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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



A1 William DAVISON son of John DAVISON of Calow, mason to Samuel GREAVES of Sheffield cutler 1750
A2 Mary DAVISON dau of John DAVISON of Calow mason to John WILCOCKSON Eckington, glover and breeches maker. Mentions Thomas STUBBING paying charity money which was received from Emma WAGSTAFFE. 1754
A3 Peter DAVISON son of John DAVISON of Calow, mason to Samuel HETHERLEY Sheffield, cutler. 1755
A4 William LONGDEN to John LOW Calow 1756
A5 John DAVISON saon of John DAVISDON mason to George ETHERLEY Sheffield, cutler. 1759
A6 Peter DAVISON son of John DAVISON mason to Samuel ETHERLEY Sheffield, cutler 1762
A7 William ASKEW 9 to Benjamin BEELEY sings BIRLEY, Baslow, fwk. 1805
A8 John HASKEW (ASKEW) 10 to Jonathan BLANKSBY Baslow, weaver. 1805
Anne SHEPHERD alias COWPE  to John HEWS Hopton  1709  V19/19
Martha MATHER   to Henry FORD  of Carsington  1711  V19/20
Samuel MATHER of Carsington to Joseph STANLEY of Wirksworth  1711  V19/21
1 Robert LOMAS app to Robert OLLERENSAHW 1712
2 Elizabeth WILSON app. to Isaac CLAYTON, Silkhill 1730
3 Thomas FORD,11, son of John, app. to Wm MUIR, Shoemaker  1870
4 Margaret HIBBERT aged 16 app. to Hannah GEE, dressmaker 1871
5 Robert son of Nicholas LOMAS to Isaak LOMAS Chapel en le Frith, blacksmith. 1708
AP6 Henry MARCHINTON apprenticed to Henry KIRK of the Martinside. 1701
AP8 John TURNER son of Edward TURNER of Taxall, aged 11, to John LINGARD of Ashburn Lane, p.of Bowden Chappell. 1729
AP9 Elizabeth LONGSTON app to Tho BENNETT (Crossings Farm) of Bowden Chappell. 1745
AP10 Elizabeth LONGSTON assigned to John GOODWIN of Biggloo, in Waley Yearsley, Co. Chester. farmer. 1745
Henry FOX Bowden Chapel to William WRIGHT Stockport, Ches. hair dresser. 1805 V22/78
Note these are references listing Apprentices put out by the Parish or according to the wishes of certain Charities. They are not Apprenticeship papers, but probably the only surviving proof of such.
