POW Muster Rolls  
Muster Rolls
These are lists of  POWs from a variety of sources.  Often they are lists of the dead.  If you come across any links for lists of POWs or you discover a broken link, please drop me a line at morgieisme@hotmail.com
Union Rolls

Andersonville Records for Soldiers of the 103 PA Volunteer Infantry

A list of soldiers who fought in this unit; unlike a lot of lists, its not just death records, but also indicates if people left there alive, as well.


Brook's Civil War Page

Among other things, he has a listing of family members of his who were POWs during the war, and confined in Camp Douglas, Lookout Point and Elmira


The 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Homepage

This site has a lot of information on this unit; but especially for our purposes, check out the rosters.  They have a brief biography by each man's name, including whether or not he spent time in a CSA pow facility.


Kansas POWs in Texas

This is a list of Kansas POWs held at Camp Ford, TX 1863-1865


Ohio Historical Society CW Searchable Data Bases

This is a collection of searchable data bases for cw records of Ohio...it is useful for our purposes because it contains an index of Ohio soldiers listed as being at Andersonville or Salisbury
prisons.   If you want to see the list of all the soldiers at one prison or the other, you merely need to type in the name of the prison in the search field.


Personnel Roster of the 32nd Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Co B

This site includes the indication of which soldiers were taken prisoner, although it does not indicate which camps they were incarcerated in.


Roster of the 39th KY Mounted Infantry

This roster includes a number of people who were in Andersonville or other CSA military prisons.

Roster of the Wisconsin 26th

This roster lists the members of the regiment with brief biographical statements of each soldier.  Those that were taken prisoner are indicated, as well as the location where they were taken prisoner.  At least one of the prisoners has a link to a photo of him.


Union POWS  from  the Charleston Race Course Camp

Union Civil War Prisoners Of War originally buried at the Charleston Race Course Cemetery and later reinterred in Beaufort National Cemetery.


Union Soldiers from Alabama Who Died at Andersonville

1st AL CAV USA soldiers who died at Andersonville

The 36th PA Infantry

This page includes the muster roll of Company D, several of which had been held prisoner of war...list included the dates the person was incarcerated, but not which prison they were in.


Confederate Muster Rolls

Acadians in Gray

This page is a list to an index of Acadian (from Louisiana) soldiers...those who were held as POWs are indicated with an asterick.


Arkansas Confederate Dead buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago, IL

This is a list of 405 Arkansas soldiers who were listed in a newspaper article in 1893 as being buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Chicago, with the statement that many of them were prisoners of war.


Camp Alton POW Camp

This site contains a searchable database of prisoners who died at this facility.


Civil War Soldiers from Allegany and Ashe County, NC

This page is the index page for a site that has annotated rosters for soldiers from this area who served in the CW, including notes on those who were incarcerated as POWs


Company F, 65th Regiment, GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of TN, CSA

This page is a annotated muster roll of this unit, mostly from Lumpkin and White Counties, GA...the annotations include the information of who were incarcerated in what POW camp.


Company I, 25th Regiment, SC Volunteers

This site contains a list of members of Company I, 25th regiment, South Carolina volunteers.  A number of the people on the list died at Elmira POW camp.


Confederate Graves at the Mound City Cemetery

These were men who were in Union custody at the time of their death.  Mound City is located near Cairo, IL.


Confederate POW's Listed in Arkansas Units Who Died in Rock Island, IL Prison Camp


Confederate POWs buried at Cave Hill, Louisville, KY


Index of  Confederates at Elmira Prison

This is compiled from various sources submitted by readers of the site.


Louisiana's 28th Infantry - Gray's Regiment

The roster list has brief biographies on the soldiers, including indications of whether or not they were POWs


Muster Roll of Company A, 8th GA Volunteer Infantry

This list includes brief notes on the history of each soldier on the roll, including a number who served at various POW camps.


Muster Roll, Company B, 8th Georgia Volunteer Regiment

Muster roll with notes about each soldier's service, including a number of POW references.


POW Graves at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis


Rock Island, IL POW Dead


Rosters for the 13th and 16th KY CAV, CSA

There is a short biography with each name, and for those who were POW, the prison where they were sent is indicated where known.


1st LA CAV Regiment

This site contains muster rolls which indicate which soldiers were POWs and which camps they were in.


1st LA Special Battalion: Wheat's Tigers

Click on the rosters link to get to the names and biographies of soldiers who fought in this battalion...those who were held in POW camps are indicated in their biography.


7th MO CAV CSA POW Deaths

This page is a list of men who died at Alton POW camp


26th MS Infantry CSA

This site discusses the history of the 26th...but on the company rosters, the known grave locations of members of the various companies are indicated, including those men who died in pow camps.

27th Alabama Infantry Regiment

This site lists members of the 27th Alabama who died in POW camps.  The names are sorted by which camp they were in when they passed on.


VA 24th Infantry Hall of Fame

This listing includes the name and story of a number of soldiers who were captured and served time as POWs