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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



ALFRETON Apprenticeship
1 George TURTON illegitimate 14 to John AMAS fwk 1804
2 Joseph ROBINSON son of Mary, 11 to John HURST taylor 1807
3 Francis RADFORD son of John and Mary 8 to Geo ELLIOTT of Swanwick fwk 1808
4 William BOWERING 8, son of George, late dec. of Alfreton to Michael HOLMES grocer and tallow chandler 1808
5 William HOLMES to his father Michael HOLMES of Alfreton grocer, tallow chandler, flaxdresser. 1803
ALLESTREE Apprenticeship
12a William GREGORY 13 to Walter OAKES,Derby St Alkmunds. 1832
12b Robert BARTON 13 son of Ann widow, to Wm GREEN of Leicester St Margaret. 1834
ALVASTON Apprenticeship
DA5 Lydia ROWLAND Alvaston to Matthew COPE Derby All Saints, milliner. 1806
ASHBOURNE Apprenticeship
TW1 Robert SMITH grandson of John PLATTS of Ashbourne to John METTAM 1748
V64/4 James CLEWS son of John CLEWS of Newton Grange p.Ashbourne to John ROOSE plumber 1828
ASHFORD Apprenticeship
William KIRKHAM Ashford to Ellis NEEDHAM Litton 1809 V22/76
AP1 Jane HASLAM to Richard BOWER 1697
AP2 Henry RIGGATT to Arrthur DAYKIN 1697
AP3 Mary WRIGHT to John MATHER 1697
AP4 Mary ALLEN to Edward WRAGG 1712
AP6 George WAGSTAFF to George PRESTAGE 1712
AP7 -------- MAXFIELD to George BEARDAH 1712
AP8 William CANTRILL to William HOLE 1712
AP9 Martha WAGSTAFF to John WILLSON 1712
AP10 William CANTRILL to Robert TOMLINSON 1712
AP11 Job DAYKIN to Samuel BOURNE 1712
AP12 James MARRIOT to Giles COWLEY 1716
AP13 Thomas MARRIOT to Thomas FEARN 1716
AP14 Henry MAXFIELD to Henry TOWNDROW 1716
AP15 Mary STUBBING to Josh WHITE 1724
AP16 Elizabeth STUBBING to Samuel BARKER 1724
AP17 Elizabeth BACON to Edward SLACK 1729
AP18 Samuel WILLSON to William BOWER 1729
AP19 William SHIMWELL to Thomas WRAGG Clattercotes 1729
AP20 Jane PURSGLOVE to Richard BEIGHTON Ashover 1729
AP21 Elizabeth NIGHTINGALE to David BASFORD Green House 1738
AP22 Mary SHIMWELL to Joseph SOWTER Dogholelane 1738
AP23 ----- ---- to Isaac HOLE, Butterly 1739
AP24 Samuel KIRK to Samuel HASLAM Ashover 1739
AP25 Mary PHILLIPS to George ALLEN Badger Lane 1740
AP26 Thomas SHIMWELL to Abraham REDFEARN Ashover 1742
AP27 Thomas BEARDOW to Richard TOWNDROW Hay Side 1757
AP28 Anne BARKER to John BASSETT Rattle 1758
AP29 Mary HALL to George WRIGHT Mill Town 1760
AP30 Millicent? HALL to William MILNES Ashover 1755
AP31 Cornelius STUART to Anthony BLANKSBY Edges 1762
AP32 William WATTS to John WOODWARD Eastwood 1762
AP33 William WAGSTAFF to Samuel CHADWICK High Moor 1762
AP34 Ann WATSON to Cornelius CRYCH Snr Stone Edge 1763
AP35 William HOPKINSON to Edward ALLEN Town Top 1764
AP36 Elizabeth BARKER to John WOODWARD Eastwood 1765
AP37 Job HOPKINSON to George BASFORD Kelstage 1768
AP38 Richard FROST to Richard BINGHAM Tibshelf 1770
AP39 Samuel SUTTON to Every JEBB Chesterfield 1771
AP40 Richard HOPKINSON to John TOWNDROW Mill Town 1771
AP41 John HOPKINSON to Enoch STEVENSON Badger Lane 1771
AP42 Mary SILKSTONE to Edward HOPKINSON Ashover 1771
AP43 Elizabeth SHIMWELL to George BOLLINGTON Mill Town 1771
AP44 John LEE to Arthur WASS Northedge 1771
AP45 Hannah ALLEN to Benjamin HOLLINGWORTH Wilkin House 1771
AP46 Anne SHIMWELL to Samuel HASLAM jnr Ashover 1771
AP47 Sarah BIRCH to Richard HOLE of Butterly 1773
AP48 John SHIMWELL to Richard DUTTON Northedge Bank 1773
AP49 Samuel MATHER to Benjamin WRAGG of Dick Lant 1773
AP50 John MATHER to Arthur ROBINSON Brockhurst House. 1774
AP51 James HALL for Ann HASLAM by her agreed with John WOODWARD to whom he is Bound. House in Ashover 1777
AP52 Mary SLACK to John BASSETT Apple Tree Knowl Farm. 1777
AP53 George WATTSON to Daniel PEARSON Upper Town 1777
AP54 Catherine SHIMWELL to William TOWNDROW Highoverdish 1777
AP55 Joseph CANTRILL to George MATHER Mill Town 1778
AP56 Sarah FRETWELL William ALLEN Dale House 1778
AP57 Martha MONSOW to Robert WATERHOUSE Brockhurst 1778
AP58 John BEELEY Bound himself to Josh. SHERMAN Sheffield. 1779
AP59 Jemima MATHER to George WRIGHT Peasonhurst 1782
AP60 Hannah CANTRILL to James WILSON Northedge 1779
AP61 William PEAT to Thomas HENDERSON Walton 1781
AP62 Joseph BOTTOM to Robert BARKER Overend 1782