1 George GREEN to John FRITH  Bagshaw 1726
2 Mary BENNETT to William HUDSON for Marsh 1726 
3 Elizabeth SHALLCROSS to Ralph HUDSON Uper Oldgreave 1726
4 James SWINDELL to Thomas COOPER Upper Oldgreave 1726
5 Edward LOMAX to Mr Samuel CLEWS Townhead 1727
6 Thomas ROLLINSON to John HALL for Mr ARCHERS tenement at Thorntree 1727
7 John BRAMHALL to John SHIRT Bowden Head 1727
8 Jane LEES to Robert BAGSHAW Hollinknowle 1727
9 John SHORE to John FOX of Sparthbotham 1730
10 Thomas LOWE to William THOMASON of Tunstead 1730
11 Andrew BRADLEY to Robert BAGSHAWE 1730
12 John TURNER to Richard TURNER of Baghouses 1730
13 Dorothy LONGSON to John VERNON of Whitehills 1730
14 Grace SHIRT to Ralph DEAN Alstonelee 1730
15 Abraham LOWE to Anthony BEALOTT 1730
16 Ann LINGARD to Samuel KYRK (KIRK) for Courses 1733
Henry KIRK Charity
17 Edward STORRS to George MATHER Stockport 1737
18 Rowland CARRINGTON to Eli ATKIN Chappel 1738
19 Guy SWINDELS to William BERCHENHOUGH 1738
20 Joseph WILSON to John ROYLE Etchels 1738
21 George SHIRT to John COOPER 1739
22 Robert COTTREL to Eli ATKIN 1740
23 William COTTREL to Eli ATKIN 1740
24 Anthony OLERENSHAW to Richard BENNET 1741
25 William MOULT to John WORROL 1742
26 George HODGKINSON to George LINGARD 1743
27 Matt: SHORE to John SPENCER Wirksworth 1743
28 Thomas SHIRT to John SHIRT Chinley 1744
29 Edward KIRK to John KIRK Stannington 1745
30 John LOMAS to John TURNER Stannington 1745
31 John COLLIER to Robert SALT Bradwell 1746
32 Henry KIRK to Thomas MEKIN Manchester, Lancs. 1747
33 John OLERENSHAW to Thomas OLERENSHAW 1747
34 George SHOTTO to Christopher BRADSHAW 1749
35 Peter LEE to Simon DEWSNOP (DEWSNAP) 1749
36 George THORNHILL to Charles LITTLEWOOD 1750
37 Ratcliff LOMAS to John TURNER 1750
38 John SWINDELS to John LUDLAM 1750
39 George SHIRT to Joseph HAGUE 1753
40 Thomas MELLOR to James BROOKS 1753
41 Robert KIRK to William TURNER 1753
42 -------    LOW to -------------- WATERHOUSE 1754
43 James SWINDEL to John and James WHITTINGHAM 1755
Mary FROST of Sheldon Charity
44 James BEECH to James BENNET of Manchester, Lancs 1759
45 John SWINDEL to Samuel HARROP Hayfield c. 1759-61
46 Thomas COCKIN to Thomas PALFREMAN Stannington Yks. 1761
47 Ra: (Ralph ?) MELLOR (MILLER?) to Jos: DRABBLE Bradfield p. 1767
48 Jos: ARMSTRONG to Luke BEOVER (BEEVER) Bradfield p. Yks.1768
49 Richard SWINDELS to John NEWTON Rotheram,Yks. 1772
50 Henry HAYWARD to John RIDGWAY Glossop 1772
51 Thomas MILLER (MELLOR?) to John MORTIN Tideswell 1773
52 Samuel HALLAM to John BATES Sheffield, Yks. 1775
53 Matthew FEARN to John MIDDLETON this town 1775
54 William WALTON to Edward WALTON Sheffield Yks. 1778 
55 Thomas McQUEEN to Jos: OLDHAM Hayfield 1778
Thomas MARSHAL Charity
56 Joshua PLAT to William VERNON Barnsfold 1744
57 John LOMAS to Anthony BEALOT 1745
58 John ALLEN to William LOMAS Monyash 1746
59 John PLAT to William TURNER Stannington, Yks 1746
60 Richard LONGDEN to Robert GODARD 1747
61 Isaac LOMAS to William BARLOW 1750
62 John LOMAS to Joseph LITTLETON 1750
63 Dorothy MORTON to Charles KNOWLES 1752
64 James LOMAX to Joseph LOW 1753
65 Samuel LONGSON to Obadiah PORRIT 1754
66 Benjamin JONES to Josiah TAYLOR of Ashton 1761
67 Thomas YELLOT to John PRIESTNER (PRIESTNEL?) Chapel 1761
68 Ellen HARRISON to Luke BEVAR Bradfield p. Yks 1771?
69 John HARRISON to Robert WILSON Ecclesfield, Yks 1771
70 Joseph FOX to John UNWIS Sheffield, Yks 1772
71 Joseph BOTTOMS to John DANFORD of Hope 1773
72 Adam JACKSON to Joseph JACKSON  Macclesfield ? Ches. 1775
73 Franci(e)s BOTTOMS to Luke BEAVER Bradfield ,Yks  1775
74 Henry BAGSHAW to Thomas BAGSHAW Town ?1777
75 George HODGKINSON to John ELLOT Aston p.Hope 1777
76 John HEYWARD to John HOSON (HOBSON?) 1778
77 Edm. ELLOTT to Jos: CLAYTON Disley, Ches. 1778
78 John LOMAS to William HURT Sheffield, Yks 1778
79 Jos: HANDFORD to John HIDE Hayfield 1779
80 Joseph HEYWOOD to Robert ASHTON 1760
81 Henry HEYWARD to Jonathan ASHTON 1760
82 William BRADBURY to William WATERS of Manchester, Lancs. 1760
83 John SWINDELS to William HAGUE of Bradfield Yks. 1760
84 Ezra COUCHIN (COUGHEN?) to Robert BANCROFT  Stannington, Yks  1763
85 John VERNON to John GOODISON Stannington 1763
86 John BRAMWELL to Joseph LAW Sheffield,Yks. 1764
87 Christopher HARROP to Thomas WILSON Sheffield Yks. 1765
88 Edward LINGARD to John HOBSON Hallam, Yks. 1766
89 George FORD to Jos: SAMPSON Sheffield, Yks. 1768
90 George HEATHCOTE to Luke BEVAR Bradfield, Yks. 1769
91 Thomas FORD to James RIDGWAY p. Glossop 1770
92 John HALL to Robert HALL Litton p.Tideswell 1771
93 William SIMPSON to Samuel SIMPSON Chinley 1771
94 William HALLAM to George BARRAT Bradfield, Yks. 1771
95 Thomas PLATT to William GASKELL Whaley, Ches. 1771
96 Joseph HOWARD to John CLARK Sheffield Yks 1772
97 William SWINDELS to Jos: HEYWARD Sheffield,Yks 1773   
98 John LINGARD to Abraham NICHOLS Bradfield, Yks 1773
99 John ATKIN to William ATKIN Chappel p. 1773
100 John HADFIELD to John ROBINSON Glossop p. 1773
101 John WOOD to Thomas HIDE Staley Bridge, Ches. 1775
102 Joseph WHITE to John OATES Sheffield, Yks. 1775 
103 Benjamin HOLDGATE to William FRITH Disley, Ches 1773
104 Micah FRITH to John HOBSON Sheffield, Yks 1774
105 Josh. ATKIN to Jos; BRADBURY Sheffield, Yks 1776
106 William McQUEEN to William PORRIT Heaton Norris, Lancs. 1777
107 Jos: MELLOR (MILLER ?) Thomas DALE Sheffield Yks.
108 Benjamin HALLAM to John BURDIKIN Sheffield,Yks 1777
109 John CHADWICKE to George THORNHILL 1701
110 Elias ROESON to Robert WAINWRIGHT 1701
111 George BRAMWALL to Joseph THORNHILL 1701
112 Thomas GREEN to Thomas MELLAR 1701
113 William SWINDELS alias SHALLCROSS to James CARRINGTON 1701
114 John DOWNS to Thomas MARSHALL 1701
115 Francis OLERENSHAW to Francis MOSSLY 1701
116 Joseph DEAN to Francis GASKELL 1701
117 John OLERENSHAW to Mr BUSICKE 1701
118 Mary HADFIELD to Mr German BUXTON 1701
119 Ann LOMAS to John BENNETT 1701
120 Susanna SHIRT to Robert MIDDLETON 1701
121 Hannah SHIRT to Joshua WOOD 1701
123 Grace KYRKE (KIRK) to Thomas GEE 1701
124 John CRESSWELL to Anthony SMITH Bradshaw 1701
125----------- COWPER to Thomas LOMAS 1701
126 John BRADLY to Thomas BENNETT 1701
127 Lucy LINGARD to Joseph LINGARD
128 Henry MARCHENTON to Henry KYRKE (KIRK) Martinside 1701
129 Edward KYRKE (KIRK) to Henry KYRKE (KIRK) Eaves 1701
130 Mary BRADLY to George LOMAS 1701
131 Robert LOMAS to George ALLEN 1701
132 Nicholas SHOTTO to Henry KYRKE (KIRK) Ridge 1701
133 James LEES to William LEES 1701
134 Thomas HALL to Thomas BENNETT Bings. 1701
136 Francis WILSON to Anthony YOUNG 1701
Parish Apprentices 
137 -------? BOWDEN to William PARKER of Wolverhampton, Staffs 1706
138 George COOK ? to James TAYLOR 1705
139 Thomas SWANN to George HINSCLIFF 1710
140 Thomas MOULT to John BRAMHALL for BrucKhouses 1701
141 Henry LOW to Samuel BAGSHAW  n.d.
142 Robert SWINDELS alias SHALLCROSS to John BAGSHAW Courses n.d.
143 ----------- COOPER to Peter GASCOIGN of Bankhall n.d.
144 Stephen DOWNS to John GREEN ? of Nether Thong, p. Almondbury,Yks  1709?
145 Edward WILSON to John GREEN ? of Nether Thong, p. Almondbury, Yks. 1709 ?
146 Humphrey DOWNS to Lawrence HOLLINWORTH 1709 ?
147 Edward DOWNS to John JACKSON Roeside ? for Mr William BARKER (poss. BARBER) 1710
148 George SWINDELLS to Anthony COOPER for Stoddard 1710 ?
149 William MOULT to John BAGSHAW 1710?
150 John BRAMHALL to Samuel ECCLES for Lower Oulgreave . c 1710-1711
151 Francis DEAN to William HIGGINBOTHAM of Horridg (Horwich) 1712
152 Thomas SWANN to Thomas RAMSCAR for Mr MOSSLY land at Eaves c.1712
153 Thomas SHIRT to Ralph KYRKE (KIRK) for Henry BRADSHAW ,his lands. c.1712
154 Robert LOMAS to Robert OLERENSHAW for John BROCKLEHURST Tunstead c.1712
155 Moses FIRTH to George TOWNSEND for Maglow
(he dyed 1716 )not clear who died.    1714
156 Peter REDFERN to John BARBAR Malcalf 1715
157 Rowland SWANN to Henry TRICKETT Malcalf 1715
158 Charles HADFIELD to Joseph SHIRT Bowden Head 1715
159 Elizabeth OLERENSHAW to James BENNETT 1715
160 Thomas DARRAND to George BOWDON Landside 1722
161 Sarah REDFERN to John BAGSHAW of Further Bradshaw 1722
162 George LOW to Thomas KYRK (KIRK) Spirehollin 1722
163 Charles COLLYER to Joseph TRICKETT at Malcalf 1722
164 John SCHOFIELD to John LINGARD of Stodwards 1722
HIBBARD OF FORD CHARITY An apprentice to be put forth by the Overseer of Combs Edge every four years. Money is secured in Edmd WARRINGTONS hands
165 Thomas son of John BRAMHALL to  ------------ 1708
166 Joseph LOWE son of Robert LOWE to Ralph SIMPSON twister 1716
167 Richard son of Richard LOW to Abraham IBERSON of Fernilee clothier. 1720
168 Thomas BRADBURY son of Robert BRADBURY to Jeremiah CHADKIRK of Manchester, linen tape weaver. 1729 
169 Robert BRADBURY son of Robert BRADBURY to Edward HOULDGATE of Chapel en le Frith ,shoemaker 1733
170 Thomas son of Thomas LOMAS to George LINGARD Taylor 1744
These listed below have been crossed out, they have been entered under the wrong Charity, (they are in the main to be found under Thomas MARSHAL) they do add additional bits of information so are listed here for that reason.
171 John PLAT son of widow PLAT to John -------   of Halifax, taylor 1744
172 Joshua PLAT son of Lidia PLAT to William VERNON Barnsfold p.Glossop. 1744
173 John ALLEN son of George ALLEN to William LOMAS Monyash weaver. 1746
174 John PLAT son of Lidia PLAT to William TURNER Stannington feltmaker 1746  
Henry KIRK Charity.
175 John THORNHILL son of George THORNHILL of Chapel to Thomas PARKER of Salford, Lancs. Thread throwster. 1713
176 Edward SWANN son of Richard SWANN to Edmd WILBRAHAM fustian weaver of Prestidg. 1713
177 Daniel STORER son of John STORER to William DOWNS of Chisworth cloth worker 1714/5
178 Caleb son of Thomas DODS ?  to Jonas WIMPENNY of Almondbury ,Yks clothworker   1714/5
179 George SWINDEL son of George to Thomas BUCK of Stockport, Ches. felt maker 1716
180 George BAGSHAW  son of Joseph BAGSHAW to Caleb COOK of Sheffield, Yks scither smith  1716
181 Thomas BOWDEN son of George BOWDEN of Chapel to Thomas HADFIELD of Hallam, Yks. cutler 1717
182 William STORER son of George STORER to Robert COLLYER taylour 1717
183 Thomas SUTTON son of Catherine SUTTON to Henry KYRK (KIRK) of Faldsworth ? fustian weaver 1718
184 John SWANN son of Thomas SWANN of Whitehough to Robert HOW of Hulm Co Ebor. (Yks. ) taylour 1718
185 John SHIRT son of Joseph SHIRT to Mark POLLITT of Salford Lancs. crofter.  1718/9
186 John son of John BARRETT to Uriah RANDLE of Salford crofter 1718/9 
187 Thomas son of Mary HADFIELD to John WOOLLY of Low Leighton 1719
188 William son of John TURNER to John TURNER his father 1719
189 James son of Ann CARRINGTON of Blackbrook to Samuel DOWNS of Diglands 1720
190 George son of Hester LINGARD to Thomas COOPER taylor 1722
191 Joseph son of Jane BAGSHAW of Leek to William MINSHALL ? of Leek sadler 1722
192 John WOOD son of Ann to John GARLICK 1723 Where the word "to"  is, on the above entry, a note states "son of Jasper FRITH.
