Will abstracts A-E
Will abstracts A - E

Scott and Kathryn (Leedom) Ives Genealogy
from Kathryn's files...

Will abstracts in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery & Philadelphia counties
as well as a few from NJ and VA
related or potentially related to Leedom families

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ARTHUR, John. of Burlington Co., 1711-12 14th d. 11th m. (Jan.).  Proved January 28, 1711-12 Labourer. Devises real and personal estate to father, mother, brother and sisters, not named. Executors-John Lamb and Thomas Bishop. Witnesses-John Robberts, John Wetherill, Richard Marriott, Joseph Endecott. . Lib. 1, p. 336
Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I. 1670-1730; Burlington County, NJ

AUSTIN, Susanna. Upper Dublin. May 16, 1813. January 13, 1817. 4.319
To sister Mary Kirk, and Mary Hallowell, wearing apparel, equally. To nephew Isaac Tyson, 100 pds. To Rebecca Edwards, wife of Edward Edwards,50 pds. To daughters Elizabeth, wife of Anthony Williams, and Agness Craft 50 pds. equally. To Sarah Tyson, 20 pds. To Thomas Tyson, 10 pds. To Susanna Worth, 100 pds. To Elizabeth Krier, 20 pds. To niece Priscilla Michener, 10 pds. To John Kirk, 10 pds. To Joseph Kirk, 10 pds. To Isaac Kirk, 10 pds. To Mary Marple, 10 pds. To Elizabeth Worth, household goods. To niece Rachel Bewley, wife of John Bewley, interest of 50 pds. to be paid annually by Exrs. To niece Susanna Hallowell, interest of 50 pds. to be paid annually by Exrs. To sister Mary Kirk, and nieces Sarah and Susanna, rem. of estate equally. Execs: Nephew Isaac Tyson, and brother John Tyson. Wit: Thomas Livezey, John Fitzwater.  

BAINES, Elinor of Warminster.  March 1, 1773.  Proved May 14, 1773. 
Daniel Longstreth, exr. Richard Sands and his Dau. Elinor Sands. Anna White, dau. of Bro. Mathew. Jesse, Phebe and Elizabeth Baines, children of Bro. James, Dec'd. Martha and Rachel Longstreth.  Thos. Spicer Jones, son of Rev. Samuel Jones.  Sarah Harding, dau. of  Henry Harding.  Residue to Hester and Mary Baines daus. of Cousin John Baines, their bros. Joseph and James Baines. Wit: John Folwell, Arthur Watt, and John Longstreth. 
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 3, Page 323

BAKER, Henry. Bucks Co. March 7, 1698. May 23, 1705. B. 427.
Children Margaret, Phebe, Hester, Nathan and Samuel. Daughter Rachel Bunting's children. Daughter Sarah Wilson and her three children. Daughter Rebecca Willford. Cousin Sarah Canby. Friends Thomas Canby, James Yeats and William Ellet. Executors: Son Samuel and Enoch Yardley. Overseers: Phineas Pemberton, Richard Hough. Witnesses: Enoch Yardley, Richard Radcliffe, Richard Hough.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1726

BANES, Mathew of Southampton Twp. September 9, 1788. Proved December 9, 1788.
Wife Sarah. Sons Joseph and Evan exrs. Son Erwin, a minor. Daus. Euphemia Leedom and Letitia Foster. Bro. James Trustee. Wits: Arthur Watts, Safety Meghie, Derrick Hogeland..
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 115.

BENNETT, Mary. Relict of Jas. Aston. August 18, 1770.  September 11, 1770.
To son John Hill of Middletown 10 shillings. To daughter Margaret wife of Morris Matson 30. To daughter Mary wife of George Peirce 20. To my other daughter Christian wife of George Brinton 20. To 3 grandchildren Wm., James and John, sons of my son Alexander Hill deceased 30 at 21. Remainder to son Peter Hill of Middletown, also Executor. Wit: John Burnet, James Lindsay.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778

BILES, Charles, Southampton. February 7, 1754. Proved August 7, 1759.
Wife Ann Mary, lot where I live bought of Harmon Enoch. Son Samuel "the old Place" 242 acres. Sons William and Langhorne, minors. Daus. Grace, Mary, and Hannah 50 each when they marry. Friend Langhorne Biles and Son Samuel, exrs. Wit: Ezra Croasdale, Thomas Edwards, and John O'Daniel. Letters granted to Samuel.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Will Book 2, Page 366

BILES, Langhorne, of the Falls Twp. February 18, 1769. Proved March 20, 1769.
Wife Hannah and six daus. Sarah, Jonipher, Molly, Becky, Charlotte, and Nancy. When they come of age all estate. John DeNormandie and Gilbert Hicks and Thos. Yeardley, "Gentlemen" exrs. Wit: Rebecca Godly, Thos. Janney, Jr., and Richd. Gibbs.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Will Book 3, Page 188

BILES, Martha, widow of Samuel, late of Northampton. February 26, 1792. Proved May 24, 1792.
Sons Charles, Langhorne, and Samuel Biles exrs. Children Charles Biles, Mary Willet, Doughty Biles, Langhorne Biles and Samuel Biles. Wits: Joseph Thornton, Phineas Paxson and William Bailey.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Will Book 5, Page 300

BILES, Thomas of Middletown. January 14, 1754. Proved February 8, 1754. Wife Sarah and uncle Langhorne Biles, exrs. Est. to be disposed of as under Intestate Laws. Wit: Benj. Biles, Dan. Byles, Saml. Biles.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Will Book 2, Page 267

