Will abstracts J-L
Will abstracts J-L

Scott and Kathryn (Leedom) Ives Genealogy
from Kathryn's files...

Will abstracts in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery & Philadelphia counties
as well as a few from NJ and VA
related or potentially related to Leedom families

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JAMES, Daniel. Willistown, yeoman. December 4, 1733. March 13, 1733/4. A. 424.
All estate real and personal to be sold and proceeds equally divided between my wife and 2 daughters who are not named. Executors: wife Susanna and brother Joseph James and brother Geo. Maris. Witnesses: James Massey, Thomas Massey. Son of Morgan and Elizabeth James. 
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

JAMES, Hannah. Westtown. December 12, 1799: June 2, 1806.
To son Caleb James the note I have against him for £109:9:6.To son Joseph £50. To son Moses £10. To son Jesse £50.To my 3 daughters Ann Underwood, Susanna Hoopes and Esther Williamson,£10 and household goods. Executors: Sons Caleb and Jesse James.Wits.: Joseph Hickman, Phineas Lewis, Robert Shippen.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1801-1825

JAMES, Hannah, West Whiteland, County of Chester. October 19, 1783 - February 28, 1815.
Three step sisters Elizabeth Yarnall, Rachall Ring and Magdelen Johnson. Rachall all my part lot in Wilmington belonging to late father's estate. Legacies to sister Sarah Humphreys, Margeret Evans, niece Rebeca Humphreys, niece Margeret Humphreys, Jane Walker, brother James, Samuel James estate in possession of Jacob Humphrey. Residue to sister Sarah Humphreys and her children: Samuel, Rebeca and Margeret. Exrs: Relations Henry Lawrence and Charles Humphreys. Wits: John Boyers and Elizabeth Boyers. #432.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

JAMES, Jesse, Bensalem Twp. March 24, 1816. Proved April 23, 1816.
Sons Samuel and Jesse and Relative Ezra Townsend exrs. Wife Phebe. Daus. Elizabeth Comfort, Mary Knight, Joanna Gilbert, Phebe, Martha and Abi James. Eldest son Samuel land on Bustleton Road bought of --- Kelly adj. Samuel Cott and Abraham Staates. Youngest son Jesse balance of Real Estate. Wits: Job P. Townsend and James Townsend.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 9, page 119

JAMES, Joseph. Willistown.January 6, 1770. May 12, 1770.
To grandson Joseph James all my land in Newtown where John Hambleton now dwelleth. Provides for wife Elizabeth. To 3 grandsons Saml., Wm. and Jesse James and their sister Hannah James £5 each at 21. To grandson Joseph Hoopes £5 at 21. To grandson John son of Jona. Ashbridge £10 at 21 and to daughter Sarah Ashbridge £5. All remainder of estate to daughter Mary Treviller and children of daughter Ann Yarnall to be divided. Executor: Friend Joshua Evans, Geo. Ashbridge, Assistant. Wit: Andrew Buchanan, Thos. Smedley, Lewis Gronow.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778  

JAMES, Morgan. Newtown, yeoman. May 14, 1737. June 17, 1737. B. 21.
Provides for wife Mary, remainder to all children living by my first and second wives, daughter Margaret only named. Executors: wife Mary and son Joseph, kinsman Saml. Lewis and friend Thos. Thomas of Radnor, trustees. Witnesses: Lewis Lewis, Michael Thomas, Elinor Jones.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

JAMES, Samuel. Whiteland. November 17, 1754. January 20, 1755. C. 523.
To son Samuel my plantation whereon I live and saw mill containing 150 acres, also 2 small tracts "Contagious," also tract described containing 34 acres when 21. Remainder of lands to be sold and proceeds divided among 5 daughters, viz., Elizabeth, Rachel, Magdalen, Sarah and Hannah James. To wife Rachel the profits of plantation for bringing up children until son is 21. Executors: Brother Joseph James of Willistown and brother in law David Lawrence of Haverford. Wit: Thomas Morris, William Beale.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