193 Jos: SWINDELL son of Jos: SWINDELL to Robert CARRINGTON 1723
194 William MELLOR son of Thomas MELLOR of Bagshaw to Paul ROBINSON of Bolsover 1723/4
195 Matthew TAYLOR to Mark POLLETT Salford, Lancs. 1724/5 (His Master had the Indenture to send to London but not returned them)
196 William LONGSTONE son of Peter LONGSTONE to Arthur KEY of Hulmfirth, Yks. clothier 1724/5
197 Peter LONGSTONE jnr to Robert WATSON Door (Dore ?) combmaker 1725
198 Anthony son of Richard LOWE to Francis GASKELL of Manchester Lancs. tape weaver 1725/6
199 John son of Hannah LOMAX to Robert CLAYTON butcher 1725/6
200 Gervase KYRK (KIRK) to George KYRK his father cordwainer 1726/7
201 Joseph LONGSTON to Anthony CARNELL of Dore horn breaker 1728
202 Edward FORD to John COOPER taylor 1728
203 George LOMAX to George EYRE of Yatehouse cloth worker 1728
204 Peter OLERENSAHW son of Robert OLERENSHAW to Joseph GODDARD of Chinley 1729
205 Peter son of Thomas KYRK (KIRK) to John BARBAR of Stannington, Yks. blacksmith 1730
206 John son of Jos: SWINDELL  to William BOTHAM Folds. 1730
207 Thomas KYRK (KIRK to Arnold KYRK his father blacksmith 1731
208 John son of Robert OLERENSHAW to Robert KYRKE (KIRK) Taylor 1732/3
209 John son of Elizabeth FORD to Enoch VERNON blacksmith 1733
210 Samuel son of Samuel KYRKE (KIRK) to John OLERENSHAW blacksmith 1733
211 John LOMAS to Thomas LOMAS his father 1733
212 Robert son of Peter LONGSTON to Robert WATSON of Dore 1733
213 Anthony son of Robert OLERENSHAW to Francis BEECLES, Sheffield ,Yks. mason 1734
214 Timothy son of Thomas MELLOR to David MARSLAND of Northbury in Stockport, Ches. shoemaker 1734/5    
215 William LINGARD to George LOW Cobler 1735
216 John KIRK tp Peter KIRK 1735
217 William BRAMHALL to Thomas MIDDLETON Bradwall 1736/7
218 Hannah dau of George SHIRT to Joshua WOOD  c.1715

CHELMORTON Apprenticeship
Jane PLATTS Flagg to Ellis NEEDHAM Litton 1809 V22/76
CHESTERFIELD Apprenticeship
AP1 Information from John WATTS of Brimington that his apprentice Thomas WRIGHT of Wessington p.Crich has run away and refuses to return. 1728
L211 John LOWE to his father Joseph LOWE of Chfd. 1808
L490 Thomas HIBBERT Boythorpe to David ROBINSON of Chesterfield 1840
L417 Francis WILDE to Wm LITTLEWOOD and John TURNER, mercers and drapers. Chesterfield 1858
HEW5m John ROBERTS |tp Tho WILCOCKSON and Geo WRIGHT mercers and drapers Chesterfield 1811
BAR457 John BARNES Ashgate to David BARNES of Ashgate wool stapler 1798
IV1/22a William HUDSON son of Ann HUDSON widow. to Thomas WRIGHT, later to John EATON of Chesterfield. 1822
IV1/22b James WATERLAND (nephew of James ALLEN of Brimington, grocer) to Christopher HODKIN Chesterfield, joiner., later assigned to Thomas PICKARD Chesterfield joiner. 1822
IV1/22c Charlotte HARDY 9, to John GILL of Chesterfield, grocer. 1817
IV1/22d Edward MORLEY son of Ann MORLEY (and Edward MORLEY dec.) Chesterfield widow, to John OLDFIELD of Brampton, earthenware manufacturer, as pot squeeser or moulder. 1839
IV1/22e George LIMB son of John LIMB Chesterfield, currier. to Henry HOPKINSON Chesterfield, cordwainer. 1839
IV1/22f Henry NUTTALL yngr. to James ELLIS Chesterfield, cordwainer 1839
IV1/22g William BROADHURST son of George BROADHURST of Sheffield joiner to John ROSE of Sheffield, silver brusher and polisher. 1839
IV1/22h Joseph SHAW nephew of Robert TETLEY of Chesterfield cordwainer to William ROGERS carpenter. 1839
IV1/22j Samuel BARLOW son of Thomas BARLOW Chesterfield, fwk to James FOX of Brimington, wheelwright and joiner. 1839
IV1/22k George Barker MASON son of Sarah MASON widow of Henry MASON Chesterfield, ironmonger to James WOODHEAD Liverpool, grocer 1839
IV1/22m Francis WRAGG son of James WRAGG, Stonegravels, Newbold potter to Francis CALOW Holymoorside, carpenter and wheelwright. 1839
V97/1/1 James LUDLAM snr to James LUDLAM jnr at grocer. 1692
V97/1/2 Godfrey HARVEY Churchwarden of Walton re apprenticeship of Jonathan MIDDLETON to Jasper FIDLER as drover. 1708 

These entries are a list from the Town Book of Chinley beginning 1713, listing the Apprenticeship documents in the "coffer". They are not the actual Indentures but a record of Apprentices in Chinley and as such may be at this time the only surviving evidence of such Indentures.  
Isaac CHADWICK to John BENNETT 1702  V41/11/6
John ROWBOTTAM alies RICHARDSON Indenture 1714/1  V41/11/13
John KYRKE Indenture 1702  V41/11/14
Martha HALL to John LINGARD  1718  V41/11/20
Ann GEE to John CARRINGTON  1718  V41/11/21
Ralph BENNETT to George KYRKE  1718/19  V41/11/22
Jeremiah SHIRT to George WARD  1719  V41/11/26
John ASHBOURN to Thomas MARRIOTT of Sheffield, Yks 1720  V41/11/29
Jeremiah BROCKLEHURST to William CARRINGTON  1720 V41/11/30
Dorothy SHIRT to George GREEN 1722/3  V41/11/32
Humphrey BROCKLEHURST to Ann RIDGWAY 1726  V41/11/34. 
Hannah ASHBURN to OLLIVERS Estate  1724/5  V41/11/36
Ann BROCKLEHURST to Thomas KYRKE  (KIRK) Shireoaks  1723  V41/11/37
Elizabeth OLLIVER to Edward BENNETT Hill End 1729  V41/11/38
Mary OLLIVER to Mr CARRINGTON  n.d  V41/11/39
Mary HADFIELD to Coat Bank.  n.d.  V41/11/40
Enock (Enoch) LOMAS to James CARRINGTON  1716  V41/11/41
Joseph BRAMHALL to James CARRINGTON 1706 V41/11/42
Mary BEARD to Thomas MOULT of Nase 1711  V41/11/43
James GODARD to John WOOD  for Edward ASHTONS land 1734  V41/11/48
Nicholas GODARD to John CARRINGTON 1732  V41/11/49
Sarah LOW to John LINGARD 1732  V41/11/50
John GODARD to John HADFIELD Milton 1736 V41/11/51
James BREIRLY to Hull End 1739  V41/11/52
John CHADWICK to William LOMAS  Oct 1744  V41/11/53
Samuel GREEN to William HIBBERT Mattley p.Mottram 1742  V41/11/54
John CHADWICK to William LOMAS Sep 1744  V41/11/55
Diana BROCKLEHURST to John BROWNHILL 1745 V41/11/56
Jeremiah BROCKLEHURST to William CARRINGTON Ashen Clough, Indenture  1720  V76/18
Ann GEE to John CARRINGTON  Indenture, 1718  V76/17

AP1 Thomas MORECROFT 11, to Edward BATTLE Mackley 1715
AP2 Robert SIDDALL son of George SIDDALL, labourer to Caleb Vernon SMITH (SMYTH) Uttoxeter, Staffs. cordwainer. 1726/7
AP3 William HARRISON to Slater SHEPHERD 1767
AP4 Joseph DILKS 14, to Richard BARKER Nottingham St Mary, Notts. fwk. 1793
AP5 William UPTON 9, to Robert POTTER whittawer, saddler and whipmaker. 1801
AP6 Lewis JACKSON 12, son of Wiliam and ElIzabeth JACKSON
to John EASON Tutbury, Staffs cordwainer. 1811
AP7 John SHAW son of Mary SHAW of Burton upon Trent, Staffs. to Joseph LEEDHAM Burton upon Trent, Staffs. cordwainer 1812
AP8 Charles JACKSON 11, son of William JACKSON now living at Church Broughton and Elizabeth his late wife, dec. to William BARRETT Derby St Werburgh fwk, 1814
AP9 Joseph BENTLEY 9, son of Thomas BENTLEY a soldier and Rebecca his wife now residing Church Broughton, to William BARRETT Derby St Werburgh fwk. 1814
AP10 Thomas SHAW 14, son of Mary WHEELDON, heretofore Mary the widow of the late Edward SHAW, to Thomas BILL of Stafford St Marys, Staffs, cordwainer. 1820
Thomas ELLIOTT yngr to Richard WILSON of Clay Cross  1864  V109/50
AP1 John SIMPSON 15 to Richard REVILL Clowne taylor. 1816
AP2 Elizabeth MAW to Andrew DEWIS Clowne 1773
AP3 Samuel CLARKE 12 to William Markham WILDE Sheffield file cutter. 1815
AP4 Joseph RICHARDSON 8,son of Elizabeth RICHARDSON to William CROWDER Chesterfield fwk 1805
AP5 Joseph CLARK 14 to John GOTHARD Chesterfield fwk 1812
AP6 Joseph RICHARDSON 8, son of Elizabeth RICHARDSON to Richard OXLEY 1805
AP7 Mary BRIGHT 10, dau of Frances BRIGHT to John GOODWIN Chesterfield fwk. 1803
AP8 Martha PECK to Joseph WOODHEAD 1752
AP9 Thomas RICHARDSON 8 to John NORBORN Barlborough, farmer. 1802
AP10 Hannah MORTON to Henry BOWDON Clowne Esq. 1799
AP11 Mary RICHARDSON to William TOMPKIN of Clowne farmer 1802
AP12 James THORNALLY 8 to John BROOMHEAD Chesterfield fwk. 1801
AP13 Elizabeth THORNALLEY 11 to William GODDARD Chesterfield fwk. 1800
AP14 Ann THORNALLEY 8, to William GODDARD Chesterfield fwk 1800
AP15 George MORTON 12 to Thomas FLETCHER Staveley cordwainer 1799
AP16 Richard DRABLE 9 to John KEY Benston? Yorkshire, weaver 1817
AP17 James BRIGHT 11,to John GOTHARD Chesterfield fwk 1801
SE83AP Francis SMITH for committing various misdemeanour discharged from Apprenticeship to John ALSOP. 1821
CRICH Apprenticeship
APP/1 James POULL son of Ralf of Wakebridge, to John BREVERER draper of London. 1506
AP1 Wm son of Joseph NOBLE to Robert ALSEBROOK 1741
AP2 John CHARITY to Joseph BOMER 1741
AP3 Jane dau of Saml HIDES to John HASLAM 1757
AP4 Margaret BAMFORD to Joseph MASON Lindow Lane 1764
AP5 Martha CHEETHAM to John SAXTON Wakebridge 1773
AP6 Timothy CROOKS to John RICHARDSON 1777
AP7 Stephen BAMFORD to Isaac DAWS fwk 1778
AP8 James WOODHOUSE John HOPKINSON Wheatcroft 1782
AP9 IsaacBENNETT to James MASSEY weaver 1782
AP10 Elizabeth BARNES to John FRITCHLEY 1782
AP11 Sarah BARNES to David WOODHOUSE Crich 1782
AP12 Charles BAMFORD to Tho AMAT Leashaw, farmer 1783  On reverse, Chas BAMFORD drowned 23 Jun 1783.