BILES, William, Esq. of Falls Twp. December 3, 1737. Proved September 27, 1739.
Wife Sarah. Sons William, Charles, Langhorne, 2000 acres in Sagalen, Hunterdon Co., N.J. Son Langhorne 600 acres in Whitpain sd. county. Daus. Sarah and Elizabeth each 1000 acres in Chepack sd. county. Dau. Ann wife of Isaac Pennington and Hannah, wife of Thomas Janney 1000 acres at Morris River, New Jersey. Grandchildren, William, Jeremiah, and John, Sarah and Hannah Beates, grandchildren, Edward, Mary and Sarah Pennington, Thomas and Margaret Biles, last two, 500 acres in Quohlockin, Salem Co., N.J. Son Lunhorne, 400 acres at same place. Sons William, Langhorne and Charles, exrs. Wit: Wm. Fry, Garret Vandike, John Duncan. Codicil. Island to wife for life then to son Wm. except 20 acres to Thomas, son of Thomas.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 1, Page 267

BISHOP, George, yeoman, Edgemont.  June 11, 1793 - September 28, 1793.
Wife Mary, certain rights and privileges and £10 per year as long as she remains his widow, son Joseph to be paid sixty pounds by his other sons George and Thomas Bishop who are to have the plantation at Edgemont and also land purchased of William Russell, another tract of James Howard and one of John Williamson. Daughter Phebe, wife of Oliver Pharo £60 and daughter Margaret Bishop £100. Daughters Mary and Sarah Bishop and granddaughter Jane Pharo also mentioned. Grandson Samuel Bishop Grubb son of deceased daughter Jane. Exrs: Sons Joseph, George and Thomas. Wits: James Howard, Abraham Farr and Josiah Lewis. #53.

BISHOP, Jesse, Edgmont Twp. March 8, 1828 - April 1, 1828.
Brothers and sisters: William, George, Joseph and Sarah Bishop, Phebe Green and Mary Bishop.Exrs: Brothers William and George Bishop. Wits: Amor Bishop and Samuel Plankinton. #707.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

BISHOP, Mary, Edgmont. April 27, 1817 - October 17, 1820.
Children: Joseph, George, Thomas, Phebe Pharoh, Margaret Forwood, Dec'd., wife of Robert and her children Sarah, Mary and Jane; Mary; Sarah Howard, Dec'd., wife of Jonathan and her daughter Rebecca. Other grandchildren parents not named: Samuel B. Grubb, Jane Steel and William Bishop. Exrs: Grandson William Bishop. Wits: Thomas Bishop and John Russell. #539.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

BISHOP, Mary. Willistown. July 16, 1821.
William Bishop, administrator.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1801-1825

BISHOP, Michael of Lower Milford, Yeoman.  December 3, 1781.  Proved January 9, 1782.
Codicil December 13, 1781. Son Jacob and Saml. Foulke of Richland, exrs.  Sons Jacob and Michael.  Daus. Barbara, Ann Elizabeth wife of Andrew Stahlnecker, Margaret wife of John Rothrock and Susanna wife of John Shaw.  Grandchildren, John and Mary Eve Dietz.  Tan Yard and Grist Mill in Milford Twp., Land in Upper Saucon adj. Casper Yoder, Jacob Myer, Christopher Johnson and Ulrick Lutz.  In Bucks Co. adj. John Lloyd and Jacob Witmer. Wit: Jost. Erdman and John Landis.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 4, page 164

BISHOP, Thomas. of Northampton, Burlington Co., 1741, Aug. 14. Proved Aug. 2, 1746.
yeoman; will of. Children - Thomas, John, Joshua, William, Ann Smith, Mercy, Elizabeth Warrington, Hannah Prickett and Mary Atkinson. Granddaughter, Sarah Gaering, under age. Lands adjoining Thomas Hains, Joseph Wills, Philo Leeds and Brook Stop "the Jades." Executors - sons-in-law, Henry Warrington and Jacob Prickett. Witnesses - Isa. DeCow, Thomas Wetherill, Jos. Scattergood. Lib. 5, p. 257. Colonial History of the State of New Jersey Calendar of Wills - 1730-1750, (1918) p. 46-47

BOND, Isaac, Haverford. March 10, 1823 - February 6, 1824.
Wife Mary, children: Anna Maria, Sarah, Jonathan, Isaac and his children Eliza, Mary and Thomas. Exrs: Sd. wife and son Jonathan. Wits: Reece Haycock and Caleb Bittle. #607.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

BOND, Joseph. East Whiteland. June 25, 1776. August 8, 1776.
To mother my plantation in East Whiteland which my father left me containing 108 acres during her life and at her decease to be sold, proceeds divided as follows -- £150 to my relatives, viz., Ann Bond my brother's daughter, my sister Hannah and 4 of her children Benjamin, Ann, Hannah and Elisha Garrett, share and share alike. All remainder to the use of the Meeting of Goshen. Executor: Friend James Garrett. Wit: Joseph Rea, Enoch Lewis, Joshua Evans.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1778

BOND, Joseph, Haverford. September 1, 1831 - December 27, 1834.
Children: Thomas, Joseph, David, Jesse, Sarah, Mary Eachus and John Bond Dec'd. and his children. Exrs: Sons Thomas and Joseph, both of Philadelphia. Wits: Walker Moore and Jonathan Bond. #858.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

BREINTNALL, David. City of Philadelphia. Shopkeeper. October 2, 1731. December 30, 1732. E.207.
Children: David, Joseph, Jane Harper, John, Hannah, Sarah Lancaster. Son-in- Law: John Harper. Grandchildren: Mary and Hannah Harper, Jane, Hester, Sarah and Anne Breintnall, David, Mary, Rachel and Elizabeth Breintnall, Jane, Thomas, John and Sarah Lancaster. Monthly Meeting of Quakers. Exec: John Breintnall. Asst. Exec: William Monington. Witnesses: Richard Armitt, Samuel Mickle, Wm. Monnington.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1726-1747

BRIGGS, William Newtown, Yeoman. 8th mo., August 15, 1758. Proved September 9, 1758.
Sons Edmund and James, exrs. Sons Benjamin, Joseph and Samuel. Son John's children (his son John, 10 shillings more than his sisters). Son William's children. Daus. Elizabeth Chapman, Jane and Ellen Buckman and Margaret Briggs. 58 acres in Warwick Twp. lately Abraham Claypoole's to Edmund and James. Wit: John Twining, Jos. Hamton and John Story.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 2, Page 338.

