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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



ECKINGTON Apprenticeship
OK46 John BULLAS son of Francis of Mosborough to Geo COLLIE of Sheffield c1687
A1 Mary CADE to Ann BURTON7 Feb, 25th Year.?
A2 Richard TOWNEROW to Geo SITWELL 36th Chas 2.
A3 Ann ROBINSON to Francis LUDLUM Spanbell, Gent 1st Jas 2
A4 Henry HEYNES to Thomas SANDERSON 1689
A5 Tho BIRD to Wm STANIFORD 1691
A6 Henry TAYLOR to John WIGFALL Renishaw 1692
A7 John TAYLOR to Isaac FENTHAM Snr. yeoman. 1692/3
A8 Nathaniel DOWNES to Richard PADLEY of Plumbley 1697
A9 Martha LATHAM to Thomas SANDERSON 1697
A10 Geo CHAMBERS ? to Wm RODGERS 1697
A11 Wm ROGERS to John TURNER Troway 1697
A12 Samuel SAVIDGE to Jos CALTON White Lane End 1698
A13 Sarah CHAPMAN to John NEWBOLD 1701
A14 George BARK to Thomas SAUNDERSON Snr. 1701
A15 William RODGERS to John TURNER Troway 1702
A16 Robert KEY to William BILLAM 1703
A17 Susannah FOX to William HATTERSLEY 1703
A18 Henry TIMONS to George WHITE 1703
A19 Rebecca DARBY to Thomas RENSHAW 1704
A20 Henry CHAPMAN to Thomas WEBSTER of Dronfield 1706
A21 Joseph RICHARDSON to John UNWIN 1706
A22 George TOMPSON to John BURTON Mosborough 1707
A23 Mary BOWNES to Samuel TURNER Marsh Lane 1709
A24 William MARPLES to Thomas STONES Esq. 1709
A25 Agnes TIMONS to John CADMAN Eckington butcher 1711
A26 Sarah TAYLOR to John TURNER Troway 1717
A28 Ignatius PRIEST to John POOL Spinkhill 1717
A29 Francis MARRIOTT to John TURNER Troway 1718
A30 John ASH to George CROFTS Mosborough Moor 1719
A31 Elizabeth CUMBERBRIDGE? to Francis PLUMTREE Carter Hall, Eckington 1728?
A33 George ANDREW to John TURNER Jnr Norton 1728
A34 Francis WHITE son of Matthew WHITE to Jonathan WOLLEN Troway 1730
A35 William NEWTON son of Elizabeth NEWTON and William BOOTH of Wales, Yks yeoman to Joseph BARNES Gleadless, Yks 1738
A36 Thomas CROOKES to John RENSHAW 1740
A37 Mary REYNOLD to George Langford NEVILL 1740
A38 Jacob WEBSTER to Gervase BROWNE Sheffield,Yks cutler 1745
A39 John BRAMMAL to William NEWBOLD 1749
A40 Samuel SILVESTER son of Samuel SILVESTER of Norton Lees to Edward SAVILE of Tankersley,Yks 1755 later to Richard HOULDSWORTH of Sheffield Yks 1756
A41 Samuel SILVESTER son of Samuel SILVESTER of Norton Lees to Josh. ROSE with consent of his master Richard HOULDSWORTH. 1761
A42 Ann MACHIN to William BAILEY 1782
A43 John RAMSAY to Joseph ROSE wheelwright 1782
A44 John KEETON (THIRTON?) to William TURNER 1783
A45 Mary KEETON (THIRTON?) to John BOOTH 1783
A46 Charlotte RATCLIFFE to William COOPER 1783
A47 Elizabeth PARKIN ? to Thomas SLAGG 1783
A48 Jonathan WILDSMITH to Stephen FOX 1783
A49 Sarah TAYLOR to George MULLINS 1783
A50 Matthew LITTLEWOOD to George COX 1783
A51 David TAYLOR  to  William GRAY  1783
A52 Ann DYSON  to Edward JENKIN farmer  1783
A53 Ann RAMSAY  to John BARBER  1783
A54 Hannah TAYLOR  to  John TURNER farmer 1783
A55 John MACHIN son of Joshua MACHIN  cooper, to John MIDDLETON Wadsley p. Ecclesfield, Yks. 1784
A56 Thomas RIPPON to Robert TURNER 1784
A57 John DARBY  to Edward BARRATT Bradfield, Yks 1785
