Will abstracts M-S
Will abstracts M-S

Scott and Kathryn (Leedom) Ives Genealogy
from Kathryn's files...

Will abstracts in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery & Philadelphia counties
as well as a few from NJ and VA
related or potentially related to Leedom families

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MA CUE, Samuel.  Willistown. January 15, 1777.  May 29, 1777.
Provides for "Anchant and beloved wife Ann."  To son Anthony £10.  To daughter Mary Farrow £10.  To daughter Hannah Butler £15.  To daughter Ann Jodgon £10.  To son Thomas 5 shillings.  To daughter Alice Macue my plantation and all remainder of personal estate, but if she should die without heirs, the said plantation is to be sold by my kinsman Anthony Wayne and Rich. Richison, proceeds divided 1/3 to daughter Hannah Butler and the other 2 parts to my son Anthony and daughters Mary and Ann, share and share alike.  Orders a tombstone on his grave.Executors:  Daughter Alice and friend Richard Richison.  No record of probate. Wit:  Richard Morris, Samuel Bell.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778

MALTBY, William.  Philadelphia.  Baker. August 11, 1699.  ---.  B. 7.
Children mentioned but names not given.  Wife's brother Adam Rhoads. Executrix:  Wife Mary. Witnesses:  William Fillpot, Richard Gove, John Rhodes.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

MARPLE, David. Horsham, Co. of Phila. Wheelwright. July 18, 1781. December 5, 1781. S.44.
Wife: Hannah. Children: Mary, Nancey. Brothers: John, Jacob, Enoch, Abraham, Nathan, Isaac. Stepson: Samuel Maulsby. Stepdaughter: Elizabeth Maulsby. Exec: John Marple and Brother-in-Law, Robert Soller. Wit: William McClean, Mary Soller.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1777-1790

MARSHALL, Susanna, Darby. June 8, 1818 - March 20, 1822.
Brother John Marshall and children: Joseph, Abram, Hannah Lukins, Margaret Marion, Nathan, sister Martha ---- and children: Abram Johnson, Mary Johnson, Martha Paschall and Abigail Evans, Dec'd., children of Abigail: Mary Moore, Martha Moore, Elizabeth Evans, Hannah Evans, Abram Evans, Joseph Evans, John Evans and Susanna Tyson, Dec'd., who is mentioned as having left children, (their names not given). Hannah wife of Samuel Moore, William Steel son of William and grandson of James Steel. Exrs: Friend Robert Steel and nephew Abram Johnson. Wits: John Sellers and Nathan Sellers. #566.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

MARTIN, Susanna. June 8, 1811 - September 29, 1813.
To four children of sister Hannah Wilson, Sarah Hibberd, Hannah Bromall,Thomas Dutton and Susanna Steel. Exrs: Jacob Hibberd and Andrew Steel. Wits: William Smedley and Thomas Hibberd. #389.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

MASSEY, Isaac. Willistown. February 5, 1792. February 11, 1792.
To son Daniel plantation whereon I now live, he paying to my granddaughter Massey Gibbons £40 at 21 and £30 to my daughter Sidney, also stock, etc. To son George the plantation I lately bought of Jacob Hoofman, he paying £8 per year to my daughter Sidney, except she be left a widow, when my Executor to pay her £130 within a year after the death of her husband, William Baldwin. £20 towards rebuilding Willistown Meeting house. To Rachel Massey, daughter of Jacob Vogdes, £3 and £3 to Mary, daughter of Caleb Hibberd. To my nephew Isaac Massey my watch. Land in Northumberland Co. to 3 children. Executor: Son George. Wit: Jacob Vogdes, Levi Massey.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

MASSEY, James. Willistown. April 26, 1790. Codicil: January 31, 1791. April 20, 1791.
To son Phineas Massey the plantation where I now live during life, paying to his brother Mordecai £50, and at his death, to his son James. 1/3 of "my outstanding debts" to be applied for use of my daughter Mary Steel as she May need it. To each of the children of my son Lewis, James, Abraham and William, 10 shillings. To Hannah Pratt £5. To granddaughter Susanna Massey 50 shillings. Remainder to son Phineas, also executor. Wit: Daniel Smedley, Joseph Smedley.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800  

MASSEY, Mordecai.  Marple. April 9, 1748.  July 22, 1748.  C. 39.
Provides for wife, Rebecca.  To daughter Hannah the plantation in Marple, subject to her mother's life interest with reversion to brothers, James and Thomas Massey and sisters, Esther Pearson, Mary Fell and sister Hannah's children Jesse and Alice Maris.  Also 5 each to above named brothers and sisters.  Also 5 to Friends of Springfield Meeting. Executors:  Wife Rebecca and brother Thomas Massey. Wit:  George Maris, John Rhoads, Mordecai Taylor.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

MATLACK, Joseph. City of Phila. September 27, 1793. October 22, 1793. W.525.
Wife: Hannah. Brothers and Sisters [no names given]. Sons: Nathan, Thomas, George. To Tacy [Daughter of Nathan and Mary Matlack]. Friends: Pattee and Jacob Traystle. Exec: Jacob Traystle, Nathan Matlack. Wit: Thomas Park.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1790-1802  

MATLACK, Tacy, Radnor. February 20, 1809 - March 26, 1822.
Children of brothers and sisters: Tacy Lewis parents Dydemus and Phebe, Tacy Matlack parents Simeon and Elizabeth, Simeon Matlack, Hannah Trasel (or Tracell), Nathan Matlack, Thomas and Martha Matlack of Virginia and George Matlack. Exrs: Eli Lewis, Newtown. Wits: Rachel Matlack and Tacy Matlack. #567.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835  

MAULSBY, Merchant. Roxborough, Co. of Phila. Carpenter. April 25, 1785. December 1, 1785. T.229.
Children: John, Morris, Mary Stearn, Sarah. Grandchildren: William and Samuel Maulsby, Elizabeth Freese, Isabella [or Edd'y] Stearn. Exec: Morris Maulsby, Anthony Cook. Wit: Jacob Gilbart, Meshelemiah Alloway.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1777-1790

McCARTY, Silas of adjacent of Springfield. January 13, 1749/50. Proved May 1, 1750.
Wife Sarah, son Carell and Bro-in-law Robert Tomkins, exrs. To wife, plantation for life, then to all children, Carell excepted. Carell, 100 acres adj. Congregation of Baptists 1 acre on east side of tract where a Meeting House now stands. Wit: Thos. Lancaster, Benjamin Gilbert.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 2, Page 204.

