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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Bastardy Papers

1 Mary BARRETT spinster Henry GOODWIN 1718
2 Anne SAXTON Somercotes John BRANDRICK fwk of Sutton in Ashfield. Bond to Indemnify p. Alfreton 1725
3 Hannah SHIPPE Jonathan BERESFORD 1728 Bond to indemnify p. Alfreton.
4 Esther BRIDGETT single, Swanwick pregnant Bond to Indemnify Alfreton. 1730
5 Hannah BURNHAM dau of John BURNHAM Husbandman 1734
6 Anne WILSON, single, Alfreton, female 6m 1739
7 Heather TURNER single, Alfreton Josiah WOOD Matlock 1741
8 Mary CHOW als HOYDEN sigle, Alfreton, male, Joseph WHEATMAN Pentrich, collier, 1743
9 William LEEK aged m. father Wm BAGSHAW? Wm LEEK was abandoned at the house of Wm BAGSHAW.
10 Mary ROWSON single, Riddings, Phebe. 1747
11 Hannah ALDRED single, Job Joseph RYLEY of Denby 1754
12 Elizb.KIRK widow of Hucknall Torkard 1756
13 Ann LEAVERS single, Alfreton, female John SMITH potmaker of Alfreton born at hte house of Saml HARRISON 1757
14 Ann DUTTON single, Nottingham pregnant Lewis ALSOPP, Nottm St Peter. To be born at the house of John HARRISON 1761
15 Martha DAWS widow of Greenhay Lane, Anthony. Samuel ROE of Greenhay Lane 1761
16 Ann NAIL now wife of Wm RICHARDS female Wm RICHARDS lab. 1762
17 Ann ELICOCK wife of Anthony. Female John KEATON of Alfreton. Anthony ELICOCK transported five yrs prevoius. 1762
18 Elizb.NAYLOR single, male. Benj LATHAM Bound 1763
19 Hannah MARLOW pregnant Joseph NEWTON, Thos JAMES both Nottingham Bound 1768
20 Anne KIRK single, Ann. Geo, Henry, John SHAW all of Ripley Bound 1769
21 Susanna BETTS 19, James THORPE Bound 1772
22 Sarah LEEVAS single, male George FRANCE 1773
23 Jemima PURDY single Ric. THOMPSON Eakring Bound 1775
24 Jane RICHARDS Riddings female Rbt WADE Nottm 1775
25 Hannah GIBSON pregnant Steph WOODING Bound 1775
26 Elizabeth RAWSON male Wm RAWSON Somercotes 1785
27 Sarah THORPE pregnant Thomas THORPE Bound 1782
28 Ann HILL pregnant Robert NORTH Swanwick 1783
29 Hannah BACON 7 James BACON potter of Alfreton. Indemnity 1784
30 Elizb RICHARDSON pregnant Bakewell MACHIN Bound 1785
31 Elizb. BERRISFORD, Sarah Wm ELLIOTT Swanwick 1786
32 Ann BROWN pregnant Anth PRESTWIDGE Birchwood 1786
33 Hannah BARNS pregnant Wm SPENCER Morton Bound 1788
34 Hannah SLACK pregnant Tho MARRIOTT jnr Somercotes 1788
35 Sarah THORPE pregnant Wm SMITH Codnor Park 1788
36 Lydia GRUNDY pregnant Geo BLAND jnr Selston 1789
37 Mary GRAVE, Sarah. Wm BELLAMY, Joseph LITTLEWOOD both of Mansfield Bound. 1790
38 Rebecca PLATTTS pregnant Tho TIMMIS Derby All Sts 1790
39 Ann PARKIN pregnant John NIGHTINGALE Somercotes1790
40 Mary BACON, male. John WILLIAMS dyer, Alfreton 1791
41 Lydia PARKIN pregnant Edward BARKER Shirland 1792
42 Ann WARWICK pregnant Joseph FROST Heage 1794
43 Elizb. SHEPPERSON, female. Wm CAREY Alfreton 1795
44 Mary COOPER pregnant. Wm CUPITT Shirland 1795
45 Mary GODKIN, John 4. Benjamin SMITH Surgeon, Bound 1796
46 Jane BRAMLEY, Edward born 25 Mar 1796. John WRIGHT of Heanor. Parish of Heanor indemnifies. 1798
47 Mary BARLOW pregnant. John WALKER Mansfield Woodhouse. 1798
48 Mary RADFORD pregnant. Wm TAYLOR of Alfreton 1798 Mary RADFORD legally settled at Codnor.
49 Elizb. AMOTT pregnant Rbt WARMSBY of Alfreton 1800 Robert WARMSBY apprentice, legally settled at Selston.
50 Rebecca GREAVES pregnant John GARRATT Alfreton 1801
51 Elizabeth BURNHAM male, George NUTTALL, Alfreton 1804
52 Dorothy CUTT single, pregnant John WHITE, Alfreton 1805
53 Phebe TAYLOR single, pregnant Samuel TAYLOR late of Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1805
54 Susannah SHEARCROFT single, Robert MEE, Stanton Dbys. fwk. 1806
55 Elizabeth LEEVERS single, male Matthew ETCHELLS, Nottingham, cotton manufacturer. 1806
56 Jane CLARK single, David BERRISFORD, Alfreton 1806
57 Sarah BOOT single, pregnant, Edward GASKIN, South Normanton. 1807
58 Sarah FARNSWORTH male born 17 Dec 1804. Francis STANLEY, Alfreton. 1807.
59 Phebe TAYLOR single, pregnant. Jacob WARDLE Codnor Parish. 1808
60 Dorothy HASLAM single, pregnant Joseph ASHMORE Heage, p.Duffield. 1808
61 Sarah FARNSWORTH, male. Joseph SHAW, Lea. 1808
62 Ann STORER, female born Feb 1805. Thomas STEAR Alfreton fwk. 1810 (Ann STORER refused to name the father at the time. Thomas STEAR admitted being the father some years later.)
63 Rebecca DOBB single, pregnant. Robert SMITH Alfreton 1810
64 Elizabeth COOPER spinster, female. Francis PARKES, Hallfield Gate, Shirland, yeoman. 1812
65 Elizabeth PARKIN pregnant. Robert HAYWOOD, Riddings 1813
66 Elizabeth ENGLAND spinster, pregnant. Thomas PRICE, Somercotes. 1813
67 Rebecca GREEN, single, female. Joseph JAMES South Wingfield 1815
68 Rebecca ENGLAND pregnant, Samuel SIMS Lea. 1815
69 Fanny MILWARD spinster, pregnant Richard JOHNSON Stretton, North Wingfield 1815
70 Ellen SLACK pregnant, Isaac BOWNE Ashover. 1816
71 Elizabeth LANGTON single, female Anthony YEOMANS Longnor Bank, Wirksworth 1816 (presumably Longway Bank.)
72 Sarah BLOUNT male. Job BERESFORD yngr. Swanwick farmer. 1819
73 Elizabeth STANLEY male born 21 Dec 1818, Joseph ALBIN Alfreton, yeoman. 1822
74 Elizabeth NAILOR (NAYLOR) 18 Feb female at Swanwick, James MEYNELL, Alfreton, brickmaker. 1767
73a Sarah BEASTAL widow, female 7 Dec last. Thomas WAGGSTAFF (WAGSTAFF) lab. Alfreton. 1783
74a Ann LEE, male 19 Feb. Edward WILSON, Pilsley servantman. 1820
75 Hannah SMITH female 4 Jan. William MART Pinxton, 1821
76 Sarah SHAWCROFT female 21 Nov 1821 Samuel PILKINGTON Alfreton. 1822
77 Elizabeth ORANGE female 5 May Samuel PILKINGTON Alfreton 1822
78 Jane TOMLINSON female 22 Jun. Edwin WALTERS Pentrich 1823
79 Elizabeth BARKER female 8 Jul John HARDY now or late of Kilburn, servant man 1823
80 Rebecca TAYLOR male 3 Nov Joseph FROST Alfreton 1826
81 Emma HILL female 2 Mar. John FRYAR Orston, Notts. 1826
82 Elizabeth WAGSTAFF female 13 Jul, Joseph TITTERTON Brassington. 1827
83 Ann COX female 17 May 1827. Benjamin ELLIOTT,A lfreton fwk., 1828
84 Mary BARLOW male 4 Mar. Thomas HARVEY, Ansley, (Annesley) Notts. 1828
85 Sarah HARRISON male 14 Nov. John WOOD, Bonsall 1828
86 Lucy RADFORD male 10 Jun. Thomas LIGO, Hulland 1829
87 Elizabeth EYRE male 27 Mar. Isaac WHITE, Loscoe 1829
88 Harriott BERRISFORD female 18 May. Joseph FRITH, Gleadless, Yks. 1830
89 Ann RADFORD female 8 Jan. Thomas ROBINSON, Alfreton 1830
90 Elizabeth ORANGE male 7 Nov. James BIRKIN, Alfreton 1830
91 Hannah BEASTALL female 19 Apr. Henry ELLIOTT Alfreton fwk. 1830
92 Mary SHAWCROFT male 12 Aug. William TOMLINSON Alfreton. 1830
93 Mary ELLIOTT male 22 Nov. Henry SKERRITT Ripley 831
94 Elizabeth FLETCHER female 5 Oct. Powdrill WHITEMAN Leicester. 1831
95 Hannah BRIDGETT female 25 Dec. George BUGG Alfreton coal miner 1832
96 Sarah WILLGOOSE male 6 Apr. Job SPENCER Alfreton, stone mason. 1832
97 Eliza EDDLESTONE male 8 Feb1831. John SALES Nottingham. 1832
98 Ellen RICHARDSON female 23 Jul. Joshua CLEGG Alfreton ironstone getter. 1832
99 Ann GREGORY female 14 Jun. Benjamin BOSTICK, Kirkby, Notts. 1832
100 Mary WILLIAMS female 6 Jun. John WILKIINS Nottingham, fitter up of machinery. 1832
101 Ellen BENNITT female 30 Jan. John WRAGG Nottingham, twist net worker 1832
102 Sarah GREGORY male 5 Aug. William ARNOLD Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1832
103 Mary TUPMAN female 14 Nov. William BROWN, Hilton Dbys. sadler. 1832 (possibly Hilton nr Tibshelf rather than Marston on Dove, but as it doesn't state, it may be either.)