AP13 Ann POYZER 10, to Wm SMITH 1796  note Ann dau of Tho and Jane POYZER.
AP15 Sarah FLETCHER 8 to Tho BEARDSLEY Park Gate 1797
AP16 Dorothy POYZER 9 to Joseph BENT Crich 1797
AP17 Thomas BELL 13 to Jedediah CLARKE Belper 1799
AP18 John ASHTON 10 to Tho CHEETHAM Crich 1799
AP19 Jas EVANS Belper to Jas,Henry and Tho TURTON 1799
AP20 John BELL 12 to Wm HARVEY Sth Wingfield 1800
AP21 Wm LEAM 8 to Tho SELLERS fwk Crich 1800
AP22 James ASHTON 8 to James MARSHALL yngr 1801
AP23 Wm WHELDON 7 to Henry TOMLINSON Crich 1801 assigned to George TOPHAM of Bonsall 1803 re-assigned to George WILDGOOSE of Crich 1807
AP24 Ann WALKER to Joseph NIGHTINGALE 1801
AP25 Hannah BENNET 10 to Elijah HALL Sth Wingfield 1800 or 1
AP26 Samuel son of Hannah SMITH widow of Belper to George SWINDELL Crich 1808
AP27 Mary HALL 11 to Robert ARNFIELD Mellor weaver 1809
AP28 Elizabeth HALL 9 to Robert ARNFIELD Mellor 1809
AP29 Samuel DAWS 7 to William YOUNG farmer 1809
AP30 William HALL 7 to John STRANGE farmer 1810
V53A/15 James HOLEHOUSE son of Thomas HOLEHOUSE to William WHITE 1799
AP31 Benjamin SWEETING 9 to Joseph BOWMER Crich 1810
AP32 John TAYLOR 13, son of Elias TAYLOR to Thomas LEE Crich 1810
AP33 Joseph HARRISON 7  to James LIMB Crich 1813
AP34 Solomon SELLERS 12 to Daniel COOPER Crich 1813
AP35 George POTTER 11 to George SMITH Crich 1814
AP36 Elizabeth BENNETT 13 dau of William BENNETT to Ralph SMITH Crich 1817
AP37 John MARSHALL 9? to Joseph BARKER Crich 1815
AP38 John SWEETING 8 to Samuel JOHNSON Crich 1815
AP39 Simon SWEETING 11 to Thomas TOWNDROW Crich 1815
AP40 Paul STORER 13 to Thomas BOWMER Crich 1815
AP41 William ROPER 10 to William MARSDEN Crich 1815
AP42 Zachariah STORER 11 to Robert HAY yngr Crich 1815
AP43 James SWEETING 8 to Lot BEARDSLEY Crich 1815
AP44 David WILKINSON 9 to Thomas BOWMER Crich 1817
AP45 William TAYLOR 11, son of Thomas TAYLOR to Alice BROWN Crich 1817
AP46 Elizabeth BENNETT , that Ralph SMITH is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice. 1817
AP47 Hannah BENNETT 19 to Ralph POYZER Crich 1817
AP48 George BURTON 9, son of John BURTON  to William GOODALL Crich 1817
AP49 Hannah STORER 10, dau of William STORER to William GOODALL yngr Crich 1817
AP50 George BURTON 11, to Charles SLACK Crich 1819
AP51 George BURTON 11, that Charles SLACK is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice 1819
AP52 Mary BUXTON 14, to John WALKER Crich 1817
AP53* George FLETCHER alias George BRANDRETH to Joseph BERESFORD alias Joseph HALL Crich 1828 (sic)
AP54 James SWEETING 9. that Gervase SPENDLOVE is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice. 1818 
AP55 James SWEETING 9, son of Elizabeth SWEETING widow to Gervase SPENDLOVE Crich  1818
AP56 William WILKINSON 12, taht George COWLISHAW is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice. 1818
AP57 William WILKINSON 12, son of David WILKINSON  to George COWLISHAW Crich.  1818
AP58 Hannah BRANDRETH 11, to Thomas BEARDAH Crich  1819
AP59 Samuel COOPER of South Wingfield, 11 to Isaac HARRISON  Crich 1821
AP60 Samuel COOPER 11;  received ten pounds fine from Isaac HARRISON for refusing to take Samuel COOPER as apprentice. Signed John TURNER Overseer South Wingfield. 1821
AP61 Eliza HUNT 9 of South Wingfield to Samuel LEAM, Fritchley 1821
AP62 Eliza HUNT 9,  received ten pounds fine from John WALKER for Samuel LEAM for LEAM refusing to take Eliza HUNT as apprentice. John TURNER Overseer South Wingfield. 1821
AP63 Benjamin HIDES 12 that John SMITH Crich is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice. 1823
AP64 Benjamin HIDES 12, to John SMITH Crich 1823
AP65 Charlotte GALLIMORE alias CURZON  13 ,that John SAXTON, calico weaver,  is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice 1826
AP66 Charlotte GALLIMORE alias CURZON 13, that John SAXTON Gent.Crich, is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice 1826
AP67* Charlotte GALLIMORE alias CURZON 13 dau of Samuel GALLIMORE to John SAXTON 1826 
AP68 George RADFORD 9 to John TOPLIS Crich 1828
AP69 George RADFORD 9 son of George and Ann RADFORD unabe to maintain child to John TOPLIS Crich 1828
AP70 William RADFORD 10 to Joseph HALL Crich 1829
AP71 William RADFORD 10 illegitimate to Joseph HALL Crich 1829
AP72 George CHEETHAM 9 that Joseph NIGHTINGALE is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice 1830
AP73 George CHEETHAM 9 son of John and Ann CHEETHAM to Joseph NIGHTINGALE Crich 1830
AP74 Jesse GALLIMORE 13, that William MARSHALL Crich is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice 1830
AP74 Jesse GALLIMORE 13 to William MARSHALL Crich 1830
AP75 Martin TAYLOR 13  that Samuel SMITH is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice 1830
AP76 Martin TAYLOR 13 son of Thomas and Mercy TAYLOR to Samuel SMITH Crich 1830
AP77 George COWLISHAW 13, that Salathiel SHAW is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice 1831
AP78 George COWLISHAW 13 to Salathile SHAW, Crich 1831
AP79 George SELLORS 13 son of Charles and Elizabeth SELLORS, that John BACON is a fit and proper person to have an apprentice 1834
AP80 George SELLORS 13 son of Charles and Elizabeth SELLORS to John BACON Crich. 1834
V110/8 Ann WALKER to Joseph NIGHTINGALE  1801
V110/9 George ROBERTS to Robert PARSONS  1805
V110/11 John STORER to Joseph HASLAM  1814
V110/12 William CHEETHAM son of John and Ann CHEETHAM to George TOPHAM of South Wingfield 1829
CROMFORD Apprenticeship
TW3 Saml MERCHANT Cromford to Peter BOLLINGTON Cromford 1802
V6/298 James THOMPSON son of John of Cromford to George HAWLEY of Matlock  1848
CUBLEY Apprenticeship
1 Thomas BAKER illegitimate son of Ann BAKER to Thomas HARRISON husbandry 1810
5 May 1818 List of Inhabitants of Cubley who are considered liable to have Poor children put to them as Parish Apprentices.
