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William Carpenter - Ancestry

The ancestry of William Carpenter (b. 1576) given in my files is from the book Rehoboth (MA) Branch of the Carpenter Family by Amos Carpenter, published in 1898. A 1995 article in The American Genealogist (TAG for short), The Family of William Carpenter of Rehoboth MA by Eugene Cole Zubrinsky (October 1995, Vol. 70, No. 4; Whole Number 280), made several corrections to the book regarding the family of William's son William (b. 1605). The TAG article didn't go into the English ancestry of William (1576) but pointed out that there are several published versions of the Carpenter family ancestry available (and since that article appeared the author has also written, at the Carpenter list at GenForum, that there is no proof that William 1576 is of the family Amos Carpenter placed him in). Because of the presence of several 'possible' ancestries I am putting up this warning that my information may be incorrect.

Among the article's corrections to the book are:

  1. The birth order of William's (1605) children Abiah and Abigail - they were not twins. Many genealogies list Abigail Carpenter as John TITUS' second wife, and his first wife as Rachel ___, and divide John's eight children between the two wives. Eugene Zubrinsky states that Abigail was John Titus' only wife and was the mother of all eight children.
  2. The name of William Carpenter's (1605) wife was Abigail Briant, daughter of John and Alice (___) Briant. William and Abigail were married 28 Apr 1625 at Shalbourne, Wiltshire/Berkshire ENG.
  3. William (1576) emigrated to America in 1638 with son William and his wife Abigail and their four children. As there is no further record of William (1576) in MA records it was believed that he returned to England shortly after. It is more probable that he died either on route or shortly after arriving.

John Cushing - Marriage (Sarah Hawke or Sarah Jacob?)

John Cushing, son of Matthew and Nazareth (Pitcher) Cushing, married Sarah Hawke, daughter of Matthew and Margaret (___) Hawke, in 1657/58 in Hingham MA according to genealogies of the Cushing family and George Lincoln's Hingham genealogies. Samuel Deane's History of Scituate MA and "Some Early Scituate Marriages" by Jeremy D. Bangs (New England Historical and Genealogical Register, July 1996, vol. 150) list John Cushing as having married Sarah Jacob - probably meaning the daughter of Nicolas and Mary (Gilman) Jacob (although neither source listed her parents). Most other sources list Sarah Jacob as having married John Cushing's brother Matthew in 1653 in Hingham MA. Though I don't recall the name of the book, I recently saw an online transcription of another history of Scituate which named John Cushing's wife as Sarah Hawke, but as "daughter of Nicolas Hawke" - apparently combining Nicolas Jacob and Matthew Hawke. I don't believe there is much debate that John Cushing married Sarah Hawke but have included this paragraph because of the discrepancy in different sources.

John Daggett/Doggett - Ancestry

The ancestry of John Daggett/Doggett (b.1602) is not known. The one listed in my files is that John was of the Boxford, Suffolk ENG Doggetts, though some other online genealogies and CDs have him as being of Groton, Suffolk ENG (Groton and Boxford are about 2 miles from each other). Samuel Bradlee Doggett's History of the Doggett-Daggett Family (1894) lists several Doggett (and various spellings) families in various locations throughout England in the early 1600s but does not choose one as John's. The most reasonable possibility to me is that John was of the Boxford family. William and Avis (Lappage) Doggett had a son named John born in 1602. This John disappears from Boxford records before 1630. John's brother Thomas married Margaret Clopton whose sister Thomasine Clopton was a wife of John Winthrop (Winthrop was from Groton). In 1630 John Doggett sailed with the Winthrop fleet to America.
     Gordon L Remington F.U.G.A., in his April 1997 article in The American Genealogist "Alice Brotherton, Wife of John Doggett of Martha's Vineyard", does not identify John as from Boxford, but does identify John as having married Alice Brotherton (and not Hepzibah Brotherton) on 29 Aug 1622 in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire ENG. Alice was from Husborne Crawley in Bedfordshire. Their first child John was baptized at Woburn in Bedfordshire in 1624 - making him the correct age to have been the son of John the emigrant. About all these different locations Gordon Remington writes: "(John) married a woman from another parish, and their first child is christened in yet another, suggesting itineracy." - wanderlust. That John Doggett was in Bedfordshire by 1622 may explain his absence from Boxford records.