McCUE, Anthony, yeoman, Allen.  February 8, 1790. March 18, 1790.
Wife Jane. Sons John, Abraham and Thomas. Son-in-law Thomas Cannon and Mary Cannon, his wife. Son-in-law Samuel Johnston and Agness, his wife. Grandson James Johnston, minor. Grandson Anthony Johnston, minor. Granddau. Mary Rodgers. Exs.:  Henry Quigley and Abraham McCue. Wit.:  C. Quigley, Isaack Norton.  E. 167-168.
Abstracts of Cumberland County Wills, 1785-1825

MC CUE, Samuel.  Willistown. April 27, 1760.  May 19, 1760.
To brother Anthony McCue £30 and to his sons Thomas, John and Abraham  £10 each at 21.  To Brother Anthony's 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Ann McCue £5 each at 18.  To father Samuel McCue £30 for the use of my brother Thomas if he be living.  To brother in law James Farra and my sister Mary Farra £5 each and to their 4 sons, William, Joseph, Samuel and Abraham £10 each at 21.  To James and Mary Farra's 3 daughters Rebecca, Mary and Sarah Farra £5 each at 18.  To brother in law John Buttler and his wife, my sister Hannah, plantation they now live on and £20.  To sister Hannah's son, Samuel Buttler £15 at 21.  To kinsman John Buttler Jr., £25 at 21.  To sister Ann Harper £50 and to her 4 children £20 to be divided.  To sister Alice McCue £100.  To cousin John Norton £7.  Executors:  Father Samuel McCue and uncle Isaac Wayne. Letters to McCue, the other renouncing. Witnesses:  Thomas Lloyd, Thomas Rowland, Samuel Hall.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

MERCER, Thomas. Thornbury. March 17, 1715. September 13, 1716. A. 40.
Provides for wife Mary. To eldest son Thomas after wifes decease or marriage, my new dwelling plantation containing my estate 238 acres. To son Thomas, son Daniel 1/2 of 500 acres of land in Marlborough which lieth next to Nathl Newlins land. To son Joseph the other 1/2 said 500 acres whereon son Thomas now lives. To my 3 daughters, viz Mary, Elizabeth and Ann, 20 each. To sons in law Wm. Pennil, Joseph Woodward and Joshua Peirce one pistole each. Remainder of moveables to wife and son Thomas. Executors: wife Mary. Witnesses: Francis Pullen, Thomas Pierson, Rose Pierson.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

MINSHALL, Sarah, Middletown.February 23, 1799 - May 21, 1801.
Legacies to daughters Mary Hall, Jane Longstreth, Sarah Starr, granddaughter Sarah Yarnall and to Phebe Yarnall for use of poor friends of Middletown Meeting. Residue to son Thomas Minshall, he to be executor. Wits: Thomas Bishop and Thomas Steele. #183.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

MITCHELL, Thomas of Newtown, Farmer. December 11, 1779. Proved December 30, 1779.
Wife Elizabeth, John Heath, and Thomas Buckman, exrs. Thomas, son of cousin Thomas Mitchell. Ann Heath. Saml. Yardley and Thos. Yardley. Wit: Archd. McCorkel, Thos. Buckman, Junr., Benj. Buckman.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 4, Page 65.

MOORE, Samuel, farmer, Radnor.March 25, 1795 - May 7, 1796.
Provides for wife Alice, she to bring up son (unnamed). Later mentions two sons and two daughters (all unnamed), sons shares as two to one. Register gives James Moore as executor; this is incorrect by reference to will. Exrs: Brother in law James Jones. Wits: Joshua Thomas and Simeon Matlack. #84.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

MOORE, Thomas.  City of Phila. August 19, 1799.  January 3, 1800.  Y.256.
Wife and Exec: Sarah Moore. Brother: Mordecai [Montgomery Co]. Nephews and Nieces: Mary Heston, Richard, Rachel Morris, Deborah Jackson and Hannah Moore [Children of Brother Mordecai], Hannah Roberts and Samuel Preston Moore [Children of Dec'd Brother Richard, Late of Arundel Co., Maryland].  To Children of Daniel and Margaret Jones, [Dec'd]:  Elizabeth, Mordecai, Martha, Jonathan, Samuel, Hannah, Isaac, Margaret, George and Daniel. Wit:  John Heston, Richd. Moore, Jonathan Jones.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1790-1802 Liber Y

MOORE, Thomas. Whitemarsh. January 21, 1807. April 10, 1807. 2.594
To wife Barbara, income from 1/3 of estate. Personalty to be sold and farm, money put on interest for children for 10 years. Marble Quarry to be sold. rem. of estate after 10 years, to be sold and money divided among children. Execs: John Bennett, brother in law Henry Lynigar. Wit: George Peirce, Joseph Leedom, Harman Yerkes.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

MOORE, Thomas, Newtown. October 9, 1808 - November 7, 1808.
Wife Mary and children: Thomas, Jonas, Mordecai, Mary Lewis, Elisha, James, Elizabeth Reece and Jennis, grandchildren: Isaac Lewis, Tabitha Matlack and Mifflin (probably son of Mordecai). In case of wife's death or marriage, home plantation to Thomas and Jonas. Land bought of brother Samuel to sons James, Thomas and Jonas. Exrs: Sons Mordecai and Elisha. Wits: John Brooke and William Kenney. #302.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

NACE, Jacob. Germantown Twp. Phila. Co. Farmer. July 18, 1807. December 3, 1810. 3.290.
Provides for wife Alice Nace. to sons Peter and John, land in Germantown Twp. To a line between his (Jacob Nace) land and Donaldson's in a line of Charles Nice's land &c. To place of beginning (as May more clearly appear by Deed of Release in his possission, Jacob Van Winkel and others to Sebastian Miller) and by Widow Mason's land. To children of son Martin, December'd. Execs: Sd. wife Alice and sons Peter and John Nace Wit: Casper Guyer, John Burnheter. Letters granted to Alice Nace and John Nace the surviving execs.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1810-1815 Book 3

NACE, Jacob. Springfield. September 1, 1812. May 25, 1813. 3.488
To wife Mary, all estate. To stepchildren all land in Whitemarsh, 1 2/4 acres. Rem. of estate divided equally among children. Execs: Son Jacob Nace and step son Jacob Dager. Wit: John Husten, and Jacob Husten.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

NACE, Mathias. February 10, 1809 March 11, 1815
Executors: John Sholl, David Forney, Mathias and George Nace. Hanover Township. Children: George, Mathias, Louisa m. David Forney, Elizabeth m. Jacob Eichelberger, and Catharine. Grandchildren: Louisa, Maria, and Eliza Eichelberger.
Abstracts of York Co., PA Wills, 1749-1819

NACE, Sarah. Single Woman. November 20, 1822. February 18, 1823. L613.
Estate to my mother: Rachel Nace (of Philadelphia), widow. Exec: Friend: Edward Evans of Philadelphia, Plaisterer. Witnesses: Horatio B. Pennock, Jacob Keyser.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1810-1815

NASE, George, Rockhill Twp., Blacksmith. October 2, 1801. Proved August 8, 1809.
Wife Catharine. Son Michael and son-in-law Jacob Cressman exrs. Sons Jacob, John, Michael and Henry. Daus. Mary, Elizabeth and Margaret. Wits: Jacob Stout, Abraham Stout, Johannes Fullmer (?).
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 8 Page 70.

