Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



TADDINGTON Apprenticeship
John MYCOCK Blackwell 16 to William TOWNSEND Taddington fwk. 1811 V22/74
Roger GOODWYN of Taddington to John TURNER of Stafford Staffs  1655  V21/161
TIBSHELF Apprenticeship
These first eight names are found in Tibshelf Parish Apprentices Book. They are not indentures but a record of who was apprenticed to whom.
A1 Ann ELLIS 11 to John GODBER Tibshelf, shopkeeper 1817
A2 Sarah NEAL 14 to Edward SAMPSON Tibshelf farmer 1817
A3 Joseph FOWLER to Michael ASKEW Tibshelf farmer 1817
A4 George CHILD to John GODBER Tibshelf framework knitter 1817
A5 John NEAL 9 to Ellen PARSONS Tibshelf farmer 1817
A6 Catherine WHITE 9 to Robert MILWARD Tibshelf, farmer and miller 1818
A7 Sarah HOLBROOK 9, to John Robert SHARPE, Tibshelf,. Gent. 1818
A8 Jonathan WHEELDON 11 to Elizabeth BURTON Tibshelf, farmer 1819.
A9 Sarah NEAL 14 housewifery Edward SAMPSON Tibshelf farmer 1817
A10 John NEAL 9, TO Ellen PARSON Tibshelf, farmer 1817
A11 Catharine WHITE 9, to Robert MILWARD, farmer and miller 1818
A12 Sarah HOLBROOK 9 to John Robert SHARPE Tibshelf. Gent. 1818
A13 Jonathan WHEELDON 11 to Elizabeth BURTON Tibshelf, farmer 1819
A14 John NEAL 9, to Ellen PARSONS Tibshelf widow, a fit and proper person to whom John NEAL may be bound apprentice. 1817
A15 Catherine WHITE, to Robert MILWARD a fit and proper person to whom Catherine WHITE may be bound apprentice. 1817
A16 John BRIGGS to John BROOKS Lane End, Tibshelf framework knitter. 1769.
A17 John WHITE son of William WHITE late of Tibshelf, was balloted as apprentice to Richard BINGHAM wheelwright, assigned to Francis MOAKS of Tibshelf. 1784
A18 Note; If John BRIGGS should die before the sum of seven pounds is run up at 2s per week I do promise to return the remainder Back to the said Officer of Tibshelf. Witness my Hand this 23 Day of October 1769. John BROOKS.(BROAKS)
TICKNALL Apprenticeship
AP1 Henry CARVER Ticknall to William CARVER of Birmingham, Warwickshire. 1724
AP2 Joseph PALMER Newfield Green p. Hambery (Hanbury?) Staffs to Rebeckah HANSON, Ticknall. 1727
AP3 William CARTLIDGE of Breedon, Leics to Richard DUTTON (now an inhabitant of Ticknall) of Ashbourne, joiner 1737/8
AP4 John NICHOLLS Ticknall to John SPENCER Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire, 1766
AP5 Nathaniel ENDSOR Derby to William RAGG 1773
AP6 George SHEFFIELD discharged for mistreatment by Master Thomas MARRIOT of Hathern in Leics. 179- ?
AP7 William SUTTON 12, to John NICHOLLS, Ticknall. 1791
AP8 George SHEFFIELD 11, to Thomas MARRIOTT Hathern, Leics. fwk. 1792
AP9 George MARRIOTT 14, to Joseph HUTCHINSON, Long Whatton, Leics. fwk. 1802
AP10 Thomas WARDLE 10, to John GEARY Stanton by Barden, Leics. 1802
AP11 Mary SHAW 12 to Thomas JEWSBURY Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1805
AP12 James SHAW 14, to Thomas JEWSBURY Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1805 (DUESBURY on reverse)
AP13 John BYARD 12, to Job UPTON, Fradley, Staffs 1805
AP14 Robert ENSOR 12 to Thomas JEWSBURY Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1805
AP15 Henry BYARD 9 to John HINKS Hartshorne 1805
AP16 John NEVILLE 12, son of Francis NEVILLE pot carrier to John HOLLAND Melbourne, fwk. 1808
AP17 Joseph HOLT son of John and Susannah HOLT dec. to Thomas JEWSBURY Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1814
AP18 Thomas BEIGHTON 12, son of Samuel and Elizabeth BEIGHTON to Thos JEWSBURY Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1815
AP19 William JOINS 13 to Thos JEWSBURY Measham. 1816
AP20 Thomas DEXTER 14, son of John and Mary DEXTER to Thomas JEWSBURY Measham, cotton manufacturer. 1816
DA6 John SHREEVE Ticknall to Thomas COOK Aston on Trent. 1832
M39 Indenture of Adam HODGSON son of Edward HODGSON of Tideswell to to Edward PALFREEMAN of Tideswell, butcher. 1706
Thomas MOSS of Tideswell ?,  Ann HEATHCOTE ran away 1816  V22/41

TISSINGTON Apprenticeship
1 Samuel SMITH, grandson of William MELLOR of Tissington to William HODGKINSON Derby  1724
2 Thomas WALBANKE to Richard GOODWIN Ashbourne 1728
3 William HAND son of Robert HAND  to Thomas BARNETT Ellaston Staffs 1731
4 Edward WALBANKE aged 7 to Thomas FLETCHER Tissington 1732
5* Robert REDFEARNE to William SPENCER of Tissington 1728 later assigned? to Paul SPENCER of Mickleover 1737
6 Francis SMITH son of Ann SMITH to Joseph ROE Wingerworth  1780
7 Joseph BOWLER son of William to Benjamin TIPPER of Derby St Werburgh 1780
8 James TWIGG son of William  to William SANDERS Leek Staffs 1783
