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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



5 Luke HENCHLIFF 13, Rich BROWN and Son Derby St Peter 1794
6 James WRIGHT 9, Henry NEEDHAM Derby St Werburgh 1796
7 Wm AULT 10, Francis SHIRLEY Langley 1796
8 James WILKINSON 11, Chas FARNSWORTH Derby St Werburgh 1800
9 John GOADSBY 14 Joseph DALLISON Derby St Alkmund 1800
10 Francis HINCHLIFF son of Henry and Sarah Markeaton, Jonathan CHAPLAIN Derby St Werburgh 1821(26 Oct)
11 Francis HINCHLIFF 14, Jonathan CHAPLAIN Derby St Werburgh 1821 (12 Oct)
MAPPLETON Apprenticeship
1 Joseph MADDOCK 14 of Elizabeth of Bentley, to Wm HART Nottm St Mary 1802
2 Henry BINKS 11 so of Cahterine and. .. BINKS of Basford to Samuel SHELTON of Bulwell 1814
3 Hannah MEAKIN 12 of Elizabeth of Mappleton to Saml GREGORY Stanton Co. Derby 1810
4 Joseph BINKS 13 of Catherine, widow, of Mappleton to Samuel SHELTON, Bulwell 1810
5 James ALLEN 11 illeg son of Sarah ALLEN Mappleton to Messrs COOPER and MATCHETT Woodeaves, Tissington 1817
6 Joseph MEAKIN 15, of Samuel of Mappleton to John SAUNDERS, whitesmith, Ashbourne 1819
7 John CASH 15 of Wm and Elizb of Mappleton to Messrs COOPER and MATCHETT Woodeaves 1822
8 Samuel BINKS 11 illeg of Catherine BINKS Mappleton to Messrs COOPER and MATCHETT Woodeaves 1824
9 John PEARSON 11 of John and Elizabeth PEARSON of Mappleton to Messrs COPPER and MATCHETT 1825
List of names only, not the actual indentures. regarding apprentices found in parish book for Marston Montgomery. Not copiable.
Richard PEACOCK to Richard HALL apprentice 1662 or 1663
Thomas STUBBING took S HALL  same time
John LOWE put out Thomas LANDER apprentice 1668
Mary SHELDON widow took Eliz KIRKLAND 1672
John COPESTAKE took Thomas HATTON 1672
John TOWNSEND Snr took Ellin HATTON 1672
Job PEACOCK took Charles HALL 1677
Edward BURTON put out Hannah HOLLIS 1686
Joseph WOOLLEY took Hannah HATTON 1698
Mr Arthur BOWYER took Thomas HOLLIS 1698
Richard WOOLLEY put out Grace CARTER 1698
Richard BOWYER put out a son of Thomas LANDER 1698
John GODRIDGE servant to John ADAMS took Richard HOLLIS apprentice 1702
John TOWNSEND took William LANDER 1703
William BROWN took Mark MAURICE  for Mr POOLS farm 1703
Richard BROWN took Eliz. PEW  1704
Mrs LOWE put out Thomas CHAMBERLAIN 1704
Edmund CHALLONER took --------  LEES 1711
Francis LOWE took an apprentice for the Bank Top farm 1712
Mary WOOLLEY took one for New Close same time 1712
Thomas CHAMBERLAIN took Luke THOMPSON apprentice 1716
Jno. Sampson COPESTAKE took John THOMPSON apprentice 1717
John BALL took Thomas MOULD 1717
Richard SHIPLEY took Thomas THOMSON 1717
Thomas MOSLEY took George SHIPLEY 1729
Richard CONWAY took Elizabeth FROST 1730
Samuel WOOLLEY took James WILD 1730
William BIRD took Hannah WILD for James SMITH farm 1730
Mrs BOWYER put out William FROST for the Hollehurst Farm 1731
William SMITH took John WILD for the Old Field farm 1733
Samuel SMITH took Joseph WILD for SMITHS own farm Bank Top 1734
Thomas DAYNE took one for Hollehurst farm 1736
Mr Edmund CHALLINOR took James KING for late GAUNTS farm 1742
Joseph SMITH took Hannah DAYNE for the Grange Farm 1746
Robert HEATH took Mary DAYNE for Robert STONES farm 1747
Robert GOODALL took Sarah DAYNE for late Captin BROWN farm Waldley 1751
John TOMLINSON took Thomas BAINBRIDGE for Mr PEACOCKS farm Marston Park 1754
John MOULD took Ann KIRKLAND for BURTONS farm at Waldley  1756
Cath WOOLLEY took James YOUMANS 1767
Thomas BRINDLEY took James MARSTON Waldly 1767-1786?
Richard TITLEY took Elizabeth ASHMOLE apprentice for the Old House 1786
Walter TITLEY took Mary ASHMOLE apprentice at the same time 1786
Mr Thomas BOWYER took Jane ASHMOLE apprentice at the same time 1786
John APPLEBY took Mary HALL apprentice 1789
Thomas GOODALL took Mary BAINBRIDGE apprentice for the Woodhouse farm 1798
James MOULD took Elizabeth PEG apprentice for Bank Top farm belonging ? to Samuel COPESTAKE 1798
John CHAMBERLAIN took Philip ETCHES apprentice for his own farm 1799
William ALLSOP of Marston Park paid ten pounds in lieu of apprentice farm belongs Samuel COPESTAKE 1799
Thomas JOHNSON  took Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE apprentice for late POOLS farm 1799
Jeremiah COPE took Mary ROBATS for Jon. WILSONS farm at the brook 1799
Thomas BROWNSON took Olive ASHMOLE for the Hollehurst farm 1811
Joseph SILCOCK paid fine in lieu of apprentice c 1811
John SMITH paid fine in lieu of apprentice c 1811
Thomas EATON took Elizabeth KEELING for the Old Field farm 1813
John GRESLEY took Edith KEELING for the Coal ground farm 1813
Omitted about 1798 John CONWAY paid fine in lieu of apprentice
Mr John BARRATT paid fine in lieu of apprentice for Mr WALKERS farm of Marston Park 1819
James RICHARDSON of Marston Park late COPESTAKE paid fine in lieu of apprentice 1819
Mr Luke TURNER of Summershall paid ten pounds fine in lieu of apprentist for Marston Ground.
