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My name is Kathryn deMasters Ives. My husband Scott and I both became seriously addicted to genealogy in the mid 90s. My father's family had long been interested in their family history and I inherited quite a bit of information with which to start including letters to various historical societies written by my grandfather in the early 1900s.

The long, long winters here in Minnesota are particularly conducive to intensive online research which we supplement whenever possible with vacations to the east coast. We divide our time there between Pennsylvania, where my father's families settled in the early 1700s, and New England, where Scott's families originated. Scott's pages have extensive information on many of his New England families.


Many of my father's early family were originally Quakers, settling the in Philadelphia area from Yorkshire, England in the early 1700s. Direct line families include Leedom, Hoopes, Steel, Jeanes, Bond, Smedley, McCue and Butler. His mother's Crowell family was from Germany, first settling in Berks county PA and later migrating to Virginia and Tennessee, marrying into the O'Dell family among others.


My mother's family is Dutch, both of her parents' families arriving in the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area from the Netherlands in the mid 1800s. The Lubbers, Huenink and Hyink families came from the province of Gelderland while others, deMaster and duMez, originated in Zeeland.

Another Dutch family, Staats, appears five generations back in my father's line so I am more than 50% Dutch!

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Although I have tried to be very careful about sources, please realize that not every piece of information on these pages derives from a primary source. Errors and corrections are inevitable, as this is an ongoing study. You may use this information to help research your own family lines and connect to mine but please do not duplicate it wholesale in your own database. If you do decide to simply copy this work please, at least, credit my sources.


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