JAMES, Samuel. West Whiteland. May 10, 1776. May 30, 1776.
Provides for mother Rachel James. To brother-in-law Jacob Humphreys horse and bridle, wearing apparel and to my sister Sarah Humphreys £30, also all money due to me from my cousin Jos. James of Newtown from my right in the plantation where he now resides. To sister Hannah James £30, also 2/7 of a lot of ground in Wilmington, Delaware. I give the plantation whereon I now live containing about 200 acres to Edward Humphreys, a minor, son of Jacob and Sarah Humphreys, if he lives to 21,otherwise to my 2 sisters Sarah and Hannah. To step(half)-sisters Elizabeth Yarnall, Rachel Ring and Magdalen Johnson 20 shillings each. Executors: Saml. Bond and Richard Thomas. Wit: William Lawrence, John Jacobs.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778

JAMES, Thomas. Whiteland. July 29, 1747. May 14, 1748. C. 10.
To my cousins, viz., Joseph James, Mary Earl, Thomas, Aaron, Jonathan, Martha and Hannah James 5 shillings each. To cousin Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Lewis bed and bedding. To cousin Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel James riding horse. To cousin Joseph Talkinton my lott in Wilmington and £5. To Griffith John my Welsh Bible. Remainder to cousin Samuel James of Whiteland, also Executor. Wit: Llewellin Parry, Thomas Guest, Richard Thomas.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

JAMES, William, of New Britain Twp. January 17, 1776. Proved August 26, 1778.
Dau. Rebecca Butler and David Evans, exr. Bro. Isaac James and Peter Evans, of Twp. of Montgomery, £10 for support of Ministry at Baptist Church at Montgomery. David and Daniel Evans of New Britain £70 for support of Ministry at New Britain Baptist Church. £5 for use Burying Ground at New Britain. £5 to Joshua Jones Minister of the Gospel. Son John James, dau. Margaret Lewis. Dau-in-law Sarah James, widow of Isaac. Granddau. Oswald James by son Isaac, Dec'd. Granddau. Catharine and grandson William and Abel James by son Abel, Dec'd. Grandchildren, Daniel, Isaiah, John, Margaret, and Martha James. Tacy James granddau. of Bro. Isaac. Grandson Abiah Butler house in Tenure of Wm. Pastorius. Niece Elizabeth Pawling. Granddau Mary Kerr. David Evans, Peter Evans and Thomas Harris, both of Montgomery Twp., exrs. after death of wife. Wit: Henry Harris, Amos Griffith, James Giffon.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 3 Page 457

JAUDON, Ann. City of Philadelphia. Spinster. March 23, 1804. April 13, 1804. 1.195.
Sons: Robert Harper and John Harper. Grandson: Thomas Smith. Son: Daniel Jaudon. Daughter: Elizabeth Stretcher, wife of Finnix Stretcher. Exec: Daniel Jaudon. Witnesses: Robt. McCullagh, Philip Mason.
Abstracts of Philadelphia Wills 1802-1809

JEANES, Abel. Blockley Township, Philadelphia County, farmer; dated September 9, 1822
only daughter Harriette and her husband Israel Jones; land in Blockley, bounded by lands of Samuel Rhoads, John Prentice, Joseph George, Samuel Goucher, John Frailey and heirs of James Jones, deceased; land purchased of Samuel S. West; neice, Ester Jeanes daughter of brother Isaac Jeanes; Susanna Conner, the mother of said daughter Harriette; executors, daughter Harriette and friends John Thomas and Joseph George of Blockley; administration to Israel Jones, November 9, 1822.
Abstracts of Wills of Philadelphia County, M. p. 368

JEANS, Elizabeth. Moreland, Co. of Phila.12 mo. 6, 1782. December 24, 1785. T.237.
Friend: Esther Bond. Exec: Jacob Jeans. Wit: Christopher Smith, Isaac Dorland.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1777-1790

JANES, Isaac. Moorland, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 7 mo. 11, 1757. September 6, 1757. K.564.
Children: William, Levi and Mary. Exec: Wife Mary and William Walmley. Witnesses: Elizabeth Walton, Thomas Lloyd, Thomas Carrington.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1748-1763

JEANS, Jacob. Moreland. December 1, 1799. May 1, 1812. 3.372
Household goods, divided equally among children: Isaiah, William, Amos, Elizabeth, Jane, Leah, Rachel, and Anna. Rem. of estate divided between sons: Isaiah and Williams Jeans subject to the payment of legacies. Rem. of sums from legacies to daughters: Elizabeth, Jane, Leah, Rachel, and Anna and son Amos. To daughters Leah, Rachel and Anna, 50 pds. each. To daughters 100 pds. to be paid by sons after wife's death. To son Amos, 312 pds. to be paid by sons Isaiah and William, after sons Amos is 21 and after he attains the age of 23 he shall receive 212 pds. To wife Leah, $200 yearly, during widowhood and privileges of farm. Execs: Sons Isaiah and William. Wit: R. Whitehead, Bob Whitehead, William Harting, and Benjamin Brown.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