AP63 William? WAGGSTAF (WAGSTAFF) to Richard GREGORY Ravensst 1782
AP64 Esther WILLIAMOTT to George BEARDALL Pecklant, 1785
AP65 Joseph WILLIAMOTT to Rosamond GRATTON Prass (Press). 1785
AP66 Mary CANTRILL to Arthur RIGGOTT Stubbing Edge 1782
AP67 Esther NEEDHAM to Isack HOLE Butterley 1752
AP68 Elizabeth WAGGAF (WAGSTAFF?) Joseph BUNTING Buntingfield. 1789
AP69 Joseph SMITH to Ellenor WRIGHT Woodthorp 1788
AP70 John WILLSON to William BAMFORD Ashover 1792
AP71 Sarah LONGDEN to Richard HOLE Hardwick 1796
AP72 George HIGITT to Samuel WRAGG Matlock 1796
AP73 Elizabeth BRELESFORD to Barker BOSLEY Bakewell. 1796
AP74 Elizabeth MARRIOTT to Barker BOSLEY Bakewell 1796
AP75 Samuel WHEELDON to Barker BOSLEY Bakewell 1796
AP76 Jasper NADEN to Barker BOSLEY Bakewell 1796
AP77 Obadiah WATTSON to Barker BOSLEY Bakewell 1797
AP78 Joseph BOAM? to Barker BOSLEY Bakewell 1798
AP79 Betty BARKER to Robard (Robert)TOMLINSON Hilltop 1746
AP80 John NEWHAM to Mr NODDOR farm. MoreGreen 1740
AP81 Ann HOPKINSON to Mr TWIGG, George HOLLAND Ashover. 1776
AP82 Elizabeth HATCH to George BLANKESBY Alton 1779
AP83 Ann HODGKINS to George BLANKESBY Milltown, Hockerley. 1781
AP84 Rodger WILLMOT to Laurance REVELL Alton Qtr. 1781
AP85 Josh WATTSON to Thomas WRAGG Alton Qtr. 1769
AP86 Mary WILLMOT to Jmaes MILNES Highordish 1781
AP87 Fanny SLACK to Paul BERISFORD Peck Lant 1801
AP88 Sarah MATHER to William EATON Brockhurst 1801
AP89 John YOUNG to Richard HOLE Edlesto, 1801
AP90 Adam WAGGSTAF (WAGSTAFF) to Edward EDGE Shuterleys 1801
AP92 James MARRIOTT to Adam SLATTOR Dryhurst 1801
AP93 Ann YOUNG to John BERISFORD Stonerow 1801
AP94 Jane BARKER to John GRATTON Birkin Lane 1801
AP95 Marthay (Martha) BOAR to Francis THOMPSON Ashover Hill. 1801
AP96 Jane BARKER de Gratton to Richard KIRKS Gladwin Mark 1802
AP97 Jane BARKER to Barker BOSLEY Cross Brook Mill 1805 (Presumably Cressbrook Mill)
AP98 Sarah HALL to Barker BOSLEY Cross Brook Mill 1805
AP99 Matthew HALL to Barker BOSLEY Cross Brook Mill 1805
AP100 Elizabeth BRADLEY to John HOLMES Dryhurst 1807
AP101 Ann SEVELL ? to Henry BRADLEY jnr Amberlane 1733
AP102 Rachel WILLSON to George ELLIS Hardwick 1807
AP103 Hannah HALL to Thomas CALYTON Walton 1808
AP104 Rachel WILLSON to James BERISFORD Span Car 1808
AP105 Rachel WILLSON to Samuel WRAGG Hough Field 1808
AP106 Rachel WILLSON to Edmund HODGKINSON Fabrick 1808
AP107 William HENSTOCK to William BASSETT Ashover Hill 1809.
AP108 Sarah FALLOWES to James TURNER Bole Hill 1809
AP109 Matthew YOUNG to George MATHER Riding Field 1809
AP110 John BIRKES to Joseph CANTRELL Milltown 1809
QAP3 Complaint by Benjamin HOLMES of Ashover fwk, that Ebenezer HOLLIS has absconded. 1818
1 Job BRADLEY 14 to Joseph BARKER fwk 1832
6 Hanah HALL 10 dau of Grace. to Tho CLAYTON 1808
7 Wm HENSTOCK 7 to Wm BASSETT 1809
8 FALLOWS 10 (female) Geo WILCOCKSON 1809
9 John BIRKS son of John Geo CAYWOOD
16 Wm WALKER 10,son of Francis, Josh HOLLINGWORTH 1813
17 Lydia HALL 12 to Wm ALLSOP 1815
18 Lydia HASLAM 9 to John HOLE 1815
19 George HENSTOCK 10 to George KEMP 1815
20 George BOWER 11 to George HOLE 1815
46 Noah BARKER 9 son of Sarah BOOTH to Jas HANFORD? 1821
47 Adam GREENHOUGH 11 son of Adam. to Edmund SMITH farmer of Tansley. 1821
48 John BRAILSFORD 11, son of Mary BIRKS, to George CALTON. 1821
49 Benj. GLADWIN 9, son of Ann RENSHAW to Ann SLACK 1822
50 James HENSTOCK 13 to Gregory YARNAL 1822
IV1/AP1 William Henry HASLAM son of Susannah HASLAM, widow to Richard BOWER of Ashover. 1833
IV1/AP2 Peter NIGHTINGALE son of Mary NIGHTINGALE Ashover, widow, to Joseph FRETWELL OF The Rattle p Ashover. stone mason. 1831
IV1/AP2 Thomas HOPKINSON nephew of Thomas WILSON Birkin Lane, Ashover farmer and victualler to Joseph COWPE (signs COUPE) of Scarcliffe, wheelwright. 1836
V6/42 Apprenticeship agreement, George ALLSOP of Brockhurst, Ashover will maintain William EATON son of late John EATON jnr of Hardwick, p. Ashover. John EATON snr of Tansley grandfather of William pays forty pounds to George ALLSOP. 1773

ATLOW Apprenticeship
This group of apprenticeships are listed in Atlow Parish Officers account book, they are not actual indentures.