A58  note "that when John DARBY attains 14yrs shall be bound at the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield according to custom to the business of cutler grinder" 1785
A59 John RIPPON  to Luke STANIFORTH  1785
A60 George SCHOFIELD  to  Fras. SITWELL Esq.  1785
A61 John WHITTINGTON  to  Thomas WHITTINGTON  Sheffield, Yks  1786
A62 Samuel NEEDHAM  to  John PARKER  farmer 1787
A63 Elizabeth WRAG  to  John BARBER jnr  1787
A64 William PROUSE  to  William BARBER? ( BARDILL) 1787
A65 William TYSON  to  Thomas CROSS  1787
A66 Paul REVELL  to  Benjamin BARKER  1787
A67 David WILKS  to Jas.?  GLOSSOP  1787
A68 Joseph TAYLOR  to  Samuel STANIFORTH 1787
A69 Thomas WRAG  to  George HASLEHURST  1787
A70 William BARLOW  to Thomas BARLOW  1788
A71 Joseph GALLEY  to  Matthew GOSLING  1788
A72 John CHADBURN  to  Christopher ALDERSON  1788
A73 Elizabeth BARLOW  to  John BARKER  1788
A74 Absalom NORTON ? (KEETON)  to  John ELLIS 1788
A75 Charles PROCTOR?  to William ROTHERHAM  1789
A77 James Ogden LATHAM  to  Paul BUTLER  1789
A78* William GUEST aged 8  to Joseph CREE ?  miller and farmer  1801    
A79* John  -----  TURNER 7  to  William BOOTH  1801
A80 Joseph GUEST  9  to James HARRISON  1801
A81 John WILDGOOSE 7  to Ephraim BILLAM  1804 (sic)
A82 Samuel FANSHAW 8   to Austin otherwise Augustin CUPIT  1801
A82 Ann LITTLEWOOD  12  to  John ARTHUR  1801
A83 John PARKER 9  to Smith ROTHERHAM  1801
A84 Jane SNAPE 8  to William MULLIN Mosbro'.  farmer 1812
A85 Arabella SNAPE 8?  to  John SLAGG Spinkhill  1812
A86 Charles CROFTER ?  7  to Edward JENKIN Ridgeway  1812
A87 Richard SNAPE  7  to  John PRIESTLY Bramley Moor, Eckington  1812
A88 Ezra CHADBURN  8  to  Joseph HUTTON  Ridgeway  1812
A89 Hannah STEVENSON  9  to  Ann NEEDHAM  1813
A90 Ann CLARK  9  to  John SHAW  1813
A91 Mary SNAPE  7  to  Samuel FIDLER  1813
A92 Elizabeth BEELEY  10  to Luke STANIFORTH  1813
A93 Barbara HARRISON 9  to  Samuel GOODLAD  1813
A94 Esther SLATER  9  to Thomas YOULE 1813
A95 George FANSHAW 14  to  Mark STANIFORTH  1813
A96 Sarah HORNER 10  to Paul BRIGHT 1813
A97 John SHEPPARD 8  to Richard SHEPPARD  1813
A98 Luke SMEDLEY   to William SLAGG 1813
A99 Hannah CLARK  7  to  William SLAGG 1813
A100 Mary HORNER 12  to  Joseph BUTLER Killamarsh 1813
A101 Sarah CLARK 11 to  William BOOTH 1813
A102 Jane SNAIP 10  to  John TURNER 1813
A103 Ann GUEST 8  to  James BOOKER 1813
A104 Martha BEELY 9 to William FOX 1813
A105 Ann GUEST 8 to George WILLS ( WELLS ?) 1814
A106 Thomas SAVAGE 10  to  John CADMAN 1814
A107 Esther SLATER 9  to  Samuel FOX 1814
OK78 Jane SWINDON to Henry TUDOR p. Eckington. 1795
A1 John FREATH, 13, son of Elizabeth FREATH of Elmton to George SWINSCOE of Mansfield, Notts, fwk. 1804 (This is the only entry in the Parish Apprentice Book )
A2 Mary SMITH to Edward MARSHALL of Dirty Hucknall, p. Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1797
A3 James MEMMOTT to Samuel MEMMOTT Heely, Hallam Yks. cutler. 1801
A4 Mary BARKER 9 to William BARTHOLOMEW Elmton 1801
A5 Hannah BARKER to Robert HODGKINSON farmer 1801
A6 Wiliam WESTBY 8 to Thomas WEST Elmton, farmer. 1803
