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The list below contains all my direct line surnames along with the time frame and places of the particular family. More information about these families can be found in our gedcom database pages.

Family Name Time Place
Adams 1594-c1708 ENG>Ipswich, Essex MA
Adancourt 1733-1888 FRA>Newport RI>Lansingburgh NY
Allen c1550-1600 Buckinghamshire ENG
Atkins c1570 Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire ENG
Atwater   CT
Ayala c1300-1400 Toledo, Castile SPA
Baker 1607-1820 London ENG>Boston>CT>NY
Barter 1500-1614 Wiltshire ENG
Barton 1350-1400 Buckinghamshire  ENG
Basset   ENG
Bassett   CT
Beauchamp c1250-1350 Worcester ENG
Belgrave c1550-1600 Suffolk ENG
Bertram   ENG
Bigg c1600-1638 ENG>Roxbury MA
Biset   ENG
Bishop c1600 ENG
Bliss c1590-1745 Gloucester ENG>CT
Blount c1300- Worcester ENG
Borroridge c1550 Somersetshire ENG
Bredda c1600-1650 Essex ENG>Roxbury MA
Briant c1576-1686 ENG (Wiltshire)>Bristol Co MA
Bridmore 1456-aft 1500 Wiltshire  ENG
Bronson 1800>1860 NY>MI
Brooke c1495-1609 London ENG
Brotherton 1604-1660 Bedfordshire ENG>Dukes Co. MA
Brown c1800-1878 NY>IL>Berrien Co. MI
Brown c1640-1765 Sudbury ENG>Concord, Middlesex  MA
Brown 1595-1670 ENG>Rehoboth MA
Browning c1558-1695 Essex ENG>MA>NH
Bruchett c1600-1655 Dorsetshire ENG>Boston MA
Buckmaster c1600 Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire  ENG
Burden c1400 ENG
Calverley   ENG
Carpenter 1576>1709 ENG>MA
Carter c1530-1678 ENG>MA>NY
Carter   ENG
Catton c1480-1575 Berkshire/Buckinghamshire ENG
Chamber c1549-c1600 Norfolk ENG
Chandler c1637-1775 Concord MA
Chapin c1540-1712 Devon ENG>Springfield MA
Cheney c1600-1700 ENG>Suffolk Co MA
Church c1500-1600 Essex ENG
Clark c1450-1500 Rycote ENG
Clark 1560-1681 Norfolk ENG>MA
Clerk c1330-c1411 Rycote ENG
Cogan c1550 South Chard, Somersetshire  ENG
Coggin c1580 Taunton, Somersetshire  ENG
Collier 1604-1672 Middlesex ENG>MA
Collins c1500 Snails Croft, Dorsetshire  ENG
Colly c1600-1667 Hertfordshire  ENG
Cooke 1500-1600 Essex ENG
Crabbe c1570 Mosterne, Dorsetshire  ENG
Cracherode 1476-c1550 Suffolk ENG
Crow c1600-1700 ENG>Hartford CT
Cullick c1600-1721 Felsted, Essex ENG>Hartford CT
Curle c1560-c1638 Hertsfordshire  ENG
Cushing c1300-1896 Norfolk ENG>MA>VT>NY>IL
Cuve 1470-1522 Norfolk ENG
Daggett c1500-c1791 Suffolk ENG>MA
Danvers c1400-c1477 Oxfordshire ENG
D'Aubin 1600s Middletown CT
Davenport c1600-1689 Norfolk ENG>Plymouth Co MA
Davis C1590-1664 ENG>New Haven CT
Dean c1550-1777 Somersetshire ENG>CT
Deincourt   ENG
Deming c1595-1663 poss. Colchester ENG>Wethersfield CT
Despenser c1249-1302 ENG
Dickinson c1620-1735 ENG>Rawley, Essex Co MA
Downing 1600-1700 Buckinghamshire ENG>Hadley, Hampshire MA
Drondfield   ENG
Easton c1570-1614 Paignton, Devon ENG
Empson   Lancaster ENG
Englesfield c1400-1500 Oxfordshire ENG
Fairfield c1600-1850 ENG>Essex MA> Rutland VT> Orleans NY
Farrar c1600-1724 MA
Fisher c1600-1660 Essex Co. MA
Foote c1525-1756 Cambrideshire>London ENG>Wethersfield CT
Fowler c1300>1834 ENG>MA>RI>NY
Fox c1619-1742 ENG>Concord MA
Foxley c1250-c1350 Berkshire  ENG
Franke c1400 Lincolnshire ENG
Frost c1594-1654 Suffolk ENG>Sudbury, Middlesex MA
Fry 1758-1857 Bristol ENG>Lancaster PA>Belmont Co. OH
Gael 1522-1600 Edwardstone ENG