Hannah KEELING apprenticed to John WRIGHT of Bradbourn , holding a farm at Atlow.   1813  V63/13a
Charles COOPER apprenticed to Thomas HALL of Mansfield Notts, holding a farm at Atlow.  1813  V63/13b
Hannah COOPER apprenticed to William WEBSTER of Biggin, holding a farm at Atlow.  1813  V63/13c
Sias (sic) COOPER apprenticed to Mr Samuel JOHNSON of Atlow.  1813  V63/13d
AULT HUCKNALL Apprenticeship
1 Elizabeth REDFERN to John CLAY 1741
2 Thomas GASKIN Rich.MARRIOTT Rowthorn 1741
3 Mary REDFERN Rich SANDERS Stainsby 1741
6 Ann ASHFORD Jonathan BRAFITT 1744
7 Ann NEWTON John FISHER Rowthorne 1744
8 Joseph BOWER Saml BREALSFORD 1747
9 Mary ASHFORD Francis CLAY farmer 1752
10 JohnASHFORD Richard JEPSON 1752
11 Sarah NORTH John BRAILSFORD Gent. 1756
12 Geo STREET Saml COLLEY Nottingham fwk 1757
13 John NORTH Wm DERRY 1757
14 James SEASTON John HARDWICK 1759
15 Hannah BERREY Benj MARRIOTT farmer 1795
16 Richard LEE Samuel MARRIOTT farmer 1796
17 Ishmael CLAY to John CLAY 1755
BAKEWELL Apprenticeship
1 Frances HAMPSON dau of Nicholas and Jane HAMPSON of Bakewell to John ATKINS of Longnor, Staffs. 1691
AP2 John HALL grandson of Edward HALL of Bakewell shoemaker to George BINGHAM of Chesterfield in the Mistery of the Minstrel. 1715/6
William SMITH als WATERFALL of Bakewell 13 to Joseph BURTON of Calver, blacksmith. 1812. V22/42
George NOTON son of Michael NOTON of Birchill to Richard BUXTON of Macclesfield, grocer 1769 V28/3/43
Warrant to apprehend runaway James CAMM, apprentice to John CRITCHLOW of Bakewell  1823  V102/3
Warrant to apprehend James CAMM apprentice to John CRITCHLOW of Bakewell. 1823  V102/9

BARLBOROUGH Apprenticeships
CLSLB 1 Mary TURTON to Thomas WHITE 1742
CLSLB 2 John LENTALL 9, to Luke FURNISS 1770
BARLOW Apprenticeships
1 George KIRKLAND to Anthony CARNALL of Dore 1708
2 Margaret KIRKLAND to Thomas BARGH of Barlow hamlet in Staveley 1708
3 Anne BLACKWALL to George GOSLING 1711/2
4 Lydia RIX to George GOODWIN Barlow 1711/2
5 Ann OVEN to Peter TIPPIN Barlow 1711/2
6 Robert WATTS to Matthew WEBSTER 1711/1
7 William BALCKWALL to Thomas WARDE Barlow 1711/2
8 Joshua HUKIN to William ATTKINS (ATKINS) 1711/2
9 George OVEN to William BRIGHT 1711/2
10 George OVEN to George BEIGHTON Grimsthorp, Sheffield Yks 1714
11 Charles ALLSOP son of Charles ALLSOP to John URIN,? Machan Banke, Sheffield 1714
12 Robert KAYE son of Godfrey KAYE of Barlow dec. to William LINFITT Rotheram,Yks. mason 1714
13 Anthony DENBY to Thomas STEPHENSON 1720
14 Elizabeth HODKIN to John SWINDALE 1727
15 Alice HODKIN to George CRAWSHAW Barlow 1724
16 Thomas SIDDALL to George and Sampson STEVENSON 1729
17 Anne STEVENSON to William LING 1729
18 William SIDALL (SIDDALL) to Hugh RIPPON Barlow 1732
19 Mary SIDALL (SIDDALL) to John HIBARD (HIBBARD) Barlow 1732
20 Elizabeth SIDDON to Francis COWLEY Barlow 1734
21 Ann PARKER to Thomas GILBERTHORP 1740
22 Elizabeth PARKER to John BRAVES? ( BRAVIS?) 1740
23 Ann COCKER to Edward HODGKINSON 1742
24 George HUKIN to John HOLMES 1744/5
25 Priscilla NEEDHAM to Henry PEARSON husbandman 1744
26 Bridgett NEEDHAM to Godfrey STEVENSON 1744/5
27 Elizabeth HUKIN to John ANDREW 1744/5
28 John PARKER son of Thomas PARKER musician to John JOHNSON Sheffield, Yks scissorsmith 1746/7
29 William OWEN son of John OWEN to Jeremiah BAYLEY (BAILEY) Sheffield, Yks cutler 1752/3
30 John ASHTON to Michael KEY farmer 1766
31 Hannah OWEN to John PAWSON 1766
32 Robert SIMPSON to John GOODLAD wiskit or basket maker. 1766
33 George HUKIN to Charles BARGH 1767
34 William HUKIN to Henry MILLINGTON 1767
35 Mary STEWART to Benjamin JOLLY 1767
36 Elizabeth OWEN to Robert TURNER Barlow, husbandman 1768
37 George STEWART to Thomas REDFEARN 1768
38 Augustus JACKSON, 7, to George HOLLELLY 1770
