Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Bastardy Papers

CALKE Bastardy
Q3/129 Ann AULT Calke James SHAW Oct 1828
Q3/135 Ann AULT Calke James SHAW Jan 1829
Q3/155 Ann AULT Calke John BRADBURY Oct 1831
CALOW Bastardy
B1 Martha HALLEY has taken to table or nurse, a bastard child called George supposed by some to be born at Newbold of Eliz; (abeth) STEVENSON. Richard BROWNE of Chesterfield has contracted with the reputed father to maintain child. 1706
B2 Mary LOW single, male. Samuel BENNETT Inkersal Staveley 1760.
B3 Sarah RODGER dau of Benjamin RODGERS Calow collier who along with Thomas WHITE Duckmanton, husbandman, indemnify 1768
B4 Sarah ROGER, female.. Benjamin RODGER, Elder, Benjamin RODGER yngr, Thomas FIDLER Wingerworth, husbandman, indemnify. 1771
B5 Mary DAVISON spinster, male. William TOWNDROW Chesterfield, gardener. 1786
B6 Mary BOWDEN, otherwise ELLIOTT of Calow, single, pregnant. John HOPKINSON. Bromehouse, p. Crich, farmer, indemnifies. 1798
B7 Ann GREEN single, legal Settlement Bolsover, female born about 2yrs ago in Calow. Joseph SIMPSON, now of Retford, Notts. hatter. 1804
B8 Esther LEE single, female. George HUTCHINSON Heath, labourer. 1807
B9 Amelia WALKER Cawthone WRY. single, legal Settlement Calow, John DYSON Cawthorne WRY labourer. 1810
B10 Mary BABB female 5 Jul. George ADLINGTON Calow, labourer. 1805
B11 Ann LOWE female, 12 Mar. Thomas PURSGLOVE, Ashover, servant. 1821
B12 Hannah LOWE male, 2 Oct. Richard NIXON Chesterfield, draper. 1812
B13 Elizabeth BEELEY female, 15 Feb. John TOMLINSON Chesterfield, labourer. 1825
B14 Jane WEBSTER male, 28 Mar. William SILCOCK Chesterfield, butcher. 1826
B15 Sarah SIDDALL male, 10 Mar. Samuel HENSHAW Brimington, labourer. 1830
B16 Elizabeth SMITH, male 1 Dec. George COWLISHAW Chesterfield, cordwainer. 1832
B17 Sarah HAMBURY single John MIDDLETON yngr Chesterfield, butcher. 1823
CALVER Bastardy
QSOB 63 Sarah GREGORY, male John SYKES Calver 1761
QSOB 105 Sarah GREGORY female. John SYKES Calver 1765

Eliza STANNATH Carsington     George ETHERINGTON  1874
Emma ALSOP *     William CAULDWELL  1882
Elizabeth WHEELDON, Hopton, female.  William GENDER 1692  V19/15
Hester SLATER pregnant  William COOPER of Calow (this may refer to nearby Callow)  1692/3    V19/16
Elizabeth WHELDON (sic), child born Hopton,  William GENDER Osmaston by Ashbourne 1693  V19/17
Elizabeth WHEELDON child born Hopton , William GINDER, Bond 1693?  V19/18
QSOB 72 Sarah BROWN Joseph POLLETT, Romily Ches. 1761
QSOB 113 Ann WRIGHT Rbt HITCH of Winster 1767
Q2/45 Jane BULLOCK Castleton male born 1781 John HYDE Chisworth. 1782
QSOB 108 Elizabeth LANDER Chaddesden, female Samuel MARTIN tailor, Morley. 1767
Q4/19 Ann MARTIN Chaddesden, female, William CAMPION, Sutton on the Hill, butcher. 1831
B1 Thomas SMYTHE of Lymm Handley, Cheshire Bond to Overseer of Bowden Middlecale for maintenance of bastard child born to Mary BARNS of Buxworth. 1685
Q2/12 Elizabeth HALLAM Chapel en le Frith single, female James NAYLOR Flagg 1779
Q2/20 Mary FLETCHER Chapel en le Frith, single, female Francis TAYLOR Peak Forest, ale house keeper 1781
Q2/70 Sarah BRITLAND Bowden Chapel, Daniel LOWE, Bowden Chapel yeoman. 1815
Q2/71 Margaret SHIRT Bowden Chapel, a bastard child born 1813, John POTTER, Bowden Chapel farmer. 1815
Q2/218 Susannah FRITH Bowden Chapel William BARRATT Bowden Chapel cordwainer. 1823 child born 25 Oct 1822
Q2/484 Dorothy GODDARD Chapel en le Frith single, female 7 Nov 1836. Joseph HIBBERT ( with Mr GRUNDY, Cheetham Hill, Manchester). 1839

 Note this a list of Bonds as found amonng parish papers and not the actual documents. As such they may be the only evidence of these particular Bonds.