MARSTON ON DOVE Apprenticeship
1 George son of George JACKSON to John SIMS St Peters, cordwainer. 1808
MATLOCK Apprenticeship
QAP3 Discharge from apprenticeship because John BOWDEN mistreated by Efward WALTON, Matlock. 1789
AP1 George THOMPSON son of James THOMPSON of Matlock to Edward SLACK Matlock, butcher. 1878
MIS44/44 Apprenticeship Indenture of William HAWLEY of Matlock to Thomas COTTERELL of Snitterton, wheelwright. 1799
MIS63/4 Apprentice Indenture of William EVANS to Lawrence Thomas WILDGOOSE, Matlock Bank, joiner 1890
1AP John BOWNE son of Anthony BOWNE of Matlock yeoman to Alexander FOUND of London.  1604
MELBOURNE Apprenticeship
MIS50/48 Edwin CALOW son of Francis CALOW lace maker of Melbourne to James PEAT of Melbourne, bricklayer. 1837
MIS50/50 George CALOW son of Henry CALOW of Melbourne to Joseph BULLOCK of Melbourne joiner. 1836
1 Ann BERRISFORD dau of Cornelius BERRISFORD to William EARP Melbourne 1698
2 Charles BERRISFORD son of Cornelius BERRISFORD to Josiah CANTRILL Melb 1698
3 William PIERSON (PEARSON) son of Thomas PIERSON dec. Melbourne and motherless, to George SUMERFIELD Snr Melbourne 1698
4 John CARTWRIGHT son of John CARTWRIGHT Melbourne to Richard KIMBERTON Kings Newton 1698
5 Joseph BIRCH son of John BIRCH to Robert HARDING 1698
6 Thomas HALL son of Thomas HALL labourer, Melbourne to John BERRISFORD Kings Newton 1698
7 John GOODALL son of Joseph GOODALL Kings Newton labourer to Henry COOPER Kings Newton 1698
8 John CHARNILLS son of John CHARNILLS Melbourne dec. to Joseph LEESE Melbourne 1698
9 Mary BERRISFORD dau of Jeffery BERRISFORD late of Kings Newton to John RADCLIFFE Kings Newton. 1699
10 William HALL son of Thomas HALL Melbourne to John MARTIN Kings Newton 1699
11 Thomas BERRISFORD son of Jeffery BERRISFORD late of Kings Newton dec. to Edward HOLINGWORTH of Melbourne. 1699
12 Mary DOER to John BROOKWALL Kings Newton 1705
13 Elin CHADWICK to Richard DALEMAN (DOLMAN) Melbourne 1706
14 Elin CHADWICK assigned to Richard SOLE? Repton 1711
15 Henry MOORE Melbourne to Joseph MOORE Derby St Peter, bricklayer. 1726/7
16 William ROULSON to Joseph FISHER Melbourne 1740
17 Sarah TURNER Melbourne to Thomas LOWE Swanninton, Leics 1740
18 Ann PARKER to Thomas STEVENSON Glenfield, Leics. tailor. 1747
19 Elizabeth PARKER to John OLIVER Tamworth, Warwicks. 1747
20 Thomas TURNER to Edward WILKINSON Hinckley, Leics. 1748
21 John BANCROFT to Austin MARTIN Castle Donnington, Leics. gardener. 1750/1
22 Thomas COWLEY to Charles WALKER Belper weaver 1750/1
23 Nicholas GRANGER 10. to Thomas GRANGER Packington, Leics. 1751
24 William BARK 13, to Robert WALKER Shepshead, Leics. 1756
25 Elizabeth BARK to Thomas LOWE Belton, Leics. 1756
26 Mary CARTRITE (CARTWRIGHT) to Mary DALLMAN Melbourne widow. 1757
27 Thomas BANCROFT to Bartholomew HICKLIN Sutton Bonnington, Notts tailor. 1757
28 Thomas CARTRITE (CARTWRIGHT) to Francis SHENTON Shepshead, Leics. 1757
29 John BAYLEY to Hugh JACKSON Chilwell, Notts, fwk. 1763
30 William HOLMES to John TOWLE, Draycott, p. Wilne 1764
31 Thomas DIMMOCKS to Edward FLETCHER Nottingham St Marys. 1765
32 Mary TAYLOR to Joseph GOADBY Hinckley, Leics. 1766
33 Robert TAYLOR to Nathaniel SMITH Hinckley, Leics. 1766
34 Edward WARREN to William CHARLSWORTH Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1767
35 John MILLS 11, to James GODBER Basford,Notts 1778
36 Seymour DOLMAN 12y 3m to James FOSTER Tong, p. Breedon on the Hill, Leics. 1780
37 Seymour DOLMAN assigned to William GIBSON Belton, Leics. 1784
38 John GLOVER Winshill 13 to Peter HEMSLEY Melbourne 1800
39 William TIVEY son of Thomas and Mary TIVEY, Melbourne 11, to William HALLAM Sheepshead, Leics. 1803
40 Joseph DRAPER son of Joseph and Elizabeth DRAPER Melbourne 11, to Francis RIPLEY, Kegworth, Leics 1804
41 Note that Francis RIPLEY gained a legal Settlement in Kegworth, Leics. by renting tenements from Robert STARKEY and John WHEATS. Francis previously from Houghton on the Hill, Leics. 1804
42 Nathan BAILEY 9 to Thomas NORTH Thorpe Acre, Leics. fwk. 1804
43 Thomas DRAYCOTT 14, to James UNWIN Sheepshead Leics. 1805
44 Thomas BISHOP 12 to Thomas UNWIN Sheepshead, Leics. 1805
45 William WATERFIELD 11 to John TAFT Derby St Alkmund, 1808
46 William EVANS 12 to John SOLISBURY (SALISBURY?) Derby All Sts. pipe maker, 1809