JEANS, Jesse. Whitemarsh. July 27, 1814. October 29, 1814. 4.40
To wife Mary, household goods. To 3 daughters: Elizabeth, Esther, and Margaret, $667. To 4 daughter: Sarah, Mary, Hannah, and Rebecca, $800. To son William, lot of 7 1/2 acres. Rem. of estate to sons William and Isaac. Exec: Son Isaac. Wit: Leonard Steyer, George Potts, and Nathan Potts.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

JEANES, Joseph. Admin. On the est. of Joseph Jeanes decd. Intest. Granted 13 Feb 1712/13 to William Jeanes of Bucks Co. Philadelphia Administration Book “B”, 1702-1720, Page 98; PA Gen. Magazine

JEANES, Joseph.  Co. of Philadelphia.  Yeoman.  9 mo. 22, 1762.  June 15, 1763.  M.540.
Children:  William, Hesther and Joseph.  Exec:  Wife Sarah and sons. Witnesses:  Isaac Cadwalader, Jas. Harker, Joshua Morris.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1748-1763

JEANES, Levi. Northern Liberties, City of Philadelphia. September 2, 1807. October 7, 1807. 2.183.
Estate, real and personal, to wife Hannah Jeans. To Mary, Martha, Elizabeth and Rebecca, daus. of bro. William Jeans. Exec: Wife Hannah. Wit.: Jos. Barton, Catharine Hollaway, Eleanor Barton. Codicil: September 3, 1807. Mentions debt to Joseph Jones. Wit.: Same ones.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1802-1809

JEANES, William. Moreland, Philadelphia Co. Yeoman. 2 mo. 13, 1747. August 8, 1747. H.332.
Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Joseph, James, Isaac, Jacob, Mary (Carrington), Esther and Rebecca. Nephews and Nieces: William and Esther Walton. Exec: Son Joseph and William Warmsby. Witnesses: Thomas Walton, Jost Van Basherick, Philipus Wynkoop. Codicil of same date and attested by same witnesses.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1726-1747

JEANS, William. August 13, 1767. - September 1767 in NC.
Mother: Sarah. Sisters: Hester and Sarah. Brothers: Joseph, Abel, Daniel and Isaiah. Friend: James McIlhenny. Execs.: John Fergus and James McIlhenny in NC, Joseph Jeans and Nathan Thomas in Pa. Witnesses: Timothy Owram, Wm. Wilson and William Cupples. (O:174)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

JONES, Alice, Radnor. January 7, 1806 - October 30, 1811.
Brothers Edward and William Hunter plantation in Newtown as tenants in common forever. Rebecca Pechin, Margaret Hunter, William Hunter, Alice, Hannah, Edward Jr. and Elizabeth children of Edward, Hannah Maris, Mary, Alice Hibberd, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Thomas and Tamasin children of William, children of John Berry of Baltimore, Maryland. Nathaniel Miles and Abel Lewis nephews of late husband. Jacob Guyger son of George Guyger, Sarah Yarnall wife of Ezekiel, Tabitha Dennis. Codicil November 26, 1808 gives William's share to two sons John and Thomas, he being Dec'd. Wits: John Brooke and Philip Sheaf. Exrs: Sd two brothers. Wits: Philip Sheaf, Deborah Sheaf and Benjamin H. Smith. #350.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

JONES, Esther. Whitemarsh. Phila. Co. Widow of John Jones.20 3rd month 1773. April 6, 1773.
Mother: Sarah Lancaster. Children: Benjamin, John. Father in law: Thomas Lancaster. Half brother: Thomas Lancaster. Sisters: Sarah Conrad, Hannah Williams. Brothers in law: John Conrad, Joseph Williams. Execs.: Thomas Lancaster and Joseph Williams. Witnesses: John Jarret, Abagail Evans, Margaret Hinch. (P:389)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

JONES, James, Newtown. October 3, 1804 - February 20, 1808.
Estate to wife Jennis for life. To Joseph Lewis son of sister Susanna the plantation on death of wife, he to pay legacy to his mother or her children William, Jenkin and Jane, also his brother's son James Jones Lewis (minor), Jennis Moore daughter of Jonathan Moore, John Moore (minor) son of Samuel Moore. Exrs: Joseph Lewis. Wits: Thomas Thomas and Israel Yarnall. #293.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

