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Southwest Michigan Families - Berrien & Van Buren Counties

Ancestral Familes:
  • Brown - NY > Kane Co IL > Berrien Co MI
  • Gotham - VT > Chautauqua NY > Erie Co PA > Berrien Co MI
  • Hale - Hartford CT > Kane Co IL > Berrien Co MI
  • Henderson - Ireland > Indiana Co PA > Marion/Wyandot Co OH > Berrien/Van Buren Co MI
  • Ives - CT > NY > Oakland, Clinton & Berrien Counties MI
  • Kimball - VT > Orleans Co NY > Berrien Co MI
  • Linsenmeyer - Wurttemberg (GER) > Berrien/Van Buren Co MI
  • Long - Donegal Ireland > Berrien Co MI
  • Long - PA > Marion/Wyandot Co OH
  • Moore - VT > NY > Erie Co PA > Lorain Co OH > Berrien Co MI
  • Morgan - NY > Clinton Co MI > Berrien Co MI
  • Pino - Spain > NYC > Chicago > Berrien Co MI
  • Stearns - Berkshire MA > Montgomery Co NY > Waukesha Co WI > Chicago IL > Berrien Co MI
  • Sweet - MA > Cortland Co NY > Kane Co IL > Berrien Co MI

Some Associated Families:

These pages are ancestors of mine who at sometime in the mid to late 1800s set foot in Berrien and/or Van Buren counties MI. Most of the information on these pages are, until I find the time to write more detailed pages, just simple Register Reports from our genealogy program - my direct ancestors listed in red.

I have not been able to learn the ancestry of most of these families before 1800 or so. In an effort to learn more about them I have included some 'iffy' information in these reports - iffy meaning that I've made some family connections that I don't have absolute proof of. I've attached some children to couples whom I believe were their children because of circumstances but don't have positive proof of. I've included some as children not because I necessarily believe they were their children but because I think there is some sort of connection and I include them to be able to track further info. I have marked such connections with asterisks around their names and have added some footnotes at the bottom of the page - people with footnotes have a hyperlinked number in brackets following their name (the hyperlink appears in bold blue). More information (with notes) can also be found on my wife's and my database at RootsWeb WorldConnect.

As always, contact with anyone researching any of these lines would be appreciated, and all corrections and additions to the information here is accepted graciously.

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