39 Ann JACKSON to John WOODWARD Barlow 1779
40 George WRAGG to William HOWARD farmer 1790
41 Sarah ASHTON 8, to Robert MOWER Barlow 1794
42 Thomas ASHTON 10, to Godfrey WATTS farmer 1794
43 Sarah WRAGG 13 to George SIDDALL farmer 1795
44 Samuel CHAPMAN 11 to John WHEELLER 1796
45 Ann CHAPMAN 7 to John SWINDALL farmer 1796
46 Samuel WRAGG 11, to Valentine WILKINSON Chesterfield, ropemaker 1797
47 Joshua SHORT 7 to George GOSLING 1800
48 Matthew CHAPMAN 9 to Anthony PINDER 1801
49 Matthew CHAPMAN assigned to James WARD Dronfield 1801
50 Elizabeth BORE ? (GORE?) 11, to Joshua BARGH 1801
51 William NAYLOR 13, to Thomas PEARSON 1801
52 Chrissey NAYLOR 9, to John FRITH 1801
53 James SMITH 7 to George GOODLAD 1802
54 Ephzeba SHEPLEY 9 to George HARKER 1803
55 John SHIPMAN son of Matthew SHIPMAN, 7 to Matthew COOPER of Brinsley, p. Greasley, Notts 1804
56 Robert GILBERTHORP 8, to Robert WOOD Barlow 1807
57 Elizabeth TURNER 7 to Josiah HATTERSLEY Little Barlow 1808
58 John TURNER 7 to Thomas OWEN Barlow 1809
59 Rosanna MOSLEY 7 to Robert MOWER Woodseats, Barlow 1810
60 Francis RENSHAW natural son of Elizabeth wife of John TWELVES of Chesterfield, labourer, formerly Elizabeth RENSHAW spinster to George JACKSON Dronfield haft turner. 1823
61 John son of Mary RENSHAW Chesterfield, widow to Thomas GOTHARD fwk. 1823
62 Note that John CHAPMAN son of John CHAPMAN of Dronfield bound to Joshua MICKLETHWAITE of Sheffield,Yks 1809
BASLOW Apprenticeships
QAP2 Discharge granted to James PEGG for mistreatment by Master John NORTHEDGE of Calver, joiner. 1798
Sarah HAWKSWORTH Baslow 6, to William HOW Bamford 1813 V22/7
Hannah SMEDLEY Baslow 9 to John GARDOM Baslow 1800 V22/72
Sarah HAWKSWORTH assigned to Francis MELLAND Bamford 1813 V22/75
William CHEEK to William GARDOM enclosing copy deposition to be sworn before two magistrates by his brother John GARDOM of Baslow against Hannah SMEDLEY his parish apprentice for misdemeanour and having become pregnant. 1811 V22/39
1 Rebecca LEES TO Robert BARKER   1759
2 Mary KING    to John GRUNDY   1758
3 Robert ELLIOTT  to Edmund MARSDEN 1761
4 John BOWLER  to John SHAW  1757
5 Joseph LONGLEY  to Humphrey ROWLAND  1757
6 Thomas GREAVES  to Henry FROGGAT  1757
7 Mary COCKER   to  James RUSHTON  1740
8 Jane VICCORS  to Elizabeth GIRDOM  Bubnell  1741/2
9 Elizabeth LEYGHS (LEES ?)   to Robert RUSHTON  1741/2
10 Martha LEYGHS ( LEES ?)   to Alice and Thomas HEATON  1744
11 James NEWTON  to Hugh TREAVIS  1746
12 George MARSDEN  to Benjamin FROGGATT  1746
13 William MARSDEN  to Thomas GREGORY  1752
14 Hannah MARSDEN  to Robert MARPLES Cockhill  1752
15 Hannah GREAVES  to Joseph BROOMHEAD Baslow  1752
16 William BOWLER to Ralph PENNISTON  1753
17 John HILL  to Godfrey MARSDEN   1754
18 Samuel HULLEY  to John STAFFORD  1754
19 Joshua HULLEY  to Thomas MOORE 1754
20 Jonathan RICHARDS  to Robert MARPLE Gate Row ? Baslow 1755
21 Elizabeth GREAVES  to Joseph MATLEY  1756
22 Catherine GREAVES  to  Robert FROGGATT  1761
23 Mary LONGDEN 7, to  Richard ODDY 1761
24 John LONGDEN  7  to William HAGUE  1765
25 Hannah HULLEY 9, to William KITCHING ( signs KITCHIN)  1767
26 Thomas LONGDEN  7, to Sampson WHITE 1768
27 Thomas PLATTS 9,  to Thomas MARPLE 1769
28 Annamariah NOTON 7,  to Henry BOWLER 1769
29 Mary NOTON dau of Ann NOTON,  to Abraham COOPER Eyam  1769
30 Ann MARPLE  8,   to Christopher BOWLER 1769
31 Henry WILMOT son of Henry WILMOT  to Samuel KNOWLES, Sheffield, Yks. 1778
32 Samuel TOWNSHEND 15  to James RUSHTON   1779
33* Ann HEYWARD  to Thomas BINGHAM Litton 1782
34 Sarah HOOLEY ( reputed dau of Bartholomew BRUSHFIELD of Baslow)  to James ETCHELLS Stockport, Ches. 1786
35* Robert SHAW son of Elisabeth SHAW ( widow of John SHAW) to Thomas BOWER Low Laughton, p.Glossop 1790