BROOKS, John , of Southampton, Yeoman. December 31, 1744. Proved January 18, 1744/5.
Wife Mary. Son John Brooks (otherwise John Tucker), exr. Other children, Thomas, Hannah, Humphrey, and Jacob. Robert Parsons, Senior, Trustee. Wit: Robert Parsons, Junr., Thos. Hillborne, Jr., and Nicholas Tucker.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 2, Page 46.

BUCKMAN, Jacob Newtown Twp. 8 mo.-14-1794. Proved September 20, 1796.
Son-in-law William Matindell [sic] and cousin William Buckman exrs. John Buckman, Joseph Buckman, Junr. and Thomas Story, Trustees. Daus. Ester Martindell and Sarah Smith. Wits: Samson Cary, Moses Kelly.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825, Book 5, Page 500.

BUTLER, Isaac. Goshen. February 3, 1791. March 21, 1791.
To my mother Mary Butler all my estate. Executors: Friends Jesse Hoopes, Abraham Pratt. Wit: Nathan Hoopes, Thomas Hoopes.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

BUTLER, John. Chester Co. January 20, 1785. 
Adm. to Hannah Butler.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800  

BUTLER, John Sr. Uwchlan. February 15, 1808: March 5, 1808.
To wife Margaret all real and personal estate during life. After her death all estate to be sold and divided as follows: To Uwchlan Meeting $20. To son John Butler's eldest daughter $266-2/3. To nephew James Butler a clock. Remainder to be equally divided among my 4 brothers and sister. To oldest brother Enoch's children one share. To brother William's children one share. To brother Noble's children one share. To brother Benjamin's children one share. To sister Bersheba's children one share. Executors: Wife Margaret, Isaac Lewis, Hazael Thomas, Esquire, and Henry Lewis. Wits.: George Hoffman, Conrad King, Isaac Evans. Letters c. t. a to Richard Thomas, the executors renouncing.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1801-1825

BUTLER, Mary. Widow. Now in New Garden. April 1, 1791. February 7, 1792.
Mentions bond of son Thomas Butler now in hands of Samuel Coope and about £80 due from son Isaac Butler. To daughter Mary Butler 2 shares of the above- mentioned money. Remainder of plantation to be equally divided between my 3 sons, Thomas, John and Jacob Butler, except to Betty, daughter of Thomas, £5 out of her father's portion when she is 18. Executors: Samuel Coope, daughter Mary Butler. Wit: Jonathan Johnson, Nicholas Hurford, Jonathan Hoopes.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800  

BUTLER, Noble. Uwchlan. May 6, 1793: May 29, 1801.
Provides for wife Rachel. To son Enoch 5/, he having had his share.  To son John the plantation where he now lives, cont. 150 acres, during his life & at his death to my grandson Benjamin Butler, son of Benjamin Butler. To son William £20. To son Benjamin the plantation where I now live, cont. 180 acres during life & at his Dec. to his son Noble Butler if he live to be 21; otherwise to his bro. Jonathan, with rev. to his bro. Abner. Also to son Benjamin £200. To gr. sons Jonathan, Abner and Isaac £20 each at 21 and to their sister Eunice £20 at 18. To chil. of dau. Bathsheba McEoin McCowen Dec'd £30. To son Noble £50. To gr. son John Butler, son of John £50. Remainder to wife. Executors: Sons William and Benjamin Butler. Wits.: Isaac Lewis, Sr., William Milhous, John Whelen.

The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1801-1825

BUTLER, Simon, Esq., New Britain, Yeoman. July 30, 1764. Proved August 30, 1764.
Son Simon, 1/2 of Grist Mill and Lot. Grandson Abiah Butler, exr., land adj. Mill bought of James Steel, Dec'd., adj. Thomas Mathews and Henry Kelso. Also, 50 acres bought of Son Simon, exr. of Benj. Butler, Dec'd. Gd.son Benj. Butler, Land on Road leading from Mill to Montgomery adj. David John and Wm. Thomas. Granddau. Margaret Butler. Wit: John Mathew, Benj. Thomas, Benj. Mathew, Wm. Davies, Junr.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 3 Page 108.  

CANBY, Ann. City of Phila. Shopkeeper.November 1, 1763. December 29, 1763.
Sister: Rachel. Cousin: Stephen Stapler. Execs.: Rachel Canby, Stephen Stapler. Witnesses: Saml. Smith, Ann Canby. (N:90)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

CANBY, Jesse. Goshen. June 11, 1780. July 5, 1780.
To wife Lydia all personal estate and use of plantation until my youngest daughter Jane is 18, then to be sold and money divided into 10 shares, 2 to wife Lydia and the other among my eight daughters, Sarah, Hannah, Rachel, Elizabeth, Lydia, Rebecca, Esther and Jane, share and share alike. Executrix: Wife Lydia. Wit: William Johnson, James Jefferies.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

CARR, Samuel. Philadelphia. Weaver. October 3, 1824. October 14, 1824. 8.303. 
Estate to my wife: Fanny and my sister Rachel Dougherty. Letters to Benjamin Kirk. Exec: Friends: Benjamin Kirk, Philip Kirk. Witnesses: Benjamin Ellis, Isaac Wampole, Jr.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1820-1825

