Elizabeth O'BRIEN

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Name Elizabeth O'BRIEN  [421], F
Birth abt 1799, Norfolk Island
Death 21 Apr 1842, Hobart, TAS, AUS [742] Age: 43
Death Memo Leaving husband and 12 children
Burial aft 21 Apr 1842, St.George's Cemetery, Sorell, Tasmania [693]
Burial Memo Inscription on family vault at Sorell reads " Leaving a loving husband and 12 children to lament her loss"
Father Thomas O'BRIEN, M
Mother Susannah MORTIMORE or MORTIMER, F (ca1760-1846)
1 William PATERSON Jnr  [716], [421], M
Birth 1 Jan 1797, UK? [717]
Immigration 1804, Derwent River, Hobart, Tasmania Age: 6
Death 1 May 1864, Bream Creek, TAS, AUS [718] Age: 67
Burial 2 May 1864, Bream Creek, TAS, AUS
Occupation Farmer, Carpenter, Mariner, Publican [458], [709], [693]
Father William ?Joseph? PATERSON Sr, M (~1751-1825)
Mother Elizabeth FIDLER, F (1775-1835)
Misc. Notes
Arrived Hobart 1804 on board the Calcutta as free settler ('Musters of Free Men & Women, HobartTown 1822' = MFMW). Listed in MFMW as having 1 male, 2 female children. Also listed as "Off" victualling. [719]

Resided at 'Cottage Green' when married to Amelia Crowder (nee Beaumont).
Owned 355 acres at Bream Creek.
TAS card index - PATTERSON William 'Travellers Home' Richmond/Sorell REF HTG 7/10/1845.
TAS card index - PATTERSON William 'Pembroke Inn' Richmond/Sorell REF HTG 29/9/1849. [693]
Licensee of "The Mogul Tavern" in Argyle St. in 1837. [693]
For his baptism, searched 1 Jan 1797 to 1 April 1803 in the following parishes (no entry, unless indicated):
St Anne, Soho, London, England, UK [no appropriate PATERSON/FIDLER/WILSON entry] [720], [721]
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London, England, UK [no appropriate PATERSON/FIDLER/WILSON entry] [722]
St. James, Westminster, England, UK [no appropriate PATERSON/FIDLER entry] [723]
-there was one interesting PATERSON entry "1 Feb 1794: William Patterson son of William and Elizabeth (b. Dec 26)" [723]
St James, Piccadilly (St James, Westminster) m/f vol. 6 [No PATERSON boys] [721]
St Mary le Strand, vol. 4 [Easy to read but one of two sections very faint, sometimes unable to read] [721]
St Marylebone, Marylebone Road, vol. 10/11 [No PATERSON boys] [721]
St Georges, Hanover Square, Parish Registers: Vol. II - Index to Baptisms 1752-1805, (1806) [721]
St Paul Covent Garden Parish Registers: Vol. 6 - Baptisms & Burials 1797-1812 [721]
St. Pancras Births, Burials, and Marriages are in the Harleian Society Collection, vols. 44-45. Do not know if St. Pancras, Soper Lane (Church: London, England) is the same as what is at Westminster. [724]
Marriage 21 Apr 1818, Cottage Green, Hobart, TAS, AUS [743], [458]
Marriage Memo (RGD36 Reg#273) - William listed as 20, Elizabeth as 19, both listed as free
Children Sarah Elizabeth, F (1819-1878)
William George, M (1820->1896)
Mary, F (1822-)
Thomas, M (1824-ca1884)
Emma, F (1825-1887)
Charlotte, F (1828-1863)
Eliza Susanna (Had no issue or Unmarried), F (1829-1866)
Louisa Maria, F (1831-1863)
Matilda Rebecca (Died as Child), F (1833-1838)
Joseph, M (1835-1867)
Ann Jane, F (1837-1928)
Amelia Rebecca (Had no issue or Unmarried), F (1839-1863)
Edward Alfred, M (1842-1909)
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