2 Mary DOE to Thomas JACKSON jnr, kept in her place until 21 yrs old
3 John BAKER to Wm HUNT butcher, kept for a very short time, no work for him
4 Hannah DOE to James AUDINWOOD was kept but apart of her time.
5 John BULL to John BULL snr was kept in place most of the time
6 Elizabeth JACKSON (Harper) to John HOPKINS was kept most of the time until she was 19 not 21.
7 Elizabeth HOLT to John BULL jnr 1826
8 Geo PEACH to John MOSELEY 1829
9 Margaret DOE to Wm WHITING 1829
10 Thomas GOODALL to Edward WILLIAMS  1845  V40/28

DALE ABBEY Apprentices
A1 Philip SPUR als DREACOAT to Samuel SHEPPARDSON als BODEN 1703
A2 Robert Mosley HOULT als BRIGGS  to Thomas GRUNDY 1711
A3 Samson HODGES to James WHITTLE Retford, Notts 1713
A4 Mary ROWBOTHAM to David HARVEY 1722
A5 George ROOBOTHAM to John DRAYCOAT Standley range, Dale Abbey 1732
A6 Mark CURMICKELS 8 to John STEVENS 1732
A7 John VALENCE to Charles DRAYCOAT 1733
A8 Thomas HOLT  to William WOOD Basford, Notts 1739
A9 Susana SPURR to Matthew SHEPARD 1747
A10 Samuel BACON  to Richard FARNSWORTH Stapleford, Notts.1793
A11 John STEVENS 10 son of William STEVENS who is absconded and Sarah wife, died  to James PYWELL Ocbrook 1819
A12 John STEVENS 10 parents unable to maintain, Sarah decd.  to James PYWELL Ockbrook 1819
DENBY Apprentices
Thomas PARKIN Denby  to Francis BROWN Heanor  1783  V34/19
William CHANDLER 10 to Joseph HOGTON Denby fwk.  1801   V21/126
William HOGTON son of Ralph HOGTON Denby to Joseph HOGTON Denby fwk 1781  V21/123
Alexander son of Joseph HOGTON Denby to Samuel LITTLEWOOD Silston Notts 1815  V21/130
Alexander son of Joseph HOGTON Denby to Edward SMITH Derby cabinet maker 1819  V21/131
DERBY Apprentices
AP1 Fred Perry THOMPSON 9 Whittaker St. son of Fred THOMPSON, joiner, to BEMROSE and Son Zinc Line Etching c1902-8
DA3 Francis SKERRITT to John TAYLOR Manthorpe? Lincs. weaver. 1693?
DA4 John ETHERINGTON Derby to Gilbert HARRISON Derby painter 1859
V48/4 Apprenticeship Indenture of William Holt BRIGGS to George COULSON of Welch Terrace, Siddalls Lane. 1867
Joseph SHARDLOW to Henry MARSHALL fwk. Derby  1753  V102/1
Joseph SHARDLOW to Hy MARSHALL Derby 1753  V102/7
V64/15 Richard NEEDHAM son of John NEEDHAM of Derby to James STANHOPE of Sutton in Ashfield Notts 1829
Thomas HOLLINGS Derby to Richard LEAPER Derby  1792  V109/12
1 Ann TABERER dau of the late Thomas TABERER husbandman, to Fabian HARRISON Derby, carpenter 1638
2 John BESTWIGGE to John ROBERTS tailor, Derby 1663
3 Mary BESTWIGGE of Derby dau of Ann BESTWIGGE Derby lately deceased, to John BUTLER Derby, schoolmaster 1667
4 Samuel SMEDLEY son of Samuel SMEDLEY lately dec of Derby to John BYERS, Derby, glover 1669
5 William GREENE son of Richard GREENE of Derby, miller dec. to Thomas CORFIELD,basket maker, Derby 1691.
6 Paul LAURENCE son of Roger LAURENCE Derby, dec. to John WILLSMORE Derby, basket maker. 1691
7 George SMITH to William HODGKINSON Derby All Saints 12th year William III
8 Thomas HARRISON to Richard COWLISHAW Derby St Peter, jersey comber 1704
9 Thomas DIXON to George HUNTER Derby St Alkmund fwk 1704
10 James HARRIS to John NOBLE Derby St Peter, brickmaker 1709
11 Thomas HALL to John PETERS Derby St Werburgh, brickmaker 1709
12 Hannah KIRBY to Ellis SCOEFIELD Derby St Peter, feltmaker 1710
13 Isaac SMEDLEY son of Nathaniel SMEDLEY dec. James ORME Derby fwk 1710
14 John STUBBS son of John STUBBS dec. turner to John BALEY 1710
15 Frances BOTHAM dau of Thomas BOTHAM maltster, late of Derby to William WALKER Derby, fwk 1711
16 Ruth BOTHAM dau of Thomas BOTHAM maltster late of Derby to George HALL, fwk, 1711
17 Isaac SMEDLEY son of Nathaniel SMEDLEY, Derby to James ORME 1711
18 Thomas BOTHAM son of Thomas BOTHAM late of Burbley?, Staffs maltster to Samuel ROTHERHAM, Derby 1 Apr 1712
19 Thomas BOTHAM to Samuel ROTHERHAM Derby St Peer 4 Apr 1712
20 Catherine HOLMES dau of George HOLMES to Andrew MERRILYES Derby (signs MERRYLIES) Innholder 1714
21 Vicessimus COOKE to Thomas NEEDHAM Derby St Alkmund, cordwainer. 1716
22 Esther ROBERTS aged 11, to John PEGG and his wife Mary Derby St Peter fwk 1716
23 Ellen WATSON dau of William WATSON to Roger BAYLAND (signs BELAND) shoemaker 1717
24 Ralph GREASOLEY son of John of Derby to John GREISLEY his father,19th Feb 1718 being Shrove Tuesday.
25 John TRUBSHAWE 7, son of James TRUBSHAWE of All Saints. to Thomas MANING elder of Derby St Peter. 1718
26 John MORETON to his father John MORETON 1720
27 John MORETON to John MORETON 1720 Different style.
28 Isaac COOKE son of Robert COOKE, labourer.. to George HUTTON Derby fwk 1722
29 Thomas FRITH son of Jasper FRITH Derby to Thomas NEEDHAM St Alkmund 1724
30 Alveary BAKER son of Thomas BAKER to Thomas BAXTER Diseworth, Leics. "taylor" 1726
31 George ROBERTS All Saints son of George ROBERTS dec. with consent of Mary his mother to Josiah NEEDHAM of Derby St Alkmund. 1726
32 Thomas FISH als RICHARDS son of John FISH als RICHARDS to Mary FISH als RICHARDS, widow, fellmonger and glover 1727
33 Richard LOVEGROVE son of Richard LOVEGROVE to Robert CRESWELL Derby St Michael 1727
34 George FEATHERSTONE son of Thomas FEATHERSTONE to John STABLES Derby 1728
35 John COWLISHAWE son of William COWLISHAWE cordwainer, shoemaker dec. to William RIGLEY Alvaston, cordwainer. 1730
36 Richard FRITH son of Jasper FRITH lab. to William HOLMES Derby St Peter "taylor". 1730/1
37 Thomas CHAPLIN son of Daniel CHAPLIN Derby, lab. dec. to John YATES Periwig maker 1731
38 Anthony WILDE son of John WILDE, carpenter dec. with consent of his mother Lidia PERRYMAN to Roger MORLEDGE carpenter. 1731
39 William RAWLINS son of William RAWLINS labourer. to John HOW, Derby, feltmaker. 1731/2
40 John ORTON son of William ORTON of Derby "joyner" to John TOWNDRO (TOWNDROW) Derby, cordwainer 1731/2
41 John YEOMANS son of Edward YEOMANS, labourer. to William SEALE Derby St Werburgh, "taylor" 1731/2
42 William MELLER Derby to William FLETCHER carpenter c.1732
43 Richard FRITH son of Joseph FRITH dec. Derby, lab. to Johnathan BELL Derby, fwk 1732
44 Samuel COTTON son of Samuel COTTON to Thomas COTTON Derby fwk 1733
45 Samuel REEVE son of Thomas REEVE late Derby, fwk. with consent of relatives and friends to George BAGE Darley, paper maker. 1733
46 Richard NOON son of Margaret BLOOD Horsley and consent of mother to Thomas BLOOD his father in law of Horsley nailer. 1733/4 (Presumably Richard "belongs" to Derby All Sts)
47 James MUXON son of William MUXON tallow chandler lately dec. by Jane his now widow to John MUXON Nottingham St Mary, silk fwk. 1734
48 Philip WATERFIELD son of Philip WATERFIELD lab. to Nathaniel MOTT Doveridge, cordwainer 1734
49 John BLAGRAVE son of John BLAGRAVE Derby fwk. dec. to John LEE Nottingham fwk. 1734