2 Bond given by Samuel HIDE to pay to his sons basterd child by Betty SIMPSON. 1775
3 Bond given by John and James FIELDSEND for Sarah COUGHIN Basterd child.  1777
4 Bond by John and William SHIRT for Phebe MELLORS (MILLERS?) basterd child. 1777 ?
5 Bond by Henry and Adam MORTIN to indemnify parish from Betty LOMAS Basterd child 1777 ? 
6 Bond given by Nicholas SWIFT for May MOULT Bastard child till 7. 1778
7 Bond from James BEARD and George LOMAS for Saray ? FORD Bastard child 1779
8 Bond from Peter and John HEGINBOTHOM and Henry THOMASON for a child to be born of Elizabeth LEE 1779
Q2/84 Sarah COXON Chellaston William SPENCER 1826
QSOB 14 Elizabeth RATCLIFFE Wm BARNETT Derby 1770
QSOB 20 Mary POUNDALL John MASON Heyfield Excise Officer. 1774
Q2/21 Alice BARGH Newbold William WALTON Sheffield plasterer. 1781
Q2/39 Dorothy RODGERS Chesterfield pregnant Wm SYKES, Sheffield. Factor. 1782
Q2/81 Hannah CLARKE Chesterfield single, female. John COWPE, Rowthorn 1817
Q2/88 Mariah SMEDLEY Newbould, male. Wm NORTH, Hasland farmer 1817
Q2/102 Elizabeth HEATH Newbold Rbt TODD Chesterfield 1817
QS/105 Hannah TOMLINSON Chesterfield Samuel CROFTS Chesterfield, victualler 1817
Q2/106 Margaret MADIN single, Chesterfield Ralph GILBERT Chesterfield, painter 1817
Q2/108 Sarah NEWBOLD Brimington pregnant, William WARD Holmesfield, nail maker Dec 1817
Q2/116 Hannah CLARKE Chesterfield, female Joseph WHARTON Clay Cross, blacksmith 1817
Q2/120 Sarah NEWBOLD Brimington single, pregnant, William WARD Jan 1817
Q2/156 Ann HIBBERT Walton, single, pregnant Matthew SMITH Ashover, wheelwright. 1821
Q2/290 Hannah HALL Walton, pregnant Wm BARBER Ashover labourer. 1824
Q2/376 Sarah HANBURY Calow Benjamin STEEPLE Brassington, labourer. Jan 1826
Q2/388 Sarah HANBURY Calow, single Benj. STEEPLE Apr 1826 child dead.
Q2/390 Jane WEBSTER Calow Wm SILCOCK 1826
Q2/419 Mary ALLEN Brimington, single Geo BUXTON 1827
Q2/462 Sarah MORTON Chesterfield single, male 4 Dec John NAYLOR servant at Mansfield. May 1835
Q2/477 Martha CLARKE Brimington single, male 17 Jul William GOODWIN Staveley, labourer. 1836
Q2/491 Mary COLLINGHAM Brimington, single 22 Dec Benjamin MORLEY. Jan 1857
These are entries found in the "Town Book" detailing documents kept in the "coffer" since 1713. They are currently the only references to such events, the original at present not found. Possibly lost.
Ralph KYRK (KIRK) and Peters, Bond for Grace BROCKLEHURST bastard child. 1731  V41/11/19 
Ralph KYRK (KIRK) and Peter KYRK (KIRK)  Bond for Grace BROCKLEHURST bastard child lodged in William CARRINGTON hand.  n.d.  V41/11/45
Sarah WATTERHOUSE (WATERHOUSE) order upon Francis CLAYTON and note of agreement  n.d.  V41/11/61
William PENNY Bond, child gotten off Ann MELLOR  1746/7 V41/11/65

B1 Katherine MORECROFT single Settlement at Okeover, Staffs, pregnant. Thomas SMITH Overseer of Okeover indemnifies. 1727/8
B2 Mary JACKSON William REEVE Boylstone 1738
B3 Hannah MOORCROFT George TUNNICLIF and John MOORCROFT Bonds to Indemnify. 1741/2
B4 Mary SIDWELL Marston on Dove, single, female born at Church Broughton. Churchwardens of Marston on Dove indemnify. 1746/7
B5 Elizabeth FORD Church Broughton, single, female. John JACKSON Wolverhampton, cordwainer and Thomas BROUGHTON Wolverhampton cordwainer, indemnify. 1748
B6 Elizabeth FORD female Thomas BLOOD Church Broughton, ale seller. 1749/50
B7 Mary KEELING female, Thomas BUXTON, Hatton, tailor, indenifies. 1757
B8 Mrs Ann SMITH, (Boarding with James DICKS) of Hatton. Sampson COPESTAKE Kirk Langley, Gent, indemnifies. 1757
B9 Ellen SHELDON Church Broughton, single. Gilbert BROWN Hartshorne yeoman 1757
B10 Hannah PINNINGTON otherwise LYNNEY of Church Broughton, female Ralph PEDLEY elder, Brailsford and Roger TUNNICLIF Indemnify. 1759
B11 Sarah GAUNT Church Broughton, single, (daughter of Joseph GAUNT) male baptised William. George WILLIAMSON, Hungry Bentley. 1768
B12 Dorothy BOURN Church Broughton, female Henry PALMER Boylstone, blacksmith. 1775
B13 Sarah KNIVETON single  Samuel HICKLIN Coton in the Clay, Staffs. 1776
B14 Martha MILLNER, George, born Oct.  single.  Joseph ALLEN Church Broughton  1777
B15 Mary LANE single  Francis HARRISON  Clifton p.Ashbourne  1785
B16 Elizabeth BATES  single  Endsor RODGERS p. Mugginton 1786
B17 Ann PAKEMAN single.  John TURNER Barton under Needwood, Staffs. 1797
B18 Elizabeth ALLEN single.  Henry HARLOW Horninglow, Staffs.  1797
B19 Mary BLAUNT single.  Henry SMITH, Foston  1801
B20 Dorothy BARNS single.  George AULT Allestree  1802
B21 Mary POUNTAIN single  female born Oct.  Thomas REEVES Middlewich, Ches. 1807
B22 Elizabeth BENTLEY single  Thomas KENT Croxden, Staffs. 1809
B23 Mary SHAW now of Burton upon Trent, Staffs     Joseph WILDIN Burton upon Trent, Staffs. 1814
B24 Hannah HARRISON single. Gibson MORRIS Hargate Manor.  1816
B25 Elizabeth WOOD single  Henry REDFERN Hollington  1817
B26 Ann HARPER single  Thomas WHETTON otherwise Thomas NEWBOLD Linton 1819
B27 Ann JACKSON single female born Sept.        Charles GIBSON Draycott in the Clay, Staffs 1820
B28 Ann HURD single  Thomas RICE Yoxall, Staffs.  1820
QSOB 65 Hannah LOFTNHURST Rbt ALLEN jnr. labourer, of Church Broughton 1761
Q4/20 Mary JACKSON, Church Broughton, female, Thomas WALTERS, Edensor, labourer. 1831
Q2/164 Ann HARPUR Church Broughton single, pregnant. Thomas WETTON als NEWBOLD of Linton farmer. 1821 child delivered 1 Jul.