47 William FAREBROTHER (FAIRBROTHER) son of Elizabeth BIRCH late FAREBROTHER 12, to William ROSE Hartshorne, cordwainer. 1810
48 John WALL 13, son of John and Ann WALL, Melbourne to Francis RIPLEY of Kegworth, Leics. 1810
49 John MITCHELL 12 to Thomas MITCHELL Melbourne fwk, 1811
50 James EARP son of Thomas and Alice EARP both dec. 11 to John BROOKES Ticknall 1811
51 Henry KINSEY illegitimate son of Mary KINSEY 12, Melbourne to John HADDEN Mount Sorrel, Leics 1811
52 William JACQUES son of Joseph and Mary JACQUES 12, to William DRAPER Long Whatton, Leics. 1812
53 Thomas PAGE son of Thomas dec. and Jane PAGE, 11, to Samuel HUSS Long Eaton 1813
54 Thomas BAILEY 13 to James WOOLLATT Shepshead, Leics. 1814
55 David OAKS son of John and Susannah late of Melbourne 13, to James FISHER of Long Whatton, Leics. 1814
56 Joseph SMITHARD son of James of Melbourne, stockiner 12, to Thomas BOSWELL Ibstock, Leics 1815
57 Thomas BUCKNALL son of Ann BUCKNALL widow 14 to Joseph STEVENSON Thurcaston, Leics. blacksmith. 1815
58 Edward TIVEY son of Edward and Sarah TIVEY 14 to Joseph DOLMAN Loughborough, Leics. 20 Aug 1818
59 Joseph DOLMAN Loughborough, Leics is a fit person to have Edward TIVEY apprentice. 26 Jun 1818
60 John PALMER son of Joseph and Sarah PALMER dec. 11, to Benjamin ORME Derby St Werburgh. 30 Jul 1819
61 Benjamin ORME Derby St Werburgh is a fit person to have John PALMER apprentice. 23 Jul 1819
62 Henry EVANS illeg. son of Mary EVANS dec. of Melbourne 13 to William WRIGHT Derby St Alkmund 1820
63 William WRIGHT Derby St Alkmunds is a fit person to have Henry EVANS apprentice 1820
64 William WRIGHT 13 to Hugh SHELDON Mount Sorrel Leics. 1821
65 Hugh SHELDON Mount Sorrel, Leics is a fit person to have William WRIGHT apprentice 1821
66 John WORRALL son of Samuel and Sarah WORRALL 15 to William CLUER of Loughborough, Leics. 1822
67 William CLUER of Loughborough, Leics is a fit person to have John WORRALL apprentice 1822
68 John WARREN son of John and Catherine WARREN 14 to Samuel FOSTER Melbourne 1824
69 Samuel FOSTER of Melbourne is a fit person to have John WARREN apprentice 1824
70 William BIRCH son of Charles BIRCH 12 to Joseph WINFIELD Draycott 1828
71 John WINFIELD Draycott is a fit person to have William BIRCH apprentice 1828
72 John GREGORY son of Sarah GREGORY Melbourne widow, 13 to Thomas SIMPKIN Castle Donnington, Leics. cordwainer. 1828
73 Thomas SIMPKIN Castle Donnington, Leics is a fit person to have John GREGORY apprentice 1828
74 Robert HATTON son of Mary, widow 11 to Thomas HATTON, Ticknall 1829
75 Thomas HATTON Ticknall is a fit person to have Robert HATTON apprentice. 1829
76 William FAIRBROTHER son of John and Ellen, Melbourne 14 to Samuel ASTLE, Draycott, 1830.
77 Samuel ASTLE Draycott is a fit person to have William FAIRBROTHER apprentice. 1830
78 John BONSALL son of Richard and Elizabeth 12, to Thomas HEATHCOTE Whitwick, Leics. 1831
79 Thomas HEATHCOTE Whitwick, Leics, painter and engraver is a fit person to have John BONSALL apprentice. 1831
80 John DUNNICLIFF son of John and Elizabeth now residing at Ticknall 14, to James TOONE of Thringston, Leics. 1832
81 James TOONE of Thringstone, Leics. is a fit person to have John DUNNICLIFF residing Ticknall, Settlement Melbourne as apprentice. 1832
82 Thomas WINFIELD son of Thomas and Sarah 13 to Matthew RICHARDS, Worthington, Leics. 1833
83 Matthew RICHARDS Worthington, Leics is a fit person to have Thomas WINFIELD apprentice. 1832
84 John ALLENBURY son of Elizabeth widow, 15 Melbourne to James BAKER Hathern, Leics 1835
85 James BAKER Hathern, Leics is a fit person to have John ALLENBURY apprentice. 1835
86 Herbert WRIGHT son of Ann, widow 10 to William WRIGHT Mount Sorrel Leics. 1835
87 William WRIGHT, Mount Sorrel Leics. is a fit person to have Herbert WRIGHT apprentice 1835
88 Note that William WILLN of Co. Derby has turned his apprentice John GOODALL? over to Thomas CLARK of Overseal, Leics. shoemaker 1729
89 William THOMPSON assigned to Edmund FREARSON Nottingham, Notts butcher from Phillip STRELLEY, Nottingham. First Indentured 1809 assigned 1812.
90 James GODBER who belongs Basford is "very honest, sober, industrious. Signed by Vicar and Churchwardens of Basford, Notts. 1778
91 Note that Richard WATHALL son of Elizabeth widow, bound to John GRANCOOT of Melbourne by Indenture dated 1803. Note states Richard is from Horsley and is dated 1841.