NASE, Henry, Rockhill Twp. July 6, 1822. Proved November 13, 1823.
Wife Maria Elizabeth House where I live adj. Henry Derstine, John Gedman and Jacob Driesbach. Son Frederick and sons-in-law John Keil and Henry Gerber. Heirs to appoint exr. Letters to Frederick Nase. Wits: Jacob Hetrick and John Frank.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 10 Page 234.

NASE, John of Rockhill Twp,. yeoman. October 14, 1786. Proved December 7, 1789.
Codicil October 8, 1789. Wife Susanna and George Adam Kober exrs. Sons Henry, Theobald, John and Mathias. Daus. Cathrina and Magdalena. Wits: Jacob Snyder, Abraham Stout, Jacob Smith. Wits. to Codicil: Johannes Loh, Peter Shneider, George Shneider.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 152.

NASE, Theobald of Rockhill, yeoman. October 27, 1784. Proved December 14, 1784.
Wife Barbara. Henry Kettleman and George Adam Kober exrs. Sons John, Nicholas and Henry. Daus. Barbara, Elizabeth and Catharina. Ch. of dau. Magdalena Kornecker December'd. Wits: Abraham Johns, Abrm. Stout, Peter Shneider.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 486

NAYLOR, John, of Southampton, Yeoman. February 24, 1732/3. Proved August 16, 1735.
Son John and his son John. Sons-in-law Benjamin Scott and Arthur Searle, exrs. Grandchildren, Thomas and Benjamin Tomlinson (sons of Joseph and Mary, deceased). Children of daughter Sarah Evans, by name, Ralph and George Dunn, Thomas Evans and Mary Searle. 4 acres of plantation for Public Burying Ground forever, for use of inhabitants of the neighborhood on north side of Phila. Road. Wit: Richard Studham, Thomas Eastburn.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785

PAULL, Joseph. Oxford, Philadelphia County. Yeoman. 4/---/1717. September 3, 1717. D. 78.
Daughter Ann, wife of John Knowles, their children Sarah, Elizabeth, Ann, Margaret, and Hannah Knowles; son Henry, son John and his children Joseph, Jonathan and John Paull; son James; son Joseph, who is to assist his mother in her executorship, and his children James and Elizabeth Paull. Executrix: Wife Margaret. Witnesses: Hugh Willcocks, Elenor Ostsber (Webster) and Thomas Canby.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

PEARSON, Ann of Plumstead Twp., Widow. October 30, 1760. Proved November 11, 1760.
Son Joseph Pearson, (40). Gd.son Eleazer Fenton, exr. Daus. Hannah Fenton, Mary Jewell, Priscilla McKinstry. Granddau. Mary Fenton. Wit: Ursula Fenton, John Brown.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 3, Page 32.

PEARSON, Lawrence of Plumstead, Yeoman. July 27, 1752. Proved March 17, 1756.
Wife Ann. Samuel Armitage and son-in-law Samuel McKinstry, exrs. Son Joseph. Daus. Hannah Fenton, Martha Shrigley, Mary Jewell and Priscilla McKinstry. Grandchildren, Lawrence Pearson, Lawrence Shrigley, Arthur and Enock Allen and Mary Allen. John Craft. All lands to be sold. Wit: Jos. Doan, Israel Doan, Esther Doan.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 2, Page 289.

PHIPPS, Joseph. Abington Township, Philadelphia County. Yeoman. February 1, 1709. October 13, 1716. D. 59.
Wife Sarah. Children: Joseph, Isaiah and John. Executor: John. Overseers: Friends Samuel Cart and Thomas Canby of Abington Township. Witnesses: Henry Bennett, Morris Morris, Matthis Tissen and William Powell.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

PICKERING, Charles. Phila. Merchant. January 25, 1693/4. April 20, 1694. A. 263.
Estate to wife Anne who is Executrix with Andrew Robeson and Joseph Willcox, Esqrs., and John Moore, gentleman, all of Phila. The last three named are also legatees. Legacies to John Hart; Rachell Preston; William Salloway, Esq.; brother Richard Pickering; sister Mary Lancaster; Richard Thompson of Chester Co.; and William Busey.Witnesses: Humphrey Morrey, Tho: Hill, Tho. Willard, James Shattick.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

PRAUL, John, of Middletown, Yeoman. August 13, 1777. Proved June 27, 1777.
Wife Jane. Son John and son-in-law John Vandegrift, exrs. Sons John and Peter. Daus. Mary, wife of John Vandegrift and Jane Praul. Plantation in Southampton bought of Thomas Tomlinson to son Peter. Wit: Daniel Larew, Junr., Elizabeth Larew, Jane Vansant.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 3, Page 435.

PRESTON, William. Frankford, Philadelphia County. May 29, 1714. October 9, 1717. D. 80.
Wife Ann. Children: Amor, Able, Paul, Priscilla and Sarah. Executors: Wife and son Paul. Witnesses: Thomas Canby and Morris Morris.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

PRICHARD, Barbara. Philadelphia. Widow. September 30, 1699. February 10, 1699/1700. B. 32.
Children John, Benjamin, Matthew, Ann, Jane and Martha. Executor: Son Matthew. Witnesses: Ralph Jackson, George Fitzwater, Eliz. Jackson, Henry Edgcomb.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

PRICHARD, Rachel of Southampton, Widow.  October 26, 1780.  Proved November 27, 1780.
Daus. Rebecca Hellings and Sarah Pritchard, extxs.  Dau. Hannah West.  Son Joseph Pritchard.  Son James Pritchard "if living" and "if he return."  Mary Feaster, dau. of Henry. Wit: Wm. Carter, Henry Feaster, John Bennett.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 4, Page 91