104 Frances TAYLOR male 17 Dec. George ALLEN Alfreton 1833
105 Hannah BEASTALL female 23 Nov. George Daniel Jaques JACKSON, late of Matlock. 1833
106 Ann BURTON male 23 Sep. Thomas OAKLEY Belper labourer. 1833
107 Mary ROE female 15 Oct Joseph TAYLOR Alfreton 1833
108 Elizabeth RADFORD male 4 Jan. Samuel MARRIOTT Swanwick. 1833
109 Elizabeth ROBINSON female 7 Feb. John WORMSLEY Alfreton, boatman. 1834
110 Martha LESSON female William EDLEY South Wingfield miller. 1818
111 Mary ELLIOTT male 22 Nov. Henry SKERRITT late Swanwick 1831
112 Ellen SLACK pregnant. Isaac BOWNE, Ashover 1816
113 Elizabeth KIRK widow, relict of John KIRK fwk. male bastard. Bill of Sale to indemnify p.of Alfreton. One stocking frame in possession of William THORPE of Codnor. 1756
R18 Jane BRAMLEY single, of Alfreton, delivered of a bastard child 1796
R26 Elizabeth KIRK single, 8th Oct., male at Swanwick. Thomas ROBINSON Swanwick. 1768
R76 Mary BRASSINGTON pregnant Warrant for William TAYLOR of Alfreton. labourer 1802
Q2/7 Hannah ALDRIDGE Alfreton single, Joseph NEWTON Loscoe, Heanor. framework knitter. 1758
QSOB 86 Ann SIMS Samuel COX Alfreton 1762
QSOB 94 Martha DAWS, female Joseph ROBINSON Riddings 1764
QSOB 112 Elizb. NAYLOR James MEYNELL of Alfreton 1767
Q2/52 Susannah THORPE p.Alfreton pregnant, John RAWSON Alfreton framework knitter. 1790
Q2/458 Mary BROOKSHAW Alfreton, male child born 30 Jan 1829 at South Wingfield. George RADFORD Alfreton cordwainer. 1831
QSOBEP Elizabeth HOPKINS Alfreton Dbys   Ralph BURTON Hucknall under Huthwaite Notts 1825
QSOBEP Elizabeth FALCONBRIDGE Alfreton Dbys  James SMITH Derby Dbys  1825
QSOBEP Elizabeth WATERS Alfreton Dbys  Thomas WOOD in House of Correction Chesterfield Dbys 1825
QSOBEA Elizabeth ORANGE Alfreton Dbys  Christopher CLARK in House of Correction Wirksworth Dbys 1825
9a Elizabeth BILLSON John CLAY Allestree 1747
9b Elizabeth STONE Matthew BONSALL Duffield 1834
10a Ann HOOD Overseer of Breadsall to maintain any bastard of hers. 1764
10b Hannah SCATTERGOOD of Little Chester 1770 Overseer of Allestree to
maintain her. Father believed to be Joseph GLEWS of Mickleover.
10c Elizabeth GREEN wife of John GREEN. Overseer of Duffield to maintain female bastard child 1774
10d Alice CAUSER of Ridgley, Staffs, spinster Wm GREEN of Kedleston, yeoman father. 1792
Q2/131 Ann GRECY Allestry Edward SANDERS Horsley Woodhouse, labourer. 1817
Lucy MASSEY Alvaston, male John WALKER Smalley, butcher 1834
Q2/301 Ann WOODWARD Bolton, (Boulton) Derby Samuel BENNETT Cotmanhay labourer. 1825
Q3/73 Ann WOODWARD Boulton Samuel BENNETT 1825
APPLEBY Bastardy
Q2/195 Dorothy DAVIES Appleby Richard SMITH Fazeley Staffs, carpenter. Apr 1822
Q2/202 Dorothy DAVIS Appleby single Rich SMITH Fazeley carpenter. Jan 1822
Q2/206 Ann WRIGHT Appleby, single, pregnant Thomas BRITCHFORD als BRIDGFORD Private 3rd Regt Foot Guards. Jan 1822
Q2/214 Ann WRIGHT Appleby Thomas BRIDGFORD Private 3rd Dragoon Guards. Apr 1822 brought to bed on Friday week last.
Q2/230 Susannah COOPER Appleby Jas. WALKER Aug 1823
Q2/235 Susannah COOPER Appleby James WALKER Apr 1823 Wm GIBSON, Coleorton surety.
Q2/365 Sarah DOLMAN Appleby female 18 Feb. Thmas PICKERING Stanton and Newhall labourer. 1826
Q2/370 Sarah SANDARS Appleby John HAWKSFORDS Tamworth Warwick. tailor 1826
Q2/383 Charlotte BROUGHTON Appleby single Richard BRAZIER Birmingham, brazier. 1826
Q3/29 Sarah BRAMAGE Appleby Samuel BAILEY 1823 child born
Q3/30 Elizabeth FROGGATT Appleby John ELLIS 1823
Q3/33 Sarah ROWLEY Appleby George DENNIS 1823
Q3/38 Sarah ROWLEY Appleby George DENNIS 1823 Thomas DENNIS Measham collier surety.
Q3/47 Sarah THOMPSON Appleby, born 22 Jun. John BASS 1824
Q3/75 Maria JOYCE Appleby Thomas PALMER 1826
Q3/81 Sarah SANDERS Appleby Joseph OXFORD 1826
Q3/82 Charlotte BROUGHTON Appleby Richard BRAZIER 1826
Q3/149 Rebecca STUBBS Appleby Chas TURNER Oct 1830
Q3/153 Rebecca STUBBS Appleby Chas TURNER Dec 1830 Chas TURNER is now in custody.
QSOB 111 Elizabeth HAYNE of Clifton, female John ROBINSON 1767
Q2/26 Katherine YEOMAN Hulland Ward Intake pregnant George KENT Newton Solney labourer. 1781
Q2/69 Ann HARRISON, Offcote and Underwood, pregnant, Wm BATES Overseal, Leics. 1814
Q2/98 Sarah SMITH Ashborne, pregnant Thomas NASH Rowster, Staffs. taylor. 1817
Q2/169 Sarah HARVEY Ashborne single Wm BRIDGETT Woodeaves, cotton spinner. 1822
Q2/191 Betty GALLIMORE Ashbourne single Samuel NORTH Kirk Ireton 1822
Q2/193 Sarah BRATBY Yeldersley Wm GARRATT 1822 has been delivered of the child within one month prior to sessions.
Q2/226 Hannah YEOMANS Ashbourne single John EDWARDS Lane End, Stafford Blue printer Apr 1823
Q2/229 Hannah YEOMANS Ashbourne single John EDWARDS, Lane End, Stafford Blue printer Aug 1823 child born.
Q2/282 Martha HARDY Eaton and Alsop single John HARRISON Alstonefield 1824
Q2/283 Judy COCKAYNE Hulland single Thomas WARNER Turnditch farmers servant. 1824
Q2/286 Ann ASHOVER Ashbourne single Joseph MEAKIN Ashbourne whitesmith. 1824? male born 7 Jan last instant.
Q2/329 Mary ATTERBURY Sturston John PIMLOTT jnr Sturston, gardener. 1825
Q2/353 Elizabeth PEACH Yieldersley George BOWLER Edlaston. 1825
Q2/366 Mary SMITH Ashbourne single John POYSOR Stanton, Staffs wheelwright 1826
Q2/373 Sarah HURD Offcote and Underwood single pregnant Thomas WILKINSON Clowes Street, Salford shoemaker 1826
Q2/403 Sarah FROST Ashbourne single Matthew BENTLEY Darley Dale. Oct 1827
Q2/411 Ann RICHARDSON Ashbourne single, child born, Barnard MACCOY Congleton, Lic. hawker 1827
Q2/431 Sarah FROST Ashbourne single male born 16 Jan. Matthew BENTLEY Macclesfield servant 1828
Q2/432 Sarah FROST Ashbourne single child born Matthew BENTLEY Macclesfield, also mentions Thomas BENTLEY Darley Dale. Apr 1828
Q2/444 Ann THACKER Sturston single James ANDERSON Clifton, stonemason. 1829 child dead.