92 William OSTER "given leafe" but did not return to L. SMITH. 2 Jun Derby. no year given.
93 George PALMER son of Joseph, lab dec. to Thomas EDGE Birmingham, Warwicks. 1820
94 Walter EVANS son of late Mary EVANS Melbourne to William PLANT Derby St Werburgh. 1820
95 John CURSON son of late John CURSON and Catherine (now OAKEY) to Stephen HULSE, Walsall, Staffs
96 Henry PALMER son of late Joseph and Sarah PALMER to James BARNET Coleshall St, Birmingham, Warwicks. 1820
97 John PASS son of James and Mary PASS to John HODGETTS Co Warwick. 1820
98 Joseph son of Edward and Sarah TIVEY 12 to John PERRY steel toy manufacturer, Aston, Birmingham, Warwicks. 1821
99 Lydia BACON dau of Thomas BACON dec and Elizabeth 13 to Thomas EDGE Dale End, Birmingham, Warwicks. 1821
100 James BUCKNALL son of John BUCKNALL dec and Ann, 15, to William BERKIN, belt and gimblet manufacturer, Birmingham, Warwicks. 1821
101 William JACKSON son of John JACKSON dec and Mary, 13 to George BROOKS brass cabinet locksmith, Wolverhampton, Staffs. 1821
102 Henry SMITHARD son of Samuel and Lucy, 14 to Thomas HAWKESFORD carpenter, Aston, Birmingham, Warwicks. 1821
103 Ann PASS dau of James PASS who has ran away and Mary PASS dec. 13, to John EDGE, ironmonger, Birmingham, Warwicks. 1821
104 Robert BAILEY son of William and Elizabeth, lab. 14, to Phillip BRATT Hill St. Birmingham, Warwicks. 1821
105 Thomas TIVEY son of William and Ann TIVEY to Stephen HULSE Walsall Staffs  1821
106 George FAIRBROTHER son of John (decd) and Elizabeth (remarried)  to John VALE Wolverhampton Staffs 1822
107 James NEWBOLD son of John and Catharine NEWBOLD to Thomas DAWSON Birmingham Warwicks 1822
108 Maria TIVEY aged 11, illeg dau of Elizabeth to Henry FISHER Tipton Staffs 1822
109 Thomas BACON aged 11, son of Thomas and Elizabeth BACON to Samuel HILL Wolverhampton Staffs 1822
110 George ENSOR aged 12 son of William and Millicent ENSOR to Thomas DAWSON Birmingham Warwicks 1822
111 Francis TIVEY aged 12 son of William and Ann TIVEY to Henry FISHER Tipton Staffs 1823
112 William ROBERTS aged 14, son of John and Ann ROBERTS Coleorton Moor Leics to Thomas EDGE  1823
113 William WARREN son of the late John WARREN and Catherine his wife to John MEAKIN of Repton  1824
114 James SMITHARD aged 12 son of James and Eleanor SMITHARD to Joseph SMITHARD Derby St Peter.  1826
MELLOR Apprenticeship
Samuel JOULE Mellor 7 to Robert SIDEBOTTOM 1813 V22/49
William BENNETT als PICKFORD Mellor 8 to William PICKFORD Mellor cotton spinner and weaver 1813 V22/51
Declaration by Thomas MOSS at Tideswell, that his apprentice Ann HEATHCOTE has run away. 1816 (see Monyash Apprenticeship). V22/41
MONYASH Apprenticeship
Ann HEATHCOTE Monyash 8 to Thomas MOSS Mellor weaver. 1816. V22/48
MUGGINTON Apprenticeship (note; these are entries, as found in the Parish Book of Apprentices)
A1 Thomas KIRKLAND 9, illegitimate son of Elizabeth KIRKLAND to George SWINDALL Crich 1802
A2 William SNEAP 12 to Thomas HANSON Stanley 1809
A3 Samuel TURTON 10 son of Isaac and Ann TURTON , Ilkeston to William WATSON Kirkby Woodhouse,Notts. 1809
A4 Samuel WATERFIELD 11 son of John WATERFIELD  to Samuel MARCHANT Cromford 1822
A5 James HUTCHINSON 9 son of Joseph and Mary HUTCHINSON  to John CLARK Derby All Saints 1812
A6 Joseph HITCHCOCK 10 of Edward HITCHCOCK to George STATHAM Matlock 1812
A7 John HITCHCOCK 8 son of Edward HITCHCOCK to Samuel MARCHANT Cromford  1812
A8 Elizabeth SLATER 13 illegitimate of Grace SLATER to Charles PRATT Derby St Werburgh 1813
A9 Samuel TURTON 13 son of John and Elizabeth TURTON  Ilkeston  to Joseph SALT blacksmith  1819
A10 Frances HOROBIN 11 dau of Samuel and Sarah HOROBIN to George POYSER Weston Underwood  1820
A11 George HUTCHINSON 11 son of Joseph and Betty HUTCHINSON  to John GARRATT Mugginton  1820
A12 William KIRKLAND 10 , illeg. of Mary KIRKLAND  to  William WATHEY Mugginton  1820
Francis BOMFORD son of Thomas BOMFORD of Weston Underwood to Nicholas BRADSHAW of Hilltop, Horsley  1741  V4/4
NETHERSEAL Apprenticeship
This is a list of parish apprenticeships "for the parish of Netherseal since 1744" and goes up to 1768.These are not Indentures, but a list that the parish overseers compiled. The original indentures are not with Netherseal parish records and may be lost, hence this list may be the only surviving evidence that these events took place.