CARTER, James of Southampton.  December 5, 1714.  Proved March 15, 1714.
Wife Susanna.  Eldest son William when 21, 200 acre lot of father-in-law, John Griffith.  Son John when 21, 50 acre lot of Samuel Griffith.  Dau. Ann Carter's 5 youngest children James, Richard, Joseph, Benjamin, and Ann Carter. Jeremiah Langhorn and John Cutler, both of Middletown, exrs. Wit: Robert Cobbert and Jeremiah Bartholomew.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 1, page 35

CARTER, Joseph of Northampton Twp., Miller.  June 6, 1781.  Proved December 20, 1781
"Aged and infirm.  Wife Rachel.  Son William, exr.  Mill and Land in Northampton Twp., sons James, Benjamin, Joseph and Richard, land they live on in Frederick Co., Va. in accordance with division made between them October 20, 1778 by Jos. Day, Surveyor, Grandson Joseph Carter, son of John.  Granddau. Katharine Carter, dau. of son Edmund, Dec'd.  Daus. Sarah (late wife of Wm. Hayhurst) and Rachel Carter. Wit: Ezra Croasdale, Thomas Wilson, Joseph Croasdale.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 4, page 150

CARTER , William of Northampton Twp., Miller. March 31, 1784. Proved June 25, 1784.
Wife Mary and Father-in-law William Hayhurst exrs. Ch. Joseph, William, Rebecca, James and John Carter all minors. Wits: Jonth. Willet, John Leedom, John Leedom Junr.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Book 4, Page 447

CARVER, Elizabeth of Warwick Twp., Widow. 2nd mo., 9th day, 1771. Proved March 2, 1772.
Son-in-law Isaac Worthington, exr. Son Joseph Carver. Wm. Carver. Henry Carver. Late husband William Carver, of Buckingham. Daus. Elizabeth Buckman, Mary Wilkinson, Rebecca Schofield, and Martha Worthington. Grandchildren, William, John and Mary Worthington. Wit: Wm. Worthington, Thos. Tomlinson, Tho. Chapman.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 3, Page 258.

CARY, Samuel, of Newtown. 4th mo., 2d. 1764. Proved June 16, 1766.
Wife Sarah, use of all lands purchased of Anthony Wilson "until 3d son Thomas arrive at lawful age.." Son Samson. Son Samuel, Land adj. Geo. Dunn and Est. of Jos. Poole bought of Jas. Yates. Son Thomas, 48 acres adj. John Watson, Wm. Satterthwaite and Euclides Longshore, purchase of Christian Vanhorn and Patrick Gregg. Son Joshua, Lot in possession of Samuel Stackhouse, also Lot purchased of James Yates and Tract purchased of James Arbuckle. Son Asa, Lot in Bristol which Uncle Samson Cary bought of Wm. Hope. Son Phineas, Lot in Bristol mortgaged to me by William Heaton. Daus. Sarah, wife of Joshua Blakey; Ann, wife of Amanuel Walker; Hannahmeal, wife of Jonathan Gilbert; and Bethula, Bula and Hepsibah. Wife Sarah, son Samuel and Jos. Hamton and David Twining, exrs. Wit: Wm. Satterthwaite, Sr. and Jr. and James Moon.
Abstracts of Bucks Co Wills 1685-1785 Book 3 Page 146.

CLEAVER, Isaac. Cheltenham. October 6, 1797. September 6, 1799. 2.122
To wife Rebecca, 150 pds. and income of estate. To daughter Hannah, clock; at her death to her son Isaac Tyson. At wife's death, rem. of estate to be sold and money divided as follows: to grandson John Tyson of daughter Agnes, Dec'd, 5 pds. To Rebecca Craft of daughter Agnes, 200 pds. rem. divided into 3 parts. To daughter Hannah, interest of 1/3 part. Remaining 2/3 parts divided among grandchildren: Peter, Rynear, Benjamin, Jesse, Mary and Hannah Tyson, children of daughter Mary, children of daughter Hannah, Rebecca Craft, aforesaid, Isaac Tyson and Rebecca Lukens and children of grandson John Tyson. Execs: Son in law Thomas Leeck, John Child and Anthony Williams. Wit: Benjamin Mather, Edward Edwards.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

COLE, Stephen. Chester borough, yeoman. December 26, 1744. January 17, 1744/5. B. 173.
Provides for wife Martha. To son Stephen my lott of land in Chester containing about 12 acres when 21 also £10. To sons John, James, William and Mark and daughter Elizabeth Cole, 5 lotts of ground in Chester when of age. Executors: wife Martha and friends Thos. Cummings and Res Richd. Backhous. Witnesses: John Mather, James Mather. [Some of the sons went to Fayetteville, NC about 1758.]
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

COLLINS, James. E. Caln. September 19, 1790.
Adm. to Elizabeth Collins.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

COMLEY, Agnes. Mooreland, County of Philadelphia. Widow. December 20, 1743. March 18, 1744. G.172.
Children: Henry, Walther, James, Isaac, Agnes Grace, Alce and Mary. Kinsman: Henry Crews. Exec: Henry Comley. Witnesses: John Bond, John Comley, and Mary Taner (her mark).
Philadelphia Co Wills 1726-1747

COMLEY, Henry. Moorland, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. March 13, 1726/7. May 6, 1727. E.43.
Wife: Agnes. Children: Henry, Robert, John, Joseph. Grandchildren: Children of Thomas Gill, Children of Thomas Harding Junr. Exec: Agnes Comley. Witnesses: Samuel Cooper, Robert Heaton, T. Simcock.
Philadelphia Co Wills 1726-1747   

COOPER, William "the elder," Northampton Twp. November 3, 1788. Proved October 7, 1793.
"Far advanced in years." Richard Leedom and Jacob Twining exrs. Bro. Henry Cooper. Bro. Jacob Strawen. Cousins John Cooper, Miles Strickland, Sarah wife of George Cammell, Mary wife of John Atkinson. Friend Elizabeth wife of Jonathan Williard. Wits: John Fenton, Isaac Harding.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1785-1825 Book 5 Page 351.