JONES, Jennis, Newtown. January 1, 1812 - March 17, 1812.
Brother Samuel Moore and son John, niece Jennis Dawson and daughters Martha and Elizabeth. Exrs: Kinsman Joseph Lewis and nephew John Moore. Wits: Elijah Lewis and Daniel Guest. #357.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

JONES, John. of Hilltown, Carpenter. January 12, 1758. Proved February 20, 1758.
Wife Mary. Bro. Edward Jones and Bro-in-law Thomas West, exrs. Son Edward and John (minors). Daus. Elizabeth, Mary, and Susanna. Latter a minor. Son Edward, my Father's gun . Wit: Robt. Shannon, Erasmus and John Kelly.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Will Book 2, Page 328

JONES, John, Jr. White Marsh. Phila. Co. Yeoman. 10 mo. 6, 1772. October 31, 1772.
Wife: Esther. Children: Benjamin and others. Father in law: Thomas Lancaster. Brothers and Sisters: David, Jonathan, Abigail, Sarah. Half Brother: Joseph Williams. Nephew: John Ming. Exec.: Esther Jones. Overseers: Thomas Lancaster, Joseph Williams. Witnesses: Isaac Mather, Samuel Morris, Joseph Hallowell. (P:324)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

JONES, Silas. Lower Merion. December 11, 1812. November 14, 1815. 4.166
To daughter Hannah Supplee, 10 pds. to daughter Hester Craft, 100 pds. To daughter Sarah Price, 10 pds. To daughter Mary Marquedant, 100 pds. To 5 grandson, children of daughter Ann Leedom, deceasd: Jesse, John, Silas, George, and Isaac, 100 pds. equally. To 3 grandchildren of daughter: Hannah, Jane, Hester, and Sarah, 90 pds. equally. Rem. to sons: Charles, Silas, and Cadwalder. Execs: Sons Charles, Silas, and Cadwalder. Wit: Joseph Price, and John Elliott.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

JONES, Thomas, Senior of Hilltown Twp. June 8, 1774. Proved March 14, 1775.
Wife Rosannah. Son Thomas and son-in-law Thomas Mathias, exrs. Oldest son Thomas. sons Jenkins, Nathaniel, youngest son William. gd.son Thomas Jones, son of Thomas. Daus. Letitia, wife of John Leedom, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Mathias, Martha, Sarah, and Mary Jones. £5 to managers of Baptist Meeting House and Grave Yard at Kelly's in Hilltown. Land adj. Richard Williams, Abraham Derstine, John Kelly, Abram Cratts, and "where Ezekiel Wilson lives." Mathew Grier, Senr and Mathew Grier, Junr., Overseers and Guardians. Wit: Henry Wismer, Wm. Morris, Jared Erwin, James Irwin and James Armstrong.
Abstracts of Bucks Co Wills 1685-1785 Book 3 Page 400.

JONES, Senr., Thomas, Hilltown Twp., yeoman. May 13, 1804. Proved October 2, 1804.
Sons Thomas, James, Benjamin and Amos and Nephew Thomas Mathias, Merchant, exrs. Daus. Mary wife of David Thomas, Elizabeth wife of Abel Mathew, and Jane Jones. Gdsn. Jesse Jones. Re. James McLaughlin. Land bought of Cadwallader Evans and Thomas Jones of New Britain; adj. George Siple, John Shaw Esq., Isaac Morris, Isaac Williams and John Mathias Dec'd. Andrew Bryson. Nephew Thomas Leedom (removed West). Wits: Benjamin Williams, Abraham Godshalk, John McKinney.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 7 Page 23.