John TOMLINSON apprenticed to Mr FARNELL 1744
Thomas NEWBOLD apprenticed to William STANDLEY 1744
Alice ARNOLD  to Mr GRESLEY  1744
John BRIGGS  to Alexr. HEAP 1744
Ann BRIGGS  to Thomas SALISBURY 1744
SPEED  to Rev Mr INGE 1744
------------  to  J  JERVIS Esq 1744
William BRIGGS  to John SMITH  O.S (Overseal)1748
---------  to William BROWN  1751
---------  to William WILKES  1751
BUCKS lad  to Z GILBERT 1756
E TOOWLES girl  to Thomas BATE 1756
Ann DEAN  to Mr Jos WILKES 1756
Mary DEAN  to Mr HALL  1759
COOKES girl  to William CAPENHURST  1759
HAYS'S girl  to -hat? MOUSLEY  1762
John DEAN  to Thomas CLARKE O Seal (Overseal)  1762
BUCKS girl  to William NEWBOLD 1762
Jas SAUNSOMS boy  to William BAILEY 1762
Jas SANSOMS girl to  John NEWBOLD 1762
COOKS girl  to Josh MASON 1764
COOKS girl  to John SIMMS 1764
Josh BAXTER  to John HARRIS  1766
Eliz HAIR to Hannah HAIR 1766
BROWNS lad  run away,  to John MILLER 1768
another of BROWNS lads  to William BROWN 1768
Jas SANSOMS Elder ?  to George SIMMS 1768 (This last entry looks as if has been crossed through)
GRESLEY John son of Thomas GRESLEY of Seal Indenture, to Thomas GELL of Wirksworth  1727   V3/75

NEWTON SOLNEY Apprenticeship
A1 Thomas HOLMES 13  to  Thomas SIDLEY Derby St Peters  1802
A2 William HOLMES 10 (son of late John HOLMES ) to Edward BROCKLEHURST, Bulwell, Notts. 1802
A3 Mary Ann DICKEN 11 to Henry PRINCE Burton on Trent, Stafs 1804
A4 John GIBSON 14. son of John and Sarah GIBSON of Burton on Trent, Staffs,  to William WATSON Burton on Trent 1814
A5 Sarah ATKIN 13 dau of Thomas ATKIN  to Thomas HALLAM Winshill farmer   1814
A6 John CAULTON son of Paul CAULTON Burton on Trent, Staffs to Thomas LOWE Burton on Trent, Staffs   1814
A7 Michael ADAMS 13 son of Mary ADAMS   to Jospeh BAILEY Etwall  1816
A8 Henry ATKIN 15 son of Aaron and Sarah ATKIN  to Joseph LEEDHAM of Burton on Trent 1818
A9 Job SHEPHERD 14 son of Job and Ann SHEPHERD to Stephen and James HODGKINSON Derby 1821
A10 Job SHEPHERD 14 Newton Solney ,son of Job and Ann SHEPHERD dead, to Stephen and James HODGKINSON. Derby St Alkmund.  1821
A11 Samuel ADAMS son of William ADAMS and Hannah his wife. 14 , to Joseph GORSE Derby St Werburgh  1821
A12 Samuel ADAMS 14 parents William and Hannah unable to maintain.  to Joseph GORSE Derby St Werburgh  1821
A13 James SALT son of Samuel and Patience SALT Winshill  to William ADAMS Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1821 
A14 James SALT 13 parents Samuel and Patience SALT unable to maintain   to William ADAMS Burton on Trent, Staffs.  1821
A15 Joseph DRAYCOTE 16 illeg child of Ann, now wife of Joseph TOMLINSON heretofore Ann DRAYCOTE  to Thomas HUDSON Hartshorne.  1821
A16 Joseph DRAYCOTE 16 Ann now wife of Joseph TOMLINSON unable to maintain child to Thomas HUDSON Hartshorne 1821
A17 John WILSON 14, son of Henry and Ann WILSON to John BALDWIN  Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1821
A18 John WILSON 14 parents Henry and Ann WILSON unable to maintain  to John BALDWIN Burton on Trent, Staffs.  1821
A19 Francis BIDDULPH 14, son of Sampson and Esther BIDDULPH  unable to maintain  to Joseph DYCHE Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1828   
A20 Francis BIDDULPH 14 son of Sampson and Esther BIDDULPH  to Joseph DYCHE Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1828
A21 John SAULT 14,  illeg. son of Sarah now wife of Thomas BATES  heretofore Sarah SAULT to John COATES Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1829
A22 John SAULT 14 ,Sarah now wife of Thomas BATES unable to maintain  to John COATES Burton on Trent, Staffs 1829
A23 Henry ATKIN 15 son of Aaron and Sarah ATKIN unable to maintain to Joseph LEEDHAM Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1818
A24 James SALT parents unable to maintain him  to William ADAMS Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1821 On reverse; Paul HOLMES delivered the above notice to David WHITEHEAD Overseer of Burton on Trent 1821
A25 John WILSON parents unable to support him to John BALDWIN Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1821 On reverse; Paul HOLMES Overseer of Newton Solney delivered notice to David WHITEHEAD Overseer of Burton. 1821
NORTH WINGFIELD Apprenticeship
