derby. 1820
Q2/205 Mary BALDWIN Etwall, single Joseph CUSWORTH, boatman. 1822
Q2/216 Ann CROSSLEY Etwall, pregnant William JONES Derby, sadler. Warrant 1823
Q4/40 Ann JOHNSON, Etwall female, Chas WOOD Etwall 1832
Q4/63 Elizabeth FYNCH Etwall, male James WARDLE, Quarndon framework knitter 1833
Q4/69 Hannah SHIRLEY Etwall female born at Dalbury Lees, residing there under a Certificate from Etwall, Wm HATCHETT Etwall, wheelwright. 1833
Q4/82 Ann WEST Etwall, female born Burnaston while residing there under a Certificate from Etwall. Wm OSBORN Alvaston 1833
Q3/122 Elizabeth MANSFIELD Etwall Joseph FOUKE 1828
Q3/124 Hannah WOOD Etwall Richard WARD 1828
EYAM Bastardy
Q2/186 Ann BARKER Foolow single, pregnant William TURTON Brimington labourer. 1822
QS/87 Hannah LEES, Eyam, female. James BOOTH, Eyam saddler. 1762
Q2/222 Ann WRIGHT Fenny Bentley single. Charles JACKSON Ashbourne, butcher. 1823
Q2/486 Margaret BOWLER Fenny Bentley single, male 21 Apr 1837. William MOORCROFT, Derby 1839
Q2/487 Margaret BOWLER William MOORCROFT 1839 acknowledgement by Wm MOORCROFT.
FINDERN Bastardy
Q2/79 Alice POLE Findern single, pregnant John DALBEY (or DALLEY) Thulston, labourer. 1816
Q3/111 Ann AMBROSE Findern John HALLAM 1828
Q2/209 Eizabeth SMITH Foremark, single, pregnant. Aaron BUCKLEY Oaksthorp, Leics, labourer. 1822 Aaron BUCKLEY committed to House of Correction for want of sureties.

GLOSSOP Bastardy
This s a list of names under the heading "Bonds for children unlawfully begotten". No dates are given and apart from the odd note (listed here) nothing more is found.
James SHAW
Edmund HOLT
John HAIGH Bond
Henry BUCKLY Bond
Rich LEE for his son
James PLATTS for his son

QSOB 61 Martha DURNLEY Joshua BROADBENT labourer of Manchester 1761
Q2/68 Martha BODEN Glossop, Joseph SHEPLEY Glossop, book keeper. 1814
Q2/107 Ann ADAMS Glossop, single,pregnant John BRADSHAW Simmondley, collier. 1817
Q2/476 Bridget EDGE widow, Beard, Ollerset, Whitle and Thornset 3 Aug, male. Joseph PEARSON Whitle, Gent. 1836
Q2/482 Ann JOULE single, Beard, Ollerset, Whittle and Thornsett 2 Oct female. John MASON of Whitle, slubber. 1837
Bond by William MARSDEN who is now desirous of putting his daughter Margaret by Margaret SWINDELL  out for education. 1740   V78/4
Account of debt of William MARSDEN of Grindleford for maintenance of his child by Margaret SWINDELL. QS Order dated 1737, arrears since 1740. 1741 V78/5
Quarters Sessions order for payment of MARSDEN debt.  1741 V78/6
A search of Great Longstone registers for a few years reveals various baptisms of illegitimate children. Records of illegitimacy are missing from Great Longstone parish records, however an Overseers account book shows the following details..
Great Longstone Baptisms
3 Sep 1775 Henry Milward INGMAN of Great Longstone bapt
 Overseers notes 1773 mother Elizabeth INGMAN, warrant for Henry MILWARD issued.
5 Feb 1780 Mariah HADFIELD dau of Ann TAYLOR of Great Longstone bapt
Overseers notes 1780 Expenses to Bakewell when agreed William HADFIELD about Ann TAYLORS child
7 Jun 1781 Joseph illegitimate son of Elizabeth GARLICK of Lowsley
Overseers notes 1781 Examination of Elizabeth GARLICK, George HAYS father.
16 Feb 1783 John illegitimate son of Martha TOWNSEND of Great Longstone bapt
Overseers notes 1782 Examination of Martha TOWNSEND  Warrant for James CLOWES the father of the child issued
There are also two other Overseers entries I did not find baptisms for in the register.