9 William SMITH son of Ann SMITH to Charles BRINSLEY Ashbourne 1785
10 John MARSH son of John MARSH to John REDFEARNE of Offcote and Underwood 1798
11 James WIBBERLEY son of Isaac WIBBERLEY to John KENDRICK of Uttoxeter Staffs 1788
12 Thomas SPENCER with consent of mother Hannah CARTER wife of James CARTER of Ashbourne to Richard HIGTON Biggin
13 George HALL son of Elizabeth widow , to George KIDDY Alderwasley 1795
14 Edward WIBBERLEY son of Elizabeth widow, to Joseph TAYLOR Upper Haddon 1800
15 Isaac WIBBERLEY son of Isaac WIBBERLEY to Ralph BRINSLEY Ashbourne 1800
16 Joseph SPENCER son of Robert to John JONES Borough of Leicester, Leics 1800
17 James BOWLER son of Marmaduke to John BAYLEY Cheadle Buckley Ches. 1807
18 William REDFERN son of John REDFERN to Thomas HARRISON Bradley 1810
19 Samuel SMITH son of George to William WHITE Ashbourne 1821
20 William MACKINGTOSH natural son of John HALES of Cobridge Staffs Esq to Charles HAYWARD Ashbourne 1828
21 Thomas YATES 15 to Thomas HILL Foreign Walsall 1834
22 George YATES 14 to Thomas STANTON Walsall Staffs  1834
23 Charles GOODMAN 9 to John PALMER Walsall Staffs. 1834
24 Joseph BLAKE 9 to John PALMER Walsall Staffs 1837
25 Joseph MARSH son of Richard MARSH to Charles SALT Bradley  1840
Thomas HAND Tissington to Christopher HAMPSON of Ashbourne 1730  V13/15

(these are from the parish book of apprentices)
George YATES 14 of Joseph and Hannah dec of Bentley to Thomas STANTON Walsall Staffs  1834  V21/87a
Thomas YATES 15 of Joseph and Hannah dec of Bentley to Thomas HILL Foreign Walsall, Staffs 1834  V21/87b
Charles GOODMAN 9 of Peter DALE and Susanna GOODMAN of Marple Ches and Offcote and Underwood to John PALMER Walsall Staffs 1834  V21/87c 
Joseph BLAKE 9 son of Hannah BLAKE to John PALMER Walsall Staffs. 1837  V21/87d
George WILLIAMSON 10 of Hannah WILLIAMSON of Fenny Bentley to Thomas HILL of Walsall Foreign Staffs 1835  V21/87e
Joseph MARSH 15 of Richard MARSH to Charles SALT Bradley 1840  V21/87f.
WALTON (near Chesterfield) Apprenticeship
1 Jonathan MIDDLETON Walton to Jasper FIDLER 1708/9
WINGERWORTH Apprenticeship - these are hirings for 51 weeks or less.
A1 Ann SIDDALL 7 to Tho GREAVES blacksmith 1807
A2 Zachariah TURNER 10 to Christopher HUDSON Walton 1819
A3 George CLAY 9 to Jessey ? RUTHERFORD 1819
A4 Wm WHITE 9 to Bartholomew OLDFIELD farmer 1820
A5 Ann TURNER of Zachariah and Ann to John GRATTON 1824
A6 Mary YOUNG to John GRATTON Jnr 1816
A7 Leonard BOWER to Benjamin TRICKITT 1815
A8 Wm BOWER to Joseph GOODLAD 1815
A9 Hannah GOODLAD to Samuel MELLOR 1816
A10 Hannah BLACKER to Wm HALLEYFAX 1815
A12 Sarah BALL to Richard KESKETH 1816
A13 Ann NORMAN to George LEE 1815
A14 Joseph BERISFORD to George LEE 1816
A15 Martha HARDWICK to Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1815
A16 William MAXFIELD to Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1815
A17 Ann CLAY to John CLAY 1816
A18 Jane COOK to Henry STRINGFELLOW 1817
A19 Mary MAXFIELD to Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1816
A20 Joseph BERISFORD to George LEE 1816
A21 Ann NORMAN to George LEE 1816
A22 Mary EDWARDS to William CLAYTON 1816
A23 Ann BULLOCK to John BLANKSBY 1816
A24 Edward TURNER to Robert WATTS 1817
A25 John BIRKS to Barthow. OLDFIELD 1817
A26 James BARTON to Joseph GOODLAD 1817
A27 John WIDDOWSON to Wm HAGUES 1817
A28 Mary YOUNG hired to John GRATTON jnr Nov 1816
A29 Ann NORMAN to George LEE 1817
A30 Joseph BERISFORD to George LEE 1817
A31 Jane COOK to Henry STRINGFELLOW 1817
A32 William ASKEW to Joseph GOODLAD 1817
A33 Mary ASHBY to William HALLEYFAX 1817
A34 John BIRKS to Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1817
A35 Martha HARDWICK to Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1817
A36 Mary YOUNG to John GRATTON jnr Nov 1817
A37 John RENSHAW to Thomas SYMPSON 1818
A38 James MAY to William HAGUES 1817
A39 Ann GAUNT to Richard HESKETH 1818
40 Elizabeth MAY  to James HOPKINSON 1816
41 Elizabeth MAY to  James HOPKINSON 1817
42 Samuel WATSON to  Richard WATSON 1818
43 William ELLIOTT to  Arthur ROBINSON 1817
44 Samuel WATSON to  Richard WATSON 1818
45 John TURNER to  John GRATTON senior 1818
46 William LARY to  John PROCTOR 1818
47 Ann GAUNT to  Thomas GASKILL 1818
48 William ELLIOTT to  Arthur ROBINSON 1818
49 Martha HARDWICK to  Bartholomew OLDFIELD  1818
50 William HEUKIN  to William HALLIFAX 1818
51 Mary ELLIN  to Edward HODGKINSON 1818
52 Elizabeth WOOD  to James HOPKINSON 1818
53 Edward TURNER  to William CLAYTON 1818
54 William BOWER to  Joseph GOODLAD  1818