Q2/445 Ann ATTERBARROW Sturston single John ROOSE Ashbourne labourer. 1829
Q3/177 Mary JAMES Ashbourne Saml HOLMES Dec 1833
Q3/189 Elizb WARRINGTON Sturston Tho JAMES Wirksworth druggist. Jul 1834

1 Elizabeth HOLDEN Peter CANEL Elvaston 1734
2 --------------------- Jonathan ROBINSON Stockport 1735/6
3 Martha ALLCARD John TURNER Ashford 1741
4 Elizabeth ---ARDER Henry LOMAS Wormhill 1741
5 Mary STONE maid of John BOLSOVER, Jonathan BOLSOVER 1755
6 Mary HOWARD Ashford, spinster, female called Mary William BENNET, Ashford tailor. 1762
7 Mary HEAWARD Ashford, single Samuel SKIDMORE stockenmaker of Ashford 1764
8 Ann BRAY single, pregnant. George CROWDER, Bakewell lab. 1785
9 Mary BROOM Ashford, whose legal Settlement is Little Longstone, single, pregnant, is desirous of lying in at Ashford. Overseers of Little Longstone indemnify. 1788
Q2/198 Elizabeth BELFITT Ashford, single John MELLOR younger, Ashford, livery servant. 1822
ASHOVER Bastardy
QSOB 3 Sarah BOTTOM Obadiah ALLEN Ashover miner 1769
QSOB 48 Elizb. SLACK John DAKIN Ashover 1768
Q2/103 Hannah SLACK Ashover pregnant Gamaliel SMITH Nottingham St Marys. 1817
Q2/109 Sarah BLACKSHAW Ashover, pregnant John WILKIN Critch (Crich) Dbys fwk. 1817