PRICHARD, Richard. Chester Co. Husbandman. January 3, 1769. May 22, 1769.
Children: Joseph (Exec.), Richard and William. Grandchild: Samuel (son of Wm.), whose guardian is Jonathan Coates. Witnesses: Lewelin Davis, Alexander Dempsey and Jonathan Coates. (O:373)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

PRICHARD, Thomas. Phila. Cordwainer. January 29, 1698. November 1, 1698. A. 419.
Estate to wife Barbara and sons Mathew and Benjamin Prichard. Legacies to son John and daughters Ann, Jane and Martha. A lot fronting in Strawberry Alley is mentioned. Executors: Wife and son Mathew. Witnesses: Mathew Bellis, Jon. Kinsy.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726   

PRITCHET, Elizabeth. Edgmont. Signed Elizabeth Prichett. March 9, 1807 - September 18, 1807.
Legacy to sister Phebe Hammel, residue to her daughter Sarah Bishop. Exrs: Joseph Bishop. Wits: James Howard, John Russell and Jonathan Howard.  #281.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

PRITCHETT, Thomas.  Edgmont. June 10, 1784.  September 1, 1784.
To brother William Pritchett all my lands in U. Providence Township. To brother William and sister Elizabeth Pritchett all my lands in Township of Uwchland containing about 250 acres during life, and after their decease, to the children of brother John, deceased, and Sarah Bishop, the daughter of my sister Phebe Hammel. To my lad Mordecai Yarnall 25 acres of land in Providence, if he live with brother William till he is 21 and conducts himself as a dutiful servant. Executor: Brother William. Wit: George Bishop, Isaac Hoopes.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

PRITCHET, William, Edgmont Twp., Chester County. November 15, 1786 - October 1, 1796.
During life sister Elizabeth Pritchet to have all profits of home plantation #1 and also that in Upper Providence #2 formerly David Malin's. Plantation on Crum Creek #3 bounded by land of George Miller and Abraham Calvert to sister Phebe Hamet during life. #1 at Elizabeth's decease, to Jesse Pritchet son of brother John on payment of 3/4 of valuation to Sarah Bishop, Lydia Richards and Phebe Pritchet (#2 and #3) at Phebe Hamets decease, to John Pritchet son of brother John on same conditions as #1. Legacy to Mordecai Yarnall as in service of sister Elizabeth to whom he gives personal estate.Exrs: Joseph Bishop and Isaac Massey. Wits: James Howard and Abraham Farr. #102.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

RAYMOND, Mary (Will) Widow. Made Mar 28, 1758
Heirs: son James; grandson Joseph Hillyard, son of dau. Martha Hillyard; nephew James Steel; Rebecca Hood & Martha Renshaw, daus. of William & Elizabeth Shute. Exec’rs, friends James Morris, Robert Holladay. Trustee, Abraham Allee, Sr.   Wits. John Gooding, William Collins & Silvester Luck. Probated Apr 27, 1758. Note: Will mentions sister Rebecca Steel & father James Steel, dec’d of Phila.
Arch vol A42, page 156. Reg of Wills, Liber K, folios 180-181.
Kent Co DE Probate Records published by Delaware Public Archives Commission

REES, Hannah. Whitpain, Co. of Philadelphia. 11 mo. 2, 1753. January 4, 1754. K.134.
Children: Elin (Rhoads), Hannah (Bell), Rose (Maulsby), Edward and John. Grandchild: Hannah Rees. Exec: Son-in-Law John Bell. Witnesses: Job Pugh, John Eastburn, Joseph Evans.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1748-1763

REES, Rebecca. Merion, Co. of Philadelphia. Widow. 3 mo. 18, 1732/3. Admst. January 19, 1733. E.264.
Sisters: Ann Hogg of New Castle, Delaware, Lydia. Brother: Daniel and Benjamin Humphrey. Friends: Ann Humphrey, David Humphrey of Long Island, Rebecca David of Radnor, Richard and Rebecca George, John, Ellis, Jane and Elizabeth Price. Nephews and Nieces: Children of Brother Daniel, Children of Nephew Benjamin Humphrey. School at Haverford. Exec: Ellis Price. Asst. Exec: Joseph, Evan and Benjamin Ellis, Joseph Humphrey, Griffith Llewellin. Witnesses: Griffith Llewellin, Elizabeth Bush, Maurice Llewellin.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1726-1747  

RIDGE, Henry. Northampton Twp. February 21, 1821. Proved April 6, 1822.
Sons Aaron and Mahlon exrs. Wife Elizabeth all estate for life. Son William money left him towards purchase of Farm he lives on in Muncy Creek Twp., Lycoming Co. Son Jesse Ridge and his wife Hannah farm on river Delaware bought of Samuel Hulme, for life then to their ch. Son Aaron Ridge Farm he lives on purchased of Seth Chapman, Esq. in Northampton Twp. Son Mahlon Farm he lives on in Bensalem Twp. and small tract adj. bought of Mary Roberts. Farm bought of Richard Lands in Bensalem in 5 shares: 1 to dau. Grace Searle, 1 to dau. Rebecca Hicks and her husband Mahlon Hicks for life, then to their ch. 1 to dau. Elizabeth and her husband George Fisher for life then to their ch. 1 to ch. of son Henry Dec'd. and 1 to gdsn. Henry Ridge, son of son Jesse. Farm bought of John Gregg and Susanna Hayhurst to daus. Mary Walton and Lydia Scott. Wits: Henry Atherton and Joseph Vanartsdalen.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Page 76.

ROBERTS, Isaac. City of Phila. Bisket Baker.December 24, 1781. January 11, 1782. S.56.
Wife: Sarah. Brother: Samuel Higgins. Sister: Cley. Friends and Exec: Samuel Eastin, Robert Wennable. Wit: Jonathan Willis, Senr., Mary McNair.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1777-1790

ROBERTS, Isaac. Abington.November 24, 1814. September 2, 1815. 4.133
To son Isaac Roberts, 23 acres of land and horse, and 25 pds. To son William Roberts, rem. of plantation, where on I now dwell, containing 50 acres. To daughter Sarah, legacies, and 150 pds. To daughter Ruth, 150 pds. To daughter Mary, 150 pds. To daughter Tacy, 150 pds. To daughter Hannah, 150 pds. Trustees, son in law Isaac Walton, and Samuel Scholfield. To grandson Charles, 25 pds. and interest of 1700 pds. that son William is to pay. Rem. of estate, Exrs. to make sale and to be sold. Execs: Sons William and Isaac, and Thomas Shoemaker. Wit: Samuel Scholfield, and Richard Roberts.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823  