Q2/201 Selina GOTTERIDGE Church Broughton single, pregnant Thomas GOODHALL Longford, labourer 1822
Q2/271 Fanny HICKLIN Church Broughton, single James TATTLOW Rodsley husbandman. 1824
Q2/409 Mary PAKEMAN Church Broughton, single Tho REEVE Foston, labourer. 1827
Q3/97 Mary PAKEMAN Church Broughton Thomas REEVE 1827
Q3/166 Maria ALLEN Church Broughton, child born 25 Dec. Tho SMITH. 1832
R12 Examination concerning Ellen SHELDON and Mr BROWN toward payment of 12d weekly to her child, agreement made initially 4 Aug 1758. 1764
Q2/418 Hannah WYATT Linton single, James SWINDELL Stanton and Newhall, potter Jun 1827
Q3/18 Rebecca PASS Linton John BURTON Apr 1823
Q3/21 Ann SMITH Linton John BURTON Jul 1823
Q3/32 Rebecca PASS Linton John BURTON Oct 1823
Q3/107 True BOSTOCK Church Gresley John BREALEY 1827
QSOB 81 Ellen COOPER Clay Lane George NORTH 1762
CLIFTON Bastardy
QSOB 45 Ann TALKINGTON Joseph POUNTAINE Boyleston labourer 1768
CLOWNE Bastardy
QSOB 17 Elizabeth DRABLE, male John JEPSON Clowne 1774
QSOB 93 Martha PECK, male Benj DRING Southwell 1764
B1 Charlotte GRAY Clowne, single, pregnant. John BOOTH Aston, WRY husbandman. 1789.
B2 Hannah REDDISH, female Joseph TOMPKIN Clowne 1832
B3 Elizabeth ARCHER, male, Wm REDFERN late of Staveley, servant 1829
B4 Lydia HARLOW, single, male Samuel TURTON Bolsover 1813
B5 Ann BURTON single, male James ELLIS Barlborough 1825
B6 Sarah WOOD, male William ALLWOOD, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. fwk 1829
B7 Ann STEEL, male Joseph TURNER Staveley 1829
B8 Ann GILMAN single, female Isaac HAWARTH Buarsile? Lancs. weaver. 1823
B9 Millicent FINNEY female 1821, Wiliam FORD Chesterfield fwk. 1823
B10 Ann BURTON female, George PLATTS Clowne, lab. 1823
B11 Ann APPLETON single, female George GREGORY Clowne, wheelwright. 1823
B12 Ann WORSLEY male. James WEBSTER late of Clowne, servant. 1813
B13 Mary WOOLLEY, female George ROBINSON Cuckney, Notts servantman. 1820
B14 Ann HOPKINSON male 1819 Paul CROFTS Undow, Dbys collier. 1820
B15 Elizabeth WRIGHT female, born Birmingham, Warwicks. William SHORT Womber Lane, Birmingham, baker. 1812
B16 Mary DRABBLE single, female Richard JOHNSON, Whitwell weaver 1805
B17 Mary LOWD single, male William COTTEN Baslow, servant 1808
B18 Mary LOWDE female 1783 Martin HOW Sheffield. Yks 1785
B19 Elizabeth SIMPSON, Sunday 10 Aug, male Jervas GUEST Solswick, Notts 1794
B20 Maria NORMAN single, male William FLINT Langwith, Notts labourer. 1830
B21 Elizabeth WILSON single, female. James TAYLOR Clowne fwk. 1802
B22 Charlotte GRAY single female. William HARGATE Romarsh (Rawmarsh?) Yks. labourer. 1788
B23 Mary GREEN single, dau of James GREEN, pregnant. the said James GREEN, of Norfolk St. Sheffield, Yorkshire, joiner indemnifies. 1798
B24 Phoebe GREGORY single, female William TOMPKIN yngr, farmer Clowne. 1808
B25 Elizabeth BARK single, pregnant Samuel WILKINSON Warsop, Notts rope maker. 1813
B26 Elizabeth BURTON single, child born 16 Apr. John WHIP Clowne, bleacher. 1803
B27 Elizabeth MELLERS late of Kirkby Stephen in the County of Westmoreland and now at Harlesthorpe p.Clowne, spinster pregnant. John MALKIN Harlesthorpe and Richard AISLABIE of Kirkby Stephen indemnify. 1813
B28 Anne wife of Zachary ROPER of Thisleton, Rutland pregnant. Barnham ROGERS of Wales, Yorkshire and William ROPER of Barlborough indemnify. 1697/8
B29 Sarah HINDE pregnant Matthew ELGIE, Francis FISHER Dinington, Yorkshire yeomen, indemnify. 1800
B30 Mary WOODHEAD Tuesday 22 May female. William HALL Clowne wheelwright. 1792
BLM1 Mary WEBSTER of Clowne Jonathan DEWIS Cowne farmer 1808 Mary WEBSTER too ill to attend court to affiliate the child on DEWIS. A female child was born, the mother Mary WEBSTER died 3 Jan 1809.