36 George LEE  to  Alexander FROGGATT 1791  
37 William HERNSHAW  to Alexander FROGGATT  1791
38 Joseph WILLSON son of Thomas WILLSON  to Francis WARD Crooks, Hallam, Yks. 1791
39 Thomas SHAW 8  to John TYSON Hallam, Yks. 1792
40 Joseph BUXTON son of Anthony BUXTON  to John WARD Crooks, Yks. 1794
41 Ralph BUXTON 8,  to Thomas SAUNDERSON Bradfield, Yks 1794
42 Thomas BUXTON son of Anthony BUXTON  to John WARD, Crooks, Yks 1798
43 William SHAW son of Elizabeth SHAW   to Joshua WRAG Crooks, Yks. 1798
44 Samuel MORTIN  8,  to Robert MARPLE  1799
45 Joseph BUNTING 13,  to Job SMITH, Leam, Eyam Woodlands. 1799
46 Edmon (sic) HULLY by consent of his Master John SAVAGE to Thomas SAUNDERSON  1800
49 Robert RANDLE 11 son of Robert RANDLE of Beeley to Joseph BARKER 1813  
BEELEY Apprenticeship
2 Joseph WRIGHT, mother Elizabeth WRIGHT, widow of Beelee to Wm ROBINSON Cowper. 1720.
3 John MELLOR Wm SMITH farmer Beeley 1782
4 John MELLOR Wm SMITH farmer Beeley 1782 (different style.)
5 David NORMAN to John NORMAN 1690
BEIGHTON Apprenticeship
IV1/AP5 Joseph son of Joseph BINNEY of Hackenthorpe, p.Beighton blacksmith assigned to John SANDERSON of Sheffield barber, having been formerly trained by Henry WYATT now decd. 1750
BELPER Apprenticeship
MIS/73/6 Apprentice Indenture of Bryan KERRY to Henry NORMAN shoeing and smithing. 1876
DA2 Thomas FROGGAT of Belper, son of David, labourer to Jedediah CLARKE of Belper cotton weaver 1797
Charles PARKER Belper to Abraham Harrison BROWN Belper  1800 V34/21
BOLSOVER Apprenticeship
A1 Thomas POGMORE to Samuel JACKSON farmer 1784
A2 Thomas MIDDLETON to Abraham SCOTT farmer 1788
A3 George GLOSSOP to John BARKER husbandman 1789
A4 Sarah POGMORE to Matthew JACKSON butcher 1789
A5 Rebecca RHODES to Richard FLINT surgeon 1791
A7 Sarah MARSH 8 to Wm MARSH wheelwright 1798
A8 James GARNER 7 to John JOHNSON farmer 1801
A9 Elizb WOODHEAD 7 to John HINDE publican and farmer 1805
BONSALL Apprentices
M134 John KIRKLAND of Bonsall to John WEBSTER stonemason of Wirksworth. 1867
12 John STONE to Wm HARRISON 1756
13 Mary dau of Tho STONE to Henry DANIEL 1757
14 Wm STONE to Roger STATHAM of Dracot Wilne 1757
15 Saml STONE to Joseph CORBETT Belton 1760
16 James STONE to Rbt BAKEWELL of Alvaston 1763
17 Sarah GRAY 9, to Saml POTTER Derby St Werb. 1784
18 Cath.GRAY 7, to Saml POTTER Derby St Werb.1784
19 Luke WOODWARD 10, to Wm MABLIN Duffield 1789
20 Hugh HUGHES 14, to Henry HUNT Repton 1795
BRAILSFORD Apprenticeships.
Jane (Jone?) MEALE a poor child of Brailsford to Edward SORESBY 1703 ?  V21/132

BRAMPTON Apprenticeships.
1 Daniel DOE to George DOE whitesmith  1829
2 Samuel WATTS to Thomas ARCHDALE of Heeley Yks 1829
3 Thomas FOX , son of Jane widow to Booth SNEATH Walton 1844
4 Charles ADDY to Edward ADDY father of Chapel Town p Ecclesfield Yks.1845
5 Enoch ADDY to Edward ADDY father of Chpel Town p. Ecclesfield Yks 1845
6 Isaac BRIGGS son of William BRIGGS to William SMITH of Belper  1845
7 Frederick SHORT to James SHORT father 1845
8 John MIDDLETON son of Sarah MIDDLETON to Thomas RAYNEY Sheffield Yks 1845
9 Mark GREEN son of Matthew GREEN to Henry SLACK 1845
10 George WATTS of Holymoorside to Robert WATTS father 1845
11 Joseph BRADSHAW with consent of Thos DAVENPORT guardian to Alfred DODWORTH of Nether Hallam Yks 1851 
12 Henry BROCKLEHURST son of William BROCKLEHURST to Charles TAYLOR 1851
13 Joseph HASLAM son of Robert HASLAM to John MOUNTENEY Chesterfield  1851
14 Thomas BLAIDES son of Ann BALIDES widow to William WRIGHT Sheffield Yks 1851
15 Joseph SWIFT son of Mary SWIFT to Nathaniel SWIFT of Workley (Wortley?) Ecclesall Yks 1851
16 Samuel VAINES to Samuel VAINES his father Holymoorside 1852
17 George MARSDEN son of John MARSDEN to Thomas WILD Ecclesall Bierlow Yks 1852
18 William FISHER son of Susanna FISHER to Peter MOORE Brampton 1852
19 James HODKIN son of Henry HODKIN to James TURNER Church Anston Yks 1853
20 Richard FISHER son of Susanna FISHER widow to John PARKIN Chesterfield 1853
21 Charles OAKLEY son of Thomas OAKLEY to William MARSDEN Burgess St Sheffield Yks 1853
22 William PARSONS son of Susanna PARSONS of Walton spinster to George BRADSHAW Attercliffe Yks 1853
23 John SILCOCK son in law of John GREGORY to Samuel SPOONER Ecclesall Bierlow Yks 1853
24 Horatio SHORT of Walton to James SHORT his father 1853
25 John MASSEY son of John MASSEY to George HARTLEY Brampton 1853
26 Joseph OAKELY son of Thomas OAKELY to Thomas CATERER of Sheffield Yks 1855
27 John ROWLAND to George ROWLAND his father 1855
28 Thomas LOWE son of Thomas LOWE to George SEDGWICK Chesterfield 1856
29 Henry Knott BENNETT son of Mary Knott BENNETT widow to Enoch TAYLOR Sheffield Yks 1856
30 John WIDDOWSON son of Ann WIDDOWSON widow to Henry SLACK 1856
31 William WAGSTAFF son of Mary WAGSTAFF Holymoorside widow to George WATTS 1859
32 George LOWE son of Isaac LOWE to George HARTLEY 1859
33 Thomas CANLIN son of Thomas CANLIN of Pudding Pie Hill to Thomas CANLIN his father 1859