1772 spent agreeing with Thomas MOXON on account of Dorothy THORNHILLS child
1776 paid going to Bakewell with Peter SKIDMORE
1777 received of Peter SKIDMORE re Mary(sic) HALL'S child
1777 Elizabeth HALL expecting 
1778 mentions Elizabeth HALL'S child.
GRESLEY Bastardy
1 Mary LONGDON single John PAGE Stretton 1783
2 Mary NEWBOLD Castle Gresley, male Saml ROSE Hilton 1790
3 Mary NEWBOLD Castle Gresley Tho ADAMS Castle Gresley, potter 1799
Q2/124 Elizabeth FALKNER Oakthorp and Donisthorp Samuel COOKE, Shardlow, boatman. 1817
Q2/161 Elizb. ASTLE Swadlincote single, pregnant Thomas WARD, Netherseale, Leics, carpenter Jul 1821
Q2/163 Elizabeth ASTLE Linton, single, pregnant Thomas WARD. Oct 1821
Q2/203 Elizabet EVANS Linton, single, pregnant Samuel MATCHETT Branston, Staffs. servant 1822
QSOB 32 Elizb. CHAPMAN of HMQ. female. Ezekiel WOOD of Hollingworth, Alstonefield 1763
QSOB 98 Elizb.LOMAS of HNQ, female John NICHOLSON of Handsworth Woodseats Yks. 1764
Q2/3 Grace REDFERNE late Hartington Middle Quarter, single, male, Henry OATES 1740
Q2/160 Barbara GOULD Hartington single, pregnant Joseph JOHNSON Parwich, servant. 1821
Q2/223 Ann OLIVER Hartington Quarter, Francis COATES Youlgreave, farmer. Brought to bed 10th Instant, female 1823
Q2/254 Marsha MELLOR Hartington single John CUNDY, Brampton, potter. child has been born. Nov 1824
Q2/263 Marsha MELLOR Hartington Town Quarter, single John CUNDY Brampton. child born 6 Oct. Oct 1824
Q2/404 Jane SUTTON Hartington single Henry CRITCHLOW Hartington, labourer. Oct 1827
Q2/427 Hannah GOULD Hartington Quarter, child born about 14 days ago. Wm NAYLOR Hartington Nether Quarter lab. Apr 1828
Q2/429 Hannah GOULD Hartington Nether Quarter single William NAYLOR Hartington Nether Quarter labourer. Jul 1828 child born.
Q2/435 Hannah GOULD Hartington Quarter Wm NAYLOR Hartington Nether Quarter, labourer Jan 1828
Q2/438 Martha WOODISS Hartington single William ADAMS Load Mill, Alstonefield, miller. Oct 1829
Q3/190 Jane BUXTON Hartington Nether Quarter David FRITH Parwich, stone mason. 1834
B1 Margaret BARKER of Briarley, Yks  male born at the house of Richard LATHAM of Newhaven who indemnifies. 1717
B2 Ann HALL single, pregnant  John BATTELL of Doverdige,indemnifies parish of Hartington for a person not willing he should be openly discovered and publicly known.  1722
B4 female bastard called Lucy WILLIAMS taken into the home of Robert FEARNE of Heathcote. Special Bond by Robert FEARNE indemnifies Hartington. 1746
B5 Elizabeth BARKER Newhaven, male. John BARKER Newhaven indemnifies. 1776
B6 Sarah PERCIVAL single, male.  Joseph BULLOCK Hognaston.  1785
B7 Dorothy DAWSON Bakewell, widow, pregnant.  George TATLOW Bakewell cordwainer  1785
B8 Alice PETTS Hartington Nether Quarter pregnant.  Thomas MARSHALL Elton.  1786
B9 Dorothy PALFREMAN single, male, born 1800  Thomas KIRKHAM Hartington ,farmer 1802
B10 Dorothy PALFREMAN Hartington Nether Quarter  female.  John BRIDDON Hopton blacksmith 1807
B11 Dorothy PALFREYMAN Hartington Nether Quarter, male  Isaac TOMLINSON Hartington Nether Quarter farmer 1809
B1 Rebecca RICE Hartshorne single Joseph BOSWORTH otherwise WARDLE of Smisby putative father 1823
B2 Report of QS case in which Joseph BOSWORTH alias WARD is ordered to pay 2/- a week to Overseers for upkeep of his bastard child. 1823