BLM2 Elizabeth BRADMORE single, Clowne Joseph DOUBLE Cuckney, Notts. labourer. Warrant for arrest. 1818
BLM3 Order (rough copy, original with A L MAYNARD Esq. Chesterfield ) upon Richard JOHNSON being the father of a male bastard child of Mary DRABLE of Clowne, widow. this being the second child by JOHNSON. 1807
BLM4 Alice MAW Clowne, female. Robert BROWN, father. 1765
MLM18 Bill concerning Mary DRABBLES bastard child and Richard JOHNSON father of a child of Mary. 1807
MLM19 Bill, Messrs WOODHEAD and OXLEY als Mary LOWDE, concerning Bond given by Mr TOMPKIN to parish officer of Clowne for the maintenance of the plaintiffs bastard child 1800
Q2/306 Ann POPPLETON Clown Wm DRABBLE younger, Clown, cordwainer 1825
Q2/488 Margaret HELY single 4 Jan. male Geo GOODY Clown 1839
CRICH Bastardy
QS/77 Sarah HOLBROOK p. Crich, male Cornelius CHEETHAM 1762
Q2/27 Mabel HURST Crich, pregnant Jas. HOLMES Derby 1781
Q2/446 Hannah WILKINSON Crich, single Edmund TURNER South Wingfield stone mason 1829
Q2/472 Mary VARY Crich ? Wm JOHNSON Nottingham foundryman. 1835 child born
Q2/473 Ann WALKER Crich Joseph BERRISFORD Fritchely labourer. 1835 child born
Q2/474 Ellen HARRISON Crich Wm ELSE Crich lab. 1835 child born
B1 Warrant to apprehend John TOMLINSON of Alfreton, as putative father of bastard child of Alice MARSHALL of Crich 1813
B1a Abigail ALLEN of South Wingfield, single, pregnant. 1760
B2 Sarah MOUNTNEY pregnant Overseers of Wirksworth mentioned. 1761 (This document is torn, and half missing.)
B3 Mary SWEETING Crich, widow. female called Mary 5-6months old. Robert BRIGHT yngr of Wirksworth but now of Mansfield, Notts. surgeon, father. 1777
B4 Received from Robert BRIGHT mantenance towards child of Mary SWEETING. n.d.
B5 Philis BROUNSKIL late of Rotherham, single, pregnant, desires to lye in at the house of John RATCLIFFE of Crich. 1789
B6 Sarah BENNETT John TOOBY Derby 1805
B7 Alice MARSHALL Crich, single, pregnant. William HEATHCOTE Ashbourne. 1805
B8 Jane FRITCHLEY Crich pregnant Samuel CUPIT South Wingfield. 1806
B9 Hannah SELLERS Crich, single, male delivered over two years ago. Thomas SHIPLEY, Arnold, fwk. 1809
B10 Sarah DUFFIELD Crich, 10 Feb, male James. James TOMLINSON Crich, husbandman. 1811
B11 Mary HOLLAND Crich, single, pregnant. Samuel HARLEY plumber and glazier. 1817
B12 Note promising to pay £40 to Samuel LEAM, Crich Overseer by John TOMLINSON 1813
B13 Alice MARSHALL Crich John TOMLINSON Alfreton collier. 1813
B14 Mary Arabella VAREY single, female, chargeable to Crich Joseph TOWNDROW in custody of Thomas LITTON Keeper of the House of Correction at Ashbourne
B15 Dorothy SWINDELL 13 Oct 1822, male at Crich. Peter PEACH Shipley, Dbys, servant. 1823
B16 Phoebe WALKER 9 Feb, female Isaac JACKSON lab. of Crich. 1828
B17 Hannah WILKINSON single, 21 Sep 1821 male. John CHELL of Fritchley, millwright. 1828
B18 Mary HALL single, 11 Oct last past, female. Nathan SULLEY Arnold, Notts. fwk. Aug 1828
B19 Hannah WILKINSON, 4 Jul 1823, female John CHELL Fritchley, millwright. 1828
B20 Hannah WILKINSON, 7 Mar female. Edmund TURNER South Wingfield, stone mason. 1829
B21 Hannah STOCKS, 28 Apr 1825 female. John LEAM, Crich butcher. 1829
B22 Jemima STORER, 11 Dec female. Samuel WHEATLEY Heanor, collier. Jan. 1830
B23 Sarah SELLORS, 7 Feb female. Joseph CHELL Fritchley, millwright. 1830
B24 Charlotte NOBLE 27 Dec male. Samuel FOYNE (JOYNE?) Nottingham, Notts. miller. 1830
B25 Martha WHITE late DAWES, 31 Oct female. William WHITE, Arnold, Notts. fwk. 1830
B26 Ruth HALL, 22 Nov female. James BAGGALEY of Butterley, moulder. Jan.1831.
B27 Sarah CURZON, 28 Jul 1830 male. George ALTON Alderwasley, p.Wirksworth, cordwainer. 1831
B28 Martha BARNES, 29 Nov. female. William OGDEN South Wingfield, lab. Apr 1832.
B29 Sarah HARRISON, 22 Mar. female. Rowland BUXTON, Crich, blacksmith. 1832
B30 Eliza STORER, 28 Jun male George HAZLEDINE, Bramcote, Notts. servant. 1832
B31 Ann STOCKS, 21 May female. George MARTIN of Crich fwk. 1832
B32 Ann STORER, 15 Oct 1831 female. Richard PARKIN of Matlock, farmer. 1833.