A7 John FREATH 13 to George SWINSCOE 1804
ELTON Apprenticeship
TW2 Thomas Marsh WETHERAL late of Gratton to Josua GRATTON of Middleton by Wirksworth 1785
ELVASTON Apprenticeship
A1 Thomas SHERWIN to John RICE Hathern 1803
A2 John SHERWIN to Robert WEBSTER Heanor 1806
A3 Saml BARBER ---------------------------------------------
A4 John Hoolley ELSON to Stephen ELSON of Stapleford 1775
A5 Tho SHERWIN 13 to John RICE 1803
A6 John SHERWIN 11 to John RICE 1803
A7 Agreement with O/S of Weston upon Trent concerning Richard DAGGEN and five children, to be split between Elvaston and Weston 1708/9
A8 Agreement with Joseph HOLMES of Derby for the discharge of Phoebe WALL from her apprenticeship 1769
DA1 John SMITH of Ambaston to John EATON of Derby joiner. 1822
John SMITH son of Samuel SMITH of Thulston to John SLANEY? Elvaston cordwainer 1780  V102/2
EYAM Apprenticeship
Matthew HALL Eyam 9 to William LONGSDEN Eyam 1808 V22/67
Matthew HALL Eyam assigned to Thomas BIRDS Eyam 1811 V22/68
William FURNISS 12 Eyam Woodlands, to Richard HINDS Eyam 1806 V22/69
William FURNISS assigned to John FURNISS 1807 V22/70
FOREMARK Apprenticeship
1 Geo THACKER 18, App to Rbt WRIGHT of Milton Repton 1830
2 John EDWARDS 13, App to Thomas Goodwin Derby St Alkmunds 1833
3 John MARTIN 9 son of Ann of Ingleby, App to Tho JEWSBURY Measham 1809
4 Indenture of George THACKER the younger son of George THACKER of Ingleby aged 18 to Robert WRIGHT of Repton, cordwainer 1830
5 Robert WRIGHT of Repton is a fit person to have George THACKER apprentice. 1830
6 Indenture of John EDWARDS 13 son of Thomas and Elizabeth EDWARDS of Ingleby to Thomas GOODWIN Derby St Alkmunds cordwainer 1 Nov 1833
7 Thomas GOODWIN of Derby St.Alkmunds is a fit person to have John EDWARDS apprentice. 9 Oct 1833
1 Tho CHELL to Benj CHELL 1824
GLOSSOP Apprenticeship. This is a list of names only under the heading Indentures. There is no date attached to these names but it is alongside a similar list dated 1758 but this by no means dates it at the same time.
2 Thomas BOTTHAM
3 Marthay NEWTON
6 Charles SHAW
8 Merriam HARRISON
11 Charles BRAMALL
14 James HEWOOD
16 John NEWTON
17 Jeremiah FIELDING
18 Sarah ALLEN
20 Eliz: GARSIDE
21 John BOTHAM
23 Mary BOYRE
24 Hester NEWTON
25 Marthay BOYRE
26 Christopoher GREAVES
30 Mary NEWTON
32 William ROBINSON
33 James BENNET
34 Receipt from Thomas WATERHOUSE Overseer of Hayfield to Abraham BUTTERWORTH son of Abraham BUTTERWORTH regarding apprenticeship. 1733
35 Hadderser STORER alias HILL a poor child of Hayfield to Thomas WATERHOUSE of Sprayhouse. 1733
36 Henry HESKEY bastard aged 12 of Hartington Upper Quarter, mother Betty HESKEY, apprenticed to John HALL of Glossop, shoemaker. 1842
37 Thomas FIELDING orphan, residing in Union Workhouse, Glossop. aged 14 to Thomas NEWTON High St. Glossop 1861
Joseph BARBER Glossop 8, to Joshua SHEPLEY Glossop, farmer 1814 V22/64
Hannah RIDGEWAY of Beard to Joseph ELLIS of Charlestown 1809  V97/7
Joshua HADFIELD son of Edward HADFIELD of Hayfield to Siddal BEARD of Hayfield  1776  V76/12