Q2/232 Rebecca RICE Hartshorne, Joseph BOSWORTH als WARDLE, labourer, Smisby. 1823
Q2/413 Elizabeth MASON Hartshorne, single Tho FAIRBROTHER Belton Grange, Leics. servant. 1827
Q3/24 Elizabeth RICE Hartshorne John BOSWORTH Jul 1823
Q3/39 Frances SMITH Hartshorne Wm SALE Dec 1823 John SALE Packington gardener, surety
Q3/101 Elizabeth MASON, child born within one month past. Tho FAIRBROTHER. Apr 1827
Q3/147 Mary BRADLEY Hartshorne, born Jul 11. William SMITH. 1829
Q3/145 Mary BRADLEY Hartshorne William SMITH Apr 1829
HASLAND Bastardy
QSOB 34 Martha ROBINSON Saml SADLER of Dinnington, WRY 1763
1 Mary DOWNING pregnant, Samuel DOWNING Spout House Yks indemnifies. 1712
2 Ann WARRIS Dale Head Wormhill, male. John STEPHENSON Gt Longstone 1728
3 Ann WAINWRIGHT Geo HODGKINSON Highloe p.Hope indemnifies 1729
4 Ann WAINWRIGHT, son, Michael SLINN, Hathersage, blacksmith 1733
5 Margret BROWN John WILKINSON Bond 1734
6 Ann WARHURST dau of Anne WARHURST Dale Head. 1736 father, Christopher son of Elias OLDFIELD of Tideswell.
7 Ann FRITH dec, three children,Joseph, George and Mary 1752 Miles WILKIN a relative agrees to maintain.
8 Grace FURNESS widow, pregnant Wm MELLOR gardiner, of Hathersage, father. 1761
9 Hannah HOW of Ashover Abraham SLINN of Padley Hall, farmer. Bond to Indemnify. 1762
10 Elizabeth FORRESTER single, pregnant Geo PLATT Ashford, Joseph COWLEY Edensor, Wm FANSHAW Ashford indemnify p. of Hathersage 1766
11 Elizabeth FURNISS single, male Tho BAGNALL Hathersage and Wm GREEN Totley indemnify. 1767
12 Mary FRITH John CROSSLAND mason Hathersage 1769
13 Mary FRITH single, John born 28 Jan. John CROSSLAND 1769
14 Mary NEEDHAM single female. delivered in the house of James HODGKINSON 1770
15 Hannah HOBSON single. Edmund MARSDEN Baslow baker and Wm MARSDEN Baslow farmer. Indemnify 1772
16 Mary FROGGATT Bubnell Alexander BAGSHAW Bubnell Bond. Mary FROGGATT permitted to lie in at the house of Richard TOOTHILL of Hathersage. 1775
17 A stranger whose says her name is Mary WOOD, female, baptised 18 Jun 1775 named Mary. 1775 Mary WOOD the mother absconded 20 days later, leaving the child.
18 Mary WOOD child born 31 May at the house of John CORBRIDGE. John CORBRIDGE and John COOPER of Lead Mill p. Hope Bound. A form of Bond given to John GREENWOOD of Sheffield. 1775
19 Hannah CROSSLEY single sojourning with Adam BROOMHEAD of Hathersage. Delivered of a dau at Penistone named Martha. Settlement Penistone. Removed 3 Nov 1775, to Penistone, 2nd removal Jan 1776 to Thurlston, five days later returned to Hathersage. Adam BROOMHEAD indemnifies. 1776
20 Ann FROST late of Glossop now Hathersage, pregnant Tho GODDARD Roworth indemnifies 1785
21 Mary WARD single, pregnant Abraham COLLIER Macclesfield father of child. 1789
22 Ann PARKER late Sheffield now of Hathersage, pregnant Chas CLEMENTS Sheffield and John CROOKSHAW Sheffield 1789
23 Ann WILSON pregnant Robert CROSSLAND Overseer of Outseats Bond. 1791
24 Mary WARD Macclesfield single father Thomas KIRK Castleton 1793
25 Elizabeth SIDDALL single Tho MARSDEN weaver Bond 1796
26 Martha WRIGHT Hathersage single pregnant Francis OSBOURN Gate House Outseats and Francis ROGERS same place Bond. 1797
27 Alee BOOKER of nr Greenacres, Oldham Lancs, female, James KERSHAW of Greenacres Moor Oldham father, fustian weaver. 1799
