Will abstracts F-I
Will abstracts F-I

Scott and Kathryn (Leedom) Ives Genealogy
from Kathryn's files...

Will abstracts in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery & Philadelphia counties
as well as a few from NJ and VA
related or potentially related to Leedom families

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FARR, Edward.  Edgmont. December 13, 1780.  March 30, 1781.
Provides for wife Jane. To daughter Mary Cox and son Isaac 20 shillings each. To each of my grandchildren by my daughter Jane Lewis 20 shillings. To son William and daughter Phebe Varnon 20 shillings. To son Abraham 3 horses, gears, etc., also plantation in Edgmont, containing about 100 acres. Executors: Son Abraham, George Bishop. Wit: Joseph Pratt, Joseph Bishop.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

FARRA, James. January 6, 1778 February 12, 1778 
Executors: Samuel Farra. Dover Township. Children: William, Rebecca m. Isaac Norton, Mary, Sarah, Katharine, and Samuel. Grandchildren: James, Thomas, Martha, and John (children of William), and Joseph (son of Rebecca).
Abstracts of York Co Wills 1749-1819

FELL, Benjamin. Buckingham, Yeoman. 9th mo., 6th day, 1758. Proved September 22, 1758.
Wife Sarah. Son John and Friend Joseph Watson, exrs. Son John, 50 acres bought of half Bro. Thomas Fell suvyd. by Jno. Watson, Jr. Son Asa, 42 acres bought of Adam Harker and 20 acres bought of Wm. George adj. Thos. Martin. Son Benjamin, land bought of Jonathan Brightwell. Sons Levi and Thomas 125 acres devised by Father Joseph Fell. Son Asa, lots in Phila. bought of Robert Scarborrough and Jos. Houseworth. "Little Son Morrs" 63 acres purchased of Wm. George. Levi to live with his uncle Isaac Cleaver till 21. Daus. Phebe, Deborah, and Hannah, last two left to care of their aunts Mary Good and Rebekah Cleaver. Lots in Northern Liberties bought of Wm. Seiter and Isaac Dawson. John Watson, Junr. and Samuel Foulke, Guardians. Wit: Nathaniel West, John Brown, Titus Fell.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Will Book 2, Page 342

FENTON, Eleazer Buckingham Twp., yeoman. April 18, 1806. Proved November 11, 1806.
Wife Margaret. Uncle David Evans and cousin Ephraim Fenton of Montgomery Co., Pa. exrs. Wife use of House and Plantation and 1/2 of Rent of Tavern house occupied by James Dunlap, until son Ephraim arrives of age. Son Ephraim Plantation and Tavern House. He and dau. Mary Fenton 100 Acres in Buckingham adj. Street Road and lands of John Jones, Randle Fenton and Robert Michener. Wits: George Burgess, Daniel Stradling, Robert Michener.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 7 Page 212.

FENTON, John, Northampton Twp. January 19, 1792. Proved February 14, 1792.
Wife Sarah and Father-in-law Richard Leedom exrs. Ch. Joseph, John, Benjamin, Richard, Jesse, Sarah and Mary. Wits: John Cornell, Jacob Vanhorn.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 289.

FENTOVE, Joseph of Northampton Twp., Yeoman. February 8, 1782. Proved 5-19- 1783.
Sons Joseph and John, exrs. Wife Mary. Son Benjamin. Dec'd. Sons Thias and Cornelius. Dau. Helena Kroesen. Grandchildren, Joseph Thomas, Mary and Martha Fenton and Joseph and Mary Fenton. Wit: Richard Leedom, Arthur Lefferts.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 4 Page 281.

FENTON, Josiah of Buckingham. January 19, 1783. Proved March 12, 1783.
Son John and James Shaw, Sr., exrs. Wife Sarah. Sons John, Eleazer, Ephraim. Daus. Jane, Judea, and Sarah. Wit: William Bradshaw, Ambrose Poulton, Randel Fenton.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 4 Page 259.

FISHER, Nicholas, Rockhill Twp., yeoman. January 13, 1796. Proved October 13, 1796.
Son John and Theobald Nase exrs. Daus. Elizabeth and Eve. House where Jacob Hendrick lives. Wits: Benjamin Soladay and Abraham Stout.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 507.

FRANK, Adam, Rockhill Twp., wheelwright, "Aged." July 22, 1793. Proved November 22, 1796.
Wife Margaret. Son Peter Frank and son-in-law Henry Nase, exrs. Sons Peter and John. Daus. Wilhelmina, Magdalena, Catharine and Mary. Wits: George Snyder, Henry Neice.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 531.

