Diligent Passenger List - 1638
Diligent Passenger List

Passenger List of the Diligent 1638
Ipswich, Suffolk England to Boston Harbor

from: The Planters of the Commonwealth
Charles E. Banks,
published by Houghton Mifflin Co. (1930),
pages 191-194.

Charles Banks' source for the 'Diligent' passenger is Daniel Cushing, 3rd and/or 4th Town Clerk of Hingham MA. Daniel Cushing was nineteen years old when the ship sailed, but close to sixty or more when he wrote out the list. Most of the wives are named only as "Mrs.", the children of some families are not listed and there are also some probable errors in the list. However, the list below is as it appears in Banks' book. Following the listing are some notes on many of the families from various sources (mainly George Lincoln's History of the Town of Hingham MA: The Genealogies unless noted otherwise) which name the wives and children and possibly make a correction or two to the list. The blue asterisks following some families names link to notes about them.

DILIGENT, of Ipswich, John Martin, Master. She sailed from Ipswich, Suffolk, in June and arrived August 10 at Boston, with about one hundred passengers, principally from Hingham, Norfolk, destined for Hingham, Massachusetts (other sources have that the Diligent sailed from Gravesend on 26 Apr 1638).

Rev. ROBERT PECK of Hingham, county Norfolk * 
   Mrs. Peck
   Anne Peck
   Joseph Peck

JOSEPH PECK of Hingham, county Norfolk * 
   Mrs. Peck

EDWARD GILMAN of Hingham, county Norfolk * 
   Mrs. Mary Gilman
   Edward Gilman
   Moses Gilman
   Lydia Gilman
   Sarah Gilman
   John Gilman

JOHN FOLSOM of Hingham, county Norfolk * 
   Mrs. Mary Folsom
   John Folsom

Mrs. CHRISTIAN CHAMBERLAIN of Hingham, county Norfolk

HENRY CHAMBERLAIN of Hingham, county Norfolk * 
   Mrs................ Chamberlain

STEPHEN GATES of Norwich, Norfolk * 
   Mrs. Anne Gates
   Elizabeth Gates
   Mary Gates

GEORGE KNIGHTS of Barrow, Norfolk
   Mrs.. Knights
   ....... Knights

THOMAS COOPER of Hingham, county Norfolk
   Mrs. Cooper

FRANCIS JAMES of Hingham, county Norfolk * 
   Mrs. Elizabeth James

MATTHEW HAWKE of Cambridge, England * 
   Mrs. Margaret Hawke

MATTHEW CUSHING of Hingham, county Norfolk * 
   Mrs. Nazareth Cushing
   Daniel Cushing
   Jeremiah Cushing
   Matthew Cushing
   John Cushing
   Deborah Cushing

JOHN TUFFS of Hingham, county Norfolk

ROBERT SKOULDING of Norwich, county Norfolk
   Elizabeth Sayer
   Mary Sayer

JOHN FEARING of Cambridge, England * 

PHILIP JAMES of Hingham, county Norfolk *
   Mrs. Jane James

STEPHEN PAINE of Great Elllngham, Norfolk
   Mrs. Rose Paine

JOHN SUTTON of Attleborough, Norfolk
   Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton
   Hannah Sutton
   John Sutton, Jr.
   Nathaniel Sutton
   Elizabeth Sutton


STEPHEN LINCOLN of Wymondham, Norfolk * 
   Mrs. Lincoln
   Stephen Lincoln, Jr.