Jane RICHMOND of Bristol, Gloucs. to John WHITFIELD and Ellis NEEDHAM of Congleton,Ches. 1803  V97/5
Nezia (Kezia?) DALE of Bristol, Gloucs. to John WHITFIELD and Ellis NEEDHAM Congleton, Ches. 1805  V97/6

GREAT LONGSTONE Apprenticeship  
Mary BARTIN to John CLARK of Sheffield, Yks 1745  V78/1
John BARTON Little Longstone with consent of mother Mary BARTON to William TOMLINSON Hallam, Yks 1748  V78/2
Philip SWINDON son of James SWINDON of Little Longstone to Samuel WAINWRIGHT Sheffield,Yks. cutler 1757  V78/3
Henry HOLME of Stanton, mother Dorothy to Sampson HODGKINSON of Great Longstone  1793  V21/207
Reuben WAGER of Great Longstone, father Sampson WAGER  to Joseph PIDCOCK Buxton 1820  V21/208
GRESLEY Apprenticeship
John LIVERSUCH to Francis ORGILL of Newhall, p. Stapenhill cordwainer 1781  V50/4
HARTINGTON Apprenticeship
Isaac MOSS Hartington Upper Quarter 11, to Joel WOOD Hollinsclough, Staffs. 1815 V22/30
Annie DAWSON dau of Samuel DAWSON to Peter FETHERSTONE  1757  V21/42a
Mary BATEMAN dau of Richard BATEMAN to John BALL  1757  V21/42b
Hannah HIGTON to John JOHNSON Hartington Nether Quarter 1764  V21/42c
Jane GOODWIN to John WEBSTER Hartington Nether Quarter 1767  V21/42d
John DAWSON to William BUTTLER Heathcote  1772 V21/42e
Adam SLATER 9 Hartington Nether Quarter to William TOWNSHIND Taddington fraim work nitter 1796  V21/42f
BAR824b Peter DAVIDSON to John BROCKSOPP of Hasland 1804
HATHERSAGE Apprenticeship
A1 a poor child of Thomas MORLEY of Abney Grange, bound by the Overseers of Abney to Edward NICHOLS of Stonnington, (Stannington?) WRY. cutler. 1745
A2 George FRITH son of Ann FRITH widow lately deceased (leaving Joseph, Mary, George) to Henry WILKIN cordwainer, Hathersage. 1752
A3 George WILKIN to Jonathan LOCKWOOD Wadsley, Yks. cutler. 1759
A4 Thomas FURNIS (born 15 Nov 1765) to William WALTON Hathersage, farmer. 1773
A5 Thomas WILKIN to John OLLERENSHAW Upper Hallam, Yks. 1778
A6 Martha CORBRIDGE to John WILCOCKSON Hathersage 1783
A7 Betty HOBSON to George EYRE Hathersage 1783
A8 George BROOMHEAD to Henry IBBOTSON Hathersage. 1784
A9 Sarah BROOMHEAD to John GARDENER Hathersage 1785
A10 William WILLKIN (WILKIN) to Thomas DAIKEN (signs DAKIN) Hathersage. 1786
A11 John WAIN to Thomas GARDOM p. Bakewell 1787
A12 Samuel BROOMHEAD to Michael WILKIN Hathersage 1788
A13 Millisent HOBSON to Benjamin SCHOFIELD Hathersage. 1789
A14 George SLINN to George FARNSWORTH Hathersage 1789
A15 Benjamin BROOMHEAD to Peter DEAN Bradfield Yks 1793
A16 Joseph VERNON to John SMITH, Windlest, Marple, Cheshire. 1800
A17 William BINGHAM to Matthew IBBOTSON 1801
A18 Stephen BARTON to George BENNETT of Padley. 1801
A19 Samuel BROOMHEAD 14 to John FURNISS, button maker, Hathersage. 1806
A20 Charlotte BINGHAM 9 to Joseph THORP. 1807
A21 John HEPPINSTONE 8 to John WILSON 1808.
A22 Ann LINNYMAN 10, to Thomas WORRALL 1811
A23 David GREEN 7, to Samuel OLIVER Overstones, Hathersage 1812
A24 Ann SMILTER 7, to Edward EYRE Hathersage, Priest. 1812
A25 Mary Ann WAKEFIELD 7, to James EYRE of Great Hucklow, p. Hope. baker. 1813
A26 William BINGHAM 11, to John WILKINSON Stannington, Yks file maker.