John Daggett and Sarah Pease - Marriage

In The History of Martha's Vineyard, Vol III Charles Banks, in the section on Daggett genealogy, lists John Daggett (b. 1662) as marrying Sarah Pease, daughter of John and Mary (Browning) Pease. In the Pease genealogy section of that book Sarah Pease is listed as having 'probably' married John Daggett. Samuel Bradlee Doggett's History of the Doggett-Daggett Family (1894) says John Daggett married Sarah NORTON and Sketch of the History of Attleborough by John Daggett (a descendant) says it is believed John Daggett married "a Norton". Both of the above books were written before Charles Banks wrote his 'History'. Banks doesn't cite how he learned of the Daggett/Pease marriage, no marriage date is given, and apparently no record of the marriage has been found. In the Norton genealogy section of his book Charles Banks lists just two Sarah Nortons who resided on the Island at the time John Daggett probably married around 1685, and both are listed as having married someone other than John Daggett (I haven't seen yet if there is another Norton genealogy available and what it may say). It isn't known when or where Sarah Pease died. What is known is that Sarah, the widow of John Daggett, married Banfield Capron in 1735. Banfield died Aug 20, 1752 and is supposedly buried in the 'Peck burying ground' [Attleborough?] though no marker was erected in his memory. If she is buried with her second husband, it is doubtful that a marker was erected for Sarah either.

Ruth A. Fairfield - Ancestry

Ruth Fairfield was the 1st wife of Benoni Kimball, and mother of Walter F. Kimball (b. 1840) and Sylvester B. Kimball (b. 1843). I have no direct proof that Ruth was the daughter of Walter and Mary (Harwood) Fairfield of Gaines, Orleans NY, but a lot of circumstantial evidence that makes it extremely probable - I have little doubt that she was their daughter (a great many families in my family file are there based on this assumption of her parents. Most of the information about these families, however, is from print sources, so even if I'm completely mistaken about who Ruth's parents were a visitor to these pages may trust that the information preceding her is from print sources and is hopefully accurate).
     Walter Fairfield married Mary Harwood in 1809 at Pittsford, Rutland VT and they moved to Gaines, Orleans NY in 1811. Mary Harwood's parents were Simon Harwood and RUTH Hall of Pittsford VT (in addition to daughter Mary they named another daughter Ruth). That Mary (Harwood) Fairfield would name a daughter Ruth, after her own mother and/or sister, seems likely - Mary and Walter did name an earlier son Chauncey after one of Ruth's brothers (Orleans County tombstone inscriptions - online at the Orleans County USGenWeb site). Ruth Fairfield and Benoni Kimball named their first son Walter F. Kimball. Again it seems probable that Walter was named after his mother's father Walter Fairfield (the F. initial in Walter Kimball's name probably for 'Fairfield'?). Walter Kimball was born 8 Nov 1840 in Orleans Co. NY according to his military pension file (it's the only documentation I have placing the family in Orleans County, every other thing simply states "New York").
     Walter Fairfield is the only Fairfield who shows up in most Orleans county (which was earlier part of Genessee county) census indexes from 1820 to 1860. There was an Ezra Fairfield in two of the indexes, but I still think the naming patterns and scarcity of Fairfields in Orleans makes it more likely Walter and Mary (Harwood) Fairfield were Ruth's parents.

Walter Fairfield - Ancestry

As I have no direct evidence that Ruth A. Fairfield (above) was the daughter of Walter Fairfield, neither do I have any direct evidence that Walter Fairfield was a son of Samuel and Martha (Gallup) Fairfield of Pittsford, Rutland VT. This assumption that he was their son is (again) based upon circumstantial evidence.
     According to John Fairfield of Wenham and His Descendants by Wynn Cohan Fairfield, Samuel Fairfield moved to Pittsford VT in Jan 1788 with his father Nathaniel and a brother Nathaniel from Plainfield NH. Nathaniel Jr. died in 1793 - "He probably did not marry and have children.". Walter Fairfield, in his own words in a mini-autobiography that appears in Pioneer History of Orleans County (New York), pages 218-220, states he was born in Pittsford VT on 10 Sep 1788 (unfortunately he does not name his parents or children). The 1790 VT census lists two Fairfield households in Pittsford - Samuel and Nathaniel (Nathaniel Jr. probably living with father?). Nathaniel Sr. would have been 60 years old in 1788, and his 2nd wife about 63. They are probably not Walter's parents. If Nathaniel Jr. did not marry and have children, Samuel Fairfield is the only other Fairfield who could have been Walter's father. The Fairfield genealogy does not list the children of Samuel and Martha (Gallup) Fairfield - it gives 6 generations of descendants of John Fairfield the emigrant and ends with the listings of Nathaniel senior's children. The list of children I have for Samuel and Martha is from various sources: Pittsford history, Pittsford cemetery records and the LDS IGI. None of those list Walter as a son! Walter left Pittsford for Orleans Co. NY as a young man though and probably wouldn't be included in a history of Pittsford - though a brother Micaiah, who also left Pittsford, is (Micaiah was a minister though). Having not died in Pittsford Walter certainly wouldn't be in a tombstone transcription book of Pittsford cemeteries. The birth of a son Walter, as second child, in 1788 fits in perfectly with the birth order and dates of the other children of Samuel and Martha. They had ten children (including Walter), each born every other year or so from 1786 to "about 1805". Walter fills in a three year gap between Micaiah b. 1786 and Seleh b. 28 Dec 1789 (IGI).
     Though not proof, the absence of other Fairfields who could have been the father of Walter, and the nice fit of Walter in the birth order of Samuel and Martha's children (who were quite regular about their children) leads me to the conclusion that he was their son.