KEY, Elizabeth, widow of Moses. Aston. October 15, 1758. February 3, 1759.
To granddaughter Rebecca Key, daughter of my daughter Ann Key all household goods and 50 at 18. In case she dies before reaching that age, legacy to go to granddaughter Hannah Sharpless, daughter Lete's, grandchildren by Joseph Baker and son Moses. To son Moses bond I hold against him for 10. To granddaughter Mary, wife of Andrew McCoy 20 shillings. To granddaughter Rebecca, wife of Richard Patton 1 shilling. To grandson Allen, son of William Key 5 shillings. To great-granddaughter Lettice, daughter of Joseph Baker deceased 10 shillings. To son in law John Sharpless riding shay. Executors: Son in law John Sharpless and James Lindsay. Witnesses: David Johnson, Abraham Martin, John Lindsay.
Wills of Chester Co 1748-1766

KEY, Moses. Aston. Yeoman. April 19, 1746. June 14, 1748. C. 33.
To wife Elizabeth all estate except as devised and after her decease to son Robert for his maintenance during life. To son William 20 shillings. To son Moses smith tools and 10 shillings. To daughters, Lettice Vernon, Elizabeth Morgan and Rebecca Pattin 10 shillings each. To daughter Ann Key furniture. To grand-daughter Hannah Sharpless 5 shillings. Executors: Wife and son in law Thomas Morgan. Wit: John Bezer, Jane Cummings, Elinor Petters.
Wills of Chester Co 1748-1766

KIRK, Godfrey, of Wrightstown, Mason. 8th mo., 8, 1740. Proved November 14, 1740.
Wife Rachel. Bro. Isaac Kirk and Thos. Lancaster, exrs. Son Samuel, plantation at 21. Daus. Jane and Sarah Kirke. Wit: David Sphere, Janet Craig.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 2 Page 11.

KIRK, John. Darby, Chester Co.August 25, 1705. November 17, 1705. C. 16.
Wife Joan. Children Godfrey, William, John, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, Thomas, Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah. Executors: Brother-in-law John Elliott and John Marshall. Overseers: Adam Roads and Robert Smith. Witnesses: John Wood, Benjamin Cliffe.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

KIRK, John, Upper Darby. April 18, 1796 - February 13, 1797.
To cousin Isaac Kirk 16 acres north side of Lancaster Road adjoining lands of James Williamson and Richard Willing, the same to descend to his son John his heirs and assigns. Evan Evans of Upper Darby, taylor, 4 acres on south west side of road from Darby to Haverford and adjacent to lands of Richard Willing and Ann Parcle, nephew Thomas Lewis 5 acres adjoining land of William Garrett and heirs of Thomas Lewis, nephew Mordecai Lewis 5 acres next to Thomas, sister Hannah Polling 20 acres next to land of John Ross and on decease to her daughter Elizabeth. Nephews Nathan and William Polling each 4 acres, Joseph Kirk son of cousin Samuel Kirk 20 acres. Thomas Kirk son of cousin Samuel Kirk, residue of estate, he paying out of same all debts, claims &c. against estate. Exr: John Pearson of Darby. Wits: Oborn Garrett, James Pyott and James Williamson. #105.  #106 - No 106 on file or Register.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

KIRK, Joseph.  Darby. November 6, 1771.  November 27, 1773.
To son-in-law Jonathan Evans and daughter Sarah his wife 40 acres of my plantation whereon I dwell in Darby.  To son Samuel Kirk 30 shillings.  To daughter Mary Kirk £20.  To son Jesse 30 shillings.  To daughter Martha Thomas £20.  Remainder of personal estate to grandson Joseph son of Saml. Kirk.  To son Isaac the remainder of plantation whereon I live containing 46 acres. Executors:  Son-in-law Jona. Evans and Wm. West of Darby. Wit:  Nathan Garrett, Wm. Garrett, Thomas Garrett.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778

KIRK, Joseph. Horsham. November 25, 1816. April 18, 1818. 5.56
To nephew Thomas, $20. To nephew John, $10. To niece Sarah, $10. To nephew Joseph, $40. To Joseph Wood, $40. To Joseph Kirk, $40. To Joseph Walter, $15. To Thomas Harany, use of watch, at his death to son Joseph. To niece Anna, dictionary, and gold Guinea. To niece Mary, bible. To sons and to 4 sisters, wearing apparel, equally. Exrs. to sell lot of land in Moreland, containing 2 acres. Rem. of estate divided equally among 4 sisters: Ann, Mary, Susanna, and Sarah. Execs: Joseph Wood, and Isaac Longstreth. Wit: Benjamin and Charles Longstreth.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

KIRK, Joseph. Buckingham Twp., yeoman. February 13, 1813. Codicil dated May 13, 1815. Proved March 12, 1823.
Wife Patience and nephew Amos Kirk son of bro. Thomas exrs. (Wife d. before date of codicil.) Nephew Joseph Kirk, son of bro. Thomas $300. Plantation 130 Acres and Lot on Durham Rd. 9 miles from Newtown to Nephew Amos Kirk. Wits: Thomas Chapman, William Trego and Samuel Tomlinson.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Page 159

