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Scott and Kathryn (Leedom) Ives Genealogy
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Will abstracts in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery & Philadelphia counties
as well as a few from NJ and VA
related or potentially related to Leedom families

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THOMAS, Samuel. Abington. Phila. Co. Mason. May 13, 1773. June 9, 1773.
Mother: Elizabeth Deavs. Brothers: William, Amos, Enoch. Sister: Ann. Execs.: Anoch and William Thomas. Witnesses: Joshua Knight, Joseph Austin. (P:418) 
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

THOMAS, William. Abington, Co. of Phila. Sadler.1 mo. 16, 1779. April 20, 1784. S.504.
Mother: Elizabeth Deaves. Brothers: Enoch, Amos. Niece: Hannah Thomas. Exec: Enoch and Amos Thomas. Wit: Barnard Craft, Joshua Morris.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1777-1790

TOMLINSON, Richard. Oxford, Philadelphia County. Yeoman. March 15, 1716. January 4, 1716. D. 65.
Children: Richard, William, Joseph, James, John, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah Tomlinson. Executrix: Wife Sarah. Trustees: John Shallcross and Joseph Paull, Junior. Witnesses: John Brown, Richard Worell, Junior and Thomas Canby.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

TOMLINSON, Sarah, dau. of Henry Tomlinson, Dec'd., Bensalem Twp. 9-28- 1821. Proved January 2, 1822.
Sister Jemima Tomlinson and Friend John Comly exrs. Friend Giles Knight son of Israel Knight Dec'd. $500. Cousin Isaac Bolton of Drumore $300. Sarah, wife of Elisha Newbold, $200. Sarah and Elizabeth Tomlinson, daus. of John Tomlinson $200. Phebe wife of Thomas Tomlinson and her dau. Isabel $100 each. Cousin Sophia Homer $100. Cousin Joanna Davis $200. Friend Edward Hicks $100. Rebecca wife of John Clossin $40. Temperence Hudson $40. Rachel Paul, dau. of Giles Knight, Dec'd. $40. Susanna Vandegrift, who lives with me $300. Mary Skinner and her dau. Martha Douglass each $20. Catharine wife of Abraham Vandegrift $20. Bro. Jesse's three ch. Jesse, Rhoda wife of Moses Knight and Charles monies due me by Bond and Note. Land which I and sister Jemima purchased of Lewis Rue to heirs of James Street Junr. and of John Pexton by Joseph Croasdale and James Townsend, to Susanna Vandegrift. Interest in Farm left to me and Sister Jemima by father to Bro. Jesse's ch. Sister Jemima to have use of same for life. Wits: Asa Knight, Grace Knight and Joseph Knight.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 10, Page 58.

TREVILLER, Henry. Marlborough, yeoman. December 9, 1726. March 1, 1726/7. A. 219.
Provides for wife Mary, remainder to 3 children now born, viz Ann, James, Thomas and the child wife is now pregnant with. Executors: friend Wm. Levis and brother Joseph James and authorizes them to sell all lands. Witnesses: Robert Carter, Wm. Webb, Richd. Hays. [Widow married John Earl. See book A p. 65, Taylor papers, survey, etc.]
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

TREWMAN, Richard. Oly, Co.of Philadelphia. Weaver. 11 mo. 20, 1729/30. March 14, 1729. E.126.
Wife and Exec: Martha Trewman. Children: Thomas, William, James, Susannah. Trustees: Anthony Lee, Ellis Hugh. Witnesses: Elizabeth Williams, Jane Ellis (her mark), William Harmer, Thomas Ellis.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1726-1747

TWINING, David of Newtown Twp. 10 mo.-25-1791. Codicil 11 mo-12-1791. Codicil 11 mo-25-1791. Proved December 10, 1791.
Wife Elizabeth. Bro. Jacob and son-in-law Jesse Leedom exrs. Daus. Beulah Torbert, Sarah, wife of Thomas Hutchinson, Elizabeth Hopkins, Mary Leedom. Gdson Thomas Twining Hutchinson. Gdson David Leedom. Couzen David Twining son of Bro. Eleazer. Couzen David Twining son of Bro. Jacob. Son-in-law William Hopkins. Bro. Eleazer Twining. Friend Thomas Story. William Levinga. Land purchased of William Hibbs, Owon Hagerman, Shff. Jacob Bennett, Robert Thomas, Richard Leedom, George Wood and Jonathan Schofield and Anthony Tate. Ch. of Eleazer, Jacob, and Stephen Twining. Stephen Twining's son Jacob. Wits: John Story, William Buckman, James Briggs, John Cavender, Joseph Worshall. Lands in Westmoreland Co., Northern Liberties and Northampton Twp., Bucks Co.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 280.