28 Esther BIRCH Baslow single, female Sampson SAVAGE baker 1807 Esther BIRCH belongs Hathersage.
29 Mary GODDARD Froggatt pregnant Tho WORRALL and Tho BROOMHEAD indemnify. 1812 Mary GODDARD belongs Hathersage.
QSOB 15 Ellen BENNETT Robert LOMAS Chinley 1770
HEANOR Bastardy
Q2/320 Ann HOGG Codnor and Loscoe, single. Wm WARWOOD Sneinton, Notts. Lace Manufacturer. 1825
Q4/58 Ruth DAVIS heretofore Ruth GREEN of Heanor, female Richard ALLEN Heanor silk stockinner 1833
Q2/97 Susannah GILLOTT single, Heanor, female Joseph TURTON Ripley 1817
Q3/182 Charlotte DAVIS Shipley Philip EGLISHAW 1833
HEATH Bastardy
Q2/89 Sarah REVELL Heath pregnant, John TURNER Heath servant man. 1817
QSOB 40 Elizb. ALLSOPP Tho MILLINGTON Hognaston 1763
Q2/362 Alice WAIN Hognaston single William SLACK Brassington labourer. 1825
Q2/391 Alice WAIN Hognaston child born 23 Dec.1825 William SLACK, Brassington labourer 1826
QSOB 62 Mary NEWBOLD, male. Joshua CARNALL 1761
Cost of case regarding George HATTERSLEY begetting Ann SHERWIN with child 1826
B1a Cost of case regarding Jeremiah DAMMS begetting Sarah GOODLAD with child. 1826
B2 Ann TURNER dau of Godfrey TURNER "great with child" Anthony MASON blacksmith Brampton 1753
B3 Ann WATERHOUSE lying in at George SIDDALLS Hoplane End, Holmesfield. John MURFIN Rotherham, fellmonger, indemnifies 1754/5
B4 Grace CALOW dau of William CALOW Holmesfield, child born. John WHITE Holmesfied son of George WHITE. 1757
B5 Elizabeth WHITE single, female Paul WEBSTER Chesterfield, tanner 1760
B6 Elizabeth WILSON single, female. George CLARK Mill House Sheffield, miller 1764
B7 Hannah HIBBERT Holmesfield, spinster, male John BOOKER Barlow, carpenter. 1768
B8 Sarah MARSDEN single, female 2yrs ago. George HATTERSLEY yngr. late of Millthorpe. 1775
B9 Esther WAD late of Holmesfield, single, female. William ASHTON Rowland yeoman indemnifies. 1779
B10 Ann STRINGFELLOW formerly wife of John STRINGFELLOW a soldier in foreign parts, if living, hath lately been delivered of a female child. Richard ODDY signs HODDY, (ADDY?) father of the child, Baslow, and Edward MOWER (MOOR) also of Baslow mentioned in document of 1781. 1785
B11 Joan BLACKWELL Samuel BLACKWELL Ledgate, (Lidgate, Lydgate) Holmesfield husbandman and George BLACKWELL Sheffield Yks. filesmith, indemnify "against the child becoming troublesome". 1782
B12 Elizabeth BENNETT Holmesfield, single, pregnant. William DRABLE Lightwood, Norton is father of child. 1782
B13 Easter (Esther) HASLAM, Holmesfield single, pregnant. William NORTH junior. 1785 also mentions James HASLAM Brampton millwright and Samuel HASLAM Brampton, millwright
B14 Ann NORTH single, female 15 Sep. Edward MORGAN Ches. Chester. Officer of Excise. 1787
B15 Ann BENNETT Holmesfield, single, pregnant. Thomas BOSLEY yngr, butcher of Edensor. 1787
B16 Elizabeth TONSDALE The Bank, Holmesfield single, pregnant. James GRATTON Moor Woods, Dronfield farmer, also bound Rose GRATTON Press, Ashover, widow. 1787
B17 Easter (Esther) HASLAM Holmesfield, single, pregnant. Marshall HILL, Brampton yeoman. 1788
B18 Edith FIELDSEND Holmesfield, female. John KITCHEN Bramley p. Bakewell farmer. 1790
B19 Mary SUMMERSET (SOMERSET) Holmesfield, widow, pregnant. Joseph LOWE yngr Brampton 1791
B20 Mary CARNALL Holmesfield, single. male, 14th Jan. John HILL Birchill indemnifies. 1793
B21 Elizabeth GREENWOOD Holmesfield, female. Thomas BUNTING Fanshawgate, Holmesfield, farmer 1811