QSOB109 Elizabeth FIDLER Brackenfield male,  Joseph ALLEN  Stretton farmer  1767
V110/12 Indemnity between John KNOWLES and Anthony KNOWLES of Matlock relating to Elizabeth ROPER  wife of James ROPER a soldier abroad, carrying the child/ren of John KNOWELS  1813
CROXALL Bastardy
Q2/146 Alice PIPES Edingall, pregnant Thomas GILBERT Lullington. 1817
Q3/53 Hannah PIPES Croxall and Edingall Geo WOOD 1824
CUBLEY Bastardy
1 Elizabeth JACKSON Wm COXON Cubley 1811
2 Elizabeth RATCLIFFE male born 21 Apr. a married woman. Joseph SMART Birmingham 1825
3 Mary REDGATE male called Joseph. Joseph SHAW Darley Moor, Yeaveley. 1752
QSOB 16 Dorothy LOCKER, male Tho MILWARD Calton, Staffs. labourer 1774
DALBURY Bastardy
QSOB 52 Ellen BALDWIN Wm AULT Kirk Langley 1754
Q4/8 Mary MATHERS Dalbury Lees, male Simon POTTS Ilkeston, lab. 1830
Q2/341 Mary HOUGH Dalbury single Thomas JOHNSON Markeaton. 1825
Q3/6 Elizabeth BOND Dalbury Lees Joseph WOOLLEY 1822
Q20 Mary MATHER Dalbury Lees John BRATBY 1823
Q67 Mary HOUGH Dalbury Lees Thomas JOHNSON Jul 1825
Q71 Mary HOUGH Dalbury Lees Thomas JOHNSON Apr 1825
B1 John WHITEING Bastard. Indemnity by Robert WOOD of Ockbrook, yeoman, that although John WHITEING was not born in Dale Abbey Robert WOOD is desirous of him dwelling there. 1695
B2 Stephen BUROWS (Borum ? ) son of ???? BUROWS (or Borum) and Mary his wife possibly of Stanley. Bond. 1698
B3 Katherin TAYLOR bastard born at the house of Edward UALLENW Dale Abbey. Burton on Trent Bond ? 1706
B4 Anne THOMPSON, male, Adingsetts WHITE Apothecary Mansfield indemnity Bond.1709
B8 Mary BAKEWELL dau of John BAKEWELL, female, Parish of Osmaston nr Derby indemnifies. 1765
B9 Ann BARROWCLIFF female Gervas BOOT yeoman. 1776
B10 Jane BAYLEY single, male William DERBYSHIRE West Hallam, carpenter. 1777
B11 Matha DILKS of Dale, single, William COOK yngr, farmer, Dale Abbey 1777
B12 Martha WRIGHT 17 Jun. male Richard BARTON Trowell, Notts coal miner 1779
B13 Mary WINROW single, female Parish of Little Eaton indemnifies 1780
B14 Abigail LACY spinster of Risley desires child to be born in Dale Abbey. 1783
B15 Ann WHEATLEY single, of Dalle Abbey Thomas BAILEY of Morley. 1805.
B16 Elizabeth HARDY, spinster, female Thomas YOUNG (son of John YOUNG) Mansfield, Notts. plasterer. 1811
B17 Hannah BLOWER single, pregnant. John GRUNDY son of William GRUNDY of Borrowash. 1815
B18 Mary SPURR Dale Abbey Phillip DRAYCOTTE 1695
4/71 Hannah MOORCROFT Darley Abbey, female born at Darley Abbey while residing there under Certificate from Hatton 1830. Robert HARRISON tallow chandler, Chesterfield 1833
Q4/72 Hannah MOORCROFT Darley Abbey female born May last past while residing under Certificate from Hatton. Robert HARRISON, tallow chandler, Chesterfield 1833
Q2/67 Sarah HAWLEY Darley, female Adam KILLER, Matlock joiner. 1812
Q2/132 Mary BARKER Wensley, pregnant, single Jas. TURNER younger, Matlock, fwk. 1817
Q2/261 Elizabeth TURNER Darley, single Benjamin LEES Darley, labourer. 1824
Q2/312 Elizabeth TURNER Darley Benjamin LEES, Darley lab. child dead. 1825
Q2/400 Elizabeth MARSDEN Darley, single Thomas DOLPHIN younger. 1827
Q2/418 Elizabeth MARSDEN Darley single, child born Thomas DOLPHIN younger, Chesterfield mason. 1827
DENBY Bastardy
B1 Martha DRAYCOTT pregnant Daniel FARNSWORTH Heanor indemnified 1723
B2 Martha TOMLINSON pregnant, of Denby, coming to live in Crich. Richard WOODHOUSE Denby Overseer indemnifies.1761
B3 Ann POUNDER Denby pregnant, coming to live in Holebrook, (Holbrook) Francis AGARD Overseer of Denby indemnifies 1762
B4 Mary HORSLEY pregnant, living in Denby under Certificate from Nottingham St Nicholas dated 8 Jan 1763. Oveerseers of Nottingham St Nicholas indemnify. 15 Jan 1763
B5 John NUTCHER (or NATCHER) from Thringstone, Leics indemnifies Overseers of Denby, for bringing up a bastard child to be born in Denby. (No mother mentioned ) 1771
B6 Martha BOWMER single, pregnant Joseph BARBER yngr, minor Denby. 1790
B7 Mary CAULTON Denby, single, pregnant Edward WOOLLANS Smalley lab. 1797
B8 Jemima HUNT, wife of John HUNT, a soldier had two children while he did not cohabit with her, named Ezakel and Nathan. Vincent HORSELEY Denby yeoman father of children. 1805
B9 Hannah PARKIN Denby single otherwise Hannah SUMMERS (wife of Thomas SUMMERS of Ockbrook, labourer,) and now pregnant. Wiliam NORTHRIDGE Denby, labourer, father 1806
37 Grace SMITH now HUNT, putative father Wm HAWKINS Heage. Female child born abt four years ago. 1784
Q2/344 Amey CAULTON Denby single John BRYAN South Wingfield 1825
Q3/12 Hannah HUNT Denby Richard GREEN who is now in custody in the House of Correction in Derby. 1822
Q3/152 Sarah HUNT Denby William SCRAGGS Jul 1830
DERBY Bastardy
QS/100 Dorothy ENSOR, Derby and Appleby, female. Peter BOWLER, Derby shoemaker. 1764
QSOB 114 Ann LANDER Derby William TAYLOR Rotherham, china painter. 1767
DLB1 Rebecca COATES wife of Samuel, a soldier, 59 Reg Foot. Husband not been seen for 30m. Now pregnant, Geo POYSER Derby lab is father. 1810