34 Samuel BROWN to John KENT Brampton wire drawer 1859 (this document no copiable)
35 Thomas HOSKIN son of William HOSKIN to Joseph HASLAM Brampton 1859
36 Herbert HODKIN son of Henry HODKIN to Joshua CLAYTON Sheffield Yks 1859
37 William WRIGHT son of John WRIGHT to Henry HARDY Sheffield Yks 1861
38 William Thomas SHEMWELL to James SHEMWELL his father  1861
39 George ADDY son of John ADDY to Thomas WRIGHT of Sheffield Yks 1861
40 Eliza NICHOLLS dau of Amos NICHOLLS to Eliza BROOK Chesterfield 1862
41 Henry WALKER son of John WALKER to William TWELVES Brampton 1862
42 James WRIGHT son of William WRIGHT to Jeremiah BOLSOVER Sheffield Yks 1862
43 Herbert NEEDHAM son of Isaac NEEDHAM to Robert WAGSTAFF of Newbold 1862
44 Frederick WOLSTENHOLME to his father William WOLSTENHOLME Brampton1863
45 William HASLAM son of Joseph HASLAM to Charles TYRRELL of Chesterfield 1863
46 John ANTHONY son of Edward ANTHONY to William Smallwood MOSS of Sheffield Yks 1864
47 Mary FRETWELL dau of Francis FRETWELL to Eliza REDFERN Brampton 1864
48 Thomas SCOTT son of Henry SCOTT to Joseph HASLAM Brampton 1865
49 Joseph HODKIN son of William HODKIN to Robert EYRE Brampton1865
50 William PURSGLOVE son of William PURSGLOVE to Matthew KNOWLES Brampton 1865
51 Edward FOX grandson of Jane FOX widow to Matthew KNOWLES Brampton 1866
52 John CHAPMAN son of Isaac CHAPMAN to Henry BRIDDON Brampton1866
53 William RHODES son of William RHODES to Henry BRIDDON Brampton 1867
54 Abraham STOPPARD son of William STOPPARD to Robert EYRE Brampton 1868  
55 James NICHOLLS son of James NICHOLLS to Henry BRIDDON Brampton 1868
56 William Henry BROWN son of Elizabeth BROWN Holymoorside widow to James SEATON Chesterfield 1869
57 Thomas LENTHALL son of Thomas LENTHALL  to George DOE Brampton 1869
58 William Isaac HARDY son of Mary HARDY Nether Loads widow, to George HARTLEY Holymoorside 1870
59 William LOWE illegitimate son of Eliza wife of George DAMM to Henry BRIDDON Brampton 1870
60 John PURSGLOVE son of William PURSGLOVE to Matthew KNOWLES Brampton 1870
61 Rodger WILCOCKSON son of James WILCOCKSON to Thomas GOODWIN Stainsby p.Ault Hucknall 1870
62 Michael HANCOCK son of William HANCOCK to Luke JACKSON Cutthorpe 1871
63 Henry BRIDDON orphan with consent of his brother and guardian Ensor BRIDDON to William BRIDDON Walton 1871
64 Sarah SPEIGHT dau of Sarah SPEIGHT widow to Ann Elizabeth BALL Brampton 1875
65 Henry HEATH son of Henry HEATH to James HAWLEY of Chesterfield 1875
66 Frederick Charles OLDHAM of Chesterfield with consent of John BLUETT Surgeon and guardian, to Alfred BLAKE 1876
67 Tom NEEDHAM son of Isaac NEEDHAM Cutthorpe, to Herbert NEEDHAM Cutthorpe 1876
68 John Henry TOMLINSON Holymoorside to his father John TOMLINSON Holymoorside 1876
69 William John NICHOLLS with consent of Sydney SALT guardian to George NICHOLLS Cutthorpe 1876
70 George Henry LONGSON son of George LONGSON to Matthew KNOWLES and Matthew Henry KNOWLES Brampton 1876
71 Benjamin DAVENPORT son of James DAVENPORT TO Matthew KNOWLES and Matthew Henry KNOWLES Brampton 1876
72 James LOWE son of James LOWE to Matthew KNOWLES and Matthew Henry KNOWLES Brampton 1876  
73 Robert Henry SPENCER son of Joseph SPENCER to Henry CAMAMILE Chesterfield  1877
74 Walter Ellis BOOKER son of David BOOKER to Frederic CLARKE Brampton 1877
75 Francis William GOODWIN son of Joseph GOODWIN to Samuel LOWE Brampton 1877
76 Charles Benjamin MARSH to his father Benjamin MARSH  Brampton 1877
77 Edwin PEARSON Wadshelf son of Mary PEARSON widow to George HARTLEY Holymoorside 1877
78 Henry COOPER son of Francis COOPER to Thomas HASLAM Brampton 1877
79 Samuel WHEATCROFT to Samuel WHEATCROFT 1879 (doc to fragile to copy)
80 Constance MOSELY dau of Thomas MOSELY Cutthorpe to Mary Ann NAYLOR Chesterfield 1880
81 Alfred WATTS mentions John WATTS to Frederick WOLSTENHOLME 1880 (doc to fragile to copy)  
82 Arthur GIBBONS son of Samuel GIBBONS to Thomas HASLAM Brampton 1880
83 Francis TURNER to William TURNER 1881 (doc. to fragile to copy)
84 Peter TURNER to William TURNER 1881
85 Arthur CRICH with consent of Uriah SLACK to William OLIVER Chesterfield 1881
86 Amos TURNER son of Elizabeth TURNER widow to William SLACK Clay Cross 1882
87 Levi NICHOLLS with consent of grandfather William HAYS to Thomas MARGERESON Cutthorpe  1882
88 James TURNER son of George TURNER to Thomas MARGERESON 1882
89 Richard Oscar RHODES son of Elizabeth RHODES widow to Robert EYRE Brampton 1882
90 John BRIDDON orphan, with consent of Uncle Ensor BRIDDON guardian to William BRIDDON Walton 1883
91 Robert William FLETCHER son of George FLETCHER to Thomas HASLAM Brampton 1883
92 Tom HALLATT to his father Thomas HALLATT Brampton 1884
93 James MARGERISON to his father George MARGERISON Brampton 1884
94 Leonard MARGERISON to his father George MARGERISON Brampton 1884
95 Eleanor Maud FLETCHER  dau of Eliza FLETCHER widow to Ellen BLOCKSIDGE Chesterfield 1885
96 Ernest HASLAM son of Samuel HASLAM to Matthew KNOWLES and Son Brampton 1886
97 Mary WOODHOUSE dau of Martha WOODHOUSE widow to Emma MARSH Brampton 1886