Q2/259 Elizabeth SAINT Ashover, single George GAGEN Chesterfield, fwk. 1824
Q2/196 Ann WAINE p.Ashover single John PURSEGLOVE Brampton. 1822
Q3/1 Elizabeth BRADLEY Ashover single John ARMSTRONG Dethick labourer. 1818
1 Rebecca FROST, male Richard BINGHAM and William HILL Indemnify 1760
2 Mary WATTSON, female Henry GLADWIN Indemnifies 1761
3 Elizabeth WATTSON, female Henry GLADWIN Indemnifies 1761
4 Mary ALLEN pregnant, Hamlet of Woodthorpe indemnifies 1762
5 Hannah GILL pregnant. George HAYES jnr indemnifies 1764
6 Sarah THICKET, male John BUNTING Indemnifies 1765
7 Hannah HOPKINSON pregnant, Hamlet of Woodthorpe indemnifies 1765
8 Alice HAGUE pregnant William WRAGG and John HAGUE indemnify. 1766
9 Jane COOK pregnant  Clay Lane indemnifies  1766
10 Elizabeth SLACK pregnant, John DAKEYNE of Chesterfield indemnifies 1766
11 Sarah LANT, pregnant,  Thomas HAYWOOD and George CALTON indemnify 1767
12 Mary ETHAM pregnant, Messrs HALLOWS and GREGORY indemnify 1767
13 Mary WATTSON, male child,  Francis BROADHURST and Francis CROFTS indemnify 1767
14 Grace ALLEN pregnant,  Job ALLEN indemnifies 1768
15 Dorothy SMITH pregnant,  George KEMP indemnifies 1768
16 Mary BASFORD pregnant, John BUNTING and Thomas CANTRILL indemnify 1770
17 Hannah WAGSTAFF child,  Henry BUXTON and William DAVIS indemnify 1771
18 Mary HOMES pregnant,  Job WOOD indemnifies 1771
19 Mary ORANGE pregnant,  Hamlet of Cromford indemnifies  1771
20 Ann WOODWARD male,  James WILLSON and Richard WILLSON indemnify 1771
21 Hannah PEARSON pregnant,  Mr WILLOT and Mr COWLEY indemnify 1772
22 Ann WRAGG pregnant,  Hamlet of Handley indemnify  1773
23 Dorothy SMITH child named Joseph,  William SMITH indemnifies 1774
24 Mary HOPKINSON pregnant,  William ROBINSON and James BARKER indemnify 1774
25 Rebecca MATHER pregnant,  Benjamin ELLOT and Samuel ELLOT 1775
26 Sally GRATTON female,  David GRATTON indemnifies  1775
27 Ann BASSETT child born,  Mr William OUTRAM indemnifies  1775
28 Elizabeth HYDES pregnant,  Liberty of Heath indemnifies  1777
29 Hannah HODGKINSON  male,  Francis HARPER and William HARPER  1777
30 Hannah GILL  female,  William BLANKSBY and Abrm BIRCKS  1778
31 Hannah CLOWS male, Thomas BERRISFORD and John BERRISFORD  1779
32 Judith BRELSFORD child born,  Solomon MERCHANT  1775
33 Elizabeth WRAGG child,  Joh GRATTON  1744 (sic)
34 Hannah ALLEN  child,  Isaac WILSON  1765 (sic)
35 Hannah HALL child,  John BOWER  1780
36 Jane HOLE child,  George MATHER  &  ---   1779
37 Mary WRAGG and Mary WARTON,  Benjamin & Joh WRAGG  1780
38 Hannah SMITH,  Samuel TURNER and BRAMLEY  1783
39 Rosamond WATSON,  Andrew Andrew WALTERS and Jethro WALTERS 1784
40 Sarah WOODWARD,  George BEARDAH  1785
41 Milward MARSHALL,  John STEVENSON and Jos STEVENSON   1784
42 Millward MARSH  child,  John STEVENSON and Joseph STEVENSON  1784
43 Mary MARRIOTT,  Thomas BEARDOW  and his surety  1787
44 Sarah TODD,  Job WHOLLEY and his Surety  1788     
45 Ann HOPKINSON,  John WHITTAKER and his Surety 1789
46 Mary WILLIAMOTT,   James MILNES  1790
47 Hannah WOOD,  William TOWNDROW and his surety  1790
48 Hannah BARKER,  Richard BARKER  1792
49 Ann BRADLEY,  Godfrey WHITE and Surety  1792
50 Mary CANTRILL,  John BIRKS and Surety.  dead. 1792
51 Rebecca MARRIOTT,  John MARRIOTT and Surety 1792
52 Hannah LONGDEN,  Richard HOLE 1793
53 Hannah WOOD,  Thomas WILLIAMOTT  1793
54 Dorothy MARRIOTT,  Bower BOWN and Isaac BOWN  1794
55 Ann BARKER,  John HUDSON  and John NARY?  1794
56 Mary YOUNG,  The Parish Officers of Hasland 1794
57 Mary BUNTING, William DAUSON? and John JOHNSON 1795
58 Sarah LOW,  Thomas WIGHT Snr and Thomas WIGHT jnr.  1796
59 Mary WALKER,  John BARKER and Enh. STEVINSON   1796
60 Ann SMITH  child dead, William PERSON (sic) and Jon. PEARSON  1796
61 Ann MATHER,  Henry TAYLOR and Jon. TAYLOR  1797
62 Ann WALKER  child dead, Robord WATTS and By. ? OLDFIELD  1797
63 Elizebeth GOODALL,  The parish officers of Sutton  1799
64 Ann JOHNSON,  Mr John BOWAR of Chesterfield  1800
65 Mary BIRKES  child dead,  Parish of Kirklington 1801
66 Mary WALKER,   John BARKER  1802
67 Grace WHARTON,  Edward COCKAYNE  1802
68 Elizabeth SMITH,  Mr John WILKINSON  1802
69 Elizabeth ELLIOT  child dead,  William PAGE and his Surety 1804
70 Marinah BEARDO,  Jacob HENSHAW  and Surety  1804
71 Marey WHARTON,  William BUCKLEY and Surety  1804
72 Elizabeth GREEN,   William BUCKLEY of Matlock  1805
73 Ann WILE,  Thomas Ley GREVES ?  of Derby  1805
74 Elizabeth THOMPSON,  John BASSETT  1805
75 Margaret GOODALL,  John WESTON of Bonsall  1806
76 Ann WANE  ?,   William KNOWLES and Surety  1808
77 Elizabeth SLACK  female child, child dead,  Henrey DAWS and Surety   1809  
78 Hannah LAWTON ?,   William HARDEY   1809
79 Margrett GOODALL,  Francis BATEMAN  1809
80 --tey  WATTES,  William TURNER  Snr.  1809
81 Hannah SLACK,  Gamaliel SMITH and Surety  1817
82 Eliz. BRADLEY  child dead,  John ARMSTRONG and Surety  1818
83 Isabella MARRIOTT child dead,  John HOLMES  1766
84 Millicent HALL  child,    James BRADLEY  1766
85 Ann MATHER  child,   Joseph ASHBY  1769
86 Ellen RIGGOT  child dead,   Thomas BAMFORD  1769
87 Millicent HALL  child,  John SAMPSON  1769
88 Elizabeth JOBBINS  child,  Josh BLACKWELL  1770
89 Mary BOTHAM  child,  Obah. ALLEN  no year shown.
90 Rebecca WILLSON  child,  Anthony ELSE  no year shown
91 Ann MARRIOT  child,  William  BERRISFORD  1777
92 Martha SLACK  child,  Edward BOLLINGTON  1777
93 Margaret WAGSTAFF child dead,  James ADAMS  1778
94 Elizabeth SLACK  child,  John MATHER  1778
95 Ursulay BIRCKS  child dead,  Thomas HANBURY  1779
96 Hannah FRETWELL child,  Joseph TOWNDROW  1780
97 Ann MATHER child,   John WAGSTAF  1779
98 Doley WHARTON,   John BLACKWELL  1785
99 Ann WOOD,   John HENSTOCK  1788
100 Betty BEARDOW,   Thomas BEARDOW  1787   
101 Mary BARKER,  James CARLINE  1789
102 Alice HIGGITT,   Peter CARSINGTON 1789
103 Ann BRADLEY, Godfrery WHITE  1790
104 Elizabeth BOAM  child dead,   Anthony OGDEN  1790
105 Alice BEARDOW,  Thomas MAXFIELD 1791
106 Mary CANTRIL  child dead,  John BIRCKS  1791
107 Frances GLADWIN,  Jos. MARRIOTT   1792
108 Mary WILSON,   William DOWLEY  1792
109 Charlotte WARD,   Bower BOWNE  1794
110 Hannah BLANKSBY,   John WHARTON  1793
111 Sarah BIRKES,  Edward TURNER  1794
112 Sarah SHORE  child dead,   John ALLEN  1797
113 Lidey BUCKLEY,  Samwell HASLAM ?  1796
114 Mary ELLIOTT,  William BIRKS  1796
115 Elizabeth WAGGSTAF,  Edward EDGE  1797
116 Hanah WALVEN,   John WIGHT   1799
117 Hanah CANTRELL,  William WHORELL  1802
118 Ann BOLINGTON,  Adam BOWN   1804
119 Elizabeth BROADHURST,   Thomas WILLMOTT   1804
120 Mary BERISFORD   Machell ? BOWER 1803
121 Sarah WIGHT,  John CHETHAM
122 Elizabeth ELIOTT  child dead,  Elizabeth ELIOTT herself  1805
123 Elizabeth ALWOOD,  George BLANKESBY  1805
124 Sarah LONGDON  child dead,  Richard HOPKINSON  1805
125 Mary KIRKE,  William HOPKINSON  1805
126 Hanah HAYES ?,  Richard HOLE  1806
127 Mary ALLEN,  George ALLEN  jnr  1806
128 Esther MARRIOTT,  Edward EDGE  1806
129 Mary WHORTON,  William BUCKLEY   1806
130 Elizabeth MILNES,  Thomas TOWNDRO  1807
131 Susannah WILLSON,  Jos?  SMEDLEY  1808
132 Ann TOMLINSON,  George MOBERY  1808
133 Doley MARIOTT,  George HAWKSLEY  1809
134 Mary WALKER,  Jas SMITH  1809
135 Mary MELLOR,  George EDGE  1809
136 Alice NEEDHAM,  John SHEPPERD  1810
137 Sarah MAY,  John BAMFORD  1810
138 Elizabeth STANDLEY,  Samuel HOLMES  1807
139 Hannah HOPKINSON,  William MATHER  1812
140 Hanah SOWTER ?,  William ELIOTT  1811
141 Mary BRELSFORD,  Samuel BIRKES  1811
142 Mary ALLEN,, William BAMFORD  1810
143 Heastor WALKER,  Joseph COWLEY  1809
144 Ann SHIPMAN,  Edward ALLEN  1812
145 Elizabeth HOPKINSON,  John ELSE  1813
146 Hannah ROBINSON,  Samuel SWINDALL  1813
147 Mary BRADLEY,  John  BOSLEY  1815
148 Ann SLACK,  Thomas WRAGG  1815
149 Mary BIRKES,  Jos JERROTT  1815
150 Elizabeth HOPKINSON,  John ELSE 1815
151 Hanah BOWER,  William CHILDES  1816
152 Jane BRADLEY,  Godfrey BOWN  1816
153 Mary ELLES,  Jos. SANDERSON  1813
154 Ann WHEATCROFT,  Job LIMB  1816
155 Mary BIRKS two twins,  William BOWER  1817
156 Mary NEEDHAM,  Edward WILLSON  1817
157 Hannah MARRIOTT,  Josiah MOSS  1817
158 Sarah STEVENSON,  Joseph JERRARD  1817
159 Julia BUCKLEY,  Edward BOLLINGTON  1817
160 Elizabeth HOPKINSON,  John ELSE  1818
161 Mary WHARTON,  Francis ELLIOTT  1818
162 Mary SMITH,  Matthew BOWER  Order made in 1818 for 5 children.
163 Ann WHEATCROFT,  John LIMB  1819
164 Ann SLACK,  Thomas WRAGG  1818
165 Ann GLADWIN,  George SPRAY  1819
166 Sarah SNEATH,  John BRYAN  1820
167 Elizabeth BERESFORD,  John ALLEN  1820
168 Mary WHARTON,  James JOHNSON  1820
169 Elizabeth HOPKINSON,  John ELSE  1820
170 Grace CUPIT,  Auguistus CUPIT  1820
171 Martha NADIN,  Henry SHEARD  1820
172 Helen TOMLINSON,  George WILCOCKSON  1820
173 Rachael EVANS,  Francis BEASTALL  1820
174 Mary WHEATCROFT,  George MARRIOTT  1821
175 Elizabeth BERESFORD,  Richard BOWERS jnr  1821
176 Elizabeth MARRIOTT,  Charles DENSTON  1821
Q4/39 Ruth HOWITT Aston on Trent, male Saml DAYKIN Aston on Trent, blacksmith. 1832
Q2/294 Ann ASTLE Aston upon Trent
Joseph KING Swarkestone servant, Charles KING Swarkestone tailor. 1825
Q3/170 Dorothy GASKIN Aston upon Trent James ASTLE Jun 1833
Q3/171 Dorothy GASKIN Aston upon Trent James ASTLE Apr 1833
ATLOW Bastardy
Q2/192 Hannah YEOMANS Atow single, pregnant William STUBBS Snelston. 1822
1 Alice UNWIN female Wm SONE Callow 1706
3 Mary SEARSTON Rich NEWTON Mansfield Wodhse 1749/50
4 Dorothy LIMB Hannah Edmund BROCKSOPP Mansfield and John PEARCE of Ashgate indemnify 1755
5 Elizb REDFEARN female James HARDWICK 1760
6 Elizb. COTTON Sarah John SCOTT Tibshelf and Geo HANDLEY, Tho BUCKLAND indemnify 1761
7 Mary SHARP now of Edensor belongs Ault Hucknall pregnant, Joseph ALLEN of Edensor father 1762
8 Elizb. STUBBING male Wm ALLEN yngr Greasley 1762
9 Ann SAUNDERS Pilsley Wm PARSON Pilsley Nth Wing. 1764
10 Mary SIMPSON Saml BRIGGS Blackwell 1780
11 Ann HERROTT Astwith Rich LOADES Teversal 1783
12 Sarah HEATH of Blackwell, belongs Ault Hucknall 1783 pregnant, no further details as to father.
13 Elizb. BOWLER Tho ALSOP Hardwick Inn 1784
14 Ann HARDWICK female James STRAW 1790
15 Amy BOWDEN John MARRIOTT 1795
16 Mary MELLOR pregnant Wm HAYWOOD Scarcliffe 1800
17 Mary WASS David HORNER Nottingham grocer 1800
18 Ann WISHER Teversal Wm MARSH Teversal 1802 child chargeable to Ault Hucknall
19 Mary GREEN male Wm WHOLEY farmer 1804
20 Sarah BROCKSOPP Saml LIMB 1809
21 Ann BALL,  (dau of John BALL) Wm SMITH Beeley 1815
22 Ann JOHNSON Tho BOOTH Pentrich 1819
23 Alice CUTTS MALE Abraham CUTTS Shirland 1793
25 Hannah COOK female Geo HAYWOOD Sutton in Ash. 1822
26 Martha TODD male Wm SHAW Nottm now a soldier 1803 child born 1801
27 Alice YOUNG male John JOHNSON Glapwell 1822
28 Sarah WHYATT female Wm BRUNT Stritton, Dbys 1823 possibly Stretton.
29 Jane SAUNDERS John HOPKINSON Brampton 1824
30 Martha BACON male Geo BENNETT Laxton Notts 1829
31 Jane SANDERS female Geo SLINN Ashover 1830
33 Ann WHYATT female John WHITWORTH Clipston 1833
34 Rebecca HOPKINSON Tho HILL Haut Hucknall 1833
35 Ann WALKER Wm TURNER yngr 1786 QS Order
36 Elizabeth CLAY female Brian NIX Pilsley 1818 QS Order
37 Geo HAYWOOD payment receipt for bastard child 1822
38 Geo HAYWOOD payment receipt for bastard child 1823
39 Brian NIX letter to Overseers of Ault Hucknall regarding Hannah sometimes called Sarah CLAY 1826?
Q2/162 Alice YOUNG Stainsby, single, pregnant. John JOHNSON Glapwell, p.Bolsover, labourer. Oct 1821
Q2/167 Hannah COOK Stainsby, single, pregnant George HAYWOOD Sutton in Ashfield. Mar 1822
Q2/173 Sarah FOX Staisby single. Thomas RENSHAW Sutton, Dbys. farmer. Jul 1822 delivered 8 Jul.
Q2/181 Sarah FOX Stainsby. Thomas RENSHAW Sutton cum Duckmanton, farmer. Apr 1822
Q2/204 Alice YOUNG Stainsby, single. John JOHNSON Jan 1822
Ann COOPER of Hucknall ,female,  Thomas STORER Hucknall  1754 QSOBe
1 Sarah STANFORD (or Staford) man child John KNIVETON Ashford 1685
2 child Martin POINTON Edmnd POINTON Little Sheffield Yks 1692
3 Alice BERRISFORD, son George, John BERRISFORD / Rbt SHORT 1696
5 Frances BOLER, Lawrence Boler als Radcliffe, Lawrence RADCLIFFE Hurdlow child moved with G/f to Oncoat, Staffs 1705
6 Anne DURNILLOE Nicholas THORNHILL 2nd Anne
7 Margery STONE Francis GOLD baker 1712
8 Anne TATTERSALL Jonthan BURROWES Sheldon 1715
9 Alice TOFT Geo DRABLE 1719/20
10 Sarah DOUGHTY John COATES Youlgreave offers to pay to keep real father secret. 1720/1
11 Elizabeth LANT Joseph YOULE Miller 1721
12 Sarah DOUGHTY Anthony NORTON Burbage 1723
13 Anne BRAMFORD female, Rbt BATE 1724/5
14 Anne BRAMFORD male John ANDREW 1728
15 Elizabeth CARR "husband died on a sea voyage" wid. child. Overseers do not believe she was ever married. Thomas DODS pharmacist stands Bond 1730/1
16 Hannah HARTLEY dau Anne taken in household of Henry HANCOCK Bakewell 1731/1
17 Hannah PARKER serv to Rbt PIDCOCK, Wm WILSON sevant 1731
18 Lydia HUDSON Richard BALL Monyash 1731/2
19 Parnel INNYS john BELL Gent 1732
20 Mary NAYLOR, chld Susannah, Nicholas BROWNHEAD Bakewell glazier 1749/50
21 Ann NOTON, female child, John FENTEM yeoman 1753
22 Ann GOODWIN child Innocent, Nathaniel DAWSON of Brotherton, dancing master. 1761
23 Elizb MOTTERAM John HIGGINBOTHAM Baslow.1772? also mention Saml HIGGINBOTHAM of Mellor.
25 Elizb WRIGHT Thomas MOTTRAM yngr hatter 1773
26 Ellen ANTHONY male, Rbt SMITH Ashford mason 1774
27 Elizb HALL Gt Longstone Peter SKIDMORE Ashford framework knitter, 1775 Apr
28 Elizb HALL Gt Longstone, Peter SKIDMORE Ashford framework knitter 1776 Oct.
29 Mary BERRISFORD, Geo ALLIN Bakewell miner. 1776 also mentions Tho ALLIN of Winster.
30 Susanna PUNCHABY, John BRADBURY Bakewell mason 1777
31 Elizb BLACKDEN Pilsley John BRIDGES Pilsley 1785
32 Elizb WAIN Derby "lately come into Bakewell to be delivered of a male child", Isaac MASSEY of Bakewell grocer 1785
33 Martha WATERFALL Macclesfield male born Macclesfield, Michael STONE yngr Ashford 1788
34 Cath. NOTON Wm WILKINSON Cromford joiner 1789
35 Elizabeth wife of David HAWKINS late Elizabeth SHELDON before inter marriage had female. David HAWKINS Edensor 1793
36 Sarah MOORE resident in Bakewell, of Turnwood Dorset, 1794 Samuel HOUSLEY Sheffield mentioned. Expense of removal too great.