ROBERTS, Joseph. Norriton. October 9, 1806. November 13, 1811. 3.335
To son Isaac, farm, 100 acres and household goods, etc. To son John, grist mill, saw-mill and farm, 72 acres. He to pay to granddaughter Mary Roberts, daughter of son Joseph 200 pds. To daughter Hannah Ellis, rem. of real estate, 27 acres. She paying to Rachel Roberts, widow of son Joseph, 50 pds. Execs: Sons Isaac and John and son in law Amos Ellis. Wit: Nathan Potts, Seth Chapman.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

ROBERTS, Mary. Widow. Radnor. September 12, 1784. September 24, 1784.
To brother David Lewis silver watch. To nephew Henry Lewis £30. To niece Mary Lewis £30, etc. To nephew Lewis Lewis, son of David, £30. To niece Rachel, wife of Isaac Davis, £30. To niece Hannah, daughter of Hannah Lewis, £30. To niece Debby Matlock £30. To nephew Evan, son of Lewis Lewis, £30. To nephew Lewis Lewis, son of Lewis, £30. To niece Agnes, daughter of Isaac Garrett, £30. To nephew Jeptha, son of Isaac Garrett, £30. To nephew John Hibberd of Darby £20. To niece Ann, wife of Dr. John Davis, £20. To cousin Mary, daughter of Abner Lewis, deceased, £10. To Margaret Keith £10. To Joseph Davis, bed, etc. To my sister Elizabeth Evans £30. To niece Mary, wife of Andrew Steel, £15. To Mary, daughter of Andrew Steel, £10, etc. To Jashua, son of James Miles, £10 when 21. £20 for repairing the graveyard walls at Radnor Meeting, also £15 to same for school purposes. Wearing apparel to sister Agnes Garrett and sister-in-law Jane Lewis. To Levi Roberts and his sister Ann, to William, son of John Ming, £5 each. To niece Rebecca Evans, cousin Rosalind Evans, cousin Hannah Brooks, sister Elizabeth Evans and her 3 daughters, Rachel, Mary and Hannah articles named.Executors: Cousins Henry and Evan Lewis. Wit: J---- [illegible], James Hunter, John Morgan.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800  

ROBERTS, Robert. Merion. Phila. Co. 7 mo. 4, 1768. March 27, 1768.
Children: John, Phineas and Sydney (wife of John Paul). Execs.: sons and son in law. Zions Church of Phila. Witnessess: Richard George, Jr., David Lloyd and John Roberts, Jr. (O:218)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

ROBERTS, William. Moorland, Co. of Phila. Yeoman. April 10, 1779. December 21, 1780. R.365.
Wife: Catharine. Children: William, Alice [Wife of Jacob Johnson], Elizabeth [Wife of Joseph Marple], Timothy. Son-in-Law: Jacob Jeanes. Exec: Catharine and Timothy Roberts, Jacob Jeanes, Thomas Beans [of Abington]. Wit: Joseph Wright, Martha Wright, Silas Watts.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1777-1790  

ROSSEL, Thomas. of Hilltown Twp., Yeoman. November 18, 1763. Proved October 22, 1768. Wife Sarah and Thomas Jones, Junr. exrs. Bro. John Rossell 1 English Crown. Residue to wife. Wit: Jno. Phillips, Jenkin Jones, Nathaniel Jones. Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Will Book 3, Page 184

ROUTLEDGE, Margaret, Widow. April 27, 1735. Proved February 9, 1735.
Sons Thomas and John. Daus. Rachel Yeates, Sarah Cooper, Mary Strickland, Isabella and Elizabeth Routledge. Son-in-law John Strickland, exr. Wit: Wm. Buckman, Thomas Butler.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 1, Page 228

SANDS, Elizabeth. Plymouth. February 12, 1805. May 30, 1805. 2.464
To daughters Esther and Elizabeth, household goods, and wearing apparel. To son Aaron, stove. When daughter Elizabeth is 21, farm to be sold and money divided among children: Esther, Richard, Joseph, William, Isaac, Jacob, Ezra, Aaron and Elizabeth. Rem. to sons. Exec: Son Joseph. Wit: Hilary Norny, Andrew Norny.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

SANDS, Richard of Bensalem Twp.  January 7, 1758.  Codicil February 27, 1758.  Proved June 5, 1758.
Wife Mary.  Daus. Jane, wife of Thomas Bains, and Elizabeth, wife of  Ellis Roberts. Grandchildren, Mary Jones, Richard Sands.   Jesse, Phebe, and Elizabeth Baines, children of dau. Elizabeth Roberts, Stephen Bains son of dau. Jane, gd. dau. Mary Jones, 11 acres in Tenure of Peter Jones. Jos. Richardson and Wm. Rodman, exrs. Wit: Wm. Ridge, Wm. Dunkan, and John Driedrick.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 2, Page 334

SANDS, Richard. Plymouth. June 26, 1799. July 24, 1800. 2.162
To daughter Esther, featherbed. To son Richard, 5 s. To son Joseph, 5 s. To each child, 5 s. when 21. Rem. of estate to wife. Exec: wife. Wit: Nathan Cook, Thomas Lawrence.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

SCHOLFIELD, Jonathan. Moorland. Phila. Co. December 23, 1812. January 4,1813. 4.229.
Provides for wife Rebecca Scholfied. To son Abraham he bequeaths his plantation where sd. now dwells partly in Lower Dublin and partly in Mooreland, Phila. Co. which he (Jonathan Scholfield) bought of Abraham Duffield. To dau. Sarah Leedom the farm where he now lives, which he bought of Jacob Comly, also land bought of Lukins and Spencer in Southampton, Bucks Co. Execs: Son Abraham and friend Jacob Sommer, Esq. Wit: Joshua Comly, Jonathan Comly and James Yeates.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1810-1815 Book 4

SCHOLFIELD (SCOLFIELD), Rebecca. Nuncupative. July 1, 1818. November 15, 1820. 7.264.
All I have to my daughter: Mrs. Leedom's girls, my granddaughters. Granddaughter: Rebecca Leedom has lived with me from a child. Witnesses: Jacob Sommer, Sarah Leedom.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1820-1825

SCOTT, Benjamin of Southampton, Carpenter.  April 30, 1764.  Proved July 31, 1764.
Wife Grace. Goods, etc. she took from me when separating from me.  together with money belonging to me in right of her in the hands of the Admr.'s of Joseph Walker, Dec'd. late of Middletown. Gilbert Hicks and John Gregg, Esgrs. both of Middletown, exrs. Sons Jonathan, Eman, Benjamin, and Joseph. Wit: Edmund Stats, Christian Vanhorn.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 3, Page 104