B22 Elizabeth ALLEN single, pregnant. William BOWER Chesterfield, tanner 1815
B23 Elizabeth PARKIN single, pregnant. John BINNEY Sheffield Yks. factor. 1823
B24 Grace HEYLOW   John WHITE Holmesfield  1757
B25 Mary NOTON female   William COOPER Eyam.  1791
B26 Ann WARD male.  William WILSON Holmesfield 1794
B27 Elizabeth MILNER male   William SHEPPARD Staveley 1799
B28 Ann LOCKWOOD female   Jeremiah DAMM  Holmesfield  1809
B29 Sarah BENNETT female.  Joseph GREAVES Cowley  1810
B30 Sarah BIGGIN  male  Thomas PINDER  Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks  1811
B31 Mary COTTRIL male  Matthew WEBSTER  Holmesfield  1815
B32 Elizabeth JARVIS male born 1817,  John HUDSON Sheffield, Yks. 1819
B33 Charity SIDDALL male and female ,  William HATTERSLEY, Holmesfield  1819
B34 Sarah GOODLAD  male.  Jeremiah DAMS Holmesfield  1820
B35 Ann SILCOCK female.  John MARPLES, Baslow 1820
B36 Hannah THICKET female.  James WELLS Bolsover  1821
B37 Anne SHERWIN male.  George HATTERSLEY Holmesfield  1821
B38 Hannah WILKINSON female.  Henry PEARSON, Longstone, Dbys 1822
B39 Hannah WALKER female  Benjamin STONE Snitterton ( Edward STONE name erased and the name Benjamin was inserted at the time the order was signed by the Justice)   1824
B40 Ann GREEN female  George HATTERSLEY Holmesfield 1825
B41 Elizabeth SAINTHOUSE male.  Robert WATTS Brampton.  1825
B42 Ann HORSFORD female  Benjamin BLAND Holmesfield  1829
B43 Elizabeth HATTERSLEY female  Charles ANTHONY Birchet 1830
B44 Sarah LEVICK female  George HATTERSLEY Holmesfield 1831
B45 Kate PEARSON male   Henry DODSON  Huddersfield, Yks.  1833
B46 Ellen BINGHAM  male  John HATTERSLEY  Great Barlow  1836
HOPE Bastardy (Many of these documents are in a poor condition, although they have been repaired. The surviving documentation allows the following to be recorded.)

QSOB 4 Ann BRAMWALL Benj BENNETT Tideswell marr.1769
QSOB 107 Ann BAGSHAW Hope Paul STALEY Flagg 1767
Q2/23 Mary WILD, Wardlow, single John FURNISS Wardlow miner. 1781
Q2/40 Margaret BRADWELL of Bradwell Thomas HALLAM Bradwell, lead miner. 1782
Q2/50 Alice SHARPLES of Stockport delivered of a female in 1781 at Fairfield p.Hope. John BENNETT Buxton, baker. (Warrant to apprehend.)
Many of these documents, Warrants, survive in a very poor state. They have been repaired but there are large gaps in some of the documents.
B1 Mary HOPSON Hope Tho MIDDLETON late Hope lab 1802
B2 Maria Ibbottoson WILSON Tho WILSON srvt late Hope 180?
B3 Fanny TOOTIE John COTTERELL Hope srvt 1806?
B4 Mary HILL Geo BARRETT Bowden Chapel this date reads 22 Dec "One thousand and eight"
B5 Betty JACKSON, male, Isaac EEDES Castleton 1814
B6 Betty LONGDEN Chester date missing.
B7 Appeal to QS for arrest of Isaac EEDES for non payment over Betty JACKSONS bastard son 1814
B8 Mary HOPSON, 30 Sep. Thomas MIDDLETON Hope, labourer 1803
B9 Maria IBBOTSON, 18 Aug. Thomas WILSON Hope, servant. 1803
B10 Hannah HULME, 16 Jul. Richard HOWARD Baslow 1803
B11 Betty JACKSON 15 Apr. Thomas MIDDLETON, Hope 1804
B12 Fanny TOOTHILL 1 Apr. John COTTERILL 1806
B13 Fanny TOOTHILL 1 Apr John COTTERILL servant 1806
B14 Mary HILL Jacob ROWETH Hope 1807
B15 Mary HADFIELD 7 Sep. Dennis WILSON Thornhill labourer. 1811
B16 Betty SHIRT 13 Jul. William Melland GOULD Hope 1811
B17 Lydia SIDEBOTTOM Hope Daniel STAFFORD Thornsett miner 1815
B18 Sarah SIMPSON Joseph RATCLIFFE Aug. c 1815-22
B19 Hannah LANCASTER 18-- (maybe referring to County or surname.