Gallion 1602-c1666 Middlesex ENG>Dukes Co MA
Gallup c1595-1841 Dorset ENG>Windham Co CT> Rutland VT
Garcia c1300 Toledo, Castile SPA
Gee c1790-1890 Essex Co VT>Chautauqua Co NY>Erie Co PA
Gernon c1200-1500 Wiltshire ENG
Gibbons 1588-1696 Oxford ENG>Springfield, Hampton MA
Gilbert c1580-1603 Somerset ENG
Gilby   ENG
Gilman c1500-1700 Norfolk ENG>MA>NH
Goad   Cambridge ENG
Goode c1560-1621 Bewdley, Worcestershire ENG
Goodsell 1646-17?? Somerset ENG>New Haven CT
Goodwin C1600-1700 ENG>Farmington, Hartford CT
Gotham 1820>1920 NY>Erie PA>MI
Gresley c1350-1450 Derbyshire ENG
Grey   ENG
Guion 17001775 Westchester Co. NY
Hale c1800-1931 Hartford CT>OH?>IL>MI
Hall 1605-1838 MA>CT>VT
Hamlin c1650 New Haven CT
Harkes/Garbrand c1500-c1650 NL>Oxford ENG>Hartford CT
Harper c1540-1600 poss London ENG
Harris 1513-c1740 Gloucester ENG>New London Co. CT
Harrison c1500-1597 Essex ENG
Harwood c1600-1850 ENG>Concord MA > Rutland VT > Orleans Co NY
Hawes c1563-1641 Hingham, Norfolk ENG
Hawke 1610-1679 Cambridge ENG>MA
Hawley c1370-1462 Lincolnshire ENG
Heath c1525-1629 Hertfordshire  ENG
Heaton   CT
Hemingway c1600-1725 ENG>Roxbury MA>New Haven CT
Henderson 1747-1976 Tyrone IRL>PA>OH>MI
Hewes c1580-1686 ENG>Roxbury MA
Hinkle 1808-1882 Wyandot Co OH
Hitchcock 1586-1733 Wiltshire ENG>Hadley, Hampshire MA
Hooker c1586-1740 ENG>Cambridge MA>Hartford & New Haven CT
Horbery   Yorkshire ENG
Houghton c1550-1800 Bedfordshire ENG>Worcester MA>Windham VT
Howard/Berry c1758-1850 London ENG>Lancaster PA
Howell c1500-1588 Etton, Yorkshire ENG
Howse c1550-1633 Kent ENG
Hoyt c1530-c1733 Dorsetshire ENG>MA>RI>NY
Hubbard c1580-1750 Somerset ENG>Hadley, Hampshire MA
Hulins 1540-1684 Gloucester ENG>Hartford CT
Humiston c1700-1800 Wallingford CT
Hurlbut c1620-1740 CT
Hyches c1542-1512 Essex  ENG
Hyde c1550-1678 London ENG
Ives c1800-now NY>MI
Jacob 1546-1755 Norfolk ENG>MA
Johnson c1650-1726 Rehoboth, Bristol MA
Johnson c1588-1739 Kent (?) ENG>Plymouth Co MA
Kevington c1530 Rutland  ENG
Kimball 1814-now VT>NY>MI>IN>MI
King 1549-1644 Essex ENG>Essex MA
Knight c1590-1650 ENG>Essex Co MA
Knight c1560 Rutland ENG
Lake c1525-1700 Essex ENG>Essex MA & New London CT
Langford c1400 Nottinghamshire ENG
Lappage 1505-c1610 Suffolk ENG
Leavitt c1448-1742 Yorkshire ENG>MA
Lenton c1500-1600 Northampton & Lincolnshire ENG
Linkley c1580-1630 Yorkshire ENG
Linsenmeyer c1830>1943 Wurttemburg GER>MI
Linton c1640-1726 Watertown & Lancaster MA
L'Isle   Yorkshire ENG
Lockling c1725-c18xx Worcester MA> Windham VT
Long 1796-1900 VA>PA>OH>MI
Long c1840-1940  Donegal IRL>MI
Lothrop c1480-1750 Yorkshire ENG>MA>CT
Loveday c1325-1400 Shryvenham, Berkshire  ENG
Maie   Thornhill, Yorkshire ENG
Malthouse c1500 Buckinghamshire ENG
Manvers c1200-1300 Nottinghamshire ENG
Marbury c1400-1600 Northampton & Lincolnshire ENG
Mason 1604-1686 Roxbury MA
Mason c1525-1600 Gloucester  ENG
Mayhew 1455-c1723 Wiltshire ENG>Dukes Co MA
McKee 1820>1900 Donegal IRL
Melton c1400 Derbyshire ENG
Merriam c1630-1700 ENG>Hampshire MA
Mirfield   ENG
Montague 1505-1824 Buckinghamshire ENG>Hampshire Co MA>Rutland Co VT
Montboucher c1300 Nottinghamshire ENG
Montgomery c1780-c1823 IRL>PA>IA
Moore c1800-1929 VT>NY>PA>OH>MI
Morgan 1820>1911 NY>MI
Newdyke c1550-1621 London ENG
Newell c1584-c1687 Suffolk ENG>MA>NY
Newton c1500 Pebmarsh, Essex ENG