55 John WHITE to  William HAGUES 1819
56 Elizabeth HAWLEY  to William HALLEYFAX 1818
57 John HALL to  Thomas SIMPSON 1819
58 Ann SMITH to  Samuel MELLOR 1819
59 John BUXTON to  Jesse RUTHERFORD on a weekly basis. 1817
60 Elizabeth SHELDON to  Jesse RUTHERFORD 1818
61 Bathia FRETWELL to  John GRATTON yngr 1818
62 James MELLOR to  John GRATTON yngr 1818
63 Jonathan STERLAND to  John GRATTON yngr 1819
64 Elizabeth SHELDON to  Jesse RUTHERFORD 1819
65 John BUXTON to Jesse RUTHERFORD 1819
66 Millisent BOWER to  Robert WALLS 1819 (note; it is found that she gained a Settlement in Wingerworth before)
67 Mary BARKER to Mary Ann GLADWIN 1819
68 Winefred BENNET to  William CLAYTON 1819
69 Frances SMITH to  Mary Ann GLADWIN 1819
70 John TURNER to John GRATTON Senior  1819
71 Ann WOODWARD to Thomas GREAVES  Jul.1819
72 Ann WOODWARD to  Thomas GREAVES  Nov.1819 
73 Grace STRINGFELLOW  to Henry STRINGFELLOW   Jun 1819
74 Grace STRINGFELLOW  to Henry STRINGFELLOW   Nov 1819
75 Edward TURNER  to  William CLAYTON  1819
76 Mary ELLICE  to Edward HODGKINSON 1819
77 William LARY to John PROCTOR  1819
78 Ann GAUNT  to  Margaret GASKILL  1819
79 John COOK  to  William WILSON 1819
80 Mary ALLEN  to  William WILSON 1819
81 William ELLIOT  to  Arthur ROBINSON 1819
82 Arthur ROBINSON jnr  to Arthur ROBINSON snr  1819
83 Mary SMITH  to John BLANKSBY  1819
84 Mariah HIGGINBOTHAM   to James HOPKINSON  Aug 1819
85 Mariah HIGGINBOTHAM  to  James HOPKINSON Nov 1819
86 William BOWER to James HOPKINSON  1819
87 Elizabeth HIGGINBOTHAM  to Samuel MELLOR  1819
88 Elizabeth HAWLEY  to William HALLIFAX  1819
89 James BARTON  to Joseph GOODLAD  1819
90 Bathia FRETWELL  to  John GRATTON  1819
91 James MELLOR  to John GRATTON  1820
92 Jonathan STIRLAND  to  John GRATTON  1819
93 Theophalus ALLEN  to  James HOPKINSON 1820
94 Elizabeth HIGGINBOTHAM  to Samuel MELLOR  1819
95 note that "Theophilus ALLEN whent to James HOPKINSON 1817 and served from that time until Nov 1819 aprentis there. Put there by Overseers of Wodthorpe." n.d.  c 1820
96 Samuel HEUKIN  to William HALLEYFAX 1820
97 Hannah STORER  to Robert WATTS  1820
98 William LARY  to John PROCTOR  1820
99 Elizabeth G LONGDEN  to Jessie RUTHERFORD  1821
100 Mary STORER  to Robert WATTS  1820
101 James BARTON  to Joseph GOODLAD 1820
102 James WOODWARD   to  William WILSON 1820
103 Mary ALLEN  to William WILSON  1820
104 William ELLIOTT  to Arthur ROBINSON  1820
105 Arthur ROBINSON jnr  to Arthur ROBINSON snr  1820
106 Elizabeth PURSGLOVE  to Thomas GREAVES  1820
107 Edward TURNER   to  William CLAYTON  1820
108 Elizabeth HIGGINBOTHAM  to  Elizabeth MELLOR 1820
109 Elizabeth HAWLEY  to William HALLEYFAX  1820
110 Ann WOODWARD  to  Margaret GASKILL  1820
111 Hannah GELSTHORP  to Edward HODGKINSON  1820
112 Joseph JOHNSON  to  Joseph HAGUES  1820
113 Jonathan STERLAND  to  John GRATTON jnr  1820
114 Elizabeth BRUFF ( Brough?)  to John BLANKSBY 1820
115 John BERESFORD  to John BLANKSBY 1820
116 Rebecca RENSHAW  to Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1820
117 * Joseph SMITH  to William HALLEFAX  1821
118 John TURNER  to  John GRATTON  1820
119 Mariah HIGGINBOTHAM  to  James HOPKINSON 1820
120 Anne GASCOGNE ( signs GASCOYNE) to Edward HODGKINSON 1821
121 William LARY  to  John PROCTOR 1821
122 Ann WOODWARD  to  Margaret GASKILL 1821
123 George GELTHORP  to William HAGUES  1821
124 Elizabeth ROBERTS  to Joseph BIGGEN  1821 
125 James BRAILSFORD  to  Joseph BIGGEN 1821
126 Mary ALLEN  to  William WILSON  1821
127 James WOODWARD  to William WILSON  1821
128 Mary COCKING  to  Arthur ROBINSON  1821
129 William ELLIOT  to Arthur ROBINSON  1821
130 Arthur ROBINSON jnr  to  Arthur ROBINSON snr 1821
131 Edward TURNER  to  William CLAYTON 1821
132 William ASHLEY  to  John BLANKSBY  1821
133 James BARTON  to Joseph GOODLAD  1821
134 Elizabeth HIGGINBOTHAM  to Samuel MELLOR  1821
135 Frances HATFIELD  to Edward HODGKINSON  1821
136 Mariah HIGGINBOTHAM  to  James HOPKINSON  1821
137 John TURNER  to  John GRATTON snr  1821
138 Ann SHORT  to  Edward HODGKINSON  1821
139 Richard WATSON  to  John BENNETT 1821
140 William ROBINSON  to  Jessie RUTHERFORD  1821
141 Mary SMITH  to  Thomas GREAVES  1821
142 Anne GACGOGNE (signs GASCOYNE)  to Edward HODGKINSON  1821
143 Jonathan STERLAND  to  John GRATTON jnr 1822
144 Hannah NORMAN  to  Joseph RIGGOTT  1822
145 Francis CHRICH  to  Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1822
146 Richard HENSTOCK  to  Joseph HAGUES  1822
147 Thomas SMITH  to  Joseph HAGUES  1822
148 Jeremiah MEDCALF  to Joseph BIGGIN  1822