BAR579 Chas SMITH to John BEIGHTON Clay Lane 1712/3
BAR824a Mary SADLER Clay Lane to John BROCKSOPP of Hasland 1807
BAR832 Edward BERKESS Smithy Moor to Wm WRAGG Stretton Hall 1715/16
QAP1 Distraint of goods of George HOLLAND North Wingfield farmer, to support apprentice Mary HATFIELD. 1763
OCKBROOK Apprenticeships
AP1 Tho son of Tho GREGORY of Taddington to Ralph WOODROOFE of Tideswell. 1705
AP2 Joseph son of Robert WOOD, Okebrook to Thomas TAFT, Long Eaton, butcher. 1712
AP3 William GRUNDY 10yrs to Joseph WALKER Ockbrook, weaver. 1733
AP4 Sarah TUTON (or TATON) to Richard KNIGHTON Little Hallam 1735
AP5 Mary TURTON to Thomas COOKE 1736
AP6 Thomas eldest son of Thomas PHEASANT Kirk Langley apprenticed to Buxton BEMBRIDGE baker, Derby 1736 then assigned to William BARTON Duffield baker. 1737
AP7 Hannah COOK to James WOOD 1741
AP8 Jane, Elizabeth (both crossed out) COOK dau of Thomas COOK to William CULLEMBELL Ockbrook husbandman 1742
AP9 Ellen WALKER to Joseph HOUSLEY husbandman, Ockbrook 1747
AP10 Joseph WALKER to Thomas Edward DALBY 1747
AP11 Joseph STONES 10 yrs to Thomas WOOD Ockbrook 1784
AP12 Joseph WYLDE son of John and Hannah dec. to George MARSDEN of Ilkeston fwk 1804
AP13 Samuel BARNES illeg son of --------- BARNES 9, to Wm SNEESBY Ockbrook, butcher 1810
AP14 Oliver FODEN son of Oliver and Priscilla FODEN Ockbrook, 13, to Richard STAINSBY Ockbrook farmer 1813
AP15 John WINFIELD son of John WINGFIELD Ockbrook, 9 to Thomas BRADLEY Ockbrook fwk. 1815
AP16 Stephen FOSTER son of Sarah BROWN (heretofore FOSTER) 14, TO John BENTLEY Derby St Alkmund, sinker maker. 1822
AP18 Thomas NADIN to Thomas CRESWELL Nottm fwk 1794
AP19 Wm SUMMERS 14 Matthew SHEPHERD Stableford, Notts fwk. 1800
AP20 Edward FRECKLETON 13 Saml MORETON Derby All Sts. brickmaker. 1801
AP21 William crssed through, Joseph son of Joseph HOUGHTON 9 late of Ockbrook, to Mark PORTER yngr Ockbrook rope maker. 1803
PEAK FOREST Apprenticeship
AP1 Sarah BARBER dau of Henry, late of Peak Forest to Charles COLLIER of Ashbourne Lane, parish of Chapel en le Frith. Button making. 1713
AP2 George STORY 12, TO George BRADLEY of Charlesworth, collier. 1897
AP3 Joseph STORER 12 to James LONGSTON Newbold, stone mason 1807
AP4 James SHIRT 15 to George BOTHOMS (BOTHAMS) Bowden Chapel, basket maker. 1808
AP5 Jasper WILDGOOSE 7 to John DOWNES Cowgate, Tankersley, Yks 1809
AP6 William MARCHINGTON 10 to Samuel HOLEHOUSE Litton p.Tideswell fwk. 1814
AP7 Luke CARTLEDGE 8 to Thomas PADLEY Sheffield, Yks. cutler. 1814
AP8 William HOWE 11 to John WYATT, Marple, Ches. 1814
AP9 James HILL to William JONES, Bowden Chapel 1815
AP10 John SHIRT 13 to George CROOKS Waddesley (Wadsley?) Ecclesall, cordwainer. 1816
AP11 Thomas WINTERBOTHAM 13 to George HILL, Wormhill. cordwainer. 1806
AP12 William STORY 12 to James WAINE Tideswell 1803
AP13 Urinah (sic) FLETCHER 9 to Ellis NEEDHAM, Wormhill, to learn housewifery. 1800
AP14 James HARTLE 11 to Thomas SMITH, Manchester, Lancs. painter. 1796
AP15 William SHIRTT (SHIRT) 10 to Samuel FRITH, Bank Hall, Chapel en le Frith, farmer 1796
AP16 Ann STOREY 13 to Elias NEEDHAM, Gent. Wormhill 1795
AP17 Livy STORY 11 to Elias NEEDHAM Gent. Wormhill 1795
AP18 George HILL 8 to Thomas LOMAS Chapel en le Frith 1795
AP19 Robert CARTLEDGE 9 to Thomas FORD Chapel en le Frith weaver. 1795
AP20 Lisha CARTLEDGE 10 to Thomas FORD, Chapel en le Frith, weaver 1794
AP21 Samuel BEARD 10 to Christopher CARTLEDGE Manchester, Lancs, tailor. 1795
AP22 James STORY to John RHODES, Whitfield p.Glossop 1795
AP23 Thomas HILL ? 9 to Samuel HADFIELD Peak Forest, cordwainer. 1792
AP24 Rowland STORER to Thomas LONGDEN Ashford, 1790
AP25 John PHINIX (PHOENIX) 9 to John WATERHOUSE Chinley, farmer. 1788
AP26 George MARCHINTON (MARCHINGTON) 9 to John WATERHOUSE, Chinley, farmer. 1788
AP27 Ann HARTLE to Joseph LONGSDON Chapel en le Frith. 1787
AP28 Robert HOLME to John PICKFORD Chapel en le Frith, saddler. 1787
AP29 Thomas STORER 9 to Matthew REDFERN, Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, Yks, cutler, grinder. 1786
AP30 Jonathan WINTERBOTHAM 15 to Isaac BEATSON Sheffield, Yks, filesmith. 1786
AP31 Micah STORER 9 to Thomas CALEY Staninton (Stannington) p.Bradfield, Yks 9 0ct. year missing (c1785?)