TWINING, Elizabeth, Newtown Twp., widow. June 12, 1805. Proved April 28, 1806.
Dau. Beaulah E. Twining extx. Dau. or daus. of my dau. Sarah Hutchinson. Dau. or daus. of daus. Elizabeth Hopkins. Dau. or daus. of
dau. Mary Leedom. Wits: A. Chapman, William Kroesen.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 7 Page 163.

TWINING, Jacob, Wrightstown Twp., "advanced in years." September 11, 1804. Proved October 15, 1804.
Wife Sarah. Thomas Story and Isaac Chapman exrs. Sons John, Jacob, David and Henry. Daus. Elizabeth, Sarah, Susanna and Rachel. Wits: Benjamin Chapman, Elias Twining. Land adj. Henry Cooper, Joel Carver.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 7 Page 29.

TWINING, John of Newtown.  March 31, 1773.  Proved September 5, 1775.
Wife Elizabeth.  Sons David and Jacob, exrs.  Land in Warwick where grandson Joseph Twining lives, adj. Thomas West and Saml. McGrandy.  sons John, Eleazer, William, Jacob, Stephen, and David. Granddau. Mary Twining, dau. of son John. Wit: John Story, John Story, Junr., John Cutler.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 4, page 15

TWINING, Joseph. Warwick Twp. December 17, 1820. Proved September 4, 1821.
Sons James and Edward exrs. Wife Hannah. Son Joseph. Daus. Sarah Kirk, Elizabeth Tomlinson, Mary Scott, Rebecca Tomlinson, Rachel and Deborah Twining. Wits: Francis Tomlinson, Silas Twining, William Worthington.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Page 40

TWINING, Margaret of Wrightstown. ---- 1779. Proved October 6, 1784. 
Dau. Mary Chapman extx. Son Stephen Twining Dec'd. Gdch. Stephen and Mary Twining. Nieces Mary Paxson and Elizabeth Hillborn.Wits: Abrm. Chapman, David Twining, Robert Chapman.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 4 Page 461

TWINING, Sarah, Warwick Twp. April 2, 1805. Prove October 25, 1806.
Friends Mahlon Trego and Silas Twining exrs. Son Joseph Twining. Daus. Elizabeth Briggs, Mary Tomlinson and Rachel Balderston. Wits: Ephraim Addis, Jacob Twining, John Fenton.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 7 Page 211.

TWINING, William, Northampton Twp. February 18, 1794. Proved October 10, 1814.
Silas Twining and Elias Twining exrs. Bro. John Twining and ch., viz. Elizabeth Briggs, Mary Tomlinson, Joseph Twining and Rachel Balderston. Bro. David Twining's ch. Sarah Hutchinson, Elizabeth Hopkins, Mary Leedom and Beulah E. Torbert. Bros. Eleazer, Jacob and Stephen Twining, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends £5 for use of a Free School. Wits: Joseph Buckman Junr. and Jesse Buchman.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 8 Page 424.  

VANARTSDALEN, Elce, (widow of Simon Vanartsdalen), Southampton Twp., "of advanced age."
Son-in-law Thomas Fenton exr. Daus. Margaret Lefferts, Elizabeth Fenton, Mary Fenton, Cornelia Vandegrift and Jane Praul. Sons Simon, Derrick, Jacob and John Vanartsdalen. Wits: Daniel Hogeland, Derick K. Hogeland, John McNair.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 8, Page 107.

VANDEGRIFT, Jacob, Bensalem Twp. January 1, 1800. Proved May 22, 1800.
Wife Sarah. Sons Jacob, David and William exrs. Daus. Mary Bennett and Elizabeth Larrew. Gddau. Elizabeth Bennett. Land adj. Bro. John, Jesse Jackson, Jacob Jackson, Abraham Vandegrift, "where Henry Brouse lives." Wits: Abraham Larrew Junr., Isaac Prawl, Abraham Vandegrift.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 6 Page 280.