37 Bridget WARHURST single Joseph BETTANY Baslow 1796
38 Mary INGLEBY single Geo SWINDALE Youlgreave 1796
39 Frances JOHNSON single Peter MILNES Ashford 1797
40 Mary ALLEN single John HUNT Bakewell 1799
41 Elizabeth ALCARD single Wm SMITH Beeley 1799
42 Ann BATEMAN Bakewell but now resides Youlgreave, Joseph SHELDON Youlgreave 1801
43 Sarah BRUNT single Joseph DAWSON Brampton Moor 1806
44 Hannah HOWARD had female bastard born 1808, Thomas BIRDS Youlgreave 1809
45 Ann BLACKWELL single Saml SMITH Tansley 1810
46 Elizabeth BINGHAM single had male Wm GARDOM 1811
47 Elizabeth WEBSTER single had male, Geo ARDERN Manchester plumber 1813
48 Ann HAMBLETON single John TOWL Youlgreave 1815
50 Ann HOWSLEY single, had male. Joseph MILLINGTON Hartle Moor 1820.
51 Hannah SELLERS female 20 Nov 1822 James CHAPMAN
52 Hannah TAYLOR male 16 Jan 1823 Samuel HANDFORTH Oldham, Lancs.
53 Ann NOTON male 20 Nov 1824 Edmund SPENCER
54 Mary HANCOCK male 17 Feb 1825 Charles HALL Ashford
55 Mary WAIN female 3 Mar 1830 William BOTTOM Tissington
56 Mary WATERHOUSE ---29 Jan 1831 James SLATER
57 Susannah VERNON female 23 Jan 1831 Richard ROE
58 Sarah HIBBERT male 5 Feb 1827 George WILD
59 Hannah DRABLE male 10 Dec 1828 George REDFEARN
60 Mary BRADBURY female 23 Oct 1828 Joseph BRADBURY
61 Ann HOUSLEYS female 11 May 1877 Peter HOLMES Ashford
62 Harriett SMITH male 20 Jan 1832 James MORTON Longstone
63 Memo that William BOTTOM of Tissington agrees to pay to Overseers for Mary WAIN child. 1833
64 Acknowledgement that Daniel SELLORS has paid and agree to indemnify Bakewell form the bastard child of Phoebe STONE of Bakewell 27 single, now pregnant with. John SELLORS of Bonsall, cooper is father. 1774
65 Grace BLACKWELL Bakewell, single, pregnant James TETLOW 1818
66 Frances BOLER Bakewell single, pregnant. James TETLOW, Bakewell, labourer 1718/9
67 Barnet JENNYS ? Bakewell, single John BELL her master "promised marriage" 1731 (see 19)
68 Hannah CROWTHER Ashford widow of Joseph CROWTHER lab. Joseph CROWTHER Ashford, fwk. 1778
69 Sarah MOOR wife of John MOORE a soldier, left her at Bakewell in 1783. Thomas MELLOR yngr lab. Bakewell 1795
70 Mary WALLIS of Bakewell single male mid Aug 1793.baptised George MELLOR. Humphry WINCHESTER of Holme p.Longstone is the real father. 1795
71 Sarah ROSE Hope, single 21 Dec at Hope, male. George WOODROOF of Hope, lab, is father. 1807 on reverse John ELLEBY
72 Ann HEWITT Bakewell single 8 Jul female. John NOTON, Longstone servant. 1806
73 Elizabeth HAMILTON Bakewell single 30 Nov 1806 male at Bakewell. Joseph GOODWIN Bakewell lab. 1807
74 Judith COOPER Thomas CONNOLLY Manchester, Lancs. weaver 1808
75 Jemimah BLACKWELL Bakewell, single 30 Nov 1807 male. Joseph BUXTON Bakewell 1808
76 Elizabeth HODGKIN Bakewell, single pregnant. John BROWN Grange, Liberty of Barlow husbandman 1808
77 Grace PHEASEY pregnant, single 31 Jan female, Bakewell. Isaac GLADWIN Bakewell, labourer. 1807
78 Amy GREAVES, pregnant. Bakewell single. Thomas MATHER Wirksworth, mercer. 1810
79 Esther BUXTON Bakewell, single Thomas Holderness MORTON Bakewell, lab. 1828
80 Elizabeth HOUSELY single Bakewell, pregnant. John ALSOP Brassington butcher. 1828
81 Mary BRADBURY Bakewell, single, pregnant. Joseph WHITE Stockport Ches. hostler 1828
82 Mary FENTEM Bakewell widow, pregnant. Samuel BRADBURY Bakewell 129
83 Mary WAIN Bakewell, single, pregnant. William BOTTOM Bakewell lab. 1829
84 Frances THORPE Bakewell single. Francis KIRMAN (sic) Cromford, boatman 1829
85 Mary WATERHOUSE Bakewell single, pregnant. James SLATER Manchester, Lancs. dyer. 1830
86 Sarah THORNLEY pregnant, Bakewell William FOGG Bakewell lab. 1832
87 Ellen ANTHONY Bakewell, single pregnant. Warrant for Robert SMITH Bakewell 1774
88 Sarah POTT Bakewell Warrant for Joseph TOWNEND Bowers Hall, Stanton in Youlgreave 774
89 Mary BERRISFORD single, Bakewell, pregnant Warrant for George ALLIN Bakewell 1777
90 Em HIBBERT Bakewell, single, pregnant. Joseph JACKSON Hognaston 1795
91 Judith COOPER Bakewell pregnant Thomas CONOLLY Manchester, Lancs. weaver 1808
92 Elizabeth HODGKIN Bakewell single, John BROWN Barlow Grange, husbandman 1808
93 Mary INGLEBEY Bakewell, single, pregnant. Robert SUTTON Carse Moor, Lancs. crofter 1808
94 Amy GREAVES Bakewell, single, pregnant. Thomas MATHER Wirksworth mercer. 1810 on reverse " Note by Thomas MATHER that he will not demand the sum of £30 from Bakewell Overseers if the child dies".
95 Receipt. Received from Thomas MATHER £30 as a compensation to p. Bakewell for any expenses incurred by maintenance of the bastard child Amy GREAVES now pregnant with. 1810
96 Mary ALLEN now of Bakewell, single pregnant. Toussaint BECHIERE now a French Prisoner at Chesterfield 1810
97 Hannah CARR Bakewell, single, pregnant. Robert SIMPSON Wirksworth, weaver. 1811
98 Mary REDFEARN Bakewell, single, male 30 Aug. William FENTOM Bakewell, farmer. 1824
99 Ann NOTON Bakewell, single 20 Nov. male. Edmund SPENCER late of Bakewell now of Ashover, surgeon. 1824
100 Mary HANCOCK singe Bakewell, male. Charles HALL Church Dale 1826
101 Hannah BATEMAN Youlgreave single 13 Mar. female. William ROWLAND or RULLAND labourer. 1828
102 Mary WAIN female. William BOTTOM of Tissington 1832
103 Hannah TAYLOR single Samuel HANDFORTH, Oldham, Lancs. 1833
104 Hannah DRABBLE Bakewell, single. 20 Dec 1822 James WIDDISON Nottingham, iron moulder. 1833
Mary WILDGOOSE of Over Haddon, male    John THORNHILL of ---  1754  QSOBe
50 Sarah BAGSHAW Saml OFFERTON Pittsmoor, Sailor 1769
Q2/2 Elizabeth CHAPMAN single, of Barlborough, female born Eckington. Father is Rev Henry BROWNE late Curate of Barlborough. 1733
Q2/19 Mary GODLEY Barlborough, Edward HEATHCOTE Bakewell. 1781
Q2/84 Ann STATON Barlborough pregnant Joseph HARRISON Staveley servant. 1817
Q2/85 Susannah CANDLIN Barlborough pregnant Benjamin STORAH Harthill Yks lab. 1817
Q2/194 Rebecca TAYLOR Barlborough John THORPE Brampton cordwainer. Jan 1822
Q2/213 Rebecca TAYLOR Barlborough John THORPE Brampton cordwainer. Apr 1822
Q2/257 Elizabeth PATTISON Barlborough single Benjamin TOMLINSON Spinkhill labourer. Nov 1824
Q2/308 Elizabeth PATTISON Barlborough single Benjamin TOMLINSON Staveley labourer. Jan 1825
Q2/314 Elizabeth PATTISON Barlborough single Benjamin TOMLINSON. Apr 1825
BARLOW Bastardy
- although having its own registers from 1573 Barlow was considered a Chapelry of Staveley. However the confusion does not end there. Great Barlow is considered in older documents as part of the parish of Staveley while Little Barlow is to be found under Dronfield. Bear this in mind when checking for documentation regarding Barlow, and check both Staveley and Dronfield, and for good measure the parish of Holmesfield.