AP32 Sarah PHENIX torn. to Thomas BRROKS Sep. (c1785)
AP33 David WINTERBOTHAM 11 TO John ELLIS Sheffield, Yks, cutler. 1785
AP34 Joseph WINTERBOTHAM 12 to Joseph HOBSON Sheffield Yks. 1785
AP36 Joseph HALL to Adam DAWSON, Hallam Yks. cutler 1784
AP37 Complaint by Joseph HALL that his Master has run away. 1790

PENTRICH Apprenticeship
Mary SHAW dau of William SHAW of Ripley to Joseph HOGTON Denby  1786.  V21/122
PLEASLEY Apprenticeship
AP1 William MICHEL (MITCHELL?) entered to William DEAN as a Parish prentice, put out by consent of father and mother. 1764
AP2 Eliz GREEN, 10, to John DODSLEY Houghton 1782
AP3 Matthew BOLAR (BOWLER?) to John COOPER 1778
AP4 John BOLAR to John WRIGHT 1778
AP5 Ann WRIGHT dau of David WRIGHT to Richard COOPER 1783
AP6 Thomas WRIGHT son of David WRIGHT ----- TURNER 1783
AP7 Mary WRIGHT dau of David WRIGHT to Matthew HEATH 1783
AP8 William SCOT (SCOTT) to Edward CROOKS Houghton 1784
AP9 Elizabeth SCOT (SCOTT) to John MORTON Stuffinwood 1784
AP10 John SCOT (SCOTT) to George BOOTH jnr of Shirebrook 1787
AP11 Thomas SCOT (SCOTT) to John BULLOCK Shirebrook 1789
REPTON Apprenticeship
1 Joseph SYMCOCK Milton to John HANDBURY Ticknall 1709/10
2 Thomas WILLSON son of Thomas WILLSON of Milton p.Wrepton to Thomas SMITH Burton on Trent, Staffs 1716
3 Thomas ASHMORE a poor child to John SUMERFIELD Burton on Trent, Staffs 1712
4 Memo ; John SUMERFIELD decd. Thomas ASHMORE with grandfather Francis WARD and Edward SUMERFIELD in agreement now puts himself apprentice to John HEAWOOD of Mikilhover (Mickleover) 1713
5* Henry STRATTON to John RADFORD Nottingham,Notts. 1713
6 John PEATE to Thomas NORTON Tutbury, Staffs 1711
7 Thomas MEASOM son of Thomas MEASON late of Repton, labourer to John HEAWOOD, Mickleover 1717
8 Elinor BARTON 14, to Deborah CANTRELL Repton, widow 1721
9 Thomas CHAPMAN son of Alice CHAPMAN widow, to George WALKER Burton on Trent, Staffs 1729
10 John CHAPMAN  to Thomas BROWN Warsall ( Walsall) Staffs 1740
11 William CHAPMAN to Thomas ROE of Warsall ( Walsall) Staffs 1740
12 Joseph PEACH to Nicholas BUCKERFIELD Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1741
13 Joseph GREY to Joseph WILSON Burton on Trent, Staffs 1742
14 Thomas GREY to John ADAMS Ashby de la Zouch, Leics 1742
15 Jon WILSON to Timothy ANDREWS Ashby de la Zouch 1742
16* George CHAPMAN to John BUCKNALL Ashby de la Zouch, Leics 1742
17 David CHAPMAN to Richard HOWLET Worsall ( Walsall) Staffs 1745
18 James GREY son of Richard GREY late of Repton to Thomas BROWN Worsall ( Walsall) Staffs 1748
19* William CHAPMAN of Lichfield, Staffs to John SIMMONS Mancetter, Warwicks 1771
20 Joseph STURGESS to George SHUTTLEWORTH Marple p.Stockport, Ches. 1779
21 Henry SHORTHOSE to John TIMMS Smisby 1784
22* Robert COTTON son of Elizabeth FINIS of Coventry, Warwicks to William HOWSALL Coventry Warwicks 1785
23 Robert STONE 14 to George WATSON Derby All Saints 1790
24 Thomas BULL 12 to Philip PORT of Burton Extra, Staffs 1792
25 George WATSON 11, to Thomas HAWKSWORTH Tamworth, Warwicks 1792
26 Thomas WATSON 14 to Thomas HAWKSWORTH Tamworth,Warwicks 1792
27 John BULL 13 to Edward BEST Repton 1793
28 Hannah JOHNSON 12 to Henry HUNT Repton 1793
29 Charles GREAVES 13 to Robert MORLEY Repton 1793
30 William BULL 10 to Henry HUNT Repton 1794
31 Samuel BULL 12 to Rees REES Repton 1794
32 William BOTTOM 11 to Henry HUNT Repton 1794
33 Sarah FERRIS 15 to William HORSFALL Holy Trinity, Coventry,Warwicks 1794
34 Mary BULL 10 to Benjamin WALKER Newthorp, Greasley, Notts. 1796
35 William HENSON with William HENSON his fathers consent, to Thomas HAMES Newton in the Thistles,Warwicks 1797
36 Joseph GREAVES11 to Edward BEST Repton 1799
37 Matthew STONE 13 to John TAGG Melbourne 1801
38 William ORDISH 13 to Thomas HANSON Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1801
39 James FIELDS 9 to Nichollas MORRILL Ecclesfield,Yks 1805
40 John MARSHALL 13 to Philip PORT Burton Extra, Staffs 1807
41 Thomas PIPES 14 son of Joseph and Mary PIPES  to James NEWBOLD Ashby de la Zouch ,Leics 1807
42 James HULSE 16 son of John and Mary HULSE Melbourne to John TOWLSON Chilwell,Notts 1810
43 James BARTON 12 son of Godfrey and Mary BARTON to Nathaniel BALDWIN Melbourne 1810
44 William KENT 11 son of William and Sarah KENT of Newhall to Stephen SAVILL Newhall 1810
45 Francis ROBERTS 14 son of Elizabeth ROBERTS to Thomas CROPLEY Milton 1811
46 John WEBSTER son of Joseph WEBSTER Milton to William RATCLIFF Repton Jan 1811
47 John WEBSTER agreement with William RATCLIFF Repton Feb 1811
48 Richard REES 11, illegitimate  to Ress REES Repton 1811
49 John TETLEY 12 son of John and Mary TETLEY to John COOPER and James WATTS Church Gresley, colliers 1811
50 John STONE 12 illegitimate son of Ann now wife of Edward BODILL of Swadlincote to Francis EATON Repton 1811
51 John BAMFORD son of Mary BAMFORD widow. to George HUTCHINSON Netherseal  1812
