Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



ILKESTON Apprenticeship
AP1 John MACHIN 18, son of Richard MACHIN late of Uttoxeter, Staffs. ropemaker, now a Private in HM 17th Rgt of Foot, apprenticed to William BAKER of Nottingham St Mary, Notts. cordwainer. 1817
AP2 John TRUEMAN son of Michael TRUEMAN to Richard GREASLEY of Stapleford, Notts. fwk. 1731
AP3 Jonathan WHITEHEAD son of Edward WHITEHEAD to Thomas FLOWER of Nottingham, Notts. fwk 1744
AP5 Joseph RILEY son of Joseph RILEY of Denby to George SKEVINGTON Ilkeston, framesmith 1754
AP6 John JONES of Nottingham to Edward CHEETHAM of Ilkeston fwk. 1776
Thomas KNIGHTON Ilkeston  to John WOOD Heanor 1809  V34/20

KENT Apprenticeship
William GROOMBRIDGE jnr West Farleigh to Richard GROOMBRIDGE   1766  V13/30

KIRK IRETON Apprenticeship
Samuel TARRAT alias COOPER of Kirk Ireton appointed to Joseph BARKER  1720  V109/53

Richard PARNELL son of William PARNELL of Sheepy Leics, miller to George ELDERSHAW Derby .  1673   V68/17

LITTON Apprenticeship
1 Martha DALE 12 dau of Ann DALE of Tideswell to Samuel MILWARD Tideswell 1808
2 Francis DRABBLE 14 to John DAWSON Nether Hallam Yks. 1816
3 Hannah LOCKARD 12 parents dead, Litton to Francis PALFREYMAN Litton 1823
4 Robert LOCKARD 10 parents dead Litton to Francis PALFREYMAN 1823
5 Hannah WAIN 9 dau of Hannah WAIN Litton to William NEWTON yngr Litton 1825 (or1829?)

LONG EATON Apprenticeship
V22/29 John Cresswell BURTON, son of Thomas, of Dennington,Leics to Frank WINLAW Long Eaton, innkeeper 1879.

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.