FREE, John, Haverford. August 17, 1810 - September 6, 1810.
Mother in law Hannah ELLIS widow of Jesse ELLIS, sister Sarah McKEE and brothers Abraham, Samuel and David, nephew James C. CROMWELL son of sister Ann. Exrs: Abraham and Samuel and friend Samuel DAVIS. Wits: Mordecai LAWRENCE and Amos LUKENS. Abraham FREE renounced. #330.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

GRAHAM, James, farmer, Allen.  December 29, 18??. May 31, 1814.
Sons John and James. Land purchased from Charles Taylor. Samuel Hanna's heirs. Daus. Eleanor McCue and Elizabeth Young and Pricilla Gracey. Grandson John Orr. Granddau. Ruth Ferguson, minor. Dau. Esther Ferguson, Andrew Ferguson. Ex.: Son James Graham of Allen Township. Wit.: Wm. Bryson, John Hayes.  H. 262-264.
Abstracts of Cumberland County Wills, 1785-1825  

GUMMERY, John.  New London. August 30, 1797.  October 16, 1797.
To sons John and William 5 each at 21. To daughters Elinor and Ann Gummery household goods at 18. To daughter Sarah Lees 20 shillings. To wife Lavinia all remainder of estate during life and at her decease to son John. Executors: Wife Lavinia, son John. Wit: John Hallowell, Samuel Spencer.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

HAMMEL, Phebe, Edgmont. September 27, 1807 - December 16, 1808.
Tract of land bought of Abraham HOOPS, twp. of Edgment to grandson  George Bishop, daughter Sarah Bishop and grandchildren: William, George, Sarah, Jesse, Phebe, Joseph and Mary. Legacy from Elizabeth Pritchet estate $800. Exrs: William and George. Wits: Thomas Bishop and Jonathan Howard. #304.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HAMMOND, Hannah. Wife of John Hammond, of St. Panerus near Chichester, Sussex, England, needlemaker. January 3, 1707/8. September ---, 1713. C. 353.
Jonathan Shell of Rumboldsweek, Sussex, England, yeoman. William Walter of Chichester, England, merchant tailor. Stephen Stapler of Philadelphia, butcher. John Sotcher of Pennsbury, Bucks County, yeoman. Hannah and Rebecca daughters of Isaac Hammond of Chichester, needlemaker. Elizabeth Roberts of Philadelphia, tailoress. Hannah wife Thomas Kendall. Thomas Withersham. Susanna Cadman. John Fagg. Rebecca daughter of James Steel of Philadelphia, carpenter. Daniel of said John Hammond. Executors: Stephen Stapler and John Sotcher. Witnesses: Anthony Morgan, Thomas Story and Richard Newcombe.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

HARDING, Thomas of Southampton, Yeoman.  February 4, 1728/9. Proved December 26, 1732.
Wife Mary.  Sons-in-law Wm. Crodell, Jos. Arbuckel and Kinsman Thos. Gill, exrs.  Daus. Mary Arbuckle and Grace Croasdell.  Dau.-in-law Mary Harding.  9 grandsons, John, Abraham, Isaac, and Henry Harding and Thomas Harding, Thomas Hillburn, John Arbucke and John Croasdale. goddaus, Mary, Sarah, Rebecca Croasdale, Mary Harding, Grace and Hannah Arbuckle.  Thomas Butler and his sister Mary. Wit: Mary Simcock, Jacob Simcock, Junr., John Simcock. Land where Mark Butteridge formerly divdt. Land in Phila. bot of Penn in 1688.  Land in Newtown.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 1, page 187

HAYHURST, Ann of Harford Co., Md. May 6, 1789. Proved May 24, 1789.
"Being indisposed in Northampton Twp., Bucks Co." Sons James and David Hayhurst exrs. Daus. Hannah Hayhurst and Sarah Newberry. Gddaus. Ann Hannaway and Ann Newberry. Land sold to William Lee. Wits: Hugh Edams, Thomas Spencer, James Spencer.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5, page 134

HAYHURST, Cuthbert.  6th mo., 20th day, 1733.
Wife Mary.  Eldest son William, place I live on. Sons John and James.  Daus. Elizabeth (eldest) and Ruth. No exr. mentioned. Cuthbert Hayhurst and Benjamin Cutler, Trustees. Wit: James Thackeray, Benj. Cutler. Letters c.t.a. granted to Mary Hayhurst.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785  Book 1, page 219

