Arthur Thomas JOHNSON

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Name Arthur Thomas JOHNSON, M
Birth bet 4 Mar 1883 and 31 Dec 1883, Richmond, VIC, AUS [303]
Birth Memo (Reg#18946)
Death 4 Mar 1962, Claremont, WA, AUS [243] Age: 79
Death Memo Age 78 years
Cremation aft 4 Mar 1962, Karrakatta Cemetery, Karrakatta, WA, AUS [243] Age: 79
Cremation Memo SCATTERED TO THE WINDS @ KARRAKATTA; Application number KC00018664
Father Thomas JOHNSON Jr, M (1841-1915)
Mother Eliza PATERSON, F (1851-~1898)
Misc. Notes
This piece was passed to me by, I think...Edwin JOHNSON. It is a type-written sheet detailing a speech Arthur gave at a hardware conference in Hobart, 1947. This piece clearly has some inaccuracies, but it is interesting that they were grappling with a few of the same questions that have us stumped over half a century later!!! This piece reads:

'Mr. President & Gentlemen,
I propose to get away from the orthodox and give you a short talk on the early history of Tasmania. You, of course, all know that I am from Perth in Western Australia; Perth was founded in 1829 and Melbourne in, I think, in 1835. Perth you will therefore realize is an older city than Melbourne.
Now in 1803 a convict ship sailed through the Heads of what is now known as Port Philip Bay, and landed just inside the Heads at a spot which is now called Sorento. The expedition was commanded by Capt. Collins with Lieut. Paterson as second in command. This Lieut. Paterson by the way, was descended from a certain canny Scotchman, by name William Paterson, who in 1694 founded the Bank of England. Paterson obtained his charter by lending money to the then King, free or practically free of interest, and repeated the dose more than once.
It is also very interesting that, previous to this, Paterson had carried on banking in a private way, and in the first year, as the Bank of England, he had about 60 employees, with a yearly payroll of �3000.
Collins and party only stayed a few months in Sorento when he decided to move the whole expedition down to Tasmania (probably then called Van Diemen's Land). They first touched at a spot in the North of the island, where Launceston is now situated, but Collins desired to go further south, and eventually came to a place which they named Hobart Town; and by the way, I noticed in the Hobart Library, some old letters with the heading "HOBARTON".
In 1804 Tasmania was partitioned, the southern section under Governor Collins, stationed at Hobart, and the northern section under Governor Paterson stationed at Launceston. (Gentlemen, I have not yet established the fact as to whether Lieut. Paterson and Governor Paterson were one and the same man.) Paterson had a son Edward, who was the second white child born in Tasmania, the first white child only survived a few weeks. Edward later, as a young man, went across Bass Strait with John Pascoe Falkener to help found the now great city of Melbourne.
Now Gentlemen, my mother's name was Paterson and Edward Paterson was her father, therefore I am a great grandson of Lieut. Paterson. Gentlemen, I have obtained some of my information from the Hobart Library during the last few days. I hope, Gentlemen, that I have not bored you with this little bit of Tasmanian, and family history.'

When A.T.J. had finished his talk, a Gentleman sitting on his left (Mr. Tapping, Managing Director of T.J. Cain & Co., Hobart) said he could substantiate to a great degree the statement made by Mr. Johnson. He said his mother was also a Paterson and he was also a great grandson of Lieut. Paterson. He also knew that a forebear of his, William Paterson, was a Governor of the Bank of England, but he was unaware that he was founder.
Mr. Tapping also stated to A.T.J. that William Paterson was married to the daughter of Capt. Collins. It therefore seems quite feasible that Lieut. Paterson and Governor Paterson were one and the same man.
P.S. The Collins expedition carried the first convicts to Tasmania. It therefore seems that Collins founded Hobart and Paterson founded Launceston."
1 Hilda May MINIKEN, F
Birth ca 1883
Death 6 Nov 1953, Nedlands, Perth, WA, AUS [243] Age: 70
Death Memo Aged 70 years
Cremation aft 6 Nov 1953, Karrakatta Cemetery, Karrakatta, WA, AUS [243] Age: 70
Cremation Memo SCATTERED TO THE WINDS @ KARRAKATTA; Application number KC00008048
Marriage ca 1907, VIC, AUS [681], [302]
Marriage Memo (Cert #4452)
Children Ida Mildred, F (1908-)
Hilda Fielding, F (1909-)
Arthur William Henry, M (~1913-1981)
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