VANDYKE, Lambert of Southampton, Yeoman. March 13, 1770. Proved April 13, 1772.
Wife Mary. Son Jacob and Friend Henry Kroesen, exrs. Sons Jacob, Richard, Adrian, Henry (his bond date June 11, 1755), John, Cornelius and Hezekiah. Daus. Jane Rue, Elizabeth Bartley. Land bought of Samuel Swift, deed dated April 19, 1733 of Jeremiah Langhorne Dated September 23, 1736. Wit: Wilhelmus Cornell, John Leedom, and John Watts.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Will Book 3, Page 266

WALTON, Elizabeth. Mooreland, Co. of Phila. Widow. [Relict of Jeremiah Walton]. 2 mo. 11, 1775. April 14, 1787. T.483.
Children: Thomas, Jeremiah, Jacob, Sarah Spencer, Rachel Drinker. Grandchildren: Phebe [Daughter of Daughter Rachel], Hannah, Phebe and John [Children of Son William, decd.], William and Levi Janes, Elizabeth Tyson [Children of Daughter Mary]. Exec: Jeremiah, Thomas and Jacob Walton, James Spencer. Wit: Peter Shoemaker, John Parry, Samuel Gummere.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1777-1790

WALTON, Mary. Upper Dublin. June 10, 1799. April 11, 1805. 2.449
To son Silas, bible and 5 s. To grandson John Walton, 5 s. To son Jeremiah, 5 pds. Rem. of estate to be divided into 4 parts. To daughter Elizabeth, one part. To 3 other daughters: Mary Bond, Phoebe Shoemaker, Amy Clark, one share each. Execs: Son Silas, and son in law Daniel Shoemaker. Wit: Thomas Hallowell,
Samuel Gummere.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

WALTON, Susanna. Warminster Twp., widow. February 20, 1814. Codicil dated 10-31- 1820. Proved June 5, 1821.
Isac [sic] Parry exr. Son Jonathan Walton. Daus. Agnes Worthington and Mary Harding. Gddaus. Martha and Agnes Walton; Susanna and Sarah Worthington; Mary and Sarah Harding. Money devised by will of mother Mary Kirk at death of bro. Joseph Kirk, still living. Wits: Gideon and Elizabeth Prior.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Page 26

WATTS, Stephen of Southampton, yeoman. January 24, 1783. Proved November 23, 1784.
Wife Elizabeth. Son Arthur and Thomas Folwell exrs. Dau. Hannah Smith and her ch. James Smith, Hannah Baker, Stephen, John, Elizabeth, Thomas and Fanny Smith. Dau. Sarah Shaw and her ch. Elizabeth Colbert, Mary Fenton, Rachel Shaw, John and Joseph Shaw. Dau. Elizabeth wife of Thomas Folwell and her ch. Nancy, William, Elizabeth and Mary Folwell. Son Stephen Watts. Gddau. Rachel Watts, dau. of John Watts. 5 to Anti Baptist Church at Southampton. Wits: John Folwell and William Van Horne.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 4 Page 473.

WAYNE, Anthony. Easttown. June 13, 1739. December 13, 1739. B. 45.
To sons Francis, Gabriel and Isaac daughters Anne, Mary and Sarah 1 shilling each. To grandson William Wayne 1 shilling. To grandson Abraham Wayne 1 shilling. To wife Hannah all household goods and £15 per year. To son John £125 as it becomes due from Isaac Wayne. Executor: son John. Witnesses: James Famson, Robert Gay, Humphrey Wayne, Isaac Wayne.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

WAYNE, Anthony.  Major General Commander in Chief of the Legion of the United States of America.  "Having fought for the defence of America from the Frozen Lakes of Canada to the Burning Suns of Florida."  City of Phila. July 14, 1794.  February 15, 1797.  X.545. 
[Estate in several Counties of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Philadelphia and Nova Scotia.] Children:  Isaac [Student at Law], Margaretha [Wife of William R. Atee, Esquire]. Exec:  Isaac Wayne, Sharp Delany, William Lewis, Esquires. Wit:  James O'Hara, Thomas Lewis, I. DeButts.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1790-1802, Liber X