B1 Mary STANLEY servant supposed of Thomas TAYLOR. Thomas TAYLOR nad others indemnify 1673?
B2 Mary TURNER, child of Richard TURNER late of Bakewell. Thomas STEPHENSON of Rotherham. Indemnify. 1676
B3 Martha SILCOCK single, child born. George CROWSHAW Barlow, yeoman. 1707
B4 Ann NORTH (dau of Matthew NORTH ) male. Henry GREGSON Higham and Matthew NORTH Chesterfield. slater indemnify. 1716
B5 Ann NORTH man child (dau of Matthew NORTH, Chesterfield, slater). Jonathan WRIGHT Chesterfield 1719
B6 Catherine WYNN Rumbling St. late servant of Nicholas OUTRAM, PREGNANT. John WEBSTER yngr (late servant of Nicholas OUTRAM) residing in Bakewell 1734
B7 Elizabeth WAGSTAFFE child born. John BENNET tanner, Barlow. 1749
B8 Silence HIBBERT Barlow Lees, dau of John LEES Barlow, wood carpenter. John HIBBERT Indemnifies. (notation in doc. It does not appear who the father is)1751
B9 Sarah JACKSON Great Barlow, pregnant John GRIFFIN Gedling, Notts fwk. 1753
B10 Ann WILKINSON child born 19 Apr. John SCHOFIELD "had had dealings with her "Rotherham Victualler, innkeeper 1755
B11 Sarah BARGH dau of William of Rumbling St. 10 May last. John MARPLES Tenter Commonside, Barlow 1760
B12 Elizabeth MARSDEN Barlow spinster Samel and Hannah. George GOODWIN Cutthorpe tanner, Joseph MARSDEN labourer, Brampton, Samuel MELLOR Wingerworth, Indemnify. 1762
B13 Elizabeth FULLELOVE single, pregnant. Wiliam GOODLAD Barlow Lees Common wood collier, and Samuel ROBINSON Brightside, Sheffield cutler, indemnify. 1762
B14 Sarah RAYNEY pregnant Ralph BROWN Whittington 1766
B15 Ann BENNET single, pregnant, of Barlow Thomas SALES Chesterfield, confectioner. 1766
B16 Elizabeth DAWSO single John ADDY Broomfield p.Brampton Gent. indemnifies. 1767
B17 Ann WARRENER single, pregnant William CLAYTON Cheshire, husbandman. 1779.
B18 Grace COCKER single, male John CROWSHAW Great Barlow 1779
B19 Mary FOX single, pregnant Alexander HALLAY Little Commmon Eccleshall Bierlow and others indemnify 1780
B20 Mary HANCOCK Gt Barlow pregnant John SIMSON Sheffield 1786
B21 Mary DRABBLE Whitwell, single, pregnant. Legal Settlement Gt Barlow. John THORPE Worksop 1796
B22 Elizabeth CROOKES pregnant, single, living with mother Ruth CROOKESS Nicholas SWIFT Holmesfield, indemnifies 1804
B23 Mary SMITH Brentwoodgate Barlow, single, female. Resideswith father William SMITH. Willaim WEBSTER Barlow Lees farmer, indemnifies. 1806
B24 Mary HARDY single, pregnant William GOSLING Barlow farmer. 1817
B25 Ann STEVENSON Barlow pregnant Godfrey BOOKER Cutthorpe coal merchant indemnifies 1824
B26 Mary OWEN pregnant Edward SWIFT Moor Hall Derby farmer indemnifies 1826
B27 Martha SILCOCK Barlow single, male. George CROWSHAW Barlow. 1707
B28 Mary WOOD Joseph BOULSOVER Brampton lab. 1773
B29 Elizabeth NEEDHAM female Mar 1773 (at that time Elizabeth BOULSOVER)George HANCOCK Barlow weaver. 1781
B30 Ann WARRENER single, 5th April. William ROBINSON Buxton lab. 1782.
B31 Dorothy WHITE, female 3 wks ago. Robert LEES yngr of Edensor 1788
B32 Elizabeth HAYWORTH single, Monday 6 Oct, female George WILCOCKSON yngr Brampton 1789
B33 Hannah HARRISON, 10 Feb, male. Augustine LINGS nailor 1791
B34 Sarah MILNS 7 Sep, male George ALLISON Walton 1792
B35 Mary LEE 21 Aug, male John MILLINGTON Barlow servant 1801
B36 Elizabeth GILBERTHORP 25 Oct, female Robert HASLAM Barlow, collier 1809
B37 Ellen WOODWARD 25 Apr 1813 John BROWN Barlow. 1813
B38 Mary STEVENSON 5 Jan, male William TURNER Barlow 1818
B39 Rosannah MOSLEY single, 2 Jun female William SPOONER, Newbold 1825
B40 Ann BOOKER 17 Feb, male John GOODLAD, Great Barlow 1825
B41 Mary FLETCHER 28 Apr male Thomas HARRISON Bakewell 1825
B42 Mary MARPLES single, 17 Apr male William NORTH, Holmesfield 1827
B43 Mary MARPLES 21 Jun 1831 female William BARGH yngr, Dronfield 1832
B44 Ann NORTH Henry GREASON Higham who several times at the house of Thomas THACKER of Chesterfield had knowledge of her body. 1715/6
B45 Martha WATKINSON George COOKE Barlow, labourer. 1821
QSOB 39 Ann JACKSON of Great Barlow, female. Godfrey HATTTON, Fullwood, Upper Hallam Yks 1763
Q2/110 Ann CALTON Barlow Joseph SWIFT Brampton lab 1817
Q2/386 Mary KEY Little Barlow single Isaac MARGERESON 1826
Q2/467 Harriett NEEDHAM single Little Barlow Geo HEATH Newbold, labourer. child born 14 Dec.1834 1835
Q2/44 Mary HARRISON Sinfin Joseph INGLE Trent Bridge, Nottingham. 1782
Q2/293 Elizabeth SPENCER Barrow upon Trent Thomas WATSON son of Joseph of Findern butcher. 1825
Q2/330 Elizabeth SHARP Barrow upon Trent single. Joseph FOX Radbourne labourer. 1825
Q2/349 Mary MANSFIELD Twyford and Stenson single George FITCHETT Weston husbandman. 1825
Q2/441 Mary BROWN Twyford and Stenson single, William KING Twyford and Stenson, serving in husbandry 1829
Q3/57 Mary MANSFIELD Twyford and Stenson George FITCHETT 1825
Q3/131 Ann CLARKE Twyford and Stenson Geo PEGG Oct 1828
Q3/80 Mary WRIGHT Barton Blount John BENTLEY 1826
BASLOW Bastardy
QSOB 9 Ann CORKER, female. Jas. BRIGHTMORE Baslow 1770
QSOB 26 Hannah GREAVES, Michael WRIGHT Beeley 1763
QSOB 69 Christinna MARPLES John SAVAGE Baslow 1761
QSOB 76 Grace CHAPMAN, female Benjamin REDFEARNE Calver 1762
QSOB 95 Ann BRIGHTMORE female John SWINDELL Bradwell cordwainer 1764
Q2/38 Rebecca LEES Baslow single, male Geo SHORT Baslow, labourer. 1782
Q2/76 Ann FLETCHER Froggatt, child born 18 Feb. William HATTERSLEY, Millthorpe, (Holmesfield) farmer 1816
Q2/393 Mary FISHER Baslow Robert FROGGATT 1826
Q2/420 Mary FISHER Baslow Robert FROGGATT 1827
Q2/459 Mary Ann MARPLES Calver single born 3 Nov. Willaim BARKER late of Calver, labourer. 1832
Q2/460 Ann MARPLES Calver William BARKER Ashford 1832
B1 Ann MARSDEN, male born 19 Feb. Samuel SLACK of Chesterfield. 1737
B2 Sarah STONE Henry BARKER Rowsley, servant 1785
B3 Maria BOLSOVER female born 1803 John GARDOM 1805
B4 Mary HEWOOD pregnant James WILLSON Baslow 1809
B5 Eleanor ALLSOP pregnant Charles NICKSON Baslow 1809
B6 Elizabeth YOUNG Baslow female, William ANTHONY of Brampton. 1809
B7 Mary MARSDEN Baslow, male William STONE late of Brampton, millwright. 1809
B8 Mary HULLEY Baslow, male William MATLEY Baslow 1809
B9 Mary WILD Baslow pregnant Thomas TOPHAM of Matlock, labourer. 1827
B10 Sarah NOTON Baslow, female Thomas FURNISS 1784
B11 Ann BUNTING Baslow male, James POTTER of Bubnell, labourer. 1786
B12 Hannah COCKER Baslow, single, female. Joseph HODGKINSON Bubnell. 1789
B13 Sarah INGMAN female. Thomas DAVENPORT of Wadshelf p. of Brampton. 1790
B14 Ann CHEETHAM male. Peter PRINCE 1797
B15 Dorothy BARKER Baslow widow, female Joseph BARTON of Bubnell. 1798
B16 Jane HAWKSWORTH single, female Edward PARKS of Darley Dale. 1800
B17 Ann WRAGG Baslow widow, female. Frederick WHITE of Stoney Middleton. (child born 1799) 1800
B18 Elizabeth GREEN single, female 1801, Thomas RUSHTON of Baslow. 1802
B19 Hannah TISSINGTON 25 Feb last, children. James LEE of Baslow 1803 (On reverse," for a female ") Possible twins, one dying.