A27 George WHITEHEAD 10, to Thomas MARPLE Hathersage, farmer 1817
A28 Matthew WHITEHEAD 12 to Phibbs CLARK Padley Mill, miller 1817
A29 George SLINN to Charles IBBOTSON Hathersage, farmer 1826
A30 John SLINN 10, to Robert COOK Hathersage, needle manufacturer 1826
A31 Lydia SHEARD 10, to Anthony MARPLES of Calver, farmer. 1827
John FRITH Hathersage 9, to George WILLOUGHBY Stockport, Ches. weaver 1813. V22/47

HAYFIELD Apprenticeship
AP1 Margaret BEARD of Hayfield to George CHAPMAN of nearer Phoside. 1715
--------------- MITCHELL Hayfield, 10 to Robert THORNELLY Mellor weaver. 1813 V22/60
HEANOR Apprenticeship
1 John Wm son of John Wm WARD to SEVERN and Son, Printing and Stationery 1894
2 Henry GEALOT son of Henry of Heanor to Samuel WILD of Heanor 1721
M198 Apprentice Indenture of Joseph BUXTON son of John BUXTON of Langley, p.Heanor to Samuel CRESWELL Langley, sinker maker. 1835
DA7 Joseph SIDDONS son of John SIDDONS of Heanor. 1821
Phoebe EGGLESTON of Heanor to Richard MILWARD 1750  V34/16
William BESTWICK Heanor to John BALLARD of Attenborough, Notts. 1757  V34/17
Esther KNOWLS to Anthony WOODWARD Heanor 1766  V34/18

HOLMESFIELD Apprenticeship (as listed in parish book of Apprentices)
A1 Richard LOWE 7 of Hannah THICKETT  to John LUPTON Norton ? 1807
A2 John THICKETT 11, to Samuel GOODLAD Little Barlow 1810
A3 Abraham DAMMS 9, to Edward WILSON Holmesfield 1811
A4 Hannah MARSDEN 9 of Thomas MARSDEN abode not known,  to Hannah MORGAN  Holmesfield 1813
A5 William GOODLAD 7, of William GOODLAD to Jonathan GOODLAD Holmesfield 1813
A6 Thomas THICKETT 12,  to Matthew WRAGG Holmesfield  1820
A7 Joseph THICKETT 9,  to George BLAND Holmesfield  1820
A8 Benjamin THICKETT 9,  to Samuel PEARSON Holmesfield 1820
A9 Sarah GREEN   10  to Duke of Rutland 10 Mar 1823
A10 Sarah GREEN 10 to William PASHLEY Cleric Holmesfield 1823
A11 Elizabeth OSCROFT 11 to George GOODLAD Holmesfield 1823
A12 Elizabeth HORSCROFT 12 of Ann HORSCROFT to James LOWE Holmesfield 23
A13 Mary Ann PEARSON 9 of Ann BENNITT to George MARJERRISON Holmesfield 1828
A14 John JARVIS 11,illeg.of Elizabeth JARVIS to George WOLSTENHOLME Holmesfield 1828
A15 George SIDDALL 9, illeg. of Charity SIDDALL  to John HYDES Holmesfield 1828
A16 George Hattersley SHARWIN  9, illeg. of Ann SHARWIN  to AMBROSE COTTERILL Holmesfield 1830
A17 William FIDLER 10 son of William FIDLER dec.  to Robert PENISTON Holmesfield 1831
A18 Eliza THICKETT 9 illeg.  to Duke of Rutland, Stanton Woodhouse 1833
A19 James LEE 11 orphan  to John LEVICK Holmesfield 1837 
A20 Robert OWTRAM  to Robert EYRE Holmesfield  nd. c 17th C
A21 Gilbert NOWELL  to Richard HALL Barlow Lees 1673
A22 George SWIFT jnr  to George SWIFT snr Holmesfield  1674
A23 Easter DAMM to James VALES Apperknowle  1680
A24 John BROOMHEAD  to John MARSH Ashover  1703
A25 William BOTHAM son of Thomas BOTHAM  to  Peter FRANCE Sheffield, Yks  1737
A26 Theodore HAYWARD  to John SIKES of the Knowls 1740 
HOPE Apprenticeship