DLB2 Elizabeth DUFFIELD marr Duncan CHISHOLM at Nottm St Marys. He had another wife living at Leeds. Left 30m ago. Now pregnant, Charles GREEN of Darley nr Derby, joiner is father 1818
DLB3 Elizabeth RADFORD, male Robert WALKER Kedleston Hall, servant man is father. 1808
DLB4 Warrant for arrest of Joseph STREET, left his wife chargeable to Derby All Saints. 1835
DLB5 Ann BATEMAN, single, pregnant John COAL, Sgt 23 Reg Light Dragoons father. 1804
DLB6 Sarah THORP single, pregnant Thomas DAVIS Summercoates, joiner is father. 1801
DLB7 Elizabeth BROWNE female born July, Joseph SHEPHERD Derby maltster is father 1812
DLB8 Ann BOWLER Darley Abbey John WARRINGTON serevant man, father 1797
DLB9 Ann WALKERDINE Derby single, Thomas RADFORD labourer, Derby father 1795
DLB11 Kezia HULLY formerly SPENCER, late of Kirk Ireton, now of Stockport married woman, delivered of female Rebecca, born 1792, chargeable to Derby All Saints. John HICKS father 1793
DLB12 Elizabeth BROWN, single in March 1795 del of male in Weston on Trent. 18m ago marr at Weston on Trent to Jonathan ELLIS otherwise Edward EDWARDS the father of the child, he has a former wife living. 1795
Q4/61 Mary ROSE Derby male born at Derby St Werburgh while residing there under a Certificate from Sawley. John CASTLICK Derby labourer. 1833
Q4/62 Ann SLACK Derby, male born at Derby St Michael while residing there under Certificate from Hulland Wm DALMAN Derby lab. 1833
Q4/74 Ann MOORCROFT Derby male born at Derby St Werburgh under Certificate from Hatton. George TUNNICLIFFE Derby 1833
Q4/75 Sarah SHIPLEY wife of John SHIPLEY of Derby worker in Iron, late Sarah VICKERS of Repton, female born 1832 Repton, then as Sarah VICKERS. Edward SMEDLEY Newton Solney, farmer. 1833
Q4/85 Ann HARPUR Derby female born at Derby St Alkmunds while residing there under Certificate from Alderwasley Samuel ETCHES Derby lace maker 1833
Q4/102 Elizabeth MART Derby St Alkmund female born there under Certificate from Biggin James ECCLESHARE Derby servant 18-- (1834?)
Q4/106 Mary NADIN Derby female born at Derby St Peters while residing there under Certificate from Bakewell Joseph MARTIN Derby cordwainer 1834
B1 Elizabeth HALL single, pregnant Thomas ALLEN Alderwasley 1701
B2 Sarah OLD, 24 Apr Ann, John WRIGHT Smithfield, in p. Buttolphs extra Aldgate, Middx. hatter. 1709
B3 Sarah BROOKHOUSE single, pregnant Thomas ANIS a trooper in Duke of Argyll Horse Guards. 1740
B4 Ann BATEMAN, single 5 Aug last. William MARTIN Derby St Werburgh 1747
B5 Ann SAXON single, Standley (Stanley) present a lunatic in All Saints parish. Overseers of Standley indemnify. 1750
B6 Dorothy JOHNSON 16 Jun, Joseph. John KIRKLAND Mackworth, tailor. 1750
B7 Ann SILKSTONE All Saints. 24 0ct 1753, Thomas. Thomas SHALLCROSS Wirksworth, schoolmaster. 1754 On reverse maintenance payments reduced from 8d to 6d a week.
B8 Elizabeth BYARD All Saints, widow, John. John HOLDEN Derby whitesmith 1754
B9 Ann STORER. five weeks ago, Mary. Samuel PRAT Derby staymaker 1755
B10 Mary HILL three weeks ago, Hannah. Thomas MELLAND, Derby, butcher indemnifies 1755
B11 Elizabeth CAMPION single, Sarah. Isaac ELLIOTT otherwise DOBSON, Servingman, Derby St Werburgh now of Mickleover. 1756
B12 Elizabeth PYCROFT, male. Joshua HOLBROOK Derby, lab indemnifies.. c 1756/7
B13 Elizabeth ROBERTS, William. John STABLES Littleover stocking framework knitter. 1757
B14 Ann ROWLAND, pregnant. William HOUGH Derby, "joyner" son of Peter HOUGH wheelwright of Chaddesden. 1758
B15 Mary SKEVINGTON Derby All Saints, single, male Worthy BALM Derby All Saints. 1760
B16 Elizabeth WEST Derby All Saints, male. Thomas WEST her father indemnifies. 1760
B17 Elizabeth wife of ------- REED of Nottingham, female, born before her intermarriage with her husband. Richard BOOT Derby, gardener. 1777
B18 Elizabeth PIPES single, pregnant. John HOLMES 1783
B19 Ann CHARLESWORTH pregnant. Samuel LEADBETER 1786
B20 Ann PEGG single, Derby 9 Aug male. Randle THORNHILL Manchester, Lancs. cotton manufacturer 1807  
QSOB 60 Ann LEESON, female Geo BRIGGS, malster of Derby 1761
Q2/143 Mary BROWNSWORD Litchurch. Saml DAVENPORT Littleover, servant. 1817
DERWENT Bastardy
B1 Easter WOOLEN James SPOONER Wadsley, WRY 1738
B2 Mary YELLOTT (dau of Joseph YELLOTT) single 1731 John YELLOTT of Tankersley and John YELLOTT Indemnify
B3 Martha WHITE single John PARKIN of Haslehough p.Ecclesfield and Edmund BARBER of Shutts, Hathersage, indemnify. 1753
B4 Mary HOW single Edward WALKER of Hollinclough p.Hathersage. father of child. 1750
B5 Sarah BUTTERWORTH Wentworth. Yks single 1757 Joseph PARKIN of Wortley yeoman agreed with Geo WALKER of Darwent for the lying in of Sarah BUTTERWORTH at his house.
B6 Margaret WILSON Chesterfield, single lying in at house of Geo THORPE, Turnwood? Derwent. John WILLOT surgeon of Chesterfield and Anthony GALLIMORE Gent. of Chesterfield indemnify.