HAYHURST, Rachel of Middletown. 9th mo., 6th day, 1714. Proved July 18, 1715.
Money due for goods sold by way of London as admix of husband Wm. Hayhurst. Bros-in-law John Cutler and John Hayhurst exrs. to bind out the children where they are or elsewhere. Residue of estate for maintenance of youngest daughter. exrs. to act with advice of People called Quakers at Middletown. Wit: Cornelius MacCarty, Susanna Carter, Margery Cutler.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 1, page 19

HAYHURST, William, Northampton Twp., yeoman. September 7, 1795. Proved October 15, 1795.
Wife Rebeckah. Exrs. son John Hayhurst and cousin Joseph Hayhurst. Dau. Mary Leedom, gdsn. Lewsia Leedom, son Custhbert, Rebeckah, Spineer. Gdch. Joseph Carter, William Carter, dau. Rebeckah Carter and James Carter. Wits: Joseph Thornton and Joseph Crossdale.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 452.

HEDRICK, John, Rockhill Twp. January 13, 1825. Proved March 4, 1825.
Abraham Hertzel and Adam Cressman exrs. Wife Barbara all estate during widowhood 1/2 thereof in case of March Mary Welel, now wife of John Nase. Bro. Jacob Hedrick; Christian Hedrick. Ch. of Daniel Dillinger of Upper Milford Twp. Plantation and lot purchased of Jesse Heacock. Wits: Abraham Smith and Michael ---.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 10 Page 352.

HILL, John, Middletown. August 10, 1812 - February 23, 1814.
Provides for wife Mary Hill and one eleventh part of residue to each child now living, grandson John Howard Hill, children of daughter Rachel Sharpless, Dec'd. and of late daughter Mary Steel. Nathan Sharpless renounced December 26, 1827.Exrs: Sons in law Nathan Sharpless and Ralph* Marsh. Wits: Peter Worrall and Enos Painter. *Signs himself as Rolph E. Marsh in Ad. account. #402.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HILLBORN, Robert of Newtown. 1st mo., 24th day, 1719/20. Proved April 25, 1720.
Wife Mary, Father-in-law Thomas Hardin and Brother-in-law Thomas Hardin, Junr. exrs. Son Thomas all land at Newtown, when 21. Wit: Abraham Chapman, Amos Watson, Katharine Hillborn.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 1, Page 46.

HILLBORN, Thomas of Newtown, Yeoman. 11th mo. (January), 10th day, 1717. Proved May 13, 1723.
Wife Elizabeth, sole Executrix. Son Robert. Land adj. Bowman's and Samuel Hillborn's not to be sold before son Thomas cometh of age. Three youngest children, John, Joseph, and Rachel. 4 daus. Mary Watson, Elizabeth Darlington, Katharine and Rachel Hillborn, Grandson Samuel, son of Samuel and Margaret. Land at Egg Harbor to John and Joseph. Wit: John Twining, John Penquite, John Kirk.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 1, Page 68.

HILLYARD, Charles (Will) made Dec 27, 1739
Heirs: wife Mary; daus. Lauren Green, Mary Williams, Martha Hillyard; son-in-law Thomas Green; seven children of Thomas Green unnamed; granddau. Elizabeth Hillyard; grandson Charles Hillyard; sons Charles & Steel Hillyard. Exec’x wife. Wits. Joseph McMechon, Benjamin Jones. Probated Dec 6, 1743.
Arch vol A24, page 24. Reg of Wills, Liber I, folio 68
Kent Co DE Probate Records published by Delaware Public Archives Commission

HOOPES, Abraham, yeoman, Elder of Edgemont. December 12, 1792 - October 10, 1795.
Legacies to sons Benjamin and George Hoopes, to son John and his sons: Abraham and Daniel Hoopes, to son Jacob, daughter Abigail wife of William Regester and then to her children by present husband, daughter Jane wife of Joseph Robins, sons Abraham and Isaac Hoopes grandson Abraham Williamson, granddaughters Phebe Hunt, Lydia Yarnall and Mary Robins. Exrs: Son in law Joseph Robins and grandson Daniel Hoopes. Wits: Francis Wiseley, John Megowin and Edward Churchman. #89B.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HOOPES, James. Westtown. September 8, 1801: October 22, 1803.
To wife Susannah Hoopes her heirs and assigns the plantation I now live on in Westtown, bounded by land of Caleb James, Joseph and Francis Hickman and others, containing 54 acres. To brothers John, Abraham, Isaac, Benjamin and George Hoopes, and sisters Abigail Register and Jane Robbins £10:10, to be divided among them. Remainder to wife Susannah Hoopes, who is executrix.Wits.: Jesse James, George Williamson, Joseph James.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1801-1825