SAMUEL PACKER of Wymondham, Norfolk
   Mrs. Elizabeth Packer

HENRY SMITH of Hempnall, Norfolk
   Mrs. Judith Smith
   John Smith
   Henry Smith
   Daniel Smith
   Judith Smith
   Elizabeth Smith

BOZOUN ALLEN of King's Lynn, Norfolk
   Mrs. Anne Allen

WILLIAM RIPLEY of Wymondham, Norfolk
   Mrs. Ripley
   Mary Ripley
   John Ripley
   Abraham Ripley
   Sarah Ripley

THOMAS SUCKLIN of Hingham, Norfolk
RICHARD BAXTER of Hingham, Norfolk
WILLIAM PITTS of Hingham, Norfolk
EDWARD MITCHELL of Hingham, Norfolk
JAMES BUCK of Hingham, Norfolk
JOHN MORFIELD of Hingham, Norfolk
THOMAS LINCOLN of Hingham, Norfolk * 
JEREMIAH MOORE of Wymondham, Norfolk
And about 20 servants

Notes about some of the families and individuals



Robert, and and his brother Joseph Peck who was also on the Diligent, were sons of Robert and Helen (Babbs) Peck of Beccles, Suffolk ENG. Robert was born about 1587 at Beccles and became the rector of St. Andrew's parish in Hingham ENG on 6 Jan 1605. "Early in the seventeenth century the little town of Hingham, England, was torn by the same religious dissension which prevailed throughout the kingdom. Many Puritans were still within the Church of England, among them Robert Peck, Rector of Hingham. He headed a group which held prayer meeting in private houses, which was regarded with suspicion. Not only this, but, since the Reformation, he had dared to make drastic changes in the church itself. Removing the altar railing he lowered the chancel a foot below the church level. For these acts he was ordered to appear before the Chancellor's Court. Rather than risk the judgement of a prejudiced court he decided to take refuge in America as many others had done before him. Numbers of his parishioners decided to accompany him, some for religious reasons and others for the sake of adventure in a new field of opportunity." (from Constance Ames' The Story of the Gilmans & a Gilman Genealogy (1950).
   He emigrated with his wife Anne (?Lawrence), daughter Anne and son Joseph. He ministered the church in Hingham MA for about three years but when the troubles in England ceased he returned to the rectorship at Hingham ENG in October 1641, his wife and son returning with him - daughter Anne remained in New England, the wife of Capt. John Mason - they had married in Jul 1639 and had seven children. Robert died in 1656 and was buried under the choir of St. Andrew's church.

Sources: World Family Tree CD Vol. 3, File #5677 which cites A Mason Record


Joseph was the brother of Rev. Robert Peck (above). He was the son of Robert and Helen (Babbs) Peck and was born 22 Apr 1587 at Beccles, Suffolk ENG. The Mrs. Peck listed in Banks' passenger list is his 2nd wife Deliverance ___. Although no children are included on this list, he emigrated with three sons, one daughter and five servants (The Pioneers of MA by Charles Henry Pope, 1981, p. 351). The children were probably all by his first wife Rebecca Clark who died 21 Oct 1637 in Hingham ENG. She was the sister of Edward Gilman's (below) wife Mary Clark. Joseph was the Town Clerk of Hingham (MA) until 1645 when he removed to Rehoboth MA where he died 22 Dec 1663.
   As the family left Hingham in 1645 there is not a lot of detail about them in the History of Hingham. These children are listed in that book for Joseph Peck (though not which child was by which wife, and the author, George Lincoln, notes that a genealogy of the Peck family lists some different and/or additional sons):

  1. Simon - b. in England. He married first to Hannah Farnsworth, dau of Joseph and Elizabeth Farnsworth of Dorchester MA. She was born 14 Dec 1638 in Dorchester; d. 16 Apr 1659 in Hingham. Simon married second to Prudence Clapp, dau. of Edward and Purdence Clapp of Dorchester, on 13 Feb 1659/60. She was born 28 Dec 1637 in Dorchester. The family moved to Dorchester after 1671. Simon and Hannah had one son (who died young), and Simon and Prudence had eight children.
  2. Samuel - bt. in Hingham 3 Feb 1638/39; d. soon.
  3. Nathaniel - bt. in Hingham 31 Oct 1641. Resided at Rehoboth. The chris. name of his wife was Deliverance. She died in 1675, and Nathaniel in 1676.
  4. Israel - bt. in Hingham 31 Mar 1643/44; died soon.
  5. Samuel - bt. in Hingham 19 Jul 1646
  6. Israel - bt. in Hingham 19 Jul 1646
  7. Hannah - bt. in Hingham 19 Jul 1646