B20 Hannah PENDLETON male John BOWLER Baslow 1804
B21 Maria BARKER male 1803. Alexander FROGGATT of Bubnell 1804
B22 Mary CROFTS a child born 2 Dec.1803 James RUSHTON of Baslow, butcher. 1804
B23 Mary BROWN single, child born 8 Feb. James MILNER of Sheffield, sissersmith. 1804
B24 Maria BOLSOVER female 1803. John GARDOM 1805
B25 Mary YOUNG male 1804. Joseph BETNEY of Baslow. 1806
B26 Mary YOUNG male 1804 Joseph BETNEY of Baslow, 1806 (this may be a copy, of B25, it is unlikely to be referring to twins, but I cannot state categorically that it is not.)
B27 Catharine STEWART, male, born Brampton. John HOPKINSON of Walton, carter. 1807
B28 Elizabeth YOUNG Sep 25, male. John NEWBOLD of Flagg, servant. 1810
B29 Elizabeth HOWARD single, May 7, male William TWIGG Baslow labourer. 1812
B30 Jane HOWARD, May 29,female. Peter HILL Great Longstone, blacksmith. 1814
B31 Elizabeth YOUNG male, May 6. William GAWSTHORPE Pinxton, miller. 1816
B32 Ann KEN? (KAY?, RAY?) male, 12 Nov. Richard FROST Calver, miller 1817
B33 Mary KING female, May 23. Gervase GRANGER Aldacre (Aldercar) Codnor Park, collier. 1818
B34 Mary BUNNINGTON, female, Feb 18. William WEBSTER Sheffield, hostler. 1820
B35 Ann MARPLES female, Mar 8. John SAVAGE Baslow, mason. 1820
B36 Charlotte BOWLER male, Mar 11. Thomas GOODWIN Baslow, labourer. 1820
B37 Elizabeth ALLSOP female, Apr 27. Robert DAVIDSON Bubnell 1820
B38 Alice BROCKLEHURST male, June 29. Jonathan HAMBLETON Bakewell, farmer 1821
B39 Hannah TAYLOR male at Bakewell Mar 10. Jonathan HEATHCOTE Bakewell, farmer. 1821
B40 Elizabeth MANN (also in document called elsewhere Elizabeth MARPLES), female, May 14. Alexander FROGGATT Baslow labourer. 1822
B41 Elizabeth MARPLE, female, Mar 1824 Alexander FROGGATT Baslow 1825
B42 Elizabeth BETTANY female, Jun 12 Peter COOPER Baslow, carpenter. 1828
B43 Katherine WILDE, Baslow, Matthew FROST 1709 (Articles of agreement, to indemify Baslow? Different document than B44, although dealing with the same people at the same time period.)
B44 Katherine WILDE Matthew FROST 1709 (Katherine has two children, one called Matthew the other Matthias. Matthew FROST agrees to take Matthias and indemnifies Baslow for Matthew. )
B45 Mary SMITH Baslow, single, female Edmund MARSDEN (son of John MARSDEN) of Baslow. 1713
B46 Elizabeth BRIGHTMOOR p.Elston, Notts. Wiliam LOMES late servant to William FLETCHER of Wealreree?, Derbys. 1728
B47 Ann WHITE Baslow, pregnant Richard KIRK als HIRKHAM, "who through wheedling and promises of marriage had several times carnale knowledge of her body". Child "to be born at the house of William MELLAND at High Kneighton (High Needham?) near Monyash". 1729
B48 Ann RAGG, Bubnell, female John LEES Bubnell 1733
B49 Mary ELLOT single, male Thomas BROOKES Manchester, labourer 1833
B50 Anne MARSDEN single, male Samuel SLACK Chesterfield skinner. 1737
B51 Dorothy BALCKALL Edward LEE, Baslow taylor, 1739/40
B52 Dorothy BLACKWALL single, female Received of George SWIFT from Edward LEES for maintenance of child of Dorothy.1740
B53 Elizabeth SCARF single, female John HAGUE Beeley lab. son of Joseph HAGUE 1772
B54 Mary WILMOT wife of Hnery WILMOT late of Baslow, labourer, who is now and for some time has been a Transport in his Majesties Colonies in America, female, bastard. Joshua GREGORY of Baslow, joiner, father of Mary indemnifies. Joiner. 1773
B55 Sarah SHAW single, male Thomas BRADSHAW son of John of Eyam, cordwainers. 1774
B56 Ann ALLSION single, male John BETTANY Meadow Place, Youlgreave, husbandman. 1780
B57 Elizabeth HODGKINSON single male, her Legal Settlement Sheffield. William BRIGHTMORE Hassop yeoman 1779
B58 Sarah SHAW single, male Jacob BRADWELL Bradwell miner, 1779
B59 Alice LEESE (LEES) male Edward MOORE yeoman, son of Catherine MOORE of Baslow rent out a field now in possession of William PLEASANT, to John STAFFORD Overseer, rent to be used to maintain bastard child at five pounds per annum, for the term of four years. field not to ploughed for four years. John STAFFORD to lay on or cause to be laid on all the manure or dung the field produces during the said term. 1781 (Presumably, so that when the field is returned after our years it will be in good condition.)
B60 Mary BROOKES single, male. William GOODWIN Bakewell, blacksmith 1782
B61 Elizabeth DRABLE single, female, Apr 5. John WOUGH Bramton (Brampton) is the father but Francis DRABLE, William DRABLE both of Litton indemnify. 1783
B62 Hannah MASON single, female William WRIGHT yngr, Matlock cotton spinner, son of William WRIGHT miner. 1789
B63 Ann BANNER single, Legal Setlement Harworth, Notts. Joseph WARHURST Oversser of Harworth indemnify. 1801
B64 Alice HOWARD single,male Sep 10. Samuel ROBERTS Darley Dale labourer. 1813
B65 Sarah PERKIN single, pregnant Thomas SIMPSON Great Hucklow miner, mother Ann SIMPSON, widow Great Hucklow indemnify. 1814
MIS53/39 Memo of Edward LEE acknowledging Bond to pay maintenance towards a Bastard child of Dorothy BLACKWELL 1739
BEELEY Bastardy
B1 Mary WARD, single, pregnant. Dau of Stephen WARD of Duckmanton clerk. Residing at the house of John GREGORY, unable to be moved, well along in pregnancy. 1784 ?
B2 Phoebe WHITE Beeley, pregnant Francis HALL Povey, Dronfield. 1785? (may be 1755)
5 Rachel BRADLEY late of Chesterfield pregnant Chas TURNER Beeley farmer bound. 1810
7 Hannah STAGNIS Geo EVANS Beely reputed father. 1834
QSOB 42 Mary WRAGG Rbt WHITAKER Beighton 1764
QSOB 46 Ann CLARKE twins. Wm NELLOR of Beighton 1768
Q2/59 Elizabeth WRIGHT Beighton, male. John WOOD Sheffield cordwainer. 1799
Q2/61 Ann STEPHENS Beighton, male Abraham LOCKWOOD Eckington, farmer. 1800
Q2/237 Hannah MACHON Beighton William HOLMES Staveley labourer. 1824
BELPER Bastardy
QSOB 19 Hannah HITCHCOCK David ALTON 1774
Q2/129 Sarah WIGLEY Belper William BATEMAN, Granby, Notts. tailor. 1817
3 Sarah NORTON Bentley male child called Wm HURD. Indemnity by Robert HURD 1717
4 Frances GEST Doncaster Geo MARSHALL Doncaster, John COATES Youlgreave desire she may sojourn at the house of Matthew LATHAM at Biggin 1718
5 Mary WEBSTER spin dau of Tho WEBSTER of Biggin, husband deceased. Wm BUCKLEY Pike Hall 1727
6 Dorothy WEBSTER single Tho WEBSTER miner, Pike Hall indemnifies. 1735/6
7 Jane HIGTON, Elizabeth. Robert ALSOPE and John ALSOPE indemnify 1750/1
8 Hannah CHATTERTON Tho BACKSTOR Clifton 1760
Violet LEE  Biggin, David WATSON  1883
Q2/5 Diana TURNER single, Bolsover Ambrose ARMSTRONG father fled. 1746
Q2/58 Ann DOBB, single, bastard delivered in 1793 still living. Information given by Wm JACKSON of Bolsover 1794
Q2/87 Sarah GASCOYNE Bolsover, male Peter HOLMES Butterley, labourer. 1817
QS/92 Elizabeth WALKER, Bolsover, female James BENNETT, Bolsover, lab. 1762
B1 Matilda HOLLINGWORTH Bolsover, single John ATHORP Esq, Dinnington. 1831
B2 Mary GASKIN Bolsover single Wm MARRIOTT Sth Normanton collier 1831
B3 Jane LOWE Bolsover single John POGMORE Sutton cum Duckmanton labourer. 1761
B4 Ann BEARDOW Glapwell John SMITH Sherbrook lab. 1762
B5 Mary MELLORS Bolsover Wm ROBINSON ygr Bolsover 1769
B6 Catharine TALENTS late of Sutton, child likely to be chargeable to Bolsover. David ADLINGTON Binbrook, Lincs son of Thomas ADLINGTON of Calow. 1769
B7 Mary HUTCHINSON p.Bolsover, single John CUTTS Staveley collier. 1780
B8 Ann POGMORE Bolsover, single James WARD Ollerton, Notts, journeyman. 1788
B9 Martha SMITH Bolsover single Paul BATTISON Chesterfield, servantman. 1796
B10 Eleanor RHODES Bolsover, single Wm PARKS Shirland 1796
B11 Ann STACEY Bolsover single Edward HAYWOOD Bolsover taylor, 1797
B12 Ann HALLAM single legal Settlement Sutton cum Duckmanton, pregnant but desires to live in Bolsover. 1798 Sutton indemnify.