149 James WOODWARD  to  William WILSON  1822
150 Mary ALLEN  to  William WILSON  1822
151 Hall HATFIELD  to  William WILSON  1822
152 Arthur ROBINSON jnr  to  Arthur ROBINSON snr 1822
153 Mary COCKING  to Arthur ROBINSON  1822
154 William ELLIOT  to Arthur ROBINSON  1822
155 William LAREY  (signs LARY)  to  John PROCTOR 1822
156 Ann GASKOGNE (signs GASCOYNE)  to  Edward HODGKINSON 1822
157 Edward TURNER  to  William CLAYTON  1822
158 Elizabeth MAY to John BLANKSBY 1822
159 William ASHLEY to John BLANKSBY 1822
160 George BRUFF to John BLANKSBY 1822
161 William ROBINSON to Thomas WHITE 1822
162 Robert ROE to Richard WATSON 1822
163 Elizabeth BROUGH to Ann RUTHERFORD 1822
164 James BARTON to Jesse RUTHERFORD 1822
165 Jonathan STERLAND to John GRATTON jnr 1822
166 Josiah SNIBSON to Thomas GASKILL 1822
167 Robert ROE to Richard WATSON 1823
168 Edward TURNER to William CLAYTON 1823
169 John DAVIS to John BLANKSBY 1823
170 Elizabeth BROUGH to John BLANKSBY 1823
171 William LARY to John PROCTOR 1823
172 Elizabeth SMITH to Margaret GASKILL 1823 
173 Ellen SMITH to Joseph RIGGOTT 1823
174 Mary BROUGH to George LEE 1823
175 George PEACOCK  to George LEE 1823
176 Anne SMITH to Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1823
177 James HARDWICK to Joseph HAGUES 1823
178 Elizabeth HARDWICK to Joseph HAGUES 1823
179 Joseph LOWE to Joseph BIGGIN 1823
180 Elizabeth ROBERTS to Elizabeth BIGGIN 1823
181 Hall HATFIELD to William WILSON 1823
182 Mary ALLEN to William WILSON 1823
183 Robert BINGHAM to William WILSON 1823
184 William ELLIOTT to Arthur ROBINSON 1823
185 Arthur ROBINSON jnr to Arthur ROBINSON 1823
186 Charlotte MELLOR to Anne RUTHERFORD 1823
187 George BROUGH to John PEARCE 1823
188 Anne GASCOYNE to Edward HODGKINSON 1823
189 Mariah HIGGINBOTHAM to Mary HOPKINSON 1823
190 Jonathan STERLAND to John GRATTON jnr 1823
191 Mary ALLEN to William WILSON 1824
192 Robert BINGHAM to William WILSON 1824
193 Anne SMITH to Bartholomew OLDFIELD 1824
194 Leonard BOWER to William WILSON 1824
195 John NORMAN to George LEE 1824
196 Hannah BENNET to George LEE 1825(sic)
197 Robert ROE to Richard WATSON 1824
A198 Jonathan STERLAND to John GRATTON jnr 1824
A199 Edward TURNER to William CLAYTON 1824
A200 John DAVIS to John BLANKSBY 1824
A201 Elizabeth HOPKINSON to Benjamin TRICKETT 1825
A202 William LAREY to John PROCTOR 1824
A203 Elizabeth SMITH to Margaret GASKILL 1824
A204 Letitia BRAMLEY to Joseph RIGGOTT 1825
A205 Peter SMITH to Joseph HAGUE 1824
A206 Elizabeth ROBERTS to Joseph BIGGIN 1824
A207 Thomas BOWER to Joseph BIGGIN 1824
A208 George LOWE to Joseph BIGGIN 1824
A209 William ELLIOTT to Arthur ROBINSON 1823
A210 Arthur ROBINSON jnr  to Arthur ROBINSON snr 1824
A211 Elizabeth MAY to Arthur ROBINSON 1824
A212 Aaron GASCOYNE to Edward HODGKINSON 1824
A214 Thomas BOWLER to John PEARCE 1824
A215 Zachariah TURNER to Richard WATSON 1826
A216 Aaron GASCOYNE to Edward HODGKINSON 1825
A217 Ann GASCOYNE to Edward HODGKINSON 1825
A218 Edward TURNER to William CLAYTON 1825
A219 Jonathan STIRLAND to John GRATTON 1825
A220 Sarah TURNER to John GRATTON 1825
A221 Arthur ROBINSON jnr to Arthur ROBINSON snr 1825
A222 William ELLIOTT to Arthur ROBINSON 1825
A223 John NORMAN to James HOPKINSON 1825
A225 William SMITH to Benjamin TRICKETT 1825
A226 Benjamin CUPITT to John BLANKSBY 1825
A227 Hannah CUPIT to Ann BLANKSBY 1826
A228 Juley FOULDS to Bathia STRINGFELLOW 1825
A229 Ann SMITH to John PROCTOR 1825
A230 William LARY to John PROCTOR 1825
A231 Elizabeth SMITH to Margaret GASKILL 1825
A232 Luke BRIGGS to George LEE 1825
A233 Hannah BENNITT to George LEE 1825
A234 Mary SCOT to Mary HAGUES 1826
A235 Sarah BIRKS to Robert WATTS 1825
A236 George MAY to Joseph BIGGIN 1825
A237 George LOWE to Joseph BIGGIN 1825
A238 Elizabeth ROBERTS to Joseph BIGGIN 1825
A239 John STANLEY to William WILSON 1825
WINSTER Apprenticeship
A1 Robert HAWLEY to Joseph EYRE weaver 1715
A2 Ann SHERWIN to Stephen STALEY husbandman 1721
A3 Sarah BARKER to James DEAN 1731
A4 Elizabeth BARKER to Francis BOWER housewifery 1731
A5 Wm HARRISON to James POTTER housewifery 1731
A6 Mary HARRISON to John STALEY snr 1731
A7 John EVANS to John JOHNSON husbandry 1735
A8 Blandina WIBBERLEY to Joseph HIGGS of Winster, butcher. 1737
A9 Benjamin STONE to Robert MOOR 1744
A10 George HAWLEY to George NORMAN 1744
A11 Mary GAMBLE to John STORER 1744
A12 Anthony BLACKWALL to Stephen STALEY Winster 1744
A13 Hannah HAWLEY to Joseph JAMES 1744 On reverse, Hannah HAWLEY deserted her service, Reprimanded by Mr EYRE and Mr THORNHILL and ordered back.