KIRK, Mary.  Co. of Chester, Penna.  October 13, 1761.  November 14, 1761.  M.213.
Beneficiaries:  Brother Humphreys' children; sister Rachel's children; brother Sublinus Ellis and his children, Jane, Elizabeth and Humphrey; sisters-in-law Phebe and Mary Ellis; brother Jeremiah's sons, to wit:  Jesse, Jonathan and David.  Exec:  Brother Jeremiah and nephew Jesse Ellis. Witnesses:  James Dougherty, Daniel Williams.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1748-1763

KIRK, Samuel.  West Nottingham. August 22, 1763.  August 28, 1764.
To brother Timothy Kirk £5.  To cousin Joseph Kirk horse.  To cousin Abner Kirk all the land South of the great road at my mother's decease and when he is 21.  To cousin Samuel Woodward all land North of road at my mother's decease.  To cousin Timothy Kirk all shop tools.  To cousin Roger Kirk all my books.  To cousin Joseph Woolison chest.  To cousin Jacob Kirk my desk.  To cousin Thomas Woodward mare and saddle.  To cousin William Cook all wearing apparel.  To cousin Rebecca Woodward all my sheep.  To cousin Mary Woodward a cow.  To cousin Elizabeth Woolison bed and bedding.  To mother Elizabeth Kirk negro wench June. Executor:  Brother Thomas Woodward. Witnesses:  James Maxwell, Andrew Willson, Isabella Maxwell.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

KIRK, Samuel, Upper Darby. December 29, 1800 - October 28, 1807.
Legacies to sons Joseph and Thomas, grandson William Kirk (minor) son of Joseph, 5 acres lines of Thomas Garrett and Samuel Levis, grandson John Kirk (minor) son of Thomas 5 acres adjoining William's and Samuel Levis's, granddaughter Elizabeth (minor) child of Thomas 5 acres next to John's. Joseph's daughters Martha, Lydia, Elizabeth and Mary Ann legacies. Son William's, Dec'd., child Hannah all residue of estate. Exrs: John Pearson of Darby.Wits: Bevan Pearson and Joseph Hibberd. #285.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

KIRK, William. Buckingham Twp. January 18, 1817. Proved November 2, 1821.
Son Isaac and John Melone exrs. Wife Mary. Gdch. Amos,Isaac, Miranda, Elizabeth, Jesse, Cynthia, Rachel and Levi Carver, ch. of late dau. Sarah Carver. Dau. Cynthia Walton and her ch. Cynthia Carver dau. of son William Kirk, Dec'd. Son Isaac plantation purchased of John Tucker whereon I live, and two acres purchased of John Watson. Gdsn. William Kirk, son of son John Kirk, Dec'd., land I rec'd. as my share of my father's estate, land bought of my bro. Joseph Kirk and 15 acres pruchased of Isaac Kirk all three tracts lying together; he to pay each of his bros. John, Isaac and Stephen $133.33.Wits: John Watson, Samuel Ely, Sarah Wilson, Rebecca Ely.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Page 50

KNIGHT, Jonathan of Southampton. 3rd mo., 25th day, 1772. Proved January 18, 1773.
Wife Grace, and Son John, exrs. Land bought of John Eastburn. Sons John, Abraham, Absalom, David, Samuel, and English. David Buckman, Giles Knight and James Thornton, Trustees. Wit: Joseph Knight, Samuel Biles, and Ezra Croasdale.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 3, Page 303.

LANCASTER, John. City of Philadelphia. Shopkeeper. October 17, 1727/8. July 28, 1735. E.337.
Wife: Sarah. Children: Thomas, John, Jane, Sarah. Exec: Sarah Lancaster. Witnesses: Ralph Sandiford, John Armitt, Joseph Breintnall.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1726-1747

LANCASTER, Sarah. City of Phila. Widow. June 28, 1760. February 13, 1764.
Children: Thomas, John, Sarah. Exec.: Sarah Lancaster. Witnesses: James Stephens, Paul Isaac Voto. (N:106)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