B20 Elizabeth KINDER 5 Jan 1822 William HOWE Ecclesfield Yks 1822
B21 Hannah BODEN 26 Sep 1822 female James JONES Hope labourer 1823
B22 Hannah ELLIOT pregnant James HARRISON 1827
B23 Betty Castleton, miner. ----
B24 Martha HALL Thomas DAKIN 22 -- 18--
B25 Sarah MAKEPEACE single, female George and Thomas MIDDLETON indemnify 1767
B26 Sarah MAKEPEACE, male. Benjamin BENNETT Tideswell 1771
B27 Elizabeth OUTRAM single, dau of John of Bradwell, female. John and Thomas HALL p.Hope indemnify. 1773
B28 Jane SAUNDERSON Hope, single, pregnant Richard FLETCHER Manchester cotton dyer. 1778
B29 Ann BARBER Hope, single, male Elias ASHTON yngr. servant, Hope 1788
B30 Martha ROSE Hope pregnant. John HOBSON weaver. 1792
Q2/248 Martha ROSE Hope single William JOHNSON Derby coal merchant. 1824
Q2/421 Sarah SIMPSON Hope single Samuel ARMFIELD 1827
DLB13 Account of money paid to Rachel BAMFORD for support of her child by the Overseers of Grindlow. John BAGSHAW Overseer of Poor. (This document is found among Derby papers which would indicate Rachel BAMFORD is living there.) 1814-1816
Anne FURNISS Bond parish, 1746  V103/39
Hannah WATTSON   Robert UNWIN and John COWPER 1753  V103/40
Rebecca GREGORY  parish  1753  V103/41
Mary ASHWORTH   James HILTON  1758  V103/42
Grace FURNIS   Thomas BAGNALL, Adam BROOMHEAD, John BRIGHTMORE 1765  V103/43
Mary POINTON   John PLATT  1765  V103/44
Ann BLACKWELL  female,  Thomas WALKER  1825  V103/45
Ann HURLER  female,  Joseph COWPER  1830  V103/46
Ann HURLER  female,  William FOX  1834  V103/47
Order of Sheffield Overseers to pay weekly for maintenance of female of Sarah BURLEY alias BAGSHAW, Little Hucklow to re-imburse Sheffield Yks 1795  V103/48
Letter from Grace FURNISS to Joseph CHAPMAN regarding non payment by William MELLOR  1762  V103/49
Order to apprehend Joseph COOPER elder for failure to maintain the illeg children of Elizabeth BARBER and Ann HURLER  1835  V103/50
QSOBEP Martha ROSE Hope Dbys  John ETCHES Derby Dbys 1825
QSOBEA Martha ROSE Hope Dbys  John ETCHES Derby Dbys 1825
QS/97 Mary GILLIS, Horsley, female. Samuel ROBERT Derby St Werburgh, distiller. 1764
Mary STOPARD Kilborne, pregnant. John SLACK Kilborne 1781
Q2/78 Ruth DAYKIN pregnant Saml MEE Stanley, labourer 1816
Q2/93 Elizabeth FISHER single, pregnant, Horsley Woodhouse Wm BRENTNALL jnr Horsley Woodhouse. nailor 1817
Q2/140 Martha SANDERS Horsley Woodhouse Richard MORRISON, Derby, sadle maker 1817
Q2/142 Sarah SHAW Kilbourne, twins. Joseph ROPER Kilbourne, labourer. 1817
Q2/341 Sarah ANNABLE Horsley single Joseph DOLMAN Belper labourer. 1825
Q3/11 Lydia ATHERELY Horsley Woodhouse born 5 Jul. Joseph FLETCHER. 1822
Q3/44 Alice FISHER Horsley Woodhouse John CRICH younger 1824
Q3/74 Ann NOON Horsley Joseph FROST 1826
Q3/100 Ann NOON Horsley Joseph FROST Jan 1827
Q3/176 Frances Willoughby JOYCE widow now residing Spoondon under Certificate from Horsley. Tho ELLIOTT Dec 1833
Q4/5 Mary WOODHOUSE Horsely Woodhouse, male William LEES, Castle Donington, servant 1830
Q4/13 Ann WOODWARD Horsley male, Wm CLAY Derby ostler. This entry crossed out. 1831

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.