B7 Ellen DORE single George WALKER and George HOBSON indemnify. 1776
B8 Ann HASKEY single John WILSON South Normanton, husbandman Bound. 1774
B9 Hannah WRIGHT dau of John WRIGHT of Stretton p. Shirland. Agrees with Geo THORPE to her lying in. 1784
B10 Fanny TOOTHILL Derwent single delivered of a female 28 Nov 1810. John OLIVER father of child, Moscar House, parish of Hathersage. 1819
B11 Hannah THORPE Edward DAWSON Derwent, lab 1819
DORE Bastardy
QSOB41 Ann IBBETSON Henry TAYLOR servant Banner Cross Eccleshall Bierlow 1764
Q4/73 Jane DICKIN now or late of Doveridge at Derby St Peters under a Certificate from Doveridge. Francis BORREY Derby St Peter framework knitter. 1833
Q4/83 Henrietta DICKEN now late of Doveridge, female born Derby St Peter while residing there under Certificate from Doveridge. James RAY Derby, johaseo? cutter. 1833
B1 Elizabeth SLATER single, female born 28 Jan 1756. Will not declare father. Mar 1756
B2 Harriot REFERN, Doveridge, male 18 May last. Anthony CHARLESWORTH, Marchington Woodlands, Staffs. Mar 1826
B3 Sarah REDFERN Doveridge, single, pregnant. Charles GREEN Alton. Warrant. 1832
B4 Sarah SEVERN Doveridge, single, pregnant Edward MELLOR Somersall Herbert. Warrant 1832
B5 Sophia MALBY Doveridge William FROGGATT late Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1832
B6 Ann BICKERTON Doveridge female born 24 May. Frederick WRIGHT Derby St Alkmunds. 1833
B7 John MARSH indemnifies Doveridge, (Mary his dau, big with child, and wife of Lyonell WITH of Westminster, Middlesex) 1722
B8 Ann HALL single, pregnant. John BATTELL Doveridge, indemnifies. Does not wish to declare fathers name. 1722/3
B9 Joan WOODWARD of Doveridge or Ellaston (sic) delivered of a male. Charles BUCKLEY son of Edward BUCKLEY of Mackley, p.Sudbury. 1723
B10 Ellen BUXTON late of Norbury single. Samuel MASGREAVE and George FLETCHER Bond to indemnify. 1740
B11 a female bastard of Elizabeth BAKER, single, late of Somersall Herbert, brought into Doveridge and left at the house of George COLLINGHAM? Elizabeth BAKER and John MOULD Somersall Herbert yeoman, indemnify. 1743
B12 Mary ALLCOCK single, dau of Henry ALLCOCK pregnant. Henry ALLCOCK of Doveridge indemnifies. 1743/4
B13 Ann DAKIN single, pregnant (dau of Geo DAKIN of West Broughton, carpenter). 1746
B14 Elizabeth SLATER single, refuses to name father. 1756 Robert MOORCROFT miller, Somersall Herbert indemnifies.
B15 Mary SKILLINGTON Doveridge, single, female Richard JOHNSON son of John JOHNSON Eaton, p.Doveridge yeo. 1758
B16 Elizabeth SLATER, Doveridge, single, male. Refuses to name father. Richard SLATER Lea Hall p. Doveridge farmer indemnifies. 1759
B17 Ann PALMER Doveridge, single, pregnant Thomas WALL Foston, yeoman. 1760
B18 Elizabeth SLATER Doveridge, single, male, Robert MOORCROFT, miller, Somersall Herbert. 1764
B19 Ann GENT Doveridge, single male born Jan 1767. Samuel FROGGATT Derby, innkeeper. 1767
B20 Mary FARKNER otherwise FALKNER late of Sudbury now of Doveridge, single, pregnant. Edward CLARK Sudbury, labourer son of Thomas CLARK labourer of Marchington, Staffs. 1770
B21 Ann JOHNSON, a bastard son called John. Beresford JOHNSON Alstonefield yeoman and John JOHNSON Doveridge yeoman indemnify. 1772
B22 Ann JOHNSON of Eaton p.Doveridge pregnant Beresford JOHNSON Warslow, Staffs, farmer, John JOHNSON Eaton, farmer indemnify. 1775
B23 Jane WOODWARD Doveridge single, pregnant. Beresford JOHNSON, farmer, Eaton, John JOHNSON farmer, Eaton and Samuel JOHNSON, farmer, Eaton indemnify. 1777
B24 Ann JOHNSON Eaton, widow of Richard JOHNSON male bastard called William. Beresford JOHNSON Eaton, farmer, John JOHNSON, Eaton, farmer and Samuel JOHNSON Eaton, farmer, indemnify. 1778
B25 Ellen SMITH Doveridge, single, pregnant David DOLPHIN younger Birmingham, carpenter. 1781 David DOLPHIN Snr Tamworth, Warwicks, Victualler and Richard DICKEN Birmingham, joiner, indemnify.
B26 Jane SMITH Doveridge single, female 23 May, William HARRISON, Church Broughton, labourer. 1786
B27 Rebecca COLECLOUGH Doveridge, single, dau of Thomas COLECLOUGH, female, born 4 Jul. 1794 Thomas COLCLOUGH Bond.