LANGHORNE, Jeremiah, Esq. of Middletown. May 16, 1742. Proved October 23, 1742.
Nephews Langhorne Biles and Lawrence Growden, exrs. Thos. Biles, son of nephew Thos. Biles, Dec'd., Langhorne Park, where I live, 800 acres in default of issue to niece Sarah, wife of Lawrence Growden. Negroes Cudgo and London to remain thereon and have profits thereof to March 25, 1751. All negroes to be free at 24 yrs. of age. Negroes Jo. and Cudgo, 150 acres where Nathaniel West liveth, after March 25, 1751. Servant Wm. Finley. Children of niece Ann Pennington, viz. Edward, Mary, and Sarah. Children of niece Grace Bates viz. Wm., Jeremiah, John, Sarah and Hannah. Nephew Charles Biles, land where he dwells (sic) bought of Benj. Scott and Arthur Searle. Margaret Biles, dau. of nephew Thomas, Dec'd., 100 acres adj. Robert Shaw, nieces Sarah Growden and Hannah Janney, 1000 acres near Perkasey. James and Andrew Hamilton, sons of friend Andrew Hamilton, Dec'd., 1000 acres Kinsman Thomas Langhorn now or late in service of Lord Lonsdale and Kinsman Wm. Jackson, Woolen Draper, of London, 500 acres at Forks of Delaware. Sister Sarah, widow of William Biles. Friends Joseph Turner of Phila., merchant, and Buckridge Simms who liveth with sd. Turner. Good friend Wm. Allen. Furniture in Parlor and Room over it not to be removed but kept with House as Heirlooms. Residue of estate to Langhorne Biles and Lawrence Growden. Wit: Matthew Rue, Benj. Scott, Jno. Duncan.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 2, Page 19

LARREW, Daniel, Middletown Twp. January 14, 1819. Proved March 6, 1819.
Friend Moses Larew exr. Wife Elizabeth extx. 189 Acres whereon I live with Tavern, for life. Elizabeth, wife of William Vanhorn. Peter States. Juliana States, Elizabeth Randall and Herbert Fenton each £5. Wits: Henry Atherton, John Thompson and George Atherton.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Book 9, page 332

LAWRENCE, Caleb, Greenwood. October 9, 1789. October 27, 1790.
Wife Elenor. James Neal, son of John Neal. Ann Neal, dau. of John Neal. Wife's sister, Rachel Gummery. Wife's bro. Ezakel James. Elizabeth Lawrence, dau. of Edward Lawrence, Dec'd. Wife's bro. Isaac James. Exs.: Wife Elenor and Isaac James. Wit.: Samuel Osborne, Benjamin Hunt. E. 200.
Abstracts of Cumberland County Wills, 1785-1825

LAWRENCE, Henry. Haverford. Blacksmith. August 23, 1762. February 24, 1766.
To daughter Jane Lewis £10. To daughter Mary Jones £20. To 5 grandchildren Mordecai, Joseph, Joshua, Samuel and Mary Lawrence 20 shillings each. To 7 grandchildren Abner, Rachel, Henry, Mary, Enos, Lewis and Hannah Lewis 20 shillings. Provides for daughters Margaret, Ellen and Hannah Lawrence while they remain unmarried. To son Henry messuage where I now live containing about 200 acres paying to my aforesaid daughters £400. All remainder to 3 daughters Margaret, Ellen and Hannah Lawrence, also Executors. Trustees: Son Henry, son in law David Lewis, cousins Daniel Williams and William Lawrence and friend Samuel Humphreys. Witnesses: Edward Humphreys, William Lawrence.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

LAWRENCE, Tacy. Haverford. October 13, 1781. December 22, 1781.
To sister Amelia Vaughan bed, etc. Wearing apparel to sister Amy Lawrence and cousin Sarah Humphreys. To son Joseph all my part of my brother Joseph Lawrence's legacy left him by my father, also my part of Uncle William Lawrence's estate left me by his Will. All my legacy from my father now in the hands of his Executor, Daniel Williams. Also all remainder of estate with rev. to 2 sisters and brother Thomas Lawrence's 2 children. Executors: Samuel Briggs of Haverford, Jonathan Robeson of Merion. Wit: William Fell, Charles Humphreys.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

