Louise (Laura A.) PARTON

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Name Louise (Laura A.) PARTON [659], [969], F
Birth ca 1869, Essex, Edmonton? [969]
Misc. Notes
Of Stretton Sugwas, HEF, ENG, UK [659]
1 Frederick Henry SUNDERLAND  [658], M
Birth 3 Jan 1862, St. Owen Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, ENG, UK [658], [659], [183], [29]
Birth Memo Civil registration details: Births Mar 1862 Sunderland Frederick Henry Hereford 6a 482
Death aft 1941 Age: 78
Occupation Farmer, Auctioneer , [961], [962], [963], [964], [965], [966], [967], [968], [969], [970]
Father Joseph Henry SUNDERLAND, M (ca1834-1899)
Mother Susan PEARCE, F (ca1836-)
Misc. Notes
It is unsure whether this photo is of Edwin, or of Frederick. Both Colin MANNING and Mark Pearce SUNDERLAND are of the opinion that it is probably Frederick.

At the time of the 1871 census the family were residing at 20 Widemarsh Street, All Saints, Hereford, Herefordshire, England, UK. Also listed there were: [662]
Joseph Henry Sunderland; Head; Married; Age 37; Auctioneer & Accountant; Herefordshire Weobley
Susan Sunderland; Wife; Married; Age 35; Auctioneer's wife; Herefordshire Kenchester
Daniel Pearce Sunderland; Son; --; Age 12; --; Herefordshire Kington
Joseph Hinchcliffe Sunderland; Son; --; Age 10; --; Herefordshire Kington
Frederick Henry Sunderland; Son; --; Age 8; --; Herefordshire Hereford
Charles William Sunderland; Son; --; Age 7; --; Herefordshire Huntington
William Gardiner Sunderland; Son; --; Age 5; --; Herefordshire Holmer
George Septimus Sunderland; Son; --; Age 4; --; Herefordshire Holmer
Margaret Ann Sunderland; Daur; --; Age 10mo; --; Herefordshire Hereford
Ellen Tew; Serv.; Unmarried; Age 14; Servant Gen.; Herefordshire Lugwardine
Elizabeth Peake; Serv.; Unmarried; Age 25; Servant Gen.; Herefordshire Hereford St Peters

From the 1891 census for the village of Wellington we have the following listing for the residence- 14 The Firs: [969]
SUNDERLAND Fredrick H Mar Head 29 Auctioneer Hereford
DO Laura A Mar Wife 22 Essex Edmonton?

Residing at Breinton in 1895 [971]
Residing at 2 The Laurels, Tower Rd, Hereford in 1905 [972]
Resided at 80 Grandstand Road, Westfields, Hereford in 1912 [973]
Company history:
In 1909 - Pye and Sunderland, 8-9 New Market street
Cyril V. Duffield joined at end of WW1
ca 1918 company name changed to F.H. Sunderland & Co., 17 New Market street
In 1961, company moved to Offa House, Hereford.

At the time of the 1901 census the family were residing at St Nicholas, Hereford: [29]
Surname Fore Name Age Where Born Administrative County Civil Parish Occupation Marital Status Rel. to Head
Sunderland Frederick 39 Hereford Hereford St Nicholas Auctioneer
Sunderland Jane 24 Hereford Much Cowarore Hereford St Nicholas Parlourmaid Domestic
Sunderland Lionel 9 Hereford Marden Hereford St Nicholas
Sunderland Marjorie 6 Hereford Breinton Hereford St Nicholas
Marriage 1890, Herefordshire, England, UK [183], [24]
Marriage Memo Civil registration details: Marriages Jun 1890 Sunderland Frederick Henry Hereford 6a 983
Children Lionel, M (ca1892-)
Marjorie, F (ca1894-)
Robert James, M
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