WAYNE, Elizabeth. Widow. Willistown. December 7, 1792. Codicil: December 19, 1792. May 20, 1793.
To daughter Ann, wife of William Hayman, all wearing apparel. To children of deceased daughter Hannah Vanleer, a certain bond against my son-in-law Samuel Vanleer for £145. Granddaughters Hannah, Ann and Mary Vanleer mentioned. To son Anthony Wayne £5. To grandson Isaac, son of son Anthony, £145. To granddaughter Margaret, wife of William R. Attley,£165. Executors to place tombstones over graves of husband Isaac Wayne and self at Radnor, also over 4 children's graves in graveyard of "Seven days people in Newtown." Executors to sell all real estate and proceeds divided among children of daughters Ann Hayman and Hannah Vanleer. Executors: Daughter Ann Hayman, Joseph Walker. Wit: Samuel Lewis, Catharine Frame, Josiah Lewis.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

WAYNE, Francis. Co. of Chester, Penna. Yeoman. December 30, 1762. March 19, 1763. M.498.
Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Abraham, Michael, John, Humphrey, Hesther (wife of John Thomas), Elizabeth (Lyle) and Rebecca. Grandchildren: Mary, Sarah and Rebecca Gardner; Isaac and Jacob Wayne, (five children of daughter Rebecca, names not given); Martha and Francis Lyle; Hannah Wayne. Brother-in-Law: Isaac Hughs. Exec: Michael and Abraham Wayne. Witnesses: Robert Jones, Geo. Sutter, Thomas Turbett. Codicil: January 9, 1763. Brother Isaac Wayne made Trustee. Witnesses: Robt. Jones, Thomas Walter, Ann Rodgers.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1748-1763

WEBSTER, John. Abingtown. Co. of Phila. Taylor. May 27, 1765. October 23, 1765.
Wife: Sarah. Children: Joseph, George, Hannah, Elizabeth. Brother: William. Execs.: Sarah Webster, Isaac Knight. Asst. Exec.: Joshua Knight. Witnesses: Joseph Farmer, William Leedom. (N:439)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

WEBSTER, Sarah. Abington. October 16, 1784. June 19, 1789. 1.193
To son Richard Leedom, bond due to testatrix and bible. To son Joseph, bond with 2/3 interest on it and clock. To son George, bond with 2/3 interest and 2 featherbeds. To daughter Hannah Combs, bed, furniture and bond due from her husband. David Combs, and all wearin apparel and 1/3 interest due on 2 notes against sons Joseph and George. Rem. equally divided among 3 children: Joseph, George and Hannah Combs. Execs: Sons Richard Leedom and Joseph Webster. Wit: John Fenton, William Leedom.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

WHITE, Alexander. Farmer. [London Britain].May 10, 1741. May 27, 1743. B. 138.
To wife Jean 1/2 of all moveable estate. To daughter Susana White 5 shillings she having got her part when married. To daughter Agnes Cross 5 shillings. To son Alexander 5 shillings and to his son Joseph £4. To daughter Ilender Gutey 5 shillings and to her son Alexander Gutey £3. To son John the plantation from the main road north to Christiana. To daughter Mary Ranken 5 shillings and to her son Alexander 100 acres of land called Plom Pount Fork. To daughter Elizabeth Jamson 5 shillings. To daughter Martha Steel 5 shillings "having got her part before only 8 acres about your house." To son David the plantation I now live upon from the main road south only 8 acres belonging to son in law James Steels house, also the plantation called Raccoon Point. Executrix: wife Jane. Witnesses: James Steel, Moses Alexander, Moses Steel.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

WILLIAMS, William. Darby. December 1, 1758. December 24, 1762.
"Being at this time inclined and preparing to go to Europe," to father William Williams £150. To sister Rachel Williams £200. To sister Mary Williams but £150 considering she was advanced £50 from estate of my uncle Edmund Williams. Lot of land in Darby to Ann Steel, daughter of James Steel by my sister Ann, his late wife deceased, at 21. Remainder of estate to brother Thomas Williams. Joseph Bonsall and John Pearson of Darby to be guardians of my brother and sisters, also Executors. Letters to Pearson. Witnesses: Joseph Fordham, John Rudulph, William Wood.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

WILLIAMSON, Daniel. Edgmont, yeoman. March 7, 1725/6. March 8, 1727/8. A. 270.
To wife Mary my plantation with all the stock during life, also £60. To son Robert all the money due to me from him. To son Daniel ditto. To son John the cane cousin Mary Lewis gave me. To son Thomas the plantation after his mothers decease, he paying £5 to each of my 2 daughters, viz Margaret Thompson and Abigail Yarnall. To daughter Mary and son in law Myrick Davis £5. To son Joseph 1 shillings. Executors: wife Mary and sons John and Thomas. Witnesses: John Houldston, Ephraim Jackson.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