LAWRENCE, William. Haverford. June 7, 1780. No date of probate.
To sister Sarah Griffith and to her 3 children £15 each. To brother Daniel Lawrence the interest £200 during life. To Henry Lawrence and Jacob Jones £100 in trust for use of school in Haverford. Lewis Griffith to have use of the place he now lives on for 7 years. All lands to be sold and remainder of estate to be divided between children of brother David Lawrence, children of brother Daniel Lawrence and children of sister Rachel James, the children of nephew Thomas Lawrence, David and Elizabeth taking their father's share. Executors: Friends and relations Henry Lawrence and Jacob Jones. Codicil mentions niece Tacy Lawrence. Sister Sarah's two daughters Hannah and Ellen. Niece Sarah Humphreys. Jacob Humphreys and nieces Sarah Powell and Mary Evans. Wit: Abraham Liddon, Jonathan Morris, Charles Humphreys.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

LEEDOM, Ann. Kennett. July 26, 1820.
James Meredith, administrator.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1801-1825

LEEDOM, Elijah, Southampton, Yeoman. September 6, 1764. Proved September 21, 1764.
Bro. Samuel and John Thornton, exrs. Bro. John, Benj., and William. Wit: John Hoff, James Reed.
Abstracts of Bucks Co Wills 1685-1785 Book 3 Page 109.

LEEDOM, John, of Southampton, Yeoman. August 9, 1743. Proved May 7, 1750.
Wife Susanna. Sons John, Samuel, and Allijah. Daus. Ann and Hannah and child unborn. Cuthbert Hayhurst of Northampton and Benj. Cutler of Middletown, exrs. Wit: Nicholas Tucker, Thos. Hillborne and Thomas Prichard.
Abstracts of Bucks Co Wills 1685-1785 Book 2 Page 206.

LEEDOM, John, Southampton, yeoman. April 9, 1818. Proved May 19, 1818.
Sons Joseph, Isaac and Lucius C. Leedom exrs. Daus. Mary Meredith and Ann Leedom. Ch. of son John Dec'd. Ch. of Daus. Sarah Davis and Rachel Biles. Wits: John McNair and James Anderson.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 9 Page 268.

LEEDOM, Samuel, of Haverford. March 9, 1814 - April 8, 1816.
Wife Hannah; children Edmund Leedam, Elizabeth Kirk, John and Daniel Leedom. Exrs: Son John, of Merion, Montgomery Co. and Samuel Davis, of Haverford. Wits: David Lyons, Wm. Johnson.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

LEEDOM, William, of Southampton, Yeoman. September 11, 1743. Proved September 21, 1743.
Wife Sarah and James Arbuckle, exrs. Father Richard Leedom. Children, Richard, Wiliam, and child unborn. Land in tenure of Samuel McGraudy. Wit: Nicholas Tucker, Thos. Justice, John McGraudy.
Abstracts of Bucks Co Wills 1685-1785 Book 2 Page 31.

LEWIS, Joseph. Willistown. April 6, 1754. May 30, 1754. C. 484. Nuncupative will.
To daughter Jane 5 shillings besides what she has already received and remainder equally to the other 5 who are not named. Executor: Benjamin Hibberd. Wit: Joseph James, Daniel Yarnall, Abraham Hibberd.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

LEWIS, Lewis. Newtown. Yeoman. February 18, 1747. September 15, 1757. D. 89.
To son Lewis my plantation where I now live in Newtown containing 320 acres. To grandsons Phinehas and Gabriel, sons of son Jabez, a tract of land as described containing 54 acres, son Jabez to have the profits until sons are 21. To sons Phinehas and David 5 shillings each. To daughters Ann Massey and Lydia Garrett 5 shillings each. To grandchildren, viz., the children of John Hibberd and daughter Deborah deceased, Abraham, Phinehas, Samuel, John and Ann 5 shillings each. To Friends of Newtown Meeting 50 shillings for use of poor. Remainder of personal estate to daughter Agnes Lewis. To daughters Mary Roberts and Elizabeth Evans 5 shillings each.Executor: Son Lewis.Trustees: Sons Phinehas and David and kinsman Nathan Lewis. Wit: William Lewis, John West, Richard Jones.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

LLOYD, Thomas. [Place not given.] May 6, 1760.  October 23, 1772.
To daughters Lydia and Elizabeth 5 shillings each.  To daughter Margret £5.  To son Erasmus Lloyd all my land and premises paying to son John £70 and to son Nicholas £30.  To wife Elizabeth all remainder of estate.  Executors:  Wife and son Erasmus. Letters to Erasmus, the other renounced. Wit:  Alice McCue, Sarah Douglas, Richd. Richison.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778



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