98 Hannah AUSTIN dau of Henry AUSTIN to Emma MARSH Brampton 1886
99 Walter HALL son of Ellis HALL to Thomas MARGERESON Pratt Hall 1887
100 William FURNELL to his father John FURNELL Brampton 1887
101 Rowland MORRIS son of John Handel MORRIS to George John WOODROOFE Brampton 1888
102 Clara HALL dau of Elias HALL to  Emma MARSH Brampton 1888
103 Frederick FLETCHER son of Eliza FLETCHER widow to Thomas FLETCHER yngr Chesterfield 1888
104 Ann PICKERING spinster to Emma SHAW Brampton 1888
105 Louisa BRADBURY dau of Ellis BRADBURY Cutthorpe to Mary Ann NAYLOR Chesterfield 1888
106 William MARSDEN son of Eliza MARSDEN widow to Charles MARSDEN Brampton 1889
107 John WHITE infant with consent of Godfrey Booker HOLMES guardian,Bank clerk to James PEARSON Brampton 1889
108 Ernest MARSH son of Elizabeth MARSH widow to Edward Henry HEATCOTE Chesterfield 1889
109 George PEARSON to his father Thomas PEARSON Brampton 1889
110 William DODSON to his father George DODSON Brampton 1889
111 Hugh FOX son of Elizabeth FOX widow to Thomas FLETCHER Chesterfield 1890
112 Arthur JACKSON to his father James JACKSON Brampton 1892
113 William BROOKS son of Edward BROOKS of Holymoorside to George John WOODROOFE Brampton 1892
114 Harry WHITE son of Charles WHITE to John FURNISS Brampton 1892
115 James Shemwell BOTHAM son of John Drabble BOTHAM to Francis John BOTHAM of Newbold 1892
116 George TURNER to his father Frederick TURNER Hen Park Brampton 1892
117 Arthur HASMAN son of Luke HASMAN to John FURNESS Brampton 1892
118 Arthur REVILL son of Tom Edward REVILL to James HARTLEY Chesterfield 1892

These Apprenticeships are not the actual Apprenticeship Indenture, but a record made by the clerk of Brampton of persons put out and bound by indenture. The original Indenture is possibly lost, hence the list is the only (so far) evidence that the event took place.
1a John SIMPSON son of Mary SIMPSON to Humphrey Almon of Attercliffe Yks 1723
2a Michael ALMON of Attercliffe Yks bound with master for performance of the covenant 1723
3a John LITTLEWOOD son of Joseph to Harry POTT of Chesterfield 1723
4a William FISHER bound with his master for performance of covenant 1723
5a Abraham CUNDY son of John CUNDY to Thomas CUNDY of Warsop Notts 1723
6a Joseph CUNDY bound with his master for performance of the covenant 1723
7a Mary SMITH dau of Joseph SMITH to Anne CALOWE of Brampton 1723
8a Francis CALOWE of Chesterfield bound with Dame for performance of a covenant 1723
9a Sarah LYM dau of James LYM bound to Anne NICHOLS 1723
10a Moses ALLISON bound with master for performance of his covenant 1723
11a Samuel DAKEYN son of Samuel DAKEYN to Joshua WAINWRIGHT of Dronfield 1724.
12a Anthony PEACE of Dronfield bound with the master for performance of covenant 1724
13a George MELLOR son of Anne MELLOR widow, bound to James MASSEY (MATLEY?) 1724
14a John ROBERTS of Walton bound with master for performance of the covenant 1724
15a Joseph HODGKIN son of Rebeccah HODGKIN widow to John BENNIT of Wingerworth 1724
16a Thomas NORMAN of Wingerworth bound with master for performance of covenant. 1724
17a Elizabeth BROMLEY dau of John BROMLEY to John BROCKSOP of Chesterfield 1724
18a Samuel SMITH of Shirland bound with master for performance of a covenant 1724
19a Mary BALME dau of Mary BALME widow to Robert DAVENPORT of Birley 1724
20a Robert DAVENPORT of Birley bound with master for perfomance of covenant 1724
21a Joseph SMITH son of Joseph SMITH to John WATKINSON of Heath 1725
22a John SANTE bound with the master for performance of covenant 1725
23a Samuel HODGKIN son of Rebecca HODGKIN to Godfrey FLETCHER Brampton 1725
24a Paul FLETCHER bound with master for performance of covenant 1725
25a Jonathan BAGALEY son of Anthony BAGALEY to Michael BOULSOVER Beighton 1725
26a Francis BOULSOVER of Barlow bound with master for performance of covenant 1725
27a Mary LYM dau of James LYM to John STEVENSON jun of Brampton 1725
28a John STEVENSON bound with master for performance of covenant 1725
29a Rebeccah BAXTER dau of Samuel BAXTER to William HEATH of Brampton 1725
30a Paul FLETCHER bound with master for performance of covenant 1725
31a John RIDER son of John RIDER to Francis CALOWE of Chesterfield 1726
32a Josuah WATKINSON bound with master for performance of covenant 1726
33a Godfrey HOGG son of Deborah HOGG to John BUNTING of Eckington 1726
34a Thomas BUNTING of Eckington bound with master for performance of covenant 1726
35a Godfrey MASON son of William MASON to Thomas WATSON of Chesterfield 1726
36a Robert BARLOWE of Coal Aston bound with master for performance of covenant 1726
37a Mary HEATH dau of Ralph HEATH to Mary HEATH Brampton widow 1726
38a Robert PEARSON bound with Dame for performance of covenant 1726
39a Mary BAXTER dau of Samuel BAXTER to John ALLWOOD Brampton 1726
40a Robert TURNER jun bound with master for performance of covenant 1726
V98/1/1 Joseph DODSWORTH son of Thomas, to John EVATT of Derby 1759
BUTTERLEY Apprenticeships.