Sources: WFT CD Vol.1, File #1142 - which has some conflicting info with History of Hingham, and for which clarification is sought. Did Joseph Peck have a daughter Rebecca (probably by his first wife)? Did Rebecca marry the Rev. Peter Hobart, and if so, as his first or second wife? Was the name of Peter Hobart's other wife Elizabeth or Rebecca Ibrook? History of Hingham doesn't give the name of Peter's first wife but lists his second wife as Rebecca Ibrook, daughter of Richard Ibrook. Other sources (unnamed) give her name as Elizabeth Ibrook and that she was Peter Hobart's first wife - the name of Peter's first daughter was also Elizabeth. If anyone has any corrections to make to the information given here about Joseph Peck and his children please write to the email address at the bottom of this page.


Edward emigrated with his wife Mary Clark, six children and three servants. Edward was born about 1587 in Hingham ENG, son of Edward Gilman born about 1557. Mary Clark was a daughter of John and Elizabeth Clark of Hingham ENG, and was born 1590. Only five children are listed under Edward in the passenger list because his eldest daughter Mary was by 1638 the wife of John Folsom (below). Other than daughters Lydia and Sarah, who married Daniel Cushing and John Leavitt respectively, much of the family did not reside long in Hingham MA and eventually settled around Exeter NH. Edward (Sr.) moved to Rehoboth, Bristol MA in 1643 and to Ipswich MA soonafter, where he was in 1647. After that to Exeter NH where he died on 22 Jun 1655. His widow Mary returned to Hingham MA to live with daughter Lydia and her husband Daniel Cushing. Mary died 22 Jun 1681 at Hingham (her sister Rebecca, who died in 1637, was the first wife of the Joseph Peck who was also on the Diligent).

Children of Edward and Mary (Clark) Gilman:

  1. Mary bp. 6 Aug 1615 Hingham, Norfolk; d. 1690 Exeter NH. Married John Folsom of Hingham, Norfolk 4 Oct 1636. They had seven children.
  2. Edward bp. 23 Dec 1617 Hingham, Norfolk; d. 1653 lost at sea going back to England for machinery parts for his lumber mill. Married Elizabeth Smith, dau. of Richard of Ipswich MA, about 1637 in Ipswich MA. They moved to Exeter NH in 1647 and had three children.
  3. Lydia bp. 1619 Hingham, Norfolk; d. 12 Mar 1688/89 Hingham MA. Married Daniel Cushing, son of Matthew and Nazareth (Pitcher) Cushing, on 19 Jan 1643/44. They had six children.
  4. Sarah bp. 19 Jan 1621/22 Hingham, Norfolk; d. 26 May 1700 Hingham MA. Married John 'Deacon' Leavitt of Hingham MA on 16 Dec 1646. They had eight children.
  5. John b. 10 Jan 1623/24 Hingham, Norfolk; d. 24 Jul 1708 Exeter NH. Married Elizabeth Trevorgye, dau. of James and Catherine (Shapleigh) Treworgye, on 20 Jun 1657 in Exeter NH. They had sixteen children.
  6. Moses bp.11 Mar 1629/30 Hingham, Norfolk; d. 6 Aug 1702 Newmarket NH. Married Elizabeth Hersey, dau. of William and Elizabeth (___) Hersey, about 1658 in Hingham MA. They had ten children.