A14 Mary BAGSHAW to Adam KEELING 1744
A15 David BALCKWELL to Joseph BROCKLASS 1744/5
A16 Martha BADDALEY to George WOOD 1744/5 On reverse; 5 Jan 1747 ordered to her Master Ralph GOLLIN.
A17 Martha DONCASTER to Robert WOOD 1744
A18 Margaret BADDALEY to William MOORHOUSE 1744
A19 Arthur HEATHCOTE to John ROLLAND (Rowland ?) 1744
A20 Martha DONCASTER to Thomas HILL miner. 1747 On reverse Mary DONCASTER.
A21John CARTLEDGE to John EVANS Overseer of Winster 1747
A22 Joseph HALL son of Nicholas of Winster to George ALCOCK Nottingham, fwk. 1753
A23 Amey ROBERTS to George TISSINGTON 1753
A24 William HILL of Heage, placed by the Overseers of Winster to Jonathan OATES p. Greasley Notts. fwk. 1762
A25 Joseph CARDER of Winster to John CARDER Matlock 17-- date torn, John CARDER a "taylor".
A26 Sarah STONE 11, to William WESTWOOD Bilston, Staffs. toymaker. 1766
A27 John STONE 8, to John LANGLEY Bilston buckelshape maker. 1766
A28 Joseph HALLEY of Winster to Samuel WOODIWISS of Bonsall, flaxdresser. 1768
A29 William HAWLEY Winster, son of Elizabeth and Richard HAWLEY, miner,to John OLDFIELD of Ashford in the Water 1770
A30 James STALEY to Richard BOWER farmer 1771
A31 Joseph CARDER to John CARDER 1771 "note, fully certified"
A32 Humphrey MARSHALL younger to William ASHBY Matlock 1772
A33 John BUXTON to Humphrey MARSHALL Winster mason 1773
A34 Hannah BLACKWELL to John DURDEN Winster 1778
A35 James HAWKSWORTH to Elijah WILDGOOSE Farley 1778
A36 Elizabeth DONCASTER to John CALDWELL Winster butcher 1778
A37 William ASHTON  to Thomas PEARCE Winster 1778
A38 John LONGDEN to Henry ASHTON Winster grocer 1778
A39 Benjamin LONGDIN  to Rev Mr MASON Winster 1778
A40 Eve ROBERTS to John WILSON Winster innholder 1778
A41 William ROBERTS to William CLARKE Winster shopkeeper 1778
A42 ---------------   to John SWETNAM Winster 1778  (not signed )
A43 Edward BUNTING  to Jacob MORTON Winster innholder 1778
A44 Sarah BLACKWELL to  William GOODWIN Winster 1778
A45 Joseph ROBERTS son of George ROBERTS late miner of Winster dec to George BEARDMORE North Wingfield miller 1786
A46 Elizabeth HARTLE  to Francis BRITTLEBANK Winster victualler 1789
A47 Ann HARTLE to John BATEMAN Winster shopkeeper 1790
A48 Robert STONE to George HAYNE Winster 1790
A49 David HARTLE to George REDFERN Ashford in the Water 1793
A50 John ELLIS to George REDFERN 1793
A51 Robert STADON to Thomas LONGDON Ashford in the Water 1793
A52 Jacob HALL alias BOWIT  to Samuel WOODIWISS Bonsall 1794
A53 John BRADLEY to Thomas LONGDON Ashford in the Water 1794
A54 William BRADLEY to Thomas LONGDON  Ashford in the Water 1794
A55 Abraham CADMAN 12, to William PRIEST Whitelywood, p. Sheffield, Yks 1795
A56 William BLACKWELL  to Abraham SHELDON Bakewell  1795
A57 James HAWLEY to John BERRESFORD Bonsall 1799
A58 William BATEMAN 9 to James HENSTOCK Bonsall, "taylor" 1798
A59 Joseph HALL to James HAIGH Oldham, Lancs. 1800
A60 Roger STONE to George ASHTON Sheffield Yks. 1800
A61 Maria PRIME to Thomas CUNDY Bakewell  1801
A62 Sarah BATEMAN to Messrs WOOLLEY and MCQUEEN  Matlock 1802
A63 Sarah CADMAN to Messrs WOOLLEY and MCQUEEN  Matlock 1802
A64 Hannah FROST to Messrs WOOLLEY and MCQUEEN Matlock 1802
A65 Ann BATEMAN to Messrs WOOLLEY and MCQUEEN Matlock 1802
A66 Mariah CADMAN to Messrs WOOLLEY and MCQUEEN Matlock 1802
A67 Mary FROST to Messrs WOOLLEY and MCQUEEN Matlock 1802
A68 Hannah SAVAGE to Messrs WOOLLEY and MCQUEEN Matlock 1802
A69 John WHEELDON to Robert BRADLEY Chesterfield 1804
A70 Thomas WILLIS to Thomas MATHER Bonsall 1805
A71 Ann BRADLEY to Thomas GIBBS Alstonefield, Staffs 1809
A72 Ann BATEMAN to Thomas GIBBS Alstonefield, Staffs 1809
A73 Samuel BOTT to Joshua JOHNSON Matlock 1810
A74 James BOTT son of Hannah BOTT widow to Joseph BLACKWELL Winster 1811
A75 Henry WILDE to George HAGUE Winster 1812
A76 John WILD son of Dorothy WILD widow, to Josiah RAINES Ironbrook Grange 1813
A77 James ORME son of William ORME Winster, rag gatherer to William JACKSON Tunstead, in Liberty of Ironbrook Grange 1813