These Apprenticeships sometimes give the ages of the Apprentice, parents, place where the parents lived and year commencing.
1 Edward GREGORY 15, son of James of Calow 1831
2 John MOORE Middleton 1804,1834?
3 German HALL son of Wm of Swanwick 1854
4 David WHYSALL son of Jacob of Lowes Hill Ripley 1854
5 Saml BEASTALL son of John of Greenwich 1854
6 Francis HUNT son of Isaac of Swanick 1854
7 Wm MOORE son of Joseph of Belper 1855
8 Seneca TOPHAM son of Geo of Alfreton 1860
9 James BREEDON of Ironville 1860
10 David HAGUE son of Sarah Woodhouse HAGUE Ripley 1861
11 John BRADLEY son of Thomas 1861
12 Francis BRADLEY son of Thomas 1861
13 Walter BOOTH son of Martha BOOTH Pentrich 1861
14 James CLARKE son of Thomas 1861
15 Wm Walker PAYNE son of Wm PAYNE 1862
16 Henry CARLIN son of William 1863
17 Jas KANE son of Wm, foreman Wagon shop Codnor Park 1864
18 Alfred WHYSALL son of Rbt WHYSALL malster Ripley 1864
19 Saml THORNLEY son of Saml, Osmaston Manor 1865
20 Geo WILLIAMS son of Jacob, Ripley, collier 1865
21 Wm STALEY son of Tho of Ripley 1865
22 James HAYNES son of Charles of Ripley 1865
23 Stephen ATKIN son of Whittington ATKIN of Ripley 1865
24 John BUXTON son of Samuel blacksmith Ripley 1865
25 Wm FLETCHER son of Geo. publican Codnor 1865
26 John Wm WRIGHT son of John WRIGHT collier Ripley 1865
27 Arthur ELLIOTT son of Stephen, Swanwick fwk. 1865
28 Tho HAWKINS son of Geo of Heage 1865
29 Walter ELLIOTT son of Stephen of Swanwick, fwk 1865
30 Geo TAYLOR son of Jospeh of Swanwick 1865
31 John WHEELDON son of George of Ripley 1865
32 Geo EYRE son of Geo EYRE of Ripley 1865
33 Jesse ELLIOTT son of Jonathan of Swanwick, fwk 1865
34 Wm TINGLE son of Geo of Ripley lab. 1865
35 John MOORE son of John, Warrington, Lancs 1866
36 Wm BROWN 17, son of John, labourer of Codnor 1866
37 Thomas MORELAND,18, son of Mary, widow of Ironville 1866
38 Chas GEORGE, son of William of Ripley 1866
39 Wm Geo BRENTNALL 15, son of Geo., builder Riddings 1866
40 John DUCKMANTON 15,son of John, lab. of Codnor Park 1866
41 Joseph DRING,15 son of Wm, horsekeeper Codnor Park 1866
42 Wm WILSON 18 son of Francis, gamekeeper Codnor Pk 1866
43 Joseph LYGO, son of Mary, widow of Riddings 1866
44 Samuel NEAL 17 son of Jonathan of Riddings 1867
45 John GODBER, son of Josiah of Birchwood? 1867
46 Wm HOUSLEY son of John, of Underwood, Selston 1867
47 John HOUSLEY son of John of Underwood, Selston 1867
48 Wm COPE son of Ann, widow of Ripley 1867
49 Wm WATSON son of Frederick of Ripley 1867
50 Francis SKERRITT son of Francis of Ripley 1867
51 Thomas STACEY son of Edwin of Ripley 1867
52 Thomas STALEY son of Thomas of Ripley 1867
53 William WALKER son of Thomas of Ripley 1867
54 Thos Wm HILL 14, son of Joseph Ironville 1868
55 John Pepper Wragge HILL 14, son of Edward S HILL of Selston 1868
56 Daniel STAPLETON son of John of Ironvile 1868
57 Tho Parkin COTTERILL 17, grandson of Mary PARKIN of Ironvillle. 1868
58 John THORPE son of John of Ripley 1868
59 Wm OGLE son of Geo OGLE of Ripley 1868
60 Wm BURTON son of James of Golden Valley 1869
61 James TAYLOR son of David, blacksmith of Riddings 1869
62 John Shaw MILLER son of Geo J MILLER Codnor Park 1869
63 Wm CLARKE son of Edmund CLARKE Pentrich lab. 1869
64 John Rbt HUNT son of George. 1869
65 John COPE son of Ann COPE of Ripley 1869
BUXTON Apprenticeships
George BUCKLEY son of James BUCKLEY Buxton lab. to George SHEPLEY and John SHEPLEY his son. Chapel en le Frith, painters. 1831. V22/43
Charles BALL 7 Buxton to George BOWER Buxton shoemaker 1814 V22/79
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.