SCOTT, Jane of Southampton, Widow of Benjamin Scott, the Elder. April 23, 1770. Proved August 8, 1770.
"Advanced in Years." Dower in Land of husband (Lee Rolls Office Bucks Co. Book D. Vol. 3 p. 98). Dau. Rebecca States and son-in-law, Ezra Croasdale, exrs. Benjamin Croasdale and Hannah Croasdale issue of dau. Hannah Croasdale, Dec'd. Granddau.s. Martha Willet and Rachel Harding issue of dau. Jane Harding, Dec'd. Grandsons Benjamin and Joseph Scott, sons of Benjamin, Dec'd. Wit: Mercy Comfort and Mary Eastburn.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 3, page 214

SCOTT, John of Southampton Twp. April 21, 1762. Proved August 18, 1764.
Mother Jane Scott. Bro. Benjamin, his sons Jonathan and Eman. Benjamin and John States, sons of Edmund and Rebekah States. Ezra Croasdale and Edmund Staats, exrs.Wit: John Bennett, Harman Vandegrift.
Abstracts of Bucks Co Wills 1685-1785 Book 3 Page 105.

SCOTT, John, Warminster Twp., yeoman. August 12, 1820. Proved December 24, 1822.
Thomas Beans and John Scott, son of bro. Andrew, exrs. Bro. James D. Scott. John, Andrew, Joseph Samuel, Margaret and Elizabeth Scott and Rachel McCue ch. of bro. Andrew Scott. Mary Scott dau. of bro. William, Dec'd. Mary and Susanna Scott, daus. of bro. Archibald, Dec'd. Wits: Gideon Pryor and Joshua Walton.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Will Book No. 10, Page 138

SEAL, Ann Polis. Westtown. September 8, 1785. January 16, 1786.
To my husband John Polis Seal £13.4 per annum during life. To my brother Daniel Mercer 20 shillings. To brother Robert Mercer £20. To my late sister Hannah Yearsley's children £50, that is £6.5 to each of them, Lydia Smith, Robert, Isaac and Thomas Yearsley, Ann Eavenson, Hannah, Patience and Nathan Yearsley, to be paid them at decease of my husband. To sisters Mary Matlack and Patience Smedley and brother Thomas Mercer, £50 each. To negro Hannah £9. Executor: Brother Thomas Mercer. Wit: Benjamin Johnson, Joseph Cock, Moses Cock. John Polis Seal's power to his wife dated September 8, 1785, recorded.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

SEARLE, Arthur of Middletown. June 20, 1737. Proved October 3, 1737.
Sons Thomas, Arthur, and John. Son-in-law Samuel Stevenson. Daus. Jane, Mary, Rebecca, and Sarah Searle, and Elizabeth Stevenson. estate bequeathed by Father- in-law John Naylor, Dec'd. Land in Newtown purchased of Agnes Yeates to son Thomas, exr. 400 acres in Middletown to 3 sons. Wit: Grace Weasley, Jos. Wildman, Thos. Jenkins.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Page 239.

SELLERS, John, Upper Darby. September 13, 1803 - March 19, 1804.
Wife Ann; two granddaughters Ann Garrett and Sarah Rhoads; sons Samuel, Nathan and David; last two to get four acres adjoining land previously given them on Cobb's Creek. Son John the grist and merchant mills and land beginning over the middle of COBB'S Creek and a bridge on the West Chester Road - mentions line of John Claugus. Son George residue, subject to care of mother, he to be sole executor. Wits:
James Steel, Abraham Johnson and Robert Steel. #232.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

SHAW, John, of Northampton, Yeoman. February 28, 1771. Proved December 7, 1776.
Wife Sarah. Dau. Elizabeth, wife of John Beans and her 4 children by her 1st husband, viz., George, Elizabeth, John and Sarah Randall. Sons James, John and Jonathan, exrs. Wit: Arthur Watts, Abel Morgan, and John Hart. Letters granted to Jonathan only.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 3, Page 423.

SHAW, Joseph Northampton, Yeoman.  December 15, 1759.  Proved September 22, 1761.
Wife Mary. Son-in-law Henry Harding and cousin John Brown of Buchinham, exrs. Daus. Mary, wife of Henry Harding, and Susannah Shaw (a minor). Grandchildren, Anna, Joseph and Mary Crosedell, children of dau. Sarah, Dec'd., late wife of Ezra Crosedell.  John Crosedell, son of dau. Anna, Dec'd., late wife of Eber Crosedell. Wit: Jacob Randall, James Vansant, Jos. Hart.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 3, page 65

SHAW, Mary of Northampton Twp., Widow.  5th mo., 18, 1771.  Proved February 11, 1772.
Son-in-law Phineas Paxson and Daniel Longstreth, exrs. Daus. Mary Strickland and Susanna Paxson. Grandsons John Croasdale, Thomas, Jonathan, Isaac and Abraham Harding and Joseph Shaw Paxson. Granddaus. Sarah Harding and Anna, Mary and Susanna Strickland. Grandchildren, Anna, Joseph, Mary and John Croasdale.  Having brought up grandson John Croasdale from 2 yrs. of age until apprenticed to Isaac Longstreth, his father Eber Croasdale to be charged £88 being £8 pr. yr. for 11 yrs. Wit: James Vansant, Joseph Longstreth, and Rebecca Worthington. Codicil 1-1-1772. Wit: Hannah Gumry.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 3, page 254  

SHOEMAKER, Elizabeth (annotation states "nee Deaves"). Whitemarsh. November 24, 1816. April 10, 1817. 4.328
To son George Shoemaker, $300. To brother Thomas, $500, if he dies his estate to be divided among children: Thomas, Mary, Isaac, George, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Barbara. To 7 daughters of Michael and Margaret Newbold, $70 each. To husband Jonathan Shoemaker, all estate.Execs: Husband Jonathan Shoemaker, and Samuel Maulsby. Wit: Peter Robeson, Isaac Roberts.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

SHOEMAKER, Joseph. Gwynedd. August 28, 1823. October 30, 1823. 6.163
To wife Martha, $1200, and household and income of $1000 and after her death $1000 to be divided equally among children. To son Abraham, $700. To son Jesse, $1500. To son Charles, $1200, and desk. To daughter Lydia, 600 pds. and silver watch. To 3 sons: Abraham, Jesse, and Charles, wearing apparel, equally. Estate to be sold. Rem. to wife, and children. Execs: Son Jesse, and son in law Isaac Jeans. Wit: George and Thomas Shoemaker.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823  