A78 George ALLEN 14 son of Hannah BULLOCK to Jonathan BARKER Winster tailor 1822
A79 Document that Jonathan BARKER is a proper to have George ALLEN as apprentice 1822
A80 Thomas ASHTON 10 son of Hannah ASHTON widow, to William MARSHALL  Winster, tailor 1822
A81 Document that William MARSHALL is a proper to have Thomas ASHTON as apprentice 1822
A82 Samuel ASHTON 10 son of Hannah ASHTON to William HILL Winster weaver 1822
A83 Document that William HILL is a proper person to have Samuel ASHTON as apprentice 1822
A84 William ALLEN 12 son of Hannah BULLOCK to Thomas RAWORTH Winster, saddler 1822
A85 Document that Thomas RAWORTH is a proper person to have William ALLEN as apprentice 1822
A86 James ORME 9 illegitimate of Hannah ORME to Messrs COOPER, MATCHETT and WATERFIELD Woodeaves, Tissington 1825
A87 Document that Messrs COOPER, MATCHETT and WATERFIELD are proper persons to have James ORME as apprentice 1825
A88 John ALLEN 11 to George LOMAS Winster ,tailor 1825
A89 Document that George LOMAS is a proper person to have John ALLEN as apprentice 1825
A90 Henry BRITTLEBANK 11, to William ASHTON Winster 1828
A91 Document that William ASHTON is a proper person to have Henry BRITTLEBANK as apprentice 1828
A92 Charles HILL 12, to James BATEMAN Winster 1828
A93 Document that James BATEMAN is a proper person to have Charles HILL as apprentice 1828
A94 Mary TOUFT (TOFT?) to William TEALOR (TAYLOR?) Egelstor (Eagles Tor ) p. Youlgreave miner. 1724
A95 Mary BAGSHAW spinster to Adam KEELING  Has "disserted and is a common thief and is run her country"   1747/8
A96 Examination of Adam KEELING regarding Mary BAGSHAW " verily believes she is a common thief". 1747
A97 Ellen BADDELEY spinster 14, to John DAWSON Wensley 1752
A98 Humphrey MARSHALL to William ASHBY Matlock  1772
This is a list taken from a parish book of Winster listing Apprenticeships not found in the list above. Where the original Indentures are is not known at present.
a Thomas BURTON 1704
b William TAYLOR his agreement with Winster re Mary TOFTS Indenture 1724
c Thomas OLDFIELD 1731
d Dinah WIBBERLEY 1737
e Dinah WIBBERLEY 1737 (sic)
f George HAWLEY 1744
h Anthony BLACKWELL 1744
i Martha BADDELEY 1744

WIRKSWORTH Apprenticeship
QAP1 Samuel FEARNIHOUGH granted discharge from service because of mistreatment by Thomas HARRISON of Wirksworth, fellmonger. 1797
V1/31 Sarah FARNSWORTH to Thomas TONGUE Wirksworth calico weaver. 1809
1 Martha BATH 12 John SMITH farmer Wirksworth 1801
2 Wm MASKERY 9 RICHARDS and INCE Attorneys 1802
3 Wm MASKERY 9 assigned to Joshua WESTON Bonsall 1802
4 Martha BATH 12 assigned to Wm FOX joiner Wirksworth 1802
5 Lucy ROUSE 7 Job WRIGHT calico weaver Wirksworth 1803
6 Joseph BUTTERWORTH 10 Edward GRIFFIN Wirksworth 1803
7 Samuel OXLEY 11 Edmund HODGKINSON Wirksworth 1804
8 Wm WILSON 13 George WRAGG blacksmith Wirksworth 1804
9 John DANA 13 no parent living, Saml NIX Nottm St Mary 1804
10 Sarah BATH 7 no parent living, John OGDON Wirksworth 1804
11 John ROUSE 8 Anthony BALLINGTON Wirksworth 1805
12 Joshua STONES 10 James LONGSTON Sheffield 1805
13 John ROUSE 8 assigned John WESSON weaver Bonsall 1805
14 Saml SEEDS 8 William TIPPER Wirksworth 1805
15 Hannah HOLBROOK 7 John ROOSE Matlock 1805
16 John BURTON 15 Benjamin STREET Bolehill 1805
17 Joseph BURTON 16 Benjamin STREET Bolehill 1805
18 Hannah HOLBROOK 7 Joshua WIGLEY Bonsall 1806
19 Hannah RODGERS 10 Lady Margt ARKWRIGHT Wirks 1808
20 John SEEDS 8 Sarah BARKER Wirksworth 1808
21 John POYZER 9 Rev Nathan HUBBERSTY 1808
22 John SEEDS 9 George KIDDY Belper framework knitter 1808
23 Richard ROPER 11 Thomas MACHIN Cromford 1808
24 Samuel FLINT Daniel WILSON miner Wirksworth 1808
25 Sarah BATH 12 Thomas MACHIN Cromford 1808
26 Hannah RODGERS 11 John WIGLEY Bonsall 1808
27 Richard OXLEY assigned to Rich.ROOSE Bonsall 1809
28 Samuel BRIDDON 13 Thos ARMSTRONG Wirksworth 1809
29 Robert WRAGG 14 John HAWLEY Wirksworth 1809
30 Sarah SMITH 11 Dorothy TOMLINSON Wirksworth 1808
31 John BROOKS 10 John HEAP Wirksworth 1809
32 William HOADES 12 Anthony GOODWIN Wirksworth 1809