52 John BRADBURY 13, son of Joseph and Ann BRADBURY of Tutbury,Staffs to John WOODWARD Derby St Alkmund  1813
53 John WETTON son of Ann WETTON widow of Repton to Thomas WETTON Repton 1813
54 John GREAVES son of Charles and Mary GREAVES to William TURNER Elder of Repton 1813
55 John REES to William MEAKIN Repton 1813
56 William WILKINSON son of George and Elizabeth WILKINSON to Samuel DAUBNEY Melbourne 1814
57 Thomas SMITH to Thomas JEWSBURY Measham,Dbys 1814
58 William SUDLOW to Thomas JEWSBURY Measham,Dbys. 1814
59 Thomas BAMFORD to Thomas JEWSBURY Measham,Dbys 1814
60 John BATES son of John and Mary BATES to Thomas JEWSBURY Measham Dbys 1814
61 John WARD son of Samuel WARD to William ORDISH Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1814
62 James MARTIN to George MANFULL Melbourne 1814
63 William RYLEY son of Richard and Ann RYLEY of Hatton ? to Stephen HODGKINSON Derby St Alkmund 1814
64 Francis KENT son of William and Sarah KENT of Stanton, Newhall to Stephen SAVILLE Newhall 1814
65 William WETTON son of Ann MITCHELL of Chesterfield late Ann WETTON widow, to Francis REDGATE Derby 1816
66 William SWAN son of Joseph and Elizabeth SWAN to William SMITH Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1816 
67 Thomas TETLEY 12,son of John TETLEY to Rees REES Repton 1819
68 Edward WAYTE 12 illegitimate son of Mary BROOKHOUSE heretofore Mary WAYTE, to Rees REES basket maker. 1820
69 Samuel HUNT 16 son of Elizabeth HUNT of Winshill to Thomas PEACH Repton 1821
70 Thomas CARTER 12 (parents James and Elizabeth dead) to James CARTER Repton1821
71 Thomas CARTER assigned to Humphrey LOWE Church Gresley 1826
72 Joseph HOLDEN 12 illegitimate son of Ann HOLDEN Repton dec. to Joseph STENSON Kegworth 1822
73 William HUNT 14 son of Elizabeth HUNT widow to John BROWN Repton 1822
74 Thomas STURGESS 15 of Benj. and Elizb. STURGESS to John BROWN Repton 1824
75 Thomas DOLMAN 14 son of Samuel and Mary DOLMAN to John BROWN Repton 1824
76 William THORPE 13, son of Ann widow, to Joseph WYATT Derby 1825
77 Francis EATON 13 of Joseph and Dorothy EATON to George WARD Repton 1825
78 William MADDOCK 10 son of William and Ann   to John JACKSON Ilkeston 1825  
79 Joseph DOLMAN 15 of Joseph and Sarah to Joshua FOSTER Burton on Trent, Staffs 1825
80 Gervase WROUGHTON 12 son of Elizabeth widow, to Rees REES Repton 1825
81 Francis HENSON 14 son of Elizabeth now wife of John CARTER heretofore Elizabeth HENSON widow, to John HAMES Swadlincote 1825
82 Henry STURGESS 14 son of Benjamin and Elizabeth to Joseph TURNER Ilkeston 1826
83 William HENSON son of Elizabeth now wife of John CARTER heretofore Elizabeth HENSON  widow to William GRETTON Swadlincote 1827
84 Henry HILTON 13, son of Thomas and Elizabeth HILTON to John SMITH Derby Hills 1827
85 Thomas WROUGHTON 14 son of John and Frances WROUGHTON to William SNAPE Swadlincote 1827
86 John FLETCHER 13 to William NORTON Derby 1828
87 Thomas BODIN 13 son of Jams BODIN Repton to William GRETTON Swadlincote 1830
88 John WROUGHTON 16 son of John and Frances WROUGHTON to Edward MOLL Repton 1831
89 John DUDLESTON 14 son of Richard and Mary DUDLESTON to John MEAKIN Repton 181
90 William CARTER 13 son of James and Ann CARTER to Charles ATKIN Burton Staffs. 1831
91 John TETLEY 14 son of William and Sarah TETELY to Thomas PEACH Repton 1832
92 Edwin MOORHOUSE 13 parents dead to John THORP Hartshorne 1833
93 James DUDLESTON 14 to William RATCLIFF Repton 1834
94 Thomas PEGG 14 son of Thomas and Ann PEGG to Henry TALBOTT Swadlincote 1836
95 William MONKS 14 son of Samuel and Elizabeth MONKS to Wiliam GRETTON Swadlincote 1837
372/9/1 Sarah STRETTON dau of John STRETTON to John HAYNE (and HAINE) Repton 1703
372/9/2 Richard GRAY to John VERNON Burton, Staffs 1742
372/9/3 Patience WILSON to John BUCKNALL Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1742
RISLEY Apprenticeship
A1 John TOWLE 7, to Gervas BOOT Risley 1743
A2 William BANCROFT son of William BANCROFT of Ilkeston to Robert BEARDSLEY of Ilkeston 1748
A3 Elizabeth SHARLOCK 12 to William BRENTNALL of Risley 1798
A4 Sarah SHARLOCK, 10, illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth SHARLOCK (now Elizabeth WALKER) of Risley to Joseph KENDALL of Arnold, Notts. shopkeeper 1813
A5 Samuel WATERS 11, son of Samuel and Sarah WATERS to Samuel OWEN of Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1813
A6 Mary WALTERS 15, daughter of Samuel and Sarah WALTERS to Robert BLUNDSTONE Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1814
A7 Joseph HUDSON 12, son of Thomas and Mary HUDSON of Risley to Francis EATON of Risley 1835
A8 Joseph HUDSON as above. different style. 1835
ROSLISTON Apprenticeship
A1 Hnery WAGSTAFF 16, son of Henry and Mary, to John COATES of Burton upon Trent, tailor 1825

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.