COX, Andrew.*  East Caln. June 12, 1760.  August 26, 1760.
To son Andrew 20.  To son John 10.  To son Peter 10 at 21.  To daughter Sarah Hughs 5 shillings.  To 4 daughters Rebecca, Mary, Martha and Elizabeth Cox 3 each at 18.  To wife Mary remainder of personal estate and use of real estate during widowhood.  At her decease to be divided among the 7 following of my children, viz., Andrew, John, Peter, Rebecca, Mary, Martha and Elizabeth.  Executors:  Wife Mary and cousin Joseph Bishop. Letters to Mary Cox, the other renouncing. Witnesses:  Joseph Bishop, Mary Stanfield, George Larow. * Andrew Cox married Mary Bishop January 25, 1729/30 St. Paul's, Chester. 
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

CRAFT, Ann. Cheltenham. December 21, 1810. March 6, 1812. 3.362
To daughter in law Alice Craft, wearing apparel. To granddaughter in law Mary Craft, wife of Jonathan Craft, rem. of wearing apparel. To granddaughter Agnes Craft, sheets, etc. To granddaughter Elizabeth Craft, sheets, etc. To granddaughter Ann Tyson, feather bed, etc. To granddaughter Hannah Tyson, looking glass. To granddaughter Hannah Tyson, case of drawers, and household goods, and wearing apparel. Money to be divided into 5 equal parts. To son John Craft, 1/5 part. To son Jacob Craft, 1/5 part. To daughter Hannah Tyson, 1/5 part. To grandson Silas Yerkes, 1/5 part. To granddaughters Agnes and Elizabeth Craft, remaining 1/5 part. Exec: Son John Craft. Wit: Isaac L. Mather, Bartholomew Mather, Jr.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

CRAFT, George. Abington. February 19, 1798.
John Tyson, Rebecca Craft, John Craft, adms.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

CRAFT, Jacob. Abington. February 10, 1817.
Jonathan Craft, John Craft, adms.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

CRAFT, John. Abington. April 11, 1814.
Esther Craft, Thomas Fletcher, adms.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

CUTLER, John of Middletown. 11th mo., 7th day, 1718. Proved June 6, 1720.
Wife Margery, sole extx. Son Benj. 56 acres in Middletown at age of 21. Daus. Elizabeth and Mary Cutler. Neighbors John Stackhouse and Brother-in-law John Hayhurst. Wit: Henry Barton, Thomas Thwaite, Cuthbert Hayhurst.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 1, page 5

CUTLER, Margery of Middletown Twp., Widow. 12th mo., 22nd day,1722. Proved August 20, 1723.
Son Benjamin to dwell with his uncle Cuthbert Hayhurst until of age. 2 daus. Elizabeth and Mary to be under their uncle's care and advice. Brothers John and Cuthbert Hayhurst, executors. Wit: Joseph Walker, Ann Stackhouse, and Thomas Thwaite.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 1, page 75

CUTLER, William of Southampton, Bucks County. 5th mo., 23rd day, 1714. Proved July 30, 1714.
Mother Isabel Cutler £4 per annum during life. Bro. Thomas Cutler, Sis. Margaret Briggs, Ellin and Jane Cutler. Elizabeth, Mary and Benjamin Cutler, children of John Cutler, Sister Ellin Cutler, sole extx. Wit: John Routledge, John Wildman, John Cutler.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785 Book 1, page 8

DAVID, Edward. Easttown. Yeoman. July 14, 1748. November 12, 1748. C. 80.
Provides for wife, not named including 75 acres of land during widowhood. To son Samuel the above 75 acres after expiration of his mothers interest. To daughter Esther 10. To daughter Priscilla 50. To daughters Sarah and Phebe 10 each. To grandson Edward Moore 1. Friends, Thomas Thomas, Joseph Williams and William Thomas, Trustees. Executrix: Wife Jenness. Wit: David Morgan, Margaret Philip, William Thomas.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

DAVIES, Jane, widow. Goshen. July 26, 1764. October 1, 1764.
To son Ellis clock and case. To son Amos Davis £20 and to his daughter Hannah furniture. To daughter Priscilla, wife of Joseph Ashbridge £10. To daughter in law Ann Davies wearing apparel. To granddaughter Mary Ashbridge furniture. To daughter Susanna Hoopes and daughter Jane Pratt, books. To grandson Jonathan Davies walnut desk. Executors: Son Ellis Davies and son in law Joseph Ashbridge. Overseers: Brother Richard Jones and George Ashbridge. Witnesses: Richard Jones, Sarah Davies.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

DAVIES, Richard. Goshen.November 25, 1754. January 28, 1755. C. 527.
Mentions that his father David Davis died intestate and disposes of his part being a double portion thereof as follows: To my mother £20. To brother Ellis £5. To brother Jonathan £50. To brother Amos £100. To sister Hannah Ashbridge £5. To sister Jane Pratt £40. To sister Susanna Hoopes £30. To sister Priscilla Ashbridge £40.Executor: Brother in law Joseph Ashbridge. Wit: Josiah Haines, William Eachus, Jr., Richard Jones.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