HOOPES, Joshua, Thornbury. August 15, 1814 - April 9, 1825.
Children: Abner, Joel, Mary Moore, Hannah Covington, Joshua, Rebecca Brobson and Hannah Hoopes. Grandson Francis Hoopes. Exrs: Sons Abner and Joshua Hoopes. Wits: Joseph James (smith) and Ezra Hoopes. #642.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HOOPES, Stephen. Yeoman. Westtown. March 21, 1767. June 4, 1767.
To son Isaiah that part of my plantation whereon I now live lying on the west side of road from great valley to Chester paying to his brother Ezekiel £30. To son Ezekiel Hoopes that part of my land lying on east side of said road, subject to provision for wife Elizabeth. To daughters Margaret and Hannah Hoopes £40 each. To granddaughter Martha Thompson 20 shillings at 18. All remainder to 3 daughters, Elizabeth John, Margaret and Hannah Hoopes. Executors: Wife Elizabeth and brother Thomas Hoopes. Wit: John Hoopes, Jr., Amos Hoopes, David Hoopes.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778  

HOWARD, James, Edgmont. March 30, 1822 - April 18, 1825.
Children: Jonathan and son James, David, Phebe Hamor, Mary Yarnall, Hannah Dec’d., William and Harper. Lands, lines of John Russell,  Evan Eachus, D. Hoopes and Joseph Bishop. Exrs: Sons Jonathan and William Howard. Wits: Daniel Hoopes and Caleb Hoopes. #643.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HOWARD, Jonathan, Edgmont. May 6, 1828 - July 9, 1828.
Wife Hannah, minor sons Ellis P. and Joseph E. Howard, other children James, Rebecca and George B. Howard. Exrs: Sons James and George B. Howard. Wits: Joseph Bishop and Evan Eachus. #713.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HUMPHREYS, Edward. Chester Co. September 20, 1774. May 11, 1776.
Brothers: Charles (Exec.), Joshua and Samuel. Sisters: Elizabeth and Rebecca. Nephews: Jacob and Clement. Witnesses: Anthony C. Morris, Wm. Sheldon and Jno. Levis. (Q:286)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

HUNTER, Hannah, Newtown. May 12, 1802 - December 3, 1803.
To grandson Peter Hunter, plantation in Radnor whereon son James now lives, subject to care of James and his wife Martha and the payment of £1000. To executors to distribute; great grandchildren Morgan and Elizabeth Hunter (children of grandson Samuel Hunter, Dec'd.). Rest to granddaughters (children of son James): Ann, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Rachel, Martha and Sidney. Legacies to own children: John, George, Sarah Lewis (wife of Evan Lewis) and Mary Jones. Grandchildren James Jones, Hannah Brooks, James Hunter (son of John); Ann Hunter, daughter of James Hunter; Agnes, Hannah and Lydia Lewis, daughters of Evan Lewis; Hannah, daughter of John; George Morgan Hunter; Martha, Emily and Albert Gallatin Hunter, children of George Hunter. Mentions names of deceased husband James and deceased father John. Inventory November 28th.Exrs: Son George and kinsman Edward Hunter. Wits: David Read and Benjamin H. Smith. #222.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HUNTER, Hannah, Eastown, Chester County. March 3, 1808 - October 18, 1811.
Three children: Alice Jones, Edward Hunter and William Hunter, grandchildren Mary, Margaret, John, Thomas, Hannah and Elizabeth daughters of son Edward, Tamzin daughter of son William. Exrs: Sd. son William. Wits: Jesse Reece and Mordecai Davis. #349.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HUNTER, James. Newtown. May 12, 1773. March 24, 1783.
Provides for wife [not named]. To son James £100. To son John plantation whereon I now live in Newtown containing 247 acres, subject to legacy of £100 to son George. To son Peter £1000 and my lott in Wilmington, No. 32. To daughter Sarah £200. To son George 100 acres which I had surveyed off my tract in Newtown, also plantation in Radnor containing 82 acres and £200 when 21. To daughter Ann £400. Orders tombstones in Radnor Church graveyard for his own and his father's grave. Remainder to wife and son Peter, also executors. Letters to Hannah Hunter, Peter being deceased. Wit: Samuel Caley, Jr., Edward Hunter.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