WILLIAMSON, John, yeoman, Newtown. August 13, 1794 - December 2, 1794.
To wife Elizabeth and her heirs certain part of land devised to him by his father John Williamson, Dec'd., and also of the 85 acres purchased from heirs of Henry Caldwell adjoining property of John and Edward Hunter and George Dunn, also right to certain moneys &c. during widowhood - mentions conditions controlled by brother Daniel's decease; his son Enos's duty in caring for his mother; his son Adam to have 40 acres in Brandywine Hundred purchased of William Grubb stating provision made for him by his grandfather Adam Buckley, Dec'd., - mentions mother Sarah Williamson, son John remaining portion of tracts mentioned above, except saw mill property and homestead on Crum Creek which he gives to Enos. Son Walter £70 and release on notes for money borrowed. Daughters Sarah Pratt, Ann Williamson, Elizabeth Garrett, Ester Garrett and Jane Williamson, small legacies, they having been provided for. Exrs: Sd. wife and son Enos. Wits: John Baldwin, Edward Hunter and John Hunter. #70.
Wills of Delaware Co 1789-1835

WILLIAMSON, Sarah. Newtown. December 11, 1781. Codicil: September 2, 1784. July 17, 1789.
To son Daniel £100 in trust to be applied for his use. To daughter Margaret Brinton bed, etc. Remainder of estate to daughters Margaret Brinton, Alice Buckley, Jane Green, son John Williamson. Executors: Son John, son-in-law Abel Green. Letters to Williamson, Abel Green being deceased. Codicil mentions daughter Alice Buckley's former husband, Benanuel Lownes. Wit: George Miller, Ann Williamson.
Wills of Chester Co 1778-1800

WILSON, Hannah, Middletown. April 7, 1815 - April 5, 1825.
Children: Richard Dutton, Thomas Dutton, Sarah Hibberd, Hannah Broomal and daughter Hannah, and Susan Steel. George Martin and John Talbot to appraise personal estate. Exrs: Sons Richard and Thomas Dutton. Wits: Jonathan Dutton and Thomas Dutton, Jr. Samuel Dutton aged 91 years (grandson of Hannah Wilson) living in Media at present, says her maiden name was Routh and that she was married twice - R. G. Swift. #640.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

WILSON, Wm. Bristol, Phila. Co. September 9, 1776. October 9, 1776.
Wife: Hannah. Children: William and Archibald (Exec.), James, Thomas, Priscila and Silas. Grandson: William (son of Thomas). Witnesses: Joseph Spencer, Samuel Leedom and John Child. (Q:352)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

WORRALL, Elisha, Springfield. February 2, 1829 - January 11, 1830.
Wife Mary, children: David, Mary Leedom wife of Joseph, Rebecca Lewis, Joseph, Mordecai and David Worrall. Grandchildren: Rebecca White, Mary Ann Kirk, Sarah, George, Evan, Elisha and Maris Lewis, Mirah Trimble, Charles, Mary, Rebecca, Eleanor and Elizabeth Justis. Names of properties of Eliza Worrall, Esther Levis, Owen Rhoads and Joseph Leedom. Exrs: Sons Joseph, Mordecai and David Worrall. Wits: George W. Bartram and S. Edwards. #737.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

WORRALL, Mary, ____ Twp. February 2, 1829 - May 10, 1830.
Husband ____, son Mordecai, his sisters Rebecca Lewis, Mary Leedom, his niece Sarah Lewis. Exrs: Sd. son Mordecai Worrall. Wits: George W. Bartram and S. Edwards. #750.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

WORTHINGTON, Mary, Northampton Twp. July 2, 1823. Proved January 31, 1824.
Timothy McGinnis exr. Son Finas Walton. Sisters Ann Worthington and Elizabeth Evans. Hannah Miginnis. Mary dau. of Nathan Worthington. Sarah Lewis, Mary Ann Walton dau. of Amos Walton. Abel Walton. Money coming from Daniel States' estate. Timothy Miginnis's son Benjamin. Wits: Jesse Brown and John Willard.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Book 10, page 250



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