DAVIS, Benjamin, Radnor Twp. December 9, 1830 - January 24, 1834.
Daughters: Anna Crawford and her daughter Lydia, Lydia Davis, Mary Davis, Tacy Gaarrigues and her children: Hannah relict of son David I. Davis, and son Ralph Davis, neighbors Elijah Lewis, Abner Lewis, William Jones and Samuel Cawley to arbitrate disputes. Home estate lines of Isaac Ledem, Jesse Brooke, Phineas Levis and David Phillips, also plot lines of Jacob Maule, Friends Meeting House and old Lancaster Rd. Filed August 30, 1833.Exrs: Sd. son Ralph and Edward Siter. Wits: Abner Lewis, Adam Siter and Simeon M. Lewis. #832.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

DAVIS, Ruth, Radnor. June 26, 1799 - October 29, 1799.
To Benjamin Davis of Radnor, Sarah Guyger wife of Jesse Guyger, sister Rebecca Ellis, after her death the following legatees: brother Edward Davis, Ruth Peirce, Rebecca Reece, Hannah Davis, wife of Benjamin Davis, Tacy Davis, Edith Davis, Edward Davis (son of Edith), Hannah Davis, (daughter of Edith), Tacy Ellis, Guinn Ellis, Griffith Ellis. Mentions two daughters of sister Rebecca, Bridget and Guinn. Exrs: Joshua Thomas and Bridget Ellis. Wits: Samuel Taylor and Jno. Elliott. #154.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835  

DEAVES, Agnes. Northern Liberties. Philadelphia. Spinster. October 12, 1823. February 4, 1824. 8.164.
Margaret Harvey wife of Edward Harvey. Martha Lynch wife of Edward Lynch, Margaret Ann Harvey, daughter of said Edward and Margaret Harvey. Edward Pearson Lynch son of Edward and Martha Lynch. Monthly Meeting of Friends in Philadelphia western District. Margaret Newbold wife of Michael Newbold of Frankford. Mary Lukins wife of Daniel Lukins of East Fallowfield, Chester County. Cousin: Elizabeth Deaves wife of Samuel. Friend: Abraham Lower of Philadelphia County. Peter and Daniel Shoemaker first cousins of mine. Hannah Carmalt wife of Jonathan and to their children Susanna, Mary Ann. Children of my cousin said Samuel Deaves. Money from estate of decd. sister Margaret in hands of Caleb Carmalt. Residue to children of said Margaret Harvey excepting Richard Jones Harvey believing him to be provided for by James Jones, deceased. Exec: Friends: Jane Johnson (of Philadelphia), Joseph Warner, County of Philadelphia. Witnesses: Thomas W. Smith, John B. Ellison.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1820-1825

DEAVES, Isaac. Whitemarsh. September 17, 1798, November 26, 1798. 2.76
To daughter Ann, copper kettle, &c., she paying $8. To daughter Martha Lukens, chest and looking glass, she paying $8. To 8 children: Jacob, Thomas, Joseph, Isaac, Samuel, Jonathan, Jesse, and Isreal, said $16, equally. Rem. to 10 children; 8 children aforesaid and daughters: Martha and Ann. Exec: Son Isaac. Wit: George Pierce, Nathan Cook.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

DEAVES, Matthar.  Germantown, Co. of Philadelphia.  9 mo. 16, 1750/1.  November 30, 1750.  J.324.
Children:  Thomas, Samuel, Abraham, Sarah Gomery and Mary Streeper.  Grandchildren:  Margaret, Mary, Isaac and Agness Deaves.  Exec:  Abraham Deaves. Witnesses:  John Hammer, Killean White, Isaac Hammer.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1748-1763 [same abstract as that of Isaac Deavs, below-KI]

DEAVES, Thomas.  Roxborough.  Co. of Phila.  Yeoman. March 7, 1791.  December 27, 1791.  W.196.
Children:  Isaac, Martha [Wife of William Levering], Hannah [Wife of Jacob Kirk].  Grandsons and Exec:  William Levering, Jacob Deaves. Wit:  Nathan Levering, Lewis Smick, John Bloom.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1790-1802

DEAVS, Abraham.  Germantown, Co. of Philadelphia.  Blacksmith.  July 26,807.  August 31, 1809.  2.533.
Plantation in Germantown to be sold, proceeds to his five children, viz., Martha, widow of Abraham Cadwalader; Jemima, Abraham, Priscilla and Samuel Deavs.  Exec:  Son Abraham and dau. Martha Cadwalader. Witnesses:  Anthony Johnson, Klincken Johnson.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1802-1809

DEAVS, Elizabeth.  [Widow of Joseph Deavs, Late of Germantown].  Co. of Phila. March 1, 1784.  October 28, 1794.  X.137.
Daughters:  Margaret, Agniss. Exec:  Margaret Deavs. Wit:  Abraham Deavs, Abraham Deavs, Junr.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1790-1802, Liber X

DEAVS, Isaac.  Creesom, Co. of Philadelphia.  Yeoman.  7 mo. 1, 1750/1. October 1, 1750.  J.306.
Wife:  Martha.  Children:  Thomas, Samuel, Abraham, Sarah Gomery and Mary Streper.  Grandchildren:  Margaret, Mary, Isaac, and Agnes Deavs.  Exec:  Samuel and Abraham Deavs. Witnesses:  John Hammer, Jacob Shoemaker, Thos. Rose.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1748-1763

DEAVS, John. Whitemarsh. January 8, 1807. January 30, 1807. 2.579
To wife Elizabeth, real estate and 1/2 of personalty. Rem. of personalty to be sold. At wife's death, farm to be sold. To sister Anna Deavs, at wife's death 40 pds. To brother Thomas, wearing apparel. Rem. of estate at wife's death, equally divided among brothers and sisters: Thomas, Ann, Joseph, Isaac, Martha Lukens, Samuel, son of Jonathan Deavs, Jesse and Isreal. Exec: Brother Isaac. Wit: Ezra Comfort, David Shoemaker, George Peirce. 
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