Sources: The Story of the Gilmans & a Gilman Genealogy - Constance Ames (1950)


John was born about 1614 in Hingham ENG and died 27 Dec 1681 at Exeter NH. His wife Mary was a daughter of Edward and Mary (Clark) Gilman. She was born about 1615 at Hingham ENG and died 1690 at Rockingham NH. They had seven children, all, except the first who was born in England, baptized in Hingham MA. The family resided in Hingham MA until 1659 when on 9 Jul 1659 John sold his estate to Daniel Cushing of Hingham (husband of Mary's sister Lydia) and the family moved to Exeter, Rockingham NH. Their children were:

  1. John b.1638 in England, settled in Exeter NH, married and had children
  2. Samuel bp. 11 Oct 1641; d. abt 1700. He married Mary Bobey and had 3 sons and 4 daughters
  3. Nathaniel bp. 2 Jun 1644. He married Hannah Farrow of Hingham on 9 Jun 1674 and moved to Exeter NH.
  4. Israel bp. Sept 1644 (46?). He married and had son Israel.
  5. Peter bp. 8 Apr 1649. He married Susanna Coffin, or Cousins, of Wells ME
  6. Mary, 13 Apr 1651. She married in 1672 to George Marsh of Newburg
  7. Ephraim bp. 25 Feb 1654/55. He married and resided in Newmarket NH and was killed by Indians in 1709.


Henry, with his wife and mother and two children (unnamed), came from Hingham, Norfolk ENG and resided for a time in Hingham but settled in Hull. Mrs. Christian Chamberlain, probably his mother, died at Hingham 19 Apr 1659. Henry died at Hull abt 1674.


Stephen emigrated with his wife Ann (___) and two daughters Elizabeth and Mary. The family moved to Cambridge in 1652 and the year after that to Lancaster, then back to Cambridge before 1662. Stephen died in Cambridge in 1662 (will made 9 Jun 1662, proved 7 Oct 1662). Ann married in 1663 to Richard Woodward and she died 5 Feb 1683 at Stow MA. Stephen and Ann had seven children, all but the first two were baptized in Hingham MA:

  1. Elizabeth b. in Eng.; d. 3 Aug 1704 in Hingham. She married on 29 Nov 1647 in Hingham to John Lasell and they had eleven children.
  2. Mary b. in Eng.. She married John Maynard in Hingham on 5 Apr 1658.
  3. Stephen b. ?. He moved to Boston and then to Stow where he died about 1707. The name of his wife was Sarah and they had eight children.
  4. Simon bt. 3 May 1646; d. before 21 Apr 1693 "of Boston". He lived in Cambridge, next at Lancaster then back to Boston. Simon married and had at least seven children.
  5. Thomas bt. 3 May 1646. He lived at Marlboro, Sudbury and Stow and finally Norwich (CT?). He married in 1670 to Elizabeth Freeman of Sudbury and they had at least eight children.
  6. Isaac bt. 3 May 1646; d. 3 Sep 1651
  7. Rebecca bt. 3 May 1646; d. Jan 1650


Francis was probably the brother of Philip James (below). Francis died on 27 Dec 1647 in Hingham MA, and his wife Elizabeth died 11 Apr 1660 in Hingham. They apparently had no children. Thomas Sucklin and Richard Baxter, also on the Diligent passenger list, came as servants of Francis and Elizabeth.

Source: "A New Look at the Family of Francis and Philip James of Hingham: Immigrant Ancestors" by Marya Myers and Donald W. James, Jr. in the January 1997 issue of the NEHGS Register.


Philip was probably the brother of Francis James (above). He was born about 1600-1605 in or near Hingham, Norfolk and died soon after arriving in MA. His widow Jane married George Russell on 14 Feb 1639/40, and she died 22 Feb 1688/89 in Hingham "age about 83 years" (Russell genealogist George Ely Russell gives her maiden name as Davenport though I'm not sure of the original source). Diligent passengers William Pitts and Edward Mitchell came as servants of Philip and Jane. Though not named in the above list, the names of the four children of Philip and Jane were:

  1. Anne b. abt. 1629; d. prob. bef. 1689. She married John Turner, Jr., son of Humphrey and Lydia (Gamer) Turner, on 25 Apr 1649 at Scituate MA. They had eleven children. Note: This Anne James who married John Turner, Jr. is listed a "almost certainly a daughter of Philip" James in source #1 below. That John Turner, Jr. was the son of a Humphrey seems a bit odd, but in his will he writes: "I, John Turner, Jr., sonne of Humphrey Turner late of Scituate...".
  2. Francis b. abt 1622 at or near Hingham, Norfolk; d. 29 Nov 1684 Hingham MA. He married Elizabeth Hiland, dau. of Thomas and Deborah (___) Hiland, before 1657. They had six children.
  3. Jane b. abt. 1634; d. aft 13 Feb 1661[?/2]. She married John Adams, son of John and Ellen, poss. Helen or Eleanor (?Newton) Adams, and they had three children.
  4. Sarah bp. 13 Mar 1636 at Hingham, Norfolk; d. 30 Jun 1664 Barnstable MA. She married Robert Parker 28 Jan 1656/57 at Barnstable MA. They had four children.

Sources: "A New Look at the Family of Francis and Philip James of Hingham: Immigrant Ancestors" by Marya Myers and Donald W. James, Jr. in the January 1997 issue of the NEHGS Register. Footnote no.39 in this article lists the following for more information about Sarah James and husband Robert Parker:
- The Mayflower Descendant, 11 (1909); 99-100
- "Robert Parker of Barnstable, Mass.," by Maclean W. McLean, NEHGS Register, 112 (1958), 113 (1959) and 114 (1960)
- Genealogist George Ely Russell - P.O. Box 505 - New Market, MD - 21774


Matthew Hawke was born about 1610 "of Cambridge England"; d. 11 Dec 1684 in Hingham. The name of his wife was Margaret (___), although Torrey in New England Marriages Prior to 1700 gives her maiden name as possibly "?Towle", and others have Nelson. John Fearing is frequently listed as having been in the employ of Matthew Hawke and coming with him on the Diligent. This is probably in error (see John Fearing). Matthew and Margaret had seven children, all baptized in Hingham:

  1. Sarah bp. 1 Aug 1641; d. 9 Mar 1678/79 Scituate. She married John Cushing, son of Matthew and Nazareth (Pitcher) Cushing, on 20 Jan 1657/58 in Hingham. They had 12 children. Sarah and John were great grandparents of William Cushing who was an Associate Justice on the first Supreme Court in 1789. He administered the Oath of Office to George Washington for his second term and was nominated by Washington, and unanimously confirmed by the Senate, to be the second Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but declined owing to poor health.
  2. Bethia bp. 21 Jan 1643. She married Benjamin Stetson of Scituate. No further info at present.
  3. Mary bp. 2 Aug 1646; d. 17 Jul 1714 at prob. Hull MA. She married Benjamin Loring, son of Thomas and Jane (Newton) Loring, on 8 Dec 1670. They had six children.
  4. James bp. 27 May 1649; d. 27 Nov 1715. He married Sarah Jacob, dau. of John and Margery (Eames) Jacob, on 9 Jul 1678 in Hingham. They had seven children. James and Sarah were great grandparents of John Hancock - "The Signer".
  5. Elizabeth bp. 14 Jul 1649; d. 4 Nov 1713. She married Stephen Lincoln, son of the Stephen and Margaret (___) Lincoln who were on the Diligent, in Feb 1660 in Hingham. They had eight children.
  6. Deborah bp. 22 Mar 1651. She married John Briggs. No further info at present.
  7. Hannah bp. 22 Jul 1655; d. 4 Apr 1737. She married Peter Cushing, son of Daniel and Lydia (Gilman) Cushing, on 4 Jun 1685. They had six children.