B13 Elizabeth BENNETT Bolsover single Tho DEAN Bolsover, labourer. 1798
B14 Ann WATSON Bolsover pregnant John BENNETT younger lab, p.North Wingfield. Father of John is Robert of Brampton 1806
B15 Ann HALLAM spinster legal Settlement Sutton cum Duckmanton, pregnant. Desires to reside with her parents at Bolsover. 1802
B16 Mary MILNES single, Bolsover, male. William SAUNDERS of Ault Hucknall, son of Richard. 1802
B17 Sarah GOODWIN single pregnant of Bolsover George BOWER Sutton cum Duckmanton 1803.
B18 Ann JINKINSON (JENKINSON) Bolsover 13 Apr,male. Joseph ALLETSON Oxcroft, servantman. 1804
B19 Ann GRINDLE (GRINDLY?) single, of Bolsover William RAWSON younger of Cresswell servant. 1808
B20 Elizabeth GASKIN Bolsover, pregnant Robert LIEVESLEY Bolsover serving man 1808
B21 Elizabeth BELL Bolsover, single, pregnant Joseph JOHNSON of Mansfield, husbandman. 1808
B22 Ann SEASTON single, Bolsover, female. William BENNETT of Duckmanton, labourer. 1810
B23 Ann GREECE single, female. John RICHARDSON farmer of Stanfree agrees to Indemnify. 1811
B24 Mary SHAW now or late of Hasland, legally settled on Bolsover, female Aug.. George MIDDLETON Inkersall lab. 1812
B25 Elizabeth KENDLING, Whitwell spinster James LOWE Birks, p.Whitwell 1813
B26 Margaret SAVAGE Bolsover, single, pregnant. John OLDHAM son of Roger OLDHAM, Edwinstowe Notts. 1816
B27 Eliza BARTON single, pregnant Matthew WALKER Farndon Notts, 1816
B28 Mary HILL single, pregnant Thomas WHITE yngr, Hilcote, Blackwell servantman. 1820
B29 Maria JOHNSON Bolsover, single, pregnant Robert BUTCHER Elmton farmer. 1820
B30 Elizabeth BELL Bolsover, single, pregnant John HALL Mansfield Woodhouse Notts. wood turner 1821
B31 Rebecca SPARROW Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts pregnant George ALWOOD mason of Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. indemnifies Bolsover. 1821
B32 Ann BROWN, male 20th Sep born Mosbro' p.Eckington William KEETON of Mosbro, Sicklesmith. 1815
B33 Sarah GASCOYNE single, Peter HOLMES Butterley lab, 1817. (also mentions Robert HOLMES of Longstone)
B34 Elizabeth PITCHFORK single, male. Robert SILCOCK yngr Barlow, lab. 1820
B35 Ann LOWE Bolsover single male 15th Dec. Richard THOMPSON Mansfield, Notts 1824
B36 Sarah GRUNDY male 18th Feb. Joseph BALL Warsop, Notts 1829
B37 Elizabeth MIDGLEY single male 8th Jun 1822. Thomas COOPER Sheffield. Yks. 1830
B38 Mary CARTLEDGE male 24th Feb. Alfred TAYLOR Staveley plasterer. 1831
B39 Mary GASCOIGNE male 26th Sep. William MARRIOTT South Normanton, collier. 1831

BONSALL Bastardy
QSOB 102 Alice SMEDLEY Wm SMEDLEY Darley Dale 1765
1 Martha FROST late servant to Saml HASLAM of Ashover, Wm BLANKSBYson of John BLANKSBY Ashover 1746
2 Sarah CLARK dau of ----- of Elton Peter WOODIWISS of Bonsall miner 1755
3 Grace HAYNES female child, Wm ELLIOTT 1765
4 Elizb SHELDON wid. Wm MASSEY 1766
5 Mary WRAGG Wm WOOD app. to John WOOD of Wirksworth, hatter 1777
6 Catherina PEARSON Saml PRINCE son of Isaac 1777
7 Esther YOUNG Wm HOLEHOUSE son of Thomas 1778
8 Ruth OLIVER female child, Peter SMEDLEY 1778
9 Sarah BUNTING female child, Thomas HENSTOCK son of Abell. 1779
10 Elizabeth SMEDLEY Thomas HENSTOCK, father Edward HENSTOCK 1780
11 Sarah WIGLEY female Thos HENSTOCK, son of Edward 1781
12 Martha WOODIWIS Samuel YOUNG Matlock p. 1783
13 Catherine PEARSON Henry MILLER Bonsall 1794
14 Alice POTTER male Edward GREENHOUGH farmer 1796
15 Mary MARSH female, Wm WINSON Shottle 1797
16 Elizabeth WIGLEY John RICHARDSON Cauldon, Staffs 1797
17 Elizabeth JOHNSON John BAMFORD Wirksworth 1799
18 Katherine PEARSON Joseph FEARN Bonsall 1799
19 Ruth RAGG male, John GOODALL Holloway 1801
20 Sarah ELSE male Wm INGRAM Heywood Lancs. 1817
Q2/133 Ann WOLLEY Bonsall, single, pregnant John BUXTON Bonsall, labourer. 1817
List of names of persons paying towards maintenance of children, mothers names mentioned. Document undated but c 1800.
Received from
William SMEDLEY for child of Mary RANES (RAINES)
Hannah ALSOP
BOULTON Bastardy
10 Mary BLEA Booton single. Wm STENSON Chaddesden
11 Mary BAKER Boulton. female Joseph HIBBERT Twyford
Q4/97 Hannah GAUNT Boylestone female, Francis HARVEY Darley Abbey, cotton spinner. 1834
Q2/96 Ann BECK Boylestone, pregnant Thomas BRADBURY Doveridge, serving man. Jul 1817
Q2/118 Ann BECK Boylestone pregnant Thomas BRADBURY, Doveridge. Apr 1817
Q2/172 Mary HARPER Boylston George BIRCH Boylston Committed to house of Correction, Ashbourne, for want of sureties. Jul 1822
Q2/171 Hannah BALL Aldwark single. William FERNIHOUGH Sturston, labourer. Jul 1822
Q2/182 Hannah BALL Aldwark William FERNYHOUGH Ashbourne Apr 1822
Q2/288 Hannah BULL Aldwark single Thomas HIND Aston on Trent. Jan 1824
Elizabeth STEEPLES (no place given) Benjamin BUXTON Aldwark.
Elizabeth BALL Aldwark    Samuel RAINS  1883
BRADLEY Bastardy
Q2/155 Jane HEWSON Bradley Samuel ATTERBURY, Brailsford. Mar 1818
Q2/176 Jane HEWSON Bradley, single, pregnant. James SLATER Carsington. Jul 1822
Q2/190 Joane HOWSON Bradley single, pregnant. James SLATER Matlock. Jan 1822
Q2/212 Jane HEWSON Bradley James SLATER Carsington. Apr 1822
Q2/414 Catherine ASTLE Bradley single Thomas ADAMS, Ansty Leics. hawker. 1827
Q3/174 Elizabeth HEWSON Bradley Benj ROWLEY Mar 1833
Q3/183 Elizabeth HEWSON Bradley Benj ROWLEY Jun 1833
Q2/41 Dorothy SHEPHERD, male Samuel AULT Burrows, gardiner. 1782
Q4/17 Sarah RODGERS Brailsford, female, Samuel PALING, Breadsall, servant. 1831
Bond, John and Samuel HIGGOTT to ensure Brailsford does not incur expense for Jane and Ann illeg daus of Hannah JONES and John HIGGOTT 1761 V21/135
QSOB 36 Martha LOW, male Rbt VALENCE of Howlbeck Woodhouse, Notts. 1763
QSOB 84 Ann WHEELDON Anthony BEESTOW of Wensley, labourer. 1762
Q2/112 Sarah STEWART Brampton, pregnant William HEATH Newbold, collier. 1817
Q2/279 Elizabeth PLATTS Brampton, single Joseph EYRE yngr Chesterfield, carpenter. 1824
Q2/375 Mary VICKERS Brampton, single John GRINDLEY Barlow serving man. 1826
Q2/464 Martha WHITE Brampton single, male 30 Dec Benjamin CUPIT. 1835
Q2/425 Ann WATSON Brassington Robert SPENCER Brassington farmer. 1828
Mary Ellen GAMBLE Brassington  Alfred DALE Brassington  1876
Fanny JOHNSON  Brassington  Benjamin SPENCER 1877
Sarah Jane JOHNSON Brassington  Charles LLEWELLYN Parwich 1871
Eliz. SWINDALL Brassington  Richard RADFORD RADFORD Brassington  1871
Fanny SWINDALL Brassington  Henry Frank WIGLEY Hognaston  1875
Ann ALLSOP   Edward SMITH  Kedleston  1872
Sarah ALLSOP   Benjamin GREGORY Brassington 1870
Barbara BANKS   John BOWLER Hognaston 1870
Alice DALE   Alfred BEMBRIDGE Ballidon 1871
Alice DALE  Alfred BEMBRIDGE Ballidon 1871
Annie Elizabeth FEARN  John ROWLAND  1875
Elizabeth FEARN    William WAYNE Biggin  1871
Q4/12 Sarah WINROW Breadsall, female. Robert DOLMAN Breadsall, servant 1831
Q4/25 Mary ENSOR Breadsall, female, Robert BACON Breadsall servant. 1831
Q4/81 Jane TURNER Breadsall, female. Robert BACON Breadsall, servant 1833
Q4/65 Mary STEVENSON Breaston child born in Shardlow House of Industry while a Pauper there belonging to Breaston. John BAILEY Sutton Bonnington framework knitter 1833
QS/70 Sarah PALMER Bradby John PATRICK Hanbury, Staffs 1761
Q2/53 Sarah VAUX als VAUSE single, female. John EYTON als HIGHTON of Blackburn (Warrant to apprehend.) 1790
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.