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Family Histories

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SKI Genealogy Home

Documents: Biographies, bible records, marriage agreements, obituaries, wills, etc.

Family Histories: Some families from:

  • Berrien and Van Buren Counties in southwestern lower MI
  • Lansingburgh and Troy, Rensselaer NY
  • A few families whose ancestry has been traced back to Medievel times

GEDCOM databases: Our family file is indexed through GenDex and at RootsWeb WorldConnect. Most people who have been researching their families online for any time are probably familiar with one or both of these resources.

Iffy Stuff: Families and individuals about whom I know the information I have to be a bit iffy - unproven, differing info from different sources or my best guess on some connections.

Genealogy Reports: Ahnentafel and Tiny Tafel reports so that a visitor to these pages may quickly see if we may be researching the same families.

Diligent Passenger List: Passengers of the ship Diligent - 1638 Ipswitch ENG to Boston Harbor, many of whose occupants proceeded to Hingham MA.

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My wife Kathryn (aka: Katie, Kate, Katrina, Schnöggums) and I have our genealogies combined in our main Generations (formerly Reunion for Windows) and Family Tree Maker files and in the GED2HTML & RootsWeb WorldConnect database pages on this website. This set of pages contains information about just my side of our family. Though I have ancestors from Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Wurttemburg and France as well ("but mostly I'm all Labrador Retriever"), it is the early New Englanders who have revealed the most data to me - therefore, most of the information on my pages is related to early MA, CT, VT and NY families of English origin. Many of Kathryn's ancestors are Pennsylvania Quaker and Dutch and she maintains a set of pages of her research here.
     Though every attempt has been made to avoid them there are undoubtedly errors in these pages. Katie and I are serious, but amateur genealogists, and when we began our search we didn't yet know the value of documenting the source of every fact we entered into our files (our 'hobby' now being in its fifth or sixth year). We have since learned the value of sourcing data but some information in our files is from unknown sources - websites, CDs, etc.. There are also possibly typos, transcription errors and of course the ever present conflicting information from different published sources. We both accept corrections, alternate facts (I like that term) and additions, to our information most graciously. If you find any errors, or have any questions about our information, please feel free to contact us at the email address below.


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