SLOAN, WILLIAM.  Chichester.  Weaver. September 10, 1765.  December 11, 1765.
To nephew John Moore 15, wearing apparel and silver buckles at 21. To my niece Margaret Moore, sister of John 15 and household goods at 18.  To sister Margaret Steel 5.  To nephew Charles Ferguson walnut desk if he shall live to return from sea.  To sister Mary, wife of Moses Moore during life the use of my gold ring and at her death to her daughter Margaret.  Remainder to sister Mary Moore, also with John Crawford.Executors. Witnesses:  John Crawford, John Marshall, Samuel Armor.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

SMEDLEY, Ann, widow, Edgemont Twp. April 10, 1794 - April 23, 1794.
Orders plantation in Willistown, Chester County called the Rising Sun Tavern to be divided into two parts, the southerly part to Ann Skot, wife of John Skot except ten acres purchased of William Gibbons to kinsman Fransis Smedley son of George and Hannah Smedley. Cousin Mary Smedley wife of Jesse Smedley to have part north of division line she to pay £100 gold or silver to executors - mentions Isaac Massey, Benjamin Hibberd, George Smedley, Dec'd., Charles Willing, Caleb Hibberd, William Garrett and Amos Garrett as holding adjacent land. Bequests to Friends Meeting, Priscilla Green wife of George Green, Sarah Smedley daughters of George Smedley, Elizabeth and Esther Lewis daughter of Isaiah Lewis, Samuel Mucl. Duff son of Ann Skot, Martha Barrington wife of Charles Barrington, William Hart (apprentice), brother in law Thomas and his sons Daniel, Joseph and Thomas Smedley, cousin Sarah Starr daughter of John Minshall. Heirlooms to her brothers George Hunter and Jonathan Hunter and cousins children Mary, daughter of Hannah Schophel and Ann daughter of Ann Scot. Residue of estate to cousins Richard Hunter, George Hunter, Elizabeth wife of Nathaniel Erwin, George Matlack, Jesse Matlack, Jonathan Matlack, Hanna wife of Nathaniel Schofel and Ann wife of Richard Fox children of brother Peter Hunter, Dec'd., and sister Mary Matlack Dec'd., and cousin Samuel Muccl. Duff and Martha wife of Charles Barrington. Exrs: Josiah Lewis of Edgemont and Jesse Smedley of Willistown. Wits: William Yarnall, Abel Green and Jane Yarnall. #62.
Delaware Co Wills, 1789-1835

SMEDLEY, Francis. Willistown. August 16, 1773. September 25, 1773.
To 2 brothers Thomas and George Smedley plantation where I now live which I had of my father containing about 223 acres at death of my wife. To brother John £5. To sister Sarah wife of John Minshall £15. To cousin Abiah Taylor £5. To cousin Hannah daughter of Isaiah Matlack £10 at 18. Provides for wife Ann plantation formerly belonging to Lawrence Cox, James Trevilla and John James in Willistown containing about 353 and to her heirs forever. Executors: Wife Ann, brother George and friend Josiah Lewis. Wit: Joshua Hoopes, Joseph James, Joseph Hoopes.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778

STAATS, Abraham, of Bensalem, Yeoman. February 24, 1774. Proved April 23, 1774.
Wife Elizabeth and sons Edmund and Daniel, exrs. Son Abraham. Dau. Hannah. Son Peter. Wit: John Carr, Abrm. Lerew, Mahlon Carver.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 3, page 361

STATS, Abraham of Bensalem, Wheelwright. 7th mo., 17th day, 1779. Proved November 23, 1781.
Bro. James and Friend Henry Tomlinson, exrs. Mother. Sisters Mary Sitah, Martha Wright. Sister Jemima Shaw's dau. Mary. Bros. James, Andrew, Isaac. Isaac and Peter sons of Bro. Peter, Dec'd. Land formerly Uncle Abraham Stats'. Wit: John Townsend, Thos. Ridge, Henry Walmsley.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 4, page 145

STATES, Daniel, Southampton Twp,. yeoman. September 22, 1817. Proved May 31, 1821.
Son Abraham States and Langhorn Biles exrs. Sons Abraham and Peter. Daus. Elizabeth Vanartsdalen and Mary Randall. Wits: John McNair and Samuel McNair.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 10, page 24

STATES, Joseph, Southampton Twp. Wr: Nov 11, 1822.  Pr: Jan 25, 1834.
Wife Mary. Daughter Phebe (wife of Isaac Hogeland) and her son William S., under 21. Son William (deceased). Exec: wife Mary and
Isaac Hogeland. Wit: Moses Knight, Jesse Randall, Henry Carver.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, Book 11, page 189.

STATS, Mary Bensalem Twp. January 27, 1785. Proved June 1, 1795.
Son James Stats, exr. Sons Isaac, Andrew. Daus. Mary Schlock, Martha Wright, Jemima Shaw. Gddau. Mary Shaw, son Peter Stats ch. Wits: Henry Tomlinson, Ezra Townsend and Jesse Tomlinson.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Book 5, Page 439

STAATS, Peter of Bensalem Twp., Yeoman. May 28, 1745. Proved August 8, 1748.
Sons Abraham and Peter, exrs. Daus. Susannah Lewis (eldest), Magdalen wife of Thomas Morgan, Agnes wife of Michael Wesley, Lucretia wife of Jacob Stickler and Elizabeth wife of Mark Overholt. Children of eldest dau. Ann Praal, Dec'd. Wit: Edmund, Isaac, and Wm. Dunkan.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 2, page 113

STATS, Peter of Bensalem, Yeoman. 9th mo., 15th day, 1776. Proved November 23, 1781.
Wife Mary and Sons James and Abraham, exrs. Sons Andrew and Isaac. Son Peter's six children. Daus. Martha Wright, Jemima Shaw, and Mary Stats. Granddau. Mary Shaw. Wit: John Carver, Samuel Scott, John Townsend. Letters to Mary and James. Abrm. being dead.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 4, page 144

STACKHOUSE, Amos. Philadelphia. November 11, 1823. April 11, 1825. 8.403.
Wife: Mary. Children: Susanna, Hastings, Powell, Martha, Samuel, Robert, Mary, John Stackhouse and to the children of my late daughter Esther: Henry, Amos, Rebecca, Louis, Mary Ann Bangs. Granddaughter: Elizabeth daughter of late son James and daughter in law Hannah his widow. Exec: Sons: Hastings, Powell, Samuel. Witnesses: Charles W. Bacon, Samuel Bacon.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1820-1825