34 John POYZER 10 assigned to Anthony POYZER 1809
35 John WILSON 16 Israel WALKER Belper 1809
36 William WILSON 13 Joseph WALKER Belper 1809
37 Martha WRIGHT 7 John BYARD Ashleyhay 1809
38 Martha WRIGHT 7 Joseph COOPER Wirksworth 1809
39 Joseph KNIVETON 11 John HOLBROOK Bonsall 1809
41 Joseph WIGLEY 11 Samuel FROST Wirksworth 1810
42 Joseph BATES 10 Jasper WAGER Wirksworth 1810
43 Thos COLLEDGE 7 John MILLWARD Hopton 1810
44 Martha COLLEDGE 8 James SPENCER Wirks 1810
45 Joseph BATES 10 Richard SMITH Stonebridge Wirks. 1810
46 James BROUGH 12 Ralph TOPLIS grocer Wirksworth 1811
47 Tho JOWETT 12 David BROWN farmer, Cromford 1811
48 Tho BARKER 8 Abrm WHEATCROFT Hotstandallbrige 1811
49 Ann RODGERS 13 Tho ROEBUCK Wirksworth 13
50 Jas. COLLEDGE 13 Tho MATHER Wirksworth 1811
51 Jas. COLLEDGE 13 assigned to John BAMFORD Wirks 1811
52 John COLLEDGE 8 John WILD Wigwall farmer 1812
53 John COLLEDGE 8 Tho STAPLETON High Edge 1812
54 Ann WRIGHT 8 John COOPER Wirksworth 1812
55 Frederic COLLEDGE 7 Henry VALLANCE Kirk Ireton 1812
56 John BOWN 12 John WILSON Wirksworth 1812
57 James OXLEY 7 Wm NUTTALL Wirksworth 1812
58 Jas JOWETT 11 Jas WHEATCROFT Derby St Werb. 1812
59 Geo SMITH 10 Wm BRADSHAW Wirksworth 1813
60 Wm SALT 14 Wm TAYLOR Wirksworth 1813
61 John SALT 13 Francis HALL Wirksworth 1813
62 Wm WOODROOFFE -- Tho STEARE Wirksworth 1813
63 Ann BOWN 12 Dorothy CHAWNER Wirksworth 1813
64 Geo SMITH 10 Tho SHORT Hognaston 1813
65 Joseph BATES 13 John DAWSON Ecclesfield Yks 1813
66 David SEEDS 10 Saml BROWN Ashleyhay 1813
67 John RIDGARDS 13 Joseph PICKARD Wirksworth 1813
69 Thomas BRIDDON 8 Francis SHAW Wirksworth 1814
70 Steph. YEOMANS 12 Steph. PICKERING Kirk Ireton1814
71 James OXLEY 9 Richard ARKWRIGHT Cromford 1814
72 James OXLEY John CARR Sheffield 1814
73 Tho BRIDDON 10 John WILSON Bonsall 1816
74 Tho HUDSON Simon GAUCHER Wirksworth 1817
75 Robert COTTON 14 William? COTTON? Crich 1817
76 Wm WHEATLEY 9 Joseph TORR Wirksworth 1817
77 Wm WHEATLEY 9 Abizah TYRRELL Derby St Alk. 1817
78 John SPENCER 14 Richard STRINGFELLOW Sutton in Ashfield 1817
79 Peter SEEDS 9 John SEEDS Wirksworth 1817
80 John COTTON 11 Geo PEARSON Wirksworth 1817
81 John COTTON 11 assigned to Wm COTTON Crich 1817
82 Saml COCKER 15 Tho SMEDLEY Wirksworth 1818
83 Saml COCKER 15 assignd to Math JONES Derby St Alk 1818
84 Hanh JOWETT 12 Stephen HALL Wirksworth 1818
85 John ORME 13 Francis Green GOODWIN Wirksworth 1818
86 Sarah WRAGG 11 to Benj TAYLOR Baker Wirksworth 1818
87 John ORME 13 son of Rich ORME assigned to John BAKER of Derby St Werbrgh 1818
88 John BROUGH 12 to Thomas POYZER surgeon 1818
89 Hannah JOWETT 13 assigned to Philip WATERFIELD of Tissington 1819
90 Tho SIMPSON 10 of Mary SIMPSON to Gamaliel HALL Middleton by Wirksworth 1819
91 Mary BOWN 11 to Saml STEVENSON Carsington 1819
92 Joseph WIGLEY 9 to Stephen GLOVER Wirks. 1819
93 Tho HANSON 11 of Saml HANSON to Anthony TARREND butcher Wirksworth (all crossed out) 1819
94 Saml HOLMES 14 to James SANDERS whitesmith 1820
95 John TONGUE 10 to Nathaniel HALL farmer, Calow 1820
96 Wm NUTTALL 10 to Saml MILNER Darley 1820
97 Geo MASON 10 to Mary HIGGOTT widow Cromford 1821
98 Tho BROUGH 10 of John to Wm Seymour LEACROFT 1822
99 Joseph BRIDDON 14 of Mary BRIDDON Stockport to Peter GELL malster Cromford 1822
100 John OXLEY 11 of Elizabeth OXLEY to Geo BOWMER farmer of Shottle 1822
101 John BROUGH 11 to John SPENDLOVE of Ashleyhay 1823
102 John OXLEY 12 of Elizb OXLEY to Isaac BEARDSLEY 1823
103 John OXLEY 9 to Saml BARKER Winster 1823
104 Mary PEARSON 9 of Hanh PEARSON to John RICHARDSON grocer 1824
105 John BROUGH 10 of John BROUGH to John ANDREW 1824
106 Ann COWPER 9 of Rbt COWPER to Geo HEALD 1824
107 Emma CARTWRIGHT 16 to Saml HARLEY innholder 1824
109 Sarah BRIDDON 10 to John SMITH worsted maker 1824
110 Mary PEARSON 10 of Hannah to Jospeh BEARDSLEY 1825
111 James THOMPSON son of John of Cromford, to George HAWLEY of Matlock, blacksmith 1848
111a Sarah BRIDDON 10 dau of Mary NEEEDHAM late BRIDDON to John POYSER Wirksworth 1825