B28 Ellen SLATER Doveridge single male born four years ago and also female 29 May. Benjamin WALKER Doveridge, farmer, father of both. 1794
B29 Sarah TEAT Doveridge, single, pregnant. Thomas PHILIPS Leigh, Staffs, husbandman. 1795
B30 Sarah BRADBURY Doveridge single, male born 13 Feb. John PARKER Grindon, Warwicks. miller. 1767
B31 Mary STOKES Doveridge single, pregnant Thomas BAMFORD, Ellaston, Staffs. 1797
B32 Mary WALL Doveridge, single, pregnant, Joseph UPTON Hill Somersall, labourer. 1770
B33 Ellen WOOLLEY Doveridge, single, pregnant, Thomas HARRISON servant of Bentley, William HARRISON Sapperton, labourer, indemnify. 1803
B34 Mary CHADDOCK Doveridge, single, pregnant. John BILLING jnr blacksmith, Boylestone. 1804
B35 Ann PHILLIPS Doveridge, single, pregnant. William YEOMANS, Trusley, servant. 1809
B36 Elizabeth SMITH single, male born 11 Jan. Edward STOCKLEY Draycott in the Clay, Staffs. servant. 1831
B37 Sarah SEVERN female born 19 Sep. Edward MELLOR Somersall Herbert. 1832
B38 Sophia MORBY male born 6 Sep William FROGGATT Uttoxeter, Staffs, wheelwright. 1832
B39 Sarah REDFERN female born 3 Sep. Charles GREEN Alton, Staffs. labourer. 1833
B40 Jane DICKEN single male born 17 Jul at Derby St Peter while residing there under Certificate from Doverdige. Francis BORREY Derby St Peter, framesmith. 1833
B41 Ann BICKERTON female born 24 May. Frederic WRIGHT Derby St Alkmund, joiner. 1833
B42 Sarah wife of William BALL labourer of Doveridge, male born at Fradley, Staffs 7 April 1752 since christened William BALL 1753 (cannot be lawfully removed to its place of birth.
B43 Elizabeth TATE, mother of dau pregnant again by same man at Derby. Letter. 1824
B44 Elizabeth TEATES single, female Thomas BENNETT Foston, labourer. 1812
B45 Ann STURGESS single, male John WIGLEY Stramsahll Staffs., son of Henry WIGLEY. 1813
B46 Mary PHILLIPS FEMALE born 1811 Thomas ADAMS Tatenhill, Staffs. 53 Geo 3
B47 Isabella TEAT single male 1816. John BROWN Doveridge, lab 1819
B48 Isabella TEAT male. Thomas HUDSON maltster of Doveridge. 1820
B49 Harriet CHADWICK, male. Charles PAKEMAN Doveridge, servant. 1822
B50 Hannah BRADBURY male. Walter BRANDON Brookhouse, Marchington, Staffs. 1826
B51 Edith SHIPLEY single, male. John ARNOLD cheese factor Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1826
B52 Ann POUNTAIN female. John ADAMS Sudbury servant 1827
B53 Ann BROWN, male. John COOPER Uttoxeter High Wood, Staffs. 1827
B54 Elizabeth STONE 25 Jul 1817? William HOLMES Snr Cheadle Eaves, Staffs farmer. 1827
B55 Henrietta DICKEN Doveridge female at Derby St Peters, while residing there under Certificate from Doveridge. James RAY Derby Borough, tobacco cutter. 1833
B56 Elizabeth SMITH male, Edward STOCKLEY Daraycott in the Clay, Staffs 1831
B57 Sarah SEVERN ingle female, Edward MELLOR Somersall Herbert. 1832

Additional notes in the parish book concerning Bonds of Indemnity.
Mary WALL   Bond from UPTON  1770
Jane WOODWARD  Bond from HARRISON 1786
Sarah HAMMOND  Bond from BLADON  1788
QS/89 Elizabeth UNWIN, Cold Aston, male. Robert COOPER Husbandman 1762
QSOB47 Ann WOODHOUSE Totley Samuel BARTON Totley, miller. 1768
Q2/33 Grace BENNET Dronfield John JACKSON, Unstone wheelwright. 1781
Q2/180 Elizabeth PARKER Unston, Dronfield single. pregnant Samuel RAISIN Unston, labourer Apr 1822
Q2/220 Jane WEBSTER Dronfield John RHODES Sheffield, cutler Oct 1823 since removed to Whittington before birth of child as her last Settlement.
Q2/231 Sarah GREGORY Unston, Mathew DALTON Sheffield, shovel maker. Oct 1823
Q2/385 Elizabeth HARDY Coal Aston spinster Richard BRUSHFIELD. Baslow. 1826
Q2/465 Sarah SWIFT Unstone, single, female 10 Jan. William SIMPSON, Barlow, labourer. 1835
Q2/468 Mary BRAMHALL single, Unstone, male 9 Dec. Isaac MARPLES, Barlow, labourer. 1835
Q2/469 Elizabeth HIBBERT single, Unstone female 24 Jan. James JOHNSON, Barlow, labourer. 1835
Q2/480 Ann CHARLESWORTH Dronfield, female Joseph CLAY Dronfield labourer. 1836
V46/25 Ann DARBY  male  Dronfield  Joseph MOORE  1805
V46/26 Mary SPENCER  male  Dronfield  Gervas WEBSTER  1818
V46/27 Mary NORTH pregnant   John UNWIN Churchwarden and Robert PINDER Overseer Indemnify  1781
QSOB 66 Mary MAY (or MEE) Joseph HASLAM Duffield 1761
QSOB 56 Catherine BARROWCLIFFE Samuel LIGGIT collier, Smalley. 1760
Q2/43 Hester FOX, Turnditch, pregnant Francis GOODWIN Mansell Park p.Mugginton. 1782
Q2/80 Grace WHEATCROFT Duffield single, male. George GOODWIN younger, Ashover, labourer. 1816
Q2/136 Ruth BEARDMORE Highedge (Heage) pregnant John GREAVES, Washington (Wessington) labourer. 1817
Q2/138 Elizabeth BEARDMORE Highedge (Heage) pregnant Isaac WRIGHT, Belper, labourer. 1817
Q2/219 Ann TURNER Duffield, single John RUDD Nottingham, fwk. Warrant. 1823
Q4/89 Eliza STONE Duffield child born at Allestree, Matthew BONSALL Duffield saddler. 1834
MIS50/42 Bond by Joseph HODGKINSON of Eckington indemnifies Duffield Overseers regarding bastard of Elizabeth DARBY 1775
B1 Agreement between Turnditch and Holbrook re-maintenance of Thomas BEMBRIDGE son of Susanna. 1682
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.