50 William CORKER son of Joseph CORKER Derby cordwainer, dec. by Mary CORKER his widow. to Thomas JOHNSON Derby perriwig maker 1734/5
51 William WORTHY? (very faded) son of Joseph and Mary, to Thomas JOHNSON Derby perriwig maker.1734/5
52 Francis HALL son of Elizabeth HALL Derby to John MORLEY Newton Solney 1734/5
53 William LUMMAS son of Rebecca LUMMAS late Derby, single to John HEPTINSTALL Walsall, Staffs. 1735
54 John TOMPSON of Al Saints son of Joseph TOMPSON now of Derby St Peter fwk to Joseph TOMPSON, fwk, his father. 1735
55 John COCKERAM son of Samuel COCKERAM lab. to Robert LYNEX Walsall, Staffs buckle maker. 1735
56 James BROOKS son of Thomas BROOKS Derby feltmaker dec and with consent of his mother to Richard PALMER Walsall, Staffs, brass founder 1735
57 Thomas SAYWELL son of Thomas SAYWELL late of Derby baker, with consent of his mother to John HEPTINSTALL Walsall, Staffs 1745
58 William CHAPLIN son of Henry CHAPLIN fwk to Henry CHAPLIN his father 1735/6
59 James JORDAN son of James JORDAN Derby, butcher to William CLARKE Etwall cordwainer 1735/6
60 Benjamin COWLISHAW son of Mary COWLISHAW single to Joseph BRADOCK of Walsall, Staffs, engraver 1736
61 Thomas LOVEGROVE son of Richard LOVEGROVE Derby flaxdresser to John HOW Derby feltmaker 1736
62 William BROWNELL son of William BROWNELL Derby lab to Joseph OFFISCER of Nottingham 1736
63 William HUNTINGTON son of Charles HUNTINGTON "taylor" to Joseph PARKINSON Sawley 1736
64 Thomas FEATHERSTONE son of Thomas FEATHERSTONE Derby flaxdresser to John ROBOTHAM yngr cordwainer 1736/7
65 Seth THORPE son of Elizabeth THORPE widow to Samuel CLARKE Derby All Saints, cordwainer. 1737
66 William COLTON (Cotton ?)son of Samuel COLTON (Cotton ?) to Thomas CLOWES Derby wheelwright 1738
67 John SOAR son of Hannah SOAR widow to Thomas LOW shoemaker Derby All Saints. 1740
68 Joseph HODGKINSON son of Joseph HODGKINSON late of Derby All Saints now gone for a soldier to William KIRKLAND Derby St Alkmund 1740
69 Thomas WILSON son of Joseph WILSON to Thomas COPESTAKE of Sudbury 1741
70 John SANDERS son of John SANDERS bookseller, to Richard SHEPPERD Derby bookbinder 1742
72 Francis SAMPSON son of Joseph SAMPSON now living in Derby St Peter fwk, to Joseph SAMPSON his father.1743
73 William UFTON son of John UFTON to Thomas ROWBOTHAM Derby St Michael cordwainer 1744
74 Roger LOCKER son of Thomas LOCKER to Thomas LOWE Derby St Alkmund 1745
75 Thomas ------- of Nottingham,Notts to Richard WILKINSON Nottingham fwk 1746
76 Thomas LARARD son of Edward LARARD to Thomas STAMFORD Derby 1746
77 Joseph SHEPPERD son of William SHEPPERD to John SOAR Derby shoemaker. 1747
78 George WILSON son of Joseph WILSON to Samuel BROWN Derby 1748
79 Thomas PYM son of Thomas PYM labourer to James FORD Derby St Werburgh 1749
80 Elias CLARK son of Elias CLARK to Thomas FEATHERSTONE Derby St Michael 1750
81 Arrabella SUMMERS dau of Joseph SUMMERS late of Nottingham,Notts to Ruth DEXTER spinner, knitter and quilter wife of Edward DEXTER butcher, Nottingham 1751
82 Thomas MILLS son of Thomas MILLS to Jonathan BURROUGHS Leicester All Saints, Leics. 1752
83 John WATSON Derby All Saints to Jonathan BURROUGHS Leicester All Saints, Leics 1752
84 David JOHNSON son of Martha JOHNSON to William WALKLATE Derby 1753
85 Thomas AINSWORTH son of Rebecca AINSWORTH late of Derby single to Thomas BURGISS Coventry,Warwicks. 1754
86 Thomas JOHNSON son of Thomas JOHNSON to John TOWLE ropemaker Drankard p.Wilne 1754
87 James MILNS to William UFFTON Derby 1755
88 Mary CROSLAND  to Thomas HARTSON Standley, p.Spondon 1756
89 John BRIGHOUSE to Ann SHACKLETON and son John SHACKLETON Nottingham, Notts. 1756
90 Ralph ASHBY son of Richard ASHBYdec. to Joseph HARE Derby St Werburgh 1758
91 Daniel ELCOCK son of Edward ELCOCK yeoman  to Edward FLETCHER Derby St Alkmund 1759
92 Joseph HOPKINS son of Richard HOPKINS to John LAFBURY Derby St Werburgh 1759
93 Elizabeth SIMPSON dau of Lidia SIMPSON to Ann WATERFALL wife of Samuel WATERFALL Hoyland Ward, ( Hulland Ward ?) p.Duffield 1759
94 Samuel HAMMERSLEY son of Thomas HAMMERSLEY to William HARRISON Derby St Werburgh 1760
95 John HILTON son of Thomas HILTON  to Samuel SMITH Derby 1761
96 Webster CLARK  to Joshua SIMONDS C.1761 (first page missing)
97 John LACEY lease of a farm near a streeet called Fryer Gate, Derby. 1762
98 Robert SIMPSON son of John SIMPSON  to John HARRISON Derby 1765
99 Thomas STATHAM son of Sarah STATHAM widow  to Joseph BULMER 1766
100 William BROWNELL son of William BROWNELL tailor to Richard WINTER of Repton 1767
101 Benjamin DIXON son of Benjamin DIXON to Benjamin DiXON elder 1768
102 William TOPLIS son of Ann TOPLIS widow, to John HILL Chaddesden 1770
103 William TURNER son of Edward TURNER to James BAMFORD Derby 1771
104 John MURGATROID son of Ann MURGATROID, widow to Joseph TUNNELEY Derby St Werburgh. 1773
105 William HUNT son of John HUNT to Emanuel BULLINGTON Derby St Werburgh  1774
106 James MACKLIN son of Mary MACKLIN  to John WRIGHT Derby All Saints 1775
107 Richard HALL son of John HALL to Richard CLARK Drby All Saints 1776
108 Charles DALLISON son of James DALLISON  to Arthur TYRELL Derby St Alkmunds 1777
109 Thomas BROUGHTON son of Hannah BROUGHTON widow, to John HASLAM Derby St Werburgh 1778
110 John SADLER grandson of John SADLER to Samuel JORDAN 1779
111 Robert HARDEY son of Robert HARDEY of London, porter to William HOLBROOKE  1780 
DERBY ST PETER Apprentices
1 Rowland ALLEN , mother Emma, to George SHARDLOW Sadler Gate 1866
2 William MOSS, grandfather William MOSS  to Thomas CLARK Victoria St 1866
3 John Home NIGHTINGALE to William SHARRATT Green Lane.  1866
4 John Dexter WADE to William BINNS schoolmaster  1867
5 George WALKER to Charles ANDREWS Midland Rd. 1867
6 William Henry KENT, father Henry KENT to William WILSON Queen St. 1867
7 Robert SIMPSON, father Samuel SIMPSON to James DURBER Traffic St later transferred to John FOOTTIT  1867
8 Henry WILLIAMS, brother Joseph Ellis WILLIAMS to Francis CARTER Iron Gate 1867
9 Henry GRIFFITT, fatehr William GRIFFITT Traffic St to William CROWDER Sadler Gate 1868
10 William BUXTON , grandfather John BUXTON to William SMEDLEY London Rd 1868
11 George Henry WARD, father William WARD Back Sitwell St to George WARD No.29 Sitwell St. 1868
12 Harry BRADSHAW, mother Mary BRADSHAW widow,  to William BRADSHAW Traffic St. Derby 1868
13 John HOULT, father John HOULT  to Alfred EMBERY St Peters Street, Derby 1868
14 Alfred BULLOCK, brother William BULLOCK  to George SHARDLOW  194 Abbey St. Derby 1868
15 Edwin MORLEY, father James MORLEY  to John and Edward WOOD Liversage St, Derby 1868
16 William MOULT, father William MOULT  to Thomas RICHARDSON Siddals Lane, Derby 1868
17 Alfred John NIXON, father John NIXON  to John BULMAN Schoolmaster. 1868