112 Isaac HOADES 11 son of Elizabeth to Samuel NUTTALL Wirksworth 1826
113 George COTTERILL 14 of Mary HOLWELL of Sheffield to Francis RADFORD Wirksworth 1826
114 Thomas GRATTON 9 of Lydia late of Wirksworth to Francis ROPER Middleton by Wirksworth. 1828
116 John BRAMLEY 11 of Elizaabeth, widow. to George PICKARD Wirksworth. 1828
117 Thomas GRATTON 11 of Lydia of Wirksworth to James TAYLOR North Wingfield. 1828
118 Anthony BRAMLEY 11 of Benjamin. to John MATHER Wirksworth 1829
119 Thomas GRATTON 10 of Lydia to Henry BLOUNT Wirksworth 1829
120 James WOODHOUSE 12 of George to (missing, torn.) Wirksworth. 1829
122 Hannah FRITH 10 of Septimus FRITH to jnr ho Ible? 1830 parts torn.
123 John MOSS 10 of Phoebe MOSS widow, to G? WEBSTER joiner. Wirksworth 1830
124 Samuel BUNTING 10 of Job to ? WILLIAMS of ------orth 1830
125 Mary WIGLEY 14 of John to ----WEBSTER Wirksworth 1830
126 William WOODHOUSE 10 of George to John BAMFORD of Wirksworth. 1830
127 James WOODHOUSE 11 of George and Fanny to Edward ANDREWS bricklayer of South Normanton. 1830
128 Ann BUNTING 10 of George, late of Wirksworth to James ANNABLE baker, Wirksworth 1831
129 Samuel BUNTING 9 of George late of Wirksworth to William FROST Wirksworth 1831
130 William WOODHOUSE 10 of George to James ROSS of Lambley, Notts fwk. 1831 Notts Magistrates refuse. (James ROSS crossed through.)
131 William HOON NO AGE GIVEN, of Isaac HOON to Charles MASSEY of Hopton. 1831
132 William FRITH 9 of Septimus FRITH to Isaac FOULKS Wirksworth. 1831
133 James ALSOP 9 of John, to John UDALE butcher, Wirksworth. 1831
134 Elizabeth WILSON 12 of Daniel WILSON to George Tertius DALE draper, Wirksworth 1831
135 Eliza DEAN 10 of Thomas DEAN to Thomas BEELY cooper, Wirksworth. 1831
136 Luke DEAN 13 of Thomas DEAN to Thomas BYARD farmer of Callow p. Wirksworth 1831
137 Henry FLINT 9 of James FLINT to Elizabeth TOPLIS spinster Wirksworth. 1831
138 Isaac THOMPSON 9 of Rebeckah THOMPSON widow of Wirksworth to James STEVENSON bleacher, Wirksworth 1831
139 Ellen ELLIOTT 9 of Ann ELLIOTT widow of Wirksworth to Benjamin GREATOREX Ashleyhay. p Wirksworth farmer 1831
140 John ELLIOTT 13 of Ann ELLIOTT widow of Wirksworth to Samuel WHEATCROFT Crich farmer. 1831
141 John COLLEDGE 15 of William COLLEDGE of Wirksworth to Samuel WRIGHT YNGR Bolehill, Yeoman. 1832
IV2/21 William BAMFORD son of George BAMFORD, Wirksworth, miner to Thomas TONGE Wirksworth, calico weaver. 1804
V6/287 Edwin son of George BRATBY Wirksworth to William WALKER Wirksworth 1876
Appeal by John JOHNSON of Idridgehay, Dbys not to take on Martha SIMPSON of Idridgehay as apprentice.  1754 QSOBe
YORKSHIRE Apprenticeship
IV1/AP4 Jeremiah BOTTOMLEY son of Judith BOTTOMLEY of Rastrick p. Halifax, widow to Edward COCKHILL of Rastrick, plumber. 1836
YOULGREAVE Apprenticeship
4 Wm FOLLOW to Jonathan CLARK of Youlgreave 1707/8
2/1 Wm HANCOK to Tho COATES Youlgreave 1716
2/2 Mary FOLLOW to Richard BONSALL Youlgreave 1708
2/3 Abram HALL son of Thomas, miner Youlgreave to John KILLINGLEY framework knitter, London 1735
2/4 Ann ROBERTS to Tho COATS butcher Youlgreave housewifery 1726
2/5 Sarah GLADWIN to Wm SWINDELL 1727
2/6 Joseph CHAPPELL son of Elizabeth, to John JOHNSON of Manchester, tape weaver 1741
2/7 George TAYLOR son of Geo TAYLOR miner to Wm DOUTHWATE whip maker 1743
2/8 Hannah dau of Elizabeth TOFT to Thos GARROT Youlgreave, housewifery 1746/7
2/9 Ann BAGSHAW dau of Grace, to Wm WORALL, Salford, Laceheader, 1746
2/10 Peter BARKER to Francis ALLWOOD, Sheffield cutler 1749
2/11 John son of John SHELDON to Danl TIMMINS, Dudley.1742
2/12 Francis HENSTOCK 11, to Francis ORR, Litton 1795
2/13 Wm NUTTALL 11 to Thos LONGDEN Ashford. 1804
2/14 David ROWLAND 11 Thos LONGDEN Ashford 1804
2/15 Joseph NUTTALL 10 to John SKIDMORE Bakewell 1805
2/16 Ann ROWLAND 10 to Wm LINDSEY Ashford 1813
2/17 John son of John BRUNT to Thos TURNER Milford 1819
2/18 Francis WHITE to Wm ROOME Sheffield 1806
2/19 Francis WHITE to Wm SKIDMORE Ashford 1810
Joseph NUTTALL 10 Youlgreave to John SKIDMORE Bakewell 1805 V22/46
Andrew GRAHAM son of Jacob GRAHAM of Stanton in Youlgreave to Joseph GRAHAM of Chesterfield, currier. 1781 V22/30
Humphrey GREGORY son of Abraham GREGORY of Stanton Leys to John COATES of Youlgreave, cooper and turner. 1809 V22/44
YOULGREAVE APPRENTICESHIPS (These entries are listed in the Overseers account book, they are not the actual indentures. Presumably served as a reference for the Parish Overseers.)

AP1 John FROST to Richard FOXLOW 1725/6
AP2 Anne ROBERTS aged 9,dau of John ROBERTS of Edensor to Thomas COATS, butcher 1726
AP3 Jane BRAMWELL 13, dau of John BRAMWELL to Francis BRAMWELL minor (miner?) 1733
AP4 Francis BEARD son of Mary BEARD to Robert LEESON fwk of Nottingham, Notts. 1746
AP5 William BEARD son of Mary BEARD to John WILSON fwk of Eastwood, Notts. 1746
AP6 Anne BAGSHAW dau of Grace BAGSHAW to Thomas WORAL of Salford, Lancs. 1746
AP7 William TOFT son of Elizabeth TOFT to Thomas PARKINSON fwk of Nottingham 1746
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.