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Stephen Karner: 24 January 1999

Here you will find the list of parishes for which I have some material and have transcribed the entries contained therein. The time intervals listed below represent the range of years covered, and are not necessarily all inclusive (i.e. there are gaps).

I also suggest that you have a look at this data in the pages sorted by surname, as many events were for people not resident in the parish (i.e. strays).

NOTE: all pages linked to the following parishes represent entries of Baptisms (B); Marriages (M); and burials (bu).
Text surrounded by brackets {} indicates that I have had some trouble reading the data, and the text is my best estimate.

Ashperton: 1604-1871
Avenbury: 1761-1875
Bishopstone: 1797-1845
Brinsop: 1769-1861
Canon Pyon: 1662-1689
Canon Pyon: 1690-1709
Canon Pyon: 1711-1724
Canon Pyon: 1725-1754
Canon Pyon: 1756-1767
Canon Pyon: 1768-1797
Canon Pyon: 1800-1809
Canon Pyon: 1818-1843
Cradley: 1768-1865
Eye: 1761-1805
Kingsland: 1792-1821
Kingsland: 1822-1950
Kington: 1824-1858
Little Cowarne: 1852-1858
Little Hereford: 1819-1828
Much Cowarne: 1761-1857
Much Cowarne: 1865-1904
Much Cowarne: 1905-1937
Pencombe: 1818-1821
Weobley: 1834-1838

Last Updated on 31/01/1999
By Stephen and Karen Karner
Email: [email protected]