18 Joseph Henry WIGLEY, father Thomas WIGLEY  to Thomas Barker GRIFFITHS 1 St Peters Street, Derby 1869
19 John NEWTON, father Isaac NEWTON to Isaac NEWTON London St. Derby, his father 1869
20 Phillis MOULT, father William MOULT  to Elizabeth Ann SIMPSON Mistress Natl School (Girls) Siddals Lane, Derby 1869
21 Isabella MITCHELL, father Thomas MITCHELL to Anne CLAYTON Schoolmistress Natl School (Girls) Traffic St. Derby1869
22 Sarah Ann ROE, mother Sarah ROE  to Thomas LLOYD 47 St Peters Street, Derby 1869
23 George COCKERAM, father Samuel COCKERAM  to John PRINCE 36 Queen St. Derby 1869
24 Edward HORNE, mother Maria Jane HORNE  to Luke HALL Ashbourne 1869
25 Harry BROOKHOUSE, Jane BROOKHOUSE grandmother to William and Henry BEMROSE Derby 1869
26 Mary HAWLEY, John HAWLEY Liversage St  to Anne KELHAM  Mistress Natl School Bag Lane Derby 1869
27 Thomas HORNE, Maria HORNE Traffic St. to TOMLINSON and HENDERSON  Park St. Derby 1869
28 Mary Elizabeth HESKETH, Mary Ann HESKETH Vernon St.  to Elizabeth Ann SIMPSON Mistress Natl Schl Siddals Lane 1869
29 Harry JOHNSON, George JOHNSON Osmaston St Derby to Mr and Mrs George DAKIN Leicester  1879 (sic)
30 Frederick HIBBERT, Mary Ann HIBBERT Osmaston St  to Edward Samuel HIBBERT Derby 1870
31 John WHITEHURST, Frederick WHITEHURST Traffic St.  to Isaac PORTER        Derby  1870
32 Mary WIGLEY, Thomas WIGLEY Park St, Derby to SLACK and BOOTHROYD St Peters Street Derby 1870
33 Edward DOULD, Jane DOULD Traffic St. to James HASKEW Iron Gate, Derby 1870
34 Henry Thomas PROSSER, Selina PROSSER Liversage Place  to Edwin POYSER London St, Derby 1870
35 James HAND, John HAND Copeland St, to William EATON Sadler Gate Derby 1870
36 John HAWLEY, John HAWLEY Liversage St, Derby to William and Joseph COWLISHAW London St. Derby 1870
37 Elizabeth JOHNSON, Joseph CASH Park St Derby to Thomas LLOYD St Peters Street Derby 1871
38 Albert Henry THORNHILL, Henry THORNHILL Traffic St. Derby to James MUNTON St Peters Churchyard, Derby 1871
39 Harriett BATES, Harriet CHAMBERS Oxford St. Litchurch to Thomas LLOYD St Peters St Derby 1872
40 John Charles NADIN, Mary NADIN Wilmot St, Derby to John GADSBY Sacheveral St Derby 1872
41 John Charles LAKIN, Elizabeth LAKIN,Back Sitwell Lane Derby to John JOBSON and Edward BARGE Exeter St Derby  1872
42 Zephaniah BROWN, William BROWN Park St Derby to Joseph MACHIN Osmaston St. Derby 1872
43 John William LLOYD, Mary LLOYD Siddals Rd Derby to Herbert MOORE Cock Pit Hill Derby 1873
44 Joseph POYSER, Alfred POYSER Eliza POYSER Liversage Place Derby to Charles ANDREWS Station St. Derby 1874  
45 Ruth MOORE, Abraham MOORE Traffic St Derby to Thomas LLOYD St Peters St Derby 1874
46 Matthias FAULKNER, Ann FAULKNER Green Hill Derby to Joseph KERRY Brook St Derby 1874
47 John SLACK,Harriet SLACK Eagle St Derby to Herbert and Arthur HOLMES London Rd Derby 1874
48 George BARLOW, Edward BARLOW Bag Lane to Thomas STOKES Abbey St. Derby 1874
49 Charles TAYLOR yngr , Charles TAYLOR elder Boroughs Walk, Derby to Herbert and Arthur HOLMES London Rd. Derby 1874
51 Charles BIGGS, Ephraim BIGGS Babington Lane Derby to Samuel BLOOR St Peters St Derby 1875
52 John George THORNHILL, Henry THORNHILL London Rd Derby to James MUNTON St Peters Churchyard, Derby 1875
53 William CASH, Samuel CASH Osmaston St Derby to George FLETCHER Litchurch 1875
54 William George WALKER, Joseph Amos WALKER Devonshire St, Derby to John SMITH Queen St Derby 1875
55 Herbert STONE, Richard STONE TrafficSt, Derby to Robert HARDWICK Siddals Rd Derby 1875
56 Alfred FARNSOWRTH, Frederick FARNSWORTH Hill St Derby to Herbert and Arthur HOLMES Derby 1876
57 James ROBERTS,Samuel ROBERTS Green Lane Derby to John SMITH Derby 1876
58 John Henry TOPLEY ,William TOPLEY brother to John HOLLIS Rolleston nr Burton on Trent Staffs, 1876
59 Joseph Amos WALKER,Joseph Amos WALKER Devonshire St Derby to John T? FROST Derby 1876
60 William ROWE,Charles ROWE Osmaston St Derby to Thomas BAKEWELL Derby 1876
61 James SMEDLEY,Catherine SMEDLEY mother Traffic St Derby to George DAYKIN Derby 1876
62 Thomas Benjamin WRAGG,James WRAGG Carrington St Derby to John JOBSON,Edwd BARGE,Edgar JOBSON Derby 1877 
63 Joseph Albert TAYLOR ,John TAYLOR John St Derby to George FLETCHER and Co Litchurch 1877
64 Frederick William BENNETT,Benjamin BENNETT Carrington St Derby to Thomas RODGERS Derby 1877
65 William HAWKRIDGE,Henry HAWKRIDGE Traffic St Derby to Messrs Frederick CALRK and Arthur PURKISS Derby 1877
66 John SMITH,Thomas SMITH Babington Lane Derby to John LINEHAM Derby 1877
67 Frederick WHITEHURST yngr,Frederick WHITEHURST Traffic St Derby to John SHARP Derby 1877
68 Herbert William BORREY,James BORREY Sitwell St to Benjamin Alexander YATES Derby 1877
69 Joseph Thomas FOX, Joseph FOX Bag Lane to Thomas  J HALL Derby 1878
70 Arthur CHEETHAM, Joseph CHEETHAM St Peters Churchyard to Joseph BANNISTER and Thomas HARPUR Derby 1878
71 Charles WRAGG, James WRAGG Carrington St to Edward PHILLIPS Litchurch 1878
72 Wiliam MCNALLEY, Martha MCNALLEY grandmother Siddals Rd to Henry FOWKES Derby 1879
73 Herbert SMEDLEY, Catherine SMEDLEY mother Traffic St to Thomas FROST Derby 1879
74 George HOLLAND, Elizabeth HOLLAND mother Traffic St to Messrs Henry HOWE and William BEMROSE Derby 1880
75 Henry GREENSMITH, Samuel GREENSMITH Sitwell St to George HARRISON Derby 1880
76 William Thomas BEESON, Robert BEESON Back Sitwell St to Alfred Seale HASLAM Derby 1881
77 Fredrick WILDGOOSE, Charles WILDGOOSE Park St to Samuel BLOOR and James PEACH St Peters Street Derby 1881
78 George Arthur TWELLS, John TWELLS Liversage St to Timothy OUGHTON Derby 1881
79 Charles Archer SHENTON, William SHENTON Park St to Charles ANDREWS Derby 1881
80 Walter Harry WALKER, Joseph Amos WALKER Devonshire St to Stephen WRIGHT Derby 1881
81 Alfred BOUGHEY, Thomas BOUGHEY Normanton Rd to Isaac NEWTON Derby 1882
82 Harry Edward COKE, Emily COKE mother Carrington St to Thomas BAILEY Derby 1882
83 Abraham James JOHNSON, George JOHNSON Richmond Rd to Amos ELSE Derby 1882
84 Walter Edwards BORRINGTON, James BORRINGTON Bag Lane to John ROE Derby 1883
George JACKSON son of George JACKSON  labourer to John SIMS of Derby St Peter 1808  V36/31
M21/27 Christopher SOAR of Derby St Werburghs to Thomas SHEPPARD Derby All Saints whitesmith. 1773
M21/28 Mary PETERS of Derby St Werburghs to Luke PETERS of St Michaels, Coventry, Warwicks. ribbon weaver.1734
Joseph SHARDLOW  Derby St Werburgh to Henry MARSHALL  Derby St Alkmund  1753   V109/13
DERWENT Apprentices
Charles WATTS Derwent 10 to John BENNETT Turnlee ?, Glossop 1808 V22/71

DOVERIDGE Apprenticeship
L18 John RICE Doveridge to John RICHARDS Nottingham 1766

This is a list only from the parish book detailing the apprentice Indentures for Doveridge. List only, not the actual indenture which are possibly lost.