Mary (Fowler) Adancourt - Ancestry

The History of the Fowlers by Christine Fowler (1950) lists Maria (known as Mary) Fowler who married William Adancourt as a daughter of Isaac and Mary (___) Fowler of Westchester County NY and granddaughter of Joseph and Hannah (Guion) Fowler. I have some concerns that Maria was a daughter of Isaac and Mary, although there is no doubt that she knew them.
     The Fowler genealogy lacks birth dates for many of the ten children of Joseph and Hannah, and all five children of Isaac and Mary. Although no birth year is given for him, Isaac is placed eighth in the list of Joseph and Hannah's children - nearest siblings with birth years given are a brother Ammon (1736) listed fourth, and brother Henry (1756) listed ninth. No birth years are given for the children of Isaac and Mary Fowler either, but Maria is listed fifth of five children: "Maria b.____, (prob. Yorktown NY), m. William Adancourt". Maria died in Lansingburgh, Rensselaer Co. NY in 1834 at about the age of 94 which means she was born about 1740. Her grandfather Joseph was born in 1701 and, if the Fowler genealogy attempted to put the children of these two generations in birth order, her father was born sometime after 1736. This doesn't work. Either the birth order of the children of Joseph and Hannah (Guion) Fowler is out of whack (and Isaac was born closer to 1720, or Maria is listed in the wrong generation.

Susan (Gotham) Moore - Ancestry

Susan Gotham, wife of William Moore, is said to be the daughter of Sheldon Gotham of NY in her 1922 death record at Berrien Co MI. I believe this to be in error and that she was the daughter of Samuel and Susana (Gee) Gotham. Susan was born in NY in 1829, married at Harbor Creek, Erie PA in 1845. Samuel and Susana (Gee) Gotham lived at Chautauqua Co NY from about 1820 - 1835 and afterwards at Harbor Creek, Erie PA. I have been unable to locate any Sheldon Gothams at all in census records and it appears that the only Gotham family to have resided at Harbor Creek PA was the family of Samuel and Susana - they are listed with son Luman in 1860 census. In addition to being in the right places to be Susan's parents (NY where Susan was born according to 1860, 1870 and 1920 census records and in Harbor Creek where Susan was married), they did name a number of their children after other family members - Edward and Henry were names of Samuel's uncles, Emmons after his grandfather, Lumin is possibly from Susana's family. That they may have named a daughter Susan seems to me quite reasonable. They may also have had a son named Selden (though possible he was a nephew). Selden is very close to Sheldon and may be the source of someone's misremembrance of a name 60 something years after Samuel's death - Samuel died Erie Co PA in 1862, and daughter Susan in 1922. I have found death records to be provably in error regarding parent's names (see Noah Ives below) and believe it happened here also - though I have no proof.

Noah Ives - Ancestry

The death record of my 2G grandfather Washington Ives (1846-1920) in Berrien Co MI names his parents as Amos Ives and Maretta Bronson. After a couple years of searching for an Amos Ives in MI I discovered in Jan 2001 that his name was actually Warren and not Amos. An 1850 census transcription of Waterford, Oakland MI posted by the Waterford Public Library lists Warren and Marietta Ives at Waterford with, among other children, a son Washington age 4 (another clue that this is my Washington, besides there not being to many people named Washington Ives born 1846, is that he had brothers named Mortimer and William - Washington named one of his sons William Mortimer). Warren and Marietta are both buried at Wilsey Cemetery in Olive Twp, Clinton MI. Warren died in 1869 - Gendis, the Genealogical Death Index System of MI has death records online of people who died in MI between 1867 and 1882. Warren's death record lists him as born NY, son of Noah and Anna Ives of CT. This Noah, the subject of this section, is probably the son of Noah and Abigail (Pierpont) Ives of North Haven, New Haven CT. Genealogy of the Ives Family by Arthur Coon Ives (1932) lists Noah as born 1776 at North Haven, married Anna ____ and disappeared from North Haven. A Noah Ives appeared at Milton, Cayuga NY by 1806 and resided Genoa, Cayuga NY 1817 (Milton became Genoa in 1808). The 1830 census index lists Noah Ives at Genoa and a Warren Ives at Venice, Cayuga NY - the two towns just a few miles apart. In 1830 Noah should be between 50-60 years old and Warren 20-30 to be this father and son and I'm awaiting the results of a census lookup to see if it is so. Even if it is so, of course, it doesn't prove this to be father and son living a couple miles apart, but it would be extremely likely.