STEEL, Andrew. New London. September 9, 1734. October 1, 1734. A. 421.
To grandson Robt. Steel Jr 15 shillings. To son Robert 15 shillings. To son Peter Highgate 15 shillings. To son James Donell 15 shillings. To son John, all remainder of estate and executor. Witnesses: James Smith, Robert Smith.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

STEEL, Andrew. January 8, 1759. Goshen.
Adm. to Sarah Steel.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

STEEL, Andrew, Radnor. December 8, 1817 - January 21, 1818.
Wife Susanna to maintain and educate children: Mary, Thomas, Hannah, Susanna, Margaretta, Andrew and Ann.Exrs: Brother in law Joseph DAVIS and friend Jesse BROOKE. Wits: Evan ROBERTS and David EVANS. #495.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

STEEL, Anne. October 1, 1757. Darby.
Adm. to James Steel.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

STEEL, Elizabeth. Easttown. May 6, 1812. May 5, 1814.
To son John Steel all debts due me from him for rents &c. and half of the grain, &c. To son Peter Steel £10. To dau. Martha Steel residue of estate, household goods, stock, &c. Executors: Dau. Martha Steel and son John Steel. Wits: Casper Kitselman, Hannah Kitselman, David Jones.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1801-1825

STEEL, Henry Admin of, to James Raymond, next of kin, D.B.N. Jan 6, 1770
Arch vol A48, pages 197-198, Reg of Wills Liber L, folio 85
Kent Co DE Probate Records published by Delaware Public Archives Commission

STEEL, James (Will, copy) made Dec 31, 1741, Philadelphia. Probated Mar 5, 1741.
Heirs: Wife Martha; daus. Mary Hillyard (Wife of Charles), Rebecca Steel, Elizabeth Shute (wife of William), Ann Renshaw (wife of Richard), Ruth Thompson, Martha Pennington; sons-in-law William Shute, Richard Renshaw, Thomas Pennnington; grandchildren Rebecca, Martha, Elizabeth Shute, children of William & Elizabeth; James Thompson; James Sanders; Rebecca Sanders; James and Martha Pennington; James, Henry, Elizabeth and Hanah Steel; Daniel Hammond, wife’s half-brother; John Hammond, son of Dan’l; Samuel Powel Jr.; Lynford Lardner. Exec’rs, sons-in-law Charles Hillyard, Richard Renshaw, daus. Mary Hillyard, Rebecca Steel. Wits. Septimus Robisson, Isaac Jones.
Arch. Vol A48, pages 199-200 Reg of Wills, Liber I folios 38-40
Kent Co DE Probate Records published by Delaware Public Archives Commission

STEEL, John. New London. August 7, 1747. August 18, 1747. B. 226.
To wife Jennet 1/3 of all estate during life. Remainder in equal shares among children, viz James, Elizabeth, William and Francis Steel eldest son James to have the plantation at appraisement. Executors: wife Jennett and son James. Friend and brother Peter Higate and James Donnel, overseers. Witnesses: James Donnel, John Steel.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

STEEL, John. Easttown. May 30, 1782. July 25, 1782.
To wife Elizabeth plantation in Easttown where I now live during life and all personal estate to maintain and school my 3 youngest children. On her decease, property to be sold and proceeds divided among children, Sarah, William, John, Robert, Elizabeth, Joseph, Peter and Martha in equal shares, except William who is to have £25 less than the others. Executors: Wife Elizabeth, sons William and John. Wit: Evan Evans, William Hunter, Jr., Thomas Tucker.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

STEEL, Mary Admin of, to James Raymond, next of kin. Jan 6, 1770.
Arch vol A48, pages 197-198, Reg of Wills, Liber L, folio 85
Kent Co DE Probate Records published by Delaware Public Archives Commission

STEEL, Ninian. New London, yeoman. September 28, 1745. December 17, 1745. B. 193.
To wife Mary 1/2 of estate. To children, viz Robert, Martha, Samuel, Susana, Ninian, William and the child my wife is now with each 1/7 of remainder of estate. Executors: James Allen and Wm. Alexander. Witnesses: Samuel Steel, John Steel.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

STEELE, Rebecca. Phila. Widow of James. June 21, 1783. January 7, 1784.
Children: Elizabeth (wife of James Wallace), Henry and James. Grandchildren: James, Hannah and John Steele (children of Henry); Rebecca, Robert, Elizabeth, John, William and Mary (children of James). Exec. and Trustee: daughter in law Mary Bartram (wife of Isaac). Negro: Sisley. Witnesses: Peter Thomson, Sr. and, Jr. and Geo. Goodman. Codicil. 11 mo. 26, 1783. Witnesses: Isaac Bartram and Rebecca Wallace. (Q:475)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

STEEL, Samuel. Thunder Hill. April 23, 1760. June 2, 1760.
To son Robert, daughters Ruth and Jean, and son Samuel £7.6 each. To daughter Frances £20. To son Joseph £10. To son James horse and saddle. To son Ninian £10. To daughters Ann and Elizabeth £10 each at 20. Plantation to be divided between sons Samuel and James subject to life interest of wife Ann, who is Executrix. Witnesses: Gilbert Bouchanon, James McCormick, Andrew Gamble.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

STEMPLE, William. Plymouth. November 4, 1820. November 15, 1820. 5.255
To nephew John, 1/2 of plantation. To Mary Davis, $1500.Execs: Samuel Thomas, and Samuel Maulsby. Wit: Thomas Leedom, and George Potts.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

STOUT, Peter. Rockhill Twp. February 15, 1806. Proved January 23, 1807.
Wife Catharine and dau. Mary Catharine, Farm on which I dwell. Sons Peter and Jacob exrs. Sons John, Peter, Jacob and Daniel. Daus. Sarah, Magdalen, Elizabeth wife of John Gares. Jacob, Mary, John, Daniel and Polly Ness, ch. of dau. Eve, late the wife of Jacob Ness. Wits: John Heany, John Kachline.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Page 241.

STRICKLAND, Joseph, of Northampton Twp., Taylor. May 1, 1737. Proved June 13, 1737.
Wife Sarah and Brother-in-law John Hillborne, exrs. 5 children, Miles, Mary, Ruth, Sarah, and Rachel. Wit: Samuel Blaker, William Cooper, Abraham Chapman.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 1, Page 235.



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