HUNTER, John. Newtown, yeoman. January 30, 1734. May 19, 1736. B. 4.
Provides for wife Margaret. To son George, son John daughters Marth Cole, Ann Baker 5 shillings each. To granddaughter Margaret Baker £20 at 21. To daughter Elizabeth Steel £20. To daughter Mary Hill £20. To daughter Margaret Hunter £30, household goods. To son Peter £50 at 21. To sons William and James, my plantation in Newtown and remainder of personal estate, also executors. Witnesses: Jos. Hawley, Francis Wayne, Wm. Owen, Saml. Cawley.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

HUNTER, John (Will, copy) Farmer. Made Jul 30, 1751, Whiteland, County of Chester.
Heirs: wife Ann; sons James & John; daus Hannah, Margaret, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary. Exec’rs, wife Ann & bros. Willaim & James. Wits. Andrew Buchannan, William Hudson & Malachi Jones.
Arch vol A25, page 175, Kent Co DE Probate Records published by Delaware Public Archives Commission

HUNTER, Jonathan, yeoman, Edgemont. September 18, 1783 - August 5, 1800.
Rights in home property on death of brother George to Richard and George Hunter sons of brother Peter Hunter, tract of land formerly Daniel Regester's to cousin Samuel Mickleduff and his sister Martha wife of Charles Barrington. Bulls Head Tavern on Strawberry Alley, Philadelphia one half ownership to cousins Richard and George Hunter, Ann wife of John Scott, Elizabeth wife of Nathaniel Erwin, all children of Dec'd., brother Peter Hunter; George Matlack, Jesse Matlack, Jonathan Matlack, Hannah wife of Nathan Schoppell (or Schophell), Ann wife of Richard Fawkes and Mary wife of Jesse Smedley children of sister Mary the wife of Isaiah Matlack equal tenths. Other half ownership belongs to brother George Hunter. Land in Appoquinimy, St. George's Hundred, N. Castle County to be sold. Land in Whiteland, Chester County also in borough of Chester to Samuel Muckelduf son of Ann wife of John Scott. Remainder of property to aforesaid eight cousins. Exrs: Jonathan Matlack of Goshen and Richard Fawkes of Newtown. Wits: Joseph Cheyney, Abel Green and Josia Lewis. #169.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

HUNTER, William. Newtown. February 16, 1764. Codicil: July 19, 1782. March 30, 1793.
To son Edward a tract of land in Newtown, containing 200 acres. Tract of land in Easttown, containing 365 acres, to be divided. Son William to have southeast part and son Albin the northwest part when 21. To daughter Alice Hunter the tract whereon I now dwell in Newtown, containing 94 acres. Provides for wife [not named]. To niece Ann Russell £5 at 18. Executrix: Wife. Letters to the widow Hannah Hunter. Wit: Evan Evans, John Steel, George Garrett, David Thomas, Isaac Massey. Codicil states son Albin is now deceased and gives land devised him to sons William and Edward, they paying to daughter Alice, now wife of John Jones, £20.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

IDDINGS, Richard. Nantmell. Husbandman. January 25, 1724/5. October 1, 1726.
To sons Richard and William, daughter Ann and Elizabeth 1 shilling each. To son John 1 shilling and wearing apparel. All remainder to wife Sarah, also executrix. Witnesses: Edward Thomas, Reece David, Morgan Tyson.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

IDDINGS, Richard.  Newtown.  Yeoman. March 16, 1753.  June 5, 1753.  C. 423.
Provides for wife Margaret including 160 acres of land in Newtown during life and after her decease 1/2 of same to daughter Priscilla during her life and after her decease to her daughter Elizabeth Wayne, and the other 1/2 of said land to said granddaughter after wife's decease.  Also to said granddaughter Elizabeth Wayne, tract of land in Tredyffrin containing 100 acres after wife's decease. Executrix:  Wife Margaret. Trustees:  Kinsman Thomas Thomas of Radnor, Philip Thomas of French  Creek, David Thomas of Newtown. Wit:  John Meris, Jacob Thomas, David Thomas. *Mentions daughter Elizabeth Wayne. 
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766



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