John 'Deacon' Leavitt - Ancestry

The Leavitt genealogies by Emily Leavitt Noyes (in six volumes) list 'Deacon' John Leavitt as probably the son of Percival Levett of Beverly, Yorkshire England who had a son John in 1608. In describing 'Deacon' John's possible ancestry Emily Noyes wrote ("John(1)" is Deacon John):

While there is no positive proof John(1) is of this family, many facts appear to make a doubt seem more unreasonable than fair. Birth of above John (birth record of John son of Percival in Yorkshire) is exactly the same as John(1) date I took from John's(1) tombstone.

The preface and forward of Emily Leavitt Noyes Leavitt genealogy is viewable at the National Association of Leavitt Families website.

Sarah A. Long - Ancestry

Sarah's death record in MI gives the names of her parents as Hugh Long and Sarah (___), both of Ohio. Sarah married Joseph R. Henderson around Dec 1855 in Wyandot Co. OH and at least two of their children were born in Wyandot and Marion Counties - neighboring counties. The History of Wyandot County, Ohio (1884) has a mini-biography of Hugh Long who married Sarah Hinkle in 1832 - the year Sarah A. Long was born (25 Dec). For names and dates this works out pretty well, but I still do not have proof that she was their daughter. Sarah A. is not listed among Hugh and Sarah's children in the Wyandot book, however that book lists just the living children at the time it was written in 1884 and Sarah A. died in 1881. An entry in the LDS IGI for Ohio has that Hugh Long married Sarah Hinkle 4 Dec 1832 in Crawford Co. OH - Crawford County neighbors Wyandot and Marion and county lines shifted several times in the 1800s. If true, the Dec 4 marriage date might be a problem for me placing Sarah A., born Dec 25, 1832, as being their daughter - but, then again, it's not like these things didn't happen back then either (also possible Sarah's death record may have the incorrect birth year). Regardless, despite the coincidence of right time and place for Sarah A. being a daughter of Hugh and Sarah (Hinkle) Long I do not have definite proof of it yet.

Rose Rysse - Ancestry

Information about Rose Rysse's ancestry given on my pages is from the LDS IGI. I haven't found Rysse information in any genealogy books as yet - The Story of the Gilmans & a Gilman Genealogy by Constance Ames merely gives her name. I would like to learn if there may be a connection between Rose's RYSSE family in St. Mary Bures, Suffolk ENG and the family of Edmund RICE and Thomasine FROST who married at St. Mary's, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk ENG on in 1618.

Robert Titus - Ancestry

That Robert was a son of Silas and Jane (Newdyke) Titus and information about Jane Newdyke's parents is from a World Family Tree CD - Volume 3, File #5792. I have been told that the information is also in the book Titus-Capron & Related Families but I have not seen this book yet (I have no reason not to believe it, just that I haven't seen it for myself is all). There are a couple of entries in the LDS IGI for Silas Titus marriages, one c1599 and one in 1621. Both listing have Constantia (and various spellings) COLLY as spouse, Jane Newdyke is not listed. If Silas did marry Constantia in 1621 that could very well mean that Jane Newdyke was his first wife, but if they married about 1599 that would certainly affect what I have in my files.

Southwestern Michigan Families - Berrien & Van Buren Counties

A great many of my pages are about early CT and MA families and are, I hope, fairly well documented from somewhat trusted sources - family genealogies, vital records, etc..  My pages on my southwest MI families are an exception to this. Many of my more immediate ancestors, 3G grandparents to the present, were in Berrien and Van Buren Counties MI by the mid to late 1800s, and many (most) of these families I haven't been able to trace further back than 1800 or so. In an attempt to learn more about these families - where they came from, who their children were - I have entered a fair amount of unproven information about them, hoping that in having more names connected to these families I may find someone with more information about them. When I don't absolutely know someone to be a child of a couple I have placed asterisks around their name (this should show in outline descendant reports and in our GED2HTML (GenDex) & WorldConnect database pages). In most cases this is not just wild guessing on my part but is based on circumstantial evidence which strongly suggests a connection. 

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