DUNGAN, Clement. of Northampton, Senr. August 26, 1732. Proved September 25, 1732.
Brother Jeremiah, sole exr. All lands. Thomas Dungan of Warminster. Nephew Wm. Dungan to pay Judey McCarty 6 due me. James Carrell to pay Bro. Thomas Dungan 3 and 3 to our new meeting house and be quit of debt he owes. Edward Doial to pay Jeremiah Dungan's youngest dau., Mary. Wit: David Drake, George Dungan, Daniel Brock, Jenkin Jones of Phila. and Joseph Earton of North Wales. Bond due from John Hart.
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1685-1785, Will Book 1, Page 175

EASTBURN, Jno. Phila. Co. Glazier. 30 11th month 1774. February 18, 1775.
Margaret Akinswiner (daughter of brother Thos. Eastburn). Cousin: Mary Roberts' children, names not given; sisters Elizabeth Walson; Mary Studem; Margaret Purnell; Mary Aldridge. Friends: Thos. and John Townsend (also Exec.) in trust for the monthly meeting of Quakers of Phila. Witnesses: Jacob Jeanes, Isaac Roberts and James Thornton. (Q:109)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

EDGE, Jacob. Whitemarsh. November 4, 1784. December 7, 1784. 1.11
To Abington Preparative Meeting of Friends 10 pds. to keep up burying ground fence. To Gwynedd Preparative Meeting 10 pds. toward finishing their meeting house. To 4 daughters: Ann, Mary, Susanna and Rachel after their mother's death 103 acres of land each an equal share thereof as tenants in common. To wife Margaret and 4 daughters rem. of estate to be equally divided among them. Execs: Wife Margaret Edge, brother in law Jacob Paul and friend Jonathan Thomas. Wit: John Roberts, John Evans.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

ELLIS, Benjamin. Easttown.March 5, 1753. July 20, 1753. C. 427.
To wife Ann plantation where I live and all other lands with stock until son Ellis Ellis is 21 for maintenance of herself and children. To son William part of my land as described containing 29 acres. To eldest son Ellis the remainder of land where I live when 21. To son Thomas the messuage now in possession of Isaac Hughes. To daughter Rebecca £25. To my other 3 daughters, viz., Mary, Rachel and Hannah £20 each at 18. To John Brooks £6 and mare. Executors: Wife Ann and friends Thomas Macy and Thomas McKean. Wit: William Silleker, Elizabeth Brooks, William Lewis.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

ELLIS, Bridget, Radnor.February 23, 1811 - September 30, 1811.
Mother Rebecca Ellis profits of lands on Old Lancaster Rd., lines of Benjamin Davis and Jacob Maule for life also privileges for brother Griffith Ellis. On death of mother this property to go to David Davis son of Benjamin Davis, subject to occupancy by said brother and payment of £50 to Ralph Davis. Other legatees Margaret Ellis, Hannah Morgan, Sarah Elliot, Mary Ann and Harriot Wining, Frances and Benjamin Davis, Ruth Ann daughter of Samuel Davis, Rebecca Horton daughter of Thomas Horton, Ann Crawford and Tacey daughters of Benjamin Davis, Lydia Davis. Residue to Lydia and Mary Davis. Exrs: Benjamin and Lydia Davis. Wits: Jno. Elliott and James Elliott. #348.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

ELLIS, David. Haverford. August 18, 1788. June 6, 1789.
To my brother Jonathan Ellis all real estate in Haverford where I now live, given me by my father Jeremiah Ellis, also the plantation which belonged to Samuel Johnson containing 110 acres in Haverford, also all personal estate, paying legacies. To brother Jesse the interest of £100 during life, and to his daughter Mary £3 at 18. To brother Thomas Ellis' children, Hester Bond, Jonathan Ellis, Mary Thomas, Isaac and Amos Ellis £3 each as they come of age. To Hannah Field £10. To my servant Amos Griffith £3 when free. Executors: Brother Jonathan, kinsman Mordecai Lawrance. Wit: Daniel Lawrance, Henry Lawrance.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

ELLIS, Hannah, Haverford. August 8, 1813 - October 20, 1813.
Brother John Griffith and his daughters Lydia and Mary Morgan, Mary Griffith wife of Amos and Hannah, Sarah, Elizabeth and William children of Amos, friends Joshua McMin, William Shakespear and Elizabeth White. Exrs: Friend Samuel Davis of Haverford. Wits: Simon Litzenberg and Andrew Lindsay. #394.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

ELLIS, Humphrey. Whitpain, County of Philadelphia. Weaver. November 3, 1747. May 13, 1748. G.264.
Wife: Sage. Children: Isaac, Ellis and William. Exec: Isaac Ellis. Witnesses: Aaron Meredith, John Rees and John Bull.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1726-1747

ELLIS, Isaac. Whitpain. March 24, 1788. April 7, 1788. 1.143
Personal estate to be sold and money to be paid to 3 sons: William, Amos and Humphrey. To daughter in law, Rachel Ellis, privilege of living in house during widowhood. To daughter Elizabeth, 3 pds. yearly. To son Humphrey, featherbed. All real estate to 3 sons aforesaid. Amos to receive 100 pds. worth more land than 1/3 part. To son Isaac's children 25 pds. each. Execs: Sons Amos, William and Humphrey. Wit: David Norman, Isaac Shoemaker, Nathan Potts.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