1 Edward SLATER to William PALMER of Doveridge 1699
2 Jane MOOR to Thomas ALLCOCK of Doveridge 1699
3 John BROADBENT to William GILBERT of Doveridge 1699
4 Rachael BRYAN to George STONE of Doveridge 1699
5 Ann AUSTIN to Richard ROBINSON of Doveridge 1699
6 William BRYAN to Richard BROUGH of Clownham 1699
7 Jane WILD to John BLADON of West Broughton 1699
8 William LEES to Richard STUBBING of West Broughton 1699
9 Sarah BROADBENT to William SAVAGE of Doveridge 1699
10 William SAVAGE to William SAVAGE of Doveridge 1699
11 Robert RICHARDSON to Samuel WALL of Marchington 1701
12 John BARTON to John WALL of Doveridge 1705
13 Thomas MILLS to William PALMER of Doveridge 1707
14 Richard PALMER to Edward GREENWOOD of Doveridge 1707
15 William ROBOTHAM to Henry ORGIL of West Broughton1708
16 William BALL to Thomas PHILLIPS of Sedsall 1708
17 Richard BARTON to Henry ALLCOCK of Doveridge 1710
18 Mary HEWITT to Thomas TOWNSEND of Eaton 1710
19 William MUSGROVE to John BLADON of Broughton 1712
20 William ROE to John DUDLEY of Doveridge 1712
21 William MUSGROVE to William PALMER of Doveridge 1712
22 Thomas WOOLLEY to John BLADON of Doveridge 1712
23 Elizabeth ROE to William ALLCOCK of Woodhouses  1712
24 Rebecca MUSGROVE to Isaac SMITH of Doveridge 1712
25 Thomas BALL to George COKAYNE Clerk of Doveridge 1712
26 Henry LEES to John PALMER of Woodhouses 1712
27 William BULL to Isaac SMITH of Doveridge 1715
28 Jos MUSGROVE to John GREEN of Doveridge 1715
29 William TURNER to Henry MARSHALL of Doveridge 1716
30 Joseph HARRISON to Fras OAKEY of Doveridge 1719
31 Mary MORTON to John GREEN of Doveridge 1719
32 Thomas AULT to Joseph KEY of Doveridge 1719
33 Elizabeth MOOR to Hum: WALL of Doveridge 1719
34 Charles MUSGRAVE to John PALMER of Doveridge 1721
35 Daniel HARRISON to John BATTILL of Doveridge 1721
36 Margaret WRIGHT to Henry WRIGHT of Doveridge 1721
37 Fras ROBINSON to Fras ROBINSON of Doveridge 1726
38 John SOURLOCK (SCURLOCK?) to John WOOLLEY of Doveridge 1727
39 Dorothy BALL to Richard PALMER of Doveridge 1728
40 John RICE to John RICE of Doveridge 1728
41 William LEESE to Richard SLACK of Ashbourne 1728
42 Richard LOCKER to Elizabeth GOLD of Clownham 1729
43 Mary BULL to Thomas TOWNSEND of Eaton 1729
44 Elizabeth MANIFOLD to Thomas GREAVES of Doveridge 1730
45 Fras ROBINSON to John WOOLLEY of Doveridge 1730
46 Elizabeth GILBERT to George KENT of Doveridge 1731
47 Robert BOLTON to Richard PHILLIPS of Doveridge 1731
48 Ann MANYFOLD to George DAKIN of Doveridge 1731
49 Ann LATCHET to John CHAPLAIN of Doveridge 1732
50 Ralph SLATER to John DEAN of Dalbury Lees 1733
51 Thomas BOLTON to Henry BEARDMORE of Doveridge 1733
52 Thomas ARNFIELD to Mr COKAYNE of Doveridge 1734
53 Thomas BATE to Robert GLADWIN of Youlgreave 1735
54 William BOLTON to William ALLCOCK of Woodhouses 1735
55 Grace HANKINS to Samuel BOSTOCK of Palmermoor 1735
56 William SLATER to Robert GOODALE of Doveridge 1743
57 Jos SLATER to Thomas JAMES of Uttoxeter Staffs 1743
58 James BAILEY to Thomas BESTWICK of Horsley 1744
59 Thomas SLATER to John SHARRATT of Doveridge 1746
60 Mary FOSTER to John MABOTT of Ashbourne 1756
61 Edward FOSTER to William MOORCROFT of Sedsall 1756
62 William FOSTER to Robert EMERY of Doveridge 1757
63 Mary HARVEY to Robert FROST of Woodhouse 1758
64 William Bickerton FEARN to Wolston RIGGS of Doveridge 1759
65 Ann FOSTER to Robert ROGERS of West Broughton 1759
66 Sarah STANDLEY to Mr FITZHERBERT of Doveridge 1767
67 Richard MUSGROVE to John JOHNSON of Eaton 1768
68 Hannah ROE to Samuel STONE of Doveridge 1773
69 Thomas SLATER to John MOTTERHAM of Uttoxeter Staffs 1773
70 Thomas NORBURY to William HINGLEY of Aldridge Staffs 1775
71 James NORBURY to John WETTON of Bramshall Staffs 1775
72 Hannah SMITH to Edward ARMISHAW to Doveridge 1775
73 Susanna STURGES to Thomas PHEBE of Doveridge 1773
74 William SMITH to John APPLEBY of Walsall Staffs 1779
75 John SMITH to Chris. GRAINGER of Walsall Staffs 1779
76 Thomas SMITH to Benjamin MASON of Walsall Staffs 1779
77 Jos AULT to William LEES of Milwich Staffs 1784
78 William STURGES to Benjamin MASON of Walsall Staffs 1784
79 Robert STOKES to Isaac PLANT of Uttoxeter Staffs 1785
80 Jos WOODWARD to Samuel WETTON of Coton in the Elms 1787

DRONFIELD Apprenticeship
AP1 George BARNSLEY of Sheffield to Thomas WING Dronfield, filemaker. 1823
DUFFIELD Apprenticeship
1 Francis STERLAND to Uncle Francis STERLAND 1763
2 Thomas FLETCHER to Jonathan BELL 1729
3 Thomas MORETON to Edward WILMOT 1744
4 Samuel SIMMS to Robert SIMMS Ollerton Notts 1758
5 Enoch POTTER to Saml MORTON Belper 1776
6 Henry REEDER to Thomas BROWN of Kilburn 1773
7 Edward WINROW to Wm COLLEDGE Belper 1774
8 Francis HILLIARD Little Chester to Rbt HILLIARD Ilkeston 1769
9 Wm STERLAND to John SAXON of Horsley Woodhouse 1767
10 Saml LITCHFIELD to James TIPLER Nottm St Mary 1775
11 Tho HILL to Wm MARSHALL Derby St Alkmunds 1778
12 Wm WATSON to Samuel MORTON Belper 1776
13 Wm TOMLINSON to Jonathan OLDHAM Little Eaton 1766
14 Edward ROBINSON of Doves Field (Duffield ), son of Thomas ROBINSON to William WINDLEY Derby All Saints "taylor" 1758
15 William FARNESWORTH son of Mathew and Ann FARNESWORTH to Samuel YEOMANS Duffield stay maker. 1758
16 Samuel SOWTER son of Mark SOWTER of Duffield to John WRIGHT Duffield,tailor 1721/2 Re-assigned to Samuel POTTER Duffield tailor, John WRIGHT husband of Susannah WRIGHT having died. 1722/3
17 Thomas JOHNSON Duffield to Joseph BENNET Wirksworth woolcomber 1709
18 William TOMLINSON son of Joseph TOMLINSON to Samuel POTTER Duffield, tailor. 1721/2
19 James MORTON son of John MORTON of Derby, cordwainer, with consent of his mother Catherin AKERSLEY to John SMITH, Nottingham 1773
20 Isaac HEATHCOCK son of Katherine HEATHCOCK to William WOODWARD sieve maker 1730
21 Joseph HATFIELD son of Samuel of Duffield to William TATAM of Chaddesden, tailor 1761
22 Joseph WATSON son of Joseph WATSON, New Mills, labourer, to John MURTON of Belper Lane, fwk ( not certain if New Mills may be referring to new mills built in Duffield or the place nr Glossop ).
23 William TOMLINSON son of Elizabeth TOMLINSON of Duffield to Robert ROTHWELL of Duffield, fwk. 1764
24 John STONE son of John STONE now or late of the Kingdom of Ireland and Mary his wife to John STEWARDSON of Holbrook, mason. 1765
25 Joseph SIMES son of John SIMES of Duffield to William BESSTON (signs BEESTON), tailor, 1746
26 William BLUNDSTONE son of Joseph BLUNDSTONE of Duffield, tallow chandler to John BOWS of Little Chester, roper and flaxdresser. 1750
27 William SIMS son of Robert SIMS of Duffield to Ed SMITH showmaker (shoemaker) and blacksmith of Ollerton, Notts. 1751
28 Joseph BLUNDSTONE son of Joseph BLUNDSTONE Duffield tallow chandler, to Henry MARLOW Derby, fwk. 1751
29 Robert HILLIARD Duffield to James STEVENSON Hilltop, Horsley, fellmonger and breeches maker. 1751
30 Benjamin JACKSON of Duffield to John HOLLINGWORTH of Kirkby, Notts. fwk. 1771
31 Robert BLUNDSTONE son of Joseph BLUNDSTONE of Duffield to Charles MELLOR of Derby St Peter, jeweller and lapidary 1754
M74 Apprenticeship Indenture of Samuel SLATER of Belper to Jedediah STRUTT. 1783  This is taken from a transcript written down some time ago. It is in inkwell ink. The names are not all discernible, but it may give you a lead as to where your lost apprentice went.
AL1 William TOMLINSON to Samuel POTTER Duffield tailor 1721
AL2 Thomas JOHNSON to Joseph BENNET Wks (Wirksworth ?) woolcomber. 1709
AL3 James MORTON to John SMITH Mat? 1773
AL5 Ed. ..MILNER? to Joseph BRADSHAW ? 1778
AL8 Joseph SIMS to William BEESON tailor 1746
AL9 Isaac HITCHCOCK to William WOODWARD 1730
AL10 Joseph BLUNDSTONE to Henry MARLOW of Derby frameworkknitter 1751
AL11 Robert BLUNSTON to Charles MELLOR 1754
AL12 William SIMS to Ed...SMITH Ollerton, blacksmith 1751
AL14 Benjamin JACKSON to John HOLLINGWORTH Kirby, Notts framework knitter. 1771
AL15 Ed ROBINSON to Wiliam MENDLEY? Derby tailor 1758
AL16 Joseph HATFIELD to Wm TATAM Chaddesden tailor 1761
AL17 William FARNSWORTH to Samuel YEOMANS Duffield, staymaker. 1758
AL18 Joseph WATSON to John MURTON (Morton?) Belper framework knitter 1762
AL20 John STONE to John STEWARDSON Holbrook mason 1765
AL21 William TOMLINSON to Robert ROTHWELL Duffield framework knitter. 1764
AL23 William MASSON to Samuel MACHON ? Belper framework knitter. 1766
AL27 William BLUNDSTONE to John BOWS ? Little Chester flax dresser. 1750
AL28 Robert HILLIARD to James STEVENSON Horsley breechesmaker 1751

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 Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
 SE8 John ARCHER 1750.