Matthew, son of Peter and Susan (Hawes) Cushing, was baptized 2 Mar 1588/89 at Hardingham, Norfolk England; d. 30 Sep 1660 at Hingham MA. His wife Nazareth Pitcher, daughter of Henry Pitcher, was baptized 30 Oct 1586 at prob. Hardingham, Norfolk England and d. 6 Jan 1681/82 at Hingham MA. They married 5 Aug 1613 in Hingham, Norfolk England. Though not included in the passenger list above, Nazareth's sister, Frances Riecroft (a widow) accompanied Nazareth and Matthew on the voyage (according to James S. Cushing's 1905 Cushing genealogy), though she died within a couple weeks of arriving in MA. Matthew and Nazareth had five children, all born at Hingham in Norfolk:

  1. Daniel bp. 20 Apr 1619; d. 3 Dec 1700. He married Lydia Gilman, dau. of Edward and Mary (Clark) Gilman, on 19 Jan 1645 and they had six children. Daniel married second to Elizabeth Jacob, widow of John Thaxter and daughter of Nicolas and Mary (Gilman) Jacob, on 23 Mar 1690/91.
  2. Jeremiah bp. 5 Apr 1621. He married Elizabeth (___), widow of John Wilkie, on 11 Mar 1661/62. They resided in Boston and Jeremiah, a mariner, was lost at sea (no date given). Unknown if they had any children. Elizabeth mentions a daughter Elizabeth CONDY in her will, though she could have been a daughter of her first marriage.
  3. Matthew bp. 5 Apr 1623; d. 1 Jan 1700/01. He married Sarah Jacob, dau. of Nicolas and Mary (Gilman) Jacob, on 25 Feb 1652/53 in Hingham. Matthew and Sarah had no children.
  4. Deborah bp. 17 Feb 1624/25; d. 25 Sep 1700. She married Matthias Briggs on 9 May 1648 and they resided in Hingham. No children are listed in either of the sources below.
  5. John b. 1627; d. 31 May 1708 at Scituate MA. He married Sarah Hawke, dau. of Matthew and Margaret (___) Hawke, on 20 Jan 1657/58 in Hingham and removed to Scituate about 1662. They had twelve children. John and Sarah were great grandparents of William Cushing who was an Associate Justice on the first Supreme Court in 1789. He administered the Oath of Office to George Washington for his second term and was nominated by Washington, and unanimously confirmed by the Senate, to be the second Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but declined owing to poor health.

Sources: Genealogy of the Cushing Family, an Account of the Descendants of Matthew Cushing Who Came to America in 1638 by James S. Cushing, 1905 and History of the Town of Hingham, Mass by George Lincoln.


He is listed by Daniel Cushing (and therefore in Charles Banks' book) as coming on the Diligent, and some genealogies record him as 'in the employ' of Matthew Hawke (both John Fearing and Matthew Hawke are listed as "of Cambridge England"). This information is in error. The Genealogical Dictionary of Early New England Settlers by James Savage says that "preparations had been made for him, perhaps by Grant of Land, as early as 1635" and in History of the Town of Hingham George Lincoln writes that land records show that John Fearing was among the first wave of emigrants to leave Old Hingham in 1635. John died 14 May 1665 in Hingham MA. He married Margaret (___) in 1642 in Hingham and she died 22 Dec 1690 in Roxbury MA - she married Robert Williams on 3 Nov 1675. John and Margaret had four children, all born in Hingham:

  1. John b. abt. 1642; d. 20 Mar 1725/26. He married Hannah Beal, dau. of Nathaniel and Martha (___) Beal, on 15 Dec 1676 in Boston. They had seven children.
  2. Israel bp. Sep 1644; d. Jan 1694 in Dorchester MA. He married Elizabeth Wilder, dau. of Edward and Elizabeth (Eames) Wilder, on 22 Jul 1673 in Hingham. They had five children.
  3. Mary bp.18 Apr 1647; d. 6 Aug 1705 in Hingham. She married James Hersey, son of William and Elizabeth (___) Hersey, on 15 Dec 1665 in Hingham. They had seven children.
  4. Sarah bp. 29 Jul 1649; d. 26 Nov 1716. She married Benjamin Lincoln, son of Thomas "The Cooper" and Avith, or Annis (Lane) Lincoln, on 6 Feb 1666/67. They had seven children. The Gen. Benjamin Lincoln who was appointed by George Washington to accept the surrender sword of Gen. Corwallis after the Battle of Yorktown was their great grandson.