ELLIS, Jeremiah.  Haverford.May 7, 1773.  May 28, 1783.
To son Thomas £20. To son Jesse 103 acres and 50 perches of land part of my plantation in Haverford between lands of John Davis and William Lewis. To 2 sons David and Jonathan all remainder of plantation, including dwelling house, etc. Remainder to 3 sons, David, Jesse and Jonathan Executors: Son David, Friend Lewis Davis. Letters to Davis, the other renouncing. Wit: Isaac Pearson, Joseph Pearson, Samuel Ash.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800

ELLIS, Jesse, Haverford. January 2, 1799 - October 29, 1799.
To wife Hannah Ellis, son in law John Free and daughter Mary Free, if no issue, heirs to be children of niece Esther Bond wife of Joseph Bond, other bequests to Lydia and Mary Griffiths nieces of wife, Elizabeth Field daughter of Nathan Field, Friends Meeting House, Friends Burial Ground. Residue to daughter Mary. Exrs: John Free and Benjamin Hayes Smith. Wits: Abraham Free and Amos Lukens. #155.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

ELLIS, Jonathan. June 19, 1827 - June 28, 1827.
Friend and housekeeper Elizabeth Hall - mentions brothers and sisters, having children. Exrs: Brother Amos Ellis. Wits: Samuel Davis and Dennis Kelly. #686.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

ELLIS, Joseph. Plymouth, Philadelphia Co. February 29, 1747/8. March 21, 1747. H.522.
Exec: Wife Eve and Charles Humphrey, Chester Co. Children: Ruben, John, Thomas and Henry. Overseers: Thomas and Henry Lawrence Jr. and brother Benjamin Ellis. Witnesses: William Rarig, Thomas Scott.
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1726-1747

ELLIS, Lydia. Widow. Easttown. Being aged. November 25, 1742. December 29, 1742. B. 123.
To daughter Rebecca wife of Richard George of Radnor all household goods, her daughter Lydia George being mentioned. To grandson Ellis son of said Rebecca £6 at 21 and 40 shillings each to her other sons when 21. To children of daughter Bridget wife of John David of Radnor 30 shillings each when 21. To the children of daughter Elizabeth Price deceased 10 shillings to sons and 20 shillings to her daughters. To children of son Joseph 10 shillings each. To children of son Benjamin 10 shillings each. Mentions son Evan Ellis and his daughter. To nurse Susanna Skelton 2 ewes. Executor: son Benjamin Ellis. Witnesses: Susanna Skelton, Thos. Thomas, Mirick Davis.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

ELLIS, Margaret.  Haverford.  Spinster. July 25, 1754.  August 16, 1754.  C. 495.
To my brother Humphrey Ellis, 2 shillings 6.  To brother Sublimus Ellis  £4 which he owes me and £6.  To my sister Rachel Kerk a gown.  To nephew Thomas Ellis £3 and Bible.  To nephew David Ellis £1.10.  To nephew Jesse Ellis £1.5.  To nephew Jonathan Ellis £1.5.  Remainder to brother Jeremiah Ellis and sister Mary Kerk, who are also Executors. Test signed. Wit:  Thomas Vaughn, John Vaughan, William Lewis.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1748-1766

ELLIS, Margret. Radnor. Co. of Chester. Single woman. 7 mo. 26, 1764. 2 December 1765.
Brother: Humphrey. Friends: Mary and Hannah Griffiths, Hannah Bell, Eliza. Richards (widow), Eliza. Meredith, Eliza. Moore, Edward, Charles and Rebecca Humphreys, Deborah Morris, Miles Thomas, Ann Thornton, Griffith and Nathan Evans. David Jones in trust for Grave Yard at Radnor, Mordecai Moore. Cousin: Humphrey Ellis (in England) Execs.: Griffith Evans, Jr., Elizabeth Meredith (of Plymouth). Trustees: Samuel Preston Moore, Edward Humphreys. Witnesses: Job Bacon, Benedict Dorsey, Ann Thornton. (N:473)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1763-1784

ELLIS, Thomas. Easttown. June 24, 1726. June 16, 1727. A. 246.
To sister Elizabeth Price £45. To brother Joseph Ellis £4. To my 3 brothers Evan, William and Benjamin 40 shillings each. To sister Bridget Davis £3. To sister Rebecca Ellis £3. To Rees Prices 4 children 5 shillings each. To Mary wife of Abrahm Lewis £5 and 20 shillings to be divided among her 5 children. To friend Abram Lewis £10. To Ann wife of Lewis David of Haverford £3. Executors: Mother Lydia Ellis and Abraham Lewis. Witnesses: Thomas Jones, John David Lewellin.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1713-1748

ELLIS, Thomas, yeoman, Haverford. March 26, 1781 - December 25, 1797.
Wife Sarah, daughters Hester and Mary (minors), sons Isaac and Amos under ten years, sons David, Jonathan and Thomas to be apprentices. Estate to be equally divided. Exrs: Friend John Price and sd. wife. Wife Sarah Ellis then deceased. Wits: Jacob Bury and Jacob Humphreys. #118.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835

ELLIS, William. Towamencin. April 23, 1794. May 13, 1794. 2.101
To nephew Amos Ellis, of brother Isaac, 20 pds. To nephew William, of son Isaac, his daughter Mary, case of drawers, &c. To Lydia, daughter of nephew William, bed, &c. To nephew William, farm, 50 acres and rem. of estate. Exec: Nephew William. Wit: Isaac Shoemaker, Matthew Knox, Isaac McGlathery.
Abstracts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Administrations, 1784-1823

EVANS, John, Newtown. May 16, 1822 - July 9, 1822.
Wife Phebe, brother Edward, brother in law Robert Steel. Exrs: Sd. brother and brother in law. Wits: John Pratt and Samuel Caley. #572.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835


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