1A Transfer by Ellis MARTIN of Grindleford Bridge to Thomas IBBOTSON of Hope of his apprentice Tho BROMHEAD. Martin giving up his business. 1820
2a Joseph BRIGHTMORE of Hope to James TRICKETT of Sheffield, filesmith. 1773
3 Martha BOUN Hope to John HERRON Newton, Manchester, Lancs. 1738
4 Mary ELLIOTT Hope to Ann GRANT of Aston, p.Hope 1763
5 Jonathan ROSE Hope to Joseph ASHTON Hope 1787
6 John LOW son of Elizabeth LOW widow to William STANIFORTH Wadsley, Eccelsfield, Yks 1764
7 Edward HOLMES child  to Joseph SUTTON Sheffield, Yks. 1789
8 Joseph ROSE Hope to Joseph ASHTON Hope  1789
9 Martin MIDDLETON child, Hope to John MIDDLETON, Abney, p. Hope 1793
10 John MIDDLETON child, Hope to John MIDDLETON, Abney 1793
11 George HALL 9. to Thomas HAIGH Dungworth,Ecclesfield, Yks 1794
12 Ellis BARBER 10 to John ASHMORE  Aston. 1797
13 Joseph HALL 10. to Benjamin HAGUE Dungworth,p.Bradfield 1802
14 Mary HALL 9. to George WHITTINGHAM, Marple, Ches. 1810
15 John HOBSON 9. to John JACKSON Charlesworth 1811
16 John Thorneley BURDEKIN 15 to Jephta DAWSON Marple, Ches. 1811
17 Robert MIDDLETON 7. to Matthew WRAGG, Bradfield, Yks 1813
18 Lydia HOLME 7 to William HALL Ashford. date damaged.
19 Nancy CLAYTON 9. to William ROWORTH Thornhill  1815
20 George HILL 7 to Didymus BRIERLY  Duckinfield, Ches. 1816
21* John ROBINSON 10 to Robert LEES a fit person to take an apprentice. 1817
22* Isaac ROSE to James ROBINSON Hope, a fit person to take an apprentice. 1823  On reverse complaint that James ROBINSON  misused Isaac ROSE  who was discharged.   1827
24 Isaac ---------  to John LONGDEN Bradwell 1763
25 John TOOTHILL to Ellis BARBER  Thornhill 1813
26 Thomas MIDDLETON to William HALL Sheffield, Yks 1817
27 Thomas MIDDLETON to William HALL Sheffield, Yks. a fit person to take an apprentice. 1817
28 John ROBINSON 10 to Robert LEES 1817
29 John ROBINSON to Robert LEES a fit person to take an apprentice 1817
30 Ellen HALL 13. to Robert LEES of Ashton uner Lyne, Lancs. 1817
31 Ellen HALL to Robert LEES a fit person to take an apprentice 1817
Joseph NORTON Fairfield 15, to Joseph GREGORY Calver cordwainer. 1812. V22/66
Thomas JEPSON Fernilee 13 to Joseph ROBINSON Glossop, woollen clothier. 1809. V22/65
Lydia HOLME Hope 7 to William HALL, Ashford yeoman 1807. V22/58
Margaret COWPER, Little Hucklow 10, to Ellis NEEDHAM, Litton cotton manufacturer. 1809. V22/59
Rebecca COWPER 12 Little Hucklow to Ellis NEEDHAM Litton, cotton manufacturer. 1809 V22/55
Caroline MARSHALL 9 Hope Woodlands to Zaccheus MIDDLETON Hope Woodlands farmer 1817. V22/56
John RODGER to Joseph MACHON of Sheffield Yks  1755  V103/30
Joseph WILSON  to John LONGDIN Bradwell 1783  V103/31
Margaret COWPER to Ellis NEEDHAM Litton  V103/32
George FLINDERS*  to Benjamin CHAPMAN  1814  V103/33
Hannah SMITH to John SMITH Smalldale  1814 V103/34
Joseph WALKER  to Joshua OLDFIELD of Beard Ollerset, Thornsett and Whitle  1828  V103/35
HORSLEY Apprenticeship
Francis ELEY son of Thomas ELEY of Horsley Woodhouse to William ABBOTT Horsley Woodhouse.  1796  V40/16

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.