Nichols abt1650 New London CT
Olcott c1550-1760 Chester ENG>London ENG>Hartford CT
Orr 1754-1840 Tyrone IRL>PA>OH
Paddock c1800-1877 NY>WI>MI
Page c1700-1800 NH
Parker c1600-1725 New Haven CT
Patten c1783-1823 IRL>PA>IA
Pease c1485-c1735 Essex ENG>Dukes Co MA
Penny c1570-1683 Paignton, Devon ENG>Springfield MA
Pictaveus   Yorkshire ENG
Pierpont c1066-1815 ENG>Ispwich MA>Roxbury MA>New Haven CT
Pino 1867-1937 NYC>IL>OH
Pitcher 1586-1682 Norfolk ENG>Plymouth Co MA
Plantagenet   ENG
Plessis c1200-1300 ENG
Pollington   ENG
Polmore c1530 Hertfordshire ENG
Porter c1600-1700 London ENG>Hartford CT
Prentice c1600-1751 Essex ENG>Roxbury MA>New London CT
Reade c1500-1672 Essex ENG>Ipswich MA
Rhymes c1700-1800 NH
Rice 1594-1744 Suffolk MA>Hadley, Hampshire MA
Rotherfield   ENG
Rotherforth c1522-c1625 Yorkshire ENG
Royce c1600-1755 Somerset ENG>Wallingford CT
Russel c1715 Wallingford CT
Russell c1600-1691 Kent ENG>Plymouth Co MA
Russell c1600-1750 ENG>Middletown & North Haven CT
Rycote c1190-1400 Rycote ENG
Rysse 1446-1613 Suffolk & Norfolk ENG
Sandell c1500-1616 Nevenden, Essex  ENG
Savage c1625-1742 Middletown CT>Hadley MA
Sayre 1572-1673 Cranfield, Bedfordshire ENG
Sayre c1550-1691 Bedfordshire ENG>Southampton NY>New Haven CT
Scovil c1635-1811 poss Dorsetshire ENG>Boston>New London CT
Scudder c1600-1700 Kent (?) ENG>Barnstable MA>CT
Simonds c1620-1728 Concord MA
Sims c1600-1680 Somerset ENG>New London CT
Skipper c1600-1710 Kirby, ENG>Wenham, Essex MA
Smith c1580-1681 Suffolk ENG>Hadley, Hampshire MA
Smith 1594-1674 Dorsetshire ENG>CT
Snow 1840>1915 prob. IN>MI>IL
Souza (de) 1760-1808 PORT>HAITI>RI>NY
Spaulding c1600-1707 England>Jamestown VA(?)>MA
Squire 1500-1600 Podington, Bedfordshire ENG
Stearns c1756-1963 MA or NY>WI>IL>MI
Stevens c1670-c1750 Ipswich, Essex MA
Stockwell c1750-1852 NH
Stow c1595-1680 Kent ENG>Roxbury MA
Street c1550-1700 Bridgewater, Somerset ENG>New Haven CT
Sweet c1800-1922 NY>IL>MI
Syday c1490-1550 Pebmarsh, Essex ENG
Tankersley   Yorkshire ENG
Taylor c1530 poss London ENG
Temple c1400 Dorsetshire ENG
Thakel   ENG
Thornhill   Thornhill, Yorkshire ENG
Thwaits c1500 Norfolk ENG
Tisdale 1648-1726 Yorkshire ENG>Taunton MA>Plainfield CT
Titus c1557-c1813 Hertfordshire ENG>MA>VT
Tongue c1620-1720 New London CT
Turner c1600-1700 New Haven CT
Tuttle   CT
Tyas   ENG
Vasquez c1300 Toledo SPA
Vernon c1561 Essex or London ENG
Visdelou c1200 ENG
Wakeman c1570-1664 Worcester ENG>New Haven CT
Walker c1620-1676 Taunton, Bristol  MA
Walsele c1540-1597 Chard, Somersetshire  ENG
Warenne   ENG
Warren c1500-c1600 Cambridgeshrire>London ENG
Waterman 1522-1586 Wiltshire ENG
Waters c1600-1726 Watertown & Lancaster MA
Watkins c1525-1600 Dorsetshire ENG
Wentworth c1066-1750 ENG>NH
Werhman c1847-1929 Wurttemburg GER>NY>MI
Weymouth c1700 NH
Wheeler c1563-1679 Concord MA
Whetman c1525-1599 Surrey>London ENG
Whitcomb c1530-1752 London ENG>Lancaster MA
White c1600-1753 Essex ENG>Hadley, Hampshire MA
Wickersley 1450-1500 Yorkshire ENG
Wilkins c1700-1757 Essex Co MA>Windham Co CT
Willett c1510-1712 Hertfordshire ENG>MA>NY>CT>RI
William   ENG
Windsor c1255-c1528 Buckinghamshire ENG
Wittlocke c1555 London ENG
Woodhouse   ENG
Woolen c1600 Boston MA
Yale c1600-1700 Wales>New Haven CT
Ynglande 1532 Yorkshire ENG

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