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Scott and Katie Ives' Genealogy
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Scott's Family
Most of the people in my part of Kathryn's and my collective genealogy are related to my mother's ancestry. Most of these families were of English origin and settled in colonial Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York - many emigrated during the 'Great Migration' from England in the 1630s. My mother also has ancestors from France, Portugal and Spain, though I haven't had as much luck in learning anything previous to the emigrant in these families.

My father's ancestry is a bit of a melting pot also with ancestors from Wurttemburg, Ireland and England - my surname IVES probably English though I haven't been able to connect my line to a William Ives who came to Connecticut in 1635 yet.

Kathryn's Family
The names of my grandparents are Lubbers, Huenink, Leedom and Crowell. My mother's family is Dutch, both of her parents' families arriving in the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area from the Netherlands in the mid 1800s. Two major lines came from the province of Gelderland while another originated in Zeeland. 

Many of my father's family were originally Quakers, arriving in the Philadelphia area from Yorkshire, England in the early 1700s. My family pages include information on Leedom, Bond, Jeanes, Steel and other Philadelphia families. Another Dutch family, Staats, appears on his side as well, settling in Bensalem, Bucks Pennsylvania.

The Crowells were from Pfalz, Germany, first settling in Berks County PA then migrating south to Virginia and later to Tennessee, marrying into the Pulaski Co VA O'Dell family along the way.

I have pages with information on more than two dozen of these families and am working on adding more. I also have some cemetery transcriptions and census records from PA and WI as well as a bit of Civil War service information for Leedoms and O'Dells. My book excerpt pages are growing too so please take a look at my Index for additional links or my Table of Contents for specific pages. 


RootsWeb WorldConnect Database Pages
Our gedcom is also posted on RootsWeb WorldConnect. This database offers several nifty options. You can view descendant, pedigree and ahnentafel reports on any individual or family, and you can also attach a 'Post It Note' to any individual should you find any errors, or have information you would like to add about somebody - we receive a notice from RootsWeb that someone left a Note.

Ahnentafel & Tiny Tafel Reports
We both have included these two reports in our pages so that a visitor may determine whether we may be researching the same families. An ahnentafel report is a numerical listing of a person's direct line (only) ancestors - source person is 1, father is 2, mother 3, each person's father is double their number and mother is +1 to that; a tiny tafel is a surname list with the time period and places attached - like: Brown/1800-1900/NY>MI.
Please feel free to send us any corrections to any errors you may find in our files (additions are welcome also!). Different sources sometimes have conflicting info and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well.

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