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Martha Montgomery

from: History of Marion County, Ohio (1883)



MRS. MARTHA HENDERSON, (Montgomery Township) Robert S. Henderson's widow, was born January 28, 1810, in Washington County, Penn., the daughter of William and Jane (Patten) Montgomery, of Irish descent, but natives of Pennsylvania. They had ten children, three of whom are living - Martha, Jane and James; the deceased are John P., Archie, William, Joseph, Charles, Saley and Margaret. The father died in Iowa in 1823. Our subject was married, May 1, 1828, to Robert S. Henderson, a son of David and Elizabeth (Orr) Henderson, natives of County Tyrone, Ireland. They emigrated to America in 1791, settling at Shippensburg, Penn., early pioneers. Later, they came to Clarksburg, Ind., remaining a number years, thence came to Marion County, but he died in Delaware, Ohio, in 1834, aged eighty-seven years. The mother died in 1840, aged eighty-six years. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson were the parents of eight children, five living - Orr, Joseph R., Thomas S., George B. and Elizabeth A. The names of the deceased are William, James K. and Margaret J. Mr. Henderson was born June 5, 1799, and died January 1, 1859. He was a constant and devoted Democrat, and though reared a Presbyterian, became subsequently a zealous Covenanter, and was an estimable citizen. His widow is a highly respectable lady, still strong in body and mind, and a consistent Christian.

Notes: This article is probably mistaken in saying that David and Elizabeth (Orr) Henderson "came to Clarksburg, Ind.". They were most likely at Clarksburg, Indiana Co. PA. Mini-biographies of Martha's grandson Port H. Henderson and great grandson Charles LeRoy Henderson are also in these Documents pages.

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