She was the mother of Stephen and Thomas Lincoln. The name of her husband is not known, nor is her maiden name. She died after Oct. 1658 for she is mentioned in her son Stephen's will.


He was the son of Mrs. Joan Lincoln and brother of Thomas Lincoln who were also on the Diligent. Stephen died 11 Oct 1658 in Hingham, his wife Elizabeth died (was buried on) 13 Jun 1642. They had two children:

  1. Stephen b. prob. at Windhamham, Norfolk; d. 17 Sep 1692. He married Elizabeth Hawke, dau. of Matthew and Margaret Hawke (who were on the Diligent) in Feb 1660 in Hingham. They had eight children.
  2. Sarah bp. in Hingham MA 22 May 1642; d. 4 Nov 1649


He was the son of Mrs. Joan Lincoln and brother of Stephen Lincoln who were also on the Diligent. Thomas died 16 Aug 1692 in Hingham. He married Margaret Langer, dau. of Richard Langer, although the date and place of their marriage is not recorded in the George Lincoln book. Margaret died on 5 Mar 1693/94 in Hingham. In early Hingham there were four Thomas Lincolns and each is distinguished by his occupation. This Thomas was known as "Husbandman" and is so recorded in the early town records. The other Thomas Lincolns were known as "Cooper" - the father of the Benjamin Lincoln who married Sarah Fearing (see John Fearing above), "Weaver" - whose brother Samuel was the ancestor of Abraham Lincoln, and "Miller". Thomas "The Husbandman" and Margaret had eleven children, all born or baptized in Hingham:

  1. Caleb b. 8 Oct 1643; died young
  2. Joshua bp. 3 May 1645; d. 21 Apr 1694. He married Deborah Hobart, dau. of Capt. Joshua and Ellen (Ibrook) Hobart, on 20 Apr 1666. They had ten children.
  3. Caleb bp. 3 May 1645 (twin of above); d. 9 Dec 1715. He married first Rachel Bate, dau. of James and Ruth (Lyford) Bate, on 8 May 1684, and second to Hannah Jackson on 2 Sep 1698. Caleb and Rachel had six children.
  4. Susanna bp. 16 Aug 1646. She married Joseph Barstow of Scituate on 16 May 1666.
  5. Mary b. 10 Feb 1647/48; bp. 23 Apr 1648. She married Francis Barker of Duxbury on 5 Jan 1674/75.
  6. Sarah bp. 29 Sep 1650. She married Thomas Marsh on 16 May 1675.
  7. Thomas b. 22 Dec 1652; d. 28 Sep 1698 in Plymouth MA. He married Sarah Lewis, dau. of James and Sarah (Lane) Lewis of Barnstable MA, on 6 Jan 1684. Thomas was a carpenter, but was also known by his father's title of "Husbandman". They had five children.
  8. Daniel bp. 14 May 1654; d. 14 Feb 1669/70.
  9. Elizabeth b. 2 Dec 1656; d. 28 Dec 1741. She married Daniel Lincoln, son of Samuel and Martha (Lyford) Lincoln (direct ancestors of Abraham Lincoln), on 23 Jan 1677/78. They had six children.
  10. Ephraim b. 1 Nov 1659; d. 28 Jan following.
  11. Ruth b. 19 Nov 1662; d. 10 Apr 1751. She married Samuel Gill, son of Thomas and Hannah (Otis) Gill, on 13 Jan 1684/85. They had one daughter named Mary according to George Lincoln, but James Savage records there was a son also.

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